ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

Yacht cruise opportunity on a Catamaran from Docklands or Queenscliff


An opportunity for Anzroc Members to join a catamaran cruise at a 10% discount. This applies to both private charters (where you charter the vessel for your party’s use - refer details on website) and public tours from Queenscliff (where you purchase a ticket on the day – website to be updated early December with tour dates, destinations and prices).


If any of you have an interest in sailing this may appeal.

Our Anzroc Member Ivan St Clair has put together 2 quite different sailing adventures to take place later this year based in Docklands and early 2019 at Queenscliff.


The information brochures can be accessed by the links below.


Please click to read the Queenscliff yacht cruise information sheet


Please click to read the Docklands teambuilding brochure