ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

ANZROC (Vic) 65th anniversary brochure

John Brown our Membership Officer has put together a brochure celebrating the 65th anniversary of ANZROC (Vic). This describes the creation of the Club through all the mergers and acquisitions which have led to the ANZ Bank today. Bank of Australasia 1835-1951, Union Bank of Australia 1837-1951, English Scottish and Australian bank 1852-1970, Bank of Adelaide 1865-1980, National Mutual Royal Bank 1986-1990.

The brochure was launched at our lunch at Mulgrave Country Club today.

Thanks to Peter Marinick at the ANZ Archive for his assistance in sourcing material for this document.



Please click to see the 65th anniversary brochure of ANZROC (Vic) - 1953-2018