ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)



President Neville Pearson welcomed 53 guests that included our guest speaker Claire Hausler Head of Estate Planning ANZ Trustees who introduced her colleagues Julie Toop Head of Business Services and Legal and Rabia Javed, Lawyer Estate Planning. There were six of our lady members present and those not seen for a while or returning from holidays were  Helen Felsted, John Fogden, Lawton Graham, Hedley Ham, John Hawkins, Dorothy Hayes, Ken Lee, John Osborne,  Allen Thorp, Paul Tovey, Andrew and Elizabeth Turner.


Eric and Wendy Black ,John Brown, Geoff Burton, Diane Costigan, Kerry Crawford , John Duke, Col Edwards, Keith Emmett, Ray Gill, Roy Harper, Frank Hatfield,  Bernadette and Wayne Hulbert,  Doug Imrie, Gerry Kennedy, Bob Lamb, Con La Fauci, Jacqui Luckman, Brian Murdoch, Peter Nyga , Leigh O’Neill, Don Taylor, Bruce Tickell, John Vanselow, Glenda White,  Julie Wilkins


Fastier                         K.G.J.(Ken) 25/7/2011                    88 years

Ken enlisted in the Australian Army in December 1941 but left in December 1942 to enlist in the Royal Australian Air Force and served in Europe until being discharged as a Warrant Officer in the 14 Aircrew Holding Unit in January 1946.

Robertson                   F.A.S.(Frank) 20/7/2011                    102 years

Frank enlisted in the Australian Army in March 1942 and when discharged in September 1945 was a Private in 7 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps.

Short                           John J.C.(Jack) 27/7/2011                    99 years

Jack enlisted in the Australian Army in July 1940 and on discharge in September 1945 was a Sergeant in 5 Australian AA Ops Room Type B AIF. Jack served in the Middle East in an Anti Aircraft Unit and then the unit moved to the Pacific and fought in the Battle of Milne Bay. For 40years Jack played a leading role in the Gilbert Sullivan Society in Melbourne. He was also involved with Legacy and a member of his Lodge for 70 years. He quit cycling at 93 and at 97 had to give up the daily walks of between 5-10 kilometres. During his career with ES&A he served in Darwin in the 1950s, managed Mentone and retired as Manager of Ascot Vale and was an active member of ANZROC. He was a member of the Banks Rowing Club for more than eighty years.

Members stood for a few moment silence in remembrance of Ken, Frank and Jack and our condolences are sent to members of family and friends.

18th August 2011 marked the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and being Vietnam Veterans Day our member Brian Christensen recited the Ode of Remembrance and members stood for a moment’s silence.

During the month Ken Fitzgerald advised me of the death of Maurie Dear who worked in Pensions and Nominees with Ken and Lawrie Foord advised me of the death of Russell Hansen who worked with Lawrie in 388 Collins Street. Maurie and Russell would be remembered by many of our members and our condolences are sent to their family and friends.



The following Honorary members will be enjoying a birthday during August and we pass on congratulations from our members for your birthdays:

Henry Barker (82),Bruce Campbell (90), Frank Donovan (89), Muriel Drummond, Frank Edwards (83), Ken Fitzgerald (83),  John Glasson (89), Cliff Griggs (86), June Hoskin, Mike Kennedy (82), Ken Lee (82), Doug Long (87),Robert McAsey (84), Orm McLellan (86), Reg Nicolson (80), Alwyn Ward (87), Tony Watt (82).


From 1/8/2011             less than $20,000         3.08%

greater than $20,000    3.95%


Claire Hausler Head of Estate Planning at ANZ Trustees outlined the services offered by ANZ Trustees focussing on estate planning, philanthropic solutions, estate administration and personal trusts and investment management services. Claire outlined what to do about the pieces in the estate planning puzzle which included treatment of wills, family trusts, superannuation, powers of attorney, threats that need to be resolved and the actions required to protect the family estate. For information if you want to contact ANZ Trustees the website is and in the “search for” segment just type “anz trustees” or for help call Ron Adams on 98210444.  Claire also said that ANZ Trustees are represented in all States and have people willing to make similar presentations to interstate members. The session was well received by members and Claire stayed to respond to a list of questions raised. President Neville Pearson always ready with a well crafted poem  summed up the presentation succinctly when he closed the meeting on “where there’s a will there’s a way and the way is ANZ Trustees”.



To date around 55 members and partners have indicated they will be attending the luncheon with the majority travelling by train

Should you wish to utilize the seniors free “V” Line travel option, please remember to organise your ticket in advance. This can be arranged now by taking your Pensioner or Seniors Free “V” Line travel vouchers to a manned railway station, where a return booking for the 10.00am train to Geelong can be made and tickets issued. It is suggested that you book on the return 3.29pm Geelong to Melbourne train at the same time

It is proposed that we meet at the “V” Line Country Platforms at Southern Cross (Spencer Street) Railway Station at around 9.30am/9.40am where we plan to board the 10.00am Melbourne to Geelong Train. “V” line have advised they will reserve an area for us on the 10.00am train and David and Glen Knuckey, Cheryl and myself will be there early .It is advised that widows/widowers are warmly welcome to join us on any of these social club activities as we do appreciate the contribution our partners made to our careers and the friendships made during such times. If any late comers wish to join the group please contact either David Knuckey (ph: 9551 0414) or myself (Neville Pearson 9802 0187)



Due to the demand for copies of the History and thanks to the hard work of Eamon Veaney in placing the information on the ANZ ROC Web Site ( ) the information is there for all to see (providing you have access to a computer facility) .I (hopefully) have photo copied and posted copies to all those members who advised that they did not have a computer facility. If I missed anyone, I do apologise and if you contact me at home on 9802 0187 I will ensure a copy is run off and forwarded. The advantage of the website is that we are continually able to include new photos and the site boasts a copy of the 1954 Inaugural VAFA, ANZ “D Grade” Team



Ian Bell emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card and reports he is still enjoying life in Bendigo. He had a health set back during the year which resulted in a series of visits to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Bendigo. They were very caring and that meant he did not have to travel to Melbourne for the treatment. He is feeling good again and getting back to normal.

Bruce Campbell sends his thanks for the card he has received on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Bruce still likes reading about the activities of his former colleagues in the Bank as it brings back many happy memories.

Rae Collins writing on his 91st says its 35 years since he retired but he keeps well and is fit for his age. He still meets his mates Wal McGillivray, Neil Sharman and Norm and Betty Wood regularly at his local RSL Club. Rae enjoyed his birthday celebrations with family and friends at the Kooyong Tennis Club where he has been a member for 63 years and while no longer a player still uses the venue socially.

Eric Dickson writes that he appreciates the birthday greetings from Kathy Trace which came with a personal note for his 80th.Eric enjoys keeping up to date with the news of colleagues and he reports that he and wife Jan continue to enjoy good health. They have recently returned after 7 weeks overseas flying to Vienna then on to a bus tour of Eastern Europe that included Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and other cities which they really enjoyed. They rested for a week in Barcelona and then set off on a cruise from there to Paris where Eric celebrated his 80th. Following breaks in Paris and Dubai they returned home to the cold weather. He can’t wait for the next trip.

Frank Edwards emails that it's marvellous how the birthdays keep on coming around - and long may it continue. Frank and wife Mavis spent their birthdays in Malaysia - a few days each in Penang, Malacca and Singapore, sampling the local culture, transport, grub and beverages. They are back in Melbourne and slowly getting back to normal enjoying the cooler air and lamb chops for dinner.

Dawn Ellis widow of the late Jack Ellis writes that she appreciates reading the monthly newsletter .Since Jack’s passing Dawn has remained in Wodonga and keeps active with occasional game of golf. She sees Geoff Burton from time to time who always has ANZ news.

Keith Emmett emailing thanks for the birthday card which arrived in good time for his 87th birthday, celebrated with friends with dinner at Box Hill R.S.L .Keith and partner Kay have just returned from a trip to the McDonald ranges which they both enjoyed. The gorge was attempted at Katherine, but the walk between had to be abandoned because of trouble with their legs. Three days at the Travelodge at Katherine sitting around the pool was a peaceful finish to the holiday to top it all off, before returning by air through Brisbane.

Margaret Fastier widow of Ken Fastier thanked members for the Retired Officers ' Club notice in the paper .Ken had been very ill for a long time.

Phil Goodier emails his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 67th. This year he was involved with the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron where fishing trips to Orbost and Timboon inlet were organised .The fishing has been very good with King George Whiting fishing mainly in Westernport Bay where he  enjoys fishing in  some of the more isolated parts .Then there is the annual snapper season off Beaumaris which was excellent last summer .A number of ANZROC members  including Ian Davies and Ray Pietsch helped ' the oldies ' by putting on a fish night at the Beaumaris Bowling club and fed approx 140 people . The annual fishing trip to Baird Bay near Streaky Bay in South Australia was a great success with large green sea gar and whiting the main catch. The fishermen didn’t see another boat for the week they were in the Bay! Phil and his wife and four friends made during his term in the ANZ in Darwin in 1969 to 1971, travelled on the MV Trinity Bay, the cargo and limited passenger boat leaving from Cairns with their four wheel drives on the deck and they were able to spend time at Horn Island and Thursday Island finally disembarking at Seise for an extensive tour of Cape Yorke with one of the party who was the Head Ranger for Cape Yorke for many years. During the year they also had several trips to Yorke Peninsula in South Australia that were always enjoyable eating the Cornish pasties and ' polony' from Moonta and then visiting  the Peninsula from his sister's farm near Maitland.  To finish the year’s travels they spent a few weeks in the Philippines where their son David is stationed. Mixing with their son’s friends was not on the normal tourist route. An amazing place which to Phil didn’t show any signs of the GFC??!!

John Hudgson received the most welcome birthday card and he celebrated the day with an enjoyable meal at home with the family. John and wife Ann were in the midst of final planning and inventory checking etc for an APT tour they were joining from Darwin to Broome. They will catch up with his cousin in Darwin so they are really looking forward to the trip. John and Ann are hoping to meet up with ANZROC colleagues on the train and at lunch in Geelong.

Bill Jackson emails thanks to ANZROC for the birthday wishes .Bill thoroughly enjoyed his

Birthday – starting with the ANZROC card followed by his whole family calling at home that

morning with  a cake to celebrate after which he spent the afternoon with their  very good friends

Brian and Noelle Christensen watching and cheering on the Albert Park (ANZ Bank) Football

club boys as  they battled it out on the field. A couple of nice reds with Brian and Noelle after the

game to finish the day off - perfect. Bill hopes to make a meeting soon to catch up with


Ken Lee has been holidaying in Queensland but was able to attend the August meeting in

Melbourne to catch up with members. Life has changed significantly as a result of a change of

job role for Bowls Victoria. With the changed boundaries coming into being, effective 01 July,

Ken was elected to the position of chairman of the Northern Gateway Bowls Region. It’s

different to being secretary of RVBA Group 10.for the past 11 years. At least he can now attend

some lunches.

John McConnell sends thanks for the birthday wishes and says he always enjoys reading the

Newsletter and keeping up with the exploits of former colleagues.

Godfrey Mills reports that our birthday card as ever arrived precisely on due date. For some

obscure reason this prompted Godfrey  to think back to the dreaded old ANZ "List of Irregular

Accounts"  that rarely reached its destination on time. Godfrey’s days in competitive motor

sport have virtually ceased but he still goes on occasional organised club runs in the much-loved

MGB. His consuming passion for some time has been Lapidary. Godfrey joined the Nunawading

club 2 years ago and has completed courses in Cabochon Cutting, Basic Jewellery Making,

Silversmithing and Enamelling. Faceting is the next target. Generally he spends two days a

week at the club but at home the garage has been re-jigged to accommodate grinders, a diamond

cutting wheel and a  variety of polishing wheels and discs. Godfrey and his wife were able to

bring home a fair quantity of “rough stones” after a recent visit to China and Hong Kong.

He looked, with some envy, at a lot of Jade but the price of the good stuff was absolutely

prohibitive. Latest move is to branch out from basic cabochon cutting to creating larger items

that will  be displayed at the local library and elsewhere later this year.

Brian Murdoch sends his appreciation for the birthday greetings delivered by John Vanselow on

the occasion of his 80th.Family, Bank friends, Probus members and golfing mates (75 in all)

celebrated at Yarra Yarra Golf Club. Thanks were  also extended to President Neville Pearson for

his poem “Ode to Brian Murdoch” taken to the celebrations  by John Vanselow.

Coralie O’Donahoo writing from Noosa Heads says thanks for the birthday wishes. She spent the evening with friends at a Mooloolaba restaurant. Coralie also enjoyed a holiday in Hawaii a few months ago.

Barry Reid emails his thanks for the birthday card sent by Kathy Trace who is deputising for John Vanselow. Barry says he is pleased that John’s recovery back to good health has been faster than expected …. You can’t keep a good man down for too long.

Neil Sharman sends thanks for the birthday card on his 75th birthday and says the best wishes he receives each year are always a pleasure to receive.

Kevin Smyth emails sincere thanks to Kathy and the club for the wishes expressed on joining the honorary ranks. The day was celebrated at home with all the family including the boy friends of the granddaughters and the catering was organised by the eldest daughter.

Bernie Sowersby emailing on his 81st says that unfortunately illness has curtailed his activities, however being still able to get about he hopes to attend a meeting in the not too distant future.

Mark Stankovich sent his thanks for the birthday wishes for his recent birthday as usual arriving on time and Mark had a great day celebrating with his whole family.

Keith Taylor writing on his 83rd says he enjoys reading the Newsletter and catching up on the activities and health of his former workmates.

John Vanselow reports that the specialist at Frankston Hospital is very pleased with his progress and has instructed Rehab to remove all precautions. His crutch is now only for crowd control. He may be able to attend ANZROC meetings again in September/October.

Kath Walsh emails thanks for her birthday greeting. She does enjoy receiving the Newsletter and keeping up with what is happening.

Norm Wood emails to express appreciation for the ever-reliable card which once again arrived on the button on his 85th birthday.

AND Will Bailey, Clive Bayley, Kelvin Dickinson, Frank Donovan,  Ray Gill, Lawton Graham,  Steve Kotaidis, Cathie Mackiggan, Ian Marchant, Phil McBean, Orm McLellan, Serge Nayna, Peter Nielipowiec, Kevin O’Neill,  Sudipto Pal, Bill Schouten, Peter Westaway,




Subscriptions for ANZROC membership for 2011/2012 are now due and payments can be made in favour of ANZROC and sent to our Treasurer John Def Brown, PO Box 4056, Burwood East 3151, Phone 98021810. (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The separate advice for renewal of subscriptions follows and you will note that the subscriptions have increased to $20.00 for Metropolitan members and $10.00 for Country and Interstate members. The increases will be submitted for members’ ratification at our AGM on 10th November 2011 as outlined in our newsletter of 17th February and these comments are repeated again as a reminder to members of the reasons for increasing the subscriptions:


A projected budget outlook covering the 2011 and 2012 budget years has been prepared for the committee. The position is such that at our present rate of expenditure we will have significant budget deficits into the future. Unless action is taken, this will undermine the Club’s strong financial position that has been brought about from past committees under the sound budgetary guidance of Gerry McPherson


The cost of running our 100 Queen Street luncheon meetings, the Christmas Lunch overruns and the cost of compilation and mailing the monthly newsletters have increased markedly and we are considering a range of options such as the possibility of more suburban/country luncheons and greater utilization of the Website

To rectify our budget deficit, the committee has approved in principle, the following recommendations that will be ratified (where necessary) at the Annual General Meeting in November:

  • We increase city membership from $12 per annum to $20 per annum and country membership from $6 per annum to $10 per annum.

Honorary Members please note:  – you do not need to pay any subscription

Note that members can make payments electronically to ANZROC through your internet banking facilities making certain that your personal details in the “payee information” section i.e. Name and Initial are shown so that we can record the receipt as often the funds are received with no details provided…as a failsafe members can send the renewal slip or email to John Brown advising that payment has been made through internet banking.

The ANZROC account details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NAME:           ANZ BANKING GROUP RETIRED OFFICERS’ CLUB                                                                                        (Victoria)

BSB:                                      013 350

ACCOUNT NUMBER:     3064 51947


As a matter of interest the  number of members using the internet for newsletters has stalled at around 650 and if you have access to email let us know and we will be able to send future communications electronically that will reach you within 7 days of our meetings.



Subscriptions are due and payable to ANZROC Vic and can be posted to John Def Brown,

PO Box 4056, Burwood East, Vic 3151, (phone No. 9802 1810 ) to reach John Brown  prior to 31st October 2011.

The Annual Subscription is $20.00 for Metropolitan Members and for Country and Interstate Members the Annual Subscription is $10.00.



………………………………………………………………      $…………..

(Name of member)      Amount enclosed/ or Amount paid to ANZROC account electronically

(Delete whichever category not applicable)

Phone number…………………………………………………

e-mail address…………………………………………………



The current issue of ANZ World is on our web site for your interest.


A new segment has been added to the website “COMMONWEALTH RESPITE AND CARE LINK CENTRES “that are information centres for older people, people with disabilities and those who provide care and services. Centres provide free and confidential information on community aged care, disability and other support services available locally, interstate or anywhere within Australia. Our web site has links to these centres.



We have been advised that Retired Officers who are Staff Club members have access to a number of holiday properties owned by ANZ Staff Club particularly in Queensland and Victoria now available for rental and current rentals are very competitive. You can access the accommodation site on the ANZ Staff Club web site using your Membership Number and password and follow the prompts to arrange the accommodation on the spot.




For Members of ANZ Retired Officer’s Club and their partners the annual golf tournament will be held at the Traralgon Golf Club on Thursday 17 November 2011. Full details and the entry form are attached to this newsletter. You should book early to secure accommodation at the Traralgon Motel where most members will be located.




Thursday 13th October 2011: Healthy Ageing by National Ageing Research Institute on 34th Floor, ANZ 100 Queen Street

Thursday 10th November 2011: Alex Thursby CEO Asia Pacific Europe and America speaking on 34th Floor ANZ 100 Queen Street




If any late comers wish to join the group please contact either David Knuckey (ph: 9551 0414) or Neville Pearson (9802 0187)

Ron Adams