ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

Vale Jack Stewart Respected Honorary Member of ANZROC Victoria aged 86

Andree Stewart-Speeddaughter of our Honorary Member Jack Stewart  emailed “I am very sad to advise that my dear father Jack passed away peacefully at home on 19 March 2022 aged 86 years.

He loved his career at ANZ which spanned 39 years starting out at the age of 16 he loved work and made many  friends. We had a great photo of the Staff at the 350 Collins street Stock Exchange branch at the service .

He also had a great time as relieving officer in country Victoria for a period and often helped out when needed for other duties.

It was funny to hear some of the things he did such as;

  • putting on the footy boots for Katamatite when they were a player short
  • serving behind the bar at a pub where he was staying when the barman called in sick
  • playing the drums one night when the band member couldn’t make it

He was a great sportsman playing, cricket, football, and athletics and was a life member at Mulgrave Football Club.

Jack  also did his  National service in the Australian Navy  at age 18  for 6 months.

He enjoyed reading the newsletters and seeing familiar names. On a personal note for me I worked at ANZ for  12 years and I also fondly remember some of the names I read in the newsletters.

Phil Dunstan was my first manager and I fondly remember.

Paul McKernan, Roy Sloggett, Dieter Telburn, and Stephen Green.”

Our condolences are extended to Andree and her family