ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)



President Neville Pearson welcomed 47 members and our guest speaker for the day Michael O’Brien MP and his Senior Adviser Sarah Leslie to our first meeting for 2011 held on 34th Floor at 100Queen Street.  Neville welcomed Harry Loucas to his first meeting of ANZROC and members not seen for a while were Anne Blashki from Shepparton, Harry Carrodus and Jim Martin. The members present thoroughly enjoyed hearing Michael O’Brien’s presentation on his new role as a Minister in the Baillieu Government.



Graeme Ainscough, Herman Bettonvil, Geoff Burton, Eric and Wendy Black, Robin Chase, Diane Costigan, Col Edwards,  Ray Gill, Val Goldsworthy, Roy Harper, Frank Hatfield, Doug Imrie, Ian Ince, Con La Fauci, Orm McLellan,  John McPhee, John Parkes (for December),David Schunke,  Don Taylor, Paul Tovey, John Vanselow,  Glenda White, Julie Wilkins



Busuttil                       Mr.J. (Joe)                               41 years ANZ

Cheong                      Ms Serene                               15 years ANZ

Newell                        Mr. N.J.  (Nick)                       10 years ANZ

Parks                           Ms. H.T. (Terry)                      23 years ANZ

We look forward to seeing Joe, Serene, Nick and Terry at one of our meetings.



Dusting                        Trevor J         6/2/2011                     77 years

Trevor had been ill over recent months with a very aggressive form of cancer. Trevor was ANZ Staff Club secretary for some time and held various positions within ANZ including Data Processing in the early years of this innovation Joan Dusting wishes to thank the multitude of ANZ retired officers that attended Trevor’s funeral and offered condolences and support since Trevor’s passing on Sunday 6th February

Heyen                          L.J.(Bert)        11/2/2011                    71 years

Bert retired as a Manager after 40 years of service starting in ES&A in Kerang and he had been ill since 2006 after contracting Hepatitis B which finally attacked his liver. At his memorial service family and friends talked of his passion for ANZ and his role in Basketball and the time spent refereeing and training young people for umpiring duties. A number of ex-ANZers attended.

Rushford                     Madeleine C    24/1/2011

President Neville Pearson with Ken Fitzgerald Mike Kennedy and Noreen Cramer represented ANZROC at the funeral Service.

Sadler                          Alf                   26/12/2010                  82 years

Alf served in the British Army from 1944 mostly in occupied Germany. He migrated to Australia in the early 50’s and joined ANZ where he worked for 35 years retiring in a management role. Alf was a keen sportsman and played competitive bowls and table tennis for many years. Members that joined the funeral service included Ian Ince, Bruce Kells and Bernie Sowersby and several committee members were in attendance.

Alf was a strong supporter of ANZROC and was a regular at our monthly meetings and had enjoyed the Christmas luncheon with colleagues on 9/12/2010.

Seamons                      Bruce              18/12/2010                  87 years

Bruce was a Life Member of ANZROC and a Past President serving on the committee for more than 20 years. He enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy in November 1941 serving in Darwin and New Guinea campaigns discharging in June 1946 as Leading Seaman at HMAS Lonsdale. A good number of his ANZ/Esanda colleagues including Doug Grant, Adrian Henning, Andy Herd, Orm McLellan, Col Renzow, Mark Stankovich and members of ANZROC Committee attended the funeral service.

Members stood for a few moments in remembrance of Trevor, Bert, Madeleine, Alf and Bruce and our sympathies are extended to family and friends.


ANZROC member Jill Paterson let me know that ex ANZ staffer Judy Donkin passed away on 10/1/2011. Judy worked in Group Executive for many years as PA/Executive Secretary to Flav Belli  and would be well known to members.

Neville Stafford a past member of ANZROC and well known to ES&A and Esanda colleagues passed away on 15/1/2011 and a number of  our members were present at the funeral service.

Our condolences are extended to families and friends of Judy and Neville.



Ron Cashin is currently in care in Broughtonon Lee Nursing Home, Broughton Road, Surrey Hills (phone 98560999) as wife Lorraine had a fall and is hospitalized. Our member Harry Kerwin and several ANZROC colleagues are keeping Ron active but members that have known Ron can call him at the Nursing Home and he is up to visits from friends and colleagues.

Gerry Lucas saw John Duguid in January and said that he had a stroke some 6 months ago. Whilst he is going along fine now he would be pleased to hear from any of his old mates. Gerry’s phone number is 9859 5591.


Members involved with the ANZ Football Club in the 1960’s will remember Bill “Black Harry” Hickford who was involved with the club for some years and was also an ANZ employee who spent time as an assistant auditor around ANZ Island branches such as Vila etc

 Bill was seriously injured mid December, after being disturbed during the night, by a knife wielding intruder. The attacker had a 30cm knife and wounded Bill multiple times. He was in intensive care at the Alfred Hospital in for some weeks and whilst he is home at present he is not up to visitors at this stage of his recovery We are devastated that such a thing can happen in one’s own home and the prayers and thoughts of all of us  who knew Bill, will be with him for a speedy recovery from this tragedy.




The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during January/February and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays: Murray Abraham (850,John Bool (82), Ron Breckenridge (81), Jock Buntain (81), Alan Burt OAM (86), Ron Chapman (82), Cedric Coxsedge (85), Max Fisher (80), Norma Fox, Wyn Greenwood (90), Dick Hellard (81), Mary Henley, Frank Hickey (86), Dennis Humphries (85), Robert Hunter (93), Gerry Kennedy (87), Bob Kirkland (88), Paul Kitchin (88), John Labrum (85), Phil Manning (81), Norm Mattila (89), Hugh Miles (81), Jack Moyle (86), Laurie Redfearn, Norm Ross (90), Dawn Routledge, Mavis Ryan, Bruce Scott (85), Graham Spruzen (80), Werner Struve (87), Terry Talbot (82), Don Taylor (83), Bruce Tickell (82), Norm Wheatley (80), Jim Wood (88).



From 1/1/2011             less than $20,000         3.08%   From 1/2/2011                        3.08%

                                    greater than $20,000    3.94%                                      3.95%



Michael O’Brien the Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister for Consumer Affairs and Minister for Gaming in the Baillieu Government spoke briefly of his responsibilities since his party took  Government in Victoria in November 2010 .Michael covered wide ranging issues such as combating  alcohol fuelled violence in Melbourne and the plan to appeal to citizens to take individual responsibility for alcohol consumption, the resistance to installation of  smart meters for electricity and the fact that property owners pay whether the meter is installed or not, and  the plans to deal with problem gambling. Michael recognises he has a large job ahead handling such diverse portfolios’ over the next four years and members present asked many questions about the new Government’s strategy for Victoria which he handled capably.  A most informative presentation expressed in lay man’s terms and easily understood.





Eighty members and partners have accepted to attend this luncheon. Members please wear your name tags. We will make stick on tags for partners. Email or telephone David Knuckey (9551 0414) or Neville Pearson (9802 0187) if you have not responded and wish to attend



Whilst the rest of the nation were relaxing during  the Christmas break, your committee was hard at work on some issues that we need to bring to the members for consideration and hopefully support. John Brown is to be commended for the work he has put into producing a projected budget outlook covering the 2011 and 2012 budget years. The position is such however, that at our present rate of expenditure we will have significant budget deficits into the future.

Unless action is taken, this will undermine The Club’s strong financial position that has been brought about from past committees under the sound budgetary guidance of Gerry McPherson


The cost of running our 100 Queen Street luncheon meetings, the Christmas Lunch and the cost of compilation and mailing the monthly newsletters have increased markedly and we are considering a range of options such as the possibility of more suburban/country luncheons and greater utilization of the Website


We are appreciative of our Club’s constitutional objective of “fostering fellowship and harmony among members” together with member feedback as to the benefits of membership.

Overwhelmingly our members see the Newsletter as a major priority as it provides an opportunity to keep in touch with how past work mates are progressing.  Our regular luncheon meetings, in particular the Christmas Luncheon, which gains so much support from our members and the ANZ senior executives, are also a very high priority. The introduction of members and partners luncheons and occasional country adventures have also proven popular

To rectify our budget deficit, the committee has approved in principle, the following recommendations that will be ratified (where necessary) at the Annual General Meeting in November:

  • We increase city membership from $12 per annum to $20 per annum and country membership from $6 per annum to $10 per annum.
  • The December Christmas Luncheon admission be increased to $30
  • We would appreciate that any members who have an email address, but may be receiving their newsletter by mail, consider utilising their Email address. Simply advise your email address to Ron Adams to effect this change.
  • That we utilise the ANZROC Web Site for publication of Obituary notices together with continuance of our customary notice in the ‘Herald Sun’ and ANZROC monthly newsletter. The Herald Sun is considered, by far, the most utilized newspaper for such notices and we believe the above mediums will cover the majority of our members at considerably cost saving. Please note that  this recommendation will commence from 1st March 2011.


There is confusion among some members as to when Subscriptions are due and we remind members that the Financial Year for Subscriptions commences on the 1st October

Any feedback relative to our proposals will be most welcome.  The increase in Subs, as required under the constitution, will put to the 2011 AGM for ratification



It is unfortunate that the 34th Floor 100 Queen Street venue for our meetings, does not easily lend itself to our customary after meeting social drink. Until we can come up with some resolution to this we suggest that the ‘MITRE Tavern’ in Bank Place is an optional watering hole to ensure the risk of dehydration on the way home is minimised.


Welcome to the New Year and from your committee we wish you all a year full of good health and happiness


Neville “Birdie” Pearson



We appreciate that several ROC members may not have received a response to their emails and/or letters to the ANZ Staff Club relative to such benefits. The Staff Club have been overwhelmed by the number of advices, which has been exacerbated by the extreme work load placed on their resources with pre Christmas shopping sales and service from the Staff Club shops and the Christmas break. Working with our ANZ contacts we are addressing the situation and we thank you for your patience whilst we work to get this matter under control”

To help Retired Officers understand the new processes  an amended  copy of the Privilege Package is attached updated  (in red type) to cover many of the issues raised by members  particularly the policy dealing with credit cards, ANZ Term Deposits and the process for accessing the benefits is clearly outlined on the last page of the package.





Murray Abraham writes his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 85th. Murray says that it appears something is certainly burning up our years.

Russ Appleton emailing thanks for the birthday wishes, on time as always, says whilst he has  yet to attend a meeting since he  left the Bank he does  look forward to reading the names of so many people he  had the good fortune to meet. Russ and wife Bev have slowed down a fair bit. The last time he wrote they had commenced a lawn and garden business that went way beyond expectations, so they have scaled back to just 8 jobs that they get a lot of satisfaction from, considering they had built to 130 plus regulars. Bev suggested the lawn and garden business which was the best thing they could have done after leaving ANZ and it has been very good to them.

Leigh Astall sends his thanks for the birthday greetings for his 81st and the family helped him celebrate.

Len Carr emailing thanks for the birthday card says 2010 passed quickly which was highlighted by another trip to England with wife Norma, during which they celebrated the 50th birthday of their eldest daughter Jenny.

Geoff Christmas emails that the years tick by this being his 65th .Geoff is in good health and still riding a bicycle which he enjoys.

Bill Collins emails that he is keeping well now that he has been given the all clear after successful treatment since contracting colon cancer – Bill and wife Dearne keep themselves occupied with the family of seven grandchildren two of whom turn 18 this year. As an ex Queenslander Bill is thinking of all his family friends and colleagues who may have moved to the Sunshine State and are enduring the hardships from the natural disasters up there.

Trevor Cookson emails special thanks for the 80th Birthday wishes and the Birthday was spent with wife Shirley, family members and long-time friends at their daughter’s/son-in-law's home at Elwood where  a great time was had by all. Trevor says they must be slowing down but they achieved a week in the Grampians in October.   He is still playing golf once or twice a week.

Bob English emailed a note to confirm that, despite the extra load on the postal services during the Christmas period, his ANZROC birthday card arrived, as promised, on time on the 20th Dec.

Max Fisher writes his thanks for the best wishes for his 80th and reports his health is good again after heart surgery in December 2009. The birthday was celebrated with the family at a waterside venue and has been ongoing.

Bob Flinn emails that the receipt of his birthday card was much appreciated. To celebrate, the evening was spent with family and grand children at the local hotel for dinner. George Lawson's Toast to the ANZ at the Christmas luncheon reminded Bob of the first end of year trip he went on with the ANZ football club to Loch hotel in Gippsland. Weather report was rain, rain and more rain. In fact the team was rained in for the weekend. It was obvious the opening page of S/R mentioned by George had either not been read, not understood or disregarded. He said that Peter Treleaven Bill Gardiner and him were to be driven by Alan McKay to Loch. However the weekend before, Alan’s car was stolen by one William John O’Meally the day he escaped from Pentridge Prison. As a consequence they went in Bill’s car. Just a little bit of history.

Norma Fox sends from Foster her thanks for the best wishes from ANZROC for her birthday which she spent with family and friends.

Ray Gill emails that he received his Birthday card on the day when he and his wife sailed to Devonport to see the Mooralla International Tennis Tournament in Hobart. The rain put quite a dampener on the weeks Tennis but eventually all matches were finished. Alicia Molik didn’t do too well, Jarmila Groth winning the final. Since the Bank Christmas function Ray has taken on the position of Hon Secretary of the Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation, which currently donates around $75,000 a year to Medical Research. Ray will be missing a number of meetings this year over Feb and June (will be in Canada and Alaska).

Annie Glenn emailed thanks for her 1st Retired Officers’ birthday card but when it arrived Annie and husband Robert were away visiting friends in northern NSW. Annie looks forward to receiving many more.

Tony Grayling writes his birthday was celebrated at the new Croydon Golf Club with all the immediate family and to top it off they won a substantial jackpot at the Kilsyth Club. He says its 13 years since Waverley Lending was re-structured and “Dads Army” took the Retirement Package. Tony and wife Marion have had some great trips visiting their daughter Meg in London twice with tours of Europe and Ireland on the side. Of all their holidays they felt the trip Darwin to Broome was the highlight.  Apart from some great times they have both suffered health issues with cancer and the after effects in the recovery process. The bi-monthly lunch at the Mulgrave Club is still well supported and enjoyed by at least 20 retirees.

John Hawkins emailed that he and wife Helen were away when the Birthday Card arrived as they were doing a land tour of South America Machu Pichu, Iguassu Falls, Rio de Janiero and then Buenos Aires then sailed for Antarctica Absolutely fantastic.

 Bob Heinemann emailed thanks for the birthday greetings for his 71st. He says that having a daughter who has lived in Paris for 25 years has occasioned regular travel, usually via Canada to see her. More recently travel abroad has taken a back seat, and Bob and wife Heather enjoy getting up to their weekender at Euroa. Bob would like to do another Cunard (Queen Elizabeth/Mary 2) trip in due course, and see NZ in detail, but they’ll enjoy the anticipation for now. Bob plays bowls and tennis regularly, and Heather enjoys her choir work. They both work part-time for enjoyment, and to keep the grey matter ticking over. He enjoyed listening to speeches to the monthly ANZROC meeting recently by Saul Eslake and the ANZ's former Chairman Charles Goode.

Brian Henderson emails that he  still enjoying the life up in Hervey Bay and thankfully they have managed to avoid the floods and cyclones in recent weeks although the Bruce Highway was cut at Gympie and also at Maryborough so supplies at the supermarkets and petrol were almost non existent for a few days. Currently Brian is playing more bowls than golf and has given up the role of Convener of the local Prostate Cancer Support Group at the end of last year but continues as Treasurer for the Queensland Chapter Council of PCFA. They had only one big trip in the caravan last year and that was down south but as the caravan and 4WD have been sold their travels in future will be by other means. Brian hopes to get down for the Christmas luncheon.

 Rod Hill emailing says his 85th birthday was the day of the ANZROC Christmas lunch.

He was met at the top of the stairs by John Vanselow who wished Rod a happy birthday and gave him the birthday card.   John then joined the "workers" at the check-in desk in singing "happy Birthday" It was really something and very much appreciated The whole luncheon outing was also great - Rod could not have had a better way to celebrate.

David Jones emailing thanks for the customary birthday card says it’s always appreciated albeit it marks yet another year has passed in what seems a whisker of time.

Kevin May emailing from Pacific Fair in Queensland says no major news from him regarding 2010, just to wish all members’ good health and  a stronger performance from the ASX in 2011(that will add happiness).

Bob McAsey reports that he has moved to Queensland to be closer to family and says his old football knees have finally caught up with him which has not helped his mobility.

Wal McGillivray writing on his 87th sends thanks for the best wishes and says he enjoys reading the letters in the newsletter and at times he envies those who are still travelling to so many exotic places. These days Wal and his wife confine themselves to the Gold Coast and Merimbula but fortunately both are still mobile and able to enjoy life together. He enjoyed the Christmas luncheon as its good to catch up with some of the older brigade and for 2011 he will be reasonably busy working around the East Malvern RSL Club and the occasional social game of bowls.

John Quirk emails that his and wife Roselyn’s second granddaughter was born the day before his birthday which was   pretty hard to top as a birthday gift for Grandpa.

Joan Sadler widow of our late member Alf Sadler wrote to thank the members who attended the funeral service and says it was nice to see so many people come. She was also appreciative of the notices in the local newspapers which informed so many of Alf’s passing. Joan said the Alf had really enjoyed the monthly meetings and lunches with club members.

Trevor Stevens emailed to thank the Club for its wishes on the occasion of his 60th which was spent with family and friends in Adelaide. Trevor says that since retirement in 2007 he has been kept busy with his beef cattle farm at Murrindindi (which he has had since 1996).  He spends about half of his time there and half in Croydon. There is always something to do........this year two sheds were wrecked by a storm in September and he is in the process of rebuilding another one. Trevor has also continued his involvement in Retrieving Trial competitions and this takes him interstate regularly to compete and for judging appointments. He and his wife have also managed to fit in a couple of overseas trips to UK and Europe.

Sandra Street emails that her old school friend and former E.S. &A. staff member Denise Flute (nee Juliff) was visiting from London the week of her birthday so it was an extra treat to have her in Melbourne for the celebrations.  Sandra had lots of greetings from former ANZers, including Pam Thomson who is now working for Senator Nick Xenophon.

Neville Taylor writes his thanks for the good wishes for his 90th which has marked a milestone in life for Neville. Abraham Lincoln once said “it’s not the years in your life that count...its the life in your years” For Neville how true is the last line as his activities  are  being enjoyed more these days but  the golf course is getting longer and longer.

Wayne Taylor reports that although his eye problems remain in decline overall health is quite good, must be the walking the dog trick. Last year saw a short trip to Kangaroo Island which was both interesting and relaxing.

Glen Twidale says it’s turned out to be a special year. Not only has he joined that select OBE group but Glen finds he is now classed as a "Super Veteran" at the bowling club. You can't get much better than that!! Glen and his family celebrated the occasion (which was on New Year's Eve) in great style. His youngest daughter Lynn hosted the birthday party and he had all his children and grandchildren (except Charlie who is working in London) with him on the night. Glen decided to honour the landmark by demolishing (with some eager assistance) his last two bottles of Grange!! One 1965 the other 1973.

Roly Webster emailing from Bendigo says thanks once more for Birthday wishes but not much news up there-Gold Nuggets pretty scarce but hopefully with plenty of water to pan there “are better days coming!”

Gordon Williams writing from Drouin on his 87th sends thanks for the best wishes on his birthday. He says nothing much has happened during the past 12 months due to a bit of deterioration in the health of Gordon and wife Gwenda mainly due to increasing age. They don’t venture far these days with the family all interstate. The district around Drouin is still getting back to normal after the disastrous fires in February 2009 with more clearing up to do. Gordon said the main threat to Drouin was the fire that jumped the freeway at Longwarry that stopped just short of the golf club. Residents could watch the fire progress with tree bursting into fire balls and for the past 12 months the birdlife had virtually disappeared and only now returning to normal.

Keith Winckles emails he as been retired 13 years now and finding it difficult to do some of the things he used to do so it has been a fairly quiet year

Theo Yardley emailing from St Ives says it was a quieter Christmas in Sydney this year as their Melbourne family are delaying their visit until Theo and his wife’s 60th wedding anniversary in January. An interesting few weeks lies ahead of them.

Lloyd Zegenhagen emails that at 86 his birthdays are coming around too rapidly. It is hard to know where the last year has gone. Firstly Lloyd and wife Margot recently spent 3 months overseas visiting their daughters in USA and England, and made the most of their time seeing additional localities in both these countries, visiting friends in Germany, and then spending time touring France. Immediately upon coming home they moved from Templestowe to Lilydale where they settled into a lovely pleasant and scenic area. Magnificent views from every window.

And from Bruce Avent, Clive Bayley, Bob Bell, Roger Brown, Ron Chapman, Kim Charlton, Jeff Cox, Graeme Croxford, Bill and Judy Davies, Don Davy, Norm Deady, Bob Delahoy, Lawrie Foord. Neil Franklin, David Gibb, Bob Grant, Max Guest, John Hallinan, Deric Kennedy, Barry Kilmartin, Serge McIntyre, Orm McLellan, Gary Minton, Phi Nguyen, Bob Nichol, Glynn Parry-Jones, Geoff Perdriau, Louis Perrone, Tom Phillips, Alex Pigdon, Bevyn Ranford, Bruce Sanderson, Gary Stanaway, Wayne Taylor, John Tulen, Neil Warne, Michael Watts, Norm Wheatley, John White, Glenda White, Bill Willocks, Norm Wood ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA



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(Entrance Mount Dandenong Road) the St Patrick’s Day luncheon, Email or telephone David Knuckey (9551 0414) or Neville Pearson (9802 0187) if you have not responded and wish to attend


Ron Adams Secretary