ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)




RACV Healesville Country Club, 122 Healesville-Kinglake Rd.


Following on from our successful visit earlier in the year, our next Golf Day and Social Get-Together will be back at the RACV Country Club in Healesville on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. We’re flagging this now because there are a number of events scheduled for March in the Yarra Valley and accommodation bookings are very heavy.


The event will follow the same format as we’ve adopted over the past couple of years. Golf will be played in the afternoon to give people time to get to the venue if they are not staying locally. If there’s sufficient interest, while the golf is happening those not playing golf are invited to join an outing to one of the nearby attractions.


There will be a dinner in the evening for those who can stay on.


The important thing at this stage is to make accommodation arrangements if you plan to join us and stay at the RACV. Obviously you’re welcome to make other accommodation arrangements in the area. While most attendees at these events extend it into a social gathering and stay one or two nights, you’ll still be very welcome if you just want to come for the afternoon, for dinner or for both.


For non-RACV Club members, a limited number of rooms have been set aside to allow you to stay for one or two nights as guests. (Staying as a guest of a member is less expensive than booking as a non-RACV Club member.) Costs will be from $265 per couple per night, depending on the room, which includes breakfast. Please contact Glyn Parry-Jones if you would like to take up one of these reserved rooms.


RACV Club members who are interested in staying at the Club are encouraged to make their reservations with the Club as soon as possible. If there are no vacancies contact Glyn to see if there are any reserved rooms still available.


Green fees are not payable for members or guests who are staying at the resort. If you’re not staying at the resort green fees are $40. Hire of a golf cart is $48, $24 each.


Please let Glyn know if you plan to attend the event to give us an idea of numbers.


Further details will be provided nearer the time, but if you have any questions, give Glyn a call on 0411 256 322 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We hope to see you there

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ANZROC Arts Centre Lunch Dec 9 List of Acceptances - Now Sold Out

This function is now sold out  
Attendees   Apologies  
Note that dress code is smart casual, Jackets for men are optional
Bernadette Hulbert © 1 Robin Chase  
Al Morkans 1 Ben Huntsman  
Aldo Calvo 1 Rob Mirfin  
Aldo Faella 1 Ron Adams  
Anita Siassios © 1    
Ann Hudgson 1    
Anne Wee 1    
Bob Lamb 1    
Bruce Mathrick 1    
Bruce Sanderson 1    
Carol Jukes 1    
Carole Whiting 1    
Cathy Cartwright 1    
Concetto La Fauci © 1    
Deb Elliott 1    
Debra Amery 1    
Des Shady 1    
Dominic Moscatello 1    
Eamon Veaney © 1    
Elina Law 1    
Gail Coller 1    
George Cooper © 1    
Geri Macgregor © 1    
Graeme King © 1    
Jack Lepedjian 1    
Jane Low 1    
Jeanette Fleming 1    
Jill Ward 1    
Joan Nathan © 1    
Joe Romano 1    
John Brown © 1    
John Hudgson © 1    
John McPhee 1    
John Moore 1    
John Plunkett 1    
Julia Bayer 1    
K Ackerly 1    
Karen Oakley 1    
Ken Bleakney 1    
Ken Crawford © 1    
Ken d’Souza  1    
Ken Pattison © 1    
Leanne Parker 1    
Linda Vainomae  1    
Louis Hebrard 1    
Mary Nicolazzo 1    
Max Pleydell 1    
Mike Devlin 1    
Noelene Noonan 1    
Norris Gale 1    
Nunzio Liberatore 1    
Paul Tovey 1    
Peter Saville 1    
Reny Frighetto © 1    
Rob Newman 1    
Rodney Manser 1    
Sheryl Heard 1    
Sue Brown 1    
Teresa Goldsbrough 1    
Tim Sheridan 1    
Trevor King 1    
Vicky Genius © 1    
Viji Dharann 1    
Wayne Hulbert 1    

Photos from Mail Exchange Lunch November 2021

Bernadette Hulbert ©
Aldo Calvo
Aldo Faella
Bob Lamb
Bruce Sanderson
Carol Jukes
Carole Whiting
Deb Elliott
Dominic Moscatello
Dorothy Chase
Eamon Veaney ©
George Cooper ©
Geri Macgregor ©
Graeme King ©
Jill Ward
Joan Nathan ©
Joe Romano
John Brown ©
John Hudgson ©
John Moore
Julia Bayer
Karen Faella
Ken Crawford ©
Leanne Parker
Leanne Tong-Lyon
Mary Nicolazzo
Norris Gale
Paul Tovey
Peter Saville
Reny Frighetto ©
Rob Newman
Robin Chase
Ron Adams ©
Sheryl Heard
Trevor King
Vicky Genius ©
Viji Dharann
Wayne Hulbert