ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)



President Neville Pearson welcomed 62 members and partners to our September meeting held at the “Black Sheep” Restaurant in central Geelong. Those ANZROC  members not seen for while included Will Bailey, Annette Baldwin, Anne Blashki coming from Shepparton, John Calnin, Geoff and Lesley Cook, Gordon Christensen, Andrew Edmunds , Clive Hewett coming from Terang, John Hudgson, Bill Jackson, Andrew McGregor, Paul McVeigh, Ray Murphy, Ken Pattison, Neil Robinson, Mavis Ryan, David Woods and Brian Wrigley. It was a most enjoyable ANZROC meeting and with the participation of members’ partners augurs well for future meetings in suburban and country centres. A full report follows under “Birdies Twitter.”


Vic Ansell (Lakes Entrance), Noel Beanland, Eric and Wendy Black ,John Brown, Geoff Burton, Cedric Coxsedge, Kerry Crawford ,George Cooper, John Duke, Col Edwards, Ian  Fulton, Stan Halbish, Theo Hall ,Roy Harper, Frank Hatfield, Graeme Heenan,  Bob Heinemann, Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert,  Doug Imrie, Peter Jackson, Ken Lee,  Gary Mason, John McPhee, Brian Murdoch, Maggie Murray, Peter Nyga , Leigh O’Neill, Gordon Paulett, Alan Pearce (Canada),John Stevens, Don Taylor, Bruce Tickell (Egypt) , Paul Tovey, Glenda White,  Julie Wilkins, Eric Williams,  Harold Woolcock.


Anstee                                     R.C.(Rod) 80 years           9/9/2011

Full details will be in the October newsletter

Clarkin                                    J.D.(Jeff) 67 years           24/8/2011

Jeff joined ANZ in the mid 60's and worked in Queensland branches before taking time out to study for an economics degree as a mature age student. He moved to Head Office in Melbourne and worked in many areas of International Banking Division before moving overseas to run the Chicago branch in 1983. Jeff was appointed Exec Treasurer Capital Markets on the formation of Global Treasury in 1986 then took over as head of the dealing room for Australian Treasury in late 1987 before being appointed Country Head in Korea. Further Executive roles in Head Office running Correspondent Banking and Nominees followed before Jeff's retirement in 2000.

The Requiem Mass for Jeff at Surfers Paradise was a moving service with around 150 people in attendance. During the service there was a reading by Pinky Watson who would be remembered by many members. The wake was held at Southport Yacht Club where our committeeman Eamon Veaney was present and said a few words about Jeff. Jeff’s wife Paula thanked all who attended and the many people who couldn't be there but who had nevertheless provided great support to her and Jeff over the last year. Some of the "broader ANZ family" who attended were Mike Frowen, Denis Grehan, Gary Minton, Geoff Cox, Rod Dark and Chris Murray (the late David Murray's son who knew the family from Chicago days)

Emmett                                   K.F.(Keith) 87 years           27/8/2011

Keith enlisted in the RAAF in October 1942 and at discharge from the forces in December 1945was Warrant Officer, 14 Aircrew Holding Unit. Keith passed pilot training successfully in Australia and Canada and he was promoted to Sergeant and then in England promoted to Warrant Officer as a pilot instructor training pilots for the Battle of Britain and the European conflict. On his return to Australia Keith became a member of the Odd Bods (UK) Association covering RAAF servicemen and women that served in the RAF in UK. Another of our recently deceased members Ken Fastier was also a member of the Odd Bods. Back in Australia, Keith was an avid traveller and spent time in most parts of the world but he favoured New Zealand and tripping across Australia. He met many lifelong friends when he was stationed in NZ for the bank and at the funeral service colleagues included Cedric Coxsedge Stan Halbish, Fay and Gerry McPherson and committee members Neville Pearson, John Duke, Kevin Mitchell and Ron Adams.

McLellan                                 Orm 86 years           7/9/2011

Orm enlisted in the RAAF in September 1943 and when discharged in April 1946 was Leading Aircraftman in the 40 Operational Base Unit. Orm was a great supporter of ANZROC Vic and for many years was responsible for preparing name tags for members and helped the committee at functions on many occasions. Details of Orm’s memorial service on 13/9/2011 will be included in the October newsletter.


Members will remember Rod, Jeff, Keith and Orm at our October meeting and our thoughts are with their friends and families.


Eamon Veaney also advised that Kevin Hanvey died after a car accident at Torquay on 9/9/2011 on his way to work at ANZ. Kevin had worked with Eamon at ANZ some years ago and was back there on a contract and would be remembered by ANZROC members.

Rodney Manser let me know that one of his work mates from the ES&A days Allister Smith aged 62 years old had passed away on the 24/8/2011.Allister would be known to many members.

Alan Lauder advised that a colleague Peter Winter with whom he worked in the Frankston area passed away in August and would be remembered by ANZROC members.


From 1/9/2011             less than $20,000         3.12%

greater than $20,000    4.00%


The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during September   and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays: Bill Boucher (84), Dave Brookman (88), Barbara Bruce, Valda Clarke, George Cooper (82), Geoff Elliott (83), Reg Evans (91), Ian Ewart (80), Don Fraser (86), Stan Goulding (85), Ralph Howden (87), Alan James (85), David Kennedy (87), Ron Marshall (88), Ron Smith (83), Les Whitney (105), Murray Wood (89).




What a wonderful adventure this turned out to be with 62 members and partners turning up to a first class location at the Black Sheep Restaurant in the National Wool Museum building Geelong. Approx 45 members travelled by train and while the trip down was very vibrant, the return trip was more restrained with yours truly availing of a seniors nap. The food was excellent and it was great to see many members that we do not get the opportunity to see very often turning up to this style of function. Will and Dorothy Bailey were able to be there for an hour or so and took the opportunity to mingle freely among the group before heading off for an appointment relative to a hip replacement. We wish Will all the best for a successful operation and hope to see him at future luncheons. A very special ‘thank you’ goes to David and Glen Knuckey for the enormous amount of effort they put into organising such a successful event

The Museum wool shop did a great trade, with many members taking advantage of the quality specials on show

Kevin Mitchell looked a million dollars in his pure wool cap and I am sure it will be well suited to wear at the St Patricks Day luncheon at the Maroondah Club next March.

These Country/Suburban luncheons are proving to be very successful and we are investigating locations such as Ballarat, Castlemaine and Warrigal for future train/luncheon outings. Member feedback would be greatly appreciated



Peter Bearsley emailing his thanks for the birthday wishes says his latest venture is a fund raising exercise for Rotary Club of Melbourne to fund a project in East Timor saving the lives of mothers at risk in childbirth. He plans to run in the Berlin Marathon of 42.195 klm’s later this month at the age of 69 with dodgy knees and is looking for sponsors. He says this will be his 50th and possibly last marathon. We wish him every success.

Terry Boocock received the newsletter while in St Petersburg and emails that  he is on a 5 week trip with the major attraction being the big air show in Moscow. It’s always good to get the newsletter. Terry says you can even pay your annual subs electronically from Russia.

Barbara Bruce sends thanks for the ANZ birthday card which, as usual, arrived on the exact day. She had an enjoyable lunch with 5 friends in the home of one of them. In May/June Barbara spent an enjoyable six weeks on holiday in England and Wales with a 3 night stop-over in Singapore on the way home.

Ken Chisholm writing from Bendigo sends thanks for the birthday wishes which are much appreciated.

Len Chitty emails that since leaving ANZ (Mgr Myrtleford) in 2001 after some 33 years of service, within 12 months of that date, he was re-employed by ANZ in Bendigo and is still enjoying his role and the camaraderie banking provides. Len and his wife (also ex-ANZ) enjoy living in Bendigo and their children have all grown up with youngest daughter (16 Y/O) still at school. Len and his wife always take great pleasure in reading the news letter as it keeps them informed of the exploits of former colleagues.

Ian Crothers emailed his thanks the birthday greetings. This year was the big 70! Hard to believe he has been retired 13 years. Ian looks forward to receiving the Newsletter each month and catch up on the doings of his ‘old colleagues'!!

Chris Fieggen emails his sincere thanks for the kind wishes on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Chris had the pleasure of celebrating his birthday at his eldest son's residence in France. As Chris is now living alone, his son felt that it might be a good idea for him to host the celebration at his place in France. Chris’s eldest daughter and her husband, who at present live in Belgrade, his son’s two children and a niece from Holland, together with her husband and their two children were also present, and so it was that the 80th was quite a family affair. Naturally Chris did not just travel to and back from France, but also managed to spend some time in Holland and Serbia, and on the way home travelled via the USA, where he stayed for some time with his son Bruce and his family in Wayne (N.J.).  So altogether Chris had a very pleasant overseas sojourn, which was a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with many overseas relatives whom he sees too infrequently. All too soon the holiday was over again, and now he is kept busier than ever keeping in touch with everybody. But the pleasant memories will linger for a long time

Barbara Gardiner emails her thanks for those good wishes which arrived so exactly on her birthday! As we all say, the years are getting shorter!! She is still enjoying travelling and has been to the South of France in May and is leaving shortly for Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Granada. The next stop is London and returning via Singapore where Barbara will stay with friends from ANZ. It's a hard life!! It's great to read of other ANZers busy lives - how did we ever get time to go to work?

John Glasson writes thanks for the best wishes for his 89th birthday. John is concerned that it is becoming more difficult to count the number of years but at least he can still walk with reasonable ability.

Denis Gleeson emailing a short note of thanks for the welcome birthday greetings he received upon his return from Mooloolaba where he and his wife spend two months each year. Denis had a surprise this year when he was informed that he needed a quadruple by-pass. (No symptoms).  Had the operation in February and spent some time with Bernie Sowersby at The Epworth Hospital.  Got through it very well and has been back to golf at Churchill Park and bowls at Mulgrave Country Club.

Louis Hebrard emails his thanks for the birthday card he received. It's a great reminder of the many enjoyable years of ANZ comradeship. Life is good with good health all round in the family. Louis is still enjoying work as financial counsellor 2 days a week at Casey North Community Information & Support Service and hopes to do so for a few more years. Louis and wife Ann have recently come back from touring French Polynesia. They spent a few days in Tahiti and Mora. The highlight was 2 weeks on a working cargo ship, the Aranui 3 that does deliveries and pickups in the Marquesas Islands. Visiting some of the small communities on the islands gave them a new understanding of the word "remote". They are wonderful people, with a very captivating history.

Doug Imrie reports that he and wife Trish recently pulled into a small coastal village called 1770 south of Mackay and settled into the caravan park. Once set up, he was greeted by his neighbour "Hello Doug Imrie". Doug had no idea who he was, or how he knew him! It turned out to be John Sands (Retired District Manager) with whom Doug had worked with in Esanda, 60 Market St some 30 years ago. Suffice to say, they have enjoyed a few happy hours reminiscing.

Ian Ince sent his thanks for the birthday greetings which he celebrated with a night out at a Chinese restaurant. The year has gone very quickly but he still managed two trips to Rosebud and Yarrawonga and one to Bright and Raymond Island. All this local travelling has put an end to the annual visits to the Gold Coast.

Stan Lancaster sending his thanks for the birthday wishes says he had hoped to report on a trip booked for Japan but was thwarted by the earthquake and tsunami. Fortunately they had travel insurance.

Graeme King emailed that he hopes to make a lunch meeting later this year. Graeme and his wife have just taken possession of their new house which has been an 18 month project from start to finish. Next few months will be pretty hectic with family commitments in Qld during September, WA during October and a Probus trip around the Snowy’s in late November.

Sue McCarthy emails that she was pleased to see that John Vanselow is back on signing duty and working the usual miracles with the post office delivery dates. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the way Sue spent her birthday, had dinner with her 92-year-old father; he cooks, she takes a bottle of wine. Sue hopes she has inherited his genes. Meanwhile, there is a lot of the world to see. Sue had a good travel year (UK and France in April) and about to depart to the Outer Hebrides (where she is expecting brisk chill) and then to Portugal to learn something of its history (great colonising empires can decline) and food, which seems to feature largely in most travellers’ descriptions of the country.

Tad Misiewicz emails thanks for the birthday wishes. Keep those newsletters coming as he looks forward to reading them? Tad is enjoying good health and working part time to keep fit and to exercise the grey cells .Besides work, he has moved home twice, both in the St Kilda area, since Dec 2009, looking for the perfect nest to retire in and to recommence his great love of sailing once again. In the process Tad has renovated

( hands on) a Heritage home in Princes St , sold it, and bought another heritage listed place in Alma Rd which he is presently renovating. It is enjoyable work.

Peter O’Dwyer emailing from Yarrawonga says thanks for the birthday greetings for his 79th.

On the day he came second in the local 9 Hole golf competition of forty plus players with 21 Stableford points. ANZROC member John Fairbairn and Maurie Harwood (another ANZer) told Peter his handicap of 18 will suffer. Sounds like "some pain for a little gain".

Peter Pritchard and wife Maree received their newsletter while in Positano enjoying the Italian summer. They had  been away for two weeks and visited Rome and Naples then on  Venice, and Florence before travelling  to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, London and then finally a few days in Singapore before returning  home at the end of September. It’s good to read the newsletter and keep up to date with ANZROC members.

Trevor Richards emails thanks to John Vanselow and President Neville Pearson for the Birthday Card on the occasion of his 66th birthday. Trevor and wife Christine flew off to Cairns early on the birthday for some R & R, spending time at Palm Cove, Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands. On arrival home the card was amongst the three weeks supply of mail waiting for them.

Barry Reid emails that he and wife Shirley and dog Josh have been away for a month in their caravan to Mildura, Swan Hill & Shepparton enjoying somewhat warmer weather. They packed everything with the exception of lap top and more suitable clothing for the warmer weather. Barry is presently endeavouring to reply to some 100 odd e/mails received during his absence.  He is looking forward once again to catching up at the Christmas luncheon.

Jake Remyn emailed his thanks for the birthday greetings which arrived, as everyone else attests, on the day. This is the first time for a number of years that Jake and his wife have been home at this time as they usually head for North Qld. for 3-4 months each winter to escape the cold.

This year they  stayed home to help their  daughter with pick ups etc with her children as her youngest son (10yo) is one of the 5 boys sharing the role of Gustav (son of the Phantom) in Andrew Lloyd Webbers' "Love Never Dies" at the Regent Theatre. Jake has naturally seen the show multiple times having helped with running their grandson in and pick ups after the show when he's on. That's kept them busy enough not to notice the cold too much!!!

Ian Roberts emailed to thank all concerned at ROC for the birthday card on this special 70th birthday, which was waiting at home on the family’s return from a very enjoyable trip through Cambodia and Vietnam. Their journey was to sail the Mekong River through Cambodia with the girls enjoying some retail therapy in Saigon, Hoi an and Hanoi and their travels concluded with an overnight stay on a junk on Haolong Bay. It was a great Asian experience.

It was nice to escape the Melbourne winter for a few weeks and Ian does enjoy reading about the travelling experiences of fellow ROC members.

Bruce Robertson emailed from Runaway Bay  his thanks for the best wishes for his birthday  .It was a dual celebration as Jan and John Brown were visiting and Bruce and wife Glennis had another visitor Julie Shill (Tyers) a great friend of Glennis who many of the retired officers will remember from West Footscray branch. As can be expected on such a grand occasion much red wine and champagne was consumed. The year has flown with several visits to Wollongong to see the grand children who were subsequently transferred by their employer to Chile at the start of the New Year. Bruce and Glennis were also able to spend some time as guests of the Pearson’s at Sandy Point and the Brown’s at Peterborough which was great fun as  it’s always good to catch up. Then they visited the grandchildren in Antofagasta which is in the north of Chile and to be precise the Tropic of Capricorn runs through the town. The whole town (over 300,000) relies on the copper mines which are located inland. Bruce was able to have a look at the largest copper mine in the world, it’s an open cut and he was unable to see the bottom it was so large. The best view he has seen was taken by a satellite photo. To put it in perspective the miners were on strike a few weeks ago and the mine was losing $30 million dollars a day in income!! Bruce and Glennis travelled inland and further north to the Atacama Desert where the “Moon Buggies” were tested before the buggies were shipped to the Moon for research projects. The scenery is fantastic, being in the middle of the desert with the nearby mountains covered in snow! They also were able to visit Argentina and enjoy the vibrant city of Buenos Aires that is well worth a visit. They spent a couple of days at the Iguassu Falls, which Bruce felt is a must see on any tourist’s agenda.  On the way home from Buenos Aires Qantas were most kind and flew the passengers over Antarctica, another excellent experience.

AND Trevor Cookson, John Fearnley, Mike Frowen, Stan Halbish,  John Harris, Jack Helisma, David Jones, Peter Jones, Ian Lee, Karl Mattingly, John McKenzie, Nick Newell, Reg Nicolson, Geoff Pritchard, Peter Suridge, Doug Watson, John Wilson,




ANZ has recently updated the ANZ Staff & Retired Officer Cheque Account - Terms & Conditions booklet. Customers are not disadvantaged with any changes made to the ANZ Staff & Retired Officer Cheque Account - Terms & Conditions.

ANZ felt that due to the high volume of wording changes, listing each change individually was not appropriate and could potentially be confusing and overwhelming for ANZ customers. In summary, the update included changes to exception fees (which you were advised about under separate cover in 2009), and the amendments relating to the aim of simplifying the wording used in the Terms & Conditions booklets. All other changes involved re-wording sections or the removal of sections which are no longer relevant to these products.



Subscriptions for ANZROC membership for 2011/2012 are now due and payments can be made in favour of ANZROC and sent to our Treasurer John Def Brown, PO Box 4056, Burwood East 3151, Phone 98021810. (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The separate advice for renewal of subscriptions follows and you will note that the subscriptions have increased to $20.00 for Metropolitan members and $10.00 for Country and Interstate members. The increases will be submitted for members’ ratification at our AGM on 10th November 2011 as outlined in our newsletter of 18th August.

Honorary Members please note:  – you do not need to pay any subscription

Note that members can make payments electronically to ANZROC through your internet banking facilities making certain that your personal details in the “payee information” section i.e. Name and Initial are shown so that we can record the receipt as often the funds are received with no details provided…as a failsafe members can send the renewal slip or email to John Brown advising that payment has been made through internet banking.

The ANZROC account details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NAME:           ANZ BANKING GROUP RETIRED OFFICERS’ CLUB                                                                                        (Victoria)

BSB:                                      013 350

ACCOUNT NUMBER:     3064 51947




Subscriptions are due and payable to ANZROC Vic and can be posted to John Def Brown,

PO Box 4056, Burwood East, Vic 3151, (phone No. 9802 1810 ) to reach John Brown  prior to 31st October 2011.

The Annual Subscription is $20.00 for Metropolitan Members and for Country and Interstate Members the Annual Subscription is $10.00.



………………………………………………………………      $…………..

(Name of member)      Amount enclosed/ or Amount paid to ANZROC account electronically

(Delete whichever category not applicable)

Phone number

e-mail address



We have been advised that Retired Officers who are Staff Club members have access to a number of holiday properties owned by ANZ Staff Club particularly in Queensland and Victoria now available for rental and current rentals are very competitive. You can access the accommodation site on the ANZ Staff Club web site using your Membership Number and password and follow the prompts to arrange the accommodation on the spot.



For Members of ANZ Retired Officer’s Club and their partners the annual golf tournament will be held at the Traralgon Golf Club on Thursday 17 November 2011. Full details and the entry form are  attached.

Enquiries to David Woods (03)9762 1783 or John Brown (03)9802 1810 (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



Our committee woman Joan Nathan recently joined “Taoist Tai Chi”, so thought she would share with you something about it.

Taoist Tai Chi takes a holistic approach to good health, incorporating the 108- move Tai Chi Set, the ensemble of arts that we practice can bring a wide range of health benefits to the muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems, with a soothing effect to the mind. In the hectic pace of today’s society, that’s a balance that can benefit us all. Interestingly one person mentioned it had helped her golf.

The classes are a mixture of all ages and both sexes. This art is about gentle turning and stretching, and designed to improve health, the significant and impactful degree of turning and stretching in each of the movements with regular practice contributes to better balance and posture, increased strength and flexibility, calmness and peace of mind. Tai chi can be done by most people regardless of handicaps or ailments, some conditions such as poor circulation, high blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, joint mobility, respiratory problems and digestive disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis have been known to improve.

The groups are quite social and meet for lunch etc and many have formed friendships  through Tia Chi.   The “Taoist Tai Chi” is a Not for Profit Tai Chi and you can attend as many classes as you like at different centres. The introduction cost is $111 for four months including joining fee, for seniors. For more information and locations visit

Hope you have enjoyed some insight to Tia Chi, and I have opened another avenue for you to pursue.

Joan Nathan                   (Ph.97408001)



THURSDAY 10TH NOVEMBER 2011: Alex Thursby CEO Asia Pacific Europe and America speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street. Following Alex’s presentation we will be holding the AGM 10TH NOVEMBER 2011 and we remind you that any items for AGM should be sent to the secretary by the October meeting so that items can be circulated with the October Newsletter.



An early reminder that the Club will again hold the Annual Christmas Luncheon on Thursday 8th December 2011 at the ANZ Pavilion thanks to the generosity of the ANZ Executive for making this excellent venue available and subsidising the cost of the Christmas Luncheon. Mike Smith CEO ANZ will again be speaking to members and a number of Executives will be attending with Mike.

The invitation to the luncheon will be included in the OCTOBER newsletter and the contribution towards the cost of the function will be $30—.



Dr Liz Cyarto from the National Ageing Research Institute will present the Healthy Ageing presentation on 34th Floor, ANZ 100 Queen Street which will be an informative meeting of interest to all of us and we look forward to seeing a large attendance on the day.

If you intend to come to this meeting will you let me know by Phone 98210444 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by mail on the attached acceptance notice to Ron Adams PO Box 579, Malvern, Vic 3144, by Thursday 6th October 2011 to meet ANZ catering requirements and so that a list of attendees can be provided to the ANZ Reception Desk and the 34th Floor Reception Area.

Ron Adams





To Ron Adams                                                I/we will be attending the Luncheon function

PO Box 579, Malvern 3144                            on 13th October commencing at 12 noon