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Photos from Golf day at Healesville March 2022

What a great day, .
20 Golfers played in excellent conditions despite some questionable pin placements on the very slow undulating greens.
26 attended the dinner afterwards.
Ladies winner and ntp Linda
Nayna. Runner-up Kathy Shady. Also ntp Jan Leonard.
Mens winner Mike Pearson, runner-up Des Shady.
Ntp Glyn Parry-Jones and Geoff Leonard.
Also celebrated Jenny Garley’s big birthday with a delicious chocolate cake.




Photos from lunch at Steeples Mornington March 2022

Alan Lauder
Anne Wee
Anthony Ponnampalam
Barry King
Bill Swan
Carl Garley
Carole Whiting
Cathy Cartwright
Charlie Wierzbowski
Cheryl Pearson
Chris Burke
David Ross
Deb Elliott
Eamon Veaney ©
Gary Horkings
Geoff Leonard
George Cooper ©
Glyn Parry-Jones
Graeme King ©
Jan Leonard
Jane Low
Janet Parry Jones
Jeanette Fleming
Jenny Buck
Jenny Garley
Jill Ward
John Blampied
John Brown 
John Fogden
Julia Bayer
K Ackerly
Ken Crawford ©
Ken d’Souza 
Ken Pattison ©
Lawrence Cox
Linda Pattison
Linda Vainomae 
Mary Nicolazzo
Neville Pearson
Norris Gale
Peter Chubb
Peter Lambert
Reny Frighetto ©
Rick Kimber
Rose Virgona
Sandra King
Sandy Lauder
Sheryl Heard
Vicky Genius ©



Vale Frank Donovan Respected Honorary Member of ANZROC Victoria on 6/3/2022 aged 99



We were sorry to hear that Frank Donovan passed away aged 99.

Francis Leo Donovan enlisted at Kilmore in November 1943 in the Australian Army and his posting at discharge in July 1946 was Staff Sergeant 135 Aus. Gen TPT Coy.

Our condolences are extended to Frank's family.

Francis Leo

1922 - 2022

Died peacefully in his family home on 6/3/22

Much loved husband of Mary for 41 years. Brother to Alma (dec.), Margaret (dec.), Joan (dec.), Patricia
and Phyllis (dec.). Cherished father of Thomas. Father-in-law to Lara. Adoring grandfather to Oliver, Samuel and Maeve.

A lifetime of fond memories. Rest In Peace.

Funeral Mass for Francis Leo Donovan will be offered at St Patrick’s Catholic Church, 37 Sutherland St, Kilmore on Tuesday March 15, 2022 at 11am.

The funeral will leave at the conclusion of Mass for burial at the Kilmore Catholic Cemetery, 165 Kilmore-Lancefield Rd, Kilmore.

Howard Squires Bamford Funerals


A tribute received from Ken Crawford below :


When Frank finished school, he joined the Union Bank in 1937. This was his mother’s wish- that he should not follow in his father’s career as a farmer which she saw as a hard life. The depression years found him with a heavily reduced income and a very tiring existence.

Frank served with the Army during WW2 and when discharged in 1946 had the rank of Staff Sergeant.

The Union Bank was where Frank’s aunt Margaret worked in the managing director’s office and was able to introduce him the staff inspector.

He began working as the junior at the Russell Street branch, which was opposite the Temperance and General insurance building. He enjoyed working here which was opposite the Post Office where the girls from the T&G building came and went throughout the day. The coming and going of the girls was of great interest to him.

His job as the junior required him to sort out cheques lodged by customers with those drawn on other branches and other banks and prepare them by listing for delivery to the Union Bank head office twice a day. He ran down Collins Street to 351 Collins Street branch with the cheques drawn on other branches and other banks to deliver to the clearing Department.

His first move from Russell Street branch (which later moved to 109 Collins St), was to the Victorian Inspector’s office at 351 Collins Street Melbourne in the Overseas Department.

With the merger of The Bank of Australasia and the Union Bank in 1951 He worked with Max Sandow (representing the Bank of Australasia) and Frank representing the Union Bank of Australia to work together to rewrite all instructions for all tasks.

Having studied Cost Accounting, a Methods Department at Queen Street was established and with Arthur Vale introduced time management to the bank. A trial of 30 branches achieved a savings of $300,000 from reduced staff and improved work practices.

Following his time at Methods Department he worked in branches, Launceston for 2 years, when the merger with the ES&A Bank occurred and retired in 1982 as Area Manager for Moonee Ponds Area.


Steeples Lunch Mornington March 10 List of Acceptances

ANZROC   Meeting Venue Mornington March 10 2022  at Midday
  List of attendees and apologies  updated 09/03/2022
Paid Attendees   Apologies
  Alan Lauder 1 Bernadette Hulbert ©
1 Anne Wee 1 Ann Hudgson
1 Anthony Ponnampalam 1 Frank Hatfield
1 Barry King 1 Geoff Perdriau
  Bill Swan 1 Geri Macgregor 
1 Carl Garley 1 Joan Nathan ©
  Carol Jukes 1 John Hudgson ©
  Carole Whiting 1 John McPhee
1 Cathy Cartwright 1 Lynne McMillan
1 Charlie Wierzbowski 1 Mike Devlin
1 Cheryl Pearson 1 Robin Cates
  Chris Burke 1 Ron Adams©
  David Ross 1 Wayne Hulbert
1 Deb Elliott 1  
1 Eamon Veaney © 1  
1 Gary Horkings 1  
1 Geoff Leonard 1  
1 George Cooper © 1  
1 Glyn Parry-Jones 1  
1 Graeme King © 1  
1 Jan Leonard 1  
1 Jane Low 1  
1 Janet Parry Jones 1  
1 Jeanette Fleming 1  
1 Jenny Buck 1  
1 Jenny Garley 1  
  Jill Ward 1  
1 John Blampied 1  
1 John Brown  1  
1 John Fogden 1  
  Julia Bayer 1  
  K Ackerly 1  
1 Ken Crawford © 1  
  Ken d’Souza  1  
1 Ken Pattison © 1  
1 Lawrence Cox 1  
1 Linda Pattison 1  
  Linda Vainomae  1  
1 Mary Nicolazzo 1  
1 Neville Pearson 1  
1 Norris Gale 1  
1 Peter Chubb 1  
1 Peter Lambert 1  
1 Reny Frighetto © 1  
1 Rick Kimber 1  
  Rose Virgona 1  
1 Sandra King 1  
  Sandy Lauder 1  
  Sheryl Heard 1  
  Vicky Genius © 1  
35   50  

Vale Erwin Jones Respected Honorary Member of ANZROC Victoria aged 85 years


We just received the sad news from Mary Jones ,that her husband  Honorary Member Erwin Jones passed away aged 85 years on 21/12/2021.

Our deepest condolences are extended to Mary and her family.