ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)


Photos from Anzroc Anzac Remembrance lunch April 2017

A Great turnout of 48 Members and Partners at Greensborough RSL to commemorate Anzac day. Gerry McPherson recited the ode followed by the last post and reveille. Bill Telfer Secretary of the Greensborough RSL recounted his experience as a young soldier in Vietnam. List of attendees below.

Jim Dusting

Teresa Goldsborough

Jill Ward

Rose Virgona

Peter Saville

Angelo Biviano

Noel Beanland

Jeanette Beanland

Eamon Veaney

Anne Wee

Gary Mason

Robin Cates

Faye McPherson

Gerry McPherson

Lynne Ansell

Vic Ansell

Val Goldsworthy

Graeme Amor (Been retired for 20 Years however never been to a retired offers meeting before)

Kathy Trace

Sandra Joseph

Rino Frigo

Joy Bridges

Alan Pearce

Kerry Fitzmaurice

Dan Kirtley

Aldo Calvo

John Carrazzo

Gary Horkings

Neil Dowtrey

Marion Dowtrey

Gary Mason

Carl Garley

John Brown

Peter Pritchard

Maree Pritchard

Frank Hatfield

Joe Maggiore

Bob Salpietro

Roche Manuel

Rick Kimber

Joseph Romano

Vicky Genius

Sheryl Heard

Mary Nicolazzo

Carol Jukes

Kevin O’Neil

John McPhee

Rodney Manser

Please click on the links below to see the photo albums from our Anzac lunch meeting.

There are a few additional photos on our Facebook page.