ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

Congratulations to Stan Middleton OAM




Anzroc MEMBER Stan Middleton emailed


“On Australia Day this year I was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM). This was for services and support I give my fellow Vietnam Veterans & families. Also, my involvement in a number of charities and organisations in relation to Vietnam. This includes raising substantial funds for our Vietnamese Employees who were at our Australian Base in Vung Tau during the war that did not escape Vietnam when the Communists took over, being on the committee of Water Safety Vietnam, supporting and raising funds for a disabled children’s centre run by a Australian/Vietnamese War Adoptee in Vietnam amongst other things.


I have just finished 8 weeks of radiation (had my cancerous prostate removed in 2016). They thought they got it all, but my PSA levels have started to rise when it shouldn’t. Hopefully the radiation will kill off the activity! Have been given the all clear to travel to Vietnam on 26 March! When I return in early May, I will find out how successful the treatment has been! I have organised tours to Vietnam for Veterans and families (non-profit) in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and now 2019. This one is for 5 weeks and includes 5 days in Cambodia. 39 on tour although some not doing the full tour. 23 are coming again from previous tours & some doing a third!”


On behalf of all ANZROC members the Committee congratulates Stan on his great and well-earned achievement and wish him well with the ongoing work with Vietnam Veterans and their families and the charitable work he continues to do to help the Vietnamese people.


Well done Stan Middleton OAM.

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