ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)


President's 38th Annual Report





I am lost for words what can I say

My reign as President ends today

In relinquishing this most honoured throne

My final address will be partly in poem

Now for those who think this is out of line

I trust my apology will be considered fine

Firstly congratulations to John McPhee

Who has taken over the Presidency

On committee John has been a long term resident

And I know he will be a hard working President

Our membership numbers are nine seventy nine

An easy number with which to rhyme

We are delighted to see our lady members increase

A trend we are hoping in the future won’t cease

Birthday card’s to our members are a most welcome treat

When John Vanselow retired Kathy Trace took over this feat

Competent, compassionate and also always on time

Thank you Kathy I always look forward to mine

Peter Pritchard took over the secretary’s role

Like a duck to water he is in full control

The budget was balanced by Treasurer John De F Brown

May be in line for the position in old Canberra Town

We thank Alan Forrest our Auditor supreme

Has checked all our records and pronounced squeaky clean

Functions and outings take a huge time to plan

And this year we have found David Knuckey our man

With wife Glen by his side and Noel Beanland as well

Without exception this year all events went real swell

Gary Mason fulfills one of our most difficult positions

Finding guest speakers from bankers to nutrition’s

The ANZROC website continues to grow

Thanks Eamon and Elina for making it go

Joan Nathan, Gary and Eamon as the Committee for Welfare

Assist to resolve issues for our members with care

Thanks Kevin Mitchell who has been here for years

Master of humour, speeches and of course pouring beers

George Cooper collects at our meetings in true Scottish tradition

Your efforts are shown n our financial position

Col Edwards, John Duke, Con La Fauci, John Stevens

And Debbie who records our members joining and leaving

For Ron Adams I struggled, there are no words that suffice

Fantastic, magnificent, and whilst they are nice

In frustration I decided to go back to the start

And look for a phrase from the bottom of my heart

Ron for all you’ve done thanks, from our members one and all

Who I now ask to stand and applaud, a man who really stands tall



On behalf of our committee and all our members, I convey a very warm welcome and thank you for your attendance here today at our 38th Annual General Meeting.


I particularly thank all our members for their support in attending meetings and functions organised by our hard working committee throughout the year.


I look back on the past two years as President of this wonderful club and it is with a touch of sadness that I present my final President’s Report and complete the two year reign the position embodies .


It has been a period of change, brought on somewhat through matters outside our control and also the desire to broaden our scope to provide a greater presence to our country members as well as the introduction of Member and partner functions.


Of course these functions could not be run without such a hard working and willing committee behind our club. Their only reward being in the enjoyment and benefits our members receive through their efforts


As at 30/9/2012 our membership was 979 compared with 981 last year.  It is most pleasing that 39 new members have joined since last year and we are delighted to welcome you to our midst.

Sadly however, on the other side of the ledger 30 serving members passed away during the year.

It is particularly pleasing that among our new members there is a strong representation of  lady members who have  joined during the year and we sincerely welcome you all and hope this trend will continue



It is with great sadness that 30 members passed away throughout the year and our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving members of their families and friends. They were respectfully remembered with a moments silence during our monthly meetings and representation at funeral services wherever possible. I would like to thank John Duke who continues to ensure deceased members notices are inserted in the daily Herald Sun newspaper.



Financial Statements for the year to 30/9/12 are tabled showing funds on hand of $22,903.63.  This is an excellent turnaround from funds on hand last year of $19,942.68.

Our Treasurer John Brown is to be thanked and commended on the production of the comprehensive treasurer’s reports, cash flow analysis and most particularly his input into our austerity measures to balance our budget.

Thanks also to our Honorary Auditor Alan Forrest and also our lovable Scot George Cooper for lightening our wallets in the collection of our meeting subsidies


We gratefully acknowledge the support of ANZ Global Services and Operations in providing financial assistance to the ROC which defrays the level of membership fees and subsidises functions, including our Christmas Luncheon.

This support by the Bank recognises the past service of retirees and their role in building a foundation which has assisted the ANZ Bank to become so respected on the world financial stage. We believe this support is returned by our members continuing client loyalty to the Bank and our promotion of the ANZ Brand. We encourage this continuing support


Attendance at our meetings this year has been somewhat inconsistent with numbers of members at our 100 Queen Street functions in particular being down


We would greatly appreciate feedback from members relative to the format and location of our meetings as the committee is desirous of presenting an agenda that caters to the vast majority of our member’s wishes


We acknowledge and appreciate the Bank’s provision of meeting facilities for many of these functions.


We have had some excellent speakers over the past year and thanks to Gary Mason for his continuing efforts to unearth speakers of interest for the enjoyment of our members. If members have ideas/contacts with a background/story that would be of interest to our members then please put these suggestions forward to Gary or our committee


The ROC ANZAC Remembrance Luncheon is a most important day on our calendar and thanks once more to Kevin Mitchell who makes this a very special occasion.


The suburban/country luncheon concept, which welcomes ANZROC partners as well as members of the ANZ Ladies Club, has once more been very successful.

The St Patrick’s luncheon in March whilst still well attended was down on numbers from last year

The Greensborough RSL luncheon was also very successful and I am sure that everyone who attended will be eager for us to retain this location also for a future luncheon


The Ballarat Train trip and luncheon was a tremendous day and I am sure the train/lunch concept will remain on the “to do list” for some time.


The Waltzing Matilda luncheon, whilst small on numbers attending, was thoroughly enjoyable with the private function room, food quality and cost being excellent


All these functions take a considerable amount of time and effort to organize and on behalf of all our members, thanks to David and Glenda Knuckey, Kevin Mitchell and Lyn and Les Stevens for organising these respective events.


We were pleased that Mike Smith CEO and other ANZ Executive again attended the luncheon and to Wendy Black for her Toast to The Bank. Mike Smith responded with an enlightening and entertaining insight as to the organizations excellent performance and solidarity at a time when so much of the world’s financial structure was in turmoil


Wendy in proposing the toast to ANZ gave members present a thumbnail sketch of her lifetime in ANZ from childhood as the daughter of a Bank of Australasia Manager growing up in country Victoria through her years in ANZ beginning as a junior officer and rising to Executive Assistant to a number of senior executives in ANZ several of whom were in the audience. Wendy spoke fondly of her marriage to Eric Black who at the time was an Executive in the bank.. Undoubtedly the many anecdotes about her life spent in the banking community were from the heart and members were reminded of their time in the Bank working with colleagues who have become lifelong friends. The toast was acknowledged with enthusiasm.

(Sadly Eric passed away recently and our prayers and thoughts are with Wendy at this sad time)

This function continues to provide a wonderful opportunity for members to come from far and wide and catch up with old acquaintances.


Kathy Trace, ably backed up by Joan Nathan continue the fine tradition set by John Vanselow in achieving an amazing  percentage of cards homing to our members on their actual birthday’s through rain, hail or shine.  We also greatly appreciate our member’s responses which are incorporated into the monthly ANZROC Newsletter and prove so popular with our readers


ANZ Shared Services supports the distribution of our newsletter. Postage and stationery costs are avoided where internet transmission is available, so please let Ron Adams know if you are able to use this medium. I know that the comprehensive ANZROC newsletter is much appreciated by members in hearing about what’s going on and helping to maintain and renew friendships. Our thanks to Ron Adams for presenting the newsletter and the incredible volume of work Ron processes on behalf of our club.  Thanks also go to Debbie Jerkovic of Wirth Words for maintaining the membership register and formatting the newsletter.


The position of Secretary and Newsletter production was split at our previous AGM with Peter Pritchard elected Secretary attending to all the Club Secretarial issues and Ron Adams continuing in the role as Newsletter Editor.

How fortunate our club is to have two such likeable, competent and efficient administrators in these roles and I am personally indebted to Peter and Ron for their help and support throughout my term as President



What a terrific initiative this has been and the usage is slowly but surely increasing. For those members who do not have a computer facility, I encourage you to ask your grandchildren to help you visit and enjoy this wonderful innovation and trip down memory lane looking at the multitude (and growing) selection of photos and information recorded on this site.

Thank you Eamon once more for your time and the dedication you give to this project. We are also appreciative of the many hours of development work undertaken by yourself as well as  the technical assistance, trouble shooting  and support graciously provided by Elina Law.


The Welfare Sub-Committee currently comprises Gary Mason, Eamon Veaney and Joan Nathan

This important initiative is still in the formative stage and is an area of interest I wish to assist with following my term as President. The subcommittee has also assisted the club executive in issues re the Privilege (discount) Package, visitation/communication with our ‘not so well’ members etc



The ANZROC executive has continued to liaise with ANZ Shared Services through Roger Munday and Parik Dhody, our responsible contacts with the Bank. The objective of these meetings is to maintain close contact with the Bank and seek to strengthen the relationship between the Bank and ANZ ROC membership.

These members are also our contact points to address any member Welfare/Privilege Package concerns.

We sincerely thank Roger and Parik for their ongoing support


During the year the Club also organized:

  • Golf and luncheon function at Latrobe Golf course
  • Annual overnight golf /dinner outing at Traralgon
  • Annual Golf/holiday trip to Alzburg Inn at Mansfield.

These events were all well attended and most enjoyable.  Thanks to John Brown, David Woods, Kevin Mitchell and Eamon Veaney for organising these great outings


Your Committee continues to seek ideas to improve the welfare of members and to promote engagement between members and we particularly welcome members input.


It has been a pleasure serving our members as President during the past two years and in particular the committee who have been such a supportive and capable group, without whom we could not provide the range of benefits and functions we all enjoy so much throughout the year.


To all our members, families and friends I wish you a healthy and wonderful Christmas and   New Year and a year to follow full of good health and happiness


Neville Pearson                                                                                                                                                              President

ANZ old photos gallery updated

A couple of photos have been added to the anzroc old photos gallery thanks to Nola Forsyth and Neville Pearson.

If anyone has any other ANZ related old photos they would like to share please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will endeavor to add them to the gallery.

Report and photos from Ballarat Luncheon



A big thanks to the 61 members and partners who travelled to Ballarat for a wonderful day of feasting and catching up at the splendid George Hotel  in Lydiard Street Ballarat. The coolness of the weather  was more than compensated by the warmth of the staff, the company and excellent lunch and wines provided.

The Melbourne entourage travelled on the  “V”Line 10.07am from Southern Cross Station and enjoyed the beautiful country side to Ballarat arriving at 11.37am

It was most pleasing that twelve of our country members and partners joined in the festivities, namely: John and Nanette Calnin, Leigh Davis, Dennis Gerdtz, Peter Harney, Arnold Masters and Jan Masters, Barry and Shirley Reid, Noel Robertson, Roly and Joan Webster
The train travelers departed Ballarat at 3.08pm arriving Melbourne around 5.00pm

Apologies from:  Wendy Black, John Brown, Cedric Cocksedge, Col Edwards, Nola Forsyth, David Gibb, Ray Gill, Erica Hayden, John Hawkins, Ron Horne, Doug Imrie, Graeme King, Con LaFauci, Joan Nathan, Geoff Perdriau, Peter Saville, John Stevens, Eamon Veaney, Jackie Waite, Roger Watkins, Glenda White, Julie Wilkins, David Schunke, Herman Bettonvil, Alan Pearce, Peter Marriott

The attendees stood as a mark of respect in remembrance of Max Davis, Hugh Miles and Peter Oxley, our former colleagues, who sadly passed away since our August Meeting

Special thanks to David and Glen Knuckey and Noel Beanland for a fantastic job of researching and finding this great location and making sure the whole day went off without a hitch

REMINDER THAT OUR “11TH OCTOBER MEETING” IS TO BE HELD AT THE  “WALTZING MATILDA HOTEL, CNR SPRINGVALE AND HEATHERTON ROADS   SPRINGVALE SOUTH. Please contact David Knuckey on email:  “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ” , phone: 9551 0414 or P.O. Box: 242 Dingley 3172
Partners are invited to this luncheon and will be very welcome



Thermomix cooking class with Wolf Damschitz and Janine

THERMOMIX COOKING CLASS with Wolfgang Damschitz August 23rd at Tooronga Village Shopping Centre

A group of 34 ANZROC members and partners enjoyed a great culinary adventure despite the inclement weather that evening with Hostess Janine Babauskis and Host Wolf Damschitz. Janine and her team of assistants joined Wolf and using only the THERMOMIX Kitchen appliance presented a degustation menu that was enjoyed by all present. The THERMOMIX unites the functions of over 10 appliances in one compact unit and Wolf mentioned that these units were successfully introduced to ANZ Bank catering a few years ago when he was in charge of the kitchen. This was our first evening get together for the year and members not seen for a while included Annette and Graeme Baldwin, Ken Crawford and wife Margaret, Graeme King and wife Sandra, David Laing and wife Karen, Andrew and Elizabeth Turner, Doug and Maureen Watson,  Anne Wee and Brian and Noelle Christensen who came with daughter Katherine. Our thanks go to Janine and Wolf for a most enjoyable evening.

Doug Watson and wife Maureen said they enjoyed the cooking function so much and it was great to catch up with Wolf again... Wolf well remembered Doug’s black Saab sports and how badly he parked it in the bank garage!! As Doug said at the meeting we should try and get Wolf to run a sub chapter of ANZROC for food and wine appreciation?



Here are some photos of the lucky participants.