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NIB Health Benefits for ANZROC Members


The benefits available from the NIB corporate health plan that is available to ANZROC members are:

  • the waiver of the waiting period (new health insurance members) - existing health insurance members can transfer between funds and have their qualified waiting periods accepted without having to re-qualify.
  • Avail of a 10% discount on the premium cost of the Hospital and Extras cover chosen – NB: Hospital AND Extra cover must be taken.

Further details are available from Nib on

or telephone 13 16 42 (advise that you are enquiring under the ANZ Retired Officers or Alumni scheme).

Vale June Hoskin Respected Honorary Member of ANZROC Victoria

Nephew Jeff Hoskin advised of his aunt, our Honorary Member June Hoskin’s passing on 23/08/2020 aged 93. June worked with ANZ Group in a secretarial role for more than 40 years.

June was also a regular contributor to our ANZROC newsletter.

Our condolences are extended to June's family.

Vale Bill Collins Respected Honorary Member of ANZROC Victoria Passed Away July 11 2020 aged 83

We heard the sad news that Bill Collins passed away in July from his daughter Maree Tandon who was also a long term ANZ employee
Bill was mentioned in our recent articles on the birth of IT in ANZ as one of the pioneers. In 1964 Bill went on to lead the team which created the current accounts application. He then held a number of senior positions in the IT/DP area.
Dad passed away on 11 July 2020, after a fall and a short illness.
Some of this information may not be factual from a date perspective, but is best to our recollection!
Dad joined ANZ in his hometown of Chinchilla Queensland in around 1954.
Dad took the opportunity of a secondment to New Guinea in the late 50’s, where he met Mum, Deanne, who was also on a secondment in New Guinea.
Mum and Dad married in 1961, and lived in Queensland, whilst Dad worked relieving in a number of country branches, like Kilkevan and Gympie.  At this time, computers and computer programming became a passion for Dad, this continued right up and into his 80’s.The family moved to Melbourne, as ANZ started to set up their Data processing operations.   Dad was part of the team who introduced Honeywell into ANZ.  Dad worked at the “state of the art” 227 Toorak Road. I remember the previous building, which I think was like a house,  177 Toorak Road
Dad worked in Communications for ANZ in the 80’s, and was also a Senior Manager in Credit Cards, working out of the newly refurbished Bryant and May Factory in Richmond.
Dad “retired” in the early ‘90’s, purchasing Edithvale Hardware and Lotto, he and Mum worked until around 1997 when they properly retired.
They both enjoyed travelling, locally and overseas, and had a great number of friends who they loved to have over for a visit and much raucous laughter.
Dad’s health was always a concern, diagnosed with bowel cancer 20 years ago, he always bounced back and made the best of everything life threw at him.
Our household was the proudest ANZ household around, our whole lives were entwined with all of the ANZ milestones, Dad could not have been prouder to work anywhere else, and every milestone for ANZ was a celebration for us.
Embarrassingly, I remember when 55 Collins Street was in development, Collins Place, I naturally assumed it was named after Dad, and told all my friends so!!!
I have attached the articles I mentioned, which we found when emptying the house.
Our condolences are extended to Maree and  Bill's family
Below are the articles sent to us by Maree

Vale Thomas Bruce Taylor Respected Honorary Member of ANZROC Victoria


We were advised by his daughter Lea Trafford  that Thomas Bruce Taylor (92years)  passed away On June 12th 2020.

Tom had been ailing for a few years now but especially since his beloved wife Deirdre passed in April 2019.

Together, they had joined the community at Prom Country House for their final years together.


Prior to that Tom had retired down to Sth Gippsland where he had run cattle with his father in law,  on a farm at Waratah Bay/Fish Creek. Together, with a few other retired ANZ fellows and of course his wife Deirdre, he travelled extensively.


Tom had a rich life and contributed to the lives of many.

Our condolences are extended to Tom's family


ANZ Bank History of I.T. Stories and Anecdotes

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