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ANZROC Newsletter December 13th 2018

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ANZROC NEWSLETTER 13th December 2018


With the approach of Christmas, member’s thoughts were attuned to attending the Christmas luncheon. A record number of members applied to attend and while the fickle Melbourne weather tested us all on the day, again an enjoyable day was held by the attendees. This luncheon, as is our normal meetings a great opportunity to catch up with past colleagues.

Earlier in the month I met with the Welfare committee, Kathy Trace and Joan Nathan, as well as Neville Pearson in sending out Christmas cards to our 43 over 90 year old members. Each card was personalized.

My welcome address to the Christmas luncheon is follows.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones and a happy, safe and healthy 2019.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our 2018 Christmas lunch.

A special welcome today to Shayne and his ANZ Executive colleagues Michelle Jablko, Kevin Corbally, Gerard Florian, Mark Whelan, Bob Santamaria.

Welcome also to former CEO’s of ANZ Bank - Will Bailey (1984 to 1992), Don Mercer,(1992 to 1997). Good to see Will here this year as unfortunately last year he had to lodge a late apology. Also good to see are Bob Edgar, Reg Nicholson, Jeff Pitt, Sandra Street and Maria Natoli.

We acknowledge with thanks the generous financial support provided by the Bank to ANZROC Victoria and the other States.

The Bank has had to deal with many challenges over the past year and no doubt 2019 will not be any easier with the final report of the Royal Commission into banking due early in the year. We look forward to hearing Shayne’s response to the toast to the Bank later on.

We have had a busy year with meetings spread across Victoria, two in the country – Mornington and Geelong, three in the suburbs with the balance in the city. We have again had some interesting guest speakers at our meetings. Two golf days were held and were well supported. . Thanks to Glyn Parry-Jones and Aldo Faella for organising Torquay and Ken Pattison for making the arrangements at Cheltenham.

It has been encouraging to see substantial growth in support for our meetings in 2018. 225 individual members and partners have attended our 10 lunches so far this year with a total attendance number of 623.

We aim to maintain this momentum.

We continue to commemorate Anzac Day and support the Salvation Army at our April and May lunches. An amount of over $2,300 was presented to Major Brendan Nottle, from the Salvation Army, raised from the Members present at the lunch plus several donations from members that were unable to attend.

We celebrated our 65th anniversary in July this year and through the efforts of John Brown, who did a lot of research produced a colourful document. We thank John for this production and distribution.

It is pleasing to see that our Membership continues to grow and on the 6th of December we admitted our 1,000th member and have increased that further since. A worthy milestone and recognition that ANZROC is alive and relevant in this changing world.

It is pleasing to see 45 members here at the lunch for the first time. Numbers wise, the attendance today is the most that we have ever had a Christmas lunch.

It has also been a year of sadness with 24 members passing away. The most recent Ian Cann on 22 November and I would ask members at some time to reflect on his passing.

Your committee members have continued to work hard during the year to make our events successful. This involves Secretarial duties, Social and Welfare Committees, and communication, mainly via our web site which has now had over 200,000 hits since commencement in 2010.

We have seen two of our committee members leave the committee in 2018, Wolf Damshcitz ex- Secretary and David Knuckey, venue organiser. We thank them for their long and dedicated Service to the workings of the Committee over many years.

Vicky Genius has stepped down as Secretary having fulfilled the role very effectively over the past 3 years and we are pleased that she will continue to be on the Committee.

Geri Macgregor has stepped into the role as secretary and has done a sterling job. A special thanks goes to her for the planning and huge organisation effort, to process all the acceptances, create the name-tags and put the tables together to ensure this lunch is a success.

A thanks also goes to Peter Pritchard, unfortunately not here with us today, for the planning and liaison with the Art Centre arranging the lunch.

It would also be remiss of me if thanks and mention of another hard working committee member were not made, Ron Adams, also unfortunately not here with us today.

At the AGM last month, two past presidents, Peter Pritchard and Eamon Veaney were awarded life membership in acknowledgment of their dedication and long support to the committee and to ANZROC.

I would now ask that you remain seated and charge your glasses and assist me with the loyal toast.

Enjoy the lunch and we look forward to hearing later from Andrew (Jock) McGregor with the toast to the Bank and the response from ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott.

Photos and a video taken at the luncheon by Eamon Veaney and Anita Siassios are posted on our Website and Facebook pages.


Ron Adams, Bruce Avent, Sandra Brown, Diane Carew, Bill Collins , Frances Corallo, John Crough, Mike Devlin, Eric Dickson, Phil Dunstan, Reny Frighetto, Mike George, David Gibb, John Hawkins, Erica Hayden, Keith Higgs, Tess Hondros, David Knuckey, Ken Lee, Jaqualine Luckman, Ian Manley, Fay McPherson, Gerry McPherson, Peter Nyga, Ron Phillips , Peter Pritchard, Graeme Randall , John Stevens , Glen Twidale, Frank Valastro, Glenda White, Julie Wilkins, Sue Willis


Anderson Richard 35 years

Atkins David 42 years

Stone Marie Widow of late R,E.W.(Bob) Stone

Nayna Marie Linda 14 years

Wilson Anthony 11 years

Nayna Linda 14 years

Snowball Jason 30 year

Pearson Michael 35 year

Barry Brian 24 years

Yeung John 33 years

Townsend Gail 28 years

Butcher Kylie 21 years

Spits Warren 16 years

Costanzo Joe 12 years

Vitkovski Kristina 11 years

Galileos Faye 30 years

We look forward to seeing our new members at one of our forthcoming meetings.


On 6 December 2018 we welcomed Joe Costanzo as a new member of ANZROC (Vic).

With his addition to ANZROC (Vic) membership, the total membership numbers have advanced to the never before achieved total of 1000 – surely recognition that ANZROC (Vic) is still alive, well and relevant in this changing world.


Cann I.N. (Ian) 22/11/2018 90 years

Fay McPherson advised us of Ian’s passing. Fay worked with Ian in Registrars Department at 394 Collins Street in 1962 during her career in ANZ.

Trimble J.B. (James) 5/6/2017 89 years

Jim’s daughter phoned to advise Jim’s passing in 2017 and said Jim really enjoyed reading the newsletter and keeping up with his old friends and workmates.

Our condolences to the families and friends of Ian and James.


The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during DECEMBER and we pass on

Congratulations from our members for your birthdays: John Bloom (81), Alan Boak (84),

Len Carr (81), Trevor Cookson (88), Kevin Dempster (87), John Gill (82), John Hicks (91), Brian

Knowles (83), Joan Lamond (96), Kevin May (80), Wal McGillivray (95), Bruce Michell (83), Tom

Phillips (80), Bevyn Ranford (85), Noel Robertson (88), Bill Thorne (89), Glen Twidale (88), Ron Wells

(87), Jack Willoughby (93), Lloyd Zegenhagen (94).


From 1/12/2018

Less than $20,000 1.20%

Greater than $20,000 1.53%



Thank you for the invitation to make the toast to the bank.

I wasn’t really sure where to pitch my few words but decided to chat about why people we meet on our journey are important and how either knowingly or not we all are what I have termed, influencers.

Unlike a number of other ANZ’ers I know, my career in banking was not a planned one.I grew up on a sheep and grain farm, mainly wheat, in the Wimmera in a small town called Callawadda.

I went to school locally, firstly in a 10-student primary in Callawadda, and then secondary school in Stawell.

My Mum and Dad were the main influencers and at school in Stawell the principal was John Kennedy now known as John Kennedy Snr. Tough, hard and fair was Mr Kennedy - much like my Dad! He was an early influencer!

I always had planned to join Dad in the farming business but when I left school in 1967 the district was in the middle of a 2/3 year dry over 3 and Dad decided that financially there just wasn’t any way for me to join him.

I started looking for work, and with not anything on offer locally, I decided that a job in Stawell was the way to go.

I joined ANZ Stawell on 3/1/1968 at 17 years old.

During my 43 years with ANZ, I was to meet the first of the many influencers and characters in Stawell. Ross de Morton. From Stawell I moved to Horsham working with the one and only Jim Coffey. Jim’s way of managing was interesting but in a positive way.

From Horsham I was transferred to Altona North. Now, at that time, I didn’t really know where Altona North was!

Back to the influencers.

At Altona North the manager was Bob Goldsworthy. A good man! Bob was driving from Nunawading to Altona North and he volunteered to pick me up and take me to work and back.

After Altona North I transferred to Glenhuntly, where I met for the first time, fresh out of National Service, Ed Hore. Ed and I later would work together, on and off, for the best part of 10 years and its him I have to thank for the name ‘Jock’.

Then there was Box Hill and pivot or area banking, and meeting up with a young fellow, Michael Black. An influencer!

Next to South Yarra Area, Bob Bennett followed by Bill Bracher as Area Managers and I working with Ed Hore and Steve Cowell. More Influencers!

After South Yarra I went to Melbourne CBD Area then came lending Department and working again with Steve Cowell.

Victorian Corporate introduced me to great people that were all influencers, with the likes of Maurie McGrath, Kevin May, Don Schubert, Steve Cowell, again, among many others.

When I moved to Corporate 55 Collins Street and into Specialised Leasing, I reconnected with Maurie McGrath, and met Gordon Blair, Neil Felmingham and Graeme Riley. Very interesting times! On the “line” in Corporate, I worked with Bob Barton and Richard Harding and reconnected with Steve Cowell and Gordon Blair. These people all had an influence on my career, as were those leading Corporate in those days, particularly John Ries and John McConnell.

In 1989 and we moved to Adelaide. I was with SA Corporate where Neville Warnest, followed by Terry Brennan, were in charge, working with Mike Dempsey again meeting up with Neil Felmingham.

From SA we returned to Melbourne and into the newly formed IFS department and working with Brian Mills, Brian Mooney and Cameron Horne.

In mid 1999 I was walking along Collins Street and met Allan Pickering. Allan at the time was Head of China based in Hong Kong. He was looking for someone to go to Beijing. I applied and was successful and in October 1999 I arrived in Beijing.

Beijing in 1999 was vastly different to the Beijing of today. I was initially on my own as Vicki stayed in Melbourne to finalise the move.

It was hard! The temperatures were dropping to levels I hadn’t ever experienced; the smog was so bad I couldn’t see across the street! I can remember on Christmas day 1999 – a working day - sitting in my office thinking what the hell am I doing here?

Vicki arrived in early January, leaving Melbourne in a 30+ degree heat, and arriving in Beijing at minus 14!

After the New Year, I felt a somewhat more optimistic about being in China, as I had met more people and it was the beginning of building a bit of a network, which I realised was really necessary and something I had taken for granted in Australia.

We settled in and started to enjoy the culture and the social sides of Beijing, but work was hard.

John Winders was appointed to head ANZ Asia, and around this time, we centralised functions into Shanghai. I moved down to Shanghai and in 2001 I took over as Head of China based in Shanghai, a role I held till 2009.

John was a huge influence on my career.

The exposure to China for 10 years is probably one of the greatest experiences of my, and my family’s life.

During our time in China both our kids packed up and moved from Melbourne to Shanghai.

Today, my daughter is a specialist International Baccalaureate teacher, teaching in Atlanta USA after stints in China, Ireland and Switzerland; and our son is Corporate Director F & B of a hotel and resorts chain in the Philippines. It was huge to give our kids an offshore opportunity, the only problem is, neither have returned home!!

In addition to the family impact with the kids chasing international careers, over the 10 years we were in China we observed it moving from a closed country to a partially open country and the changes were immense. At the time of our arrival, communication was difficult over the 10 years it changed dramatically.

We saw and experienced some amazing changes. What a time to be there while all this was taking place. A few that come to mind were:

On our arrival, most cars on the road were taxis now there are 6-8 lane roads are all congested with private cars.

In Shanghai the development of the areas of Pudong and Hong Qiao from the time of our arrival to our departure was mind blowing. They are now huge suburbs with multi millions of residents.

The development of the underground Metro. The Metro had only two lines in 2000 covering around 21 kms and now has 16 lines covering 644 kms. We saw the construction and commissioning of the Maglev train that runs from the Shanghai Pudong International airport to down town Pudong. Construction of the line began in March 1, 2001, and in was operational on 1 January 2004.

There were many changes introduced specifically toward the Foreigners over this period too. For example:

* Foreigners were allowed to choose where to live.

* Foreigners were allowed to purchase property.

* Improved Medical facilities.

* The availability and choices of western foods.

Sure, everything about China isn’t great but as in a lot of countries, there are great people as well as those not so great. Without crossing into the political spectrum too much, I learned to respect the country and its people, but at the same time I wonder whether we should impose the same limitations on China investment here, as those that are imposed on foreigners investing there.

Our time in China was very special and without the ANZ, this of course would not have eventuated. Opportunities in life are meant to be taken, with our experiences being sometimes great and then others not so good.

My 43 years with, was a very interesting one, with many highs and lows. But our careers usually make or break our livelihoods and personal development, with some lows becoming a huge learning curve for us. Influencers played a huge role. I can honestly say that I have had a ‘really good life’ with few regrets. And my hope is that most ANZ ‘ers can also attest to that.

Back to influencers. I have mentioned those that influenced me, and we must remember we can influence others!

The biggest influence on me and my career has and still is my wife Vicki. Married at 21 some 46 years ago she is still influencing me down on the Bellarine! We’d love to welcome any of you visiting down that way, for a chat and a beer!

Ladies and Gentlemen, to the future of the ANZ.



Thank you for the very kind introduction.

It’s always a pleasure to be here among people who have such a strong commitment to ANZ and its heritage. Everyone in this room will have lots of stories about challenging times, all sorts of curve balls you had to deal with, economic ups and downs, but your current colleagues were dealt something completely new this year.

My predecessor Mike of course had to deal with the Global Financial Crisis. His predecessor John had to deal with the Asian Financial Crisis. Banks are pretty well set up to understand and navigate financial crises. It’s in our DNA.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a manual to deal with this new type of crisis – The Royal Commission and the crisis of confidence. But hopefully you saw ANZ stand up, demonstrate appropriate contrition, accept responsibility and act with determination to put things right. I must say though, as I entered the witness box, I was worried I might be attending today as a recently Retired Officer! Although…come to think of it…I’m not sure I’ve yet clocked up the minimum number of years’ service.

I will admit, I was pretty pleased to get out of the box without Counsel Assisting Rowena Orr saying: “That’s very interesting Mr Elliott, but do me the courtesy of answering MY question!” In all seriousness though - I want to emphasise that we believe the Commission will actually make us a better bank in the future. You all know from your own experience that in time of crisis, great teams step forward. I believe that while this is hard, while this is challenging, we have a real opportunity to build a better bank, to put things right and to strengthen our market position. We could choose to lay low and wait for this to pass, but we have chosen to use this as an opportunity to drive real change and build a better bank for customers and a better bank for our people.

I know it’s also been difficult for you…our Retired Officers…who have all given so much of your careers to this industry.

When I reflect on the issues raised at the Commission, I’m reminded that many of our challenges are not new and we should have done more before. We do need to be simpler and faster and less complex. I also keep coming back to the simple question we must always be asking ourselves: is this the right thing to do? With your depth of experience here, I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new when I say it’s better to only do a few things and do them really well.

We also need to get better at balancing the needs of all our stakeholders: community, customers, employees and shareholders. That’s something that was forgotten when revenue growth and economic growth seemed to come so easily. The strategy was simply about adding more businesses. What we can’t forget – and I know none of you here have – is banks do have a real and positive impact in the community.

For example, this year we have:

* contributed $137m in community investment;

* excluded all home owners in drought declared regions of Australia from an interest rate increase;

* extended direct support for farmers impacted by the drought with a 1% reduction in interest rates on loans in drought-declared areas, and by setting aside $130 million to help them re-plant and re-stock next season;

* in New Zealand, we pledged $100 million of interest-free loans to help our customers insulate their homes because we know a lack of insulation causes significant health effects in many parts of the country;

and, as part of our efforts to improve the financial wellbeing of our customers, we want to help enable the social and economic participation of one million people by 2020. We aim to do this through our financial inclusion, employment and community programs, as well as our targeted banking products and services for small business and retail customers. I’m very pleased to report we are well on track to meet this target, currently reaching nearly 900,000 people.

It’s been a tough year for many at ANZ. But just like in your day, our people are passionate about what they do and committed to helping our customers. We will continue to drive changes to simplify our business and improve outcomes for our customers and ensure we’re creating a better bank. A bank you can all be proud of.

I may not yet have qualified to be a member of your esteemed ranks when I do retire but for many of us 2018 did feel like it was being measured in dog years so maybe I am a bit closer!

With that let me finish by wishing you and your families a very happy festive season and a successful 2019.

I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to be here today and I hope you enjoy the afternoon catching up with old friends


John Carrazza emailed “Kathy Trace, committee and members of the ANZ Retired Officers Club.

Thank you for the birthday card and kind thoughts. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Charles Griss emailed “Many thanks for the Birthday Greetings Kathy. The years roll on too fast!

Hope to catch up with a few of the old ANZers at the Christmas Lunch.”

John Mangan writing from Kangaroo Flat said “Many thanks for the birthday card that arrived on Cup Day. Had a short trip to Geelong thanks to my two daughters for the occasion of my birthday. I have had to give up golf after 50 years and during this time my handicap went from 36 to 16 then back to 36 so the time had come.”

Fay McPherson emailed “Gerald asked me to write and thank Kathy and the Committee for his Birthday card, which as usual arrived right on the dot! Unfortunately, he spent his birthday in Hospital, after a complication with an operation on his bladder the previous week. However, it was soon rectified with surgery and he returned home on the 16th and is now recuperating. He is quite well but feeling his 94 years after having two operations in two weeks! You never know what lies around the corner!”

Kevin Watson emailing from Perth “I’ve just noticed reference to the death of Bill Walker.

Bill was a great little bloke and knew how to handle a bat! He was a great member of the Bank’s cricket team for many years and the passing of Bruce Tickell deprived me of being advised of Bill’s departure.

I noticed in the newsletter reference to the match at Albury against the Bank’s Sydney team which boasted of a good record. It was a great weekend and I’m pleased to say that we succeeded in beating them.

I later learned when I was in Sydney that a couple of guys that I got out early in their innings had been their best batsmen! It was a great meeting and we never repeated the Albury match.

Bill had suffered ill-health for some years, but he was a fighter as well as a very polished little cricketer. The ranks of the old cricketers grow thin now, but I know that Bevyn Ranford continues on in good form and I see mention of Barry Reid and Graham Joseph. I’m still OK in general health, but the vision grows poorer by the day.”

Maureen Walker emailed after receiving the note from Kevin “lovely memories of Kevin Watson a great fellow, whatever happened to the years?”

And Helen Farnell, Hartley Hodgson, Bob Maughan, Ray Murphy, Rino Orifici, Wayne Taylor, Glen Twidale,

ANZROC NSW, Qsld, SA, Tasmania and WA



All paying members, those of us less than 80 years of age, should have received a statement in early October. If you’re a paying member and have not received a statement, please contact Glyn Parry- Jones at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0411 256 322.

A number of members are yet to pay their subscriptions for this year. To avoid the cost and effort to our club in sending out reminders, we would appreciate payment as soon as possible.

(Please note, if you have to pay in through a branch, ensure you enter your membership number in the 'Agent Deposit Reference' field and '60' in the TC field and check that the teller enters this information. This will ensure we can match the payment to your account.


One of our main communication avenues is our web site and with our membership now reaching 1000, it is more pivotal than ever. However, as it is now 8 years old/young, we would like to bring it up to date – to reflect modern communication options such as possibly Instagram or Twitter and possibly to make navigation easier for our members. Your committee would appreciate if there are any members that are knowledgeable in web design and savvy in social media who would be interested in undertaking a review of our platform.

If this appeals and you are able to assist could you please contact Eamon Veaney, on E-Mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0411 021 449 for further information.



The annual trip to Mansfield for 2019 will take place on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th February.

The venue is Alzburg Lodge, Mansfield, with motel style accommodation and the programme is outlined below for you:

Venue: Alzburg Resort 39 Malcolm St Mansfield

2 Nights Mon 18 Feb & Tue 19 Feb 2019

(Open to members/ partners and singles).

Extra nights are available if desired at additional cost.

Accommodation cost for 2 nights & Tuesday evening Dinner

Standard Motel 3 Stars, self-contained with kitchenette.

Cost: $ 150pp (Twin Share) Twin Share, includes Dinner &Wine

Deluxe Apartment 4 Stars, 2 bedrooms, living room, full kitchen & spa bath

Cost: $ 125 pp (Quad share) or $220pp(Twin Share), includes Dinner & Wine

Resort Facilities: Swimming Pool / Sauna / Spa / Tennis Courts / Function Room/Volleyball / Games Room / Table Tennis / Dining Room / BBQ

Golf Course and Pokies Venue 2 km.

Other attractions within easy driving distance. Information available.


Day 1. Mon 18 Feb. Arrive any time after midday.

Explore Alzburg Resort and Mansfield Township at your leisure.

Social Golf, Tennis or relax around the pool.

6.30pm. BBQ Dinner, BYO food & drink.

Day 2. Tue 19 Feb. Early Morning Golf Competition.

Non-Golfers Social Walk, Tennis or other passive activities

or maybe just relax around the pool.

6.15 pm: BYO Pre Dinner drinks and ni

7.00 for 7.30pm: 2 Course, Pizza and Pasta Dinner, Plus Trivia

Resort Dining Room. Some wine available

Bar facilities available at your own expense.

Day 3 Wed 20 Feb Check out of unit by 11.00am,

but continue to enjoy the facilities at the Alzburg for as long as you like.

Please Note: Booking arrangements,

On arrival attendees to pay your accommodation and Dinner in full by Cheque payable

to Alzburg Resort, or by Credit Card.

Extra night’s stay can be arranged if required.



Name’s: __________________________________________

Phone No:___________________ Email:_____________________

Accommodation (please circle) Motel /Apartment.

If sharing an apartment please indicate who with………………………………………………………..

Golf Competition: Name : ___________________________________ H’cap_____

Please RSVP your interest in attending by December 21st, so that we can reserve enough accommodation with a final confirmation by January 18 to John Inglis

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 0416-048-407

Note: there is extra cost involved for single accommodation.



Following on from a very enjoyable golf day in Torquay earlier in the year, arrangements are in place for the next ANZROC golf day at the RACV Resort in Torquay on Thursday, March 21st 2019.

Arrangements are similar to this year. Arrive at the venue in time to grab a light lunch and tee off from 12.30 from either the 1st or 10th tees. We’ve booked the same venue for a pre-game snack and

for after-game drinks and presentations. For those who can join us, the same venue at the RACV Resort has been booked for an evening meal.

Partners of ANZROC members are very welcome to attend, whether golfers or not.

If you are able to stay in Torquay for a night or two you are encouraged to make your accommodation bookings early. Accommodation options include -

• RACV Resort (discounted for Roadside and Club members)

• The Sands Resort

• The Wyndham Resort

• Torquay Tropicana Motel

• The Torquay Caravan Park which is close to the RACV Resort.

The cost for the golf component of the day will be $35 for 18 holes of golf and prizes. Use of a golf cart will be an additional $20 per person. Lunch and dinner will be at the member’s expense.

To make your booking, • Email the details below to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail the details to: Glyn Parry-Jones, PO Box 503, Mount Martha, 3934

• Make electronic payment direct to: ANZROC BSB 013-350, Account No 306451947 ensuring your name is included in the payment information or mail a cheque payable to ANZROC and send to Glyn with your details.

If you don’t have a Golf Australia handicap that’s fine, we’ll make one up on the day. If you have any questions, give Glyn a call on 0411 256 322 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope you can join us at Torquay.





Your contact details :

Name ………………………………………. Email..............................................................

Phone …………………………..


Name…………………………………………… GA Hcp ................. $ 35

Name………………….…………………………GA Hcp ..................$

Name………………….…………………………GA Hcp ..................$

Name………………….…………………………GA Hcp ..................$

Shared use of Golf Cart ………………………………… @ $20 = $


Total $ ______________



We were advised by ANZ that an article would be in the Australian Newspaper of 19/11/2018 explaining how ANZ may now send notices, documents or statements connected with members accounts including clarifying when such notices may be sent electronically.

Importantly in the new section 4.7(Notices) for the purposes of providing such written or electronic notices ANZ will rely on members contact information shown in ANZ records and certain time frames are described that members are deemed to have received the notice.

It also incorporates the change from the Financial Ombudsman Service to the new Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

Eamon has added a copy of the article to the Anzroc website and Facebook page, and although it is hard to read on the website Eamon added the photo to the Facebook posting and that is quite clear.

The link to the article on our Anzroc website is


Dates for your diaries:

All ANZROC meetings are on the second Thursday of the month

14th March: Dava Hotel, 614 The Esplanade, Mount Martha

21st March: Golf tournament RACV Torquay

11th April ANZAC Remembrance meeting

9th May Salvation Army Red Shield at William Angliss Centre

13th June: Moonee Valley Racing Club Tabaret

11th July: Mulgrave Club

8th August: ANZ 833 Collins Street.

12th September: Glasshouse Caulfield Racecourse

10th October: Woodend country visit

14th November: Annual General Meeting ANZ 833 Collins Street

12th December: Christmas Lunch at Art Centre

ANZROC (Vic) HISTORY BOOKLET – Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the formation of our Club

Hard copies have now been mailed to those members who do not have an email address.

If you did not receive a copy, or would like an extra copy, please contact Membership Officer John Brown on 0425 827 540 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NEXT MEETING February 14th, 2019



Our Guest Speaker for the day is John Russo, Ex AFL Umpire, and Tribunal Member. John umpired 222 AFL matches over 14 seasons from 1982 to 1995 that included 2 grand finals and 11 finals. The John Russo Trophy is the VFUA’s highest honour, awarded to umpires who demonstrate great commitment to the Association as well as achieving on-field excellence. John is currently a Solicitor specialising in Property law, Wills-probate and will have a great story to tell.

We look forward to seeing many members, especially our large group of new members, at the luncheon to hear John speak. A special invitation will be emailed to recent new members mid January, as for most, this will be their first opportunity since leaving the Bank to attend an ANZROC (Vic) lunch and catch up with their other recently retired friends.'

This will be the last meeting we are able to hold at 100 Queen Street as the building will no longer be available to us so Partners, Widows of members and ANZ Ladies Club members are invited that day to say farewell to a favoured meeting place of ANZROC for many years.

If you intend to come to this meeting will you let Ron Adams know by Phone 9821 0444 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail on the attached acceptance notice to Ron Adams PO Box 579, Malvern, 3144 by Friday 8th February 2019 to enable us to meet ANZ catering requirements and so that a list of attendees can be provided to the ANZ Reception Desk.

Please note that the luncheon fee is $15.00 for 2019 and will be collected at the door to partially cover the costs.

Ron Adams

Newsletter Editor.



TO: Ron Adams

PO Box 579 Malvern Vic 3144.

By post or Phone 9821 0444 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I/we will be attending the Luncheon function

NAME (S):……………………………………………………………………………………