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70 ANZROC Members and partners attended a most enjoyable St Patrick’s Day Luncheon at the Maroondah Club on 15 March. This is the third year we have held the event and members and partners relished the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and their partners and reminisce about their years in the bank. The camaraderie of members and partners created a terrific atmosphere and the green serviettes and green attire worn by some of those in attendance, added to the Irish theme. The Maroondah Club generously donated bottles of wine to the members to supplement the ANZROC wine contribution of $200.

Senior Vice President John McPhee warmly welcomed members and partners and thanked Lyn and Les Stevens for the work they put into arranging the venue of the Maroondah club and also our Social Subcommittee member David Knuckey and wife Glen for organising the event.  John also thanked the Maroondah Club management and catering staff that were so crucial in ensuring the occasion was such a success.

With the formal part of the luncheon over, our resident Leprechaun (Kevin Mitchell) firstly presented Gary Mason with an Esanda Football Club tie he had found in his travels and then entertained the assembly telling a large number of Irish tales without notes and much to the enjoyment of all in attendance.

Members not seen for a while included Herman Bettonvil, Wendy Bradley, Keith Diamond, John Flyger, John Goodwin, Hedley Ham, Bruce Kells, Graeme King, Jacqui Luckman, Don Ranyard, Bernie Sowersby and Evon Whalen.


Visit the "ANZROC" Website for a selection of photos of members and partners enjoying the luncheon.



Annette and Graeme Baldwin ,Eric and Wendy Black, Nola Forsyth, Rino Frigo, David and Val Gibb, Roy Harper, Frank Hatfield, Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert ,Doug Imrie,  Con La Fauci,  Gerry and Fay McPherson, Joan Nathan, Peter Nyga, Neville and Cheryl Pearson, Tom and Nicole Portelli, Bill Robinson , Eamon Veaney, Glenda and Philip White,  Julie Wilkins


Lineham                      J.M. (Julian)               ANZ    37.5 years

We look forward to seeing Julian at one of our meetings.


BOWERS                             L.G.(Lloyd)          5/3/2012                                               89 YEARS

Lloyd enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force in October 1941 and saw active service in Britain with the RAF as a fighter pilot flying Hurricanes, Spitfires and Tempests. He was discharged in January 1946 with the rank of Flying Officer in 287 Squadron and rejoined the ES&A Bank. Lloyd spent much of his career in the North Coast of NSW managing branches including Byron Bay and Lismore and finally Port Kembla and Flemington Markets in Sydney before taking a role until retirement as a Financial Planner in Sydney. Lloyd and late wife Jo settled in Kew in early 2000 to be near their family. I was able to represent ANZROC at the funeral service.

MARSHALL                       RON                       10/2/2012                             88 YEARS

Ron enlisted in the Australian Army in December 1942 and trained as a gunnery officer with service on the northern coastline of Australia and on discharge in June 1946 was a Private in the Southern Command Echelon and Records. Ron joined the ES&A Bank in 1937 and on retirement in 1983 was a Chief Manager in Esanda. There was a strong representation from ANZROC at the funeral service that included Murray Abraham, Ron Adams, Eric and Wendy Black, Jock Buntain, Eric Dickson, Frank Edwards, Jack Moyle, Neville Pearson, Peter Pritchard, Bruce Sanderson, Mark Stankovich and Lloyd Zegenhagen,


Members stood in remembrance of our past members Lloyd and Ron and our condolences are extended to family and friends.


Ken Dighton in the ANZROC NSW Newsletter advised of the death of Rick De Nardi aged 71, who passed away on 6/2/12 after a battle with cancer. Many ex Scotty staff as well as ANZ will remember Rick with fond memories during his career with Esanda / ANZ. Rick was working in Esanda while I was a member of the staff in Sydney.




We have lost contact with John, who was formerly living at Fitzroy. It would be appreciated if any members who know of his whereabouts could contact Peter Pritchard. Ph 95719406. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during March  and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays: Lindsay Baglin (83),John Baird (87), Kevin Cleary (81), Bob Delahoy (83), John Duggan (105), John Holberton (89), Laurie Holland (92), Ron Horne (87), Bill Manning (81), Tony Middleton (81), Ray Perry (83), Ron Pitt (89), Robin Pleydell (80), Charles Rennie (99), Roy Sharman (80), Kevin Sheather (87), Arthur Sheers (84), Reg Smith (89).




From  1/3/2012                        less than $20,000         2.78%

Greater than $20,000   3.56%



Will Bailey emails that he was WA attending his grandson's wedding so sadly he was not able to attend the funeral for Ron Marshall. Will and Ron shared an office in the ES&A administration all those years ago.

John Duguid emails thanks to Kathy for her kind birthday wishes which arrived on the day as usual. All’s well with John and looking forward to the next 69 years. John could have made a lot of money 35 years ago if he had taken bets with some people that he would make it to this age.

George Finniss writes thanks for the warm wishes on his birthday. George reports that he is well but has been caring for family recuperating after surgery that is keeping him busy.

Suzie Green emailing about the photos posted on our website of the 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WAGGA ANZ SPORTING CARNIVAL says she attended the Wagga Weekend for 11 years in a row and was at the 40th. She is sure she won the 5km run at the 40th Anniversary meeting as she won it for 10 years running. The last year Suzie won was the least year the Wagga weekend was held. She had some fantastic times playing sport against NSW and partying with them afterwards. When she attended she also played women’s indoor cricket, and Victoria only ever lost twice in those years. Those were the days...

Martin Hayden emailing says that he has now been retired for 11 time flies. Martin and wife Karen are enjoying the time they have together, particularly with their cars! They’ve been through a few lately...they bought a new HSV 6 litre GTO in 2005, sold it last year. Bought one of only 315 RS Focus's bought into Australia, sold that last year too! Their current "ride" is very special. Martin and Karen have just taken delivery of a VERY special Mercedes Benz AMG C63...6.2 Litre V8, nearly 500h.p! 7 speed auto, 19" wheels and is a special order car built for them in Germany. They’ve just returned from a 1200K drive in the Mallee....absolutely traffic lights! Members might also like to know that Karen (also ex-Esanda) did a month's Missionary work in Tanzania (South Africa) last year.

Gerry Kennedy writes to thank Kathy for the birthday wishes for his 88th and says thankfully he has passed the number 87 much feared by cricketers. Gerry says that although he has slowed down quite a bit over the last few years he is still playing bowls but not as well as he would like. While there are a few things wrong health wise the Department of Veteran Affairs looks after him fairly well.

Bob Kirkland send thanks for the birthday wishes on his 89th and says how he looks forward to receiving the newsletter although after 30 years retirement he finds he knows fewer members each issue. Bob still keeps in touch with friends he made in Fiji in the 70’s while Manager Lautoka and is leaving for Fiji in early March for a holiday to catch up with friends and colleagues.

Jack Moyle writing on his 87th sends thanks for the birthday wishes but says he and wife Audrey while both in good health do not venture far from home these days.

Laurie Redfearn writes thanks to Kathy Trace for the best wishes for her birthday. Kathy and Laurie worked together at Footscray Branch probably around the time Rae Collins was Accountant. The card and wishes brought back memories of the many staff Laurie worked with in her 10 years at the Branch.

Norm Ross sends his thanks for the best wishes received for his 91st.Norm says banking and industry news these days does not make good reading with staff retrenchments common place. Long retired officers were fortunate to have worked in a much more stable environment. Norm, his wife and son had their annual summer holiday in Hobart visiting their younger daughter and family which was most enjoyable.

Dick Sanders emailed that he received the birthday best wishes from old friend Kathy Trace spot on the day as usual. Dick doesn’t know how this is achieved so regularly when mail can take so many different times. He sent a letter to his cousin in UK at beginning of last November – A4 size – which took three weeks. So he took the hint and sent off the Christmas gift to him – guess what - 5 days! You never know. Four couples went to Port Fairy for a few days to celebrate the 75th birthdays of three of them. These were Dick’s old friends who met in a boarding house in Kew in 1959. One became Dick’s best man; another was his groomsman, together with their wives. John deF Brown who was in the same boarding house for a while would perhaps remember them. Suffice to say the friendships have lasted for these many years as have the spouses of all of them. So, there were eight for the birthday bash. They are a mixed group, one Kiwi married an Aussie girl, another an Irishman married a Swiss girl, the third a Swiss married a Dutch girl and Dick who is a Pom married an Aussie. You would wonder how they all got along!! There was to have been a fifth from South Australia but he was unable to attend. This was Peter Bowering from Adelaide former ANZ (for whom Dick was best man in 1963) and his wife.

Apart from that, the year produced another grandson, so each of their sons has themselves two sons. Thanks again for the good wishes and for the newsletters which are always interesting and keep him up to date with old friends.

Sandra Street emails that she has great memories of the days she was working with the late Ron Marshall in Loan Administration. He was such a warm man of great integrity and common sense. As she recalls they were a happy crew under Ron's command and he will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Kevin Toohey emails his thanks for the Birthday Card.  Even though some members don’t contribute too much to the newsletter they still look forward to receiving it and hearing what members have been up to. Just reading all the names brings back a lot of (mostly) good memories.

Beverley Tuxen and Gayle Cheney daughters of our recently deceased member Ron Marshall wrote to thank the many work colleagues who attended the funeral service. It was nice to know that he was remembered and people wanted to celebrate his life and farewell him.

Athol Watkins writing from Clifton Springs on his 75th sends thanks for his birthday card. Athol says it has been a fairly uneventful year with a mid-year break travelling up to Cairns for 7 weeks holiday to enjoy some excellent weather. The country in the mid west was looking great after several wet years. This year he has booked a trip to UK, then to Rome and cruise around the Mediterranean in May. Athol is still playing and enjoying plenty of bowls.

Brian Weeks sends his thanks for the birthday card received in the usual timely fashion. Brian has always believed that the sending of cards adds a great deal to the level of contact between the Committee and members. Life continues at a modest pace at the Weeks’ household and sadly they cannot travel much at present but live in hope that mobility will improve.

Maurice Wells writing on his 75th says thanks for the birthday card together with the newsletter which are greatly appreciated. Maurice and wife Bev continue to be heavily involved with their family’s activities. It is interesting to see the variety of activities that  grandchildren of the 21st century  are involved with which keeps both parents and grandparents busy in their support.

AND Les Ager, John Burke, Fred Campbell, Dave Cuddon, Gordon Field, Neil Franklin, Graham Heenan, Tess Hondros, Bruce Iddles, Julian Lineham, Maria Malicse, Tony Middleton, Ray Murphy, Jenny Pickering, Robin Pleydell, David Robinson, Mavis Ryan, Bill Schouten, Kevin Sharp, Warren Taylor, Kevin Watson, Norm Wheatley, Bill Willocks, Brian Wrigley





It is planned to hold the next golf day for ANZROC members and their partners at Latrobe Golf Club, Farm Road, Alphington on Monday 4 June with an 8am shotgun start. Latrobe is the closest Private golf club to the city, surrounded on two sides by the Yarra River, and with five billabongs, there is plenty of water to appreciate and avoid. The course is built on river flats, so while the course has many subtle undulations, it is not hilly.

The cost will be $66 including green fees and a sit down meal for lunch. Latrobe members will pay $21 for meal only.

Full details and an entry form will be included in the April newsletter, but in order that we can get an early indication of the likely numbers, please advise John Brown by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone 9802 1810, or Eamon Veaney by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile 0411021449 if you think you will be able to attend.

We hope all the ANZROC Latrobe members will be available to play and host groups around the course.


Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd February (as reported by President Neville Pearson)

Twenty two retired officers/partners descended on the Mansfield Alzburg Resort for three days of merriment and thrill seeking. The resort has undergone a substantial facelift since the ANZ "Mansfield Madness" days and is now a "four star" facility with terrific spa/pool and tennis court facilities.

Ten participants played 18 holes of golf on the Wednesday in glorious weather on the Mansfield Golf Course which must be one of the most improved golf courses in Victoria. Lush fairways and greens due to ample recycled water facilities added to the enjoyment of the game. Dal Crocker won the men's event with Neville Pearson and John Inglis tying for second.

Pam Hocking won the ladies event with Irene Bettonvil second and Cheryl Pearson and Lesley Cook a close third and fourth respectively.

After a scrumptious dinner in the resort restaurant followed by a hotly contested trivia competition an evening of great fun was had by all

Several of the participants returned to Melbourne via Marysville and had lunch at the Marysville bakery followed by an hour's stroll through "Bruno's Sculpture Garden" which is a must see for anyone contemplating a trip to Marysville. Great value at $5 entry.

The transformation of the town since our trip last year has been truly amazing.


This adventure offers so much for anyone contemplating going next year, whether you are a golfer or just wanting to enjoy a few days relaxing poolside, or sightseeing around the district snow resorts etc. The weather at this time of the year is very consistent with cold and rain a rarity on our trips to date and many of us took advantage with swims in the resort pool


Thanks to Kevin Mitchell and John Brown for all your time and effort in organising the trip that went like clockwork. Hope to see some newcomers next year and I am sure you will not be disappointed



Visit the "ANZROC" Website for a small selection of photos of the substantial Gardens and the Mansfield experience



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Noted in the ANZROC NSW newsletter that Chris Woods National Manager ANZ Staff Club Australia has advised President Mike Cuneen …….” am pleased to advise the alteration of Rule 7(k) was unanimously endorsed at last week's AGM, allowing widows and immediate family of retired officers to maintain the retired officer membership in the ANZ Staff Club in the event of cessation of membership due to death.”



May 10th 2012 34th Floor 100 Queen Street Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal


June 14th 2012 833 Collins Street visit for 2012.




Our guest speaker will be Jim Marett who is currently President of The Tunnel Rats Assoc who served in Vietnam and you can Google a book written by Fredrick Forsyth about Tunnel Rats the cover could give you an insight about what he will be talking about. We look forward to greeting all our Ex Servicemen and Women at the meeting as the guest speaker will have a very interesting story to tell.


Medals may be worn at this meeting.

Please let Ron Adams  know by Wednesday 4th April 2012   by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone ( 98210444) or return the attached notice to PO Box 579, Malvern Vic 3144 so we can advise ANZ Catering of numbers attending within the time frame required by the caterers.

ANZ Security Desk will also be advised the names  of members attending.

Ron Adams

Newsletter Editor



To Ron Adams I/we will be attending the Luncheon function

PO Box 579                                         on 12th April 2012commencing at 12 noon

Malvern Vic 3144                               .

Phone 9821 0444  or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.