ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)


Bob Stone in hospital would welcome visitors / phone calls from ex- colleagues


Neville Pearson received a telephone call of some length from Brian Wood who phoned to see if we could advise our members that Bob Stone has been very ill and to exacerbate the situation his wife is also unwell

Bob is in the William Anglis Hospital Ferntree Gully and would appreciate a visit or phone call from any old bankers/ANZwork mates.

Alwynne Kilpatrick R.I.P.

We were sorry to hear that our respected Honorary Member Alwynne Kilpatrick passed away on 25/4/2017. Alwynne held many Senior roles in the Bank.
Our condolences to the family.
From Dick Milnthorpe
Hi Eamon,
     I met Alwynne way back in the late sixties on my first trip to OZ. Although I was very junior, and I think he was No 2 in the ES and A, he took me to dinner at the old RACV and to his home where I met his wife. He was one of the 'old school', a perfect gentleman, and I very much appreciated his hospitality.