ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)



President Neville Pearson welcomed 79 guests attending  the second ANZROC luncheon at the award winning eco friendly ANZ Headquarters at 833 Collins Street on Thursday 9th June. Members visiting for the first time or have not been seen for some time included Annette Baldwin, Eric and Wendy Black, Gordon Blair, Huck Bourke, Henry Carr, Serene Cheong ,Diane Costigan, Linda Davidson, Ian Davies, Neil Dawtrey, Norm Dibbin, Phil Dunstan, Keith Emmett, Phil Goodier, Louis Hebrard, Graham Heenan, Clive Hewett, Graham Holt, Jim Karabatsos, Harry Loucas, Bob Lyon visiting from Fiji, Geoff Meggs, Diane Newton, Mike Nickell, Ray O’Meara, Frank O’Brien, Ken Pattison, Roy Peake, Doug Ramsay, Bruce Sanderson, Trevor Smethurst, Peter Smith,  Sandra Street and Doug Watson.

Our thanks go to the ANZ team led by Paul Schmeja, Lauren West and Glenn Lacey for organising the visit and tours of 833 Collins Street and particularly our committee man Eamon Veaney for his efforts in arranging the luncheon.

Members enjoyed catching up with old friends and colleagues as well as being able to tour sections of the building .Many members have subsequently thanked the committee for arranging the visit and the level of their appreciation can be summed up in the email we received from Sandra Street” Just to say I very much enjoyed yesterday’s get-together – what a great excuse to have a day off work and eat party pies. As always it’s good to see old friends. When I get too creaky to keep doing my Melbourne Ambassador Job on the streets no doubt I will come to many monthly meetings. I didn’t envy the worker bees slaving away at their screens. There are just so many people down there it would be impossible to get to know very many even if you actually worked in the building Thanks to all for a good day.”


Geoff Burton, Kerry Crawford , Col Edwards, Norris Gale ,Ray Gill ,Roy Harper,  Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert,  Doug Imrie, Con La Fauci, Bob Maughan, Kevin Mitchell, Brian Murdoch, Peter Nyga ,Leigh O’Neill, Don Ranyard, Bill Robinson, John Stevens, Don Taylor, Bruce Tickell, Paul Tovey, John Vanselow,  Julie Wilkins


Smyth                         Graham George (Graham)              38 years ANZ

We look forward to seeing Graham at one of our meetings.


Struve                         Werner F.                   24/5/2011                    87 years

Werner was one of the first foreign workers to join ES&A Bank in the 40’s migrating from Palestine via Cyprus. He retired after more than 30 years in ANZ as a manager in Investments. He was involved for many years in community affairs and the Temple Church in Bentleigh.

Members stood in silence in remembrance of Werner at our June meeting and we pass on our condolences to the family.


Our member Mavis Ryan told me that Carole Milburn who worked with Mavis and the late Lindsay Craddock in Personnel in 55 Collins Street passed away on 7th April and Carole would be remembered by many ANZROC members.

We also advise that Graham Joseph’s wife Lyn passed away on Monday 23 May 2011 following a protracted illness. Lyn’s funeral was held at the Lilydale Crematorium on Friday 27 May at 11.00am and attended by many ANZROC members


John Vanselow is recuperating in Frankston Hospital from a broken hip following a fall.

John and wife Lois were on their way to a function when John slipped on their concrete driveway whilst wearing his leather soled dancing shoes. Lois says that the hip operation went particularly well and that John must be feeling his old self as he is harassing the female nursing staff.  ROC Committee and members wish John a speedy and full recovery back into his dancing shoes.


The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during June and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays:

Les Ager (80),Bill Gardiner (80), Dorothy Jenkins, Jim Martin (89), Ken McNutt (84), Geoff Meggs (83), Ken Munro (80), Ray Murphy (81), Reg Roberts (83), Bob Skipper (85), Barry Theobald (87),James Trimble (83), Ern Walton (80), Roger Watkins (80), Kevin Watson (82), Ray Whitehead (85), John Williams (81), Brian Wills (80).



From 1/6/2011             less than $20,000         3.08%

greater than $20,000    3.95% 




Alex Morgan (NSW Retired Officers Club) has organised a trip to the Melbourne Cup (Tuesday 1st November) with a group of retired officers from New South Wales. Unfortunately their schedule precludes them joining Victorian members at a separate function, however should anyone be interested in meeting them at Flemington on the day I am sure you would be most welcome. If anyone will be at the cup and like to catch up with the NSW contingent please let Ron or Neville know and we will see if a meeting can be arranged at the course


Eamon has received an electronic copy of the latest ANZ World magazine ahead of print copies being available and has loaded it to the ANZROC Web site. The magazine has a new editor and has been re-vamped following some customer feedback. Have a look and see what you think. It is a great read that shows we are truly A World Bank.


The past players day at oval 20 Albert Park was a success with over 40 past players and supporters turning up to watch the Albert Park Amateurs, the team that amalgamated with ANZ Football Club in 1996. The game was of a particularly high standard against our old arch rivals Elsternwick. Unfortunately, the seniors went down in a close finish. The reserves got up in the last minute to win in a real thriller. An enjoyable day was had by all in attendance


The Albert Park Football Club is seeking a copy of the Photo of the 1969 ANZ Bank Reserves Grand Final Football Team. We wish to display such photo in the Club Rooms, next to the 1974 Premiership Photo. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a copy of such photo, it would be gratefully appreciated if you could contact either: Neville Pearson (9802 0187), Brian Christensen (9429 9272) or Bill “Jet” Jackson (9444 6515)



Alma Barkell writes thanks for her birthday wishes which were appreciated and she celebrated her birthday at “The Old English Hotel” in Heidelberg and it was most enjoyable. Alma enjoys reading the ANZROC news and the tales of the journeys of our members.

Anna Blashki writing from Shepparton says thanks for the personal wishes on her birthday from John Vanselow. She had a lovely day dining out with her family and being thoroughly spoilt.

Darryl Bartlett emails thanks for the good wishes for his 70th birthday which was celebrated at a nice restaurant in Port Douglas. Leaving Port Douglas  Darryl and wife Ronda travelled from Cairns to Brisbane “Queenslander Class” on the Sunlander enjoying fine dining and entertainment on the overnight trip. There is still a huge amount of repair work to be done around the Cardwell area following cyclone Yasi. A further 2 weeks was then spent with their daughter and family on the Gold Coast. Given Melbourne’s current weather Darryl and Ronda are heading back there from June 15th (with Golf Clubs) to house sit while their daughter and family travel overseas.

Maurie Benson emails that as usual his Birthday wishes (It’s best not to think numbers but enjoy “another birthday”.) arrived spot on time while he and his wife were away on Central Coast NSW visiting grandchildren. It was another good trip apart from the B Double that tried to take them out as they were overtaking it. Interesting few moments!! Life continues to be good in the Benson household and they are fortunate to be able to lead an active lifestyle, although a few more hours in the day would help at times. Maurie’s Vietnam Veteran involvements continue to take up a fair amount of time and mixed with the odd travel trip from time to time there is little time to wonder “What will we do today?”.

Frank Budd emails that he has finally turned 65 but still working one day a week which he enjoys. How things have changed, when Frank first joined the ES&A Bank in 1964 he spent the first few years on the relieving staff working all over the place.Later when travelling with the children Frank  would say to them he used to work here and their reply was "big deal". Well recently they  were driving down Lonsdale St with his  20 year old daughter and approaching King Street he said if you look on the left there is a bank that looks like a church where he used to work Instead of "big deal" she said laughingly" did you Dad?"". It was no longer a Bank but a strip club called the Men’s Gallery.

Alan Chapple emails thanks to John Vanselow for the mighty job that he does getting the birthday cards out on time.  As usual his arrived on cue and was much appreciated.  Alan is still working full-time at Department of Human Services and he and wife Pat continue enjoying life and family.

Nola Forsyth our newest member reporting on the annual reunion of 351 and 394 Collins Street staff said the function went well although many from 351 could not make it.  She was however  overrun with staff from 394 who enjoyed the afternoon so much they want the reunion repeated again next year. The venue of the Lions Club at Box Hill was very suitable and hopefully will be available next year.

Val Goldsworthy writes that she was so pleased to have been remembered by the R.O.C. by way of a birthday card. Aussie Post is clearly engaged to ensure the card’s arrival on ‘the Day”. A fine collaboration.


Doug Imrie emails that he will be away for a few months firstly due to surgery in June  and then he and wife  Trish will be heading north with their  caravan via the western back blocks of NSW and  Queensland with final destination Cairns where their  youngest daughter, son in law and grandchild Jake live. Doug and Trish will be returning in early September .

Deric Kennedy emailing thanks for his birthday card for his 59th, reports that he has just resigned from his job as Shift supervisor at Peninsula Private e Hospital and with partner Leisa, is moving to Gold Coast. Deric has taken up a new job helping a former customer in his business there, and looking forward to a new life in Queensland.

Vern Knuiksis recalls that late in 2010 he retired from the banking and finance industry after having spent 40 year in the business. Despite this so called "retirement," he continued to work doing home handyman work, building and carpentry on the occasional basis to keep cash flow going to pay for general living and home expenses. Today banking and finance has changed from the 1970's and 80's when one could form long term friendships with colleagues. Vern  enjoys attending various motor racing events including some interstate venues and when he does  have spare time he works restoring a couple of older cars . Vern hopes to head off overseas (USA) with a friend later in the year to check out some car shows and attend some motor racing events.

Gordon Lyon writing from Wurtulla Qsld appreciated receiving the card and John’s message on his 90th .He has been suffering from Guillin Barre Syndrome for the past 12 months following an infection from a flu injection and is only now showing some improvement. Gordon spent 5 months in hospitals and he is still quite unstable so relies on friends and relatives and Dept of Veterans Affairs for transport requirements. Wife Doreen has done a great job caring for him.

Brian Murdoch reports that he will be away in June playing golf on the Gold Coast with John Flyger and Neil Sharman.

Peter Nyga had a very enjoyable day at home celebrating his birthday with all of his family – all children and grandchildren attended.

Barry Rogers emails thanks for his birthday card received on the day. Barry and wife Jill are both well, and are now the proud grandparents of their first grandchild born in January. They are still getting in as much travel as possible and last year visited Egypt (just before the troubles), Jordan and Dubai. This year they will be  visiting Hong Kong and Malaysia and for next year lining up a cruise covering Scandinavia and St. Petersburg. Barry is still working 3 days a week and while life is full they are enjoying it very much.

Terry Stapleton emails his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 81st birthday. Another good year has gone by quickly for Terry and wife Maureen who are both able to enjoy good health and lead reasonably active lives. In that regard he is still enjoying tennis with some other older blokes every Sunday as well as maintaining a vegetable garden. Terry retired from the Board of the Wine Society at the end of 2010 but is still an active committee member of the Wine and Food Society of New South Wales established in 1939 and which meets every Tuesday for lunch. He does value the monthly magazine from the ROC and reading of the friends he worked with in Victoria.

Bill Swan emailing from Dalmeny NSW says thanks for the newsletters which he and wife Anne (ex ANZ staff) read with great interest. They will be setting off in late May in their Prado and caravan from Dalmeny, firstly to Brisbane to visit their eldest son, his partner and their two grandsons. Then they leave for Hervey Bay for a week before heading to Cairns, expecting to arrive there in mid June. Bill and Anne intend to stay in Cairns for around seven weeks and play plenty of golf, fish and do some sightseeing. Bill and Anne will also be celebrating birthdays on 5th and 6th August somewhere in Qld before returning home towards the middle of August.

Harold Woolcock corresponding from Indented Heads says thanks for the birthday wishes for his 89th. Harold and wife Sylvia have had some medical problems over the past 12 months so any thoughts of travel have not been possible. When Harold thinks back to his golfing days it seems so long ago and now he mostly keeps the garden and lawns in order bur he does get to Probus for their meetings.

AND Harry Carrodus, Dal W. Crocker, Frank Edwards, David Kay, Ian Lamont, Doreen Langmead, Bob Lyon, Bruce Maisey, Jim Martin, Bob Maughan, Peter Nankervis, Doug Ramsay, Geoff Stillman,  John Taylor, Doug Watson, John White





A selection of photos of recent events including the luncheon at 833 Collins Street have been loaded onto the ANZROC  website photo gallery and are well worth a look



Members that may have old photos of staff or events at ANZ branches particularly where you have the names of those in the photo can have the photos loaded onto our website for the interest of all members. You can post these photos to Ron Adams at PO Box 579, Malvern 3144 or email scanned photos direct to Eamon Veaney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will load the photos onto our site.



ANZROC will hold another luncheon meeting in regional Victoria for Members and their partners on Thursday 8th September 2011. This luncheon will be our September monthly ANZROC meeting and we encourage members in outlying areas and from Melbourne to attend

The luncheon will be held at the “Black Sheep” fully licensed restaurant which is located within the “National Wool Museum” building, on the corner of Moorabool Street and Brougham Street Geelong.

The distance from the Geelong Station to the Restaurant is approx 750metres

The National Wool Museum is shown at ‘H3 on page 401’ of the Melways Street Directory.

“The Ford Discovery Centre” tourist attraction is also located in Brougham Street, between the station and the restaurant

It is recommended that travel to the function be via “V Line” train travel, as parking around the Moorabool St/Brougham St area of Geelong is minimal and has a two hour limitation. Cost of such parking is $1.00 per hour


“V Line” have a service to Geelong, that leaves from the “V Line” Country platforms (Ground level at Spencer Street side of  Southern Cross Railway Station) at 10.00am and arrives in Geelong at 10.55am. We would suggest that you arrive at the station around 9.30 to9.40am to enable us to travel as a group. For the return Journey there is a train departing Geelong Station at 3.29pm arriving Southern Cross railway Station at 4.33pm

It is proposed that we meet at the Restaurant around 11.30 am, with the view to ordering lunch at midday The Restaurant is preparing a suitable menu for the function with the cost anticipated within the range of $20 per person. Further information relative to the menu will be advised closer to the event

It would be appreciated if, on this occasion, members who will be undertaking the trip via “V Line” arrange their own train tickets from their local ‘manned’ railway station. Free Seniors/Pensioner train travel vouchers can be utilised for this event, however members are reminded that they need to take their vouchers to their local ‘manned’ railway station to obtain a “V Line” authorised ticket for such travel

To assist members, we will endeavour to provide transport to and from the Geelong Station to the luncheon venue for those members who would require such support to enable them to attend the venue. We would appreciate any assistance members can give in provision of transport should such be required

We are required to advise “V” Line 30 days prior to the luncheon date to enable “V Line” to ascertain if an additional carriage will be required. Therefore if you propose to travel by “V Line” please complete and return the following acceptance form to David Knuckey at PO Box 242 Dingley 3172 or by email to   “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ”  by 8th August 2011. If travelling by car etc please complete and return the form by 25th August

The restaurant capacity for the luncheon is approx 70 and therefore allocations will be on a ‘first in’ basis




Partners Name:

I/we will be attending the luncheon:                                                                  Yes/No


(Please remember to arrange your  own rail travel ticket(s) in terms of above advices)

I would appreciate assistance with transport from Geelong Station to & from the luncheon:                                                                                                           Yes / No


I am able to assist with transport to & from Geelong station for members who require assistance:                                                                                                 Yes /  No

This acceptance slip can be emailed to David Knuckey at “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “, or posted to  David at:-    PO Box 242   Dingley   Vic  3172.     Should you wish to telephone David, call:  9551 0414



Our member Kevin Smyth has appealed for any old Lego pieces that may be no longer needed by the grandchildren of members to help some children close to his family where  2 boys aged 5 and 6 that have been diagnosed with ASPERGER SYNDROME related to autism. During diagnosis the parents were told that as part of the children’s treatment playing with Lego could help calm them and also help develop their skills. If any of our members have bits and pieces of unwanted Lego they can contact Kevin by phone 9459 3338 or  post at 16 May Street Macleod 3085.





Thursday 11th August 2011: Claire Hausler Head of Estate Planning ANZ Trustees speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street


Thursday 8th September : ANZROC visit to Geelong outlined above


Thursday 10th November 2011: Alex Thursby CEO Asia Pacific Europe and America speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street

Traralgon Golf Tournament Thursday 17th November



THURSDAY 14th JULY  2011

LUNCHEON MEETING IN MELBOURNE ROOM ON 34TH FLOOR ANZ 100 QUEEN STREET commencing 12 NOON for lunch at 12.30pm. Our guest speaker will be Peter Marriott, Chief Financial Officer of ANZ Bank and a long time supporter of ANZROC Vic. Peter’s experiences in ANZ will be of interest to many members and we look forward to seeing a large attendance at this meeting.

if you do intend to come to the meeting will you let Ron Adams know by Phone 98210444 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  or by mail on the attached acceptance notice to  Ron Adams PO Box 579, Malvern, Vic 3144, by Thursday 7th July  2011 to meet ANZ  catering requirements  and  so that a  list of attendees can be  provided to the ANZ Reception Desk and the 5th Floor Reception Area.

Ron Adams




To Ron Adams I/we will be attending the Luncheon function at 140                                                               on 14TH July  2011 commencing at 12 noon