ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

RIP David Valentine Respected Member of Anzroc Victoria


We are very sorry to tell you that David died this morning.  You probably know that he had been fighting prostate cancer for many years and his health had been deteriorating over the last few weeks but, in the end, he died peacefully at home this morning and we were with him.

David had a happy and successful life full of things that he enjoyed doing and friends and family with whom he enjoyed sharing those things.  His funeral will be family-only but we are planning a get-together of his friends to celebrate David's life and achievements.  This is likely to be in several weeks' time and once we have fixed the date, we will be in touch again.
We are conscious that we may not have contact details for everyone who was close to David, so please feel free to share the news with anyone who you feel would wish to know.
Best wishes,
Linda, Kaggi and Tina Valentine