ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)


Senior Vice President John McPhee welcomed to our 2011 ANZAC Memorial Luncheon 50 members and our guest speaker Major General David McLachlan, President of the RSL in Victoria and special guest Mal Dubock, Kevin Mitchell’s brother in law and a previous guest speaker. There were only three of our lady members present. David Schunke was attending his first luncheon meeting and those not seen for a while or returning from holidays were Harry Carrodus, Orm McLellan. Peter Nyga back after recovery from surgery, Peter Saville, Roger Pickering, Keith Remington, Warren Taylor and Roger Watkins,
Graeme Ainscough, Alma Barkell, Noel Beanland, Geoff Burton, Diane Costigan, Kerry Crawford, Col Edwards, Gordon Field, Don Fraser, Ray Gill, Val Goldsworthy, John Hawkins, Ron Horne, Doug Imrie, Ian Ince, David Knuckey, Con La Fauci, Harry Loucas, Jacqui Luckman, Jim Martin, Norman Mattila, Brian Murdoch, Leigh O’Neill, Neville Pearson, Robin Peatfield, Alan Podger, Don Ranyard, Bruce Scott, Don Taylor, Paul Tovey, Glenda White, Julie Wilkins
Fiddes Louise 22 years ANZ
We look forward to seeing Louise at one of our meetings.
Ellis Bruce R. 79 years 2/4/2011
Members stood in silence in remembrance of Bruce at our April meeting and we pass on our condolences to the family.
Mark Stankovich let me know that Glynn Stedman has passed away. Glynn, a Queenslander, worked in the ANZ General Managers Department in Melbourne in the fifties/sixties, appointed Sales Manager Esanda in Queensland at the time of the ANZ ES&A merger and then a senior position in Esanda NSW before retiring as Area Manager of one of Sydney's Areas.
Eddie Forth advised that Bruce Nelson died 20 December, 2010 on Gold Coast aged 91 yrs. He retired many years ago as Manager, 94 Young St Frankston Branch and prior to that was Manager, Darwin Branch.
Eddie also said that Bruce McKenzie died 24 March, 2011 aged 68 yrs. He worked for ANZ in 351 Collins Street in 1967/68 with Norm Growse, Brian Bunning, Don McKenzie, Eddie Forth, Keith Findlay, Col Lyons and Bob Dunmore plus others in International Dept.
Miles Tiller is suffering from a detached retina and would welcome calls from ANZROC friends and colleagues.
The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during April and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays:
Bryden Davis (82), Norm Deady (90), Glynn Evans (83), Roy Harper (82), Reg Henley (87), Gordon Kennedy (85), Ailsa Mackie, Leigh O’Neill (81), Eileen Perham, Keith Remington (88), Col Renzow (95), Lindsay Richards (81), Frank Robertson, Tony Stutterd (84), June Thompson.
From 1/4/2011 less than $20,000 3.08%
greater than $20,000 3.94%
This was our annual ANZAC Memorial meeting and Brian Christensen led the Remembrance Service reciting the Ode with trumpets playing Reveille in the background.
Past President Kevin Mitchell introduced our Guest speaker Major General David McLachlan.Born in Harden NSW, David graduated from the Officer Cadet School, Portsea in December 1959 .His early service was in regimental and staff postings in Australia, Malaysia and South Vietnam until he went to University of Reading in 1970/71 followed by a series of attachments to UK and USA military units. Then followed a number of senior staff postings, primarily in logistics. He commenced his final three year posting as General Officer Commanding Logistic Command in 1991 which at that time had 10,000 military and civilian personnel an annual budget excluding salaries of $600million and assets of $2.5 billion in 67 locations throughout Australia. Retiring from the army in1994, he became Chairman of the Industry Capability Network Ltd. a corporate advisor to a number listed companies, a director of the Royal Humane Society of Australasia. He was elected President of the Victorian Branch of the RSL in 2002. He is Honorary Colonel of the 4th/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment. His was made a Member of the Order of Australia – AM in 1989 and promoted to Officer of the Order of Australia – OA in 1993. David spoke on several less publicized battles that took place in World War 1, World War 2 and the Vietnam conflict that boosted the worthy image of Australian servicemen and women serving in combat areas around the world. After questions and observations from members John McPhee passed a vote of thanks for David’s presentation.
Will Bailey emails that John Vanselow‘s birthday greetings from the Club were much appreciated as was the message from Lois and John to Will and wife Dorothy. Life in semi-retirement is supposed to give one more time for relaxing and pursue a "selfish" lifestyle! Somehow Will seems to have got it wrong! He’s not complaining as they seem to have a pretty good life with no major health worries and the family all in good health. They are about to leave for a 6 day car rally in South West Victoria. It's a Bristol Car Club annual rally; Will is President so it will be "full on" for a few days. In September 30 Bristols are heading to WA for a 7000
kilometre run. Train to Perth then a drive north and return via Margaret River Albany Norseman and the Nullabor. All the cars date back to the early '50s. They have a full complement of spares and four leaf clovers for luck. Between the rallies Will and Dorothy will spend time at their home at Noosa Waters. The year ahead looks good.
Arty Booth emailed his appreciation on the timely receipt of a card for his birthday. Living in Bundaberg, he does not get many opportunities to attend meetings, but when visiting Melbourne, Arty will try to include a visit and catch up with colleagues.
Wendy Bradley emailed to say thank you for the great lunch day at Ringwood East it was most enjoyable and not far from home. Thanks to Lyn Stevens and husband for their efforts in making the day so pleasurable.
Jock Buntain writes thanks for the birthday greetings and says he spent his birthday in Sydney. Sydney is okay for a holiday but Jock would not want to live there as although the weather was good the humidity is bad especially for a Scotsman.
Jenny Cooke emailing thanks for the birthday greetings says she was scheduled to depart on a cherry blossom tour in Japan with a few days in Hong Kong a week later but everything was cancelled and no decision yet on a new destination - all happening while hosting a school friend from London. Golf, gardening projects and continuing as historian at her old school are keeping Jenny very busy at present. Jenny is enjoying the monthly newsletter very much and hopes to see members at the Spring Valley golf day in May.
Diane Costigan emails that she will be in South Australia with her 12yo granddaughter in April to visit family while in Adelaide. Diane’s granddaughter has never been on a plane or visited SA so should be a good trip.
Past President and long serving Committeeman Col Edwards emails that he and wife Ethel will be touring the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas, S.A., for a large portion of April.
John Fairbairn emailing from Yarrawonga says many thanks for the kind thoughts in his birthday greetings. Unfortunately over recent months John’s health has been very indifferent following brain surgery, which he is pleased to say has been successful the second time round. John has now received a clearance to resume normal activities and can again play golf, still badly.

Lawrie Foord sending thanks for his birthday card says that as usual it was a quiet day part of which was spent with one of his daughters. It was an eventful 12 months the most memorable being in Queensland staying with his youngest daughter during the floods and cyclonic storms. They were 30 klm’s north of Brisbane and he saw shipping containers, cars and parts of houses being tossed around like rag dolls and experienced torrential rain falling for days on end with thunder and lightning the likes of which he has not seen. Back home Lawrie was caught in the February storm that damaged one of the rooms in his house but that was promptly repaired by the Insurance Company. Lawrie says life is pretty good as he is still blessed with good health.
Eddie Forth emailing thanks for the birthday wishes says he and wife Jan had returned from a caravan trip around Australia in January after travelling 27,596 kms. There were many highlights of the trip with a visit to Tom Price iron ore mine in operation and a visit one evening to Gin Gin Observatory (about 100kms north of Perth) with a one on one discussion with one of the in-house astronomers. They visited Prince Leonard at Hutt River Province (near Kalbarri) which was created in 1969 after a dispute with the Federal Government so they seceded and declared their independence. Eddie and Jan played the longest golf course in the world, the Nullabor Links of 18 holes over about 1360kms between Kalgoorlie, W.A. and Ceduna, S.A. They had a lot of fun and met a number of golf enthusiasts along the way. They hurried home from northern NSW when the rivers were rising and in fact the Princes Highway at Grafton was closed behind them but despite a two hour hold up with water over the road at Caboolture, Qsld ( ok when the tide dropped) they had no serious weather issues. A trip around Tasmania has been saved for the future.

John Hawkins emails that he was sorry not to make the March meeting as he had to be in
Christchurch for a family funeral, and yes he and wife Helen were there when the earthquake hit. They were lucky to have survived it although the house they were living in escaped with little damage. He bought Tatts tickets but no luck
Doug Imrie emails that he and wife Trish had a wonderful St Patrick's Day and would like to thank all those who helped at the Maroondah Club. Doug and Trish will be camping on the mighty Murray River in the bush for several weeks over April.
Christine Lane emails her thanks for the birthday card and wishes. Although another year older Christine is not too old yet to travel. She has just returned home from two wonderful weeks spent on the other side of the world in Sweden. Her birthday celebrations were spent in Stockholm with long time friends, two of whom share her birthday date.
Harry Loucas reports that he will be overseas in April/May (Abu Dhabi, Cyprus and Crete) and he will be back to attend the function on 9/6/2011 at 833 Collins Street.
Tony Middleton writes to thank John Vanselow for the birthday card on his 80th. John reminded Tony of the memories of fun times of earlier years they shared which dated back to 1950. Tony enjoyed a wonderful celebration with his extended family now all resident in Victoria including 3 great grand children with another on the way. The family is spread from Metung to Rheola west of Bendigo. Tony is keeping well and is still Treasurer of RSL Bentleigh Angling Club and spends a great deal of his time fishing in Gippsland with his son.
Dianne Newton emails her thanks for the birthday wishes, which she enjoys receiving.
Dianne and her husband Ron recently had to go to Qld - Kingaroy, Chinchilla & Toowoomba to revalue some properties. You could certainly tell where the flood levels had been. Speaking to the locals really brought it home and it was hard to comprehend the amount of water that passed through the countryside and townships. It will be sometime before a lot of the businesses will be up and running.
Past President Leigh O’Neill writing from Dromana says that although at 81 he is getting old he is still able to play bowls and at golf has won 9 new golf balls this year bringing his stock up to 69 balls. He doesn’t hit the ball far enough these days so he does not lose any. His aspirations for the coming 12 months are for Richmond to win at least 6 games, still able to afford his daily medicinal drink and trying to stay awake while watching TV.
President Neville Pearson emails his thanks for the Birthday wishes and card which was presented at the Maroondah Club St Patrick’s day ROC luncheon. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday with over 100 ROC members and partners in attendance. Neville is enjoying being president of our club and although it has its challenges at times, the support of the committee and members is very much appreciated. Neville and wife Cheryl had a great time travelling within the east side of Australia last May/June travelling to Mildura, Mungo, Broken Hill, White Cliffs, Longreach while working their way up to Magnetic Island. They stayed on the island for a few days with a mate who owns a holiday house overlooking the ocean on the Island (since had doors and windows replaced following the Cyclone this year, but nothing too serious). Travelled back via Carnarvon Gorge which was thoroughly enjoyable although a lot of long walks tested them at times and finally they spent a few days relaxing on the Gold Coast with Bruce and Glennis Robertson who pass on their best wishes to all members.
Paul Perri emails his thanks once again for the birthday wishes. Paul really enjoys reading the Newsletter and always looks forward to seeing the names of colleagues that he remembers, especially the old ANZ Nominees people that he last worked with. Paul is still working full time and is waiting for his super to catch up to the pre 2007 crash so that he can look at working less hours or even early retirement in the near future.
Louis Perrone writes on his 75th that since his note last year when he was incapacitated by a severe stroke and assessed as having little chance of any major improvement he has now been assessed as a Low Care resident at the Nursing Home in Clayton and is able to venture out . In April Louis is travelling to the Gold Coast to visit his daughter and her family. His next objective is to join colleagues at the traditional Christmas Lunch at the end of the year.
David Rome passes on to the ANZROC committee his appreciation of the efforts in once again acknowledging his birthday. Unfortunately they seem to come around too quickly.
Trevor Smethurst emails thanks for the birthday wishes on his 66th birthday. After many years at his previous address Trevor has shifted into a new address at Wangaratta with his daughter and son-in-law together with 2 grandchildren. Trevor’s health has not been good over the past few years and a change after spending many years on his own can only be beneficial. He has not played any bowls since Christmas but is looking forward to playing again next season. Trevor hopes to see many former workmates at the June meeting and spending a great day at the Christmas lunch.
Terry Talbot emailing from Evandale Tas. says thanks for the birthday card. Terry awoke 38,000ft over the Pacific on the day of his birthday on the way home from Los Angeles after a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to L. A. via the Panama Canal.
Peter Westaway emailing that he was in Palm Cove Far North Queensland enjoying a magnificent 71st birthday treat under a cloudless blue sky, despite the Bureau forecasts. He appreciated the birthday wishes and extends thanks to all concerned.
Glenda White emails that she and husband Patrick will be somewhere between Melbourne and Bangkok at the time of the ANZROC meeting in May but will be back in time for the visit to 833 Collins Street. The St Pats day lunch was fantastic, a great group of people and partners, most enjoyable, and Patrick also enjoyed it very much. The entertainment was good fun and the Maroondah Sports Club did a great job of the food and service.
Julie Wilkins emails thanks for the birthday wishes, which was celebrated on the Melbourne Tramcar Restaurant then a walk along Yarra River, and the weather was so good. Julie enjoys reading the Monthly Newsletter and agrees the website that Eamon got up and running is splendid.
And Geoff Archer, David Brown, Neil Dawtrey, Joan Dusting, Frank Edwards, David Gibb, John Gibb, Jeremy Grant, Dorothy Hayes, Graham Holt, Ron Horne, Graeme Horsburgh, Bill Lanigan, Vito Laruccia, Ian McCormick, John McKenzie, Tad Misiewicz, Frank O’Brien, Ken Parry, Robin Pleydell, Tony Pompilio, Geoff Pritchard, Doug Ramsay, Brian Sanders, Dick Sanders, Bruce Scott, Geoff Stillman, Syd Swaby, Wayne Taylor, Harry Trefz, Doug Watson.



Apologies for missing the April ANZAC meeting. As it happens Cheryl and I will be on our way to Istanbul Turkey on 25th April. This is a last minute inclusion to our 21 day Mediterranean cruise due to the Cairo cruising leg being withdrawn for safety reasons. I am not sure if we will actually sail pass Anzac Cove.
Health and Welfare
I visited Ron Cashin at Broughtonlea Nursing Home in Surrey Hills and I am very pleased to report that Ron was in good spirits. Ron is improving and can now walk with the aid of a walking stick. He was most thankful for the visit and passed on his best wishes to the ROC members. He particularly enjoys reading the ROC Newsletters during his stay at Broughtonlea


For our June meeting this year we have arranged a second luncheon for 80 members at ANZ Centre at 833 Collins Street which will take place on Thursday June 9th .Members will see inside the new state of the art building and enjoy a brief tour of the building with luncheon provided on site. ANZ Centre is the largest single-tenanted office building in Australia and has strong sustainability credentials, with black water recycling, rainwater harvesting, solar panels,
wind turbines and an air-conditioning system that uses cool water from the Yarra River to reduce energy consumption.
We have booked a function room overlooking the river for the maximum number of 80 people and arranged lunch and refreshments but as the costs are a lot higher than we are used to paying at 100 Queen Street it will be necessary on this occasion to ask for a contribution of $20 per person for the lunch and refreshments. We have already received expressions of interest from just over 60 members and I will be sending out the acceptances to those that expressed their interest in attending and will collect the $20.00 contribution during May.
Please advise Ron Adams by phone 9821 0444 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to attend this meeting as the remaining spaces will fill quickly.
I will also create a waiting list for cancellations in case those already listed find they cannot make the luncheon. Members can let me know if they want to be added to the waiting list.
Full details of the program for the day and security requirements will be provided in the May newsletter.

Nola Forsyth has advised that she has organised this years reunion for Sunday 22nd May from 2.30 pm to 4.30pm for past Staff of 351 and 394 Collins Street Branches at the Lions Club, Corner of Riversdale Road and Station Street, Box Hill and she is keen to see as many past members of the two branches again this year to catch up and enjoy swapping banking stories. Nola would like to hear from those interested and she can be contacted on 9830 4501 or by post to 102 Canterbury Road, Canterbury 3126.

As advised in previous newsletters our 2011 Autumn Golf Day will be held at the challenging Spring Valley sand belt course in Clayton on Monday 9 May 2011. Spring Valley is hosting the Victorian Championships in January next year and we are very fortunate to be invited to play on this quality course. We only have 14 entries to date, a bit slower than expected, but hopefully this will build to 30/40 and the entry form is attached to this newsletter…. A must for our golfing enthusiasts.


Brooke Findlay has listed a hot last minute travel deal for ANZROC members to consider: Angkor, Mekong and Ho Chi Minh City Save $2010 per couple 13 Days from $3,389.85* per person, twin share. Travel on 10 June & 19 August 2011. Book by 31 May 2011 Includes: Accommodation in Siem Reap & Hon Chi Minh City, 7 night luxury river cruise along the Mekong, the services of an APT Tour Director, Freedom of Choice Touring at no extra cost in Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City, Dine Around Dinners at no extra cost in Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City, APT Signature Experiences - in select locations, enjoy exclusive or unique activities featured specifically for APT guests, Port charges and tipping included - saving you up to A$680 per couple, Airport transfers, excursions and entertainment included - valued at up to A$2250 per couple, Soft drink, local beer and spirits included at all times throughout your river cruise. For more information, call 1300 204 588 *Conditions apply. Offer includes ANZ Staff Discount. Valid for travel on 10 June & 19 August 2011. Strictly limited offer on set departures. Offers may be withdrawn at any time, are subject to
availability at time of booking and can't be combined with any other offer. Book and pay in full by 31 May 2011.

In April several sections of the email alphabetical list of members receiving electronic newsletters did not receive newsletters until very late in the month as my Norton Internet Security system rejected the newsletters and in resending these sections the computer malfunctioned but eventually all members received their newsletters. I suggest in future however that if you have not received your electronic newsletter 7 days after the meeting dates you access the above web site as a copy should be available on that site.

A selection of photos from the St Patrick’s Day luncheon held on 17th March at the Maroondah Club have been loaded onto the ANZROC website photo gallery and is now available for viewing on the website at .

As a matter of interest ANZROC United Kingdom have now got a website up and functioning and if interested you can access at

Thursday 14th July2011 : Peter Marriott CFO ANZ speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street
Thursday 11th August 2011: Claire Hausler Head of Estate Planning ANZ Trustees speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street
Thursday 10th November 2011: Alex Thursby CEO Asia Pacific Europe and America speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street

THURSDAY 12TH MAY 2011 MEETING IN MELBOURNE ROOM ON 34TH FLOOR ANZ 100 QUEEN STREET at 12 NOON we are holding our annual SALVATION ARMY RED SHIELD APPEAL luncheon commencing at 12 noon for lunch at 12.30pm. The meeting will be addressed by Salvation Army executives who will be able to inform members about the proactive measures being taken to help those in need in Melbourne and we look forward to seeing many members at the luncheon to hear the Salvation Army representative . We raised around $4,750 last year which was an outstanding effort and any support for Salvation Army will be welcomed. We will have envelopes available for donations on the day of the meeting but if unable to attend you can send your cheque payable to Salvation Army to Ron Adams PO Box 579, Malvern, Vic 3144 to be included in the total of funds raised for the day. The Salvation Army will issue official receipts to donors from their office.
if you intend to come to this meeting will you let me know by Phone 98210444 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by mail on the attached acceptance notice to Ron Adams PO Box 579, Malvern, Vic 3144, by Thursday 5th May 2011 to meet ANZ catering requirements and so that a list of attendees can be provided to the ANZ Reception Desk and the 5th Floor Reception Area.
To Ron Adams I/we will be attending the Luncheon function at 100 Queen St on 12th MAY 2011 commencing at 12 noon
Autumn Golf Day - Monday 9 May 2011
(Men’s & Ladies Stableford Competitions for members of ANZROC and their partners)
Spring Valley Golf Club Near the corner of Westall and Heatherton Roads, Clayton South. Melways 79 E10 (Entry from Heatherton Rd.- Meet near the practice putting area at the front of the Clubhouse)
Spring Valley Golf Club is rated in the top ten courses in Victoria and hosted the 2011 Victorian Open Golf Championships. Visit for course tour, dress regulations, etc.
Players without a current Registered or Social Club handicap are most welcome and will be given a handicap for the day.
Entry Fee - $65.00 per person (Members of Spring Valley Golf Club $5.00)
(Covers Green Fees and Trophies) - Food and Drinks available at normal Club bar prices
Entries close - Thursday 5 May 2011 (Early entry helps us with the arrangements)
Hit-off from 8.00am (Arrive by 7.30 am to get card & draw)
Enquiries to John Brown (03) 9802 1810 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cut off here Spring Valley Golf Day– Monday 9 May 2011 - Please lodge your entries as early as possible
ENTRY FORM (Option to email details and direct credit ANZROC account available – see below)
Your Contact details: Name …………………………… Entries Close – Thursday 5 May 2011
Email address…………………………………………or Phone No……………………………..
Name…………………………Hcp…………. Name…………………….……Hcp………….
Total number of entries. ……@ $65.00 = $……..
Forward entry form and cheque payable to ANZROC to - John Brown PO Box 4056 Burwood East 3151
Email names and handicaps to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make electronic payment direct to ANZROC bank account 013350 306451947 making sure your name is included in the payment information.
Ron Adams