ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)


President John Stevens welcomed 59 members that included 7 of our lady members to our August meeting. Our guest speakers’ for the day were Brooke Findlay Strategic Relationship Manager and Susan Haberle National Sales Manager of Australia Pacific Touring.

The meeting was held for the first time on the 34th Floor in the Australia Rom at 100 Queen Street with the sweeping views of the city a feature of the venue.  Visiting for the first time were new member Geoff Archer and Keith Findlay, father of guest speaker Brooke. Members not seen for a while included Cedric Coxsedge, Neil Dawtrey, Rino Frigo, Dorothy Hayes, Graham Joseph, Jacqui Luckman, Bernie O’Reilly (on his birthday) John Osborne, Bill Robinson, Paul Tovey and Andrew and Elizabeth Turner.




Christine Baker, Alma Barkell, John Brown, Geoff Burton, Helen Felsted (overseas), Don Davy , Charles Griss, Frank Hatfield, Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert, Ian Ince,  Graeme King,  Jim Martin, Gary Mason, Orm McLellan, John McPhee, Brian Murdoch, Peter Nyga, Geoff Perdriau, Peter Pritchard, Bruce Seamons, Don Taylor, John Vanselow, Glenda White, Julie Wilkins



English                        R.N.    (Bob)               39 years ANZ

Gillottie                       B.C.     (Bruce)            44 years ANZ

McDonald                   Beverley                      23 years ANZ

Schultz                                    D.E.     (Des)               43 years ANZ

We look forward to seeing Bob, Bruce, Beverley and Des at one of our meetings.



Cochrane                     A.K.C.(Keith)              90 years                       19/7/2010

Keith enlisted in the Australian Army in November 1941 and when discharged in March 1943 was Lance Corporal HQ R A E but he immediately re-enlisted but this time in the RAAF and on discharge in March 1946 was as  Warrant Officer in the 99th Squadron

Langmead                    Harold D.                     86 years                       18/7/2010

Porter                           Kenneth R (Ken)         88 years                       24/7/2010

Ken served in the New Zealand Army as a Field Gunner in an Artillery Regiment which fought alongside  the British  Army  in Egypt and Italy where he was wounded in action. At the end of WW11 he had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. On his return to New Zealand he rejoined the Army Reserve where he spent many years training recruits and reservists and where he reached the rank of Major. Ken was awarded the Cavaliere Ufficiale by the Italian Government which is the equivalent of an Italian Knighthood. Ken retired from ANZ as State Manager Victoria after several years as General Manager New Zealand and he also wrote the book “The Mortgage Debenture” an overall view of the mortgage debenture incorporating the floating charge which became a text book to be widely used by bankers and students in universities in six countries.

Members stood for a few moments in remembrance of Keith, Harold and Ken and our sympathies are extended to family and friends.



The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during August and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays: Henry Barker (81), Guy Biddlecombe (100), Bruce Campbell (89), Frank Donovan (88), Muriel Drummond, Frank Edwards (82), Ken Fitzgerald (82), John Glasson (88), Cliff Griggs (85), June Hoskin, Frank Jones (87), Mike Kennedy (81), Ken Lee (81), Doug Long (86), Robert McAsey (83), Orm McLellan (85), Alwyn Ward (86), Tony Watt (81).

Special congratulations to Guy Biddlecombe who reached 100 years this month and it was noted in this month’s edition of the magazine for MCC members that Guy is now the oldest living member of the Melbourne Cricket Club.



From 1/8/2010                         less than $20,000                                             3.03%

greater than $20,000                                        3.88%



Brooke Findlay, our APT “go-to” person  , introduced one of her colleagues , Susan Haberle, the National Sales Manager of APT who outlined the many  travel opportunities the company offers including their famous cruises through the rivers of  Europe and unique land tours with many choices  within France , Spain, Portugal ,Italy, Holland ,Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, the Canada Alaska cruises, their expansion into Russia, Egypt and Jordan, the new focus on Vietnam, Cambodia and China and the attractive offers to ANZROC members for tours within Australia and especially the Kimberley’s and Northern Territory.

The vote of thanks was given by Kevin Mitchell who had just returned from an APT tour of Vietnam and Cambodia that he and wife Bernice enjoyed and Kevin was well remembered by the APT people also on that tour.

Details of several “hot” offers from APT for ANZROC members are listed later in the newsletter.



Ian Anderson writing thanks for the birthday greetings says life continues to pass by quickly with 4 grandchildren keeping him and wife Margaret on their toes. It’s only a couple of weeks to go before they head off to Queensland for their annual holiday in Burleigh Heads. Next year they are planning to visit Ian’s brother and sister in law who live on Vancouver Island, in Canada. Playing golf twice a week is a passion Ian continues to enjoy.

Christine Baker can’t make the August meeting as she will be celebrating her birthday with family in hopefully sunny Queensland.

John Brown and wife Jan updating their travels in WA report that  they spent 5 days  in Kununurra and had a really good look around by boat, plane and 4WD. It's a wonderful part of the country and the weather was between a low of 20 and high of 32 degrees every day. Once you acclimatise it’s great holiday weather. The water in the pool is about 22 degrees, so swimming is on the agenda when they have time. They flew into the Bungle Bungles and then a walk around a couple of the gorges before flying back Kununurra. However on the way out from the walk, with only 300 metres to go, Jan slipped on an uneven rock and they thought she had badly sprained her ankle. Jan could not put any weight on the foot, so they had it x-rayed at Kununurra hospital which showed a break in the fibula, just above the ankle. Apart from Jan’s accident it was a great trip with plenty of interesting sightseeing from the plane flying over the Argyle Dam and Diamond Mines and a close up look at the beehive formations and gorges from the ground. At Kununurra her leg was put in a cast and then on towards Broome with a couple of stops planned on the way and finally catching up with friends and relations who were holidaying  in Broome including Doug and Trish Imre and John and Denise Crough . At the Broome hospital the cast was replaced with a temporary back half cast as they said the swelling was still there.  A week further on the final cast is in place, this one blue fibreglass with a heel so Jan can put a bit of weight on the leg.  They  will still have almost a month of the trip left once the cast comes off (at a hospital wherever they are that time), so are just taking it easy and enjoying the weather and laid-back life style before starting to head South down the WA coast on 17 August. No phone contact on the 3 phone network is available from Kununurra, but the wireless internet via the Telstra 3G network is OK and they can communicate via email and Skype.

Rae Collins says it’s hard to believe he has now reached 90 years but he feels a lot younger than his age. Rae has been retired for 34 years after working in ANZ for 35 years and serving 5 years in the Australian Army .This means that all the present AFL players were born after he had retired. While he is living in a supported residential facility Rae keeps fit walking in the gym. He still keeps in touch with several of the retired ANZ crew and is always interested in the news in the monthly newsletters.

Neil Dawtrey emailing his thanks to John Vanselow for the sterling job he does getting the birthday cards out to all the members for their birthdays says the card duly arrived on time as usual. Until the August meeting he was  unable to attend luncheons for 2010 as he has been working part time for ANZ but he is now able to focus on  retirement until the call comes from them again - which it undoubtedly will. Apart from a couple of one week trips to Victorian resorts this year other travel plans had been put on hold due to work but this will now change. Neil and his wife do their best to stay fit and active through regular attendance at the local gymnasium which is building  a level of fitness to cope with longer overseas trips - and also their three young grandchildren!

John Duke Past President and Life Member emailed to say he and wife Dorothy will be on the road from July 22 until August 5. They are doing a road trip to Head of Bight S.A to "see the Whales". They expect to visit Port Lincoln and towns on the Eyre Peninsula on the way back.

Frank Edwards and wife Mavis went to Hong Kong - again - for their birthdays. They drank a Carlsberg Special Brew or two remembering the team at ANZROC. The card was waiting for Frank when they returned from the jaunt to Hong Kong and was appreciated, as always.  With John Vanselow trekking up in the Top End it was good to see that Kathy Trace had stepped into his shoes. The Hong Kong trip went well, with only one small glitch when he had to have a tooth removed early in the piece. The dentistry was very efficient, pretty pricey, but worth every cent. They only missed one day touring the island, but no real drama.

Chris Fieggen writing his thanks for the birthday card for his 79th says this year was not a happy one for him as his wife Dinie who  had been ill for some time passed away a couple of weeks before the birthday. Chris is hoping that in the future he may have time once again to attend ANZROC meetings and renew some old acquaintances.

Rino Frigo writes that he has just returned from a cruise around Asia visiting Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. It was extremely hot and humid and he was glad to get back onboard ship after a day on land. Visiting the Brunei stilt village of 30,000 people was a highlight. Rino says thanks for the birthday card which for the 13th year arrived a day early as his birthday is on ANZAC Day.

Terry Heenan sending thanks for his birthday card says it is now some 17 years since he retired and he is still enjoying life. Terry plays bowls and golf each week and whilst his performance is not improving, the outings are still enjoyable.

Mike Henry advised that he read the latest newsletter in Stockholm Sweden where it was a balmy 27degrees.Just finished a tour of Norway (Fjord land was absolutely breathtaking), which was preceded by a tour of Germany. Off to Finland soon before heading back to Aussie to face the winter.

Don Hoffmann celebrating his 76th says the time passes quickly and after 48 years living in Glen Waverley he and his wife have been settled in Beaconsfield for the past two years. They celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in September. Recently they’ve had a visit from Merv and Maree Potter (WA) and they are both well. Don and Merv spent a lot of time recounting the ES&A days from 1952 on.

John Hudgson reports that having arrived home from their 7 week overseas vacation it was great to find the birthday card from ANZROC – family advised it arrived right on time thanks to JV.

John and wife Ann travelled to Canada and completed the Inside Passage Cruise from Anchorage Alaska to Vancouver where they met up with his sister and brother in-law from whence they drove through British Columbia, visiting places such as Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary and Fairmont. They attended the “Stampede” at Calgary and had a round of golf in Fairmont.  John and Ann then flew over to Montreal staying 3 days and visiting Quebec before taking the train to Niagara Falls then on to Washington DC , back to New York and a few days R&R in  Seoul on the way home. They had a great trip but experienced the hottest days on record in Montreal, New York and Seoul with the humidity being very tiring.  Although it is hard to believe, they enjoyed arriving back in Melbourne at 6.00am to 8 degrees. Thanks again for the card and John and Ann are looking forward to catching up with friends and workmates soon.

Wayne and Bernadette Hulbert are tendering apologies for the August and September meetings, as they will be away on an outback adventure (not a holiday) with a group of friends in the Simpson Desert. They are currently getting the 4WD and brand new Tvan camper into readiness. Wayne is not sure whether to be excited or worried as parts of the Simpson Desert are very wet, so they may have to change the route to avoid the floods. It will certainly be a challenge. Wayne’s birthday card arrived right on time again. Very impressed! Wayne and Bernadette were able to catch up with their children and 4 grandchildren on the day so that was very special  

Bill Jackson emailed a quick thankyou for the Birthday Card – John Vanselow is a marvel never misses a beat. Bill is unable to come to daytime luncheons so he looks forward to the news sheet each month and loves to read how everybody is going and about their travels. His  days at present find him  heavily involved in minding their 22 month old Grandson and boy is he a handful - on the go all the time. Bill enjoys the weekends when he and wife Bev can go and watch their beloved Albert Park (ANZ) play football and catch up with Brian and Noelle Christensen and some of the other past players.

Bill Lanigan emailing thanks for the ever prompt birthday greetings says he is planning a couple of family interstate trips this year and hopefully overseas next year.

John McDermott and wife Bronwyn advised me they are in Coolum where they spend 5/6 weeks each year at this time and certainly weather up there is quite a lot warmer and more pleasant that Bendigo at present. John however feels that when away from home comforts and family you still miss them whatever the temperature.

Bob Nichol still emailing at 98 says he is not appreciating our cold winter, as their Retirement Village only has hot water heaters in the passage ways and rooms. Electric heaters are banned because of the danger of fire. With over 60 elderly people in the Village the staff can't take any risks so it’s a case of rug up or freeze. He’ll be 99 in November and has no illnesses, and his health is quite good. Bob’s ears prick up when he hears mention of the ANZ in the news for like all other banks, there must be quite a few headaches.

Peter Nyga advises that he is home and recovering well after undergoing open heart surgery for a double bypass and MAZE procedure (the latter addresses a heart palpitation problem that has plagued Peter since he was 26). Within 10 days of surgery, Peter could walk 2 kms and climb 2 floors of stairs. There are times, though, when his chest feels as though it’s been driven over by a semi trailer. And sneezing is best avoided – it’s akin to an axe going into the chest.

Trevor Richards replying to the Birthday Greetings on the occasion of his 65th birthday says it is now 10 years since he left the ANZ service. How time flies. It seems that this winter is a lot colder than the last couple that Melbourne has experienced and to get away from the cold, Trevor and wife Christine are taking a short Queensland holiday in Port Douglas later this month.

Bring it on.

I visited Bruce Seamons Life Member and Past President at his Retirement Village in Mount Waverley to give him his birthday card for the 87th and he said he and wife Fay are happily ensconced in the Village and enjoying the lifestyle with plenty of conveniences and excellent care.

Don Schubert writes that he is kept up to date with the current activities of former ANZ personnel many of whom were his workmates when he receives the monthly newsletter.

Bernie Sowersby writes that he celebrated his 80th with around 60 members of his family and friends. In September they are off to the Hunter Valley with Bernie’s Probus Club and then in the New Year they will be cruising around New Zealand on a 13 day cruise.

Mark Stankovich writes that he had a great birthday celebrating with his entire family and it was especially satisfying after watching Collingwood’s victory over Geelong the previous evening. Mark says it has been a rather quiet year that passed all too quickly.

Glen Twidale is also heading north on Friday 13th to escape the cold and for a special occasion this year as his youngest granddaughter Amelia is having her 21st.

John Vanselow reports that the progress of the trip in Queensland/NT/WA with wife Lois came to a halt 120 Klm west of Camooweal and 300Klm west of Mount Isa. It is the first time in 287000K that the Land Cruiser has experienced an engine problem. They have Total Care and after contacting RACV they arranged for RACQld to transport Cruiser and Caravan back to Mt Isa.  The problem was a seized water pump which also caused some engine damage. They settled in the Caravan Park beside a small river awaiting repair and were on the move within two weeks. Weather sunny and warm 23/29 so they were able to relax in comfort.  RACV provided a car during the stay which kept them mobile. Telstra mobile and wireless broadband has given excellent connection everywhere they have stopped. John was very pleased that he purchased a Laptop before departure which enables him to process emails, keep in touch with market, and internet banking as required.

Athol Watkins often send the newsletters to his friends interstate and one of the recipients, Phil Sloan, now based in Hobart said that he recognised about 40 names in the July newsletter and would welcome a phone call on 62293649 if members that were colleagues of Phil were visiting Hobart, or just wanted a chat.

Norm Wood celebrating his 84th says John Vanselow's magic touch continues to amaze, as his card arrived spot on the day, as always, with his personal wishes appended, which are also much appreciated. Norm and wife Merle  are very much stay-at-homes these days, the most exciting thing to happen to them  for the year being the arrival of their  first great grandchild, which of course has the great-grandmother completely besotted.  However Norm grudgingly admits that she is by some strange coincidence quite the most beautiful baby ever, a judgment which you will appreciate is completely impartial and unbiased.


Graeme Ainscough, Annette and Graeme Baldwin, Ian Bell, Hermann Bettonvil, Gordon Blair, Anne Blashki, Ron Boulton, Barbara Bruce, Alan Chapple, Kim Charlton, Steve Cowell, Dave Cuddon, Terry Earle, Kevin Ferns,  John Flyger, David Gibb, Phil Goodier, Roy Harper,  John Harris, Peter Harvey, Louis Hebrard, Peter Jones, Graham Joseph, Peter Kariotis, Vern Knuiksis, George Lawson, Ken Lee, Peter Lees, Garry Lord, Bob Maughan, Mike McKernan, Paul McVeigh, Bruce Michell, Emilio Moreno, Trevor Mudgway, Reg Nicolson, Peter O’Dwyer, Kevin O’Neill, Bernie O’Reilly, Alain Pierre, Ray Pietsch, Jim Potter, Kevin Quigley, Mike Riley, Alan Rutzou, Alan Ryan, John Simson, Peter A Smith, Syd Swaby, John Turnbull, James Uren, Adrian Walsh, Julie Wilkins, Bruce Young.




Subscriptions for ANZROC membership for 2010/2011 are now due and  payments can be made to  ANZROC through the Secretary Ron Adams  at the latest by 9th September 2010 as our Treasurer John Brown is travelling interstate until early October and I will be leaving for London on 9th September. The separate advice for renewal of subscriptions follows and you will note that the subscriptions remain unchanged at $12.00 for Metropolitan members and $6.00 for Country and Interstate members.

Honorary Members please note:  – you do not pay any subscription

Note that this year members can make payments electronically to ANZROC through your internet banking facilities making certain that your personal details in the “payee information” section i.e. Name and Initial are shown so that we can record the receipt as often the funds are received with no details provided…as a failsafe members can send the renewal slip to me advising that payment has been made through internet banking.


The ANZROC account details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NAME:           ANZ BANKING GROUP RETIRED OFFICERS’ CLUB                                                                                        (Victoria)

BSB:                                      013 350

ACCOUNT NUMBER:     3064 51947


Just a reminder to let you know that we have collected  around 650 e-mail addresses from members and they now receive newsletters electronically within a few days of our meetings. If you want to receive the newsletters promptly then include your e-mail address on the subscription renewal form below:



Subscriptions are due and payable to ANZROC Vic and posted to Ron Adams PO Box 579, Malvern, Vic 3144, (phone No. 9821 0444) to reach Ron Adams prior to 9th September 2010.


The Annual Subscription is $12.00 for Metropolitan Members and for Country and Interstate Members the Annual Subscription is $6.00.



………………………………………………………………      $…………..

(Name of member)      Amount enclosed/ or Amount paid to ANZROC account electronically

(Delete whichever category not applicable)

Phone number…………………………………………………


e-mail address…………………………………………………

Cut off here


Brooke Findlay has listed some really hot last minute travel deals for ANZROC members:



FLY FREE TO RUSSIA, just pay air taxes of approx $700*

Travel May to September 2011

12 Day Russian Waterways

Price from $5110 * per person, twin share, based on Cat. F Stateroom

Departing 10 May 2011

Book by 30 September 2010

Includes: 11 nights aboard the newly renovated luxury ms Ama Katerina from Moscow to St Petersburg, all meals as well as local wines with dinner, airport transfers, tipping, shore excursions, and nightly entertainment, Russian language lessons and interpreters onboard, tour the fascinating Golden Ring cities of Yaroslavl and Uglich, take in an amazing ballet performance in St Petersburg and visit the grand Imperial estate - Peterhof Palace.


Call 1300 204 588 to enquire about this special offer.

Conditions: Offer not combinable and available on new bookings only. Prices include 7% ANZ discount. Payments made by credit card may incur a surcharge. Fly Free to Europe deal does not include air taxes of up to $700 per person. Flights are valid in economy class with an airline of APT's discretion. Offer valid until 30 September 2010 unless sold out prior. Limited suites on set departures. Flights must be booked with APT.




13 days from $6,395 per couple twin share. Join APT’s most popular small group 4WD adventure and travel the Gibb River Road into the Kimberley’s. Includes helicopter flight over Mitchell Falls; 2 nights on Mitchell Plateau; guided walk to view rarely seen Aboriginal Art and 2 nights at APT’s Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge. Delicious fresh home style meals provided. Several other options are also available in the Kimberley Adventure package.


Conditions: prices shown are land only. All offers only available to ANZ Retired Officers and must be booked direct with APT. Limited seats on all departures in September and October 2010.Offer subject to availability and valid for new bookings only.

Payments made by credit card may incur a surcharge

Contact 1300 204 588 to enquire about bookings and full details of this and other offers in the Kimberley Wilderness Adventures package exclusive to ANZROC members.



ANZROC members who are members of the ANZ Staff and Social Club are able to enjoy the use of several holiday properties in Victoria and Queensland subject to availability with the latest details of vacancies provided by Emma McGregor as at 4/8/2010:

Cowes for week commencing 27th August at $420 per week and 5th November at $495 per week; Rye week commencing 1st October at $495 per week; Anglesea for weeks commencing 27th at $320 per week and 15th October at $495 per week, Lakes Entrance for weeks commencing 27th August,3rd September for $320 per week and 15th and 22nd October and 12th,19th,26th November for $360 per week and finally Gold Coast for week commencing 22nd October for $520 per week .

If interested contact   EMMA MACGREGOR ,Events Co-ordinator  ANZ Staff Club Vic
ANZ , ANZ Centre Level 4B, 833 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008, Telephone
03 9273 4335 (Option 4)|mobile  0402 467 585  email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Wednesday 29 September 2010

David Knuckey advises that acceptances for this luncheon, to be held at the Rosebud RSL situated 117 Eastbourne Road Rosebud (near the corner of Jetty and Eastbourne Roads.) on Wednesday 29th September 2010 have reached 40 and the function room is limited to 80 so those intending to join the group should contact David Knuckey or Neville Pearson without delay.

Contact details are either David Knuckey Ph 9551 0414 , email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”';document.getElementById('cloakdd6fb96a120f2360dfcc1cd1717a681c').innerHTML += ''+addy_textdd6fb96a120f2360dfcc1cd1717a681c+'<\/a>'; or Neville Pearson: Ph: 9802 0187, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A private room and bar has been made available for the function and it is proposed that members and partners  meet at the Rosebud RSL around 12noon. The RSL Club provides a two course Seniors Luncheon (option of soup and main or main and sweets) and there is a range of selections for the seniors’ meal. Attendees to pay $20 per head at the door.

To assist members, we will endeavour to provide transport to and from the venue for those members who do have mobility/transport difficulties. We would appreciate any assistance members can give in provision of transport should such be required




Forthcoming speakers include past Chief Economist of ANZ Saul Eslake on 14th October and Retired Chairman of ANZ Charles Goode on 11th November on the 34th Floor of ANZ 100 Queen Street  … an interesting few months ahead. Then there is the golf in November at Traralgon on 18th November with entry forms in next month’s newsletter.



Monash University Accident Research Centre is conducting a study to reduce motor vehicle related accidents and improving the quality of life of older drivers by extending their safe mobility. 250 drivers aged 75 years or older will be invited to participate in the study over a five year time frame and any one that qualifies and is interested in participating can contact Louise Beasley or Elizabeth Jacobs  at the Peter James Centre on 03 8804 2753 .Elizabeth’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eligible individuals would be aged at least 75 years, have a valid Victorian/Australian  drivers licence, drives at least 4 time a week on average, drives a vehicle that is 2002 model or newer and is willing to attend the Peter James Centre in Burwood three times a year for 5 years.





While this function is already fully booked a number of members have not replied to the invitations I sent out last month and it would be appreciated if you could let me know whether you are able to attend or not as there are several people on the waiting list that would like to attend.


For the members that have accepted the invitations the details for the day follow:



 By Tram to Collins Street and catch No. 11 or 48 trams to the end of the line where the        ANZ complex at 833 Collins Street is the last stop.

By Train to Southern Cross Station and then catch No11 or 48 trams in Collins Street            and travel to the end of the line where the ANZ complex at 833 Collins Street is the    last stop.


12.00 ROC members arrive

12.15 meeting start/ lunch

12.45 guest speaker

Ms Aggie Aitken, Program Director, Global Services & Operations, ANZ, will                                   be available to      speak briefly at the meeting. She was very highly involved in the                   development and delivery of the ANZ Centre project, and will have some                                   very interesting things to talk about.

02.00 drinks

02.30 finish



Members with Photo ID cards should bring along these ID cards to minimize workload at     the Concierge desk and for those who do not have the photo ID cards a name tag will be             prepared.

The registration process would be as follows:

  • a final guest list will be sent to 833 Collins Street to be checked off on the day.
  • there will be no need for guests to Register at Main Reception
  • Guests may proceed directly to Core C Conference Suites Reception
  • if members can wear their ANZROC ID Card on their upper body this will suffice
  • a name tag for each guest that has no ID Card will be prepared
  • John Duke will assist with Registration at the Core C Reception Desk, to check-off guests and issue name tags.

See you there………..

Ron Adams