ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

Shark Fin Inn lunch photos

We booked out the ground floor of Shark Fin Inn and had our best attendance of the year with 79 Members and partners turning up for Yum Cha lunch. Whilst it was a bit cramped the food and service was very good and there were some suggestions that we make it an annual event

New members Jenny Buck and Cathy Cartwright were present as was potential new member Jeanette Fleming. In addition to the new members attending for the first time ANZROC members not seen for some months included Clive Bayley, Irene Bettonvil, Viji Dharann, Linda Davidson, Harry Loucas, Jurgen Schnabl, Des Shady, Paul Tovey, Doug Westcott, and having our partners present made for a very pleasant afternoon.

Thanks to Joan Nathan, George Cooper and Geri Macgregor for doing all the admin work to make the lunch run so smoothly.