ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

NEWSLETTER 9th February 2012


President Neville Pearson welcomed 47 guests that included our guest speaker Paul Marshall from Note Printing Australia Limited a subsidiary of Reserve Bank Australia to our first meeting for 2012. While numbers attending were identical to the attendance in February last year there were only four of our lady members present. Those not seen for a while or returning from holidays were Helen Felsted, Clive Hewett who made the trip from Warrnambool and Ron Phillips.


Eric and Wendy Black, Wendy Bradley, Diane Carew, John Duke, Don Fraser, Norris Gale, Val Goldsworthy, Roy Harper, Frank Hatfield, Erika Hayden, Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert ,Con La Fauci, Jacqui Luckman, Brian Murdoch,  Peter Nyga, Bernie O’Reilly, Don Ranyard , Bruce Tickell, Glenda White,  Julie Wilkins,



With my proposed move back to South Australia in early 2013 the committee has agreed to the appointment of Peter Pritchard who will take over the secretary’s role for 2012. Peter gave members present at our meeting an interesting thumbnail sketch of his career over 40 years with ANZ.

I will continue to edit the monthly newsletter until the end of the year and as further changes to the committee roles are made you will be kept in the loop.



As we mentioned at the Annual General Meeting in November the committee had been absorbing the increasing costs of the luncheons at 100 Queen Street for 2011 from funds in hand but in 2012 would have to ask members for a contribution towards future luncheons. As costs of catering have continued to rise the committee felt that commencing from our April meeting a contribution of $10.00 is warranted to partially bring into line the costs of catering that is presently $12.00 per head plus a cost of $150.00 for preparation of the Melbourne room.

While David Knuckey and his team are organising more meetings in suburban and country venues to try to engage greater numbers of our members and partners into our regular ANZROC gatherings there will always be important meetings we want to hold in the city for our members that includes the ANZAC Remembrance, Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and Annual General meetings.


Doumani                     T.M.(Tom)                  40 years ANZ

Horkings                     Gary                           43 years ANZ

Waite                          Jacqueline (Jackie)     10 years ANZ

We look forward to seeing Tom, Gary and Jackie at one of our meetings.



Erika Hayden advised me when apologizing for being unable to attend our February meeting that she had broken her leg in a freak accident and is now home recuperating.


Boucher                      W.G.(Bill) 12/12/2011                  84 years

Dalziel                         H.D.(Heather) 14/08/2011                  74 years

I received an email from Dianne Beretta advising that her Aunt and member of ANZROC Heather Dalziel passed away on 14th August 2011. The ANZ Bank was always a topic of conversation with Heather and she loved the years she spent at Royal Branch.

Riddell                         J.W. (Jim) 23/12/2011                  88 years

Jim enlisted in the Australian Army in November 1942 and at discharge in July 1946 was a Sergeant in the 21 Army Equip. Pk Coy. John Duke and Jack Helisma were able to represent ANZROC at the funeral service.

Taylor                         D.F.P (Don) 27/08/2011                  83 years

Williamson                  A.G.  (Alan) 19/01/2011                  81 years

President Neville Pearson attended Alan’s funeral as he had worked with Alan in Yarram. Alan spent time travelling around the countryside in an audit capacity with ANZ. Bruce Kells, Ken McNutt, Kevin Sharp, and Bernie Sowersby also represented ANZROC at the service.


The memorial service for Ted Larkin held on 22nd December at Dromana was well attended by ANZROC members that included Will Bailey, John Duke, David Knuckey, Gerry and Fay McPherson, Kevin Mitchell, Maria Natoli, Mark Stankovich, Ed Tanner and Glen Twidale.


Members stood in remembrance of our past members Bill, Heather, Jim, Don, Alan and Ted and our condolences are extended to family and friends.


We also received advices that past ANZ employees Rod Brown passed away in December 2011 and John Duff passed away on 16/01/2012  at age 76. Many of our ANZROC members would have known Rod and John and our sympathy goes to their family and friends.



The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during January and February and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays:

Murray Abraham (86),John Bool (83), Ron Breckenridge (82), Alan Briant (80), Jock Buntain (82), Alan Burt OAM (87), Reg Caudry (80), Ron Chapman (83), Cedric Coxsedge (86), Max Fisher (81), Norma Fox, Wyn Greenwood (91),Dick Hellard (82), Mary Henley, Frank Hickey (87), David Hughes (80), Dennis Humphries (86), Robert Hunter (94), Gerry Kennedy (88), Bob Kirkland (89), Paul Kitchin (89), John Labrum (86), Phil Manning (82), Norm Mattila (90), Hugh Miles (82), Jack Moyle (87), Laurie Redfearn, Norm Ross (91), Dawn Routledge,  Mavis Ryan, Bruce Scott (86), Graham Spruzen (81), Terry Talbot (83), Bruce Tickell (83), Brian Weekes (80), Barry Weston OAM (80), Norm Wheatley (81), Jim Wood (89).



From 1/1/2012             less than $20,000         2.81%

Greater than $20,000   3.60%

From 1/2/2012             less than $20,000         2.84%

Greater than $20,000   3.63%



Paul Marshall gave members a short history of the development of the currency used in Australia from settlement to the present note printing operation. The organization established to print banknotes in Australia commenced in 1913 and is now Note Printing Australia Limited and a subsidiary of Reserve Bank of Australia. Paul is a specialist in the Ink Department and explained how the current range of polymer banknotes was introduced in 1988 with the launch of the $10 Commonwealth note. The introduction of the polymer banknote has seen a considerable reduction in counterfeiting and provided benefits in the area of security, quality, cleanliness and cost effectiveness. Over 9 billion polymer banknotes are circulating worldwide and used by 20 countries. Security features unique to the polymer process makes these banknotes amongst the most counterfeit deterrent available on the market. The experience and knowledge gained has enabled Note Printing Australia to diversify into passport and security documents as well as print banknotes for other countries such as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The company is now based in Craigieburn in high-tech premises shared with the polymer manufacturing and security departments of Reserve Bank which has increased the efficiency of the process, so much so that Paul said a staff of 1200 some 20 years ago has been reduced to 250 people today. Members present appreciated Paul’s talk and were surprised at the complexities and advantages in producing polymer banknotes in Australia.

Kevin Mitchell moved the vote of thanks and made a small presentation to Paul on behalf of members.



Murray Abraham sends his appreciation for the good wishes for his 86th birthday. He acknowledges 2012 is a leap year but while the past three years were not “leap years” they certainly very quickly took large strides.

Noel Beanland long time committeeman and Life Member emails thanks for the Birthday Card and says last year was another good year with a very enjoyable trip to Malaysia with wife Jeanette. They flew to Penang and then cruised to Thailand calling in to the resorts at Phuket and Krabi. Then back to Penang and on to finish the journey in Kuala Lumpur. They also caravanned to Mildura and Broken Hill during the year and spent the usual 6 weeks holiday at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

Jock Buntain writes thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings on his 82nd but as his old mother used to say “old age does not come alone; it brings all the aches and pains with it”. Jock says he is in fairly good health but has had to give the golf away and regrets that he was unable to be with his friends at the Christmas lunch in December.

Joe Busuttil emails his sincere thanks for the birthday greetings. Joe is enjoying his sixth year
in retirement and the ‘sea change' to Inverloch last year has been great.

Brian Christensen writes his thanks for the birthday wishes and was pleased with the Christmas luncheon in December where he met many colleagues.

Geoff Christmas emailing from Leopold says it was great to again receive his birthday wishes. Last year Geoff and wife Heather were on their bikes again in April. They rode around Corsica then from Toulon to the north of France. The WW1 history around Verdun was amazing with many memorials and cemeteries throughout the area. Then on to Luxemburg but sadly Heather’s mother passed away at age 93 and they had to return home missing out on the beautiful scenery along the Mosel River. They now have three grandchildren and really enjoy them. Geoff and Heather enjoy reading the newsletter which brings with them many memories.

Don Davy writes that he was saddened to read of Ted Larkin’s passing. Don said that while he was working on the rationalisation of ANZ bank branches some years ago he dealt with Ted who was Chief Manager Premises in AHQ on many occasions and found him especially helpful and co-operative.

Max Fisher writes thanks for the kind reminder via Kathy Trace that he is a year older. The members at Max’s table at the Christmas luncheon particularly enjoyed the poem written by President Neville for the toast to the Queen. They also were pleased to hear CEO Mike Smith’s update on “matters ANZ” and once again appreciated the opportunity to be with their friends.

Nola Forsyth writes to say that since joining ANZROC she enjoys catching up on the news of members with whom she worked. Nola is presently unable get to luncheon meetings as she is still working 7 days a week in her bric-a-brac, collectibles and curios shop "Glimpses of Yesteryear" at 102 Canterbury Road, Canterbury. She hopes that some of her old friends and ANZROC members in the area will find time to call in for a chat.

John Hallinan through wife Meryl emailed thanks for his birthday card which arrived on the due date as usual. 2011 was a year of ups and downs, having a few small trips around Victoria and then travelling to Jakarta in June (the city centre closes once a month for sports) for the wedding of their second grandson. It was a very colourful affair with 10 Australian guests and 680 Indonesians! John and Meryl followed with a week in Bali that was most enjoyable. A week after coming home they flew to Perth to mind daughter Margaret’s house whilst they went to France and Spain. Unfortunately they  were there a little over a week when tragedy struck with their granddaughter Laura, aged 19, being killed in a car accident on July 14th (she was the daughter of their son John who passed away unexpectedly less than three years earlier) This was followed by the passing of their  son-in-law on August 14th. On 27th November John suffered a major stroke and is currently in the Peter James Centre, Burwood East for rehabilitation. His brain and speech are quite good and he is learning to walk (slowly), He has unfortunately lost the use of his left arm but in the scheme of things is very lucky. They can but hope 2012 will be better.

John Hawkins emails his thanks for the Birthday card which arrived on the day just as John and wife Helen were getting ready for their first trip for the year of a cruise around NZ.

Bob Heinemann emails thanks to ANZROC for his birthday card .During his birthday Bob and his wife spent a few weeks on holiday in Euroa.

Brian Henderson emails from Hervey Bay once again to thank Kathy Trace for getting the annual birthday card to him on time. Brian’s wife Chris arranged a small luncheon party for the 75th birthday at home with some friends with “a few" bottles of wine which finished off a great day quite late into the evening. At the end of 2010 Brian retired as convener of the Hervey Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group after 9 years and at the end of 2011 completed his three years as treasurer and member of the Queensland PCFA council and now for the first time in over fifty years he is not involved as an office bearer in some community or sporting organisation. It is therefore time now for a bit more travel and relaxation in the laid back atmosphere of Hervey Bay. Brian and Chris did manage several trips during 2011 with a motoring holiday down to Tasmania early in the year followed by a 46 day cruise around the Indian Ocean mid year on board the "Sun Princess" and Christmas again on the "Sun Princess" on a 14 day cruise around New Zealand. Some plans are in place for more cruising and overseas travel during 2012. Golf membership has become a bit expensive considering the time spent travelling so he is playing more bowls on an intermittent basis. Brian will endeavour to get down to Melbourne and attend a meeting some time during 2012 to catch up.

David Jones emails his thanks for the annual birthday card; it’s marking the start of a new decade of life which he feels is a little daunting to contemplate

Paul Kitchin writes that he appreciated receiving the birthday wishes on his 89th. He says no news of interest this year.

Bob Lyon emailing from Denarau Fiji says thanks for the birthday card for his 65th birthday. There is no doubt that Kathy Trace is maintaining the high standards set by John Vanselow over many years. Despite three cyclones hovering around, it arrived on time. Good, considering it took 2 weeks for a registered letter to reach Bob from Suva recently. Despite a few health issues, Bob and his wife have had a good year with lots of travel. On one trip to the UK, they had lunch with Roger Taylor, with whom Bob worked at Grafton Street and hadn’t seen for 40 years, although it seemed more like 40 weeks. Other trips were to Hong Kong, US, Hawaii and several trips to Australia for board meetings. It was good to catch up with a few old colleagues at his only ANZROC lunch last June.

Noel Matthews emails to express his gratitude at receiving the Club's greeting on his 75th birthday. It found Noel in continuing good health and spirits - long may they continue - and still strongly involved in his  main interests of family (the youngest of 6 grandchildren is now 15 and exactly 60 years his junior) and teaching/writing/performing music. Much more fun than present-day banking!

Kevin May emails his thanks for the birthday greeting. A good year all things considered. Kevin and his wife clocked up their 50th Wedding Anniversary on April Fools day, not too shabby against those odds! They later celebrated with a 4 week road trip to revisit some favourite haunts, including Santa Monica/Los Angeles/San Diego/Palm Springs/Las Vegas and Waikiki. The pressure’s already on to book the next trip to Waikiki for a longer stay. Time flies, now 10 years on the Gold Coast but Kevin still calls himself a Victorian and eagerly looks forward to the newsletter to observe the welfare and activities of former workmates.

Wal McGillivray writes thanks to Kathy and members for the birthday wishes for his 89th which he appreciated. He says it’s been an up and down year when he had a stroke which frightened wife Lorna but after treatment at Box Hill Hospital he has come out of it with little side effects. A holiday on the Gold Coast helped with the recovery. At the Christmas luncheon Wal caught up with President Neville who was of great support when Wal was Bowls Co-ordinator marketing ANZ’s services to the bowling community in Victoria.

Bruce Michell emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which is always welcome and gives cause for reflection on the many working years spent in the A.N.Z. family. Bruce is 76 now and in good health still managing to play golf 3 days a  week at the magnificent 13th Beach Golf Club at Barwon Heads.

Margaret Redman daughter of our centenarian Bob Nichol writes to let us know how much Bob appreciated his 100th birthday celebrations .President Neville, Harry Carrodus and I attended the celebration and Neville produced one of his poems which went down well with all present. On behalf of ANZROC members we also presented a card signed by the committee and a copy of ANZ’s 175th Anniversary book which was greatly appreciated. Bob had a wonderful few weeks of memorable celebrations and has coped very well.

Elaine Schutt emails her thanks for remembering her birthday and the card was much appreciated. In June/July she flew to Las Vegas and visited her daughter and family, then on to UK to visit her sister who had been battling cancer since November 2009. Unfortunately, this has been a difficult Christmas with her sister passing away on December 23 – Elaine had to fly back to the UK at the end of November and was lucky to have three weeks with her. In 2011 Elaine had moved to Maloneys in NSW, a very peaceful place perfect for retirement. She has become involved with the Animal Welfare League as a cat carer - currently, she has 7 kittens and 5 cats in care. It certainly fills in her days. Some days she does miss her workmates at ANZ, as she really did enjoy and get great work satisfaction from her years with the bank.

Bill Thorne sends his thanks for the greetings on the occasion of his 83rd birthday. It was celebrated with lunch with friends at the East Leagues Club in Brisbane. Bill has resided in Queensland for ten years and retired from the bank 27 years ago. He is not very mobile these days – has to use a walker to get around. Bill was on the audit staff for 17 years and travelled throughout Victoria City and suburban branches and met a lot of staff during that period. He regrets not having kept a record of the kilometers travelled during his banking career; it would have taken him a few times around the world.

Roly Webster emails from Bendigo his thanks for the birthday card on his 79th .Not much happening in Bendigo for him -his gold production for the past year has been very poor. Roly still has gold fever but his energy levels and body are weakening!

Glenda White emailed her thanks for the birthday wishes, the card arriving in time for her birthday. Most people forget her birthday as it is so close to Christmas or the cards turn up days later, so it was a real surprise and a pleasure to get the card. Glenda had a great day and got spoilt too.

Gwenda Williams, widow of our recently deceased member Gordon writes to thank members for the condolences we sent to her family. Gordon had enjoyed nearly all of his retirement of 29 years but when he had to give up his golf, garden and trips interstate to see the children and families his life changed and regrettably he was hospitalised for a few months until his passing. Gordon looked forward to receiving the monthly newsletter even though he no longer knew many of the names.

Theo Yardley emails his thanks for the greetings received for his 84th birthday. The whole family (16) were in Sydney for Christmas and Theo and wife Pat had a great time working up to the day of his birthday. The family members have scattered for their respective holidays so Theo and Pat will have a quiet few weeks ahead.

Lloyd Zegenhagen emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card and good wishes. Although now 87 Lloyd is still going along without any real problems. Last year was a relatively quiet one with travel contained within Australia. This year however will be different. Within the next 2 months Lloyd and wife Margot will travel to USA to visit their daughter, then to France to join up with a friend, an Historian from The Australian War Memorial, to tour the Western Front, coinciding with the Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux on Anzac Day. This will be marvellous as his friend has also provided Lloyd with the details of the areas that his father served in during the 1st World War, many of which they will visit. Next stop UK for a visit to their second daughter, and then on to Spain for 12 days. Probably exhausted by the time they return to Australia.


AND Clive Bayley, Roger Brown, Ian Cann, Bill and Judy Davies, Eric Dickson, Ralph Drummond, Bob English, Helen Felsted, Barbara Firth, Alan Forrest, David Gibb, Bruce Gillottie,  Clive Hewett, Peter Jones, Peter Kariotis, David Laing, Trevor Mudgway, Ray Murphy, Peter Nyga, Greg Payne,  Alex Pigdon, Geoff Pritchard, John Quirk, Bevyn Ranford, John Read, Peter Richardson, Bruce Scott, Des Shady, Ivan St Clair, Sandra Street, Neville Taylor, Michael Watts, Keith Winckles, Max Zattelman,



I suggest that you take time to look at the ANZROC website as there has been a number of new photos recently posted which includes the following historical records of past sporting teams and photos of group meetings that may jog your memory of times spent with colleagues and friends during your career with ANZ:


A copy of the ANZ Football Club 1969 Reserves Premiership Team has been unearthed, thanks to Bill Stevens, who fortunately had a copy and kindly forwarded it to the Prez for inclusion on the ANZROC Website. This photo is of particular significance as it was the first premiership won by the ANZ Football Club. The match was played against our arch rivals Brunswick. Final scores were ANZ 10 goals 6 behinds, to Brunswick 6 Goals 12 behinds. ANZ best players on the day were Dave King, Bill Stevens and Alan Lawrence

This was the most successful year for the club with the Seniors finishing second in the competition. Peter O’Sullivan was second best and fairest in the competition and also second in the competition goal kicking with 79 goals. A more detailed report on the match is included in the ANZFC History which is on our ANZROC Website. The following year the ANZ Football Club and ES&A Football Club merged.






ANZ REUNION FOR 2012 FOR 351 and 394 COLLINS STREET PAST STAFF on 29th April 2012

Our member Nola Forsyth has advised that she has organised this years reunion for Sunday 29th April from 1.30 pm to 4.30pm for past Staff of 351 and 394 Collins Street Branches at the Lions Club, Corner of Riversdale Road and Station Street, Box Hill and she is keen to see as many past members of the two branches again this year to catch up and enjoy swapping banking stories.  Nola would like to hear from those interested and she can be contacted on 9830 4501 or by post to 102 Canterbury Road, Canterbury 3126. She asks that for the afternoon tea ladies bring a small plate and men make a donation of a gold coin.



Final notice to members of the annual getaway to Alzburg Resort 39 Malcolm St Mansfield

2 Nights Mon 20 Feb & Tue 21 Feb 2012 and open to members/ partners and singles.

Currently 22 members and partners are booked in for the getaway and if you are interested

phone Kevin Mitchell on 9807-6201 if you require further information.




22 Day Great Game Parks of Africa and save up to $1,400 per couple*


ANZ Price $13,852 per person, twin share*. (Normal price from $14,895)

Departs May to August 2012. Book by 28 February 2012.


Get up close to wildlife in game reserves and parks including Africa's famous Big Five, on private 4WD game drives. Add luxury camps and stunning hotels to make a unique small group adventure.

  • 21 nights luxury accommodation including stays at exclusive Private Game Lodges
  • Small group 4WD game drives with guide and game tracker
  • All internal flights in Africa
  • All tipping and transfers
  • 50 delicious meals
  • Freedom of Choice Touring in 5 locations
  • Visits to Cape Town and Victoria Falls
  • Kenyan Boys Choir concert

For more information, call 1300 374 405 or visit

To view full itinerary click here.

*Conditions apply. Book by 28 February 2012. Strictly limited offer on set departures. Subject to availability at time of booking. Offers are not combinable and are for new bookings only. Offers can be withdrawn at anytime. Prices correct as at 8 February 2012 but may fluctuate due to changes in surcharges, fees & taxes. Book and pay in full by 28 February 2012. Prices are per person, twin share & include save amounts. Savings apply to May to Aug. 2012 departures. A non refundable deposit of $1,500 per person required in 7 days of booking, and full payment due 100 days prior to departure date.




MIDDAY Thursday 15th MARCH 2012


At this date we have 48 acceptances and please let David and Glen Knuckey know by phone, email or post using the acceptance form below  before the cutoff  date  of 8th March 2012 as we can cater for many more members and partners.

It is proposed that we meet at the Maroondah Sports Club at midday with the view to ordering lunch around 12.30 pm. The Maroondah Club provides a two course Seniors Luncheon for approx $15.00 per head. They also provide a broader menu should this be preferred. It is proposed that ANZROC will subsidise the luncheon to the extent of $200.00 towards providing wine for the tables. To assist members and partners, we will endeavour to provide transport to and from the venue for those members/partners who do have mobility difficulties. We would also appreciate any assistance members can give in provision of transport should such be required



Members Name…………………………………………..

Partners Name……………………………………………

I/we will be attending the luncheon: Yes / No

I am able to assist with transport for members who require assistance: Yes / No

I would appreciate assistance with transport: Yes / No

This information can be emailed to David and Glen Knuckey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or posted to David and Glen at PO Box 242 Dingley 3172

Should you wish to telephone, please call David on 95510414  prior to March 8th


Ron Adams,

Newsletter Editor