ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)



President John Stevens welcomed 60 members and our guest speaker for the day Charles Goode, to the ANZROC Annual General Meeting held on 34th Floor at 100Queen Street.  Members not seen for a while were Gordon Field, our Auditor Alan Forrest, Doug Imrie, Ian Ince, Bruce Scott and Warren Taylor. The members present thoroughly enjoyed hearing Charles Goode’s presentation on his years as Chairman of ANZ Board of Directors.


Graeme Ainscough, Geoff Burton, Brian Christensen, John Duke, Barbara Griffen , Charles Griss, Roy Harper, Frank Hatfield, Louis Hebrard, Rick Kimber, Con La Fauci, Ian Lamont, Jock McGregor, Fay McPherson, Gerry McPherson,  Jim Martin, Brian Murdoch , Peter Nyga , Bernie O’Reilly, Rino Orifici, Gordon Paulett, Bob Schofield, Bruce Seamons, Don Taylor, Bruce Tickell, Paul Tovey, John Vanselow, Glenda White, Julie Wilkins



Jones                           Frank                           87 years                         2/11/2010

Andrew Jones, son of Frank told me Frank had enlisted in the RAAF in April 1942 and was attached to US Air Force covering the Pacific zone including combat on Manus Island. Frank specialised in the communications and radio services while in the RAAF and left the service in April 1946. Frank joined the bank at Cressy and promotions followed with appointments to management including Lang Lang and Kangaroo Flat retiring as Manager Glenroy. Frank was a strong supporter of ANZROC often attending meetings when he was able.

Laing                           N.K. (Ken)                   86 years                       24/7/2010

Rich Lang, son of Ken let me know that Ken passed away in July. Rich said that Ken’s career included a management appointment at the age of 21 for the ES&A Bank and he eventually left the bank to purchase a news agency in 1970.Ken was 86 when he died and Rich said he loved to read the editions of the monthly newsletter.

Members stood for a few moments in remembrance of Frank and Ken and our sympathies are extended to family and friends.


Our meeting was held on Remembrance Day this year and it was fitting that day’s edition of the Age Newspaper included a Remembrance Day Supplement and in the segment titled “Voices from the Front for World War 11” our Life Member Gerald McPherson was quoted at the age of 20 commenting about a night time sortie over Kiel the main German naval base. “The Lancaster bomber in which he was rear gunner was caught in the spotlights and the pilot had to throw the plane around to escape the relentless gunfire and at one stage during the attack they were flying upside down. On the way back the plane was  descending to 7000 feet over the North Sea  when  the pilot suddenly turned up again and Gerry saw another Lancaster below them which they missed by five or six feet. The image of that was forever planted in Gerry’s mind” Gerry flew 37 such missions over Germany and occupied territories before returning to Australia.


The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during November  and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays: John Carruthers (81), Lindsay Craddock (87), Paul Cross (84), Brian Farrell (82), Euan Greenwood (86), John Hobbs (94), Brian Kinna (82), Eric Lean (88), John Mangan (80), Rodney McLeod (87), Gerry McPherson (86), Ray Morris (81), Bob Nichol (99), Peter Oxley (81), Jim Potter (80), Ray Quirk (88), Don Ranyard (80), Jack Shelton (80), Arthur Vale (80), Gordon Williams (87).



From 1/11/2010                                   less than $20,000                                             2.96%

greater than $20,000                                        3.79%


Charles Goode AC was Chairman of the Board of ANZ for just under 20 years and he told us about his experiences over the term that included dealing with credit crises, overseeing  capital raisings, coping with complex financial derivatives and managing  the threats inherent in global financial crisis but  . In that time he worked with three CEO’s, Don Mercer, John McFarlane and Mike Smith and each brought a set of skills to the company appropriate for that moment in time. The growth of ANZ in size, increased capital adequacy and higher share price and dividends during his term as Chairman has resulted in the current strong credit rating and happy shareholders and like most members he is surprised at the current spate of bank bashing. After many questions from members Gary Mason passed a vote of thanks reminiscing about the time he was presenting credit problems to Charles who was then a member of the Credit Review Board. Charles thanked members for the opportunity to talk about his experiences … a most interesting and informative meeting



Graeme Ainscough reports that he and wife June have taken off to the Gold Coast for a well earned holiday although he had a fall shortly before the trip which meant a stay in hospital and some problems with his back that need to be addressed on return from Gold Coast. He’s also keen to return to see his Cheltenham baseball teams continue to progress through the long summer season but all teams are well placed at this early stage of the season to play in the finals early next year.

Geoff Archer emailing thanks for the birthday card from ANZROC signed by John Vanselow says that since his "retirement" in May, he has been busy acting as housekeeper for wife Jenny and their three adult children and progressively tackling home and garden maintenance issues.  Jenny had major hip surgery in March with a more protracted recovery than envisaged.  They are looking forward to an APT tour of the Canadian Rockies and Alaskan cruise in 2011.

Graeme Baldwin emailing that he enjoyed receiving his birthday remembrance commented that Saul Eslake our speaker at the October meeting was excellent, and he is sure that all present enjoyed listening while the questions asked were also very pertinent.

Peter Bearsley emailing thanks  for the birthday greetings - as usual, perfectly timed says  he has recently returned from a week in East Timor, looking at a number of projects his  Rotary Club (RC of Melbourne) has going on up there and initiating a new three-year project to reduce maternal and infant mortality.   It's estimated that mothers in East Timor have a 1:35 lifetime chance of dying in/around childbirth or from pregnancy-related causes (1:13,300 in Australia) and infants have about a 1:10 chance of not making it to age five. Peter is confident that the new project will make a real difference - all he has to do is raise about USD240, 000, preferably sooner rather than later! And, regrettably, he’ll have to be an apology for the Golf Day at Traralgon as he’ll be trekking across the Wangapeka and Heaphy Tracks at the top of the South Island of NZ, hoping there won't be any bad earthquakes around there at that time.

David Begg writing from Belmont says thanks for the birthday wishes and that this birthday while a little less exciting than his 80th last year was still enjoyed to the fullest. David really appreciates the annual birthday cards and the regular supply of newsletters.

Brian Christensen reports that he and wife Noelle will be looking at Lake Eyre in flood. on the date of our AGM .

Lawrence Cox emailing his thanks for the newsletter and for the birthday card says they are much appreciated. Unfortunately Lawrence has not been able to make any meeting this year and will not be able to make this year's Christmas party as he will be with the family visiting relatives in the UK. Life has been quite busy since last year's Christmas Party as he is still undertaking full time Risk Management consulting to the Department of Transport and is currently overseeing the Risk Management process across about 40 transport projects totalling close to $5b. The Department is currently trying to fill a new full time Public Service Risk Manager Role to spend more time with the individual projects. Lawrence has also been very fortunate to have been invited by the Federal Government to be an inaugural member of their Resilience Expert Advisory Panel.

Don Davy writes that he appreciates the birthday greetings and receipt of the newsletters which keeps him up to date with the news of his colleagues. He is currently Marketing Project Manager for Electric Vehicles at Knoxfield which provides mobility scooters for the infirm and he is now dealing with 50 retirement villages, Aged Care facilities and hospitals. Don says he is always available to help members with advice on mobility. Don recently met Max Butler and his wife at a function and they told him they had taken up golf and Max intended to play at the ANZROC tournament in Traralgon.

Ray Dedlefs emailing his thanks for the greetings and good wishes for his 80th birthday on 31st October says they were much appreciated. The family celebrated the occasion with a dinner party at their home in Diamond Creek. The highlight of the night was the assistance he received from his 2 1/2 year old great grand daughter in blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. As to being 80 years old Ray can say he is very glad to have made it although along the way in recent years there have been some medical hurdles which he has scrambled over. As ANZROC member Murray Abraham mentioned about himself earlier in the year Ray doesn’t mind getting old so long as he keeps getting older. He enjoys the news of members' activities in the monthly news letter. Since retiring from the Bank Ray has played a lot of golf mainly at Heidelberg Golf Club but recently playing golf has tapered off with the wet and cold weather and other overriding claims on his time.

Kerry Dodds writes from Warrenheip that his birthday card was waiting for him on return from the annual trout hunt at Dartmouth Dam and Mitta Mitta River but not many trout were hunted out. It was a busy year with his son and family relocating from Sydney back to Ballarat to commence “Dodds Plumbing”. Kerry’s job is to look after his two grandchildren. The plumbing and the settling in of the grandchildren are so far both going well. He hopes to make the Christmas luncheon this year.

Warwick Etty writes from Healesville to thank the Club for the birthday wishes on his 70th accepting that he is now an old man. His health is good but back and left leg cause some bother. Warwick and his wife spent some time recently in the Channel Country to witness the flooded rivers and rejuvenated surrounding country around Quilpie, Eulo and Toompine with the experience of crossing rivers at .4 metres over the roads. Unfortunately their holiday soured after an altercation with a b-double on the way home. No one was injured just a rather sad looking caravan waiting for repairs.

Patricia Goss daughter of our late member Phil Carne wrote to thank members for their thoughts and condolences on the death of her father .She said the family was comforted that John and Lois Vanselow shared in the celebration of Phil’s life especially as ANZ Bank and ANZROC had been such a big part of it. It was wonderful to reflect on the happy memories which have helped to ease the sadness at this time.

Bob Grant emailing from Nelson Bay says he knows he’s running late but has been away since the birthday and didn’t get a chance to acknowledge Birthday Greetings before this.  The year has been a mixed one for Bob as he has had some foot problems necessitating an operation in March. It was officially called a “bumpectomy” .Fortunately, health wise, all is now well. Bob is scheduled to have a similar operation on his other foot in November but as yet haven’t been given an exact date. Apart for that, all is well in Nelson Bay and Bob and wife Nell are enjoying very much the move from Albury 2 years go. He is involved with the local woodworking Club and Nell is into craft activities and babysitting so they are kept occupied.

Jack Grant now well settled in Berwick writes thanks for the birthday wishes and he and wife Robyn are enjoying the closer relationship with their two children and three grandchildren. Late September they went north to Nelson Bay to spend time with twin-brother Bob and his wife Nell and they had a most enjoyable time. Jack has started to get into bowls again and they have joined a local Probus Club so are getting involved in the community. He enjoys reading about colleagues in the newsletter and is looking forward to catching up with friends at the Christmas luncheon.

Mike Henry emailing  his  thanks once again for the punctual Birthday card says that apart from golf, tennis , travelling, grandchild minding and volunteer driving nothing much is happening - the only real disappointment these days in living the retired life is that you don’t get a rostered day  off. Mike would like to also thank David Knuckey for his excellent organisation of the Rosebud Luncheon for ROC members - a terrific day.

Ian Ince thanking John and Kathy for his birthday wishes says it has been a busy year with a stay in hospital followed by leisure time in Yarrawonga and Rosebud. He was due to head off to Queensland in August but rushed into hospital and a stent placed in an artery. Ian is fit and well at home now and looking forward to trips to Yarrawonga, Rosebud and Bright over the coming months.

Larry James emails his thanks for the birthday wishes which arrived on time again. He says its amazing how this can de done with Australia Post. Life is busy as usual either with Golden Days Radio or Puffing Billy both of which are a delight to be involved with. Larry recently had a friend over from the UK and they did a lot of day trips and some overnights as well. They paid a visit to Walhalla during October which is a delightful place to stay. It has a population of around 10 people with no TV or mobile phones. So if you want to get away from the busy life Walhalla is the place to stay. Great accommodation (Star Hotel) and great food. There's also a narrow gauge railway there as well hence the connection. Bumped into David Knuckey at a "Thomas" Day at Puffing Billy recently and caught up with old times, which was good. He will try and get to a meeting or two next year.

Doreen Langmead widow of our late member Harold Langmead writes to thank members for their thoughts and condolences when Harold passed away. She says that after Harold served 6 years in the Indian Army they came to Australia in 1949 to begin 32 years with the then Union Bank serving many years at 351 Collins Street. His era was with Frank Donovan and Keith Crellier eventually taking up management roles in the suburbs and city until retirement as Manager William Street Branch. Harold always enjoyed the newsletter and was interested in the news.

Phil Manning emails that he regularly reads every Newsletter, and is pleased to note the odd name that he is familiar with pop up from time to time! Phil is  now in his eightieth year and although there’s  a few creaks and groans mainly from a knee replacement he  still tries  to keep himself occupied - but it makes it difficult to get to meetings !.Phil’s qualifications-which included accountant and tax agent etc- were interesting and profitable in the past but he is now winding up a small but interesting business and everything collected over many years. Phil and his wife visited their younger son and grandchildren in North Queensland a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the temperatures in the lower thirties and the upper twenties. This son manages the airport at Horn Island (between Australia and Papua New Guinea) but he seems a bit remote. They are having the grandchildren visit after Christmas - something to look forward to!

Jim Martin apologising for missing the AGM tells me he will be cruising on the Dawn Princess circumnavigating the Australian coastline.

Emilio Moreno emailed his thanks for the very kind wishes for his birthday. Emilio spent a wonderful day with the family and it was great having the five grandchildren help him celebrate.

Look forward to seeing colleagues at the Christmas lunch

Bob Nichol turning 99 on 15th November was pleased to announce a little baby great grandson was born recently. His name is Robert (BOB) Redman, so the name Bob will not be lost

Rino Orifici one of our newest members emails that he has  booked for the Christmas  meeting, but is  unable to attend the November meeting as he and his wife  are flying to Hawaii for a cruise.

John Osborne writing his thanks for the birthday wishes says he was born on Melbourne Cup day in 1937 and has always enjoyed the Cup. This year he again had a great birthday with the family and also won on the Cup. Since retiring John has enjoyed the comradeship of Probus and he and his wife are heading off shortly on their first Probus trip to Echuca and expect to experience the rich history of the area. They go their holiday home in Loch Sport as often as practicable where they catch up with their daughter and son in law from Traralgon.  It’s a lovely quiet area and they return relaxed and refreshed. John is still studying music and guitar and having the time and patience in retirement makes it easier.

Peter Oxley emailing from Mount Gambier sends thanks for the good wishes on the occasion of his 81st Birthday.  It does not seem possible that it is 25 years since he retired.   After living in a Retirement Estate for the past seven years, Peter and wife Moira have settled well into the different lifestyle, where they have the availability of a secure and caring environment, and the fellowship of many folk of their own age group.  They haven’t been able to manage any overseas travel for the past couple of years, but they do hope to see a bit more of Australia in the near future, something a little closer to home and a little less stressful.

Jim Potter writing from Sebastopol on his 80th says thanks for the good wishes and it is hard to imagine it is some 25 years since he retired from ANZ. They have recently moved to Sebastopol to be near family and while the temperature is a little different from Ferntree Gully, it has not taken long to settle into their new surroundings.

Ray Quirk sending thanks to the Club for the Birthday Card received right on his 88th says as usual a special thanks to John Vanselow for his efforts and personal note.  Ray and wife Meryl are still in good health, doing some travel within Australia and associating regularly with old ANZ friends at lunches.

Dietmar Reichert emails that he has just returned from several weeks overseas attending his   primary school class reunion in Southern Germany. He was a pupil at the school in the late 1950’s. It seems not all that long ago. In addition Dietmar and his wife visited family and friends and did a fair bit of "walking in the black forest" which was very nice - and the weather was very warm. To travel is still generally enjoyable - but flying is nowadays very trying!!

Don Taylor writes that since February when  he settled into his new residence in Toorak he has been  keeping busy  setting up his office  to cope with the volume of paperwork that has accumulated over the past eight months. He is reasonably healthy and enjoys keeping up with news of colleagues through the newsletter.

John Taylor emailing from Tura Beach says thanks for the birthday wishes, as usual the card arrived exactly on the date. It has been a year of mixed fortunes, however hoping for the best now. In April John was diagnosed with cancer that resulted in an operation and six days at National Capital Hospital Canberra. This was followed up with weeks of extensive Radiation, and Chemo at the Canberra Public Hospital. This was a 550 Klm round trip home each weekend to Tura Beach. Upon completion of treatment John and his wife flew up to Port Douglas for a month staying their daughter’s apartment. While in Port Douglas they met up with Sylvia Lovett (nee Hercules) who John worked with at ANZ Fitzroy in the early 1960’s, Sylvia is still working, as a receptionist for a construction company in Cairns.  They also had visits from their daughter her husband and their three grand children who live in Brisbane. Also visiting were Gertie Braini and her husband Boris; John worked with Gertie when he was manager Data Processing Vic., and Gertie was a leading Shift Supervisor. They had a pleasant week reminiscing about the old times back in the early 80’s at the banks computer headquarters at South Yarra. Back home again in Tura Beach John had to go back to the Specialist in Canberra, for a 3month check up and was given a positive report with 3 monthly check ups ahead for the time being. John stresses the importance of having yearly blood tests.

Bill Walker emails thanks for the kind birthday wishes. As for the day itself, it was spent in the company of all his family which made it something special. Not a lot to report over the past year which is probably a good thing. He must say however that like most responders he does enjoy reading about their various exploits

Eric Williams writing from Warrnambool on his 90th says that John Vanselow hit the jackpot again in dispatching his card to arrive spot on the day. Eric’s wife has recovered from a serious operation and they are both looking forward to 2011. Eric will again be attending the Christmas luncheon.

And from  Sam Bartuccelli, Joan Biddlecombe, Geoff Christensen, Susie Green, Charles Griss, Dave Harkin, Adrian Henning, Bob Irvine, Peter Kariotis, Bill Kidd, Peter Lees, Gerry and Fay McPherson,  Jim Nicolson, Barry Reid, Bevan Roulston, Guy Sanders, Frank Stanson, Kelvin Tyler, Ray Watson,





The site is now available for members to access and you are invited to let us have any comments and suggestions for the Committee’s consideration as we refine the site. Send comments to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The results of the election of Office Bearers for ANZROC Vic for 2010/2011 held at our AGM were:

President                                  Neville Pearson

Immediate Past President         John Stevens

Senior Vice President               John McPhee

Vice Presidents                                    David Knuckey, Col Edwards

Secretary/Newsletter Editor      Ron Adams

Assistant Secretary                   Joan Nathan

Honorary Treasurer                 John Brown

Committee                               Noel Beanland, George Cooper, John Duke, Con La                                                               Fucia, Gary Mason, Kevin Mitchell, Kathy Trace, John                                                                      Vanselow, Eamon Veaney

Outgoing Present John Stevens was thanked for his efforts on behalf of members and the strengthening of our relationship with ANZ during his two year term as President.



As you may be aware, ANZ Staff Club VIC held a Special General Meeting on 23 August 2010, where members voted on a range of special general resolutions including change of name, rules of association and membership criteria/eligibility.  These resolutions were carried, and have since received regulatory approval; therefore the changes have now been enacted. One of the changes was to the retired officer membership category.  Eligibility was altered from the applicant being required to have had 15 or more years of service at ANZ and membership of ANZROC VIC to the applicant being required to have had 30 or more years of continuous service at ANZ.  The annual membership fee has been reduced to $13.00 per annum (payable in advance).

Please note:  All existing ANZ Staff Club VIC retired officer members are entitled to maintain their membership and continue to receive all benefits for the life of their membership.  The new eligibility criteria only apply to new applicants.

Please also note the club is now officially called 'ANZ Staff Club Australia', with no reference to the term "social".



Members have made a couple of bookings with APT recently. Bookings have been for a Canada & Alaska tour/cruise in October and a Kimberley Cruising booking in September.

The latest offer from APT is a tour to Vietnam and the details are as follows:

Fly Free to Vietnam including air taxes

Departing 18 June & 16 July 2011

12 Day Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong & Angkor

Price from $3901.35* per person, twin share

Includes: 4 nights’ accommodation in 5 star and first class hotels including the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi and Le Meridien Angkor, Siem Reap - 8 Day Luxury Mekong River Cruise - Freedom of Choice Touring and Dine Around Dinners in select locations - Port charges and tipping - Airport transfers, excursions and entertainment - 29 meals including local beer and spirits at all times on your cruise - Explore the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat - APT Signature Experiences.

Call1300 204 588 to enquire about this tour

*Conditions apply. Prices are per person, twin share and include the ANZ Discount of 7%, all taxes and port charges. Available on new bookings only. Payments made by credit card may incur a surcharge. Book & deposit $2000 per person by31 December 2010. Strictly limited offer on set departures. Offers may be withdrawn at any time, are subject to availability at time of booking and cannot be combined with any other offer. Fly Free to Vietnam including taxes of $400 pp. valid on Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong and Angkor (VEMR12) departing 18 June and 16 July 2011 and Angkor, Mekong & Ho Chi Minh City (VEM13) departing 19 August 2011. All other departures Fly Free, just pay taxes from $400 per person. Air must be booked by APT. No refund on tickets once issued. Once deposit received, APT reserves the right to ticket airfares.



Kevin Mitchell has booked the Alzburg Resort at Mansfield and has locked in dates 21-23 February 2011. For members and partners interested in visiting Mansfield next year  the booking forms and costings will follow in the December newsletter.





(Entrance Mount Dandenong Road)

In continuance of what is now becoming a tradition, the St Patrick’s Day luncheon, will again be held at the “Maroondah Sports Club” on the Corner of Mount Dandenong and Dublin Roads Ringwood East on Thursday 17th March 2011

We are greatly appreciative; once again, of the assistance Lyn and Les Stevens are giving in bringing this function together. They are looking forward to the opportunity of catching up again with as many ROC members and partners as possible.

It is proposed that we meet at the Maroondah Sports Club at midday with the view to ordering lunch around 12.30 pm. The Maroondah Club provides a two course Seniors Luncheon for approx $15.00 per head. They also provide a broader menu should this be preferred. It is proposed that the ROC will subsidise the luncheon to the extent of $200.00 towards providing wine/drinks for the tables

To assist members and partners, we will endeavour to provide transport to and from the venue for those members/partners who do have mobility difficulties. We would also appreciate any assistance members can give in provision of transport should such be required

As there is no January Newsletter we have provided this information early. If you are interested in attending this luncheon, we would appreciate if could return the following notice by 10 February 2011:



Members Name:  ……………………………………..

Partners Name……………………………………………

I/we will be attending the luncheon:   Yes / No

I am able to assist with transport for members who require assistance:  Yes  /  No

I would appreciate assistance with transport:   Yes / No

This information can be emailed to Neville Pearson at “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “, or posted to  Neville Pearson  at 18 Browning Drive  Glen Waverley  3150

Should you wish to telephone Neville , call    9802 0187




As advised in the last two newsletters the Annual Christmas Luncheon will be held on Thursday 9th December 2010 at the ANZ Pavilion of the Christmas Luncheon. CEO Mike Smith and a number of Senior Executives will be attending.

We urge those that have not sent their acceptance to do so quickly as we have already received 255 acceptances. As you know we are restricted to 300 seats in the Pavilion and if necessary we will set up a waiting list. The invitation to the luncheon is attached to this newsletter and the contribution towards the cost of the function has again been capped at $20---.

For those who wish to attend: Complete and detach the Invitation “Acceptance Slip” and attach your cheque for $20—and return to Ron Adams at PO Box 579,Malvern Vic 3144.  (NOTE THE CHANGE)

Cutoff date for members’ acceptances will be Monday 29th November, 2010


Keep the top half of the “Invitation” for presentation at the door of the venue on Thursday 9th December 2010. Refunds will not be paid unless advice is received by the President, Secretary, or Treasurer at least 4 days prior to the function – last minute cancellations are a waste of money as payment is made to the caterers on the numbers provided a week before the function.

This year members can make payments electronically to ANZROC through your internet banking facilities making certain that your personal details in the “payee information” section i.e. Name and Initial are shown so that we can record the receipt as often the funds are received with no details provided…as a failsafe members should send the invitation  slip to Ron Adams   advising that payment has been made through internet banking.


The ANZROC account details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NAME:           ANZ BANKING GROUP RETIRED OFFICERS’ CLUB                                                                                        (Victoria)

BSB:                                      013 350

ACCOUNT NUMBER:     3064 51947



To be held at the ANZ Pavilion

Victorian Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, Melbourne


Admittance                        From                     11.30 am

Drinks                                   From                     11.30 am

Luncheon                            From                     12.30 pm

Please retain and present this portion at the door of the

Venue on the 9th December 2010



Thursday 9th December 2010

Return this slip to:                          Ron Adams

PO Box 579,

Malvern, Vic 3144

With your contribution of           :               $20.00

NAME ……………………………………………….. (please print)

Phone No. or e-mail ………………………………………………………….