ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)


ANZROC Meeting Steeples Mornington March 11 2021 List of attendees and apologies


List of attendees and apologies updated 06/03/2021
Attendees     Apologies
Anne Wee 1   Ken Crawford
Andrea Thomas 1   Elaine Thiesson
Ann Hudgson 1   Geoff Perdriau
Barry King 1   Geri Macgregor
Bernadette Hulbert 1   Joan Nathan
Bruce Gay 1   Mary Nicolazzo
Carl Garley 1   Neil Gladstone
Carol Jukes 1   Neil Gladstone
Carole Whiting 1   Ron Adams
Cathy Cartwright 1   Theo Hall
Charlie Wierzbowski 1   Trevor Tilley
Concetto La Fauci 1      
Deb Elliott 1      
Eamon Veaney 1      
Geoff Leonard 1      
George Cooper 1      
George Thomas 1      
Glyn Parry-Jones 1      
Graeme King 1      
Jan Leonard 1      
Jane Low 1      
Janet Parry Jones 1      
Jeanette Fleming 1      
Jennifer Garley 1      
Jenny Buck 1      
Jill Ward 1      
Joe Romano 1      
John Fogden 1      
John Hudgson 1      
John McPhee 1      
Joybelle Frighetto 1      
K Ackerly 1      
Ken Pattison 1      
Laurence Cox 1      
Linda Pattison 1      
Malcolm Debono 1      
Margaret Debono 1      
Margaret McPhee 1      
Meredith Spencer-Jones 1      
Paul Tovey 1      
Phillip Harper 1      
Reny Frighetto 1      
Rick Kimber 1      
Rob Newman 1      
Rodney Manser 1      
Rose Virgona 1      
Roy Harper 1      
Sandra King 1      
Sheryl Heard 1      
Susan Wills 1      
Vicky Genius 1      
Wayne Hulbert 1      



RACV Healesville Country Club, 122 Healesville-Kinglake Rd, Healesville.

Our next Autumn Golf Day will be held on Monday, March 29, 2021 at the RACV Club in Healesville. About this time 12 months ago we had to cancel this event when Covid-19 raised its ugly head, but hopefully this year we will be more fortunate.

Players will be asked to get to the course by around noon for a tee off at around 1pm. After the golf and presentations, it is hoped that golfers and non-golfers will stay for dinner and maybe stay at the Club overnight.
At this stage the course has been booked, a space for our use before and after golf has been arranged and an attractive venue for dinner has been agreed. 
ANZROC members and partners who are not RACV Club members can stay at the Club as guests of ANZROC members who hold RACV Club membership. A single night’s accommodation for guests of RACV Club members is $250 a couple, which includes breakfast and green fees. Accommodation rates for RACV Club members vary according to room type. 
The RACV Club is promoting a two-night accommodation package, for RACV Club members and their guests. The package includes two nights accommodation for two, breakfast, unlimited golf, a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival and a $25 dining credit for each of the two days. The package cost for RACV Club members is $399 and for non-RACV Club members is $449. The special package is subject to availability.
Costs for green fees if applicable (green fees are not payable for members or guests who are staying at the Club) and cart fees will be payable to the pro shop. $5 ‘ball money’ will be collected for prizes.
What's next?
Call Con La Fauci on 0403 502 493 or email Con on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you and a partner will be attending, and provide the following details -


  • Names of golfers and their Golf Link numbers (if they have one).
  • Whether or not you would like the use of a cart.
  • Names of non-golfers.
  • Whether or not you will be staying for dinner


RACV Club members who are interested in staying at the Club are encouraged to make their reservations with the Club as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Phone 5962 4899.

Non-members who are interested in staying at the Club should contact Con so that a room can be reserved.

Further details will be provided nearer the time, but if you have any questions give Con a call on 0403 502 493.
In the meantime here is a list of members and partners who are attending,

We hope to see you there.

ANZROC Members Experiences with Bank Hold- Ups

ANZROC Members Experiences with Bank Hold- Ups


At our February 2021 lunch some of our members volunteered to share their scary experiences when working as Bank Officers at ANZ Bank branches many years ago.

Their stories are mixed with humour and the description of some trauma which occurred to them at the time.

We understand that the consequences of such events can result in long lasting effects to Officers concerned so would caution you to exercise your discretion before watching Ken, Noelene and Norris relay their stories.

We commend them for tackling this subject which while not as raw as it was at the time still carries some memories which they cannot erase.


Ken Pattison's Story

Noelene Noonan's Story

Norris Gale's Story