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Photo from Frank Edwards

I came across this old photo of a group of Scottie bods at a training course I attended back in the dim and distant past.  I think it was possibly an Accountant's Course.  Maybe you think it worth using on the Web, as some of the participants are still alive and soldiering on.
Back Row.   John Hines.  Ron Putt.  Bruce Seamons.  Peter Oxley.
Front Row.   Bryden Davies.  Len Willey.  Myself.  Jack Hickey.

John and Len left the Bank for greener pastures and Ron, Bruce Len and Jack are sadly no longer with us.  Happy to say that John, Peter, Bryden and myself are still around.

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Members that may have old photos of staff or events at ANZ branches particularly where you have the names of those in the photo can have the photos loaded onto our website for the interest of all members. You can post these photos to Ron Adams at PO Box 579, Malvern 3144 or email scanned photos direct to Eamon Veaney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will load the photos onto our site.

Lunch at ANZHQ 833 June 2011

We had a full complement of 80 for lunch at the ANZ HQ in Docklands. A bit of a logistic nightmare getting everyone seated and fed before the first group of 40 went on a tour of the building at 12 30 but with some lateral thinking we got all the food out in time. We saw the great staff facilites on the Upper Ground floor such as Airline type lounge for international travellers and the wellbeing centre with massage/pilates and other relaxing therapies for the staff. We were then taken to the third floor to see the open plan offices and lounge areas which again show some great working facilities for the Bank staff. We then went back to the conference suites for a few drinks which was a good end to an entertaining lunch.

Nostalgia- 1995 ANZ Country Heads

The Country Heads of the ANZ International Network came together in Melbourne in 1995 for a conference and this photo is a lasting record of the attendees. After a couple of recent retirements it is believed that not one of those present still works at ANZ.

pictured are from front to back

Albert Burgio,David Murray(dec),Alan Cooper(dec),Bob de Courtney,Ray Nicholson,Alister Maitland,Achut Bommakanti,Adnan(GM Jordon),Peter Wilson

Holger von Paucker,Mark Coombes,John Leggett(dec),Maurice Lemoine,Bob Jones,David Smith,Arie Veenman,Roy Gibbs,David Valentine,Arun Nangia,John Woodhouse,John Clarke,Ian Murray, Iain McDougall,Robin Bradshaw

Mike Frowen,Justin Breheny,Rick Martin,Eduardo Klurfan,Frank Gamble,Barry McCance,Peter Smith,Dan Kirtley,Dave Richardson,John Curry,Nani Javeri,David Newell, Lance Cooke(dec),Eamon Veaney,Dick Speer,Rollo Prendergast

Denis Armstrong,Fereydun Beyhnam(dec),Roger Nickolds,David Morgan,Gerald Howard,Peter Meers,Ken Girvan,Tim Fraser-Smith(dec),John Winders, Azhar Hamid

Interesting to see the gender imbalance in this photo, sign of the times ?