ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

Mansfield Trip Golf Winners Feb 2019


On February 18-20 Mansfield was graced by our presence where much verbal communication, food and beverages were enjoyed by the 18 souls present. Additional highlights were

- Gary Hockings pancake breakfast for non-golfers

- The golf competition with winners Jan Leonard and (John Inglis on CB) and

- the Trivia dinner this year at the golf club via courtesy bus.

Others enjoying the festivities were Jill Ward, Rose Virgona, Glyn and Janet Parry-Jones. Geoff Leonard, Neville and Cheryl Pearson, Irene Bettonvil, Pam Hocking, Leslie Cook, Dal and Maria

Crocker, Bernadette Inglis, Dave and Maureen Harkin with the later five a little more knowledgeable on trivial matters.

Mansfield Trip Golf Competition winners


Jan Leonard John Inglis