ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

A large turnout of 67 members attended the November lunch at 100 Queen Street. Over the past 4 years Alex Thursby CEO for APEA has been responsible for ANZ businesses in 14 Asian Markets and 12 countries in the Pacific as well as Europe, America and the Middle East. He is leading the Group’s strategic expansion into Asia with a strong focus on building ANZ’s franchises in five priority markets in Greater China (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Greater Mekong (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) and Malaysia along with key regional hubs in Hong Kong, Singapore and ANZ’s Institutional network markets across Asia Pacific, Europe and America. He is also responsible for the Group Strategy and Marketing functions as ANZ pursues its ambition to become a super regional bank in Asia Pacific. Alex was previously in Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years where he held senior wholesaling roles in SE Asia. His presentation was warmly received by members present as he outlined the progress made over the 4 years in growth of specifically targeted clients with an emphasis on deposits, significantly  increased profitability and the higher level of reciprocal business that has been introduced to ANZ in Australia from links formed with overseas customers in these key expansion areas.

The AGM followed Alex's speech and a highlight was a presentation to John Vanselow acknowledging his 15 years service on the committee.

Below are a few photos taken at the lunch which was particularly well attended.

Here is a link to Alex Thursby's presentation