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Vale David Schunke Respected Member of ANZROC Victoria

Ron Adams advised that Jenny Schunke phoned to let me know her husband David, a good friend of many members including me , passed away aged 79 on Saturday 19/06/2021 at Cabrini, Malvern .

Our condolences are extended to Jenny and her family

ANZROC meeting Moonee Valley lunch July 8 2021 list of attendees and apologies

ANZROC Meeting Moonee Valley July 8 2021  
List of attendees and apologies updated 23/06/2021
Attendees   Apologies  
Anne Wee 1 George Cooper ©
Alex Mazur 1 Geri Macgregor ©
Bruce Sanderson 1 Jan Brown  
Carol Jukes 1 John Brown ©  
Carole Whiting 1 Rodney Manser  
Concetto La Fauci © 1    
Doug Ramsay 1    
Eamon Veaney © 1    
Gary Heskett 1    
Jan Field 1    
Jeanette Fleming 1    
Jenny Buck 1    
Jill Ward 1    
Joan Nathan © 1    
Joe Maggiore 1    
Joe Romano 1    
John Carrazzo 1    
Ken Crawford © 1    
Ken Pattison © 1    
Mary Nicolazzo 1    
Nunzio Liberatore 1    
Paul King 1    
Ron Adams © 1    
Rose Virgona 1    
Sheryl Heard 1    
Vicky Genius © 1    

ANZ articles May - June 2021

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Photos from William Angliss Lunch

William Angliss lunch attendees    
Al Morkans Dorothy Chase John Hudgson © Rob Newman
Aldo Calvo Eamon Veaney © John McPhee Robin Chase
Andrew Kelly Elina Law Julia Bayer Rodney Manser
Anita Calvo Gail Townsend Jurgen Schnabl Roger Pickering
Ann Hudgson Geoff Perdriau Karen Oakley Ron Adams ©
Anne Blashki George Cooper © Ken Crawford © Rose Virgona
Anne Schnittler  George Thomas Ken d’Souza  Sheryl Heard
Anne Wee Graeme King © Ken Pattison © Sue Brown
Bernadette Hulbert © Graeme Randall Kevin Dynon Theo Hall
Bill Robinson Graham James Linda Vainomae  Tina Karabatsos
Bob Lamb Jeanette Fleming Louis Hebrard Vicky Genius ©
Bob Lyon Jenny Schunke Margaret Hall Viji Dharann
Carol Jukes Jill Ward Mary Nicolazzo Wayne Hulbert
Carole Dusting Jim Dusting Mike Devlin Wayne Rogers
Carole Whiting Jim Karabatsos Neil Gladstone  
Cathy Cartwright Joan Nathan © Noel Beanland  
Concetto La Fauci © Joan Robinson Noelene Noonan  
Corinne Rogers Joe Romano Norris Gale  
David Schunke John Brown © Owen Philp  
  John Carrazzo Paul Tovey  
  John Fogden Peter Saville  
    Ray Gill  
    Reny Frighetto ©  
    Rick Kimber  

Vale Bruce Plaice-Leary - A Legend of ANZ Technology

We received the very sad news from his daughter Sophie that Bruce passed away today after a fall earlier this week. Bruce had been fighting cancer for some time but retained his positive attitude despite the challenges he faced.

Bruce was my boss and mentor in London and had  an enormous influence on IT at ANZ in both London and Melbourne.

He will be sorely missed.

Our deepest condolences are extended to Daphne, Sophie and Robin.

There will be a memorial service once normality resumes in the UK.

Eamon Veaney