ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)



President Neville Pearson welcomed 67 guests that included our guest speaker Alex Thursby, ANZ Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific, Europe and America, with his Communications Manager Ms Ashlee Faletic. This was the best attended meeting on the 34th Floor this year although there were only five of our lady members present. Members attending for the first time at this venue were Ken Crawford, Serene Cheong, Doug Watson and Anne Wee while those not seen for a while or returning from holidays were John Fogden, Ray Gill, Nev Greenway, Cliff Griggs, Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert, Geoff Meggs, Bernie O’Reilly, John Osborne and Warren Taylor while Bill Swan was visiting from Dalmeny NSW.


Alma Barkell, Clive Bayley, Eric and Wendy Black ,Geoff Burton, John Duke, Diane Costigan, Alan Forrest, Don Fraser, Val Goldsworthy,  John Hawkins, Ron Horne, Doug Imrie, Jacqui Luckman, Fay McPherson, Gerry McPherson, Leigh O’Neill, Gordon Paulett, Geoff Perdriau, Bill Robinson, Bruce Sanderson, Bernie Sowersby, Don Taylor, Paul Tovey, Glenda White,  Julie Wilkins


White                           D.M.F. (David)                                    23 years ANZ

We look forward to seeing David at one of our meetings.


Minton Gary 12/10/2011                  58 years

Eamon Veaney represented ANZROC committee and advised that Gary's funeral was well attended and many colleagues from ANZ were there. Brian Stagg did a good summary of Gary's career and a couple of other speakers provided a great insight into Gary's life and times.

Williams                      W.G.(Gordon)                        8/11/2011                    87 years

Gordon’s widow Gwenda (nee Snape and ex Bank of Australasia) told me that Gordon had enlisted in the Australian Army in 1941, trained in Buderim Qsld and served in active duty in the conflict in Papua New Guinea and the islands and was a Sergeant in his Battalion on discharge in 1946 .Gordon retired from 75 Collins Street Branch 28 years ago after serving more than 40 years in branches in Victoria and he and Gwenda settled in Drouin on retirement.

Members stood in remembrance of Gary and Gordon and our sympathies are extended to their families and friends.


The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during November   and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays: John Carruthers(82), Paul Cross(85), Brian Farrell (83),Euan Greenwood (87),Theo Hall (80), Frank Hatfield (80), John Hobbs (95), Brian Kinna (83), Eric Lean (89), John Mangan (81), Rodney McLeod (88), Gerry McPherson (87), Ray Morris (82), Bob Nichol (100), Peter Oxley (82), Jim Potter (81), Ray Quirk (89), Don Ranyard (81), Jack Shelton (81), Arthur Vale (81).


From 1/11/2011                       less than $20,000         3.07%

greater than $20,000    3.93%


Over the past 4 years Alex Thursby CEO for APEA has been responsible for ANZ businesses in 14 Asian Markets and 12 countries in the Pacific as well as Europe, America and the Middle East. He is leading the Group’s strategic expansion into Asia with a strong focus on building ANZ’s franchises in five priority markets in Greater China (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Greater Mekong (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) and Malaysia along with key regional hubs in Hong Kong, Singapore and ANZ’s Institutional network markets across Asia Pacific, Europe and America. He is also responsible for the Group Strategy and Marketing functions as ANZ pursues its ambition to become a super regional bank in Asia Pacific. Alex was previously in Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years where he held senior wholesaling roles in SE Asia. His presentation was warmly received by members present as he outlined the progress made over the 4 years in growth of specifically targeted clients with an emphasis on deposits, significantly  increased profitability and the higher level of reciprocal business that has been introduced to ANZ in Australia from links formed with overseas customers in these key expansion areas.

A copy of Alex’s presentation has been posted on our website.


A full report of the AGM that followed Alex Thursby’s presentation will be posted on the web site and covered in detail in the December newsletter but we advise that President Neville Pearson was re-elected for a further term while Life Member John Vanselow announced his retirement from the Committee after 15 years that includes a two year term as President and eight years managing the distribution of birthday cards to members. President Neville thanked John for his sterling efforts on the committee and a gift for John and wife Lois was presented at the meeting. Peter Pritchard was elected to the committee and Past President Kathy Trace has agreed to take over the sending of the birthday cards to members.

President Neville’s annual report will be posted on the website this month  and a copy will be included  in the December newsletter..



Russ Appleton emails that he enjoyed receiving the October newsletter after recent hospitalisation and it was good to read the names of those members with whom he spent so many years. In July this year he went to the local doctor to check on a strained muscle and after a short discussion he ended up at Footscray Hospital with a cardiologist, then the Alfred Hospital where he had a triple bypass operation in August. The urgency was due to multiple blockages in his arteries, something that amazed his doctor, cardiologist and surgeon. Russ did not have any pain or obvious symptoms, he just happened to mention to the Doctor that he had a minor ache in his jaw whilst walking to the surgery. Its three months now since the operation (he was lucky to get a top "Professor" due to the apparent emergency) and is feeling pretty good although still a bit sore. It just goes to show even though he still weighs the same as he has for many years and was physically fit from the gardening business, genetics still play an important part in his well being.

David Begg writing from Belmont (Vic) sends sincere thanks for the annual birthday wishes. David could not get to the Geelong luncheon this year but hopes to be able to meet colleagues the next time the ANZROC  meeting is held in Geelong.

Geoff Christensen emails his thanks for the Birthday card at the ripe old age of 61 years.

It has been an interesting year both with the unwelcome volatility in share markets offset by breathtaking holidays in Tahiti earlier in the year and then later during May/June touring Italy and surrounds. Tahiti certainly met expectations, having been high on Geoff’s list for a long time dating back to the days of Adam Troy in the TV series “Adventures in Paradise”. He would love to go back again some day and do more exploring, in particular Bora Bora. Italy was similarly sensational, in particular Venice and Rome. During the time there Geoff and his partner enjoyed two cruises (one out of Venice and the 2nd out of Genoa) with stops in Greece, Spain and France. Whilst it was great, one word of warning to anyone contemplating such cruises is to try and get on board an English speaking cruise and not an Italian Cruise Line cruise line such as MSC where Aussies are at a bare minimum. Land content included a 10 night stay in a Villa in Tuscany, which he would recommend to anyone. It’s just beautiful countryside with spectacular places to visit (let alone the vineyards). Their next trip is late December to Bali and Lombok, amongst other things, to celebrate a close friends 60th Birthday .Geoff’s partner’s son has recently relocated to Germany so it will be on the cards that they will be visiting Berlin at some stage in 2012 – the plan is to start in northern Italy then catch the train through Switzerland on to Berlin. The year has also bought another grandchild (1st Grandson) and another due this month taking the number of grandchildren to four. Geoff says that he has  plenty on the go and there’s never a dull moment.

Kerry Dodds writing from Warrenheip says thanks again for the wishes on his birthday. The card was waiting for him on his return from his annual trout hunt at Dartmouth. Kerry’s wife Margaret was Margaret Ensor who worked at 388 Collins Street circa 1967.They now have 3 grandchildren and enjoy all the fun and very little work that baby sitting entails.

Reg Evans writes from Golden Square his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 91st. Reg lost his wife Thelma after 66 years together in October 2010 .They went to school together but it was in 1944 when Reg was on leave from the war that they married. Reg’s mobility is restricted now and he has trips to hospital and to Peter Mac in the city for treatment but feels well in himself.

Ian Ewart writing his thanks for the birthday greeting on his 80th says he celebrated the big day with dinner at a local restaurant with family and friends. Ian and wife Pat continued the celebrations with a wonderful organised holiday touring from Darwin to Perth and they experienced a magical and spectacular journey in this great country of ours. Ian enjoys reading about the comings and goings of members and fond memories are rekindled when good friends of past times are mentioned.

Kevin Flynn emails his thanks for the recent birthday wishes. Health-wise, it has been a bit of a struggle this year, guess the years are catching up. The monthly news letter is a most welcome publication, especially to those, like Kevin who retired some years' ago.

Bob Grant emails thanks for the Birthday Greetings and it was great to receive John Vanselow’s message in the knowledge that he is again well following his problems during the year.  This year has had its ups and downs for Bob and wife Nell but they  are still enjoying their  time in Nelson Bay and the pleasures that it brings living in this lovely seaside resort with the family close by. Bob has fully recovered from the foot problems experienced last year but can no longer play any active sports so golf and tennis are out for the future. He has been experiencing some chest pains recently but after an angiogram and an ultrasound has been cleared of any heart problems. Bob and Nell visited Albury recently to attend his 5th Year High School Class reunion as it has been 55 years since that final day in 1957. They went on to Melbourne to stay with his brother Jack for a week and enjoyed the time immensely. Apart from babysitting duties, Bob is involved as a warden with the local Anglican Church and the Port Stephens Woodworkers Club where he is the Treasurer and Newsletter editor. This keeps him busy and mentally occupied for the time being.

Doug Grant reports that he has just returned from the annual trip to Cairns for the winter.

Doug looks forward to receiving the news letters as a means of keeping up to date with information  on some of our former work mates. Doug and I worked together in Esanda for some years.

Jack Grant emails his thanks for the recent Birthday Card, which once again was received on the day. It is now over 2 years since Jack and his wife Robyn moved from Albury to Melbourne and they are enjoying living in Berwick and being close to family. Over the past 12 months Jack has had a lot of foot problems, which necessitated a period in hospital to treat a severe ulcer infection. This was followed by an operation to lengthen the Achilles tendon in his right leg and relieve the pressure on the foot. This appears to have been successful and he has had no further problems. Other than that, life is very busy looking after visitors and caring for grandchildren on a regular basis. He is looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues at the Christmas Luncheon.

Charles Griss emails that he appreciated the Birthday Greetings received on the occasion of his 70th!!! Birthday. Time does fly, especially when you are having fun. All being well, Charles and wife Angela are going to Tanzania in January to "do" three game parks. Figured that they were unlikely to have another opportunity to do something as adventurous as that! He has retired from active skiing, so must do something else to keep the adrenalin pumping.

Frank Hatfield writes his thanks for the warm birthday wishes for his 80th birthday which was celebrated at an afternoon tea at is daughter’s home for 50 family and friends. Frank and his wife Joan had also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary a few days before with a family luncheon at a restaurant.

Adrian Henning emails that John’s card was the only one he received for the birthday wishes.

He managed to fall off a ladder during the day which was most embarrassing. No serious harm, only his pride. All is well otherwise.

Mike Henry emails the annual thank you for his Birthday card. It is always much appreciated. Briefly Mike’s busy  retired life covers  a wide range of  activities - volunteer driving, golf playing, adventure walking, Trivia Master quizzing, overseas touring and the most delightful of all is grandchildren minding. Apart from these activities nothing much happens in the idyllic setting of Safety Beach Country Club on the Mornington Peninsula but he would enjoy a Rostered Day Off occasionally.
Wayne Hulbert sends a belated thank you for his Birthday card which Wayne received when he and wife Bernadette returned home from their Cape York trek. Wayne celebrated the Birthday with Bernadette and a group of friends at Chili Beach, Cape York in far North Queensland on their way to the very tip of Australia.

Larry James emails that it is always great to receive the newsletter and see what's been happening. Again, thanks for the birthday card which arrived on time. Life is always busy in his two voluntary roles, either at Puffing Billy in the Dandenong's working as a Station Master or selling souvenirs each month or as  President of Golden Days Radio- the latter keeps Larry extremely busy. In fact they have a new member on the Committee of Management non other than ANZROC committeeman Gary Mason who is giving his management expertise which has greatly enhanced their business skills. Larry is off to Tassie to ride the Wilderness Railway from Strahan to Queenstown with a mate from the UK. They are both interested in railways so this should be good. No doubt they will try some local wines whilst there as well. Oh well, someone has to do it.

Ian McRobinson emails his thanks for again remembering his birthday. It is always a pleasant moment when the ANZROC card arrives and Ian’s thoughts turn more strongly to the ‘good old days’ remembering good friends (past and present), shared special occasions and experiences.

His special day was spent painting the pergola and dinner with family. It was altogether a satisfying day.

Jack Moyle writing his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 86th says that he and wife Audrey are both in good health but they can no longer undertake long holiday’s interstate or offshore but restrict themselves to short trips to local resorts.

Committeewoman Joan Nathan says thank you for her birthday card, which she enjoyed receiving on the day. Joan has had a great year managing to fit in two trips to Noosa with another planned at the end of the month and a trip to Singapore, it’s amazing what you can fit in when you don’t have to plan around work commitments.

John Osborne sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for remembering his birthday. The highlight of John’s year was a Go Wild Co hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley with wife Pauline which is highly recommended especially for the photographers in the club. John and Pauline spend a lot of time visiting Loch Sport and he is also involved with the local Probus Club.

Peter Oxley emails from Mount Gambier that once again his Birthday Greetings for his 82nd arrived spot on time. Having made it to this age Peter counts his blessings, and although there is not any travelling these days and very few exciting tales to relate, Peter and his wife Moira are keeping well and are very grateful for that. Their biggest excitement in the near future is the wedding of their grand-daughter in Melbourne early in January. That will be the first of their bunch, but you know how these things seem to escalate. Peter still enjoys the doings of old friends and acquaintances from his days in the Bank.

Ian Peterkin emails thanks for his birthday card that managed to hit the day on the button. Ian has reached the stage of viewing these occasions with mixed feelings but it was a nice surprise on the day. Ian and wife Nan hope to be able to catch up with colleagues at the Traralgon Golf Day - they are keeping fingers crossed for fair weather - his golf is always pretty variable so there should be no surprises there.

Ray Quirk emails that the first mail out of their letterbox on his birthday was the Card from ANZ Retired Officers Club members. It is always appreciated, more so as one enters his 90th year. Ray continues to be thankful for the continuing good fortune that he and wife Meryl enjoy. Ray is not as mobile as he would like, still very aware that he fell and broke his left hip in February. The experts tell him that it can take up to 18 months before the muscles are free of pain. A couple of decades ago a broken hip was almost fatal but fortunately today  surgeons can safely replace the hip with a new one. As the years pass Ray is very conscious of the declining number of old work mates, army mates and friends in the associations which have been so important in the past but he is happy to dwell on the good things of the past and the present.

Doug Ramsay writes how he looks forward to the newsletter and enjoys reading how some of his fellow colleagues are faring and keeping abreast of their travels. Doug says that since retirement in 1996 he and wife Mary have completed many trips both overseas and in Australia which included 3 months travelling around Europe, UK and Egypt, many trips across all States of Australia the highlight of which was the Outback Discovery Darwin to Broome trip camping in the Bungle Bungles , touring the two New Zealand islands and  a tour of Canada, Alaska and Hawaii and most recently a Scenic tour Paris to Prague which included a cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. On the latest trip Doug and Mary met Keith and Helen Zwar from South Australia. Keith was Manager ANZ Personnel SA when Doug was in Personnel AHQ. It’s a small world. Doug was deeply saddened when he read of Neil Twite’s passing. Doug was part of the team led by Neil in 1971 following the merger of ANZ/ES&A standardising the Principal Banking Offices, State Administration Departments and finally AHQ which took around two years and Neil was pivotal in his role as mentor.

Jan Rizzo daughter of our recently deceased Honorary member Orm McLellan writes that the family appreciated so much that his ANZ friends were able to attend Orm’s service. The strong links he had with ANZ and ANZROC had meant a lot to him.

Bevan Roulston writes thanks for the birthday card which arrived on cue. Bevan retired from his second full time job in January after 12 years but in August secured a local position as a “casual farmer” attending to farm animals and maintaining the farm land and fences. As a boy prior to joining the bank in 1960 he spent time  working on farms and can now apply the knowledge gained in those formative years.

John Sudholz emails that he and wife Noelene returned to Melbourne after a very enjoyable Captain's Choice Tour from Cape Town to Cairo followed by some catch up with friends in Singapore. Amongst the waiting mail was the ANZROC birthday card with greetings from John Vanselow. John and Noelene were able to celebrate the occasion with fellow travellers on the Rovos Rail train from Cape Town to Pretoria, a "stately journey" of 1600 kms with two nights on board.

Eamon Veaney our committeeman and webmaster sent a quick note of thanks for his birthday greetings card which of course arrived on the day. Eamon celebrated with family and friends at a new Richmond restaurant called Noir with excellent food and service. He has also just returned from the 29th annual golf trip to Rich River with 20 other ANZ Colleagues. They were lucky to have great weather all weekend. Bob Bell took out the main prize, the David Hastie trophy with 37 points. Paul Clohesy, Andrew Kelly and Tony Donohue won the Ambrose trophy. Eamon was pleased to get the longest drive and runner-up prizes in the "C grade/ riff raff" category.

Bill Walker emailing thanks for the birthday card says it’s hard to know where the 12 months went but he and wife Maureen are both well and enjoying life.

Eric Williams writing from Warrnambool on his 91st sends thanks for the best wishes expressed on his card. Eric says he is still flying the ANZ flag in the Western Districts 40 years after moving from Melbourne and 31 years of retirement. Eric’s wife Rita has enjoyed good heath over the years but is presently hospitalised in Melbourne and Eric has been regularly visiting the city.

AND Graeme Ainscough, Lindsay Baglin, Annette and Graeme Baldwin, Herman Bettonvil, Bill Bowring, Joe Busuttil, Harry Carrodus, Serene Cheong, Jim Christie, Diane Costigan, Don Davy, Kevin Dynon, Neville Elvish, John Flyger, John Hallinan,  Graham Heenan, Malcolm James, Graeme King, George Menassa, Emilio Moreno, Maggie Murray, Jim Nicolson, Reg Nicolson, Anthony Nimmo, Leigh O’Neill, Julie O’Regan, Rino Orifici, Glyn Parry-Jones, Don Ranyard, Ian Roberts, John Saffery, Bruce Scott, Des Shady, Peter A Smith, Mark Stankovich, Cliff Turner, Glen Twidale, Mike Watts, Richard Weekes, Mike Whitmore, Tony Wingrave, Max Zattelman ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA




to be held on THURSDAY 15th MARCH 2012 at the MAROONDAH SPORTS CLUB


(Entrance Mount Dandenong Road), the St Patrick’s Day luncheon, will again be held at the “Maroondah Sports Club” on the Corner of Mount Dandenong and Dublin Roads Ringwood East on Thursday 15th March 2012

We are greatly appreciative; once again, of the assistance Lyn and Les Stevens and David and Glen Knuckey are giving in bringing this function together.

It is proposed that we meet at the Maroondah Sports Club at midday with the view to ordering lunch around 12.30 pm. The Maroondah Club provides a two course Seniors Luncheon for approx $15.00 per head. They also provide a broader menu should this be preferred. It is proposed that ANZROC will subsidise the luncheon to the extent of $200.00 towards providing wine/drinks for the tables. To assist members and partners, we will endeavour to provide transport to and from the venue for those members/partners who do have mobility difficulties. We would also appreciate any assistance members can give in provision of transport should such be required


As there is no January Newsletter we have provided this information early. If you are interested in attending this luncheon, we would appreciate if could return the following notice by 20th February 2012:




Members Name…………………………………………..

Partners Name……………………………………………

I/we will be attending the luncheon: Yes / No

I am able to assist with transport for members who require assistance: Yes / No

I would appreciate assistance with transport: Yes / No

This information can be emailed to David and Glen Knuckey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or posted to David and Glen at PO Box 242 Dingley 3172

Should you wish to telephone, please call David on 95510414 or Neville on 9802 0187 prior to Feb 25th (Due to a family wedding invitation commitment in Tasmania in March, Cheryl and Neville will unfortunately be unable to attend this function)


ATTENTION ALL RETIRED OFFICERS - DO YOU HAVE ANY OLD ANZ STAFF UNIFORMS (MALE OR FEMALE)? The ANZ Banking Museum is always on the lookout for old ANZ Staff Uniforms or other memorabilia and artifacts associated with ANZ and its predecessors. If you have any of these and would like to kindly donate them to the ANZ Banking Museum, please contact the Museum for further information. The Museum can be contacted via the following;
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (03) 9541 8056


David Knuckey has finalised the arrangements for meetings in 2012: all meetings from 12 noon…

February          9th 100 Queen Street (Committee meeting)

March              15th Maroondah Club Ringwood (David Knuckey organising)

April                12th ANZAC meeting.. Kevin Mitchell to confirm location but likely 100                                      Queen Street.

May                 10th 100 Queen Street..Salvation Army Red Shield (Committee Meeting)

June                 14th 833 Collins Street (Eamon Veaney to arrange)

July                  12th Greensborough RSL (David Knuckey organising)

August             9th 100 Queen Street (Committee Meeting)

September        13th Ballarat (David Knuckey and Noel Beanland organising)

October            13th MCG or Waltzing Matilda or Oakleigh (David Knuckey organising)

November        8th 100 Queen Street..AGM

December        13th ANZ Pavilion (date flexible depending on Mike Smith’s diary)

A night meeting may be held later in 2012 which will test the level of demand of members for night meetings going forward.





This is the final reminder that the Club will again hold the Annual Christmas Luncheon at the ANZ Pavilion. CEO Mike Smith and a number of Senior Executives will be attending and as CEO Mike Smith has agreed to speak to members during the luncheon we urge you to send your acceptances in now as more than 210 members have accepted and we are restricted to 300 seats in the Pavilion. The invitation to the luncheon follows and the contribution towards the cost of the function is $30.00 which is increased to partially meet the higher costs experienced over the past three years which can no longer be supported by existing funds. Members attending will receive a free copy of the impressive book celebrating ANZ’s 175th Anniversary.

For those who wish to attend:

Complete and detach the “Acceptance Slip” and attach your cheque for $30—and return to Ron Adams at PO Box 579, Malvern Vic 3144 as soon as practicable as numbers are limited. Cutoff date for members’ acceptances will be Monday 28th November, 2011

Refunds will not be paid unless advice is received by the President, Secretary, or Treasurer at least 4 days prior to the function –

Members can make payments electronically to ANZROC through internet banking facilities making certain that personal details in the “payee information” section .If payment is made electronically members should  advise  Ron Adams (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone 9821 0444)  or by post that payment has been made through internet banking so that we can monitor  the numbers attending.

The ANZROC account details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NAME:           ANZ BANKING GROUP RETIRED OFFICERS’ CLUB                                                                                        (Victoria)

BSB:                                      013 350

ACCOUNT NUMBER:     3064 51947



INVITATION To the ANZ Pavilion Victorian Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, Melbourne on THURSDAY 8TH DECEMBER, 2011

Admittance from 11.30 am Drinks from 11.30 am and Luncheon from 12.30 pm



Return this slip to:                  Ron Adams

PO Box 579,Malvern, Vic 3144

………………………………………………………………      $30.00

(Name of member)                  Amount enclosed/ or Amount paid to ANZROC account


(Delete whichever category not applicable)