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Tribute to the late Derek Gall from Colleague Patrick Mulholland

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Hi. I stumbled across your site when I was searching for a friend of mine who worked with me at ANZ. The references in your site to Derek Gall (who passed away recently) caught my eye.

My name is Patrick Mulholland. I joined ANZ in 1980 and worked in the Toowoomba Area branch as an Advances Officer until early 1982. At that time, I moved to Melbourne where I met Derek Gall. These are a few notes about Derek’s life after ANZ if anyone is interested.

I worked with Derek Gall at ANZ for 11 years. I first met Derek when I was coding transactions in the Fortronic F65 Branch terminals as part of the “IMPACT 80s” project. Derek and I locked horns many times at ANZ in the following years, however we became very good friends, working across Asia together on a number of assignments for the subsequent 26 years. I am now attempting an early retirement in Hervey Bay (“early onset Parkinsons Disease” slowed me down).

I have great memories of times shared with Derek (especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia).

We both decided on basing in Thailand in 1995 shortly after a mutual mate (Alec Barnett), who was also ex-ANZ, died on his way to work in Jakarta in January of that year. Derek initially settled on the island of Phuket (and later in a quiet village named “Phrao” north of Chaing Mai), while I chose to live aboard my old boat in Phuket as my base.

We shared an interest in sailing. Derek often came out for extended trips with us (lasting a few weeks each). We sailed many hundreds of miles together to the Andamans, the Surins, the Similans, numerous islands around Langkawi and many others. He gave me a new nickname “Capt Pat” (which stuck like glue) while for a bit of fun, he became known everywhere on Phuket as interchangeably as either “Deck Hand Derek” or to his close friends as the “Old Bastard”.

He was a true Scott. His handshake was worth more than any contract. He played hard. He looked after his mates. I highly valued his bravery, integrity, sense of humour, general attitude to life and unfailing generosity. He proved to be a highly trustworthy friend on many occasions. I will miss our endless friendly debates over G&Ts sailing wherever we were heading at the time …… Many treasured memories! It was always far more pleasant when on the same debating team however. He did not take prisoners. He fought a tough battle with bone cancer towards the end.   Farewell Derek!!

Patrick Mulholland