ANZ Retired Officers' Club (VIC)

Letters to the editor

August 2015

Ian Anderson wrote to thank Kathy Trace and ANZROC Committee for his recent birthday card. The last year has been rather chaotic due to Ian and wife Margaret’s change of lifestyle. They moved into an over 55’s retirement village and fortunately it adjoins a golf course. Hopefully they will not have to move again in the near future.

Ian Bell emailed from Bendigo to thank Kathy Trace for birthday wishes which arrived on time as usual. The past year has dragged on a bit with some medical issues, but Ian is still upright and positive about the future. It is always good to hear stories of old work mates.

Bob Burgess emailed to pass on his thanks to the Committee and particularly Kathy Trace for the receipt of yet another Birthday Card. As has been the case with all the other cards received over the years, the timing was impeccable and Kathy does a marvellous job. The proposed changes to the postal service will test her but he is sure she will have it under control.

Bob and wife Marlene, also an ex-banker, are well and preparing for a short break in Fiji to escape the bitter Melbourne weather. They have done a bit of travelling in Bob’s “Troop Carrier" throughout Central and Northern Australia. They also toured Britain with stays in Paris and Rome this time last year and are visiting India and New Zealand in the next 8 months or so.

As with everyone, the newsletter is always awaited with interest and it is great to read the names and adventures of those former workmates with whom one spent the best years of our lives.

Bob will try and get to a meeting in the near future.

David Christie emailed greetings from Wodonga and conveyed his thanks to Kathy Trace and Committee for the recent birthday wishes . The day was spent with family and friends on a pretty informal basis, with a visit to wineries at Rutherglen followed up with visit to Corowa Chocolate factory. All in all a great time was had by all. In the coming week together with wife Imelda they will be spending 10 days in Bendigo helping their daughter moving home, and then attending granddaughter's Deb Ball. Then it will be home for a few days before heading to Gold Coast for a deserved break of 4 weeks. David and Imelda will be home mid September in readiness for another season of pennant bowls and then will be looking forward to attending the Christmas luncheon in December.

John Drummond wrote to thank Secretary Wolf Damschitz and the Committee for the best wishes extended to him on his birthday. He also thanked Kathy Trace for her good work in getting the card to him on the day. John is another member that likes to receive and keep up to date with the newsletter.

Frank Edwards emailed that it's happened again. Yet another birthday and another spot-on performance from Kathy Trace. Many thanks to her and the committee for all of the hard work and also to Eamon for his great work on the Newsletter. The new format is terrific. It's good to be able to keep up with the doings of former colleagues and to think back to those days when we were in the work force - such a long time ago. Good memories.

Teresa Goldsbrough emailed her sincere thanks for the June birthday card which she caught up with on her return from touring Turkey, Croatia, and walking in Austria and Dolomites, Italy.

Don Hoffmann emailed to thank the Committee for the birthday card and best wishes on his 81st. The newsletter is a great point for keeping up with information of old workmates.

John Hudgson emailed a great big thank you to Kathy Trace, the committee and members of ANZROC for his 70th birthday wishes which are greatly appreciated. John had a wonderful day culminating in a most enjoyable dinner with family and friends. It is now over 12 years since he last attended work at ANZ and it really does not feel that long. John is still playing golf at least twice a week and enjoying it. John and wife Ann have made a few short trips around Victoria and into NSW over the past twelve months and attended a number of functions in Charlton (his home town) where it all began with ANZ on 31/1/61.

Mike McKernan emailed his thanks for the birthday card wishing him a happy birthday. It was a great day with the family and grand children especially getting them all together. Seeing the grand children playing together was good fun. Mike and his wife are off to sunny Qld (Trinity Beach) for a few weeks to get away from cold old Melbourne.

Godfrey Mills emailed his thanks to Kathy Trace for her kind words re his 80th birthday. The day was celebrated with wife Nancy and nineteen other immediate family members. Following a splendid seafood lunch they all adjourned to "base camp" in Vermont. After a short recovery period it was announced that a “Piñata" had been set up on the clothesline. It took the form of a one metre reinforced cardboard crocodile filled with sweets. Godfrey was given a flimsy coloured stick to beat it up. The said weapon was ill conceived and totally inadequate for the purpose for which it was designed. To rectify matters he cast it aside. Godfrey then shot the crocodile 3 times with a daisy air gun - an operational relic from his misspent youth. This was a ceremonial rather than effective move so a change of plan was called for. From his cache of illicit explosives he inserted a large “penny bunger" into the croc's mouth. Bingo! the croc exploded scattering lollies all over the place. Universal applause! The remains of the croc were now lying forlornly on the lawn so he felt the need to administer the coup de gras by stabbing it with his cavalry sword and stalking off with the croc firmly impaled and the blade swinging in the breeze. One hopes that D'Artagnan would have been pleased. With demise of "crocodilis pintarus", things calmed down to frenzy and the day ultimately ended on a high note.

Peter Omond emailed his thanks for the birthday card which arrived on the last working day before the birthday. It was a marvellous effort given the postal issues.

Trevor Richards emailed his thanks to ANZROC President, Committee and Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

July 2015


Les Ager emailed to convey to Kathy his sincere thanks for the birthday wishes for the 15th June on his 84th – as always Kathy hit the day “spot on”. Les had a very enjoyable day with family and friends. Les enjoys reading the newsletters to keep up with colleagues and friends.

Anne Blashki writing from Shepparton to thank Kathy Trace for the greetings sent on behalf of ANZROC Committee and members for her birthday. She keeps up with members activities through the newsletter each month.

Terry Brennan emailed his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Club for birthday wishes for 28 June. It was much appreciated.

Gordon Christensen emailed from Highton to thank the Club for the card received for his recent birthday. Gordon said that he and his wife on a cruise between Singapore and Tokyo were playing a deck game called Ring Toss when Gordon noticed a young fellow wearing an Esanda cap and it turned out to be ANZROC member Rino Frigo and his partner Joy. Later in the cruise the Christensen’s caught up with Athol Watkins and his wife also members of ANZROC and residents of Clifton Springs. Gordon said that like Rino he and his wife cannot get enough of Japan and are returning in September to join a cruise from Tokyo to Sydney on the Diamond Princess.

Phil Dunstan emailed to say thanks for the Newsletter which is always welcomed.

Phil would have liked to attend the July meeting at the Mulgrave Country Club but will be in Brisbane at that time catching up with his elder son and the grandchildren. He is however looking forward to some warmer weather as he feels that this is, and will be, a long cold winter. His younger son is currently visiting from Norway where he is now based as a Naval Architect, and it is great to be able to sit over a glass of wine or two and hear of developments in shipping design. Apart from having had an unscheduled trip to hospital recently, when Phil broke his nose, he is keeping well, keeping the daily bike riding going, and enjoying his woodworking hobby together with Car Club involvement.

It is sad to hear of the passing of people with whom Phil has worked and with whom he shared good work ethics and social interaction.

Terry Heenan emailed to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings. Since his major operation for cancer Terry has been informed he is in remission and at the same time he is getting stronger. Terry and wife Mary hope to have a holiday in North Queensland before the end of winter.

Bill Lanigan emailed to say thanks for the birthday card. The last year or so has been busy with the downsize to a townhouse in Ringwood North and particularly the culling of paperwork from his study at the previous house where the family were for 43 years. Bill is looking forward to be able to read the list of names from the banking/insurance records.

Frank Marzin emailed a thank you for the birthday card. It’s almost a year since his retirement and he has been busy working around the house and doing the things he wanted to do while he was at work and did not have the time. Frank has also been away on holidays and has had little time to see colleagues at the Club’s luncheons but hopes to get to a meeting soon.

Sherwin Meerwald emailed thanks to Kathy for the birthday card that was greatly appreciated.

.Sherwin celebrated with family and friends at a luncheon organised by his Sri Lankan Club for its members on the same day. Great music for dancing and a sumptuous lunch. An afternoon to remember.

Ray Murphy emailed after reading the copies of the Bank Staff lists in the Australasian Insurance and Banking Records now posted on the ANZROC web site. He was able to look up branches and find names of managers at the time when he was stationed in the country branches who he considered were truly human looked after staff and were a pleasure to work under such as Gavan Ryan Ballarat East, David Reid 9 Lydiard St Ballarat and Charlie Mowbray Maryborough. “The Scottie” was all about people and the motto”The Bank where service is a tradition” was a blue print for fashioning his years as a Manager based on the best traits of those he had worked under. Many thanks for the Birthday Greetings another year on but sadly his first without Glenyce.

Tom Phillips emailed that the June newsletter included a melancholy note that Ray "Spud" Murphy's wife, Glenyce had passed away. Tom worked with Ray at Dandenong and later in Central Highlands.

Tom Portelli wrote to thank the Committee and members of ANZROC for the good wishes contained in the card he received for his recent birthday with special thanks to Kathy Trace. Tom looks forward to catching up with old friends again at the Christmas luncheon which he had to miss last year.

Joe Romano mailed to say he had received his birthday card and many thanks to all members and especially to Kathy Trace.

Anthea Santos emailed to pass on the new address for her and husband Artur as they have sold up and moved a massive distance of 1.4 kilometres. They have moved to a lovely over 55 retirement village. She is hoping to get to Melbourne one day for a catch up with old friends from the bank. Its 30 yrs since Anthea left the bank and 28 since moving to Sydney, and she does not know where the time has gone. Also a big thank you to the "Birthday Card Fairy” as it’s her birthday and she is sure there will be a card waiting for her when they return from the Sunshine Coast.

Neil Sharman wrote to thank the Club for sending him a birthday card on the occasion of his 79th birthday. Neil is always pleased to receive a card from the ANZROC members.

Rob Smith emailed thanking the Committee very much for the birthday wishes. It beggars belief how with the postal system today the card arrives on time. Life is quite mundane in retirement which is now 15 years. Rob has settled well into Traralgon and look like seeing his days out there. He still enjoys a weekly game of tennis followed by a social coffee. Recently took a trip on the Ghan to Darwin where Rob and his wife spent 5 days accompanied by ANZROC member Bob Irvine and wife Judy. It was a very enjoyable and interesting trip. They also enjoy their 2 weeks in Port Macquarie each year. Rob also catches up with ANZROC member Alex Fowler and wife Helen at odd times.

Lyn Stevens said many thanks for the birthday reminder which arrived on due date as usual. Lyn can now sing “76 Trombones” …scary isn’t it.

Sandra Street reports that she and husband Patrick are looking forward to their Mediterranean cruise next month to get away from the chill.

Miles Tiller wrote to thank Kathy Trace and the committee for the timely birthday card. Miles had an enjoyable day with visits from his children and grandchildren. The past year has had its trials. A fall from a ladder caused a broken bone in his foot and ankle, then a bowel operation followed by two hernia operations. Consequently he has spent some time in and out of hospital which has restricted normal activities. The horizon is looking much brighter now as Miles and wife Betty are looking to a much healthier future.

Kevin Watson emailed a thank you for the birthday wishes on his 86th on June 1. Kevin is travelling pretty well physically but his sight continues its downward passage. However, Kevin still remains pretty active and passes on his best wishes to all of those old friends in Melbourne who might still remember him from the many years he spent in their company.


Helen Bouch, Ron Browne, Jim Christie, Aldo Faella, Darrell Hodges, Harry Loucas, Rod Mann, Kaye Phelps, Tom Phillips, Kevin Quigley,


June 2015

Carole Bancroft emailed to say a big thank you to Kathy Trace and the Retired Officers Club for her Birthday Card in April which as usual was greatly appreciated. It is a huge effort and really a wonderful achievement in maintaining this tradition with ex-staff. So far the year has been fairly uneventful with husband Graham only having one visit to hospital early in the year following a very nasty fall. Thankfully he recovered reasonably quickly and in February they were able to have another most enjoyable visit to New Zealand courtesy of a friend who works with Princess Cruises. Unfortunately adverse weather conditions again prevented them seeing the Fiord lands – don’t know if they will try for a third time as it is doubtful as to whether Graham would be able to manage the travel. At the moment his physical health is relatively stable, however his memory continues to deteriorate and he now needs lots of prompting and reminders to be able to carry out


even fairly simple tasks. Fortunately Carole has wonderful assistance and support from the Alzheimer’s Association which has been of enormous help to them. April saw them meeting up with friends from Adelaide in Port Fairy. They rented a gorgeous little cottage there and spent a lovely week sampling the different restaurants on offer and of course the odd glass of wine or two. Carole and Graham are now back to the usual routine enjoying weekly History class with the local U3A and Carole continues to enjoy her volunteer work with the Peninsular Private Hospital cardio re-habilitation group and when time permits, her embroidery and quilt making.


Ron Browne writing from Avoca Qsld to say thanks for the birthday card reports that he spent much of last year travelling around Australia exploring this vast country.


Brian Day emailed to pass on his sincere thanks to the President, Committee & members of ANZROC, for their kind wishes on his recent birthday. Hard to understand that it is now over a quarter of a century since Brian retired from ANZ and that he is only two years away from honorary membership. Wow where did all those years go. As usual the card arrived "spot on." Thanks Kathy. Brian and wife Julie are travelling to Bali for a couple of weeks at the end of June with all their family and friends to celebrate their son's 50th birthday. Last count there will be a contingent of around 40+. Looking forward to Bali as it is nearly 10 years since they last visited.


Anne Dell widow of ANZROC member Lindsay who passed away in April emailed to say that it was wonderful to see so many of Lindsay’s colleagues at his funeral. Please pass on my thanks to them.


Norm Dibbin emailed on his 82nd to pass on to all concerned his thanks for the birthday card which again arrived on the day-as it has done for the past 26 years. As part of the “Growing Older Mode “ it is nice to sit back and reminisce about some of the great people we met and worked with over the years and some of the things and procedures that were part of our lives and that will never come back. Gone forever are the days of hand written bound ledgers ,hand written statements, blowers, cross casting, stinkers, sealing wax, bank seal, gold scales, press copiers & wet blotting paper, pens, nibs ,ink, no adding machines---- Norm could go on forever. They were great times and he does not think many s “Oldies“ would consider swapping working in those days with now.


Past President and long time committeeman Col Edwards emailed his thanks to the committee for the birthday card which arrived right on the day – no mean feat by Kathy in these uncertain times of mail deliveries. It would have been nice to celebrate in warmer climes, but circumstances dictate that Col does not wander too far from base these days. Thank goodness for all the travel and entertainment that Col and wife Ethel did in recent years. So they had a quiet day – had lunch at a favourite eatery (good) and then on to commence a fresh bout of treatment (not so good, but necessary). Next major milestone will be their 60th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and that will call for a wider celebration with their wonderful family.


Jan Edwards wrote to thank the committee and members for her birthday card. It was nice to receive especially when she was not feeling very well. Jan does miss the ANZ days.


Rino Frigo writes that this year has been quite busy having gone on cruises to Port Lincoln in March then from Sydney to Singapore in April on the Diamond Princess where Rino and partner Joy met John Pape. In Singapore they changed ships embarking on Voyager of the Seas to Tokyo. They had planned to meet Athol Watkins ANZROC member from Clifton Springs and his partner who were cruising on the same ship but with 3,500 passengers Rino had doubts about meeting them. Surprisingly they found each other on the first night at dinner and spent the trip together. On that trip they also met Gordon Christensen and his wife another ANZROC member from Highton who were on another of their around 35 cruise trips. Rino says Tokyo was remarkable and he has never seen a city so clean, cheap, and green with helpful people and not gridlocked with traffic. Mt Fuji and Disneyland were great as was travelling on the bullet train. Rino and Joy have another one planned for August on a round trip from Perth visiting Bangkok and Cambodia but they return to Tokyo next year as they have a lot of yen left over and plan to visit some of the Japanese seaside cities.


Nev Greenway emailed to thank to Kathy Trace and the Committee for the good wishes for his birthday.


Teresa Goldsbrough emailed that she was so pleased to be able to catch up on the news via website and newsletter. She was experiencing the wonders of Turkey in May and in June will be exploring Croatia and Austria, returning home from Italy in July.


Mike Nickell emailed his thanks for recent birthday greeting he received from Kathy Trace on behalf of Club Members. The acknowledgement of these (hopefully recurring occasions) always adds to the celebration and is appreciated very much.2015 held so much promise for Mike and wife Lyn with a 6 week holiday planned, booked and fully paid, comprising 3 weeks self drive in Scotland then a flight to Seville in Spain to join a 26 day “Voyage to Antiquity” finishing in Venice. These plans came dramatically unstuck in February when Mike came off the 3rd step of a ladder onto his head. He woke in emergency at Knox and was discharged 24 hours later apparently shaken and sore but no other obvious effects. Things were good for 3 weeks but some “inappropriate behaviour” became evident and a further CT scan revealed a bleed on the brain. This, Mike is reliably informed is a classic occurrence following head trauma in “the elderly!” Moral for all ROC members of his generation is: “KEEP OFF LADDERS!” Recent outcome is very positive though, follow up scan last week confirmed bleed is receding and Surgeon doesn’t think he will need to intervene, which is most fortunate for Mike. No travel outside the country for 6 months though. They are looking forward to a very quiet winter in Victoria, very thankful that things did not turn out any worse.


Peter Nyga emailed to let us know that another birthday passed his way and punctual as usual was a card from ANZROC. Many thanks to Kathy Trace. On the day, Peter received a very nice surprise when his daughter, who lives in Perth, arrived unexpectedly at the front door. Ten minutes later a close friend also made an impromptu visit. Together they had a wonderful afternoon together. In the evening it was out for a nice Chinese dinner.


Alan Podger emailed to say birthday greetings were again received (on the day of course) with much pleasure.


Allan Richardson emailed from Kyabram to thank the Committee and members for his 75th birthday wishes. Not much has changed over the years still golfing and fishing. Caravanning is now a thing of the past but Allan and his wife still do a few short trips.


Terry Stapleton emailed from Cremorne NSW to thank the Committee for the birthday card, which arrived on the day of his 85th birthday, and the good wishes from the President, the Committee and Members. Another enjoyable year has gone by, all too quickly, for Terry and wife Maureen who both continue to generally enjoy good health....this year their family, who mostly live interstate, gathered in Sydney to celebrate Terry’s birthday and a good time was had by all.


He is still reasonably active mainly in his vegetable garden and with walking and tennis on Sunday mornings. It is a while since Terry worked in Melbourne but sees quite a few names in the Newsletter that he recognizes and to whom he sends best regards.


Geoff Stillman emailed just to record the arrival of his Birthday Card on the exact day, how does Kathy Trace do it!


Norma Thomas writing from Pialba (Qsld) said thanks very much to the Committee and members of ANZROC for the good wishes she received on the occasion of her birthday and it was much appreciated.


June Thompson sent her thanks to the Retired Officers Club for the kind birthday wishes and especially Kathy Trace for her timely attention. June spent the day happily with friends.


Jill Ward emailed a very belated thank you for her birthday card. Jill has been a bit out of sorts lately having a detached retina operation on 31st December at the Eye and Ear Hospital which escalated after an operation in May to remove a cataract on her left eye. Having blurred vision since December controls how she thinks. She is having her right eye operated on in JUNE.


Roger Watkins wrote to send his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee for his 84th birthday card that arrived on the day as usual. Roger misses being able to catch up with colleagues at the ANZROC lunches as his wife’s health does not allow him to leave her on a regular basis for meetings. Their 60th wedding anniversary will be celebrated in July with family which has grown to 4 sons, 14 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren and they have been blessed with their family enjoying good health.


John White emailed to convey his thanks to Kathy Trace for sending birthday wishes from the Club and Committee. John and wife Debby are settling in at their new home at Patterson Lakes but, once again, John finds the garage too small!


AND Marguerite Barnsley, Ian Bell, Anne Dell, Tony Donahue, Ralph Drummond, Noel Harman, Ken Mahar, Lesley Orchard, Tom Phillips, Ray Pietsch, Kathleen Walsh, Russell Ward,



May 2015

Graeme Ainscough was saddened to read of the passing of an ESANDA colleague, our member Lindsay Dell after more than 20 years battling with MS .While Graeme and wife June are not 100 percent fit themselves they have been able to get to a couple of AFL matches this season as June is a Life Member of North Melbourne and Graeme has followed the team since childhood.


Will Bailey emailing says as usual it was a delight to receive the card from Kathy Trace on the exact day. With the proposed changes to mail deliveries it will be difficult for her to maintain her record! However it is the thought that matters. Will and wife Dorothy continue to rack up the years without major interruptions. They still enjoy their place at Noosa Waters and try to use it often. The family enjoy it too. One big change is that Will has sold their boat - it doesn't get enough use. However he still has the fleet of Bristol cars (3) plus the old Roller. Keeping them clean keeps him busy as does the 3 "daily drives" they own. Getting under them is not as easy as it once was, Will’s daughters suggested that he wears a bike helmet to protect the head.


They travelled to the UK last June it was great but airports are not what they once were; perhaps it is time to stay closer to home.


Darryl Bartlett emailed his thanks to Kathy for the birthday greetings, a timely reminder that another year has flown by, some 18 years since Darryl pulled up stumps. Health is OK but as a result of last year’s spinal operation, can only go at one pace, damage to the spinal cord, so he misses playing golf. Darryl and his wife Ronda spent a few weeks on the Gold Coast in March, lucky the weather was good then, also had a week travelling along the Murray to Mildura retracing their honeymoon places and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Darryl and Ronda are flying to Fiji early July for 6 weeks to visit their daughter and family who are now building a home there, so looks as if this will be an annual event health permitting.


Bob Bell emailing from Mollymook sends his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee for their good wishes on his recent birthday. Life at Mollymook continues to be kind to Bob and wife Carolyn as they still manage to play bowls a couple of days a week and Bob also plays golf once


a week. They enjoyed a couple of week’s holiday at Bright, it was his brother’s 90th birthday and it also provided Bob with the opportunity to show his grandchildren where he was brought up.


Lou Bucello writing from Dalmore says thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which arrived on time. He says he seems to be getting slower with each birthday and bending is a problem for which there seems to be no cure but if any member has similar problems talk to Lou on 0418594601 as he is interested in hearing how to deal with his health issue.


Wolf Damschitz emails that he and his wife Pam arrived in France mid April and drove to Cremona and stayed at the most idyllic hotel in the region,, which also has a great restaurant. When you amble around Cremona you feel like any moment Romeo and Juliet will say hello, not withstanding Stradivari, who lived here. Wolf and Pam then drove straight to Pula, which has one of the best preserved Amphitheatres in the world. It is a beautiful place but it must be very painful in the summer season when it gets overrun by tourists though the local beer is great. The next step of their journey is to Zadar, via the Plitvice lakes national park.


Bryden Davis writes to send thanks for the acknowledgement of his 86th birthday in April which arrived on time as usual. Bowls and travel takes up most of his time when not watching his 7 grandchildren in their respective sporting activities, two of which (sisters) are hoping to make the Rio Olympics in diving and long distance running events. At his age Bryden considers each day a bonus.


Don Davy sends his most sincere thanks to the committee for their greetings to Don on the occasion of his 71st birthday. He celebrated firstly with breakfast at Dandenong with his elder daughter and family, then lunch at his sister’s home with family members followed by evening gatherings at Ormond and Carnegie with friends. Don says it was a great time despite him being on a diet. He is thankful for the friendships developed and the knowledge gained during his 33 years of employment with ANZ Bank.


Euan Drumm emailing says while he has not attended any meetings yet but for the last 16 years since he "retired" from ANZ he has been working full time at Swinburne University. Euan still enjoys the newsletter and maybe when he really retires he will come along to a meeting and see if he can bring a few of his contemporaries with whom he still maintains contact and who are not attending.


Vicky Genius emailed her thanks for the birthday card on Friday May 1st. The weather was great so the family went to the Manningham Hotel for lunch followed by coffee and cake on their terrace. Fancy needing shade from the sun at this time of year. On Saturday the 2nd Vicky went to another lunch at the Berwick Inn to mark “International Spondylitis Week” with the Ankylosing Spondylitis Victoria Peer Support Group (Vicky is the Treasurer) .She feels that’s enough birthday lunches for this year. She will see friends and colleagues at the May 14th ANZROC Lunch.


John Harris emailed his sincere thanks to the Committee and Members of the Club for the good wishes for his birthday on Anzac Day. It proved a most enjoyable day celebrated with the family.


John says he and wife Colleen have been confined to within Australia for the past year with their son, daughter in law and their 3 children posted back to Sydney from Singapore mid last year.


Scott and Kylie have enjoyed 15 years offshore and are now happily established back in Sydney with the children enjoying their respective schools. They are fortunate in that their daughter, son in law and their 2 children live in close proximity and help keep John and Colleen busy.


They are both fortunate health wise and continue to enjoy family, events with friends, sport and Rotary.


John Hawkins updating me on his current travel itinerary says that he and wife Helen are about to head off firstly for a 2 night stopover in Dubai then 2 nights in London before joining the Queen Victoria for a 7 day cruise around England and Ireland. Following that a 1 night stopover at Southampton before boarding the Queen Elizabeth for a 14 day cruise visiting France, Germany, Estonia and Russia then Liverpool where the 3 Queens will meet up to celebrate 175 years of the Cunard Line. John and Helen then board the Queen Mary 2 for a 7 day cruise to New


York where they have a 2 night stay before flying home for a rest. Their recent Myanmar river boat cruise was excellent


Graham Heenan emailing from Belmont says thank you for the recent birthday wishes. This last year has involved house renovations which are now almost complete. Upcoming events include Graham and wife Pam’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations with family and friends at Monsalvat in Eltham on Sunday 19th April. All six members of the wedding party plus the priest are still around and will join them at this function. This will be followed by a 31 day trip including Istanbul, a cruise around the Mediterranean (15 days) to Barcelona and followed by stays at Lake Como and Dubai with friends. They will then return home to the “Visa Bill”.


Laurie Holland writing on his 95th says thank you for the good wishes he received for his birthday card and of course the card at Christmas. It is lovely to belong and keep in touch through the newsletters. For Laurie and his wife life is very quiet but they manage, despite minor ailments, to enjoy their retirement.


Barry Kilmartin emailed his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee for the birthday wishes.


Ailsa Mackie phoned to say thank you to Kathy Trace for her birthday wishes which were appreciated. Ailsa says while mobility issues affect her sometimes she is otherwise fit and enjoying her retirement.


David Masters emailing from Echuca says once again Kathy Trace has wreaked marvels with Australia Post to deliver an “On Time” birthday card to him in Echuca. It is really great to be remembered by former workmates most of whom David has not seen since 1982. Life continues at a steady pace having handed over the running of their business to their son and daughter in law. David still has a desk and chair and has been heavily involved with the Defence Department supplying for the Anzac Centenary the required ceremonial equipment. David and wife Glenise are involved locally and also with a charitable organisation for which they are planning to attend the National Chapter meeting in mid April in Canberra. Health wise they as many of our age, have complaints which would be preferable not to have but still allow them to travel overseas on an annual basis. Again, many thanks for the card and he passes on his gratitude to Kathy with whom David worked in Nominees.


Immediate Past President John McPhee emailed to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes he received from Committee and members of ANZROC.


Ray Murphy emailing from Anglesea says it will be great to recapture part of the past as he regularly reads the Australasian Insurance Banking Record monthly which was purchased by ‘the Scottie” to keep up with moves and appointments of Staff.


Maria Natoli emailed many thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee for her birthday card. Maria celebrated the occasion in Sydney with a friend. In the morning they went by ferry to Taronga Zoo, and in the evening attended Handra Opera on the Harbour. The opera "Aida" was spectacular, and they were fortunate that the weather was very kind to them. Had they been in Sydney only a few days later they would have been there during the heavy rain and wild storms. Maria is looking forward to a couple of days in Marysville next month and perhaps a week on the Gold Coast later in the year.


Jill Paterson reading the latest newsletter was most impressed to learn about Ron Pitt who has been awarded the French Legion of Honour. Jill can’t recall if their paths ever crossed but what an honour for Ron, by the French! It was Interesting also to see photos on Eamon’s web site of friends and colleagues wearing their medals. In later years, so many of us (slightly younger) staff members were privileged to work with these people. They are Heroes to all of us and served our country proudly. Jill wishes them all the best for this centenary ANZAC commemoration and continued good health.


Tony Pompilio emailed to say thank you for the birthday card from ANZROC which, as it does every year, arrived on the day of his birthday.


Denis Rice emailed to thank the club for the birthday card received on the day of his birthday.


Les Roberts writing from Portland on his 78th sends his heartfelt thanks for keeping him in touch with ANZROC members through the birthday cards and newsletters. Les is not travelling now but in the past had been able to take 13 cruises including one on board ship from Fremantle with Bob Bamford where they manned the ANZ Bank Shipboard Agency. Most of Les’s time is spent fly tying and he thinks Hedley Ham and Stan Lancaster are devotees. He welcomes calls for information and can supply proven models gratis for both sea and inland fishing. His phone number is 03 55231054. His other main pursuit is playing and singing with a Celtic band and he thinks they improve after an injection of Guinness.


Gregory Scollo emailed to send his thanks for the wonderful thought and wishes for his birthday. It is a privilege to be remembered and faithfully receive, punctually, each year a Happy Birthday card. Looking back it is amazing to note that he has already been retired for over 21 years even though it seems yesterday, and he is now 79 years old. Together with his wife they have been, up to now, very fortunate to enjoy a healthy life, and dividing time between their Melbourne home and their Townsville home. Summer ( five/six months) in Melbourne and winter ( six/seven months) in Townsville, Qsld. where they play lawn bowls at the Bowling Club, enjoying the sun shine and the beautiful beaches, and travelling quite a bit through North Queensland. Social life is wonderful and they spend good times with friends. The weather in winter in Townsville is wonderful and very pleasant always around 26 to 29 centigrade. So, what more do they want! The only thing that they now wish is to continue to have a healthy life and enjoy it while it lasts.


John Taylor emailed his thanks for the kind birthday wishes and a special thankyou to Kathy Trace who once again made sure that the card arrived on time.


Roger Thompson emailed to thank the ANZROC Committee for his birthday greeting card and also for the monthly news letter which Roger reads with much interest. Roger and his wife continue to enjoy hitching up the caravan and touring this great country of ours, although it will be parked for three months later this year as they are heading off to the UK and Europe on his first visit to that part of the world.


Kevin Toohey emailed his thanks for the timely Birthday greetings. Sorry about the belated thank-you but Kevin and wife Maureen have been travelling and are just catching up with all the correspondence and emails.


John Vanselow emailed his thanks to Kathy Trace and Committee for his Birthday Card which was received on the date. The highlight of this period has been John and wife Lois’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. The occasion was magnificently organised by their daughters with family, local and interstate, attending as well as friends from the 1940’s in Frankston and also John and Ann Caudry friends from the early 50’s. John Caudry was with him in Overseas Department when John and Lois were engaged in 1953 and married 1955. Other Executive and Staff following the merger in 1951 who come to mind were:- Ron Ellery, Tom Giles, John Milne, Ron Horne, Kevin Watson, John Holberton, John Salsbury, Henry Stubbs, Earl Butterfield, Ian Lamont, Lindsay Richards, Ray Jenkins, John Whitford and apologies to others John may have overlooked.


As well as many cards from friends John and Lois were surprised to receive congratulations and best wishes from The Queen, Governor-General, Prime Minister, Premier and Local Member. A memorable Anniversary for Lois and John..


AND Bob Grant, Richard Ham, Kevin Livingston, Jim Nicolson, Sudipto Pal, Jake Remyn, Anthea Santos, Philip Simpson, Colin Walton







April 2015

Arty Booth emails from Elliott Heads (Qsld) to express his thanks to Kathy and the committee for his Birthday Card. Like others, he looks forward to the monthly newsletter and reading of the exploits of those who are enjoying the good life in retirement. Not much to report from Bundaberg. They are preparing for the yearly fishing trip to a small van park 100k south of Townsville where they catch up with friends who share their interest in fishing.

Jenny Cooke emails her thanks to Kathy Trace for her recent birthday greetings. It is so nice to receive a card even though we try hard to forget the rising number of years. Although Jenny hasn’t been able to get to meetings, she enjoys reading the monthly newsletter with interesting

notes of trips taken by members, many of whom she worked with. Having sold the house last year, Jenny has been unable to take holidays while the search continues for a new abode. Meanwhile, she is playing golf two or three times a week and walking the dog with a very active early morning group of walkers.

Bob Delahoy writing from Inverloch sends his grateful thanks to Kathy Trace and Peter Pritchard and committee for the 86th birthday wishes. The card certainly made Bob’s day. Bob can’t believe he is as old as that and wonders where the years have gone but he and his wife are enjoying good health and their lifestyle down by the sea. Bob was another who joined the Bank of Australasia in August 1949 commencing at Flinders Way with the Manager A.L.Guyett a member of a well known Western District family and he is proud to have been an A/asia boy. Bob enjoys reading the newsletter as it makes him feel still a part of the Bank that he worked in for 37 years.

John Fairbairn emailing from Yarrawonga says as usual his card arrived spot on the day (marvellous). John reads with interest in newsletters many of his former workmates are still with us and enjoying good health. Great to hear! John regularly sees Maurie Harwood, Peter O'Dwyer and Bruce McKean all of whom are still active in Yarrawonga. He hopes to have opportunity to attend a meeting this year,

George Finnis sends his sincere thanks to the Committee and members of ANZROC for their kind wishes on the occasion of his 79th birthday.

Lawrie Foord sends his many and sincere thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card on behalf of the President and Committee of the Club. Lawrie spent a very pleasant day with his family at a nice restaurant and celebrations continued thereafter at his eldest daughter’s home. He is still enjoying good health – no aches or pains- and is most grateful to be in such condition at his time of life.

Eddie Hassett writes to thank Kathy Trace for his birthday wishes which were appreciated. Eddie said that he turned over 42 year’s membership at Woodlands Golf Club this year and is still on the committee of the Mordialloc Football and Netball Club. Eddie was saddened to read that David Phelps had passed away during the month .David was a top bloke.

Andy Herd emails thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card and on behalf of the members he doesn’t know how she manages to keep on top of it all. All well here and looking forward to another vets season of hockey. In his spare time Andy is a volunteer driver driving the elderly to medical appointments and one of his patient pickups said “getting old is a beggar but no one told us. Then on reflection they didn't live as long’. The person was well in his eighties, rather funny.

Doug Imrie advised that he and wife Trish will be heading west with the caravan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day at Albany, expect to return sometime in August.

Rick Kimber writes to thank the President and Committee and particularly Kathy Trace for the very kind birthday wishes. The card arrived on the day as usual.

Christine Lane emails her thanks to ANZROC for the recent birthday card and wishes.

Christine’s birthday celebrations for this year were very quiet indeed due to being ill over this time. She is to have a “delayed” celebration shortly, whilst up on the farm at Burramine, with extended family members and she is looking forward to a relaxing time in the country.

Christine looks forward to reading the ANZROC newsletter each month to catch-up with the news from those who formed part of her working life at ANZ.

Jack Moyle writes to send his thanks for the birthday card received on his 90th birthday. It was great to celebrate with some of Jack’s family and friends at Kooyong Tennis Club and to speak to his younger son Graeme and granddaughter Saski in London. There is also an array of cards from other friends and well wishers.

Terry Parks reporting from Toora says she notices that the newsletter includes adventures of members. She has had a significant misadventure that may be of interest. Terry continues to be enthralled by the magnificence of her Shire horses, each of which weighs more than a tonne. On Monday 2nd March, notwithstanding that her foal (Toora Binginwarri <“Tom”>) was already on the float, one of their Shire mares, Mingara Marguerite (“Margot”), didn't want to get onto the

float. They were trying to load her to go to the vet for artificial insemination (Terry imports semen from champion European and UK Shire stallions). Margot turned quickly, knocked Terry to the ground, and then galloped over her. Consequently, Terry received a laceration on her right leg from just under the knee to just above the ankle two inches wide, even though she was wearing jeans and long socks. The Shire horse also broke Terry’s right leg below the knee and she was in hospital for 6 days having intravenous antibiotics. The vet arrived to give Margot a sedative just as the ambulance arrived to take Terry away. Before the accident , Tom had tried to jump the foal guard while Margot was refusing to get on the float. He got 3 legs over but his back left leg was still on the other side. Terry and her husband had to demolish the foal guard but couldn't get it out from under the horse completely so Terry still had to lift that leg, while he was still panicking, over the guard which was then at an angle. Tom is only 3 months old but is already more than 14 hands high and weighs about 400kg. Tom calmed down when he was contained in the front of the float but he was in there for ages waiting while Margot carried on about getting on. After the ambulance left with Terry her husband and the vet made the decision to give up trying to load Margot. Terry is now confined to a wheelchair because her arms aren’t strong enough to use crutches properly and she was putting pressure under her arms, risking compression of nerves. Those who remember the Type A that she is will understand that she’d not enjoy being confined to the house.

Gerry McPherson advised that ANZROC member Ron Pitt (92) who in WW11 enlisted in the RAAF and was posted to the RAF Bomber Command where he was a member of a crew flying Lancaster bombers on sorties over Europe has been awarded the French Legion of Honour.

Graeme Randall emails his thanks for the card that he received on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Graeme retired in 1996. After two years of retirement and some extensive travels within Australia, he became a part time teller with ANZ for six years. Graeme enjoyed this work in Acland Street, and the three St. Kilda Road Branches, 594, 376 and 420 St.Kilda

Road. The teller's job was much easier than his earlier teller's job in Bendigo and later in Chapel Street Windsor, Newmarket, Fish Creek, Swan Hill, and Tallangatta. In Bendigo, his home town, two of the gold mines were still operating and ANZ were their bankers. Graeme remembers the gold being brought in. The bank would weigh it, make an advance to the mines by crediting their account and the price of gold was fixed in those days at 3 pound 17/6 ($7.75) an ounce. The lump of impure gold was sewn into a canvas coin bag and sent by registered post to The Royal Mint, William Street, Melbourne. After seven years in Victoria Graeme was then appointed Travel Officer, Hobart, initially for two years, but he stayed for eight years. After many deferments he reluctantly returned to Melbourne at the Bank's insistence. During Graeme’s 45 years with ANZ, he was, on several occasions, attached to the Relieving Staff and visited many Branches in Victoria and Tasmania. Many Branches have since closed, or merged, but the actual building still stands....e.g. 394 Collins Street, 150 Chapel Street Windsor, and 17 Hall Street Newport. Ironically, he also worked in Premises Department in 287 Collins Street .He enjoys reading the monthly news letter, recognising many of the names of former staff.

Geoffrey Sandow writes in response to receiving his birthday greeting from ANZROC and is hopeful that it is the first of many. He sends a thank you to Kathy for sending the card and is appreciative of the work undertaken by her. Being a relatively new member of ANZROC Geoffrey is another who gets a “bit of a buzz” out of reading the letters contained in the Newsletter, particularly from those whom he has directly worked with or those met over his years of service. Reading the letter from Kevin May brought back memories from his Royal Bank Branch days, in particular joining Kevin over a period of Sunday mornings for a jogging session which included running up Gallagher’s Road hill in Glen Waverley. For those who don’t know it, the hill must be one of the steepest in Melbourne. And, they always made it to the top without stopping. Another member he recalls from his Royal Bank Branch days is Sandra Street, who was a regular card playing partner during lunch breaks as well as having the task of typing Geoffrey’s Advance Applications as the senior typist, Eileen Fitzgerald, couldn’t read his writing! Other members whom he has met or read about since joining ANZROC and who worked at Royal Bank Branch at the same time and come to mind include Mike Cooper, Alan Pearce, Ian Anderson, Mike Henry and Ian Lee. Geoffrey is currently working on putting at least one particular memory into print for Gary Mason’s potential humorous stories publication. Geoffrey also indicated that it has been great to attend the meetings and catch up with those he has worked with as well as meeting members not previously known.

Murray Skelton writes to thank ANZROC members for their kind thoughts and wishes on his recent 80th birthday. It is great to receive the card each year and is much appreciated. Murray is still playing and enjoying bowls and at times comes across other retired ANZ friends. Great grandchildren now number 7 and it is getting harder all the time trying to keep up with them. Murray and wife Ann are well settled now in Glengollan Retirement Village in Ferntree Gully and enjoy a different lifestyle. ANZROC member Ian Ewart and wife Pat are also residents in the Village. Ian and Murray played football and cricket against each other in their youth. Pat Ewart and Murray were in the same class at Upwey High School and he had not seen her since 1949.The four now get together regularly and reminisce about the past. Great fun.

Bruce Tickell writes to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday card for his 86th which arrived on cue as intended. The years are steadily rising and he is sometimes amazed that his health on the whole is satisfactory relative to the age. On the subject of old banks when Bruce joined the Bank of Australasia in1945 a condition following 3 years as a supernumeray was that his height was more than or at least 5ft6”. He thinks this requirement was useful if the Bank wanted to ease you out.

Past President John Vanselow emails to advise he will not be attending the April Anzac Remembrance meeting as it is John and wife Lois’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. In addition to their family they have family arriving from Qsld and NSW on that day to celebrate the occasion.

Julie Wilkins emails her thanks to Kathy Trace for sending birthday wishes, and the card arrived on the day. Julie enjoys the newsletter which she reads cover to cover every month and she looks at all the website links .

Peter Williams emailing from Healesville says he really appreciate the good wishes for his birthday and even more as the birthday card arrived on the day. Even more special as it was for Peter’s 60th birthday. As part of his birthday "year" wife Kerrie and Peter are about to embark on a trip to "celebrate" life. Early next month they set off to Singapore, then a cruise to Hong Kong (via Vietnam). After HK they fly to Dubai for a few days to see this new world frontier. Following this they are off to Venice to pick up a Greek island cruise. Peter and Kerrie will really see the new and the old, Then home. It is now over 6 years since he "retired" and Peter says life did not end after ANZ. Still have great memories and great friendships from his days in the bank.


March 2015

Graeme Ainscough reports that he was particularly saddened when he received the February newsletter and he read of the passing of Col Renzow, Neil “Corny” Hamilton and Harry Trefz as he had worked with them during his time in ES&A/ANZ. Graeme met Col in the 50’s when appointed as a Ledger Keeper at ES&A Accounting Centre and Col was a highly regarded Senior Manager in the Clearing Centre for 388 Collins and Royal Bank Branches. Graeme met Corny Hamilton while playing cricket for ES&A team in the Prahran and Southern Districts “A” Competition in 61/62. Graeme said Corny’s bowling was almost unplayable on a matting wicket. ANZROC member Trevor Cookson a great friend of Corny Hamilton was the opening batsman when available for Graeme’s ES&A team and was a prolific hitter of 6’s for the team. Graeme met Harry Trefz when Graeme joined ES&A at Windsor in 1954 and they shared some very interesting and sometimes hilarious experiences .Harry was a good teacher and Graeme learnt

about the banks rules and systems relatively quickly and efficiently.

Graeme’s own health has been patchy with time spent in hospital while wife June has only recently left hospital after surgery and is now undergoing rehabilitation. On a brighter note Graeme’s Cheltenham baseball teams have had a mixed season with the senior team missing the finals but two junior teams featured in the finals. Graeme misses being able to attend the ANZROC meetings and chatting with his colleagues.

Bob and Val Bishop email their thanks again for the delivery of their cards on time for their recent birthdays. They are looking forward to more caravan trips now that Val has just completed a 3 year stint as Lady Captain at Sandhurst Golf Club. Luckily they are both keeping good health. It is always great to catch up with ANZ friends albeit sometimes at funerals.

Joe Busuttil emailing from Inverloch sends his sincere thanks to Kathy Trace, the Committee and members of ANZROC for this year’s birthday greetings. How the years keep rolling on at great speed. Last year saw Joe and his wife spending nine weeks holidaying in Europe, which included a two weeks cruise from the UK visiting Spain and Portugal, two weeks motoring in Southern England catching up with ex work colleagues and associates, with the remainder of the time travelling by train through Italy and Croatia. Not surprising their luggage seems to get heavier as they get older. In November Joe travelled to Thailand, spending time exploring villages in the North, around Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, he missed the Christmas party again last year. Hope to make it this year.

Jim Ebsworthy emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for her great job in sending birthday wishes on Jim’s 79th birthday and indeed the great job she does in doing this for all members.

Saul Eslake reports that he and wife Linda have realized a 30-year aspiration of returning to Tasmania – they acquired a house originally built (by convicts) in the 1830s,in mid-2013, spent the following 18 months having it renovated and extended, and moved in just before Christmas last year. Saul is determined to show that the kind of work he can do can be done from somewhere like Tasmania.

Ray Gill letting me know he will be missing from the March meeting says he will be in Brisbane for a National Meeting of The Australian Veterans and Defence Services Association for which Ray is now the National Vice President.

Wyn Greenwood celebrated his 94th birthday recently and was delighted to receive a card from Kathy, the ANZROC Committee and members. When reminded that it was his birthday, he cheekily responded, “Did you bring me any presents?” This resulted in considerable laughter! Thank goodness daughter Shirley White had brought something! Even though Wyn can hardly speak, he can still remember people and shows an interest in what others are doing. He is very much loved and respected in the Nursing Home at UnitingCare Strathdon, Forest Hill. His wife, Margaret, is also a resident at Strathdon, but lives in the McGarvie Hostel. They are able to see each other about twice a week.

John Harrison reporting from Bega said he and wife Narelle were in SA Echunga/Meadows with their eldest son in October and he took a week off work to drive them through Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges.

John Hawkins reports that it is now the start of the tripping season and he and wife Helen will be touring Myanmar for 12days on a slow boat from Yangon to Mandalay when we are holding our March meting. Hopefully he will see members in April at the ANZC Remembrance meeting.

Martin Hayden emailed a few words about "Corny" Hamilton whose passing we reported in the February Newsletter. If there ever was a nice bloke that worked in the Bank, it would be "Corny".

When Martin joined the E.S. & A. Bank in 1961, he was posted to Clifton Hill Branch, where Corny was the No I Teller. He immediately "took Martin under his wing", protecting him from all the Insurance salesmen who called on new staff in those days trying to sell policies. He was a awesome teller, one of the best Martin has seen, and all the customers loved him. Martin can’t remember “Corny” without a smile on his face and he had a good word for everyone. Put simply, a lovely man.

David Jones emails an overdue note of thanks for the annual birthday card in January. David didn’t respond at the time due to a mishap involving a ladder – suffice to say a broken humerus isn’t funny. Well on the mend now having had a plate and a raft of screws inserted. Trips which involve going through airport scanners are going to be interesting.

Mike Lawrence writes about his time with ANZROC Honorary member Bob Hunter who recently turned 90. Mike worked with Bob at Croydon Branch in 1970 after the merger .Mike has also provided a few stories for Gary Mason’s Anecdotes Book which will be worth a look when the book is published.

Karl Mattingly was delighted to receive ANZROC's birthday wishes and he enjoys the regular newsletter. Since joining ANZROC in 2007, Karl has built his own Internet based risk forecasting business in Melbourne, London and Washington. The development years included working for IARPA in the USA, winning Australian government R&D funding and several patents. A 16 minute TEDx talk he gave in November 2014 in the UK talking about "trust networks" sums the last 7 years up quite well and you can hear it on ... it is dry but bankers and regulators seem to like it. Karl now spends his time working equally between Australia, the UK and the USA where the start-up team are based. Importantly for ANZROC, in a team of almost 30, the youngest team member is 16 and the oldest is now 87 with several in their 70's and 80's amongst the highest performing team members!! Karl and his partner Anne-Louise are based in Melbourne where 5 of 6 children study or work. But they also spend time on the NSW south coast where they also have a place. Because work involves so much travel, they love retreating the NSW coast or to Lord Howe Island whenever possible. Would love to hear from old friends at big blue particularly those that think they still have a talent for risk forecasting and would like to keep their hand in.

Bob Maughan emailing from Perth says please pass on his belated thanks for the Birthday card. Still trying to work out where the 75 years have gone!

David Robinson emailing from Battery Point Tasmania sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for her effort in getting the card to him right on time again . . . the Late Max Bade would be very proud of her ongoing commitment to ANZROC members.

Mavis Ryan writes to thank Kathy Trace so much for her heart warming Christmas and Birthday cards. These cards and the best wishes are sincerely appreciated.

Dick Sanders emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday wishes on time as ever. How strange the mail is these days when he also received a card from a sister in law in Queensland which also took one day and yet a while ago a letter from Glen Waverley took ten days! Dick always looks forward to the monthly newsletter and the doings of members. He was disheartened reading Neville Pearson’s recent Twitter but Neville faces up to adversity as he has always done like a difficult match on the tennis court. Dick was also saddened to hear of the death of Ray Quirk who was his Manager at 446 Little Collins Street – a fine and well respected man.

Dick continues to attend most bi-monthly meetings at the Mulgrave Country Club and looks forward to doing so.

Brian Wrigley sends thanks for his January birthday wishes. All has been well during the year except for the last Saturday in September. Brian and wife Jan went to the Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championship, at Largs in Scotland where he was eventually eliminated from the men’s epee by a Canadian. They then spent some time in London and Paris. Family increased by one bringing the grandchildren total to ten.

Sheila Wylie emailed her thanks for the Birthday Card that she recently received. It was very kind and much appreciated.





February 2015

Murray Abraham writes to thank members of ANZROC for the good wishes for his 89th birthday. Murray says 2014 was forgettable undergoing a spinal operation and suffering two minor strokes but with the assistance of “battery power” he is enjoying golf again. Instead of distilled water he tops up his battery with a scotch or two each evening. Murray is brought back to reality when he visits his GP who welcomes him with “Come in Lazarus”.

Dave Brookman writes from Dromana to express his appreciation for the Christmas card and the thoughts contained therein.

Geoff Christmas says thanks for the birthday wishes but they are coming too quickly. Another busy year started with a guided tour through Japan. Geoff and wife Heather started on the North Island and travelled by fast trains, subway trains, buses, planes, and taxis which was a good experience and allowed them to see the real Japan. They covered many places and had an enjoyable snap shot of Japan, and went down to Ishigaki Island, before finishing with a few days in Tokyo. The experience was wonderful and they would go again if the opportunity arose. They had the usual stint at Coolum Beach for the winter catching up with family and friends and doing a lot of walking for Heather’s adventure later in 2014. Heather was involved in a fund raising adventure for Breast Cancer Network Association, and raised in excess of $9k. The adventure was a journey to China to walk around 45 klm’s on the Great Wall which was a very uplifting experience. This year Geoff and Heather in April will ride in Italy around the lakes encompassing Venice, and finish with a trip to South America and cruise to Antarctica. Once again thanks for the birthday card and the newsletters that bring with them many memories.

Bill Collins emails his thanks for the birthday wishes which would have arrived on time (as usual) except that he had neglected to advise his change of address to ANZROC. Bill and wife Dearne finally faced the inevitable and downsized to an apartment. It was very traumatic for them. Imagine trying to fit the contents of a garage and two sheds in three shelves of a cupboard in an apartment.

John Conn emails his thanks to Kathy Trace and ANZROC for his birthday card.

On his birthday John and wife Linda were spending a fortnight in Gippsland just relaxing and enjoying a time away. Linda is still working 3 days a week so they are somewhat restricted to school holidays, except when she had LSL and they went to Europe for over three months. John and Linda went to Darwin in July to get a little heat, which is always a welcome change from the Melbourne chills.

Neil Franklin emails his thanks for the birthday card received as usual right on time, many thanks to the committee and fellow members of ANZROC. Neil hopes to get to meetings during 2015, as due to health problems work has passed him by and he will have time to spare.

Don Fraser writes to thank ANZROC for the Christmas card and good wishes that arrived recently. Don Misses the meetings very much but at age 90 is not fit enough to attend any more. Don is now a resident in an Aged Care facility in Sunbury.

John Gill emailing from Wodonga sends his thanks to Kathy Trace, President Peter Pritchard and Committee for the 79th Birthday Wishes. John appreciates the work that goes into recording and acknowledging members’ birthdays. He also looks forward to the newsletter which brings back many happy memories of fellow workers, auditors and others whom he had met during his career.

John is fortunate to know a number of ANZROC Retirees in Wodonga and Albury and comes across them regularly. Unfortunately he has been unable to attend the Annual Christmas Party for the past 3 or so years because of other commitments at that time.

Margaret Hall writing for husband Theo Hall said that Theo was delighted to receive his birthday card spot on time from Kathy Trace. Many thanks for all Kathy does as it gives a lot of people extra joy on their birthdays. Margaret was so pleased to meet Kathy and Sandra Joseph at the AGM and she and Theo especially enjoyed the Christmas luncheon.

Bill Halsall emailing from Benalla sends thank Kathy for his birthday card which, as usual, arrived on the due date. Bill sends his regards to all ANZROC members.

Bob Heinemann emails thanks for his birthday card and appreciates the good wishes. In June last Bob and wife Heather went to Europe for seven weeks and undertook a river trip from Budapest to Amsterdam. Then they took the train to Paris to stay with Bob’s daughter and family, did some sailing on the Mediterranean in their boat, and also visited D- Day 6th June sights in the north of France. On landing in Prague last July he discovered he had acquired deep vein thrombosis (dvt) which lay dormant for 6 months and then required treatment that is currently underway.

Brian Henderson emails his thanks to all for the Birthday Wishes. In March Brian and wife Chris flew down to Victoria for his sister’s 50th wedding anniversary and a stop over in Canberra to visit Chris’s son and family before they head off to India on a posting in Chennai. In May they went down to the Gold Coast for a change of pace and see what changes there are as it was some time since last being down there .Caught up with Terry Patton, whom some would know, in Tweed Heads. A most enjoyable week was spent with some friends on their 40 ft catamaran in the Whitsundays in July. They know the area pretty well so they spoilt themselves eating lots of oysters, mud crabs and fish as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery. As Chris’s daughter has moved down to Brisbane they have made a few trips down there including seeing “The King and I “stage show. After 10 years as chairman of their Body Corporate Brian resigned at the Annual Meeting in August He is playing bowls a couple of times a week ,a little bit of genealogy research ,a five km walk a couple of times a week and nothing else really apart from enjoying the climate at home in Hervey Bay.

Bruce Iddles wrote to thank the ANZROC Committee for the birthday wishes received on his special 70th birthday.

Bob Kirkland writes his thanks for the birthday wishes on his 92nd. Bob had just returned from a 6 week cruise with his family from Los Angeles to Miami via the Panama Canal. He thinks that at 92 that may be his last overseas cruise. The newsletters are very much appreciated and Bob looks forward to them even though he does not know many of the members but they are still of great interest.

Brian Knowles emails his thanks for the beautifully timed birthday greeting. Not so easy to achieve at this time of year. Brian, wife Jan, three sons and 4 grandchildren are all in good health and all living in Melbourne right now. Life is pretty good.

Bob Lyon emailing from his home in Fiji sends thanks for the birthday wishes. When Bob retired, he didn’t intend to be still working at this age, but you can’t play golf every day and the boards that he is on keep him on the ball, particularly their new solar company, Sunergise, now in five countries. Still, Bob and wife Helen managed to fit in a bit of travel and have just returned from three weeks in Hawaii. It has been a good summer in Fiji but very hot and while they have been lucky so far, a cyclone is predicted to be just off the coast in early February. Bob and Helen are off to the Ashes again this year, bookended with a trip to Ireland and a Danube river cruise. They get back to Australia three or four times a year, mainly to catch up with Bob’s father Gordon 93 who is also an ANZROC member. It was good to catch up with everyone at the Christmas lunch and he hopes to be there again this year.

Zelda Martin passes on to Kathy her grateful thanks for her Birthday card, received as usual right on the day. What surprises Zelda most is that the other cards manage to arrive a day early or a day late, but Kathy inevitably hits the right date. This year, Zelda’s mobility has been reduced

somewhat due to increasing problems with arthritis and lymph oedema to the extent that travel was confined to shorter trips around Victoria. Playing tourist in one's home state is an interesting experience; it is quite fun finding out what is actually available. She is very glad that, in previous years, she travelled widely both within Australia and overseas.

Noel Matthews emails that it is so good to receive these greetings after a year in which noticeable gaps started emerging in the ranks of friends and relatives. Personally Noel is going well health-wise and in various musical pursuits - writing and teaching, but not doing enough playing. He feels there is still lots to learn and is looking forward to a better 2015.

Kevin May emailing from Paradise Gardens Qsld sends his thanks to Kathy Trace, on cue as always for his birthday card .A fairly familiar year for Kevin and his wife in 2014, with autumn in Hawaii and Christmas in good old Melbourne. Still no place quite like home on the Gold Coast, except the humidity is stifling in February.

Wal McGillivray writes to thank President Peter and members for the kind birthday wishes for his 92nd and Kathy Trace excelled again with the card arriving on the day. Wal also thanks members for the Christmas Card and he has already thanked Neville Pearson in person for this kind gesture for the over 90’s.Wal smiled when he read John Hobbs’s mention of his father being required to guarantee him against defalcation. When Wal joined the Bank of Australasia in 1941 his father also signed as guarantor. Wal was on 3 years probation and had to pay 10 pounds for a Fidelity Insurance bond payable at 2pounds10shillings quarterly. Wal joined the armed forces after paying one instalment and 6 years later when he rejoined the bank after only 2 weeks he received a debit for the outstanding amount. Talking about how things change when Wal was transferred to Foster in 1948 there was an attractive redhead working on the ledgers. When they announce their engagement in 1948 his fiancée Lorna was immediately asked to resign. Wal enjoyed the Christmas luncheon again although there were many familiar faces missing. May it long continue that we can catch up with old friends?

Jock McGregor emails his thanks to ANZROC, with special thanks to Kathy for his Birthday Card. Another year has gone and it seems that in retirement he is getting busier!

Bruce Michell emails his many thanks to Kathy for the birthday greetings as he always appreciates being remembered.

Peter Nyga reports that his South Island, New Zealand trip last October / November was a resounding success. Peter and partner, June, hired a small campervan and toured all over the South Island for 21 days. Their route was anti-clockwise around the island from Christchurch to Christchurch. The campervan was perfect for their frequent stopping, taking yet another photo of a stunning vista, lifestyle. Peter has frequently been asked, "What was the highlight of the trip?" Peter's response is always, "Anywhere where I could see snow-capped mountains - which are in a lot of places on the South Island." Both Peter and June enjoy landscape photography. And what's next? North Island beckons.

John Quirk wishes to thank ANZROC for the birthday card for birthday number 66. As usual it demonstrates a sterling effort by Kathy Trace. On a sad note, John’s father ANZROC member Ray Quirk (92) has been assessed following his stroke and will be placed in Aged Care in the near future. He will continue to enjoy the best available medical support and that of his family. John said that after reading John Hobbs comments in the last Newsletter he asked Ray if he knew of any other surviving Bank of Australasia staff. His memory is obviously still good. Ray told him that both Ron Cashin and Norm Dibbin were “A’asia” staff members. Ray worked with Ron in the ANZ Staff Dept in the early 1950s and with Norm when he opened 594 St.Kilda Road in 1962. So that’s three that we know of with Ray being the oldest of them. Ray joined the Bank of Australasia in 1940 just prior to heading off to WW2. John would be interested to know if there are any other surviving members of the Bank of Australasia staff.

John Stevens Past President and Life member emails his thanks for the birthday greetings he received .John says if he was a cricketer with the score he is on he would be pretty well set.

Sandra Street emails thanks to the ANZROC committee and Kathy Trace in particular for the birthday good wishes. The card arrived right on the dot for her "significant" birthday which is no mean feat these days. Sandra is grateful to be remembered in this manner as she is sure everyone else is too. She was having a bit of a clean-out at home recently and came across some cards from significant birthdays past which brought back some fond memories of people and days gone by in the bank. It's a great family.

Neville Taylor sends his thanks to all at the ANZROC Club for the seasons greeting and for the birthday card for the occasion of his 94th birthday. The work and time involved by all is appreciated each year.

Athol Watkins writing from Clifton Springs on his 78th says thanks to Kathy Trace for reminding him another year has passed, luckily a healthy one. Athol enjoys reading about the travel exploits of familiar names and he and his wife drove to Cairns in 2014 to enjoy the warmth over winter. They have now booked a cruise from Singapore to Tokyo in April which will be nice after quite a busy bowls season.

Eric Williams writing from Warrnambool sends his thanks for the very welcome Christmas card he received from ANZROC Committee members Neville Pearson, Joan Nathan and Kathy Trace. Eric is 94 and says he is fortunately in good health.

Keith Winckles emailed to say thanks for the birthday wishes. The past year Keith has been fairly inactive getting over a knee replacement but is hoping to be a lot more active this year.

Theo Yardley emails his thanks to President Peter, the Committee and Members for birthday wishes from the Victorian Club. Theo’s wife Pat's inability to travel confines them to Sydney so the whole family gathered there for Christmas and most were able to stay on for the birthday - a happy coincidence of events. Best wishes to all.

Lloyd Zegenhagen emailed his thanks to Kathy for her special wishes for his 91st birthday.

The family all had a very good time, with their two daughters returning from overseas for the event, and also numerous family members and friends from interstate as well as Victoria.

A good venue was chosen at a winery in the Yarra Valley, and it was a perfect day. No overseas holidays this year, but they were content with several interstate and local holidays. It is time to do some planning of a more extensive nature which they hope to do in the near future.

December 2014


Vic Ansell emails a ‘thank you' for the birthday greetings sent by the committee via Kathy and received 'on the day' .Vic had a quiet day with wife Lynn and they enjoyed dinner with their daughter and her partner . Vic and Lynn then drove to Bright for a week and had an enjoyable


time. Bright really is a lovely place. Hard to believe Vic has now been out of the Bank for 15 years - he really doesn't know where the time has gone. Vic has very much enjoyed the monthly meetings again this year and it is always interesting to see the names of people he knew and worked with and what they are doing in retirement.


Frank Edwards has recovered from recent surgery and is playing golf again with his Esanda colleague Mark Stankovich.


Brian Farrell writes to send his thanks to the Committee for the birthday wishes he received spot on the day for his 86th birthday. Thanks Kathy Trace. Family members helped him celebrate the occasion and they enjoyed good food and wine but unfortunately he was unable to share due to the effects of recent surgery. Brian says that this will also mean he will miss the Christmas luncheon – the first since retirement- however he hopes to pick it up again next year.


Stephen Green emails his thanks for the recent birthday card, which was waiting for Stephen upon his return from a short birthday break in NSW. He is now almost 18 months into retirement. Stephen and his wife travelled overseas a couple of times in the second half of last year, but this year have stayed firmly rooted at home as they have been kept busy with house renovations and assisting with the affairs of elderly parents.


Charles Griss emails that once again he must apologise for not being able to attend the regular lunches and Christmas celebrations. Seems that lifes activities are sometimes destined to clash. Many thanks for the Birthday Card which was very much welcomed. Good to read all the news about former colleagues.


Frank Hatfield emails his thanks to the Committee and Members of the club for the good wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday. The day was spent very quietly at home with Frank’s wife as their son and daughter and their families were away on holiday and the celebration had to await their return. Although his health has been a bit up and down they have had three short holidays during the year and Frank has been kept busy with the garden and the activities in various clubs.


John Hobbs emails his sincere appreciation to Kathy Trace for her outstanding work in conveying birthday greetings so diligently year by year. The older one gets the more her efforts are appreciated. Talking about getting older it shocks John to realise he is now in his 99th year and has enjoyed 38 years of retirement. Which brings back memories? John started work in an insurance attorney's office in Christchurch, New Zealand in early 1933 on a salary of 25 pounds per annum. In 1934 he applied for a position in the Union Bank of Australia Ltd across the road and started work there on Saturday, 15th December of that year on a princely salary of 65 pounds per annum. John’s boss wanted him to finish up in his establishment on 31st December whereas the manager of the bank wanted John to start work on 1st December. These two men were golfing mates and on the 19th hole they decided without reference to split the difference and make the change on Saturday 15th December. John started work that day at 8 a.m. and finished at 3 p.m. without a lunch break - London mail in and London mail out - thereby missing a tennis match that afternoon and an arranged holiday between Christmas and New Year. John’s father had to act as guarantor against the possibility of him defalcating! Who said times haven’t changed? John could be wrong but he understands he is now the oldest Union Bank member of the Club here in Victoria since Charles Rennie died


Life Member Gerald McPherson emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings


with thanks also to the other Committee Members. Gerald had a great day. His son Bruce and his wife Bodil came all the way from Norway to celebrate the Big 90. Gerald’s daughter Patricia and her husband Peter organised a luncheon for the whole family at the Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley which was exceptional and much enjoyed. The following day they had a BBQ at their home in Pakenham, followed by another BBQ with friends on the Sunday. Gerald received a birthday cake from the Croydon/Yarra Valley Golf Club shaped like a cricket bat with 90 balls on the cake, two cakes from RSL clubs and another from the Essendon Cricket Club as these clubs were so appreciative of the sterling service he has given over the years. All in all he had a most marvellous Birthday and hopes to be around to celebrate a few more yet!


Gerald was also one of the recipients of the Christmas cards sent to our ANZROC members 90 years or over arranged by our Committee members Joan Nathan, Neville Pearson and Kathy Trace and Gerald was most appreciative of the kind thoughts ….very timely over Christmas.


Committeewoman Joan Nathan emails thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card. Joan had a lovely day with family and friends which seemed to stretch the birthday over a couple of weeks.


Joan and husband Ken have had a busy year with a trip to Noosa and one to Broome, Ken working part time, helping with their two grandchildren, and generally enjoying retirement, such a great a stage of their lives.


Geoff Perdriau wishes to thank Kathy Trace for her card and good wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday. After many months of inspecting properties in the western suburbs to be nearer their family Geoff and his wife Margaret have bought an apartment in Williamstown and sold their unit in North Balwyn.


David Phelps would like to thank Kathy Trace for sending him Birthday Wishes for his 79th Birthday. The card was punctual as usual; you do a wonderful job Kathy. David celebrated at home with a very special seafood meal enjoyed by family and friends. David’s health is stable but is in constant revision under Monash Systolic Heart Failure clinic. He was able to attend his daughters wedding in February, although not walking her down the aisle; he managed to hand her over to her husband. David and wife Kaye’s son Bradley took over his father’s duties and even did a Brother and Sister dance, but David managed to deliver the most fantastic speech, which brought the house down, he concluded the speech speaking Fijian, which was so special.


David and Kaye enjoy every day as it comes and do something special every week.


They would like to thank all the committee and send members best wishes and a very Happy and Healthy Christmas


Jim Potter emails that as usual each year he has received the birthday card with best wishes for his 84th thanks to the effort of Kathy Trace, her work is greatly appreciated and Jim had the pleasure to work with Kathy for a short period at Camberwell Branch. Another year has passed and he is fortunate to enjoy good health. Please convey to all the good wishes for the coming festive season


Ray Watson emails thanks for the Birthday card which he received last week – Ray always looks forward to its arrival. Unfortunately he doesn’t get much of a chance to attend events whilst running his own finance broking business, but that will change one day.


AND Kim Charlton, Jim Christie, Saul Eslake, Dennis Gerdtz, Ian Newstead, Debbie van Pelt, Bill Pitman, Margaret Weeks,

November 2014


David Begg writing from Belmont says thanks to President John McPhee and Kathy Trace for their kind birthday wishes .David enjoys getting the newsletters and reading of other people’s activities and he seem to have slowed right down by comparison.

Harry Carrodus emails his thanks to Kathy for his birthday card which, of course, arrived on time. Kathy must be a very well organized person inspecting the birthday list each morning and working out posting arrangements so that the card arrives at the appropriate time. Harry is sure her efforts are very much appreciated by the troops and the birthday list and letters in the Newsletter are a helpful link for Harry to keep in contact with old friends.

Jim Christie emails that while he hasn’t been an active member of the ROC he has always appreciated receiving the Newsletters and the traditional birthday card. This year was no exception so he would belatedly like to say a big thank you. Jim has also been prompted to write to advise members of the passing of Larry Jacka who died recently in Sydney. He was 69. Larry came from Sydney and worked in the old EDP / Methods and Supply Department at South Yarra as a Methods Officer and will be known to many members of the ROC (Vic) as a bit of a larrikin and a master of “one liners”. Following his stint in Methods he returned to Sydney. He joined Rotary and became a very committed Rotarian serving as a District Governor and working on a number of overseas projects. After leaving ANZ he worked with the CBA and was still employed by CBA when he passed away.

Ian Crothers emails to thank the Club for the birthday greetings sent to him recently, as all fellow officers say ' which arrived on the exact day"! It's hard to believe that it is now 16 years since Ian retired.

Kerry Dodds writes from Warrenheip to thank Kathy for her best wishes on his birthday. As Phil Dunstan stated in a recent newsletter it is the only non-bill letter he receives in the mail. Activities this year have been local with a fifth grandchild expected early next year; much activity within the Classic Car Club and of more recent times more stints down at Gateway Caravans in Geelong with Ray Watson.

John Flyger emails that there have been many occasions in recent times when he didn’t think he would reach this particular ‘milestone’ and elevation to the Honorary Member ranks due to bothersome recurring bouts of ill health and more recently requiring a couple of brief spells in hospital. However, John is now back home again and thankfully was able to enjoy this

special birthday celebration in the company of family and special friends at the Frankston RSL.

Bob Grant emails his thanks again to Kathy for the birthday card which arrived on time as usual. This year was Bob’s 75th and it was celebrated with a great lunch with family and friends. He spoke to twin brother Jack on the phone but they were not able to be together this year. All is well in Nelson Bay with no health problems this year. Bob and wife Nell visited the Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo a couple of months ago and it was a great experience. They actually fed a Tiger and had guided tours of the Rhino, Meerkat, Giraffe and Elephant enclosures. It was well worth the effort. Bob is still involved with the local Woodworkers Club (not a Men’s Shed) being the Treasurer and Newsletter editor and is also the Treasurer and a Server at the Anglican Church which happens to be across the road. Bob and Nell still baby sit their grand-daughter Sarah (now 11) so she is keeping them young. Otherwise it is more of the same. They are making the trek to Melbourne during December and Bob is looking forward to attending the Christmas luncheon again this year.

Jack Grant emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the timely receipt of his birthday card for 2014.Jack has had a busy life this year doing bookkeeping for 2 clients plus assisting his daughter set up a new business in South Yarra. Jack also sings in the church choir and with wife Robyn are members of Probus. His feet problems of the past have settled down so hope this continues.

It was sad to attend the funeral of former friend and colleague Leigh O’Neill earlier this year. Jack and Robyn had a great time with Leigh and Pat in their time at 2 Malop Street, Geelong in the 1970’s.It has been a difficult time for them of late as their 42 year old son has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is having chemo at present, which hopefully will give him some additional quality time. Because of this Jack and Robyn are constantly on call looking after their 3 grandchildren and taking David to chemo. They are so glad that they came to Berwick to live 5 years ago as, had they still been in Albury, it would have been very difficult for the family. Despite all this, life has to go on and they have accepted the situation. Jack’s twin brother Bob is coming to visit in December and they are both looking forward to attending the ROC Christmas luncheon to catch up with friends and colleagues.

Peter Harvey reports that when he was involved with the Social Golf club administration from its formation in 1962, to when he left Melbourne for Traralgon in 1974 he gathered records from the Original Minute Book to progressive Committee records. Peter has assembled a three page history of events that may be appropriate for a Website similar to that of the ANZ Football Club. Regards to all former workmates who may be at the AGM.

Mike Henry emails his thanks to Kathy Trace on behalf of ANZROC for his birthday card. Mike spent his birthday this year in Rotorua NZ whilst touring the North Island. He was fortunate also to visit Vietnam earlier in the year and next year is planning a tour of The Netherlands and the mandatory river cruise down the Rhine. Apart from travel, 7 grandchildren, quiz mastering, volunteer driving, gardening, golfing and walking make up a fair portion of his weeks activities.

Kenneth Howell writes to thank Kathy Trace for the good wishes he received for his 87th birthday .The card arrived on the day and is much appreciated. Kenneth has eight beautiful grand children and they make life very worthwhile.

Larry James emails his thanks to Kathy for the recent birthday card which of course arrived on time. Well done. It's always nice to receive it and shows that people care.

Malcolm James emails thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings that arrived while he was in New Zealand accompanying his wife to a business conference. A highlight over the year was a reunion in Adelaide in May of ANZ staff serving in Darwin in 1966-70. Upwards of 20 attended from several States with many reminiscences exchanged during the weekend. The Managers during this period were Ray Quirk succeeded by Denis Humphries, both current ANZROC Vic members, and although they were unable to attend they were remembered and toasted during the Saturday evening function

Bruce Kells emails his thanks responding to the ROC birthday wishes. They say it does not take much to keep someone busy as they get older and Bruce wondered how he found time to go to work. Thanks for the welcome birthday wishes once again. Hope to see friends and colleagues at Christmas.

Kevin Livingston emailing from Rushworth would like to thank the Committee and also Kathy for his Birthday card which is appreciated. The Newsletter is always a good read, and Kevin recently caught up with a few old colleagues at Bruce Webster’s 40 years anniversary surprise party in Shepparton.

John Mangan writing from Kangaroo Flat sends thanks for the best wishes received for his 84th birthday. John was unfortunate to pull his hamstring but is coming good now. He was saddened to read of the passing of Max Wehner and Tony Stutterd with whom he worked back in the days of the Union Bank in 1948/50.

Emilio Moreno emails his thanks to the committee for the kind birthday wishes which in keeping with ANZROC (VIC) standards the card arrived on the day. Emilio spent a quiet and most enjoyable day with his family. Thanks again and Emilio is looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues at our Christmas luncheon

Jim Nicolson emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the card that arrived on the day and a big thank you for the most interesting monthly newsletters

Peter Nyga reports that while the AGM is taking place in Melbourne he will be on his way back from New Zealand (South Island) after a campervan trip throughout the island. All this travelling is like having a job - a job he likes doing very much!

John Osborne writes to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday card and he had a great day with his family to celebrate clocking up 77 years. It has been mainly a healthy year but neck problems throughout winter has only improved recently after concentrated exercise which means he can join friends and colleagues at the Christmas luncheon.

Ray Quirk emails that one of the better known kings of Ancient Britain was “ETHELRED THE UNREADY”. We at ANZROC are fortunate in having a lady watching over our interests. Kathy is our “KATHY THE READY”. Ray’s birthday anniversary fell on a Sunday this year but Kathy would not be deterred. Rather than let the Card arrive a day late she beat the clock and arranged for it to arrive early. Thank you very much Kathy and all of Ray’s ANZROC friends. Life for Ray and wife Meryl continues to be a delight together. They had a holiday in far North Queensland and plan another trip next year, possibly with some extra luxury in deference to the passing of the years. They will both be 92. Life for them is kind. They have had some family health problems but they seem to be turning out OK. Ray has to apologise for his absence from the ANZROC Christmas Lunch in December as he and Meryl will be the guests of their son, John and his wife, Ros, on a short cruise. Ray and Meryl send their best wishes for Christmas to our ANZROC friends and wish all good health for the years ahead

Bevan Roulston writes to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday card and he and his wife spent the day travelling to Rockhampton for a family wedding. They are enjoying full time retirement with plenty of time for recreational cycling and gardening. They have visited family including grandchildren in Christchurch 9 times in the last 10 years and expect that to continue next year.

Allan Ryan reporting from Warragul says thanks for his birthday card that arrived spot on the day. Since Allan’s last report he and his wife have travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia with APT Travel and this year with APT again they went on a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. It was great. Allan’s wife still runs a yoga school and after 19 years of retirement he is still dealing in cattle. They have lived in Warragul for 41 years and he has just about got the place worked out.

Bob Tough emails his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee for the birthday card and wishes. On another note, Bob had the pleasure of working with Kevin Ferns who sadly passed recently. They worked together at Malvern South branch in the early 70,s. In fact Bob and Kevin were involved in an armed hold up at that branch in 1970. This involved a visit to Russell Street and viewing countless books of “Mug Shots”. Kevin was very supportive of his staff and a family man through and through. Bob enjoyed working with him and having a few beers at the Caulfield pub after work on a Friday. He was a feisty manager, especially when talking with the banks administration. Vale Kevin. Best wishes to his wife and family.

Bill Walker emails many thanks to the President, Committee and members for the very kind birthday wishes. Hard to believe that 12months has gone so quickly. Like so many others Bill looks forward to receiving the monthly newsletter and reading of the exploits of former colleagues. Well done to all involved.

Mike Whitmore writes on his 85th to thank Kathy for the birthday wishes which were appreciated and arrived on the dot.

Eric Williams writing from Warrnambool congratulates Kathy Trace on the prompt dispatch of the birthday card to arrive spot on his 94th birthday. Many thanks. Eric says Kathy reminds him of his old friend the late Max Bade who did the “birthdays” many years ago and was always spot on.

At 94 Eric says he is fairly static in his movements these days and does not look like coming to Melbourne for the Christmas lunch in December so he sends his best regards to all his old friends and acquaintances.


Geoff Allman, Annette and Graeme Baldwin, Darryl Bartlett, Bob Bell, Angelo Biviano, Barry Burt, Ian Crothers, Joy Dunn, Neville Elvish, Pierre Farhat, Neil Franklin, Nev Greenway, Hartley Hodgson, Don Huffer, Bill Jackson, Bob Jeffs, Graham Joseph, Peter Keating, Barry King, Gerry Kennedy, Ed Laity. Vito Laruccia, Jock McIntyre, Bruce Michell, Sally Ming, Trevor Mudgway, Ken Pattison, Alan Rutzou, John Saffery, Graham Smyth, Lynne Stevens, James Uren, Frank van Pelt, Michael Sweeney, Kevin Watson, Margaret Weeks, Richard Weekes, Julie Wilkins, Peter Williams, Ronald Williams, John Wilson,


October 2014


Mike Aranha emails his thanks to ANZROC (Vic) and the impeccable timing from Kathy Trace. Mike’s birthday card arrived on time as usual, as they do for all other esteemed members. He has just done a two week tour to Cambodia, which was a wonderful experience. The people there are amazingly calm and friendly, considering the troubles they have experienced in recent times. Mike and his wife have already started planning their next trip to Laos. Very good food, fantastic service, and cold beer – all at a very affordable price .Mike would recommend a visit. The culture and history is so diverse, with the Angkor Wat complex and Tonle Sap (lake) being the highlights of the trip. The former is listed as the Seventh Wonder of the World, whilst the latter is 16000 square km in high water season, though only 2700 square km, in the dry season. Eildon is a pup, at 138.5 square km. Mike worked at M394 at the time he celebrated his twenty first and his ‘boss’ was none other than ANZROC Auditor Alan. K. Forrest .It does not seem that long ago! Good to see Alan still has his good accounting and auditing principles on track. They were a good team Frosty!

Dave Brookman writes from Dromana to express his thanks to the Committee and Kathy Trace in particular for the birthday card for his 91st received recently and as usual right on time. The cards are a means of keeping in touch with the members and it is great that the practice has been maintained over the years.

Geoff Burton emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which once again arrived on the due date. Geoff has been travelling throughout Eastern Australia for a considerable time this year, chasing the better weather. Geoff regularly sees Gai Stuart (widow of that famously known Hector). She keeps good health and now in her mid eighties. Geoff also has regular contact with Arty Booth, and Geoff feels Arty appears to have not changed one bit since retirement.

Muriel Drummond writes to thank the Committee and members and also Kathy for her recent birthday card- always appreciated. Muriel does enjoy catching up with news of former colleagues in the Newsletter and it is nice to see a familiar name pop up.

Phil Dunstan emails that it is again great to receive the newsy ANZROC Newsletter and to catch up with the various activities of familiar names. Many thanks again to Kathy for her right on the ball Birthday Card - it gives a warm feeling to receive a non-bill in the snail mail. It is an unusual occurrence in these days of emails etc. Although it is now some 32 years since Phil left the Bank, after 26 years service, it is good to remember the work ethics and disciplines which he received as a young teenager - those disciplines have enabled him to achieve good personal goals as well as being involved in community activities. With children in Brisbane, Bendigo, and Norway, they have good reasons to be regularly on the move and to maintain their fitness.

Ken Fitzgerald writes from MacLeod to thank Kathy for her thoughtfulness in remembering his 86th birthday. Life has been rather hectic although no holidays or trips but plenty of aches and pains and feeling older with 6 great grand children. He hopes to see friends and colleagues at the Christmas luncheon.

Bruce Gay emails his thanks to the Committee and Kathy for his Birthday card which was received on the day. Bruce and wife Jean have just returned from a short trip to Darwin and some of the top end and he can thoroughly recommend it. They spent a couple of weeks earlier this year in Vanuatu which was also a great experience. Bruce and Jean are planning another trip for next year.

Elaine Haw our latest committeewoman says she won’t be at the October meeting as she will be travelling in Europe. Elaine says it’s a pity that she will miss the talk by Peter Bearsley as she worked with him at Esanda. He is a very inspirational person.

Louis Hebrard emails his thanks to the club for his birthday card. Louis and wife Ann returned from Europe and he was most pleased to receive the card from ANZROC.

Louis had a great birthday in Paris of all places. It was pretty well an all day celebration ending up with dinner at a beautiful restaurant that had been booked from Melbourne by Chris and Libby Procter, who travelled with them. After a few days in Paris they picked up a hire car and motored to the Loire valley and zigzagged leisurely down the west of France, eventually staying a week in Provence. Then they spent a week each to Barcelona and Lisbon by TGV and plane respectively. It was a really enjoyable holiday. Fortunately Louis is keeping fit, well and well occupied with voluntary work, grandchild minding, golf and many other pursuits.

Jack Helisma emails a big thank you to Kathy for faithfully sending the ROC birthday greeting card. Jack hopes it will be his privilege to receive the greeting again next year when he reaches the big 80. Jack and wife Robin are pleased to have been able to tour most parts of the world during his career and since retirement. They had however never visited New Zealand saying they will do this when they are old!! Hence with decreasing mobility and other health issues it was timely to visit New Zealand during March this year. Jack and Robin chose to drive, rather than go on an organised tour, covering approximately 3,500kms in four weeks over both islands. The scenery was stunning, accommodation excellent and the weather good. New Zealand is certainly a beautiful country and now ranks high in their list of favourites. It was saddening to see the damage to the Cathedral, homes, commercial buildings and roads caused by the severe earthquakes and subsequent floods in and around Christchurch. Restoration is expected to take many years. However it was heartening to note people’s resilience and overall positive outlook.

Jack is grateful for the many happy memories of the 40 years with ANZ and the now 20 years of fulfilling retirement life. He was sad to learn of the passing of Bob Goldsworthy whom he succeeded upon Bob’s retirement, as Regional Executive of Northern Region Commercial Banking VIC in 1987. Bob was highly esteemed by the staff and customers.

June Hoskin writes to thank the Committee for remembering her birthday which she enjoyed with a family dinner at a restaurant in Glenferrie Road, Malvern. The thoughtfulness in sending the card was very much appreciated.

Doug Imrie emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card he received upon return from 4 months up north doing the grey nomad winter excursion. Doug and wife Trish managed to enjoy a dinner at the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club with Bruce and Glennis Robertson and our “Treasurer” John & Jan Brown, reminiscing over days gone by. Unfortunately, their Pajero blew the engine just north of Taree, so car and caravan are still coming south on the back of a truck.

Gerry Kennedy reports that 2014 since March has been spent recovering from a complete knee reconstruction after surgery, recovery and now respite care but the operation has been a great success. Gerry still enjoys reading the newsletters.

Maria Malicse just wanted to say thanks for the birthday card and greetings from the ANZROC family. As usual, it arrived in time for her “special day”.

Colin McNamara said he did enjoy the September meeting at the Mulgrave Country Club spent with other ANZROC members, chatting about times past, and he looks forward to joining members again at a future gathering.

Fay McPherson emails her thanks for the Birthday Greetings, with an extra special thank you to Kathy for carrying on the great tradition set by Max and John. Fay’s card arrived right on the dot and was much appreciated. She spent the day quietly at home this year. However, she did receive a call from stepson Bruce and his family, who regaled Fay with a rendition of Happy Birthday from across the world in Norway. Its thirty years next month since Gerry and Fay retired – how quickly time passes when you are having fun!

Dick Milnthorpe emails his thanks for the birthday greeting which is much appreciated, Dick and wife Pat will be going out to lunch to celebrate at a place called Dell Quay on Chichester Harbour. Unfortunately Dick and Pat will not be making their customary migration down under this year, first one they have missed since 1992, due to other commitments, and will have to get their overcoats and snowshoes out! Dick remembers years ago in London Office they had a complaint from a recently arrived Aussie staff member that all the trees had died at his Bank house!! Dick and Pat send best wishes to all their many friends in OZ. lest auld acquaintance be......

Ray Murphy noted with sadness the passing of Stan Goulding advised in the September newsletter. Ray’s memories of Stan go back to 1957 when they attended the Scottie Accountants School 90 Bourke St Branch and following the breakup of same he felt a little woozy .Stan said he would look after Ray as they both lived on the Frankston line …Moorabbin for Ray Stan further on. At Malvern he opened the train door and said see you later he was always the Wag. Others attending that school still popup in dispatches include Norm Wood, Frank Edwards and a young man from State Admin Will Bailey. Stan also played Santa at the Scottie Children’s Xmas Party at Chelsea Beach arriving by Motor Launch...a sight to see. Ray recalls the late Brian Weeks (although from the old country) was a great representative of Administration easy to get to know and a joy to meet in the 80’s at Central Highlands Area functions. It’s great to have memories but sadly as we grow older we lose so many friends.

Maggie Murray writing from Mortlake says thanks to Kathy Trace for her birthday card.

Jill Paterson emails her thanks for the kind thoughts on her birthday that were much appreciated. Jill’s Tuesday line-dancers surprised her with a cake which was unexpected but a lovely thought. On the big day, she saw David Suchet in "The Last Confession" and then she was off to Sydney to see The Mavericks (touring from the U.S.) her favorite group - yet another birthday indulgence. Thanks to Kathy for her remarkable organisation of the birthday cards.

Alan Pearce would like to express his thanks for the greetings on the occasion of his recent 79th birthday. Kathy Trace does an excellent job in getting cards out to members on time each year and Alan would like to express his sincere thanks to her for her great effort. It is greatly appreciated.

Dietmar Reichert emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the timely receipt of his birthday card and best wishes for the 70th!! Reflecting on the years gone by one must acknowledge just how much assistance and co-operation one enjoyed in order to reach the milestones in life. Dietmar made a big point in this regard at the formal celebration of his birthday at the German Club Tivoli in Windsor (Vic). It was great to reflect on the many positives in front of Family and Friends – and in particular the 4 grandchildren. He also recalls fondly the many great times had at ANZ over the years and the support received from many at the time when he needed it! Health and all else is good and Dietmar is still doing some “work” and helping people to stop smoking (and dealing with other issues) if they so desire. Best wishes to all ANZROC members –“value each day”,

Barry Reid emails to thank Kathy Trace for his birthday card and her good wishes for the birthday, which was celebrated with family just prior to heading away in their caravan for a couple of months. They have enjoyed their caravan travels over the past 30 odd years, travelling this year across to Adelaide onto Renmark, spending time at Mildura, Swan Hill and Shepparton with family and friends prior to returning home. Barry and his wife enjoyed having a couple of overseas trips some years ago, and now are hopeful of continuing on with their caravan travels while health permits.

Peter Russell emails that it always amazes him how the ANZROC always arrange for the birthday cards to arrive on exactly the right day! With the many members we now have, this is indeed a great achievement. Thank you for the card and congratulations to all those involved.

The lunch at Mulgrave on 11 September was a great success and enjoyed by all those who attended

Ron Smith emails his thanks for the best wishes received on the occasion of his 86th birthday.

Ron is busy visiting Bunnings to spend Gift Cards, received on the day. He is very fortunate that health is holding up, allowing him to enjoy the good things of life.

John Sudholz emails his thanks to Kathy for the unerring "arrive on the day" ANZROC birthday greeting. He enjoyed a celebratory dinner in Camberwell with family that night and then further celebrations on the following day at the G seeing the Mighty Hawks demolish the Swans.

John and wife Noelene have enjoyed two lovely overseas trips this year. Firstly, three weeks touring Italy and two weeks cruising the Rhone in France from early May. Then, after a quick turnaround, a memorable four weeks in Scandinavia in August. They are so fortunate to be able to undertake such travels.

Peter Treleaven emails his thanks to Kathy for his birthday card which arrived right on the day. Always brings back the memory of having to work back on the Banks annual balance day in the good old days when nearly everything was done manually. Did he say “good” old days!!. Peter says all is well and still playing golf at Latrobe 3 days a week but the group’s numbers are down with the sad loss of John McConnell and Bluey Duguid last year. Peter has been spending a bit of time traveling down memory lane recently spending 2 weeks in Port Vila Vanuatu last year catching up with old friends and their families. Very emotional as it is nearly 40 years since he was Manager there. Peter also sailed on a 35 day cruise around the Pacific visiting islands of Hawaii and Tahiti to places that he went on familiarization trips for ANZ Travel back in the 1960’s. Delightfully not a great deal had changed.

Eamon Veaney had an enjoyable birthday dinner with family and friends at the hot new Collingwood restaurant Le Bon Ton located at the old Glasshouse pub. Great Cajun food and New Orleans blues music.

Doug Watson emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card ….the years go round even faster!!. Doug and wife Maureen dashed off to see their daughter and grandsons in Seattle where their son in law has been head hunted by Amazon to work on a quasi bank strategy. They all want to get into the game! Doug and Maureen then fly to London to celebrate Doug’s mother’s 100th birthday. Sad to be at Brian Weeks farewell celebration of life but good to catch up on old memories with some of the old ANZ team

AND Geoff Christensen, Kelvin Dickinson, Aldo Faella, Geoff Horton, Graeme King, Harry Loucas, Peter Marinick, Peter O’Dwyer, Tony Palmer, Peter R Smith.



August 2014


Ian Bell emailing from Bendigo says thanks again for the birthday wishes which arrived on the day of his 72nd and it does not seem like 17 years since he handed the pen back. Ian looks forward to reading about old workmates in the monthly newsletter and hopes to be well enough to attend the Christmas function later in the year.


Huck Bourke emails his appreciation for his birthday card (65!!) to Kathy. Huck and wife Sandy recently arrived back home after a 6 week trip covering the Canadian Rockies, a cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage, a week in Alaska (not uncommon to see people with holstered pistols on their belts) and a great drive with the golf clubs from Seattle to Palm Springs via the Columbia River Valley, redwood forests in Northern California, Sonoma county wineries, Crater Lake, Yosemite (wow!) and finally Palm Springs (Indian Wells) where they played golf over three


days in 106-110f heat only to return to a good old Melbourne winter – at least the Hawks are still doing ok.


Treasurer John Brown reports that after a few weeks in Brunswick Heads he and wife Jan are then heading to Runaway Bay to stay with ANZROC’s Bruce and Glennis Robertson at Runaway Bay and then a quick trip further north to catch up with family on the Sunshine Coast. Then they will be heading slowly south, staying a couple of weeks firstly on the coast somewhere near Coffs Harbour and then maybe a couple more near Port Macquarie before a quick trip to be home in time to go to the Grand Final.


Don Davy joined Rae Collins at Rae’s 94th birthday celebrations and they enjoyed dinner at Rae’s favourite haunt the East Malvern RSL Club with family and friends. Don says that despite restricted mobility Rae is keeping well in himself and enjoys the company of family and friends.


Frank Edwards emails that it is good to be able to say thanks to Kathy once again for hitting the birthday card delivery right on the button for his 86th. It's good to still be vertical and breathing and in reasonable shape, even if just that little bit slower and always doing the Ronnie Corbett - "What else can I do while I'm down here?" trick. Frank is looking forward to his birthday next August but in between he and wife Mavis are planning another cruise to New Zealand.


Furio Frank emails his thanks for the card to Kathy Trace, as usual received on the day.


He sends his regards to the members.


Phil Goodier emails a thank you to Kathy for birthday greetings on the big 70!! It has been a hectic year! The Northern Territory again beckoned. Phil spent a period out west in the NT Wave Hill way with an old friend drilling for water then back over to the Eastern side on Maroak Station also with old friends catching many barramundi ,shooting and lapping up the warm weather and outback lifestyle. Back to good old Alice Springs for a while staying with ex ANZer Gavin Carpenter. On returning from the NT, Eastern Gippsland was the go fishing at Mallacoota and The Snowy River at Orbost and Marlo however bowls , more fishing and diving took over during summer as well as trips back to Yorke Peninsula chasing blue swimmer crabs and a sailing reunion at Wallaroo.


Spring offered a fortnight sailing a 44 ft Catamaran with son David and others down the Western Malay Peninsula from Phuket (Thailand) to Langkowi (Malaysia) through the Malacca Straits ending up at the Singapore Yacht Club for R & R. Going North again, the beautiful Eastern Malay Peninsula was the best for friendly resorts on tropical islands, deep, clear blue sea and hot, hot and humid days. It was so good diving over to cool off at times sometimes 100 Kms from the coast. The trip was not without incidents including experiencing the scary tropical storms called locally ' Sumatra’s'. The end destination was the very pleasant Koh Samui (Thailand). On return, the annual Shark Bay fishing trip with ANZers Bob Parsons, Karl Mizens and Peter (Capt Bligh) Bramwell was enjoyed.


Phil is now grounded until after daughter Jacqueline's wedding in September so bowls at Beaumaris Bowls Club with ex ANZers Ian Davies, Ray Pietsch and David Moffatt who are also members. Guess a little fishing over the winter will have to fit in with duties at the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Club.


Meryl Hallinan reports that she has been visiting family in Darwin for the past five weeks and really enjoyed the warm weather plus seeing her great granddaughters Mia and Bailey (born June 9th).


Don Hoffman emails his thanks for the birthday card and good wishes on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The years continue to pass quickly but thankfully Don still enjoys good health and remains active through lawn bowls, daily walks, gardening and Probus Club activities. Don spent the day having a celebratory lunch with wife Jan among 33 family and long time friends – couldn’t have enjoyed it more.


John Hudgson emails that the Birthday card arrived on the day and a big thankyou to Kathy and the committee - it is always great to receive the card from ANZROC. John and wife Ann were treated to a great night by the family. Fortunately they keep pretty good health but can’t believe another year has gone. John and Ann haven’t drifted far this past 12 months but have made several short weekend trips which they have enjoyed and have been kept busy with volunteering and John with golf (still trying to play the game) .They look forward to receiving the Newsletter and reading about their work colleagues.


Wayne Hulbert emails his thanks to Kathy for the Birthday Card he received recently. Kathy’s efforts are very much appreciated. Wayne and wife Bernadette have just returned from a quick trip over the Simpson Desert in their four wheel drive with offroad camper where they attended a concert on the biggest sand dune in the Simpson named Big Red. Big Red is about 35klm’s from Birdsville so it was an amazing place to hold a concert. The concert was held as a follow on to the Big Red Run which raises funds for Type 1 diabetes. Next trip will be Fraser Island in a few months time.


Peter Jones emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the good wishes on his 82nd birthday. Peter had a great day and an evening meal with family.


Serge McIntyre writes to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday card. For a change Serge and the family were at home this time as for several previous years they were away overseas when the card arrived.


Godfrey Mills emails his thanks for the card. Godfrey and wife Nancy have just returned from a few weeks in Japan. What a fascinating place. Godfrey wants a Shinkansen Bullet Train for Christmas. They found the language barrier a bit of a problem outside the major cities but fortunately they do have a Japanese acquaintance, a doctor at Hiroshima City Hospital. He speaks pretty good English and helped out a lot. Godfrey and Nancy came home via Hong Kong. Compared to a few years ago it is even more overcrowded, if that is possible. They managed to buy some lapidary equipment but could not find any worthwhile uncut semi precious stones. That was disappointing. In retrospect perhaps they should have gone to South Korea in lieu of Hong Kong: that was the original plan. As Godfrey recalls after they got home he looked through the June Newsletter where he saw Terry Stapleton’s name mentioned. Earlier this year Godfrey and Nancy were in Wollongong NSW visiting relatives and long time friends. He was reminded of the days when he worked with Terry at Wollongong [C&K] branch under the watchful eye of the late Harry Nichols James. They subsequently worked together again at 394 Collins St {GMO Lending]. Glad to hear that Terry and wife Maureen are fit and well.


Bernard O'Reilly emails firstly and again congratulations to Kathy with his birthday card arriving on the day which was celebrated with a family dinner. Bernard and wife Claire’s 4 wheel driving/outback touring days are now behind them and they enjoyed their first real overseas trip earlier this year. Beginning with a tour of Gallipoli landing/battle sites on 23rd April, then on to attend the dawn service on ANZAC morning followed by the Lone Pine service. Their understanding of the true/accurate landing story and appreciation of the hardships /sacrifices made by these young men to assist us enjoy the comforts we enjoy today proved a very humbling experience. Then it was on to Berlin to spend time with their son (a German banker) and daughter in law before travelling to London for sight seeing. A 22 day tour of the UK and Ireland (you just have to love the Irish and many a pleasant evening was spent with a pub sing-along) where Bernard and Claire kissed the Blarney stone, followed by a trip to France and Rome. If he never sees another cathedral or castle he will not be disappointed. Then travelling by Eurorail pass, which took a 1 and half hour wait in the queue at Rome station to have the ticket stamped in approx 30 seconds, it was on through northern Italy to Switzerland with much beautiful scenery and fresh air which was very welcome. On the way to Vienna, via Salzburg (including a tour of the Sound of Music location) and Munich they were fortunate enough to join a tour of the BMW factory. This factory daily produces 950 vehicles with each one specified to the new owners’ requirements and all presold prior to production. Travelling on day tours from Vienna they visited


Prague and Bratislava and learned that the people were grateful for their freedom after the fall of the communist regime however it appears the Republics gained most from the separation which Bernard and Claire were told took place without any real consultation with the citizens. A very enjoyable time away however great to be home after 14 weeks and believe we are very lucky to reside in Australia


Ron Pidcock emails a big thank you for his birthday card, which arrived on the day - as usual.


In August Ron and wife Robyn are off to the UK to appear in a production of “Thespis” at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival which this year is being held in Harrogate, a lovely town near York. It has a magnificent Opera House and it will be a privilege to appear on that stage. “Thespis” was the first G & S play that the famous partnership wrote, but it was not until a few years later that they reunited to write "Trial by Jury” and of course the remaining 12 which are much better known, such as The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, The Mikado, etc.


Ron will be playing the title role of ’Thespis', and Robyn will be in the chorus. This will be the fourth time they have performed in the Festival, and the second time with the Savoynet group. The cast assembles from all over the world in Harrogate on August 5th, rehearse for a week putting the show together, then on the morning of the 13th they bump in to the opera house with scenery and costumes, rehearse in the afternoon with the English National Festival Orchestra, do the show at 7.30pm, then perform a short cabaret at the 'Festival Club' nearby. So when you are all assembling for your luncheon on the 14th, Ron and Robyn will have retired to bed after a long day.


Graham Smyth emails his thanks for the recent birthday wishes. Graham was travelling when the card arrived but he says life in Queensland is still enjoyable. Best wishes to John McPhee in his presidential role. He is an old "Methods Dept" colleague.


Mark Stankovich writes to thank Kathy Trace and the committee for the best wishes for his birthday. This year Mark’s birthday will be spent flying with wife Fay to enjoy a trip to Europe joining up with several members of their family on the way. It will be nice to escape the Melbourne winter for a few weeks.


Bill Swan received his newsletter by email on the road as he has been travelling with his caravan since 14 May, when he left home at Dalmeny (NSW South Coast). After a week of golf at Mildura, Bill has progressively made his way through Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin and currently at Jabiru. This is his first trip through the NT, and he has thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sights and scenery that this amazing part of the country has to offer. One of the many highlights was catching two barramundi on the Finnis River (62 cm and 73 cm). Bill has already travelled over 5500 kms, and still has another six weeks on the road, via Mt Isa, Longreach, and onto to Brisbane to visit his son and grandkids, before returning home.


Keith Taylor sends his thanks for passing on good wishes from the committee and members for his birthday.


Jim Trimble sends his thanks for the birthday greetings for his 86th. Doesn’t seem 26 years since Jim retired but gladly to say still on this planet to enjoy it all. Thanks to Kathy for the arrival as usual on his birthday and he hopes to hear from her in 2015.


AND Raymond Babb, Stephen Bee, John Caudry, Paul Comport, Brian Day, John Fairbairn, Ruth Fleming, Alex Fowler, Jo Karaoutsadis, David Knuckey, Don Maguire, Sally Ming, Dennis Murphy, Jim Nicolson, Ray O’Meara, Alan Panther, Glenda White,



July 2014

Les Ager says another birthday reached and thanks to Kathy Trace for the good wishes for his 83rd.Les had a pleasant day with family and friends and is glad to say he is in very good health.

Ian Anderson writes to thank Kathy Trace and the ANZROC committee for the good wishes expressed on the occasion of his 70th birthday .This milestone was celebrated at Dragon Boat Restaurant in Wantirna with Ian’s immediate family including all 6 grandchildren. A great day was had by all with plenty of fried rice and soy sauce being splashed around. Ian was saddened to hear of the passing of John Keck, Brian Kinna and Ron Smith all of whom worked for many years at Royal Bank Branch (ES&A Bank) prior to merger. All of these fine gentlemen played a huge part in Ian’s banking career development when aged 18-25.

Bob Bell phoning from Mollymook said that he knew our late Honorary Member John Keck when John was the last Manager of 351 Collins Street branch and he was then appointed Manager of 388 Collins Street. John was due to take up Manager Collins Place but with the delays in construction he decided to retire. Bob said that John went on to work at Conga Foods for some years when Bob was Corporate Manager of that account.

Helen Bouch emails her thanks to Kathy Trace for the best wishes on her birthday. A few of Helen’s dancing friends gave her a surprise afternoon tea and she enjoyed the chocolates and flowers.

Jeffrey Cox emails his thanks to the committee for his card. Every year or so Jeffrey and wife Alison like to get away for a walk in some foreign land and this year, in the lead up to his birthday, they walked for 3 weeks on the Mani Peninsula in Greece. Other years they have done a village walk in the north east of India and more recently a scamper in Spain – in the Alpujarra region south of Granada. They enjoyed the tavernas and life style of Greece so much they are arranging another adventure in western Crete for May next year. Jeffrey can’t believe it’s now some 53 years since he walked into the Ballarat branch of ANZ and Jim Borthwick got him to cut a pile of wood for the Manager’s wife’s fire.

Neil Dawtrey emails his thanks to the President and committee for the birthday card and in particular Kathy Trace. It's always nice to receive this card and Neil is sure it entails a lot of work to do this for each and every member. Neil and wife Marion have not travelled over the last twelve months due to health/mobility issues but things are now looking good and a trip to Broome is in the offing and later this year a short haul overseas holiday to Hawaii or similar is contemplated.

Brian Day emails to thank the Committee for the wishes he received for his recent birthday. The card arrived on the day which may be more difficult in the future with Australia Post threatening to reduce the number of days of deliveries to save costs. Brian said it was wonderful to see the excellent attendance recently at Brian Murdoch’s memorial service. The number of ex ANZ and ex Toorak Drive-In personnel in attendance was attributed to Brian’s character.

John Drummond wrote to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday card” on the day”. He enjoys and keeps up to date with the newsletter.

Graeme King emailed to apologise for missing the July meeting as he and wife Sandra will be touring Norfolk Island.

Frank Marzin emails his thanks for the card. He is currently on long service leave finally retiring on 09/07/2014. Frank will then be able to finally meet ex compatriots whilst attending the ANZROC meetings and luncheons.

Bob Maughan emailing from Perth remembers the late John Keck as Manager 351 Collins Street during Bob’s time there. Not sure but he thinks he followed Roger Brunskill.

Ray Murphy emailing from Anglesea says many thanks to Kathy for forwarding the birthday greeting on behalf of the club. Ray also enjoys the newsy newsletter which is a great read especially about retirees with whom he has either worked with or rubbed shoulders with during his 40 years with the bank.

Geoff Murrell emails his thanks for the birthday card. Geoff and wife Mary have just returned from a lengthy overseas trip and it was a great pleasure to receive his card on their return.

Terry Parks emailing from Toora says it is difficult to attend our luncheons in Melbourne when she is located 2.5 hours each way from Melbourne while having 17 horses to feed morning and evening makes getting to such functions in the short daylight hours of winter a challenge. Terry does look forward very much to attending some of the ANZROC functions during the longer days of summer.

Tom Portelli sends a note of thanks particularly to Kathy Trace and the Committee for the birthday card received on the occasion of his recent 80th birthday. Where’s the time gone?

Reg Roberts emails his thanks to Kathy Trace and ANZROC Committee for the birthday greetings card which arrived on time for his 86th birthday Whilst Reg doesn’t attend ROC functions he still looks forward to reading about former colleagues in the Bank.

Brian Schafer emails to acknowledge the recent receipt of his birthday card and to express his appreciation of it, and also the monthly newsletter. The news letter is the best networking tool since the old "Staff Movement Circulars", it keeps us all linked together. Usually it is full of good news and, Brian enjoys the fact that it keeps him informed of the existence, welfare and activities of the many wonderful people he has worked with. Unfortunately, of course, there is always an element of sad news.

Neil Sharman writes to thank the Committee for the birthday card and wishes sent on the occasion of his 78th birthday. It is always a pleasure to receive the birthday card from ANZROC.

John Tulen phoning from Hastings told me he received his birthday card and good wishes from Kathy Trace and the committee for his 80th. John celebrated at a party of more than 50 people at his son’s home in Somers and several of his customers from John’s days in South Melbourne were there to surprise him.

John Vanselow reports that he and wife Lois plan to caravan again this year to that wonderful state of South Australia. This time they will travel as far as Head of the Bight on the Nullarbor then return via Eyre Peninsula and Adelaide. They enjoy spending time at coastal spots from Ceduna to Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay, Port Lincoln and Tumby Bay. Then they will make their way to Adelaide to catch up with friends.

Roger Watkins writes his thanks to Kathy Trace for his birthday card and says he is sorry not to be able to attend the monthly luncheons but keeps in contact with members through the newsletter. Roger was sorry to learn of the passing of Charles Rennie after wishing Charles well at the 2013 Christmas Luncheon. Roger’s health is fine and he is looking forward to the next Christmas luncheon.

Ray Watson emailing from Clifton Springs says a few people have been asking about his recent boating experience so he decided to give an update as to the actual facts. Ray considers he has used 8 of his 9 lives recently in a boating accident on Port Phillip Bay. Ray was trying out a new boat he had purchased and under full power dropped his phone, bent down

to pick it up, the boat lurched and a new seat that he had just purchased broke and Ray got hit by the tiller and went out over the back Lost the life jacket in the process and did not have the safety motor kill attached(he now knows why it’s there) Fortunately the boat went about 100 metres before it started turning circles at full speed and managed not to run over Ray. Ray’s mate was at the ramp as he was to follow but Ray was rescued about 15 minutes later by two young chaps before his mate could get his boat launched. People saw it happen from the cliff top and called 000 which brought the water police, police helicopter, Portarlington police, Drysdale police, ambulance and paramedics to assist. Nobody could catch the boat so it went around in circles for 3 hours before running out of fuel but no damage to boat or motor. Still feel a real idiot for breaking every rule in the book however Ray is thankful he was not hurt or worse still not here as that water was extremely cold. The two young blokes that picked Ray up won’t have to buy any Crown Lager for a while. It made page 3 of the Geelong paper and was on local and ABC news but he is sure not proud of it. Ray is trying to make up his mind if his boating future is over now he has passed 70 but whatever may not go out on his own again.

Peter Westaway emailing from Warragul says thanks to Kathy for the latest birthday card which was greatly appreciated.

Brian Wills writes to thank the ANZROC committee for his birthday card on his 83rd. A few familiar names from Brian’s working days have passed on this year. Brian is enjoying quite good health for his age.

AND Graham Ainscough, Ray Allsop, Alma Barkell, Ken Bleakney, Geoff Elliot, David Kennedy, Ian Marchant, Robin Peatfield, Ron Williams



June 2014


Bruce Avent says he was delighted to receive, once again, his birthday card; must be a real challenge but Kathy Trace would realize that all of us old relics are most grateful to her. Bruce thinks a lot of the oldies look forward to hearing about what is going on in the newsletter; each issue is very much enjoyed by him.

Apologies to Carole and Graham Bancroft in our May Newsletter as it was ANZROC member Carole sending her sincere thanks to Kathy and the members of ANZROC for her birthday card and the warm wishes for her 70th birthday which was celebrated with a dinner at Clover Cottage with Graham and family and close friends which was very special. Graham reminded me that he has passed 70 but has had some health issues, but with recent improvement they were able to celebrate Carole’s birthday in January by taking the cruise to New Zealand.

Darryl Bartlett emails thanks again to Kathy for the timely birthday greetings. Presently Darryl is in convalescent/rehab mode following major surgery to fuse 3/4/5 vertebra in his neck in March following MRI scans that indicated severe pressure on his spinal cord. This has thrown travel plans out the window for a while; however, Darryl and wife Ronda hope to be able to visit their daughter and family in Fiji come July/August, dependent on recovery of arthritic bones etc. They spent a lovely 6 weeks there last June July and the climate certainly beats Melbourne winter.

Mike Cooper emailing from Sebastopol sends his thanks for best wishes for his 70th birthday. Mike’s family and about 60 other friends gave him a “semi-surprise” party at Sebastopol Bowling Club. He says ‘semi” as Mike was aware of a minor celebration, but very pleasantly surprised at

the range and number who called in. Two days later they were presented with their 10th grandchild, which should be about the limit. Very little activity in their quite life at the moment. Down-sizing to a home unit in a very quite location was the best move for them. Small garden, and a little artificial grass means little maintenance and allows Mike and his wife to head off periodically in the caravan. He looks forward to receiving the newsletter each month, reading with interest the trials and tribulations of former workmates. Mike was saddened by the passing of John Keck, his first manager at 390 Lonsdale St and later at Royal bank Branch, and Brian Kinna when Accountant at Royal.

Lindsay Dell an old colleague of mine emails to thanks Kathy for his birthday card and the good wishes. Only news on the home front is that his MS has progressed to the point that limits his movements and not being allowed to drive he relies on his wife for any trips out of the house. Travel for holidays is very limited so they are pleased that they did a great deal of overseas touring before the condition worsened.

Jim Dusting sends his thanks for the recent birthday card, which arrived on time as usual .Jim will be missing for both the June and July meetings as he and wife Carole will be overseas but he will drop us a line during the trip to let’s know what’s going on.

Val Goldsworthy writes many thanks are due to Kathy Trace for a Birthday greeting happily received. Twenty four family enjoyed dinner on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant and as ever a fine experience.

David Harkin emails to thank Kathy Trace, for the timely arrival of ANZROC’s birthday card as usual. The past year has been busy for David and wife Maureen, with house renovations and life in general. He once again took part in The Malebag Ride raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. This year they toured Tasmania from 15th to 23rd March and raised $170,000 and are still awaiting some promised sponsorship funds. This year’s ride was a lot easier with 6 days in Tasmania covering 1200 Klm, as compared to 4600Klm in 11 days on the Perth to Melbourne ride last year. The group “The Male Bag Ride” has now raised over $700,000 in 2 years for the PCFA. The group consists of 26 riders on ex-postie motor bikes and 3-4 support crew, and are now planning their next adventure where they will circumnavigate Victoria in November 2015.

David wishes to thank ANZROC for adding the PCFA & BCNA links to the website, and he especially encourages all males over the age of 40 to ensure they undergo annual tests to monitor this insidious disease.

John Harris emails many thanks to Kathy, the Committee and Members for the good wishes for his birthday on Anzac Day .The celebration with the family was most enjoyable. During the past year John and wife Colleen have enjoyed a couple of trips to London to see their son, daughter in law and the 3 grandchildren. In June they made a side trip to Spain and for Christmas/New Year were accompanied by their daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren to enable all of the immediate family to enjoy Christmas and New Year together. It proved a memorable occasion. Colleen finds limited time to enjoy golf due to work commitments in their daughter and son in law's practice whilst John is still involved in Rotary, golf and tennis.

Graham Heenan emailing from Belmont says thank you for the birthday wishes. Not a lot to report for the last year - efforts have been towards house renovations and trips limited to within Victoria and ten days at Mooloolaba. All exotic activity deferred until next year.

Terry Heenan emailing from Leopold sends his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card received on the day. Terry’s health is gradually improving following a series of treatments, and he is looking forward to playing bowls and golf again.

Bernadette Hulbert emails her thanks to Kathy for sending her Birthday Card and the good wishes which arrived right on the day. Bernadette had a great day finishing with dinner with family.

David Kay writing from Alfredton thanks Kathy for her best wishes on his 70th birthday. It really was different for at the time the card would have arrived David and wife Gaye were on a ship sailing between Japan and Alaska and his birthday was celebrated with the normal cruise ship ceremony. On that evening the ship crossed the International Date Line and the next morning Tuesday began all over again with renewed celebrations. His Birthdays were two in two days without becoming a year older and that was something special. David and Gaye are packing soon for the annual caravan migration heading north.

Ailsa Mackie writes her thank you for the birthday greetings and it is indeed a pleasure to receive them each year and so promptly but it is a bit frightening that they seem to come so frequently Kathy does a wonderful job dispatching them.

Mike Nickell emails to express his thanks to Kathy and the ANZROC Committee on behalf of members for the good wishes expressed on the occasion of his 70th. The card arrived precisely on "the day" so the ANZ "diary system" is still true to form. Mike had a most enjoyable weekend shared with immediate family at "Lochinver" a self catering late 19th century farm house at Carisbrook Vic. An excellent venue for such an occasion. Mike has been most fortunate to have enjoyed a wonderful 3 score and 10 and hopefully the coming years will allow continued good health, the company of good friends including ANZROC members, travel for a while longer and the love and support of a wonderful family. Thankyou all again so much, we are fortunate to be part of a successful retirement club which keeps the fellowship bonds we gathered over the years together.

Peter Nyga emails that his birthday card arrived right on the day as usual. Please thank Kathy Trace for carrying out a fine job. Highlight of the day was a very nice birthday dinner at a bayside restaurant.

Alan Podger emails his thanks once again for the most welcome Birthday Greeting duly received on the actual day. With a recent visit to Gladstone, Qld to view the final performance of “Peter Pan” involving one grand daughter in the star role (and what a star), another younger grand daughter as a very winsome pirate and a daughter on piano in the orchestra – Alan and wife Judith just had to be there. They have now only just got back from a visit to Hobart including a cheese and oyster excursion to Bruny Island and with a bit of luck, a visit to the Gold Coast coming up to observe one grand son playing with Victoria in the under sixteens AFL competition. No bowls at present but still guiding at the MCG. Life never gets boring.

Barry Rogers would like to acknowledge, once again, the receipt of his birthday card from Kathy and the team. Barry very much appreciates the effort that goes into keeping track of us all and welcomes the contact with the club on the occasion. Unfortunately, due to work commitments he is unable to attend the monthly meetings, but looks forward each year to catching up with colleagues at the Christmas luncheon.

Bruce Sanderson emails his thanks for the clubs birthday wishes. Kathy Trace timed its arrival perfectly.

Terry Stapleton emailing from Cremorne NSW says thank you for the birthday card which arrived on the day of his 84th birthday. Another good year has gone by all too quickly for Terry and wife Maureen , but they continue to generally enjoy good health and lead reasonably active lives with plenty to do.......not a lot has changed although Terry is slower on the tennis court than he used to be.....most Tuesdays he enjoys lunch at the Wine and Food Society and as well is a member of a Book Discussion Group which meets on a weekly basis present they are reading/discussing a book called “The Orphan Master’s Son” a Pulitzer Prize winning novel set in North Korea. Terry follows matters reported on the web page with interest and often finds cause for reflection.

Norma Thomas writing from Pialba (Qsld) says the good wishes on the occasion of her birthday were much appreciated. The day was celebrated with family members at a favourite restaurant overlooking the water.

Mike Vallence acknowledged receipt of the birthday card and to thank Kathy Trace and the Committee for the good wishes on his recent birthday

John White emails many thanks for the good wishes received on him reaching 3 score years + 10. ANZROC Members continue to be spoiled on their birthdays for, as usual; Kathy ensured the card arrived on precisely the right day. Whilst their Grandchildren keep them busy, John and wife Debby are gearing up for the annual 8 weeks getaway to Broadbeach. Meantime, he continues to enjoy monthly lunches with old (?) colleagues such as Messrs Cameron, Cashin, Kerwin, Routledge, Stapleton and Veenman where they share their solutions to the world's problems.

AND Wendy Black, Terry Brennan, David Crisp. Don Davy, Trevor Dodds, Phil Dunstan, Bob Grant, Stan Lancaster, Rolf Loebert, Phil McBean, Sue McCarthy, Janette McNamara, Bruce Morley, John Plunkett, Geoffrey Sandow, Glen Twidale, Roly Webster, Keith Westaway,


April 2014


John Blampied writes from Mount Martha to thank Kathy Trace and the committee for the birthday congratulations that happened to be his 70th birthday. John celebrated his birthday on a Pacific Island cruise with wife Pamela and close friends Lilian and Jim Burke (ex ANZ).It was their first visit to New Caledonia, Fiji, Vanuatu and the surrounding islands and the weather was favourable. John and Pamela are kept very busy these days with 6 grandchildren in Victoria and they spend a lot of time baby sitting and hosting sleepovers. John still plays golf at Box Hill and regularly meets up with former ANZ staff like Ian Anderson, Roger Pickering and Jim Burke. It is good to see them and catch up on the good old days.

Arty Booth emails his thanks to those dedicated workers responsible for dispatching Birthday greetings to the members. As usual, the card arrived on time. It’s the same old, same old here at Bundaberg. Nothing of interest to pass on. Arty is currently preparing gear for the yearly fishing trip up north, hoping to land that elusive barra.

Jenny Cooke emails her thanks to Kathy for the birthday card which, as usual, arrived on the day. Jenny has sold her house in Beaumaris and is looking to buy in the area, so this year there will be no travelling. Next year she is planning to go to France and Spain with a friend so is hoping to be well settled by then. Jenny’s golf games three times a week are presently suspended due to a fall but she hopes to return shortly. Jenny is enjoying the newsletters very much; what an active group of retirees we have. Once again, many thanks for the greetings on her birthday.

Phil Dunstan could not attend the April meeting as he will be on a Mercedes Car Club National Rally to the Gold Coast. He will again look forward to receiving the newsletter which is always informative and interesting.

Glynn Evans emails his thanks for his 86th Birthday wishes that arrived on the 11th of April which was the actual Birthday. But how sad it was that at 3am on Friday 11th Charles Rennie passed away. Glynn has many pleasant memories as his Chauffer for many years. Thank you for your example Charles. He extends condolences to Charles family and friends.

John Fairbairn emails from Yarrawonga his thanks to ANZROC for the birthday card which for the first time was late due entirely to Australia Post not delivering on Sundays. John read with interest that many of his former workmates are still with us and are still very active in the community. He feels that a major milestone in any one's life is reaching "80", not so long ago this

was way outside one’s expectations. The main consideration is good health and John is happy to record that this continues in his case. Golf is a big activity and former ANZ colleagues Maurie Harwood, Peter O'Dwyer are regulars. Bruce McKean, who many may recall, worked for ANZ and Bruce is very active in land care so John does not see him on the Golf Course but he sometimes visits the Men’s' Shed to which John belongs. These days John does not travel far and is happy to spend most days in the Yarrawonga area apart from Probus Trips. Best wishes to all members of ANZROC and who knows he may manage a trip to a Meeting this Year.

George Finniss sends his sincere thanks to the members of ANZROC for their kind thoughts and best wishes on his 78th birthday.

Lawrie Foord writes to thank Kathy Trace for the card in respect to his recent birthday. Lawrie is still blessed with good health which has been a bonus in later life. He had a lovely day with lunch with his family at a nice restaurant and a group of friends that completed the day.

Eddie Hassett writes to thank the Committee for the birthday wishes. Not much to report but he was Treasurer of the Mordialloc Football Club last year and it was hard work. He is still a member of Woodlands Golf Club and has recently joined Mordialloc Bowls Club to keep him fit and active.

Dorothy Hayes emails her thanks for her Birthday card, received it the day before which was very nice. Dorothy retired last September and absolutely loving not travelling into the city 3 days a week.

Laurie Holland writes to thank Kathy Trace for the good wishes for his 94th birthday as well as the unexpected greeting at Christmas. Laurie is most grateful for the work put in by the committee on members’ behalf and keeping the group together. With the passing of time life for Laurie and wife Barb is becoming very simple and with reasonable health for their age allows them to live in their home. Their three children living in the Melbourne area are a help and great comfort for them as they start their 95th year.

Graeme Horsburgh emails his thanks for his birthday greetings. Graeme enjoys reading the newsletter and catching up with all the happenings.

Richard Kimber sends his thanks to the Committee and particularly to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings he received punctually on the day.

Heather McNutt widow of our member Ken McNutt emails to thank Ken’s ANZROC friends and colleagues for their expressions of condolence and attendance at his funeral. Heather found it almost impossible to make her way around the room to speak to people and was very disappointed not to be able to express her appreciation.

Peter Nyga emails to apologise for missing the April meeting as he is again off to sail the Gippsland Lakes for a few weeks.

Ted Palmer catching up on past newsletters emailed to say he was sorry to miss John Duguid’s (Bluey) Funeral but was on holidays in Tasmania. Ted’s son attended to represent the family. John was a good and loyal friend.

Murray Skelton writes to thank the Committee and members for their kind thoughts and wishes on his recent birthday. It is great to receive the card each year and is appreciated. Murray is still playing and enjoying bowls and at times comes across other retired ANZ friends. Great grandchildren now number seven and it is getting harder all the time trying to keep up with them. Murray and wife Ann have moved into a retirement village in Ferntree Gully and are enjoying the different life style.

Syd Swaby emails his thanks to Kathy and committee for Birthday wishes As usual arrived on the 17th with Australia Post excelling as delivery exactly at mid-day.

Harry Trefz sends his thanks for the good wishes he received on his birthday. Harry says it is nice to be remembered.

Julie Wilkins emails her sincere thanks to Kathy and Committee for her Birthday Greeting Card which arrived on the day. She also enjoys reading the monthly newsletter to see what everyone is up to.

John Winbanks emails his thanks for the birthday card. John says over the past 12 months he has been learning a lot of new skills as his wife has been unwell for some time

AND Alma Barkell, Roger Brown, Barbara Bruce, Geoff Burton, Don Cameron, Alan Chapple, Paula Clarkin, Craig Cole, Ian Cowley, Trevor Dodds, Ron Downes, Jim Ebsworthy, Neil Franklin, Neil Gladstone, Barbara Griffen, John Harris, David Hartwich, Adrian Henning, Keith Higgs, Julian Linehan, Cheryl Lobo, Paul McVeigh, Sally Ming, Bruce Morley, Keith Oulton, Julie O’Regan, Greg Payne, Rob Peatfield, Paul Perri, Ray Pietsch, Doris Ridett ,Dietmar Reichert, Neil Robinson, Gary Stanhope, Sandra Street, Ken Swan, Gary Tunstall, Glen Twidale, James Uren, Frank Valastro, Roly Webster, John Winders.


March 2014


Graeme Ainscough writes that he will be unable to attend meetings for the foreseeable future due to health issues and some hospitalisation but remains positive he will be back to ANZROC events from July. The completion of the baseball season with Cheltenham featuring in the finals and the good news that one of their 18 year old junior players has been signed by New York Yankees as a pitcher keeps his mind off the forthcoming medical procedures.

Russ Appleton emails his thanks for the birthday card last month. Russ says his health slipped a little over Christmas, thinking he may have to spend Christmas in hospital.

He had not felt well for the past year as it turns out his medications were fighting one another. A review appears to have set things right.

Nancy Baglin writes from Safety Beach for Lindsay Baglin as his eyesight is giving him some problems at present and Lindsay conveys his gratitude for greetings and birthday wishes for his 85th which were much appreciated. The celebrations were with the family at the home of their daughter including their 6 great grandchildren and a delightful day was had by all. They are now looking forward to the arrival of their son from London in early April on his annual visit to Safety Beach and they are always grateful and happy to see him.

Joe Busuttil emails from Inverloch his sincere thanks to Kathy and the Committee for organising his Birthday Greetings, which as usual arrived right on the day. Thank you. Joe is now in his ninth year into retirement and enjoying good health. These days travel occupies the majority of Joe and his wife’s spare time. Whilst not travelling, time is spent on planning their next adventures. Joe unfortunately missed this year’s Xmas Party as they were travelling through Cambodia and Vietnam at the time, but hopefully he will catch up with ANZ friends this year.

Ron Clohesy emails his thanks for the recent Birthday Card. Arrived on the day as usual.

He also enjoys reading the monthly newsletter, which is great for keeping him informed of what's happening. As Ron has now fully retired he looks forward to catching up with colleagues in person in the near future.

Bob Delahoy emailing from Inverloch sends a big thank you to Kathy Trace and the Committee for the very welcome birthday card. He hopes to receive many more. Bob was saddened to read in the February Newsletter of the passing of John Hallinan and Norm Ross. Many long years ago he worked with John at 109 Collins Street and with Norm at 154 Swanston Street. Bob’s wife Judith also worked with John at 109 Collins Street. They were good days. He has fully recovered from

the knee operation that he had this time last year and is back playing lawn bowls again. It is always good to receive the Newsletter and read what others are doing in their retirement.

Jan Edwards emailed to thank the Retired Officers’ Club for her first birthday card as a member. A big thank you to Kathy for sending out these cards and of course it arrived on her birthday. Jan spent a lovely day with all of her family down at her son’s house at Mount Martha. She is looking forward to attending some of the lunches this year.

Neville Harvey emails many thanks for the Birthday Greeting. The Birthday took a bit of a back seat this year, what with Neville and wife Glenda’s daughter getting married mid February (their Anniversary as well) and their son graduating from the Police Academy the following week! Neville knows we are looking for rain but he is looking for a bit of a dry spell!!

Andy Herd emails to thank Kathy for birthday greetings. Its amazing how quickly they seem to come around, he doesn’t mind too much as long as he keeps having them .Andy has just returned form a flying visit to Udaipur (India) to attend a wedding .What a difference from our one day affairs, this went for seven days and also involves more ceremonies over the next few months .It was a most colourful and memorable experience.

Kevin J. Kelly writes to thank Kathy for his birthday greetings for his 80th and says that it is a milestone he is pleased to reach. Till now Kevin has managed to retain good health but when he reads the monthly newsletter one can’t help but think that good health is largely a lottery.

Gerry Kennedy writes to thank ANZROC through Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes for his 90th. Gerry says he has nothing to report but is still OK healthwise although feeling the years.

Bob Maughan emails best wishes from Perth where the temperatures over summer have been much higher than Bob and wife Joan had expected after their years spent in Melbourne. He says that Perth has had no rain since before Christmas and then it was a wee drop! Bob says thank you for the birthday card which is usually the only one he gets because his birthday is so close to Christmas. The sending of cards is a wonderful tradition and also serves as a reminder of the ANZ family. Like wise the Newsletter is looked forward to each month even if this is somewhat tempered by news of recent Bereavements. The passing on of John Labrum has saddened Bob and made him reflect on his first years with ANZ at the Stock Exchange branch after emigrating from the UK. It was a wonderful place to work and the staff had lots of fun. For much of Bob’s time there Roger Brunskill was the Manager and you could not have a better leader or person. It always seemed to Bob it was his leadership which ensured a fantastic team. The Assistant Managers at the time were the Late Gordon Menhennitt, Ron Marshall, and John Labrum who together with Alan Short formed a team which blended to perfection with all of them being nice people easy to approach and seek advice. They were more than ably supported by Clive (Never Better) Bayley whose HR skills Bob tried in vain to emulate during his career. Bob remembers one time wife Joan was having a major operation and suddenly Clive appeared at his desk with instructions from the Manager that if he did not go home immediately trouble would ensue. Of a staff of some 180 all were people Bob enjoyed working with and counted everyone a friend. Whilst we all age it is great to retain such wonderful memories!

Peter Nielepowiec writing from Strathdale says it was with great sadness to read of the passing of John Hallinan in our February Newsletter. Peter worked with John when John was Manager Ouyen Branch and Peter was the Advance/Security Clerk. John was his mentor in what was a happy Branch. Peter said on his move from Ouyen to Moe he was going through a difficult time and was on the verge of quitting the Bank but a quick trip to Ouyen to talk to John and Meryl Hallinan saved his banking career and John will be missed very much by his family, friends and colleagues.

Jack Moyle writes that it is always a pleasure to receive birthday wishes for his 89th which was celebrated with a lovely dinner with Jack’s family. Jack had the pleasure of meeting with Kathy Trace the overseer of ANZROC birthday cards at the last Christmas luncheon.

Phi Nguyen emails her thanks for the birthday card the Club sent in January. As always, it is a pleasure to receive it each year.

Ted Palmer emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for his birthday wishes which arrived bang on the day.

Robin Pleydell emails his thanks for the birthday wishes received for his 82nd and says he is off to Adelaide again to catch up with friends.

Mavis Ryan writes from Belmont with thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings and the bonus of Christmas greetings.

Dick Sanders emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday good wishes. During recent months Dick has taken the opportunity to visit Eddie Knight who is in the Nursing Home unit of The Kingston Centre, where he is a permanent resident. He would welcome any visits from old colleagues. On the home front it has been a difficult year. Just prior to taking off for an overseas holiday in May, Dick’s wife Joan had a fall when they were in the precinct of the Melbourne Arts Centre. She fractured her left fibula at the ankle and right femur at the knee. The attention of so many people was wonderful and the Paramedics arrived promptly together with a senior on his motor bike who took over from medical staff of the Arts Centre. Anyway, off to The Alfred Hospital in the Ambulance and there for two weeks undergoing surgery by top medical staff and surgeons (A good number of Pins in the left ankle and a plate in right leg above the knee). Then into rehabilitation at suburban Caulfield in a sister hospital to the Alfred. It was a long three and a half months and Joan was able to walk slowly with a walker. Progress has been made as Joan now walks confidently with the walker, sometimes with just a stick and around the house often without. Physio is weekly at the Kingston Centre - where he has visited Eddie Knight. Whilst Joan was at Caulfield, Dick was also visiting his best man who had leukemia and was in Cabrini East Malvern and Brighton. After twelve months he passed away in September. Some old friends from Methods South Yarra or Cotham Rd, boarding house may remember him – Mike Connolly – who had been a close friend since 1959 and sharing a flat for a few of those years. On the bright side, it has been a glorious summer for sport with a wonderful Australian Open Tennis tournament presenting new faces – particularly the pocket rocket in the ladies. The Australian Women’s golf was also great and Dick went for a couple of hours to Victoria Golf Club to watch the Ladies Open. Just fancy, a South Korean shot a ten under par for her round on the Saturday, a course and LPGA record. (If McEnroe were standing in the members lounge the cry would have been “That’s not possible”!!). Then of course there was the cricket. All of them amazing. Dick might hibernate for the winter and be ready for next summer! In the meantime the Winter Games have been fantastic and thrillingly dangerous – particularly Snowboard Cross. (It would suit Neville Pearson who no matter at what sport always landed on his feet). Dick also had his niece and some of her family visit from Carlisle in the UK for Christmas.

Bruce Tickell writes thanking Kathy for the card for his 85th which as expected with her magic arrived on the vital day. Bruce says these birthdays seem to be coming more frequently but he consoles himself with the adage that age is all in the mind.

Kevin Toohey emails his thanks for the birthday card and all the good work of the Committee. It’s nice to keep in touch.

Maurice Wells sends his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee for conveying the Club’s birthday greetings on the occasion of his recent birthday and the thoughts are much appreciated. Maurice likes the monthly newsletter as it allows him to keep in touch with events concerning ANZROC members and as he and wife Bev have limited opportunity to travel they enjoy reading of the variety of trips taken by others.


AND Dick Barry, Arty Booth, Damian Burgess, Geoff Christensen, Ken Crawford, Jim Ebsworthy, David Gibb, Wyn Greenwood, Serge Nayna, Geoff Perdriau, Graeme Plant, Wayne Taylor, Frank Valastro, Peter Weaving, Richard Weekes, Charlie Wierzbowski, Julie Wilkins

February 2014


Murray Abraham sends his thanks to all members for their good wishes for his 88th birthday. Murray says the arrival of the Birthday is one of the rare speedy events he can lay claim to these days. However if he assumes they do not come around he is in “big trouble”.

Ian Cann emails his thanks for his Birthday card, which was much appreciated, and to

Kathy who does a great job sending them.

Len Carr emailed his thanks to Kathy, the Committee and members of ANZROC for the well timed birthday greetings for his 76th. It is now 22 years since Len left the Bank and he

enjoys reading the monthly newsletter. Many names appear of former colleagues that he was associated with over the years. A highlight of 2013 was the 7th trip to London with wife Norma to visit their eldest daughter, husband and two grandsons in July/August. They also had a week in Austria with the family taking in Vienna, Salzburg and the brilliant little town of Mayrhofen in the Alps. Len is looking forward to a much improved season from the mighty Carlton F.C.

Harry Carrodus emails his thanks to Kathy for her recent birthday greeting which, of course, arrived on time. Harry wonders how many companies have an attachment like the Retired

Officers’ Club that continues to send birthday greetings even after 29 years retirement. He ventures to say that this tradition would be unique and to be remembered is much appreciated.

Harry also congratulates past and present committees for organizing so many functions that enable retired officers to continue the camaraderie in retirement which we all enjoyed so much during our working life. May it all continue?

Geoff Christmas emails that another year passed quickly with some great times and some challenging ones for both Geoff and wife Heather. They rode their bicycles in France for nearly three months starting near Lyon and heading south to Mont Ventoux. They climbed the mountain for a second time after achieving it some years back and then headed in a north westerly direction through the Massif Central and on to the mouth of the Loire River. Geoff and Heather usually ride for a few days then rest up for two days however this trip they had three one week stays at Sault, Saint Flour and Verteuil-sur-Charante and really enjoyed the longer stays in some very interesting villages. From the mouth of the Loire River they followed a well known route that takes you to most of the magnificent Chateau’s that the area is renowned for. They are really spectacular. The usual stint at Coolum Beach for winter did not eventuate due to health issues though they had a lovely time at Porepunkah prior to Christmas with some of the family before heading to Temora for Christmas with son Rohan his wife Rachel and the three grandchildren. A lovely time was had by all, and they are well down the recovery path with new adventures planned for this year. Once again Geoff thanks the Club for the birthday card and the newsletters that bring with them many memories.

Bill Collins emails his thanks to ANZROC for his birthday greetings which as usual arrived on the day of his birthday. Bill too looks forward to the monthly newsletter and following the movements of friends and colleagues.

Trevor Cookson emails special thanks to Kathy Trace for 83rd birthday wishes.

Birthday was spent with close friends at a luncheon at "The Olde England Hotel", Heidelberg and then family dinner at home in the evening, both of which were very enjoyable. Time passes quickly when retired for 27 years but life still very busy. A few small get-aways were undertaken at Mildura and Point Lonsdale where the weather wasn't kind to Trevor and wife Shirley, punctuated by the daily press endeavouring to undo Essendon Football Club over the supplements saga.

Bill and Judy Davies emailing from Ocean Grove advise that they received their Birthday Cards and appreciate the thought and effort that goes into providing this ANZROC function.

They have not been able to get to any of the Melbourne meetings for sometime but hope to get to the Geelong meeting in March.

Bob English emails thanks to Kathy for getting the birthday card to him once again right on his birthday. Don’t get many cards these days!

Max Fisher writes his thanks to Kathy Trace for the kind birthday wishes. Max says it has been a good year with family, friends and robust health. He is looking forward to more of the same during 2014 and by the way he appreciates the newsletter.

John Gill emails his thanks to the Club for the Good Wishes on his Birthday.

John spent a lovely day with family in Geelong before returning to Wodonga to celebrate with family there. It is always great to read the Newsletter and hear the news of many past associates.

There are quite a few of in the Wodonga/Albury area and it is always good to catch up with them through bowls etc.

Bill Halsall sends his thanks for the arrival of his birthday card on the due date. Having recently joined ANZROC it is very interesting to read the newsletters and come across names of those whom he knew during his time with ANZ. Together with Janice his wife, Bill lives a fairly quiet life in Benalla but with community involvements he seems at times to have less spare time than when he worked with ANZ.

John Hawkins emails his thanks for his birthday card which he received on time. John and wife Helen are now preparing for their Indian Pacific trip.

Bob Heinemann emails his thanks for ANZROC Birthday Greeting for his 74th.

Bob and wife Heather keep well. They still both work part time to keep the muscles and grey

matter in tune. They celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary on August 31st. A private dinner for family and a few speeches made the occasion memorable. History was observed via

photographic records over the years. Bob and Heather thought they were going to be "Darby and Joan" for Christmas, but their daughter and son-in-law and family from Paris happily surprised with coming down here for Christmas. Bob and Heather visit Euroa occasionally for relaxation joys.

Jenny Hui Tong and the Duguid family pass on their sincere thanks to all the ANZ family and for the many cards, letters, flowers and telephone calls on the passing of valued ANZROC member John Duguid. The kind words and shared memories are greatly appreciated. It was over whelming to see so many of their ANZ colleagues, past and present at John’s funeral and they will always remember this tribute to him.

David Jones emails his thanks for the ANZROC annual birthday card and the good wishes expressed therein. Congratulations to the Committee on the annual Xmas luncheon in December, it was as always a highlight and tremendous to see so many friends and old colleagues. 2014 promises to be a bit special as David will be heading to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks with family to celebrate his eldest son’s wedding, and it will be the first time back for all the family since he served there with ANZ from 1983 to 1985.

Paul Kitchin sends his acknowledgement to cards received from the Club. His thanks to Kathy Trace for sending the Club’s birthday wishes for his 91st arriving on time as usual. He also sends thanks to the team in organising the special Christmas Cards sent to the 90 and over’s and to Neville Pearson for his personal comments on the card.

Brian Knowles emails thanks yet again for your timely birthday wishes Kathy. So sad to have lost Bob Evans, Bernie King, and John Duguid over just a few months-all great fellows. Brian and wife Jan are off to Norfolk Island in March. They have both descended from former residents-Jan from a first fleeter and Brian from a convict. Their children and grand children listen to their "reasoned arguments" as to which is the most deserving of the future they gave to following generations. A dilemma that is unlikely to be resolved. Brian and Jan continue to enjoy travelling in their motor home with Crescent Head in N.S.W. a current favourite destination.

Bob Lyon emails his thanks for the birthday wishes. He is back in Fiji, but left wife Helen in Melbourne as she is still recovering from a recent operation. Bob was sad to hear of John Duguid’s passing. Bob met John the day he joined ANZ and of course there is a legendary John Duguid tale attached to that day. Bob and Helen have had a good year, albeit interrupted by a couple of medical issues. They went to the UK mid-year to follow the Ashes and finished up with an enjoyable week in Paris. Still fairly busy with a few boards, the most exciting is chairing a new green energy company based in New Zealand but concentrating on the Pacific. One of the reasons he is back in Fiji is to meet with the World Bank who are interested in partnering with them. In April Bob and Helen are off to the California and Hawaii for a break and some golf.

Noel Matthews reports his card was on time, all the time - the hallmark of a well-run organisation! Thanks to Kathy for the annual reminder that he should be starting to grow older more gracefully. However, Noel will continue to cart his sax and flute around the cafes and bars of Melbourne for a while longer - it's still good fun!

Kevin May emailing form the Gold Coast sends thanks for the birthday greeting, a relatively quiet year to report, other than an extended trip to Hawaii being their 3rd. in 2 years(creatures of habit!).

Wal McGillivray writes to thank Kathy Trace and the committee for the birthday wishes which with impeccable timing arrived on the due date. He appreciated Kathy’s personal note celebrating his 90th birthday. He celebrated the day with family and friends at the Malvern East Golf Club- a beautiful venue and their catering was excellent. Wal’s highlight of the year was the visit to

Government House to receive his OAM. It was a perfect Melbourne day –the sun shone, the lawns and gardens were at their best and the whole function went off with almost military precision. Wal and his wife had their usual break at Broadbeach earlier in the year but apart from that they have been relaxing at home.

Sandra Street emails her thanks to Kathy and ANZROC for the birthday card. As ever it arrived right on the day. No news of any interest to report this year. Retired life just chugs along pleasantly, interspersed with an occasional holiday, cruising being Sandra and husband Patrick’s favourite mode these days.

Neville Taylor sends his thanks for the birthday card for the occasion of his 93rd birthday. The new revamped Christmas cards for the over 90’s is a thoughtful change.

Glen Twidale emails to thank Kathy for his birthday card. It was a different Christmas for Glen this year. He went north to the Gold Coast where his daughter lives .The special guest was Glen’s great grandson Harry aged 9 months. He and his parents presently live in Singapore but he thinks they will make a move to return home next year. He enjoyed the Christmas lunch and meeting old friends.

Athol Watkins writing from Clifton Springs says thanks for reminding him that another year has passed. He doesn’t get to meetings but does enjoy the newsletter that brings back a lot of memories accumulated over 40 year’s service. How different it is now. Athol and wife Barbara still spend a lot of time on the bowling green and croquet lawn. Late May/June they had a few weeks in London and Paris before a cruise out of Copenhagen around the Baltic area. Returning to Australia they spent a few weeks recuperating in Queensland. Athol was sad to read of the passing of Selwyn Henning .Selwyn joined the Bank while Athol was in Hamilton and was a Business Bank Manager with Athol in Geelong almost up to the time Athol retired. Otherwise they enjoy life and still live in hope of another “Pies” premiership.

Roly Webster emailing from Bendigo says thanks for the Birthday Card-much appreciated. He is keeping pretty quiet in order to survive the heat. Attended a customer/staff night at Hamilton just before Christmas to celebrate the retirement of Jeffrey (Woofer) Barker after around 43 years (or more) of toil culminating as Manager Hamilton. Jeff was on Staff when Roly was Manager there in the early eighties and pretty well kept the Branch going for a fairly long period when Roly was unwell-great night and met up with quite a few old workmates.

Glenda White emails her thanks for the wonderful birthday card which arrived on 24th December. It is amazing that you do not forget even though it is at Christmas, very much appreciated

John White emails many thanks for the brilliant photographic coverage of the Christmas lunch on the web site. John doubts if anyone escaped the camera's lens. Whilst unable to attend this annual event, John gets a lot of pleasure perusing the photos of former colleagues and following Eamon's links.

Keith Winckles emails his thanks to the Club for the birthday card. How Kathy does it he doesn't know but she was the only one to get the card to arrive on the day.2013 was not a very eventful year. Hope to do more this year after he recovers from a knee replacement operation due mid January.

Brian Wrigley emails from Highton his thanks for the card; both he and wife Pat are going well with another grandson on the way early February. Brian sometimes wonders where the twenty one years has gone since the Bank and he parted ways.

Theo Yardley emailing from St Ives NSW send thanks to Kathy, Committee and Members for the 86th birthday greetings duly received and greatly appreciated.

Lloyd Zegenhagen passes on his thanks to Kathy Trace for her kind card with birthday wishes. Lloyd’s episode in hospital is now well passed and recovery is very satisfactory. He is looking forward to planning their next holiday, although not to the Antarctic this time if it means being

stranded similar to the present exploration ship. Their previous voyage was much more pleasant as the pack ice was not as treacherous. Nevertheless is would have been interesting.



December 2013


Vic Ansell emails his thanks for the birthday wishes sent via Kathy Trace. Vic was in Heathcote at the time looking after house and pets for in-laws. It was very peaceful in the country - a nice change from suburbia. It is hard to believe he has been out of the bank for over 14 years. Things have changed so much in that time. Vic wonders how we survived without the internet and its numerous benefits - access to services is only a keyboard or mobile phone away. Anyway, he has enjoyed another good year with ANZROC with different venues and enjoying the fellowship of other members.

Carole Bancroft, one of our new members this month, tells me she joined ANZ divisional Office on 11 February 1960 and ended her career in August 1992. In 1962 she was transferred to

Melbourne Centre (177 Toorak Rd) which later became Emanza and she was part of the initial team involved in the introduction of computerized processing of branch ledgers to the GE225 computer - Southern Cross Branch being the first to transfer to the new system. She says “My how times have changed!”

Jeff Barnes emailing from Canada passes on his best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year to all his old friends from the ES&A, Esanda and A.N.Z. Jeff receives the Newsletter regularly from Andrew Herd, and enjoys reading about everyone with whom he worked back in the old days.

Grace and John Carruthers send their sincere thanks for the birthday good wishes they received with their birthday cards. John says that health problems have precluded them from attending the annual Christmas luncheon this year but they send best wishes to all members.

Daryl Cramer emails a note of thanks on the receipt of his birthday card. Daryl had a rather quiet birthday but celebrated later with his son-in-law who also has a birthday in November. 2013 has again been a very busy one for him but it is great to be enjoying good health and to still be able to get out in the garden, a bit of travel and continue to research the Cramer family history and work on his stamp collection.

Graeme Croxford emails from Harrietville his many thanks again for the birthday card received as always on time to remind him another year is over. The year past has seen deterioration in his wife Beryl’s health resulting in a stay at home policy with a couple of visits to hospital. So far so good. However Graeme has added to the sports car collection with the addition of a Jag 1958 XK150 in need of restoration that will keep him out of mischief for a while. Also he has increased the grass eating herd of Angus cows with the addition of a nice not too little Bull so will now have to buy a few more heifers. The clement weather is beginning to cause a few concerns and the farm could now do with a couple of heavy downpours of rain. Graeme sends best wishes for a merry Christmas and a contented new year to ANZROC members.

Brian Farrell sends his appreciation for the birthday greetings received on the occasion of his recent 85th birthday. In keeping with long established tradition Kathy Trace managed to ensure that the birthday card was received bang on the correct date- well done. Brian says when one reaches his age one part of you would prefer to forget you are another year older but another is vain enough to enjoy the fact that other people remember.

Margaret Hall writes a big thank you from Theo Hall for his birthday wishes that arrived on the day thanks to Kathy Trace. Theo has been caring for Margaret after she returned home from a spell in hospital which meant he was unable to attend our meetings.

Shirley White, daughter of our Honorary Member Wyn Greenwood , responding to the Christmas Card sent to our over 90’s ,an initiative of Committee Members Neville Pearson, Kathy Trace and Joan Nathan, says that Wyn and now his wife Margaret are now settled comfortably into Strathdon Community.

John Hobbs emailed his thanks to Kathy for the Club's birthday greetings card for his 97th and for the promptness of delivery. Nothing dramatic has blotted John’s landscape this past year. His health continues to be good for which he is very grateful although he admits a walking stick has become helpful. John’s doctor says he has the lowest cholesterol count in Melbourne! John has given up driving this past year but is fortunate to be surrounded by many considerate people to get him from A to B. He had a delightful break with family at Caloundra a few months ago in perfect weather. He sends warm greetings and best wishes to those who still might remember him.

Zelda Martin emails to pass on her grateful thanks for her Birthday card - arriving right on time, as usual. Zelda does appreciate it, and she really enjoys reading the latest news from our members. Zelda admits that last year turning 80 depressed her no end, but she feels much more relaxed about being 81 this year. Mobility is her greatest problem, but with her electric scooter which splits up into four pieces, and fits in the car boot she just

loves whizzing along on it - wind in the hair - and she can keep up with friends. It is rapidly learning its way around Australia (lucky she had completed a fair amount of overseas travel in earlier years). The scooter and Zelda had a great trip to Canberra a couple of months ago - one of the highlights was "trading up" the small scooter to a large, powerful model at the Canberra Botanical Gardens. This enabled her to spend a great hour or so powering up the steep pathways - but then she had to "hand" it back! You do find that all types of help are available at all different places - if you think to ask!

Honorary Member Wal McGillivray OAM also responding to the Christmas card sent to our over 90’s sends his special thanks to Neville Pearson for his personal note on the card and says may 2014 bring health and happiness to all.

Mike McKernan advised me that he has not been around the golf course for two months as he has been recovering from surgery since his operation in September. Everything going well for now with no ill effects from chemo so far which is good. He will try and catch up in the New Year,

Gerald McPherson emailed to thank the ANZROC Committee for his Birthday Card, which as usual, arrived right on the day. Kathy does a superlative job. Gerald said he hasn’t had any holiday trips this year, only four trips to hospital (two operations included), but he is fine now. His son Bruce and daughter in law Bodil, plus granddaughter Frida arrived from Norway for his Birthday, so that made it extra special for him.

Joan Nathan our hard working Committee member says thanks to all those involved in the organising of the Christmas lunch and how much everyone enjoyed the day, good company good food and beautiful Venue. Joan also thanks Kathy for her birthday card, and it was a memorable day shared with family and good friends. The year has been very busy for Joan and husband Ken, with the arrival of their first grandson. Joan and Ken also produced a book for the “Sunshine and District Historical Society” called “Snapshots of Sunshine and District” which culminated with a launch. They have also been to Cairns in July and have just returned from 10 days in Noosa. Ken has returned to part time work and is enjoying it immensely.

Jim Nicolson emails his thanks to Kathy and the Committee for the birthday message which he does not doubt arrived on the birthday (14/10). Jim and wife Hilda were overseas at the time - 10/10 until mid November and they will be off again from 5/12 to 10/1 and so will miss the Christmas Luncheon this time around. Jim appreciates receiving the Card and always of course the monthly, full of interest, newsletters.

John Osborne sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for the welcome wishes for his 76th birthday and he said that it was Melbourne Cup Day on the day of his birth all those years ago. He celebrated the birthday with wife Pauline, their children and grandchildren. They have kept good health all year, enjoyed the Probus Club at Melton and spending time at Loch Sport. John is a keen photographer and had an interesting time at Williamstown where the Tall Ships were docked during the year- what a magnificent sight. One ship was used in the British TV drama “The Onedin Line” and John decided to borrow the TV mini series of 1973 from the new library conveniently built opposite their home to watch the ship in action as the filming was actually done during severe storms.

Geoff Perdriau wishes to thank Kathy for sending good wishes from the club for his recent birthday which was celebrated quietly with dinner at Box Hill RSL Club. Geoff and wife Margaret did another Queensland safari in August. They flew to Cairns and travelled by road and rail across to Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria with Wilderness Challenge. The trip was indeed quite a challenge but a wonderful experience.

Louis Perrone has partially recovered from a debilitating stroke suffered a few years ago and is currently cruising the Coral Sea from Cairns, visiting Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Noumea and then on to Sydney .

Kaye Phelps wife of member David Phelps would like to thank Kathy Trace for David’s 78th birthday card, which arrived on time, as usual. David is at present in hospital having a series of tests. He has been unwell for some time. David was very upset that his mate John Duguid is no longer with us. David wanted to go to his funeral but was not well enough. David and John worked together in the Draft Dept at 394 Collins St for 3 to 4 years. Kaye feels they gave poor Norm Ross a hard time. Hopefully David will be home soon and muster up some energy and strength to walk their daughter Lisa down the aisle in February. David and Kaye wish all members a very Happy Christmas and good health for the New Year.

AND Les Ager, Sam Bartuccelli, Damian Burgess, Geoff Court, Barbara Gardiner, Ray Gill, Don Jeffrey, Graeme King, Bruce Michell, Roger Watkins, Doug Watson, Keith Witney, ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


November 2013

Lawrence Cox emailed his thanks for the arrival of his Birthday Card. Lawrence subsequently received a late birthday present when his first grandchild Susannah was born three weeks early on the evening of the 11th. All are now doing well and the next phase in Lawrence and his wife’s lives has begun.

Geoff Christensen emails his thanks for the Birthday Card which arrived on time as usual. The last year has been quite fruitful in many ways not to mention the Hawks having saluted again in 2013. This was a real bonus for Geoff and partner Vikki only having arrived back in Australia a matter of days before the Grand Final – friends had organised tickets for them and his kids so they had the pleasure of attending. The other real highlight was their  trip to Europe which included Germany (Munich/Berlin), Poland (Krakow and Auschwitz), Hungary (on a Scenic Cruise Budapest to Amsterdam taking in many other cities along the way including Czech Republic – Cesky Krumlov), France (Paris), Austria (Salzburg), Switzerland (Zurich) and finally Singapore over a period of some 6 weeks duration. A fantastic trip and one of those where there wasn’t one part of it that they did not enjoy thoroughly. Salzburg was the favourite with highlights being The Sound of Music Tour, Eagles Nest Tour and the marriage of partner Vikki’s son Rowan to his German fiancé whilst they were there. On the family front another grandchild arrived safely late last year taking Geoff’s overall tally to 5 comprising 2 girls and 3 boys. Add to that his younger son became engaged and his eldest son is to be married early December. It’s all happening!

Kerry Dodds writing from Warrenheip says thanks for the birthday wishes from Kathy Trace. He has had no trips of note this year but has been very busy preparing for their newly formed “Warrenheip Classic Car Club Inc”. They have started with 10 members and while the planning for their planned trip to “The Picnic at Hanging Rock” in early February 2014 is proving more time consuming than expected the club intends to be there with some level of representation.

Frank Edwards and wife Mavis are just back from cruising around Asia and he was saddened when Mark Stankovich told him of John Venning’s death. Frank had a hand in arranging John’s move in Esanda from Adelaide to Melbourne back in the dim and distant past and last saw him when they caravanned to Lightning Ridge where he was living in the van park and operating a burger van at the opal diggings. He had an interest in a productive claim and took Frank and Mavis below ground.

Lawrie Foord reported that he spent a few days in Jervis Bay, Garden Island and Sydney Harbour in October with a VIP pass to the events held to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy. Lawrie’s grandson who is stationed at Jervis Bay in the Naval Base and provided the passes to Lawrie and his daughter, is shortly to join his crew in the “Sussex” based in Perth for another tour protecting merchant shipping from Somalian pirates. Lawrie had a great time inspecting the tall ships and war ships from countries including China, Russia, Japan, USA and India. He was in George Street Sydney watching huge crowds of sightseers heading towards the Harbour and saw 7000 Navy Personnel march as part of the eventful weekend. A highlight was spending time with 7 officers who were Navy psychologists responsible for the mental well being of RAN personnel serving in Australia and overseas and their stories greatly impressed Lawrie.

Eddie Forth writing from Noosa sends greetings to and advises he would welcome calls from friends and colleagues and can be contacted on 0420 282979 .In March this year he and wife Jan towed the caravan to Sydney, Canberra, Merimbula, Lakes Entrance and then to Lake Tyers where they visited Don and Ellen McKenzie on their 20 acre property (Don ex AHQ Personnel and Ringwood Area). Don was undergoing chemotherapy but they were able to reminisce on their good times together, golfing, fishing on Lake Eildon and on the Gippsland Lakes and in adjacent rivers. When in Melbourne in April Eddie visited Henty Masonic Lodge, Mt Waverley where he met a number of retired ANZ colleagues and a former board colleague of the Royal Freemasons’ Homes of Victoria, Windsor on which board he served for some five years. During the year Eddie and Jan have been very sorry to lose their ANZ friends: Gordon Browne ,Cliff Griggs ,Don McKenzie , and Gordon Field. In September, 1956 Eddie worked with Cliff Griggs at Mildura branch where the late Neil Christensen (Brian’s dad) was the Manager. In early 1957 Eddie and Gordon Field worked at Ringwood branch; they were jiu-jitsu partners at the Ringwood Police & Citizens Youth Club and they put on exhibitions in Ringwood Town Hall throwing one another around on thick mats on the stage. In 1962 Eddie was at Bairnsdale when Cliff Griggs was appointed Accountant. Gordon Browne was Manager at Fish Creek when Eddie was Accountant/Teller at Korumburra branch in 1965/67 and they used to meet at Leongatha at functions put on by the then Regional Manager from Melbourne. In 1987 when State Manager, Victoria of Burns Philp Eddie employed Gordon Browne as a Finance Manager mainly for his corporate lending skills. Eddie worked with Don McKenzie in 1967 in ANZ Victoria & Tasmania Division and following the merger with ES&A Bank Limited in 1970 directed a team of 47 auditors and assistants as well as handled the consolidated accounting functions and general administration for Victoria and Tasmania branches. These dear friends are sadly missed. On a lighter note Eddie and Jan each play golf at Tewantin Noosa Golf Club and very much enjoy all that Noosa has to offer.

Ray Gill and wife Dorothy recently travelled via Singapore to Frankfurt, on to Prague and then to Budapest to join the MS Johann Strauss to Amsterdam to cruise the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers with its 68 locks, quite an experience. They experienced all the wonderful sights that Europe presented although health problems meant that Ray had to forgo the visit to Salzburg but Dorothy was able to enjoy Salzburg and took many photos. They travelled to London via Euro-star particularly enjoyed by Ray as he worked for six years on British Rail in the 1950s. During their stay in England they travelled by train to Southampton, Durham and Yorkshire spending time  in Doncaster visiting former neighbours and friends, old schools and finding Ray’s mother’s grave as this has been his first visit back since leaving in December 1960. They spent a delightful time with Dorothy’s friends travelling around Northumberland and into Scotland. A special time was spent at Barnard Castle with a 1930s childhood girlfriend and her husband. Then onto York, visiting the Minster and the Railway Museum where an exhibition of the six remaining A4 Pacific Locomotives was being held. A great day was spent in Scarborough revisiting familiar places and then it was time to travel back to Heathrow for the long flight home with a stay over for the Grand Prix in Singapore

Bob Grant emails his thanks for the birthday wishes although he spent his birthday at an all day “Safe Church Workshop” dealing with the latest regulations covering working with children and the elderly but the family joined Bob and wife Nell for lunch the following day. Since Bob’s last year’s report he had a toe infection which turned nasty and he finished up losing the toe. Since then all has been well and Bob has recently taken up bike riding to keep the weight off and he remains reasonably fit. Nell had her 70th Birthday in August and they went to the Mogo Zoo near Batemans Bay where they had the privilege of feeding a male white lion which, although done through a wire mesh, was still very close and personal. Life remains very pleasant in Nelson Bay and treasurer’s duties with the Anglican Church and the Woodworkers Club keep Bob busy. It’s good to read the newsletter each month and find out what everyone is doing. He has fond memories of working with Rae Collins, Ron Cashin and John Vanselow. Bob notes also that Dietmar Reichert is a recent correspondent. He was in Marketing Dept at the time of Ron and John and is one of nature’s gentlemen. Bob was hoping to get to the Christmas Lunch this year but recent circumstances prevent this from happening - maybe next year.

Jack Grant acknowledges thanks to Kathy Trace for the Birthday Card received in time for his birthday. It has been an up and down year. In April Jack and wife Robyn’s daughter was married, which was a great occasion, but in July their 41year old son was diagnosed with cancer. He is on an 18 week chemotherapy course and finishes in November with surgery to follow early in the New Year. This has been a devastating blow to all the family but they are coping reasonably well and at this stage hopeful for a total cure. Jack’s feet continue to give problems but at this stage all is well and he is back in shoes again after approx. 12 months in a moon boot. Jack continues to do part time work as a bookkeeper for 2 local businesses, which with looking after their 3 grandchildren on a regular basis keeps Jack and Robyn very busy.

Frank Hatfield sends his sincere thanks for the good wishes on the occasion of his 82nd birthday. Fortunately Frank and wife Joan are keeping reasonably good health. This past year they have had a few trips away to accommodation in towns along the River Murray and to their son’s beach house in Inverloch. Frank is looking forward to meeting up with friends at the Christmas luncheon.

Mike Henry emails that once again Kathy has delivered her Birthday Card on time -many thanks.
2013 has been pretty busy again - what with playing golf twice weekly, volunteer driving elderlies to medical appointments, trivia night organising, grandchild minding, volunteer driving at Kooyong Classic and volunteer scoring at Aust Masters Golf  - where does one find a RDO when you need one? Highlight of the year was a 2 week overseas trip to Augusta, Georgia USA to witness the US Masters Golf - fantastic experience- can recommend highly to any golf nut.

Ken Howell writes to thank Kathy Trace for his birthday card received on the dot and he looks forward to receiving the card as he has a cheeky grandson born on the same date who is now 30.Ken is now 86 and his wife 85 so they now lead a quiet life mainly raising their three daughters and their 8 grandchildren Retiring 26 years ago has let them help raise their grandchildren.

John Mangan writing from Kangaroo Flat sends his thanks for the birthday greetings. Another year has passed with its usual ups and downs with cataracts removed from both eyes recently and the new glasses have not arrived so he has a problem putting pen to paper. He is however hoping that with the new glasses his golf can improve over the coming weeks.

Emilio Moreno sends his thanks for the very kind birthday wishes for his 70th. Emilio spent a wonderful day with family and a few friends. He will catch up with friends at the Christmas luncheon .A wise man once said “If you associate enough with older people who truly enjoy their lives, you will gain the possibility for a full life” Sort of says it all for our wonderful ANZ ROC

Maggie Murray writing from Mortlake sends her thanks for the birthday wishes from Kathy Trace and ANZROC committee and says she has recently returned from overseas after 7 weeks of superb travelling on her annual holidays.

Peter Nyga apologised for missing the AGM as he had just returned from sailing two weeks at Gippsland Lakes, cruising around to various places. They had fifteen boats in the fleet, which was a lot of fun. The wet and windy weather during the week though has been interesting!

Jim Potter emails many thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which arrived in Ballarat on time as usual. It is hard to realise that it is some 28 years since retiring from full service with the Bank and how the years have passed so quickly. Jim is in good health for his age for which he is thankful.

Ray Quirk emails how fortunate he is to be able to send thanks for another birthday greeting, particularly when he notes that the old ANZers in the 90 years plus segment are still increasing in number. They all must have done something good .Ray’s special thanks must always be headed by his wonderful wife of nearly 70 years, Meryl, and a loyal and attentive family. No doubt good genes and a bundle of good luck must help.

Rod Rowe passes on his thanks to Kathy for the Birthday Card which arrived, as always, right on time. And a special thanks to her for the little additional note recognising Rod’s 70th.His wife Kate took him away for the weekend to a secret location (secret to Rod  that is) which turned out to be a great little B & B a short way out of Olinda in the Dandenong’s. The weather was particularly kind and they spent a delightful weekend rediscovering spots where their family had gone for holidays back in the 50s. Rod and Kate recommend William Ricketts Sanctuary and the Alfred Nicholas Gardens in particular. They are now enjoying the weather at Rainbow Bay, at the southern end of the Gold Coast, on the annual pilgrimage at this time of the year. Back to Melbourne in late November to pick up the caravan and journey to Adelaide in early December for a friend's 70th. Then down through south eastern South Australia, staying with friends in Kingston SE before making for home again for Christmas.

Alan Ryan writing from Warragul sends thanks for the birthday card. It is 18 years since Alan retired from Manager Warragul branch. Alan and wife Maureen go away each year if practicable and this year travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia and it was great. No more trips for 18 months but they are contemplating a river cruise in Europe in 2015. They still run cattle, steers and bullocks, and Maureen runs a yoga school which she has operated for 40 years.

AND Tom Bramwell, Ken Crawford, Don Davy, Brian Day, Tony Donohue, Phil Dunstan, Serge Florent, John Flyger, Peter Giasoumi, Val Goldsworthy, Stan Halbish, John Hawkins, Adrian Henning, Graham Holt, Geoff Horton, Doug Imrie, Barry King, Sue McCarthy, Jock McIntyre, Bob Mullen, Anthony Nimmo, Bevyn Ranford, Alan Rutzou, Anthea Santos, Murray Skelton, John Stevens,  John Sudholz, Lynne Stevens, Bill Thorne, Glen Twidale, Kelvin Tyler, Bill Walker, Mike Whitmore, ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


October 2013


Graeme Ainscough sends his thanks for the card on his 77th birthday. He spent his birthday in hospital with heart trouble which resulted in a stent being inserted. He now has to take time off from his Baseball commitments to recover fully but he is still taking a great deal of interest in the forthcoming Summer Season and his club Cheltenham’s quest for the elusive Summer Pennant. Regrettably their A team lost their semi final in the winter season and will miss the grand final for the first time in 6 years which disappointed Graeme.

Dave Brookman writing from Dromana expressed his thanks for the birthday card received right on the dot and appreciated Kathy Trace’s added remarks to mark the occasion. Dave’s 90th was celebrated at a lunch with family and friends. At present his health is good but mobility is fairly restricted.

Valda Clarke wrote to thank the Club for her birthday card which arrived on time.

Phil Dunstan emails that is again it is great to receive the Newsletter with the updates on Retired Officers' various activities. Phil’s Birthday Card, which is always very much appreciated, arrived spot on the due date. Phil’s life continues to be quite busy with being Treasurer of both the Waverley Woodworkers and the Mercedes Benz Club Vic. This year has also seen a two month trip in his wife Gwen's Toyota HiAce Pop-top Camper Van when they did 15,500kms up through Alice Springs, Katherine, up to Wyndham, down the West Coast and across the Nullabor. Many very enjoyable experiences were had with the likes of Katherine Gorge, Geikie Gorge at Fitzroy Crossing, staying overnight at Mooka Station (2hrs east of Carnarvon), seeing the very significant developments in the Headland Region, and being amazed at the house rentals being asked (minimum $1,400 per week for a very basic home, to $3,500 p.w. for a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home). Snorkelling at Coral Bay amongst the vast array of very wide ranging sizes and colours of fish was quite an experience.

The coastline around Kalbarri is stunning, and Natures Window and Z Bend which are about 25km of extremely corrugated road inland from Kalbarri were really beautiful. Gwen, being vitally interested in Gemmology collected some 90kg of rocks on the trip and had another 190 kg transported back by truck. Phil’s exotic desert timber collections were of significantly lesser weight although it probably occupied more space. Sandalwood, mulga, minirichi, root burls, and many other species have provided him with more than enough to keep him busy. Regular daily bike rides ensure that his fitness is maintained, although it takes a bit of mind over matter on very cold days. Car Club activities have included a rally of 58 "Pagoda" Mercedes to Canberra as part of the centenary celebrations, the annual Concours event in March, and a visit to Canberra for the MBClubACT Concours event in mid September. Life is good and it is great to hear of the many good stories of others with whom he has had the pleasure to work, albeit quite a long time ago!

Warwick Etty writing from Healesville sends his thanks for the birthday card, on time as usual, which was much appreciated .Warwick enjoys the contact via the newsletters and all the news from the members about their escapades.

Ken Fitzgerald writes his thanks for the greetings for his 85th birthday. Ken’s family has increased again with the birth of two further great grand children taking the total to 6.Ken’s only travels this year was a trip to Gympie (Qsld) in March with a family friend. Ken had hoped to visit David and Ann Patterson at Hervey Bay but they were away tavelling. On the return trip they went further west to Eulo to visit the friend’s eldest daughter who lives on a 3000 acre property largely raising goats. Ken hopes to go on another Veterans’ Cricket tour to South Africa next year.

Jack Helisma writes to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes received on the day.

June Hoskin sends her thanks for once again remembering her recent birthday which she enjoyed with a family luncheon. The Club’s thoughtfulness in sending the card was very much appreciated and she wishes ANZROC continued success.

Ian Ince sends his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card for the big day. Ian had a quite day with a meal at a local restaurant with wife June. However there were family celebrations the Sunday before and another gathering the following Saturday at a restaurant. His health continues to be okay, enabling Ian and Jean to have two most enjoyable holiday breaks at Rosebud and Yarrawonga in the autumn and spring.

Larry James emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card which was appreciated. It has been a busy time for Larry with Seniors’ Week. His role at Golden Days Radio was full on as they are a media partner for the festival. So he has  been very busy at firstly Government House for the announcement of Senior of the Year, then the opening at Federation Square and then the lower Melbourne Hub for the week handing out brochures etc together with other volunteers.

Larry is about to go on holidays to Adelaide and Perth on the Overland and Indian Pacific. He is looking forward to that and a break. Larry believes the Indian Pacific is a little faster than Puffing Billy where he is an active volunteer!!

Bruce Kells sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for her birthday greetings which he appreciated. He recalls looking forward to becoming an honorary member last year and another year has passed already. Bruce intends to catch up with members at the Christmas luncheon.

Vito Laruccia emailed his appreciation for the birthday greetings he received from Kathy Trace.

Mike Lawrence writes that he is still playing golf with Bernie King and Frank Bain and they enjoy the odd lunch. It’s great to receive the newsletter and hear about all those he worked with over the years.

Maria Malicse emailed her thanks for the Birthday card from Kathy that arrived right on the day. Maria said the card made the day a great one.

Fay McPherson sends her thanks to Kathy and all the committee for the Birthday Greetings. Fay had a most enjoyable day at a luncheon with friends on the day. The years are passing much too quickly now, and she is no longer counting!

Dick Milnthorpe emailing from UK says many thanks for the birthday greeting, always nice to hear from Down Under. Dick and wife Pat will have a pleasant family dinner to celebrate. Although they have now sold their house in Mornington Dick and Pat still intend to visit Melbourne in 2014 and will arrive on the Arcadia at the end of Feb.  They plan to stay at the RACV for ten days and catch up with old friends before flying to Auckland to catch the Queen Victoria for the trip back home.  He was disappointed to see the Kiwis were unsuccessful in their quest for the America’s Cup which Dick and Pat had been watching on TV in UK.

Jim Nicolson sends his thanks for the birthday greetings. Jim says that this year he will be absent from the Christmas lunch for the first time for many years as most of  Jim and wife Hilda’s   family are visiting the other half of their respective families for Christmas and this coincided with an attractive cruise ship offer which was accepted.  So, Jim and wife Hilda  are taking off  in October  and apart from a couple of weeks break in November will be out of the country until early January and he’ll  miss the outing which he  always enjoy immensely.

Peter Nyga reports that he had a most enjoyable and successful trip to the north – west of America. Along with a group of photographers, he travelled through five States: Utah, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. Whilst there was beautiful scenery everywhere, the Rockies – Glacier, Yellowstone and Tetons National Parks were simply stunning. His camera had a good workout!

Peter O’Dwyer writing from Yarrawonga says thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings. Peter and wife Joan are still enjoying the gardening and he has not given up trying to master the games of bowls and golf.

Alan Pearce emailed to say thank you for the birthday greetings which as usual arrived on the day. A big thank you to Kathy Trace for her sterling work in ensuring that these greetings always arrive on time. It is a magnificent effort on her part.

Dietmar Reichert emailing from Warranwood sends his thanks for the Birthday Card which got there again on time!!Life is still interesting and consists of assisting people who want to stop smoking etc via the process of Clinical Hypnosis. In addition there is interstate travel from time to time due to Birthdays of close relatives and, sadly, attending a funeral up north of his brother-in-law. Otherwise the 4 grandchildren keep Dietmar “active”.

Ron Smith emails his thanks for the birthday card, which arrived on schedule. The 26 years since his retirement from full time work, have disappeared very quickly. Thankfully, health is good and various activities keep him well occupied.

Ken Stapleton emails a thank you to Kathy Trace for the annual birthday card and best wishes.

It arrived on the due date as usual. As another year rolls past both Ken and wife Robyn are thankful for reasonable health. They have recently returned from four weeks in France, having spent some time in Paris then visited the many Battle sites from World War One and the Normandy Landing sites from WW2, Mont Saint Michel and the Loire Valley. They then enjoyed a cruise down the Rhone River before flying home from Nice. He hopes to catch up with colleagues at the Christmas Lunch.

AND Bob Bell, Helen Bouch, Graeme Cameron, Alan Chapple, David Christie, Lawrence Cox, Ian Crothers, Graeme Croxford, Mike Dempsey, Chris Fieggen, Keith Findlay, John Flyger, Teresa Goldsborough, Tony Grayling, Keith Higgs, Bill Jackson, Erwin Jones, Graham Joseph,  Ian Manley, Emilio Moreno, John Parkes, Keith Remington,  John Saffery, Bob Schofield, Murray Skelton, James Uren, Mike Vallence, Bill Walker, Col Walton, Richard Weekes, John White,  and ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


September 2013


David Barr emails his many thanks to Kathy Trace for his birthday card which arrived on the day. David and wife Helga have been away often since late May and have had busy time with a 3 week trip to Holland which included visits to Bruges and Maastricht. That was followed by driving around the Lakes District in the UK and then clockwise around Scotland. They had just over 3 weeks there and what marvellous scenery was encountered. Helga went mad with her new digital SLR camera and it is going to be a picnic sorting through the snaps to put into albums.David and Helga returned home for a week before heading off to the Sunshine Coast for another 3 week break from Melbourne’s winter. They caught up with a couple of old bankers in Andrew and Larraine Kelsey who are in fine fettle and continue to enjoy the Noosa lifestyle. They also went down to the Gold Coast and lunched with Peter and Jenny Doyle (ex AHQ Personnel) who have been living in Robina for about 20 years and are both in excellent health.

Angelo Biviano emailed to thank Kathy for the birthday card.  He has not been able to attend meetings since wife Catherine’s heart problems but she is slowly recovering and Angelo hopes to be back attending meetings in the near future.

Barbara Bruce emailed her thanks for the Birthday Card from Kathy which, as usual, arrived on the day. One of Barbara’s classmates when she was in both primary school and at Presbyterian Ladies College invited her  to lunch at her home and also invited 3 other ladies - they have all known each other for over 70 years! And it was very enjoyable.

Geoff Burton emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card which as usual arrived on the due date. Geoff has had a busy 12 months (where does the time go). A couple of trips up north visiting Surfers and the Mid NSW coastal area were very good, as were his visits down south to Western Victoria. Geoff is off again to Portland and then up through the Grampians area. He continues with a regular exercise routine, namely a daily swim and cycling and he enjoys very good health, albeit the loss of a few kilos would be handy. It must have something to do with the odd social drink etc. The monthly newsletter is very much appreciated and helps keep in touch with many we have all worked with.

Ken Chisholm writing from Bendigo passes on his thanks to Kathy and ANZROC for the timely birthday card.

Muriel Drummond writes that as always she was delighted to receive her birthday card from ANZROC committee and members and her thanks for the good wishes. Muriel does enjoy the Newsletter and catching up with news of colleagues who have passed through the CEO’s office over all the years she worked there. How things have changed at ANZ since her retirement.

John Fearnley emailed his thanks for the birthday wishes which he appreciated.

Steve Flowers was eagerly awaiting his Birthday card arriving on the due date and suddenly realised that he had not changed his address when moving into Cherry Tree Grove retirement village. Steve’s wife, Brenda, passed away due to breast cancer in September last year and as a consequence he has sold the house and relocated in the village. Steve traded the caravan for a Motorhome and spent all of winter in Queensland enjoying the warmth with friends. Now back in Melbourne he has entered in the “Ridetoconquercancer” fundraising bike ride for the Peter MacCallum cancer centre together with 3 friends with the major purpose to raise funds in memory of Brenda. Life goes on and he enjoys retired life particularly attempting to play golf with his good friend Bob Irvine.

Alex Fowler emailed to say "thank you" to the President and Kathy for the Birthday Card which of course arrived spot on time. Alex and wife Helen recently arrived home after 6 weeks in Europe, two of which saw them caught up in the biggest floods on the Danube for the past 400 years. Makes for different holiday snaps. Regards to all at ANZROC, and hopefully he will get to a meeting in the near future,

Pat Gaskin wife of our member Norm Gaskin reports that after numerous operations (10) over the past couple of years, they at last feel  that Norm is on the improve. His last surgery was mainly for a hernia operation. He then had an adverse reaction with a further week in hospital on antibiotics. Norm is still doing the accounting for their daughter’s books and looking for that Melbourne Cup winner although he has not had much opportunity to attend many race meetings over the past year or so. Pat and Norm are hoping to have a much needed holiday next year. They look forward to hearing from and about fellow ANZ ers in the newsletters. A very sad loss occurred in Bendigo at the beginning of August. An ex ANZer Selwyn Henning passed away suddenly, while in hospital for a joint replacement. There was no warning of anything wrong and his wife Noela is still in shock. A number of the Bendigo retirees still go out once a fortnight for a meal and a catch up. They all enjoy the get together. The usual bunch is Ian and Carmel Bell, Bill and Carmel O’Donnell, Kerry and Lorraine Moore and Ken and Di Chisholm, as well as Pat and Norm.

Denis Gleeson emails his appreciation for the good wishes he received from Kathy Trace on the day of his birthday.

Louis Hebrard wishes to thank the Club for his birthday card. Louis had a great day with all the family, celebrating not only his birthday on 1st September, but also Father's Day and a glorious start to spring.
Suzanne Hopkins emails her first official correspondence to the committee and she wishes to express her thanks for the best wishes in the form of a card, which arrived the day before her recent birthday. Although it was fairly uneventful, Suzanne celebrated when her husband Rick came home with a large bouquet of flowers and then they attended dinner at a local restaurant with one of their daughters (who had only turned 25 ten days earlier) as their other daughter was at work and unable to attend. The reason Suzanne says 'uneventful' is that at the same time last year she celebrated her birthday in style with a Thames river cruise in London with Rick - which was magical. It would be pretty hard to top that in any particular year! They were there due to a fantastic trip that Rick won as a result of a competition that was run by ANZ Cards in conjunction with Visa. It was a once in a lifetime trip and they were privileged to be able to attend the London Olympics for several sports in the last week of competition. She is so glad now being able to touch base with ANZROC members by reading all about their travels and well being. Lots of names are very familiar to her still (even though it was 25 years ago – Suzanne had left after 12 months maternity leave - unpaid in those days!) and brings back a lot of fond memories.

Suzanne is hopeful she might meet some of her colleagues again in the not too distant future.

Peter Jones conveys his thanks to Kathy for Peter’s birthday greetings for his 81st. Peter had a great day with the family.

Stan Lancaster sends his thanks to the Club for the birthday card which of course arrived on the day. Stan always enjoys reading the Newsletter to catch up with the present whereabouts, health, travels and general goings on of our members.

Cathie MacKiggan sends her thanks for remembering her birthday spot on the day. She spent a pleasant day at a Mornington Peninsula Eatery.

Kevin May writing from Paradise Waters Qsld says he eagerly looks forward to the newsletters being a long way from good old Melbourne but must say its been disturbing over the last year to see the passing of so many former workmates.

Sue McCarthy writes to say thank you very much for the birthday card which of course arrived right on time. She had just arrived home from Mt Hotham, expecting to have a quiet day on her birthday – but it turned out to be not so uneventful! During the night, vandals hurled an old office chair through her front windows! Hence the birthday was spent dealing with the insurance company and waiting for the glazier. All was fixed by sundown. Sue would blame inner suburban living, but she learnt from the glazier that Saturdays are always busy all over Melbourne, because of the window-smashing that takes place on Friday nights. Otherwise, all is going well. She very much enjoyed the special birthday lunch for Charles Rennie’s 100th birthday and hope we’ll be seeing him again at the Christmas lunch.

Serge McIntyre emails that he has just returned from overseas and thanks Kathy for the wishes on his birthday.

Brian Murdoch writes to thank the committee for the birthday card and good wishes which for reasons beyond control eventually reached him via three hospitals, a rehabilitation centre, and the nursing home where he is now settled. Bruce Tickell, John Flyger, Neil Sharman, Alan Forrest and Alan Chapple visit Brian regularly for support and contact.

Reg Nicolson sends his thanks for the birthday wishes and says he is keeping fit playing golf twice a week.

Peter Nielipowiec writing from Strathdale says he was saddened to hear of the passing of our Honorary Member Ken Munro in July. Ken was Peter’s Accountant at Cohuna Branch and they enjoyed some great times. Ken was Accountant at Ormond Branch when Ryan and Walker held up and robbed that branch. It was decided by Head Quarters to transfer Ken to a nice quiet country branch like Cohuna to recover from his traumatic experience.

Ray O’Meara emails his thanks again for the continued supply of the newsletters (and birthday cards). It’s amazing that reading someone’s name in it conjures up memories of where and when you crossed paths.

Bernie O’Reilly emails his thanks for the monthly newsletter; it is always great to learn what is going on and what people are doing. Both the news letter and, in Kathy’s usual excellent timing, Bernie’s birthday card/greetings arrived so it was a somewhat special day. He is now eligible for the Commonwealth Seniors Health care card so this must mean something even if he is just maturing .Bernie and wife Claire have sold their 4x4 vehicle after many happy trips enjoying the best our wonderful country has to offer but the downside this year has been spending a cold winter at home, but never mind the Mighty Hawks are performing well and even the grandson has achieved 50 games now playing under 12’s. Warmest regards to all

Jill Paterson loved the pictures now posted on the web site of the ANZ rowing teams particularly those with Bob Gamon, whom many will remember.  Jill went to BASC Bankers Admin Staff College 1970 (Healesville) as one of the Secretarial staff before the merger when Bob was principal.  They would come down to Melbourne for rowing and one time Bob needed someone to steer the boat for him and Jack Short. So being a “light weight” Jill got the chance to be coxswain and steered them down the Yarra. There was some dredging being undertaken but fortunately her steering was adequate enough to avoid any disasters. Great memories!

Ron Phillips texted to thank Kathy for the birthday wishes and hopes to catch up with members at the October meeting.

Ian Roberts writes  to extend a big thanks to Kathy Trace and the ROC committee for the birthday wishes which lobbed right on the day of course. These cards seem to be arriving at a much faster rate than they did in the past. Ian and his wife have enjoyed a good year and have been able to get to their holiday spot in Yarrawonga quite often. Ian was fortunate to be invited to join an Aussie tennis party to play a tournament in UK in May, which was again a terrific trip.

Bruce Robertson emailed his thanks for the birthday wishes which arrived on time as usual.

A great day was had by Bruce and wife Glennis in the company of Jan and John Brown and Cheryl and Neville Pearson capped of by a rather boisterous banquet at the local Thai to celebrate Bruce and John’s birthdays. Bruce and Glennis took advantage of the high Aussie dollar during the year to visit the grandchildren in Chile, a holiday in Koh Samui (with the Brown’s) and a visit to Hong Kong. The overseas travel bug was curtailed by a bit of surgery to the back to repair a problem disc which fixed the pain but not the confidence to jump back into the pool to resume swimming.  They missed the usual sojourn to Victoria in January to catch up with friends and family due to the floods and bushfires although Glennis flies down every couple of months to visit her Mum.

Mary Ryan writing from Langwarrin sent her thanks for her birthday wishes. It is very much appreciated each year.

Peter Saville emails that the birthday card arrived on the day! - thanks Kathy. Peter shares his birthday with one of their grand daughters and their younger son is two days prior, so they enjoyed a family celebration on the weekend before. On the actual birthday Peter had a convivial lunch with about 15 of his old army mates, the operative word now being old. Had a bit of a health scare in July and ended up in Cabrini Hospital for nine days with a "severe viral illness". Despite just about every test known to man, the medico's could not come up with a diagnosis. At least he knows he has nothing "sinister" and is almost back to 100 per cent now.

Rob Sims emails his thanks for the birthday card which arrived on the day.  Rob was actually home to receive it this year - in-between holidays after a cruise from the Middle East to Rome and a month in a villa in Tuscany and then to  Broome and leaving on a cruise from Broome to Darwin which will take eleven days.   Rob is really enjoying retirement and has now done thirteen cruises and numerous other holidays both within Australia and overseas since retiring.

Mark Stankovich writes to thank Kathy Trace‘s untiring efforts to ensure the his birthday greetings arrived right on time. Mark was fortunate to celebrate the birthday at a dinner party with his family. Apart from a short trip to the Gold Coast and trips within Victoria it has been a quiet year.

Doug Watson emails that he much appreciated the kind wishes for that 20th day in August when he first arrived in this world quite some time ago!Doug and wife Maureen even managed to send some flowers also to Doug’s 99 year old mother who still lives in the family home in London. Doug had just arrived back from saying farewell to Don McGinn, who sadly passed in late August which tended to tone down his own birthday celebrations.



August 2013


Ian Bell emails his thanks for the birthday wishes which arrived on time as usual.

Jeffrey Cox sends greetings and thanks for the birthday card – which was, through no fault of the committee, a little late in getting to him. After more than 12 years living north of the Tropic of Capricorn, Jeffrey and wife Alison have bid farewell to the cattle barons of the north, their close relatives the crocodiles and the unwelcome cyclones and migrated south to a delightful little area on the coast just north of Wollongong. Hopefully this will be their last move – they are sick of the packing and unpacking. Jeffrey and Alison have lived in something like 32 different houses over the 45 years of marriage – and in 6 different countries. Their daughter lives in Sydney so it’s great to be nearer to her and hopefully he’ll now be more able to make it to an ANZROC lunch.

When Jeffrey was going through some of his old memorabilia he came across his first salary slip.

Six and nine pence for working from about 8am to 12 noons (if the branch balanced!) on a Saturday does not seem much when compared with salaries of today. But then again, he thinks a beer at Craig’s Hotel was then ten pence halfpenny. Jeffrey’s first job was to cut the wood for the manager’s wife’s fire – in the Manager’s residence  above the Bank on the corner of Sturt & Lydiard Streets Ballarat. The Manager was George Hancock and Jim Borthwick was the accountant. Jeffrey thinks Winton Greave was the advance clerk and Kevin Sharpe the bill clerk. Laurie Holland was later the Manager at Ballarat East branch and he facilitated the getting of Jeffrey’s driver’s licence in his very elegant Morris Marshall. It was a pretty simple test as Jeffrey had been driving since he was eleven.

John Crough and wife Denise report they are currently enjoying the wonderful weather and hospitality in Broome.

Frank Edwards emails his thanks to Kathy for working her usual magic. Right on the button, as always. Frank and wife Mavis usually spend their  joint birthdays on the basis of "let's get-away to somewhere exotic" which came unstuck this year when a medical hiccup arose early in May and they have been grounded ever since. The good bit is that Frank is now well over the hump and they are looking forward to resuming their travels in 2014.

Teresa Goldsbrough emails her sincere thanks to the Committee, members and Kathy Trace for her  birthday card, her first since joining the ANZ Retired Officers' Club [Vic].  At the time of Teresa’s birthday she was walking in the Italian alps, part of a 7 week trip to Europe that also included walking in Switzerland and France, returning home mid July. Whilst overseas Teresa’s father, who lives in Adelaide, passed away so she  will now be spending time in Adelaide over the next couple of months settling her  mother into a retirement home and attending other family matters.  She expects to return to Melbourne for the ANZROC December luncheon.

Phil Goodier emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday greetings on his 69 th!!.....right on time.

Lawton Graham sends his thanks for the good wishes from the President and colleagues in ANZROC on his 84th. The sentiments are much appreciated.

Neville Harvey emailing from Shepparton says he  “retired” from ANZ in the late 1990’s after 27 years. Neville  set up his own business Professional Finance Australia and ran that for 7 years (Ex ANZ’er Robin Soulsby joined him for the last 5 years). In 2008 Neville joined Bankwest Business in Shepparton and then grew that to No1 in Rural and Regional Vic, in conjunction with ex ANZ’er Philip Friedlieb. Now Neville and wife Glenda have recently purchased an ANZ Mobile Lending Franchise in South Geelong/Surf Coast and will be commencing business later this year. So he is again “unretired”!! He enjoys the monthly updates and seeing what the other “old colleagues” are up to. Keep ‘em coming?

Don Hoffmann emails that as usual a birthday card was received on the exact date. The thought is appreciated. Apart from family and bowls not much has happened over the past 12 months but hopefully delayed tours of Tasmania & New Zealand may be scheduled within the next year.

Bill Jackson says Kathy is a wonder as the birthday card lobbed right on the day. Nothing big was planned so Bill managed a quiet celebration with some family and friends at the local RSL - nice food, good company and a few sherbets were very pleasant indeed. Bill passes on his thanks to Kathy she does a great job getting these cards out to all our members

Mike McKernan emails his thanks for his birthday card which arrived on the day. Mike and his wife are enjoying the arrival of two grandchildren this year, one in January and the other recently in June. These delightful new arrivals keep them busy.

Godfrey Mills emails his thanks for the card and the good wishes received. Godfrey’s lapidary and family touring activities are on hold for the moment. A knee reconstruction he had almost 14 years ago now needs replacement and this is scheduled for mid August. Hopefully the ageing carcass will be back to “normal” in 6/8 weeks. In the meantime, all the best to fellow retirees.

Tad Misiewicz thanks Kathy for his birthday card; it arrived right on time. His latest project restoring the old cottage in Croydon he purchased recently to his dream home will take some time. Tad is fine ,except for a bad flu experience 4 weeks ago, which knocked him out a bit, as he has not been sick for years. He finally got a free flu shot which he has been refusing for years. Tad must be getting old.

Peter Nyga says he is leaving for Wyoming USA with a group of photographers for 24 days to photograph the highlights of Yellowstone National Park which is the first national park — not only in the USA but in the world — it has stood  the test of time. The photographers are also visiting  the lesser know Grand Teton National Park where some of the rocks in the park are the oldest found in any U.S. National Park and have been dated at nearly 2.7 billion years It should be an interesting trip.

Graeme Randall emails that he will be overseas through August and September, travelling by train across Russia from Vladivostok to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then three weeks will be spent in Scandinavian countries, retuning home early October.

Trevor Richards passes on his thanks to Kathy Trace and the Committee of the ANZ Retired Officers Club for the recent birthday card/greetings, on the occasion of his recent 68th birthday

The card arrived on time and without delay and was very much appreciated.

Joseph Romano emails thanks to ANZROC for the birthday card which arrived on the day (of course) and was signed by Kathy Trace. It reminded him of some happy times when he relieved at the old Glenroy Branch when Kathy was Manager. Joseph is still working but at the moment is on holidays and although staying put in Melbourne enjoying the rest very much.

Roy Sloggett sends his sincere thanks for the birthday wishes received for his 81st.

Rob Smith emails his thanks to the committee for his Birthday wishes which Rob celebrated in style with family at Crown and it was a lovely memorable weekend.

Bernie Sowersby writes his thanks for the birthday wishes he received and he says that since retirement he has received 25 cards all on time. At 83 he is still travelling well albeit not too far and continues to visit his specialists regularly to keep him fit.

Harry Trefz writes that he was touched to receive the well wishes of the members of ANZROC and sends his best wishes to members for the future.

Jim Trimble writes his thanks for the birthday wishes sent to him especially to Kathy who does such a grand job. Jim is keeping fairly well considering the age of 85. Family members took Jima and his wife out to dinner that night to the Ringwood Club.

Norm Wood emails his thanks for Kathy's ever-reliable card for his recent birthday. It was Norm’s 87th. Unfortunately Norm has no items of general interest to the membership at large but did enjoy meeting ANZROC friends and members at the July meeting at the East Malvern RSL club.



July 2013


Les Ager emails to convey his thanks to the Committee and members for the birthday greetings received to celebrate his 82nd birthday. Les had a very enjoyable time with family.

Ian Anderson writes a big thank you to ANZROC and in particular Kathy Trace for his birthday greetings. It’s hard to believe Ian has been retired for 16 years. Ian and wife Margaret have been blessed this year with the safe arrival of their 4th grandson, making a total of 8 grandchildren. Their efforts when minding some of them seem to be greatly appreciated. Ian and Margaret’s annual holidays in Burleigh Heads, Qsld, now include children and grandchildren with lots of fun filled enjoyment. Ian is still playing golf twice weekly at Box Hill with his handicap still holding up despite the age increase.

New member Mike Aranha emailed his thanks for the last newsletter and said he had been reading ANZROC and associated pages online for quite some time. Mike bumped into Peter Marshall last week who told him about the footy club reunion, the day after that Mike ran into Kev ‘The Secretary’ Mitchell, who lives a few hundred metres away.

Anne Blashki writing from Shepparton sends thanks for the greetings sent for her birthday last month. A huge task done so well.

John Drummond emails thanks to ANZROC, particularly Kathy Trace on behalf of the President, for the card received on the day, for his birthday.

Furio Frank emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card; it was received on the day.

Health good, drought appears over, what else can worry us?

John Hawkins advised he was not able to attend the July meeting as he and wife Helen will be on a 15 day River Boat Cruise in Russia. John hopes to see members next month at the meeting in Queen Street,

Peter Keating emails his appreciation of the birthday card that appeared right on time once again, thank you Kathy. While necessary work restricts Peter and his wife’s  travel just a little, there’s no time like the present for visits to China and India and accessing the ANZROC Newsletter is no harder there than here.

Ken Lee intends to be in Pelican Waters visiting brother Ian (ex ANZ) and his wife in July.

Time away is valuable as it is not a simple thing to plan for with his bowls activities but he will endeavour to make August meeting.

Rod Mann emails his thanks for his birthday card which was appreciated. Rod had a great day. Rod and his wife are travelling to Sri Lanka the end of June for a holiday.

Colin McNamara emails please pass on his thanks to Kathy for her usual promptness with Birthday Greetings to one who has aged another year.

Ken McNutt writes to say he was very pleased to receive birthday wishes from the Committee and members of ANZROC. Ken supposes it is getting above average to reach 86 but unfortunately there can be consequences and for that reason things have to be taken more quietly. However Ken and wife Heather are still able to enjoy most ANZROC events and all concerned are to be congratulated on their efforts. Thanks also to Kathy for her unfailing time keeping with Australia Post.

Sherwin Meerwald emails his thanks for the birthday wishes. It is appreciated.

Sherwin and wife Charmaine celebrated with dinner with friends at the RSL Club in Noble Park on the day and a family lunch at Crown Casino the next day. Sherwin and Charmaine are planning a further visit to Sri Lanka in August and then into Fiji on the way back. Life is good. Still enjoying a part time job in an engineering factory, and keeping busy with the Lions Club of Dandenong Inc. and the Australia Sri Lanka Welfare Guild.

Ray Murphy emailing from Anglesea says thanks for the ANZROC Birthday greetings, his 26th from the club, which was appreciated.

Mike Nickell emailed his thanks for the birthday wishes for his birthday which he greatly appreciated.

Peter Nielipowiec writing from Strathdale says he was sorry to read the sad news of the passing of Cliff Griggs as he had some memorable experiences working with Cliff at Clunes in his younger days. He was also sorry to hear of the passing of the esteemed State Manager of Victoria John McConnell who Peter had dealings with when on the Relieving Staff. Peter also sends congratulations to Wal McGillivray OAM who Peter met when ANZ sponsored the Strathmerton Bowling club.

Coralie O’Donahoo writing from Noosa Heads says thanks to Kathy for the birthday card which arrived on her birthday as usual. Coralie celebrated with friends at a Mooloolaba restaurant which was most enjoyable. Apart from her visit to Sri Lanka last winter she has spent time in Malaysia over Christmas/New Year and has just returned from a trip on the Indian Pacific to Perth with 2 days in Sydney before departure and a week in Perth after the trip.

Neil Sharman writes as usual he is indeed pleased and delighted to receive a birthday card from ANZROC on the occasion of Neil’s 77th birthday.

Lyn Stevens sends her thanks to the club for her birthday card which is much appreciated.

Tom Portelli writes thank you so much for the good wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday. Kind regards to all members of ANZROC.

Keith Taylor writes many thanks for passing on the Club’s best wishes for his 85th birthday. Keith enjoys reading the newsletters for news of the Club’s and members’ activities.

Ern Walton sends his thanks for his recent birthday card and the good wishes. The actual day was celebrated with family at the local golf club and a good time was had by all. Life continues to be kind to Ern and he is still actively playing tennis, golf and lawn bowls. His team won the Grand Final in Div 5 of the Peninsula Bowls area and he shows his winners medal to any interested party. Following many years of having a fear of water he has now had swimming lessons and makes use of the great new pool in the retirement village. Ern also looks forward to the weekly ballroom dances in the Cranbourne area and keenly takes part. Line dancing is a new interest and it’s all good exercise. The only thing he has left to complain about would be the number of candles on his birthday cake for the celebration of his 82nd.

Brian Wills writes thank you for the “Happy Birthday Card” but he does feel that the cards are being sent more frequently but so be it. It was an interesting year for Brian.


AND Alma Barkell, Helen Bouch, Barbara Bruce, Huck Burke, Geoff Burton, Max Butler, Rosemary Callanan, Len Carr, Robin Cates, Kevin Cleary, Trevor Dodds, Ron Downes, Ralph Drummond, Terry Earle, Phil Goodier, Betty Griggs, Charles Griss, Teddy Hanrahan, Martin Hayden, Keith Higgs, Don Huffer, Alister Maitland, David Masters, Kirk McNamara, Angela Mercer, Tad Misiewicz, Serge Nayna, Noelene Noonan, Tom Phillips, Ray Quirk, Dick Sanders,  Jack Shelton, Murray Skelton, Allan Trower, Arie Veenman, David Valentine, Glenda White, John White



June 2013


Ron Adams spent the weekend of his birthday visiting Newmarket races and Cambridge on his most recent trip to England to see his son and daughter in law. With wife Pam they spent several weeks moving the UK family to their new home in Worcester Park but still had time to visit the Chelsea Flower Show in all its glory and have a few days in Belgravia where the house prices brought them back to earth in Malvern. A most enjoyable visit to London.

Dick Barry emailing from Bellerive Tasmania says that he and wife Lynette have been there now for 2 1/2 years, their only move in 48 years! Dick always had a soft spot for Tassie and with their four grandchildren (4, 6, 7 and 8) now living there it wasn’t too difficult a decision to make. Stacks of relations on Lynette’s side also in Tasmania as her father, Geoff Easton, ex-ES&A, was born in Tasmania. Dick and Lynette’s two other children live in Canberra and Darwin. Sadly, Dick has not struck a golf ball in anger for nearly three years, but decided to join a club a few months ago to try to rekindle some enthusiasm. It is called Llanherne out near the Airport. Very flat, only 9 holes but in excellent condition thanks to abundant recycled water. Weather permitting; he might get out for the first round in a week or two.

David Bennie emailed his thanks for the Birthday card which arrived on time as usual. This year was David’s 60th, and he celebrated with wife MaryAnne at their house joined by their many friends, family and co-workers. The past year has been busy, MaryAnne and David travelled to Europe in their summer for 9 weeks, back on Grand Final Day after visiting Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Holland. Highlight was Varna (Bulgaria) on the Black Sea.

Ann Blashki writing from Shepparton says thanks to the committee and members for a memorable luncheon to celebrate the 100th birthday of Charles Rennie. One of the happiest and best social functions she has ever been to. Well done to all the workers behind the scenes- those members from out of town do appreciate their efforts that benefit all members.

Luigi Bucello writes to thank Kathy for the birthday card which as usual arrived on time. At his Dalmore farm the cold and frosty weather has again changed the colour of the asparagus fern from green to brown which means they now have to get them ready for the spring harvest, processing and packing for the export and domestic market. This means hard work for a couple of week’s preparation then a rest followed by 100 days harvest. Luigi has had a couple of nibbles for the farm, however people are scared of the high Australian $ and Japanese Yen and the labour shortages. Apart from that and Luigi not winning Tattslotto everything is going well.

Alan Chapple emailed his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card received on time as always. Very much appreciated.

Don Davy writes in detail to thank ANZROC for the birthday greetings on the occasion of his 69th birthday. His day was filled with phone calls in the morning, a lunch at work with his work mates, a beautiful chocolate birthday cake and later that night a meal at his daughter’s home and finally had the chance to visit Rae Collins his old manager at General Managers Office who is 93.  Don specifically thanks the welfare committee for their work in assisting older members.

Brian Day sends his thanks to President John, the Committee and Members of ANZROC, for the well timed Birthday greetings for his 76th. It’s always good to know that someone remembers and it’s most appreciated. Amazing how the years fly. Brian recently visited the Kingston Centre to catch up with Brian Murdoch who hears regularly from his ANZ mates, especially Bruce Tickell & John Flyger as well as many others. Brian Murdoch is looking forward to moving on from the Kingston Centre in coming weeks.

Nola Forsyth sends her thanks for the birthday card and says she spent her birthday quietly working in her recycle shop where she works 7 days a week to pay expenses. Nola says porcelain and glass cats, dogs and owls are popular but everyday it’s something different and interesting such as the recent sale of a number of old kitchen wares to a young lad who works at Captain Cooks Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens. Expenses however are getting too high on Canterbury Road at Canterbury and after many years at the shop closure may be on the horizon.

Graham Heenan reporting in from Belmont to thank the Committee for the recent birthday wishes says not too much excitement during the last twelve months with only local travel to Bright, Broadbeach and Mooloolaba. Graham and wife Pam welcomed their grandchild No. 6 in November 2012 and house renovations have been underway since January 2013. A note that may be of interest to fellow retired bankers is that it will be 20 years since his retirement on 30th November and he has just finished the box of staples that was part of the retirement package.

Graeme Horsburgh thanks ANZROC for his birthday card. It’s good to get something in the post on your birthday. He is also trying to locate Bob Johnson who worked at ANZ. Bob was a classmate at Frankston High School and graduated in 1955. Bob was also a member of the ANZ cricket team. If you can help it would be much appreciated. Let Peter Pritchard know and he will pass on the information to Graeme.

Doug Imrie emails that the newsletter continues to provide great interest and a means of keeping informed about previous work colleagues. Doug and wife Trish  arrived in Cairns at the start of May, after a zigzag journey north west (Lightning Ridge, Winton) from Ocean Grove, just in time for the birth of their 4th grandson (5th grandchild). It has to be one of the very special joys of being Grand Parent. They will start heading south sometime in July and expect to be home by October. Australia is a great Country to explore.

Ailsa Mackie sends her thanks to Kathy Trace for her birthday greetings which were lovely to receive. Ailsa enjoys receiving the newsletters and reading about those members who are so mobile, however she realises how lucky she is to still be around and reading about others.

Frank Marzin emails his thanks for the birthday wishes. Frank is heading off to Broadbeach for a well earned holiday. He is still working full time but hoping to retire in the next year or so.  He passes on his best wishes to all past colleagues and hopes to meet up with members soon.

President John McPhee emails thanks Kathy, Collected his mail on Friday and there it was right on time. She has got it done to a tee. Great work.

Peter Nyga advises his birthday card arrived right on time, as usual and thanks Kathy for the excellent service. The day was spent socialising: going out for coffee with some photographer friends in the morning; his brother came over to visit in the afternoon and in the evening Peter’s partner June took him to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant in Black Rock, where they filled themselves with fine cuisine. (And no, he didn’t play the Beatles song “When I’m 64”).

Peter Nielipowiec writing from Strathdale says he was sorry to learn of the passing of our late member Leigh Astall. Peter worked with Leigh when he was accountant at Horsham, an absolutely champion man. Leigh along with his family and Brian Madden and his family took Peter to his first visit to the Grampians when Peter was on staff in Horsham. Treasured memories.

Alan Podger writes that he has just returned from Adelaide where wife Judith had a reunion with cousins on her mother’s side.  She had not seen some of them for over 50 years so you can imagine there was a fair bit of “face recognition” stuff required, but, after that was achieved there was no holds barred with voices increasing in volume  and photos going way back.  As usual, Alan’s Birthday Greeting Card from ANZ ROC duly signed by Kathy on behalf of the President was waiting for him for which he appreciated.

Barry Rogers emails his thanks for the timely birthday wishes which were appreciated and says that he has entered his 76th year and life is good. Barry and wife Jill are both well and healthy and they have three little grandchildren (girls) that they are very proud of. In August the three families are heading for a week in Port Douglas, sharing a house just out of town. In March, Jill and Barry are spending a fortnight on a tour in Northern India, with Jill really looking forward to her first sighting of the Taj Mahal. He is  still working three days a week while Jill is kept busy with tennis, choir work and currently Naplan marking, and with both attending the gymnasium twice weekly  they do not have much time left over to ever feel sorry for themselves. As he said, life is good.

Terry Stapleton emails his thanks for the birthday card for his 83rd birthday which arrived, as usual, on the day, Another good year has gone by quickly for Terry and wife Maureen and they continue to generally enjoy good health and lead reasonably active lives...not a lot has changed...Terry still enjoys a game of tennis on the week-ends and also lunch at the Wine and Food Society most Tuesdays and he does enjoy being a volunteer for Bush Care which involves helping maintain the bush land in a couple of nearby Reserves. Terry appreciates the webpage and the monthly magazine and the news it brings of old friends with whom he has worked.

Miles Tiller emails his thanks to Kathy for her timely birthday card. Miles celebrated his 75th in a quiet way as wife Betty was laid low with the flu. He did, however receive a number of telephone calls and cards from family and friends. Both Miles and Betty are generally enjoying life and spend time with their grandchildren of 4 boys when ever they can and waiting  patiently for a new arrival in July-which they understand will be a granddaughter. During March Miles and Betty took a most enjoyable cruise for 14 days around New Zealand and next year they are looking forward to a European river cruise.

June Thompson sends her thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes on behalf of ANZROC. June spent an enjoyable day in good company.

Roger Watkins writes to thank members for the birthday wishes for his 82nd.Roger had been hoping to attend the 100th year celebrations of the Royal Australian Navy in Sydney this year but has had to cancel but he says about 50 nations have been invited to send a representative ship and most have accepted the invite so there will be many sailing ships in Sydney Harbour later this year. The Federal Government has agreed to subsidise the cost of the many events in support for the 100 years of our Navy.

Peter Westaway emails many thanks to committee and Kathy for his April birthday card which reached him on time at the new address. No more bushfires in Glenmaggie to be concerned with. The fire in January was the most horrendous and Peter is pleased to now be residing in semi regional Warragul.

Norma Thomas writing from Pialba, Queensland, sends thanks the Committee for their good wishes on the occasion of her birthday which she greatly appreciated.

Past President John Vanselow emails his thanks for his birthday card which arrived on the day. John says his birthday this year was less exciting than last year's 80th but was still enjoyable spent with all the family. John and wife Lois left mid- May for another visit to the Flinders Ranges. Their daughter and son-in-law have recently purchased a 4WD and want to accompany them on their initial inland adventure. After the major problems with their Land Cruiser when travelling in Queensland  last year the 4WD  is now in fine shape and ready to go.

Kevin Watson emailed a note to say thanks for the birthday greetings card which arrived on time. It was very much appreciated. Kevin and wife Susan were just home for the birthday after a cruise from Darwin to Broome exploring the wonders of the rugged and ancient Kimberly region. It is to be recommended to any who might wish to see a vast area of largely unspoilt Australia.

John White writes that Kathy is upholding the ANZ’s reputation for efficiency as the birthday wishes arrived as usual on his birthday. John and wife Debby have survived the trauma of moving house (again) and are looking forward to spending June in Queensland before their next grand child’s birth due in July.

AND, Graeme and Annette Baldwin, Barbara Bruce, Diane Carew , Phil Goodier, John Harris, Andy Herd, Graham Holt, Tessa Hondros, Suzanne Hopkins,  Barry Kilmartin, Daryl Koch, Alan Lauder, Sue McCarthy, Jill Paterson, Jenette Pickering, Geoff Stillman,  John Taylor, Warren Thomas, John Turnbull, Glen Twidale, John Vanselow,


May 2013


Phillip Alleaume emailed his thanks for the birthday card which arrived on the day. Phil has had some health problems which necessitated a stay in hospital but he is now home and almost fully recovered.

Will Bailey emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday greetings. The card arrived on the 28th, one day early. Just as well as Good Friday is not a great time for a Birthday.

Will and wife Dorothy had the birthday celebration on Sunday 7th when they had a terrific party at the Geelong Club. Fifty family and friends joined them for a great day. A number of friends decided to leave Victoria to avoid the fun and games!! Just shows turning 80 is no big deal!! Will was able to join Charles Rennie at the Athenaeum Club to celebrate the March birthday. Charles was the guest of honour for the Senior Members’ monthly luncheon. It is amazing to listen to his anecdotes of his life - a true treasure of Australian business. The opportunity to meet so many colleagues at the Rennie luncheon at 100 Queen Street made Will realise how important was our banking time together. Let’s hope it goes on a lot longer.

Alma Barkell sends her thanks for the birthday wishes which she appreciated very much. She expects to get to one of our luncheon meetings soon as she has missed catching up with her banker friends.

David Beardsley emails his thanks for the birthday card and reports that he has moved house during the past twelve months but decided not to leave the south eastern suburbs.

Bob Bell emails to Kathy Trace and the Committee his thanks for the good wishes on his recent birthday. Bob and wife Carolyn had an enjoyable lunch at one of the local restaurants, and their two young granddaughters were able to be with them for the occasion. Both Carolyn and Bob  continue to enjoy good health and life in general at Mollymook, bowls and golf take up a good deal of time as does his  involvement as Chairman of the Bowling Club. Last year they had a lovely holiday going on a 20 day cruise of the Mediterranean. They also enjoyed a few days in Melbourne before going to the Grand Final to see the Sydney Swans win another premiership, a really great day.

Wendy Bradley emails her thanks for the birthday card. She has been busy with babysitting, and she also enjoyed hosting her cousins visiting from England. Wendy had a very amusing weekend at Walhalla with the cousins as it was raining all night, but the local ghost walk still went ahead for 2 hours. Next morning the kookaburras woke them early laughing like mad. She can only assume they thought the ghost walkers were mad the night before.

Graeme Croxford reports from Harrietville that the bush fires have gone but due to lack of grass on the mountains  they  are seeing herds of 20 plus kangaroos and deer coming down to graze on their  property. Many of the locals would be out there with a gun but Graeme doesn’t have the heart. They are beautiful animals. So he will just have to buy in hay for his cows.

Bryden Davis writes his thanks for the Club’s birthday greetings which duly arrived on the day.

Glynn Evans writes his thanks for the birthday wishes. Glynn was pleased to be able to attend the birthday celebrations for Charles Rennie held in February and says it was a great honour to be Charles personal chauffer for many years. In those years Charles remained as he always is a man with humility and many other attributes.

John Gibb emails his thanks once more for the birthday greetings – may there be many more to come.

Martin Hayden and wife Karen love their high performance cars, and as previously advised, their current vehicle is a 500HP Mercedes Benz AMG C63. Owning such a car enables one to compete in AMG "Drive Days" which Martin did in mid-April at Phillip Island....but not in their car. AMG provide a fleet of 40 VERY powerful cars, and instructors, for the 36 participants who compete in various high speed events on the race-track. Going down the main straight at 220/230ks with the instructor telling you to go faster, is an awesome experience. A Gourmet "fine dining" lunch is then provided. The car is registered in Karen's name, and while she allowed Martin to do the driving for this AMG event she is a certain starter for next year!

Laurie Holland sends his thanks for the card and good wishes to mark the passing of another year. The occasion was marked by an unexpected lunch for his 93rd with the children. While for the most part Laurie and wife Barb are managing well the new problem they have is learning to live like ninety year olds. He still manages to look after his vegetable garden and the children and friends appreciate the efforts. Laurie and Barb celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary during the year and it must have been important as their local member sent a “certificate of achievement” to mark the day but they would have been more impressed if he had signed the certificate.

Noticed in the Tasmanian Newsletter a note from Graham Joseph that he is kept busy with Lawn Bowls, Probus , travelling and family. He also has many lunches and get-togethers with some of his Melbourne Colleagues. Last year he went to Europe on the Rhine River cruise which was great as well as to Queensland to get out of the Melbourne winter. He is currently on a tour of China/Vietnam/Thailand and on return will go on a Coach Tour of New Zealand.

Colin McNamara emails after the lunch at Clayton RSL that it was great to catch up with some people that he had not seen for quite a time. Living in Narre Warren South and still putting in a few days a week working with his son, he finds it much easier to attend the Luncheons in the Suburbs, rather than the City. Clayton RSL was convenient, although parking was a bit short. The Club facilities were fine. Colin was sorry he missed the Waltzing Matilda venue a few months earlier.

Maria Natoli e- mailed her thanks for the good wishes received for her birthday. Maria is enjoying retirement very much and has more time to spend with family and friends and to pursue other interests. She has just returned from a stay in Sydney and in early May is off to Italy for 5 weeks. Apart from travelling through the country north and south she will also be visiting the island of Lipari where her father was born and which he left as a six year old some 87 years ago. This is Maria’s first overseas trip for 13 years so she is really looking forward to it.

Tony Pompilio emails his thanks for the birthday wishes which as usual arrived on the day.

Gregory Scollo emails that it is a pleasure to be remembered by the committee and the members of the ANZ Retired Officers' Club, on the occasion of his 77th birthday and he thanks the Club for the very kind thoughts. As usual, Gregory and wife Maria are still in Townsville for the winter until mid November, when they return to Melbourne for the summer and escape the hot humid weather of the tropics.

Life has been very kind to both of them up to now, and they hope it will last for a long time. They celebrated his birthday quietly with some friend in Townsville at a restaurant, enjoying the warm weather and a few drinks. Apart from that life goes on playing lawn bowls, swimming, and walking the beautiful Townsville Strand along the beach, enjoying an Italian gelato and sipping an espresso coffee at the local gelato/coffee shop. They also like to fit in the occasional ball dancing. Coming mid November they will return to Melbourne to be with their children and grand children for Christmas and Easter Holiday and to attend the ANZ ROC Luncheon in December.

John Simson e-mails his thanks for the birthday card. John and wife Chris have well and truly settled into life in Moama, working at a winery on a casual basis, and he is very involved with the Echuca Lions Club. John is in the process of recovery from a major back operation, and Chris is recovering from a serious illness as well but they are both doing well in recovery.

They are heading off to Europe and the UK for 6 weeks at the end of July so really looking forward to the trip.

Murray Skelton writes his thanks for the kind thoughts and good wishes on his recent birthday. It is great to receive the Birthday Card each year and it is much appreciated. Murray is still playing and enjoying bowls and at times comes across other retired ANZ friends. Then the grand children and great-grandchildren seem to fill in any spare time he has.

Warren Thomas emails his greetings and thanks for all the emails and updates throughout the year, another one gone. Warren’s son is currently preparing a family history  for Warren’s father who is a WW11 Veteran and at 92 has some health issues  .Warren   took great delight viewing the front of the "Argus" of 11th December 1946 in which his  son discovered in the contents a note of  the passing of the paternal great grandfather on 10th December 1946
On the front page is an advertisement tempting the returning lads to join a great financial institution, the ES & A Bank, the one and same that Warren  joined and nervously entered 287 Collins Street  some 22 years later. Warren passes on his best wishes to all the "Scotties", returned soldiers and all ANZ ‘ers.

Mike Vallence emails his thanks to Kathy for the Birthday Greetings they are much appreciated.

Life for Mike and wife Dorothy continues at a hectic pace with immediate and extended family commitments, golf, travel, and their involvement in Agricultural organisations. Dorothy is on the executive of the Australian Sheep Breeders Association which conducts the annual Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo. Mike is the Secretary of the Berwick and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society which conducts the annual Berwick and District Show.

John Vigus reports that he and his wife have recently moved from Strathfieldsaye and have followed the kids and moved to the Gold Coast. The eldest is coaching a Robina football team and his twin brothers are playing so this year John and his wife can watch them all together. In the summer the family watch the boys play basketball so they are kept very active.
Neville Warnest emailed to advise that he is now visiting New York and received the newsletter through the ether.

Keith Westaway emails his thanks for the birthday wishes. Keith is looking for a better year in the health department.

Glenda White has recently had surgery for invasive spinal fusion and unbelievably 14 hours later she was virtually pain free and able to get up out of bed and walk. She started rehab in Sydney for just over a week twice a day and is now home and continuing rehab locally once a week for the next 6 weeks. At the end of that time she should be fighting fit and ready for most things. Well not quite but should be back to walking 7 – 10 km’s per day within 6 months. Glenda is thrilled with the results after suffering years of chronic pain and once rehab is finished and she gets the OK she is looking forward to attending a meeting and saying hello to everyone again.

Peter J.  Williams reports that he and wife Kerrie moved to Healesville a few months ago and they are really enjoying the great aspects of the Yarra Valley.


AND, Rick Dickson, Terry Glover, John Hands, Bruce Holloway, Christine Lane, Jim Nicolson, David Umphelby


April 2013


Anne Blashki writing from Shepparton to President John sends belated thanks for the memorable luncheon in February to celebrate the forthcoming 100thbirthday of Charles Rennie (since celebrated) which was one of the happiest and best social functions she had ever been to. Well done to all the workers behind the scenes – those members from out of town do appreciate these efforts that benefit all members.

Arty Booth emailed his appreciation for the birthday card. Arty’s birthday fell on Good Friday this year and as such, no mail deliveries. However in true banking tradition the card arrived the next business day. Not much to report from Bundaberg. The town is getting back to normal after the recent floods, but one of the large shopping complexes has yet to open and estimates are for late May, early June.

Diane Carew emails her thanks for the Birthday card. Diane had a lovely day. Her children and their families took Diane and husband Geoff to Lady Lavender tea rooms on Princes Highway at Bunyip. What a great place for lunch at reasonable prices.

Jenny Cooke emails her thanks for the recent birthday card. As her friends say, we are “21 and a bit” but the ‘bit’ is getting larger every year. The month after arriving back from visiting family in the US, her house was flooded from a burst hot water pipe. Then Insurance ‘negotiations’ and repairs continued until Jenny departed for Brussels in August .She then took  a cruise from Amsterdam to Basel via Bruges and Antwerp followed by  a  train trip to Lake Garda to stay with a school friend before returning to Milan for the flight home via Doha. On her return, repairs continued until Christmas Day when the dishwasher was finally installed in the kitchen – 7 months to the day later! Golf three times per week and writing articles for the school newsletter plus a couple of committees continue to keep her very busy.

Bob Delahoy writing from Inverloch says to convey to Kathy Trace his grateful thanks for the birthday card. The greetings arrived while Bob was in hospital recovering from a partial knee replacement. Now at home he feels that the card helped in the healing process. Bob had his birthday in the hospital with candles and cake and was known from then on as the Birthday Boy. He particularly enjoyed reading of the proceedings of Charles Rennie’s forthcoming 100thbirthday (now celebrated) and left a sense of pride belonging to such an institution led by notable men like Charles. Bob wishes Charles all the best for his 100th.

John Fairbairn emailing from Yarrawonga says another year, another card which is much appreciated. Last year Yarrawonga experienced 50 year rains and this year they saw a tornado

that caused  great damage all around them but it fortunately missed most of the built up area. Nearby suburbs of Mulwala and Bundalong did see some areas badly hit. Denison Caravan Park some 5 or 6 kms out of Mulwala was virtually wiped out. It looks as if a bomb landed on it. Enough of the doom and gloom - life continues very pleasantly in Yarrawonga with a lot of Golf. Maurie Harwood and Peter O'Dwyer are regular cohorts in the Oldies Golf Comps. John  had hoped to attend the Lunch for Charles Rennie but an unfortunate death with a resulting Funeral Service precluded this happening but he  hopes  to attend a gathering later this year.

Lawrie Foord writes his sincere thanks for the card on the occasion of his recent birthday. As usual for Lawrie it was a quiet day and he celebrated with a nice lunch with his daughter Jenny.

Teresa Goldsbrough reports that later in April she will be in Adelaide visiting aged parents then off overseas from late May to mid July walking and touring around Italy, Switzerland and France

Dave Hartwich emails a huge thank you to the ANZROC for the birthday card he received marking yet another year of fun!

Dave Harkin updating his involvement in the “Male Bag Ride” from Perth to Melbourne raising funds for Prostate Cancer research says that before the ride started he had to get a Heavy Rigid truck licence as there were to be 3 truck drivers. However for various reasons Dave became   the solo truck driver as the others never arrived.

After leaving the Perth Mail Centre, on Wednesday April 3rd they travelled to Margaret River and for the first 2 days were followed by a team from the channel 10 “Project” show, with their report due later in April. Then to Albany, Esperance, Balladonia, Eucla, crossing the WA/SA border to Ceduna, and on to Adelaide, where a big fund raising sports night was held.  Following that they  headed  to Mt Gambier ( another sports night) then Lorne and onto Melbourne, with a police escort up Geelong Rd to the MCG where they are due to celebrate the  finish, at half time of the Melbourne  versus  West Coast Eagles game.

The original fundraising target was $100,000 but  they have exceeded $350,000 to go towards research for prostate cancer.



Eddie Hassett writes his thanks for his birthday card which arrived on the dot as usual. Eddie is in the middle of golf pennant season and has taken over the treasurer’s duties for the Mordialloc Football Club. This should keep him off the streets during winter.

Andy Herd emails his thanks for birthday greetings. They seem to come around quickly but he doesn’t mind as long as he keeps having them.

Ron Horne writes to thank Kathy Trace for the kind birthday wishes on his 88th. Like so many of Ron’s colleagues it is always so pleasing to receive these greetings that are a wonderful tradition being maintained.

Rick Kimber sends his thanks to the Club and particularly Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings which arrived punctually as usual. Apart from the passing of yet another year, Rick is unable to report anything of significance.

Christine Lane emails her many thanks for her birthday card and good wishes. The week prior to Christine’s birthday she was holidaying up at Mulwala and got caught up in the tornado which struck several Murray River towns.  At the time of going through the tornado she honestly thought that her time on this earth was limited and she would not see the next birthday! The very strong winds pushed their 4WD up against the lounge room wall, the garage roof lifted, big round hay bales were found in the driveway and Buddy, the kelpie dog, suffered a cut above his right eye. At the end of the day they got off lightly compared to many others not so fortunate.

Ken Lee sending his apologies for the April gathering says he will be in Bendigo from 8 – 17 April for Bowls Victoria Championship week. Bowls still takes up most of his time, at least for one more year. As Chair of the Northern Gateway Region life is never dull.

Peter Nyga says he can’t make the 11th April meeting – he’ll be away again for two weeks of sailing on Gippsland Lakes.

Alan Pearce says he has been heavily involved in the planning of celebrations for the centenary of the City of Plenty north east of Melbourne later this year and as Chairman of the Organising Committee he has had to negotiate with Council, Police, businesses and community groups and entertainers  to make the event appealing to the local residents.

Neville Pearson,  our resident poet arrived back from holidays spent overseas cruising the China Seas and on receipt of the birthday card decided to send his thanks by way of this poem…….





































Ron Pitt sends his thanks for the good wishes for his 90th birthday. Ron had a most enjoyable day which he celebrated with his family and friends.

Barry Reid emails his thanks to the many members who contacted him by email, phone or cards following the article, placed by Pat Gaskin ,Norms wife in the not well section of last months newsletter. Barry was overwhelmed by the number of get well wishes that he received, a number from former past workmates, ex ANZ cricket club members some of whom Barry had lost contact with over the years and a number of retired ANZ bankers who he meets up with regularly each year at ANZROC Christmas luncheon. Barry was very pleased to hear from them all and is recovering well following the operation, unfortunately he picked up an infection in hospital which slowed things down a little however that has now cleared and it was good to get back home again. He is hoping to catch up with everyone again shortly.

Charles Rennie writes to President John to record how much he appreciated the thought, the time and the effort directed into the celebration in advance of his 100th birthday at what was a great gathering of fellow officers- past and present- and many of their partners. The welcome to Charles and wife Joy and all the other guests was a happy experience and Charles was honoured by the presence of ANZ Chairman John Morschel and Senior Executives and was impressed with the Chairman’s recall of history. Charles appreciated the gift of the silver framed photographs covering quite a period of years. John’s introduction of Paul Guest as President of Banks Rowing Club and Paul’s observations on the many years of links and memberships with ANZ Bank and its forbears were very interesting. Charles said the location of the function on 34th Floor/100 Queen Street was a fine choice, great dining with beautifully arranged table decorations. The “Happy Birthday Banner” is quite a gem as it is autographed by many of those present and will be a treasured reminder of the occasion and he closes with his thanks to Past President Neville Pearson for his major participation in the arrangements for the function.

Harry Trefz sends his thanks for the good wishes expressed in his birthday card. Harry like so many others enjoys reading the travelogues of the more adventurous members sharing their holiday trips and journeys with other retirees and he is glad they find additional happiness and new interests overseas.

Julie Wilkins emailed to say thankyou to Kathy for the ANZROC Birthday Card which arrived on the day. Julie and her husband were off to Loch, visit some old mining towns, then hiking, and walks along the beach, then find some antique shops and hope the weather holds for the birthday weekend.

AND Graeme Croxford, George Finniss, Barbara Firth, Bob Lyon, Gordon Lyon, John Simson, John Sudholz, Neville Taylor, Peter Westaway,  John Winbanks,


March 2013


John Baird writing from Highton on his 88th sends his thanks for the birthday card that arrived on the day. John says he is struggling healthwise so any outside contact is welcome.

Terry Boocock emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card good wishes. Life continues to be very busy and enjoyable and Terry and wife Lyn are about to head to Sydney to board the Indian Pacific for the trip to Perth. They plan a 31 day break visiting family and also touring down to Esperance and up to Kalgoorlie then back in to Perth for the quick flight home.

Terry is still a very active member of Royal Victorian Aero Club and is in his 27th year of flying. Club activities include air judge for the monthly flying competitions, member of the flying scholarship subcommittee and active pilot with the Young Eagles program. Probus also keeps him busy as the Trips and Tours co-ordinator. Terry enjoys reading the monthly newsletter and was pleased to see in the last edition, news of Bob Kirkland achieving 90 years. Bob was the accountant at 154 Moorabool Street Geelong when Terry  arrived as a fresh faced, full head of hair, junior to start his banking career in February 1961.While attending a Probus member’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration he located amongst the 100 guests Frank and Mary Donovan. Terry hopes Bob Kirkland is as sprightly as Frank and Terry can emulate Frank’s spring as he works through his 69th year and beyond.

Joe Busuttil emails his sincere thanks to Kathy and the Committee for this year’s birthday greetings and well wishes. He is enjoying good health and has traveled to UK, Europe and Vietnam in the past year. Joe is looking forward to more travel in the coming year.

Max Butler writing from Hastings says he has had to undergo surgery and three months rehabilitation at The Bays Hospital in Mornington and is due to have another bout of surgery albeit minor later in March. The time spent in hospital and the ongoing treatment has helped Max and wife Barb to decide to downsize within Hastings and he says one day soon he hopes to be able to get back to golf.

Graeme Croxford emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card and to the committee for their good wishes. At 75 years Graeme still has a brain that thinks he is 50 which is a problem at times. However with wife Beryl they are enjoying retirement on their little hobby farm in Harrietville with a few cows, chooks, dog, cat, kangaroos, deer and a collection of sports cars, (Bentley RL, Chev.Corvette, Jaguar Cougar and XJ6, MG TC, Porsche 928S, Triumph TR3A, Jeep Wrangler Sport, and a little Alfa 156).Throw into the mix 2 Car Clubs, Bright Bowling Club, the Ovens Liberal Party, Harrietville Social Club and a bush fire - life is not dull.

Muriel Drummond Williams wrote to let us know how much she and John Hobbs enjoyed the luncheon for Charles Rennie.
Lawrie Foord has just returned from a memorable 2 weeks staying with his grand daughter and family at Sanctuary Point on the NSW South Coast. They are located near HMAS “Albatross” (Helicopter base) and HMAS”Creswell” (Naval College) and Lawrie’s grandson by marriage is an Officer presently attached to the “Albatross” as  a Qualified Technician for Sikorsky Sea Hawks. The grandson is also a member of the frigate “HMAS Toowoomba” and has already completed 3 tours of duty in the Middle East on pirate duty but  is due to leave for another 6 month tour of the area later in 2013. Lawrie was fortunate to be given wide-ranging tours of both Albatross with its Naval Museum and Creswell and was most impressed with the facilities and the historical value of the Museum. His grand daughter is a long term serving member of the NSW State Emergency Service covering Wollongong to Ulladulla and parts inland and Lawrie now has vastly different point of view of the SES and its services after spending time on site with his grand daughter. He even had time to catch a few fish at Sanctuary Point.

Norm Gaskin received his birthday greeting in time for his birthday, and thanks all members very much for the thought.

Meryl Hallinan emailing for husband John Hallinan sends thanks to Kathy for John’s birthday greetings. John is now confined to a wheelchair but his general health is pretty good. They managed to have a short holiday at the RSL Mulwala where the staff was extremely helpful. Last year Meryl and John were also very pleased to welcome their first great grandchild, Mia Jasmine McConnell.

David Harkin writes that over April he will be taking part as a member of the support team for a group of motor cycle riders fund raising for research for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).The 26 riders involved are riding ex-Honda “postie” motor bikes from Perth to Melbourne on the The Male Bag Ride 2013 over 10 days and they finish at the MCG in mid April at the Melbourne vs. West Coast football match. If you want any more information about the ride you can contact David on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Brian Hendersonemails once again thanks to Kathy Trace for the arrival of the Birthday wishes, right on the knocker. Brian was writing this just after the worst spell of weather in the almost 20 years he has been up in Queensland. Although Brian and wife Christine did not suffer as much as nearby Bundaberg and Maryborough there has been considerable damage in Hervey Bay.Mostly the damage has been to the foreshore with lots of trees down. Naturally with over a metre of rain in two weeks a lot of water is lying about. At one stage Hervey Bay was isolated with water over the roads out of town for several days. During all this time they still had temperatures of around 30 degrees every day and accordingly very high humidity. All is well now and it’s back to clear blue skies. Life for Brian is still quite relaxed with an occasional game of golf, bowls twice a week, as well as two trips to the gym which is enough to keep him reasonably fit.Last year Brian and Christine had a cruise over to UK to catch up with Christine’s son and partner and their new baby daughter at Bath. They travelled on the ‘’Oriana’ via N.Z., Tahiti, Hawaii, San Francisco, Mexico, Curacao, Isla Margarita(Venezuela), Barbados and Madeira to Southampton.Two weeks were spent visiting the family plus some touring around Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall before returning to Southampton and boarding the Queen Mary 11 for the crossing to New York. A further two weeks visiting friends in Long Island, Lake Michigan, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles before flying back home.They have plans for more travels in 2013 including a trip south which will quite likely enable Brian to get to the May meeting of ANZROC.

Bob Kirkland writing on his 90th says many thanks for the birthday greetings. Bob looks forward to receiving the monthly newsletter although he admits the only names he recognises are in the Honorary Birthday list or the bereavements.

Jack Moyle writes thanks for the birthday card and greetings for his 88th. Jack with wife Audrey and elder son Alan and his family celebrated the birthday in style and then Jack spoke to son Graeme and their granddaughter based in London. Jack says he enjoys the monthly newsletter which keeps him informed of the activities of other retirees. Jack and Audrey are no longer fit enough for long trips so enjoy the adventures of others and many bring back memories of places they visited and enjoyed.

Ray Murphy emails many thanks again for the newsy news letter. A little more on the late Trevor Westerman if Ray recalls correctly he served in the Artillery in Africa. On leaving the services Trevor was ledger keeper at "Scottie" Ballarat East then moved to Teller. The next move was to Manager Mortlake then 9 Lydiard St Ballarat which was a prestige Branch with high profile clients and Trevor and wife Gloria were noted for their entertainment of clients. Trevor finished his ANZ career as Manager Darwin .Hope this helps to fill in a few holes for members. Back to the note from Noel Robinson "The Fireman" in a recent Newsletter where he referred to losing an important account when moving to Manager, Casterton.  The account followed Ray to Hamilton Branch but not at Ray’s request and turned out to be a real headache…… lucky Noel.

Norm Ross writing on his 92nd says thanks to Kathy for the birthday card and that he was able to celebrate his birthday with pleasure in Hobart with their younger daughter and family.

Mavis Ryan writes her thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes on behalf of ANZROC members and appreciates Kathy’s dedication to the delivery of the birthday cards.

Dick Sanders emails thank you so much for the Birthday Card and good wishes, duly arriving on time. Dick and his wife had a sea change-downsize during the year, moving from Glen Waverley where they had lived for 42 years to a much smaller modern house just three years old and ten minutes walk from the beach at Mordialloc. About 2 years ago Dick  was diagnosed with Glaucoma, it being advanced in one eye but, since then, using daily Zalatan drops, he is pleased to say it has been stabilised, which is the best one can hope for. Apart from that all is well. Dick was sorry to read that an old London Office colleague, Richard “Johnny” Walker  had died a few months ago .They played in the same tennis team for the Bank at Catford Bridge, he with Morgan Polton and Dick with Geoff Stevens with whom he was to later work at 394 Collins Street. They had also worked for a while in the same department at 4 Threadneedle Street in Inward Bills. One thing about the Bank was that no matter where you were, there was always someone you knew or who knew of you. Some months back on a visit to the cinema at Elsternwick, Dick and wife  called at a café for cheesecake and coffee, which was excellent as he remarked to the waitress/proprietor  and said he  used to frequent a cake shop run by Mr and  Mrs Mihaly (sic) who made the most fabulous cheesecake. She said Mrs Mihaly still calls in occasionally. Not bad since it is over 40 years since Dick worked there with Yvonne King – another cheesecake lover.

John Tulen reported that he had had an accident just after Christmas in Daylesford and broke his hip. After surgery in Ballarat Hospital he spent weeks recuperating in St John of God, Frankston before moving into his new home in Hastings after many years of living in suburban Melbourne. John said his daughter Christina from NT was visiting for her holidays while he was recovering which was very helpful. John was very proud of Christina who was awarded the Teacher of the Year in Secondary Schools for Northern Territory for 2012 and her school in East Arnhem Land was voted the most innovative school in the Territory.

John Stevens Past President and Life member of ANZROCsent an email to Kathy to thank her for the birthday wishes for his 70th.

Bruce Tickell writing to thank Kathy for the birthday card says he prefers not to dwell on the number of years but rather look to tomorrow while the health situation continues OK. Nevertheless Bruce’s travel aspirations are somewhat limited and he reads with envy the various parts of the world that our members are exploring.

Kevin Watson emailing from Perth sends his congratulations to John McPhee and his support team on the wonderful luncheon held to honour the coming 100th birthday of Charles Rennie. It was very well done indeed. The Bank made an excellent venue available for the event.

Kevin was very pleased to see Charles again after so many years – particularly as he appeared not to have changed to any extent. It was great to see that he remains very active, in good health and still has a driving licence. It is very seldom that Kevin visits Melbourne but he is happy that he did so on this occasion, For Kevin it was a real trip down memory lane as he saw and talked with so many friends of yester year(s). There were too many to name but one who has a special place is Harry Carrodus who befriended a young 21 year old who arrived at GMO of the Bank of Australasia in March 1951. It was a joy to see him and Beryl again. The journey across this wide land was very worthwhile and made possible by Kevin’s old cricketing mate Bruce Tickell who cared for him between flights.

Roly Webster emails his thanks again for birthday card and noted that he has had to officially retire from Gold Prospecting after attaining the age of 80 and he has now been pensioned off.

Maurice Wells writes that once again it was nice to be remembered on his 76th birthday and thanks to Kathy for conveying the Club’s good wishes. Maurice appreciates receiving the monthly newsletter and reading about friends and colleagues.

John Winbanks emails his thanks for the card which as usual arrived on time, as opposed to his acknowledgement for which he apologized.

AND Alma Barkell,Huck Bourke, Gordon Christensen, David Gibb, John Phelan, Sydney Swaby, Warren Taylor, Ron Wilkinson ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


February 2013

Murray Abraham sends his thanks for his birthday card for his 87th. Murray says that as there appears to be such a short time between receiving the greetings it may be appropriate to ask Kathy if she is now sending them out monthly.

Bob and Val Bishop thanks Kathy for once again sending Birthday Wishes to them right on time. They are both well and looking forward to a trip to China next month concluding with 5 days at Mission Hills to play golf with a group from the Sandhurst Club.

Roger Brown writes to acknowledge and thank members for the welcome birthday wishes.

Jock Buntain writes many thanks for his birthday greetings and apart from a bit of back trouble which is keeping him away from golf he can’t complain.

Ian Cann emails his thanks for the Birthday card celebrating his 86th. Nothing exciting has happened to Ian this year, no overseas trips, no big Tattslotto win. Just playing bowls and trying to keep fit.  He enjoys reading about past workmates and their activities.

Len Carr sends thanks to R.O.C and Kathy Trace for his birthday greetings which arrived on the day, even though the birthday is three days after Christmas!The highlight of 2012 for Len and wife Norma was a visit from London of their daughter and two grandsons for a month in August. Len and Norma were able to get all the family consisting of their seven grandchildren to spend a week together on the Gold Coast, away from cold Victoria. A great time was had by all .

Looking forward to Carlton winning the premiership in 2013!!!

Harry Carrodus writing to thank members for his birthday wishes says that he enjoys the Newsletter each month and he knows that members look forward to receiving the latest editions.

Geoff Christmas emails that once again it was great to again receive the Club’s birthday wishes though they seem to arrive earlier and earlier. Geoff and wife Heather’syear started with a bike ride in New Zealand. They rode the bottom end of the North Island and the top of the South Island. Apart from some challenging climbs the ride was wonderful and they enjoyed some great scenery around the Marlborough Sounds and the country north of the Takaka Hill.Geoff and Heatherhad their usual stint at Coolum Beach for the Southern Winter and a lovely Christmas at Porepunkah with some of the family. This year they are off cycling in France yet again though this time having three one-week stays in some medium to small villages to enjoy the atmosphere and culture. This is the fifth time to France and they really love the country which has lots of history and some beautiful scenery, let alone the wine, food, beer, cheese. Their 4th grandchild is due in around 8 weeks and the time spent with them is most rewarding though the oldest at 3.5 years can definitely teach Geoff and Heather some computer skills.

Once again thanks for the birthday card and the newsletters that bring with them many memories.

John Conn emails his thanks again to the Birthday Card manager. His card arrived on time while John and wife Linda were away for a few days in Echuca. They enjoyed 10 days at Echuca, but had picked the hottest period they could manage. Fortunately the air conditioning was working well in the house they rented.Looking forward to going to Europe in April for three months.

John Duguid emails his thanks for the birthday card which arrived on the day. John wishes he had taken the bets 30 years ago when some people said he would be lucky to see 45. Miracles do happen. John’s still alive, keeping good health, playing golf 3 times a week and not getting any better at it. He is going away to Yarrawonga for the annual golf trip the week before Easter with George Lawson, Peter Treleaven, Bevyn Ranford, Brian Christensen  , John McConnell, John Ries  and John Phelan and a few ex Scottie blokes in Richard Harding , John Maguire, John Crough and John Briggs.

Max Fisher writes to thank Kathy Trace for her kindness in acknowledging his 82nd birthday on behalf of the Club. Max looks forward to another year of good health and wellbeing.

John Flyger sends his thanks for the ANZROC Birthday Card which as usual arrived on time, thanks to Kathy’s good work. He also sends a belated message of thanks to the Committee.

David Gibb writes his thanks to Kathy for the birthday wishes. This year has been very sad for the Gibb family after losing their 45 year old son who lost his battle with stomach cancer.

John Hawkins reports that he will be missing the first three months of 2013 as he and wife Helen will be cruising down the Amazon, a little break in Florida then cruising around South America

Bob Heinemann emails his thanks for the birthday greetings from the club that arrived on the day. Bob received birthday greetings from friends and family, including a call from Bob and wife Heather’s daughter in Argentina where her husband has business and sporting interests.

Bruce Iddles sends his thanks for the birthday wishes and appreciates reading about other members travels in the newsletters. Bruce and wife Faye gave the Gold Coast a miss last year and flew to Broome where they commenced an APT  tour of the Kimberley’s travelling through the heart of the rugged country in a 20 seater 4 wheel drive from Broome to Kununurra and return along the Gibb River road, some 3000 klm’s. Accommodation was very good staying in wilderness lodges and motels. It was a magnificent trip, great scenery and attractions including 2 helicopter flights. Bruce and Faye then spent 4 days at Cable Beach Resort, visiting Cape Leveque and aboriginal communities, Willies Pearl farm and riding the camels at sunset. They don’t know why they waited so long to visit this wonderful part of Australia.

Kevin Kelly sending his thanks for the good wishes on his birthday says he has a fridge magnet which reads “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest” Enough said.

Bob Lyon passes on his thanks for the emailed birthday card. This is the best way to catch Bob as he and wife Helen seem to be rarely home in Fiji these days. They spent Christmas and January in Melbourne hoping to catch up with friends and family, but ended up meeting many people from the medical profession as they both had several issues to sort out. They arrived home in early February to a better welcome than the  last homecoming two days after Cyclone Evan which devastated the western side of Fiji and hit right on top of the Lyons’ at Denarau. Winds of 285 kph left their mark and it will be some time before the vegetation grows back to previous levels and the big trees will probably never be replaced. As expected there was lots of damage to properties, boats, jetties etc. Bob and Helen were lucky, while the garden was trashed, the house, boat and jetty stood up OK, but many neighbours were not so lucky. They were in Hawaii when it struck and after being delayed for 4 days returned home to a mess with no power or communications, cleaned up a bit and headed to Melbourne after only two days home.  Bob is keeping busy with several boards including a new role as Chairman of a NZ based solar energy company and with rising energy prices they are very busy. They have decided to tick off one of the things on their bucket list and are going to England for the Ashes tour in July and will take in the Nottingham and Lords tests. Helen is really looking forward to ten days of cricket, he thinks.

Phil Manning writing to accept for the February luncheon which falls on his 83rd birthday felt it was important to catch up with colleagues and friends but regrettably a bout of ill health meant he had to miss the event. Phil thoroughly enjoyed his years of banking. He started his career in Nigeria where he spent many years of wide and varied experiences before moving to Australia where he worked in FCA the finance company of The Bank of Adelaide before merging with Esanda. Phil had a number of outside interests but had a special love of soccer, playing for 12 years then refereeing for 20 years including refereeing a Cup Final in Lagos in 1959.He also got involved in club management which included finance, accounting and tax matters for the clubs and players and acquired the necessary qualifications to add to his banking and management credentials.

Kevin May emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greeting. Mostly staying out of mischief on the Gold Coast in 2012,other than an extended holiday in Hawaii which is hands down Kevin and wife Heather’s  home away from home. The other highlight was the Bloods’ gutsy finals effort to make it 2 flags in his lifetime, 2 more than ever realistically expected. They extend best wishes to all members for a happy and healthy 2013

Wal McGillivray has written to thank our President and all members for the birthday greetings for his 90th. Once again Kathy has maintained the ANZ standard of perfect timing. Wal thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas lunch – members so seldom get the opportunity to catch up with old friends. For many members it means that there are familiar faces missing but memories last forever.

Jock McGregor emails his thanks to the Committee, for the electronic birthday card. It was really appreciated. Jock is currently based in Shanghai and working away with Travelex. All good there and enjoying it. Vicki comes and goes as she isn’t keen on staying in Shanghai  full time, and spends her time between Shanghai, Point Lonsdale and St Louis in France (where daughter and granddaughter live – and of course son-in-law!). Not a bad life for some hey? Jock was home in Point Lonsdale for a family Christmas and New Year which was great. He is planning to go to France to see his granddaughter in February (Chinese New Year) so looking forward to that. Son Ross is still in Shanghai, running his own business (Rapid Offshore Group) and helping with their investments in the hospitality game.  They  have a bit of a portfolio now with three (or really 2 and 1/2) Camels (, Sliders Bar( and the Blarney Stone (it hasn’t a website yet but this is a review site Jock and Ross have only had the Blarney Stone since 1st January and it will change, dramatically from mid February. The existing Blarney Stone business will be moved into a new site and the existing site will be transformed into an Italian restaurant (with a working name DOC Gastronomia Italianna) opening in April. Busy times!! Current plans are to complete his Travelex role in May and will be back in Australia after that, so hopes to catch up.

Bruce Michell emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card. Having retired from the Bank over 20 years ago he always appreciates being remembered.

Alex Pigdon emails his thanks for the good wishes received on the occasion of his 76th birthday.

Neil Robinson writing from Highton says after reading Ray Murphy’s comments in the December newsletter he recalled that on the way to Casterton to take up his first managerial appointment he was instructed to call on Ray at Hamilton who gently told Neil that one of the high profile Casterton graziers had moved his account to Ray as the customer could not stand having to break in another new Bank Manager. Neil mentioned that he was the Accountant at Ballarat East when Gavan Ryan was manager. Gavan was a real character and often smoked his pipe in the office and sometimes the spent match used for lighting the pipe was discarded into the waste paper basket which occasionally burst into flame. Neil at the time was a volunteer fireman and felt that while the action was funny it was a bit dangerous. As for his fire fighting career an Auditor laughed after a fire broke out in a Maryborough bakery and the mixing of flour and water resulted in Neil returning to the office with his clothes covered in “dough”.

Molly Saint writing from Ballarat says thank you all for the birthday greetings and as hers falls on Christmas Day it’s a double celebration. She still appreciates receiving the newsletter although fewer and fewer names mean anything to her now.

Des Schultz says it was another very enjoyable ANZROC Christmas Party – many thanks to all concerned. Kevin Mitchell’s opening with a medley of jokes was a great start to the day.

John Stevens emailing his thanks for his birthday wishes has asked to pass on his thanks to the ANZROC (Vic) Committee for the Life Membership granted to John last year.” It was a privilege for me to have had an opportunity to serve ANZROC with such a generous group of dedicated former colleagues.”

Sandra Street emails that as usual the wonderful Kathy struck right on the dot with the birthday greetings, which were very much appreciated. Sandra and husband Patrick celebrated by going out to dinner at Kenzan in Collins Place. She can remember when that restaurant opened and in all these years has never been until now. It was very good. While they were away on a short cruise holiday recently Sandra renewed acquaintance with a former colleague from Royal Bank Branch over 50 years ago by name of Barry Kennedy. Sandra was successful in marketing the Club to Barry as he is now a member.

Neville Taylor sends is thanks for the good wishes he received for the occasion of his 92nd birthday. Neville is impressed with the work of the organisation as it is obviously very time consuming.

Glen Twidale emails his thanks to Kathy for the birthday card recognising his advancing years. Glen was reminiscing about his time in Hobart. He started work in the Hobart office in 1949 after two years in Toowoomba. Peter Wilks was on the staff and talked Glen into playing hockey (OHA) and they both made the State side. He wouldn’t know how to play the game now.  It's become so fast and skilful-and they don't seem to have oranges at half time!!

Athol Watkins writing from Clifton Springs says thanks for the reminder as the birthday cards seem to be coming along more quickly each year. Athol and wife Barbara had a very enjoyable trip last year firstly to London then on to Rome and a cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean. Coming back to the wet and cold winter here did nothing for them so their daughter sent them off to her Redcliffe unit for a few weeks. Once back in Clifton Springs it was bowls for Athol and croquet for Barbara. It’s nice to read about old colleagues and their adventures.

Brian Weeks sends his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 81st and passes on his best wishes to his ANZROC friends and colleagues.

Glenda White emails her thanks to all the retired officers for her birthday card which arrived on the day and was a wonderful surprise.

Keith Winckles emails his thanks for the birthday greetings received from Kathy which arrived, as usual, on his birthday. How she can do it Keith does not know because very few others arrive on the day. It is now 15 years since he retired and is just starting to slow down, having developed both knee and hip problems since tearing a hamstring mid year. Keith was still able to enjoy his trip to Iguassu Falls and Galapagos Islands in November, although the travel was tiring; He spent 50 hours in aircraft and another 30 or so waiting around in airports for connections, queuing at immigration or to check in. Travellers may have to expect this when travelling long distances but it’s still frustrating.

Brian Wrigley emails thanks very much for the card. Still fit and well on the big 66.Thought it was time for a bit of sport, so Brian has taken up fencing with the epee. Certainly keeps the heart pumping.

Theo Yardley emailing from St Ives N.S.W. says many thanks to the committee and members for birthday greetings for his 85th. Unfortunately, wife Pat's health does not permit travel these days so the newsletter and cards are even more welcome. Best wishes to all members for 2013.



Sam Bartuccelli, Anne Blashki, Diane Carew, Trevor Cookson, David Crisp, Bob English, Mark Flower, Neil Franklin, Harry Glover, David Harkin, Val Goldsworthy, Alister Maitland, Ian McRobinson, Godfrey Mills, Ray Murphy, Mike Nickell, Reg Nicolson, Greg Payne,  Geoff Perdriau, Bevyn Ranford, Peter Richardson, Brian Sanders, Bruce Sanderson, Norma Thomas , John Turnbull, John White, Garry Williams, Peter John  Williams.


December 2012

Vic Ansell emails his ‘thank you' for the birthday wishes received via Kathy Trace.  The day itself was pretty quietly spent but there was some 'catch up' with family members before and after the event.  Another great day at the Christmas luncheon and in fact it has been another enjoyable year catching up with friends each month at Roc. The different venues which also allowed partners to come to more luncheons were also a plus in Vic’s opinion. Once again Vic thanks all the members of the committee for making these things happen.

John Carruthers sends sincere thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card celebrating his 83rd birthday. John and wife, our new member Grace, were contemplating a return trip to Canada/Alaska when the discounted APT trip leaving in April 2013 was offered to ANZROC members, but due to his deteriorating health John felt it was wiser to stay at home in his comfort zone particularly as their son will be coming from Perth to spend time with John during that time. Meanwhile Grace and daughter Lynne will take the trip to Canada and Alaska in April 2013. John thanks Peter Pritchard for efficiently arranging membership of ANZROC for Grace and helping with the final details to complete the booking with APT.

Daryl Cramer emails his thanks for the birthday card which arrived on time as usual. Having just completed his first “full” year of retirement, Daryl agrees with those who say it is hectic.

His  family history research and stamp collections have not received the attention that he had intended, but having worked in Hobart since 2003 Daryl found it necessary to spend a considerable amount of  time getting their  garden back into shape and carrying out all the household maintenance he had been neglecting during the time in Hobart.  Daryl and wife Noreen find their six grandchildren keep them  on their  toes getting to their school, sporting and dancing activities however they  have taken the opportunity “in retirement” to do some travelling. A couple of trips to Brisbane to catch up with family and see a granddaughter in a ballet performance and a trip to Ireland and the UK in July including centre court seats at Wimbledon to watch their daughter umpire. This trip also included visits to places associated with the family history and they actually found a farm once owned by Noreen’s ancestors in Kilkenny. The current owner gave them a bumpy tour of the farm on the back of his tractor as it was very wet under foot (yes it rains in Ireland). In October,  to celebrate what would have been Daryl’s  father’s 100th birthday, together with some of his  siblings, they travelled to Swan Hill (his birthplace); Mildura (where his lived his early life); returning via Ouyen, Warracknabeal and Warrnambool (places associated with his family). Daryl and Noreen are flying to the USA in December visiting LA, to watch two granddaughters dance in the Disney parade and will take the opportunity to visit New York and San Francisco. They have also booked trip to Hobart for the 2013 Wooden Boat Festival. Daryl hopes 2013 will not be so hectic and that he can get to an ANZROC meeting or two.

Kerry Dodds writing from Warrenheip says thanks for the birthday greetings. Kerry has worked a few stints with Ray Watson at Gateway Caravans in Geelong. Ray’s old “Crownie Club” days live on at Gateway just like the old 927 Sturt Street days with Ray, Kerry, Phil Pellissier, Graeme Dawes, Ian Halbick and Andy Wilkie. At Gateway Ray’s larger than life approach is much the same, only the members have changed.

Brian Farrell writes to acknowledge the birthday card from Kathy Trace received bang on the correct date. Together with cards received from the family it was greatly appreciated. Brian spent a happy birthday and enjoyed a family luncheon at home with 17 in attendance. The only absentee being a daughter who has worked overseas for the past seven years. Brian enjoys reading of the activities of the other retirees in the monthly newsletter and so many of them seem to partake in international travel these days. Brian and his wife spent an enjoyable 7 weeks away earlier in the year on a Rhine River cruise and tours in Italy and Turkey. He is looking forward to catching up with a few old workmates at the Christmas luncheon.

Jack Grant once again wishes to send his thanks for the Birthday Card received for his recent birthday. Jack and wife Robyn have now been in Berwick over 3 years now and have settled in well. Over the past year Jack has found part time work as a bookkeeper for 2 local businesses and taken on the job as treasurer of the local Anglican Church, so life can be quite hectic. They have also been kept busy with visitors and looking after their 3 grandchildren on a regular basis. Jack continues to have health problems with his feet and this year had another spell in hospital to treat the infection. In August Jack and Robyn went to Sydney for a few days and then visited brother Bob and his wife Nell for a week in Nelson Bay, where they had a most enjoyable time. Unfortunately, Bob also is having foot problems and he is in Newcastle Hospital about to have operation but he expects to be up and about within a week. Unfortunately Jack was unable to attend the Christmas Luncheon this year so missed catching up with many friends and colleagues. He hopes to be there next year.

Theo Hall writing from Mornington sends his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 81st and with wife Margaret welcomed the family armed with food and gifts and they had a happy celebration.

Keith Higgs emails his thanks to the Committee for the birthday greetings which due to Kathy's good work arrived on the day. Keith is looking forward to the Christmas Luncheon and catching up with former workmates

John Hobbs extends his grateful thanks for the birthday card and good wishes for his 96th and it is always appreciated. What brings John down to earth is the fact he was born the year after Gallipoli and also the existence in Melbourne of a tribe of great grandchildren. While he does not have the energy he used to have he continues to keep well which is the main thing. John hopes to make the Christmas luncheon.

Ian Lee reports that he is currently enjoying a well earned rest in Queensland.

John Mangan writing from Kangaroo Flat sends thanks for the card on the occasion of his 82nd birthday. John reported that Reg Evans, an Honorary Member and an enthusiastic correspondent submitting article to the newsletter over the years passed away mid year and our condolences to the family.

Ian Manley reports that he is still doing some contract work for ANZ (2/3 days per week) that commenced back in January much for retirement although he is still too young at 67! That makes almost 52 years with ANZ with some 40 years as a permanent staff member.

Life Member Gerry McPherson sends his thanks for the Birthday Greetings, which arrived right on the dot as usual. Kathy Trace is doing a sterling job. Celebrations have been put on hold for a while until Gerry’s ribs heal, but he said he is feeling a lot better, and is nearly back to his normal routine. The pain has been alleviated by some new medication, which doesn’t upset the stomach, so things are looking up! Gerry and wife Fay enjoyed the Christmas lunch catching up with colleagues and friends.

Ian McRobinson passes on his appreciation and thanks to the ROC Committee members for their kind thoughts and wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday. The message is always welcome. Ian and wife Mel enjoyed two cruise holidays during the year; the first around the Baltic and North Seas and the second around the Mediterranean and Adriatic/Aegean Seas. The cruises which were excellent in every respect took them to seaports and cities in many countries. The places visited included large capital cities, small provincial centres and some island communities. The contrasting lifestyles, languages and cultures were very interesting to observe. Ian and Mel also enjoyed a train trip from Rotterdam to Paris and on to Barcelona. Another trip by rail was from Venice (overnight in Milan) then on to Paris and London before arriving at their destination (Carlisle) on the UK Scottish border, all in one day. They did experience some of the inevitable travellers’ problems including gastro on the Baltic cruise and quite bad chest/bronchial infections on the Med. cruise. Mel’s problems continued upon their return home as the infection flared into pneumonia which has taken some time to shake off. However, she is now on the road to a full recovery.

Ray Murphy certainly enjoys reading the monthly the monthly News Letters, and there were 2 items of particular interest in November which brought back memories. Re the note from Neil Robinson Ray had a similar experience with the then State Manager Frank Davies of "The Scottie" in April 1965, when Frank rang him at home in Moorabbin to advise the appointment to first Branch Management at Derrinallum. Ray thought it was a mate joking and hung up. Staff Manager Ken Lenton called back immediately to confirm and  it turned out well with 7 Branch management appointments  over the next 22 years.

Re Alan Ryan Ray can recall Alan with his brother Michael as schoolboys playing in the passage at "The Scottie" Ballarat East Branch in 1949.Alan's father Gavan was appointed Manager in 1949 and served in that post for near on 20 years a record. Ray started his career at the Branch in 1948 and served in all positions except Manager over 9 years. It then had a staff compliment of 12 hands. Ray returned as Manager in 19 77 until 1981 when it was then the merged Branch with 16 hands and on computer. While in total he spent 13 years in Ballarat Eats he couldn’t match Gavan's record but Gavan was his best Tutor.

John Osborne writes thanks for the birthday card for his 75th. It has been a great year. Recently John and wife Pauline spent a week in Queenstown on the South Island NZ. They were there 5 years ago but only for 2 days so on this trip they cruised on the vintage steamship TSS Earnshaw, highly recommended, great scenery with a large barbecue at an historical homestead, going on a jet-boat and driving around the many beautiful places- unforgettable. Back in Melbourne John’s love of music was well catered for at the Tony Bennett concert and the Glen Miller Show. John and Pauline celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in December.

Geoff Perdriau wishes to thank Kathy for sending good wishes from the club for his recent birthday. He celebrated with a family lunch at the RACV carvery on the day. Geoff and wife Margaret had an interesting trip in August to the top, or the tip as some call it, of Australia. They flew to Cairns and did a six day road camping safari to the top of Cape York Peninsula. It was an unforgettable experience despite the fact that not one crocodile was spotted for the whole journey!

David Phelps emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the Birthday Greetings for his 77th.

His health is stable at the moment, so that is all one can hope for.

Jim Potter writing from Sebastopol says thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card for his 82nd. Jim has been retired now for 25 years and does not know where the years have gone but he still keeps good health and is as active as possible.

Graeme Randall emails that he was prompted into action to write by one of his ex ANZ colleagues Gunter Strumpf. Graeme and Gunter communicate at about monthly intervals. Graeme and friend Desmond travelled overseas in July this year for their first visit to Paris, then Venice, Florence and Rome. Desmond flew home from there, but Graeme continued on to Milan, Zurich, Landau, Hamburg and Cuxhaven. They hope to travel again next year, but have not made any bookings yet. Graeme would like to go to South Africa, or Alaska, or Moscow/St, Petersburg Recently a German biker friend of Graeme’s who lives in Wasserburg (am Bodensee), was in Sydney for a few days "on business" The trip was part of his duties as a courier of "vital organs" that are moved around the world. Often, at short notice, he delivers organs for transplant from Germany to hospitals, mostly in Europe, U.S.A and Canada. Until July this year, he had never been to Australia. Graeme was in Europe when his friend made his first visit to Australia....Adelaide. In mid November again at very short notice the friend was advised of this trip to Sydney. Graeme arranged for Desmond to meet him and show him some of the sights.

Lloyd Zegenhagen emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the good wishes expressed for his 88th birthday. One always lives in hope for the arrival of a card next year, and as his health remains good he remains hopeful. It was a very eventful year with Lloyd and wife Margot visiting their daughters in USA and UK as well as a side trip to France and the Western Front of WW1. The Anzac Day dawn service at Villers Bretonnaux was memorable. They saw a lot in 2 weeks, including many places where Lloyd’s father fought in various areas. He also had the privilege of laying the wreath at The Menin Gate on behalf of the Australian War Memorial. They then departed for Spain for a very enjoyable and enlightening holiday. After spending a lifetime skiing in many places in the northern hemisphere, this year they have decided to head south. This Christmas and New Year will be very white for them and no doubt cold, as they leave New Zealand in mid- December for an expedition cruise to the Antarctic, (before they get too old). Hopefully Lloyd and Margot will see plenty of birds, seals, icebergs etc, and will visit Mawson’s Hut, and the Commonwealth Bay area. Depending on weather conditions they should have numerous landings from zodiacs .It should be an exciting 3 weeks. He can think of no better way to celebrate 30 years of retirement.


Bruce Avent, Dick Chegwin, Ian Cowley, John Crough, John Fairbairn, Dorothy Hayes, Andy Herd, Keith Higgs, Geoff Horton, David Hughes, Ian James, Warren Jarman, Ed Laity, Eric Lean, Dick Sanders, Kevin Smyth, Wayne Taylor,   ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


November 2012


Geoff Archer emailing his thanks for the birthday card from ANZROC which arrived exactly on the day says it’s been a challenging year mainly resulting from a patch of ill health for his wife Jenny. It started with a long recovery from successful surgery to reattach tendons to her hip but complicated by a superbug she picked up that was difficult to eradicate – they think she probably picked it up in Canada or Alaska. In September, she had major surgery to reconstruct and fuse her left ankle but has had complications that are taking time to correct. Geoff and Jenny look forward to the next year being more enjoyable.

Dave Brookman writes from Dromana his thanks for the birthday card recently received for his 89th .Dave says that Kathy Trace is doing an excellent job carrying on the established tradition that ensures that members are able to keep in touch with their friends and former workmates.

Geoff Christensen emails many thanks for his Birthday Card which arrived as usual on time. This has been a busy year in many ways what with travel, family (including Geoff’s father’s 90th Birthday celebrations back in March) and Grand Children (another on the way due December taking the tally to 5 Grand Children on his side and 3 for Geoff’s partner Vikki). On the travel front, they enjoyed a very pleasant time in Bali and Lombok earlier in the year, amongst other things, to celebrate a close friends 60th Birthday. They then visited Dick Barry and his wife Lynn in Hobart (great to see Dick so settled in his new environment) and of more recent times enjoyed 4 weeks touring around S.A the highlights being Arkaroola (the Ridge Top Tour was amazing) and Kangaroo Island. They have been home for a short time (the inevitable catch up) before heading off to the Sunshine Coast, then Gold Coast for a couple of weeks. As for next year, Geoff and Vicki have booked a 15 day River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam in August 2013 followed by time in Paris, Salzburg (they have always wanted to do the Sound of Music Tour apart from anything else) and Singapore on the return journey. This time they have scheduled the trip so that they return in time for the AFL 2013 Grand Final hoping to see Hawthorn go one better than this year (another flag the Hawks let slip).

Valda Clarke sends her thanks for remembering her birthday and says she enjoys reading the monthly newsletter very much. She shared her birthday with a group of friends from ANZ Travel.

Ken Fitzgerald writes thanks to Kathy Trace for yet another card for his 84th birthday. Ken is enjoying reasonably good health and travelled to Fiji for a few weeks late last year with a group of 23 people and had a great time with perfect weather until the last few days of the trip. Ken’s latest three great grand children have  all turned one year old  earlier in the year and he has been told recently that there are two more on the horizon in early 2013 and that will make six in total. It certainly makes you feel old just talking about it.

Bob Grant emails from Port Nelson his thanks for the birthday card which in time honoured tradition arrived on the due date. All is well in Nelson Bay (Port Stephens for those of you who don’t know where it is) just 50 kms north of Newcastle. They have had a few dramas over recent months when wife Nell had some heart problems. She now has a pacemaker and is going well. They recently went to Canberra during Floriade and apart from the flowers saw the Cross at the Australian War Memorial which is on loan from Vietnam in memory of the Battle of Long Tan. It was important to Bob as he lost a brother in that conflict. Whilst in Canberra they met up with old friends Norm and Marg Toms from Tasmania who may be known to some members as Norm worked in Business Bank in Preston for a few years and originally came from Bendigo. Twin brother Jack and his wife Robyn called into Nelson Bay recently and Bob and Nell visited them in Berwick earlier in the year. That is the extent of their travels this year. Bob’s sorry to hear that Rae Collins is doing it tough at the moment. Bob worked with him when Rae was Manager of the Coff’s Harbour Office .Rae was a great boss and very easy to work with. Bob and Nell hope to make the trek to Melbourne one day in the not too distant future to coincide with the ANZROC Christmas function as it was always one of the highlights of their year.

Charles Griss emailing his thanks for the birthday card says he is a bit concerned that he is actually 71 but as a friend pointed out it is better than the alternative. One way or another life has been hectic (if that is a term a retired person can use). Charles and wife Angela were recently overseas for 5 weeks (APT cruise down the Rhine etc plus some weeks in France). Charles is still doing a bit of work which has kept him busy as well. He hopes however to spend some time next year with his colleagues at the occasional ANZROC meeting.

Frank Hatfield sends his thanks to the committee and members of the club for the greeting card he received on his 81st which was quietly celebrated at home. During the year, Frank and wife Joan had a few short holidays around Victoria the most recent of which was 6 days in the Grampians to enjoy the profusion of wildflowers they found there. Fortunately, they are both keeping good health at present and intend to make the best of the rest of their retirement.

Mike Henry emails his thanks again for the birthday card which arrived on the day (as usual).
Apart from a medical scare at the start of the year 2012 has been spent with grandkids, family, golf and volunteering plus an overseas trip with former school mates to Spain, France and the Greek Isles.

Emilio Moreno emails a special thanks to Kathy Trace for the kind wishes for his birthday.

Emilio will catch up with friends and colleagues at the Christmas luncheon.

Committee woman Joan Nathan would like to thank Kathy for sending the welcome birthday wishes. Joan and husband Ken have had a busy time with Ken recently retiring from Qantas after 48 years service. There has been many retirement celebrations followed by a trip to Broome which they thoroughly enjoyed and then they headed off to a family christening in Brisbane in November, however Joan was back in time for the ANZROC AGM.

Jim Nicolson emails his thanks for the good wishes for his birthday and also for the monthly newsletters which are always full of interest.Jim is looking forward to catching up with colleagues next month at the Christmas lunch.

Peter Nyga reports that he cannot make the November AGM as he will  be doing his job over that period: sailing for a couple of weeks on Gippsland Lakes. He will see members and colleagues at the Christmas lunch.

Ray Quirk emails a sincere thank you to Kathy Trace and all members of ANZROC for the best wishes received on his 90th. It is a pleasure to receive this annual Greeting and of course a good feeling to be able to respond to it personally. Ray retired from the Bank after forty great years with what was, for him and wife Meryl, a family career which resulted in so many lifelong friendships for them. Ray subsequently spent a few years as a Corporate Associate to three companies but now, at the age of 90 he admits that he is well and truly retired. Ray and Meryl are grateful for the blessings they enjoy thanks to a loving extended family and friends. He is not as mobile as he would like but thankfully they both have good general health.

Neil Robinson writing from Highton thanks the club for the card and the good wishes for his 77th, the card arriving efficiently on his birthday as usual. Neil reminiscing about his career says he remembers as a country Branch Manager he and wife Joy were told several times that the Bank has “a change of scenery for you” so he put the pen behind the ear, the carriers came in and they were off to another country town. They were recently invited back to Casterton for a function and he remembered how he got his first appointment. The Victorian ES&A State Manager Frank Davies called Neil into his office and gruffly stated “Congratulations Robinson, Manager Casterton”. At the time he did not know where Casterton was but his term spent there was great as were the other half a dozen country towns they lived in.

Alan Ryan writing from Warragul says thanks for again remembering his birthday. It is 16 years since Alan retired. Alan and wife Maureen travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia this year and have plans for a tour of Europe next year. They have been in Warragul for almost 40 years having been transferred there by ANZ in 1973. Alan still runs cattle, is an Office Bearer for the Warragul Lions Club, and for the past 30 years has been involved with the Warragul Harness Club. Alan is enjoying his retirement.

John Sudholz emails his thanks to the Club and to Kathy for the birthday card and wishes which awaited their return from four weeks in America. John and wife Noelene were in New Orleans on his birthday which was recognised at the famous Preservation Hall when the band played a very jazzy version of “Happy Birthday” - a memorable start to a great evening. After New Orleans, they  joined a small cruise tour starting at Washington DC then visits to Baltimore, New York, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard and Nova Scotia before returning down the East Coast via Newport to the Colonial South including time in Charleston and Savannah. A great trip spoilt only by the Hawks missing out on the AFL flag while they were away!

Bill Swan emailing from Dalmeny NSW sends his thanks for the birthday card which arrived while Bill was in Perth. His life has been somewhat disrupted this year  as his wife Anne recently passed away while they were in Bali to celebrate her 70th birthday. Anne was an ex-ANZ officer for over 15 years, and they met at a staff Christmas party when ANZ and ES&A were merging. Bill hopes to attend the Christmas lunch.

Kelvin Tyler emailing his thanks for the birthday wishes says the birthday cards are coming around too quickly.

Committeeman Eamon Veaney emails thanks to Kathy for the birthday wishes. Eamon spent a relaxing evening with family and friends at a lovely new restaurant in Gertrude Street Fitzroy called Moon under Water. Mid October saw the 30th anniversary of the IBD Golf trip to Rich River. 30 attended this year and to celebrate they ordered 30 dozen oysters to be consumed on a Murray River cruise on the Friday afternoon. Many of the attendees are ANZROC members and worked for many years in the old International Division. Col Ingram and Mike Frowen travelled down from Queensland and John Van Aken (JVA) also made the long trip across from New York to join the team this year. Mike Elliott ably assisted by Dick Chegwin and John Phelan organised the trip to perfection ensuring they brought enough refreshments to get through the weekend. The group had perfect weather for golf and the big winner was Jim Karabatsos who won the David Hastie trophy for the first time after attending the last 28 trips. Other winners were John Ries and Bob Challis for B and C grade, Steve Daley and Paul Clohesy nearest the pin, John Phelan, Richard Harding and Eamon for longest drives. They held a minutes silence for their departed colleagues David Hastie, Gary Minton, David Murray, Jacques Walter, Jeff Clarkin and Frank Stanson who all would have been there in spirit.

Bill Walker emails another year under the bridge which in itself is good. Firstly many thanks to those responsible for the timely birthday wishes. Undoubtedly the highlight of the year was the visit by Bill and wife Maureen and all the family (including grandchildren) to London, Paris and Barcelona to celebrate their eldest son's 50th birthday. He has lived in London for 21 years now, and whilst he comes home for Christmas every second year, and otherwise between times on business, he was absolutely stoked , and a little surprised, that the Aussie contingent were able to be with him to celebrate the occasion. It does not get any better than that.

Mike Whitmore sends his thanks to the committee and members for birthday wishes. Once again an excellent result for Kathy Trace with the card arriving on the day- as it has been each year.


AND Russell Appleton, Raymond Babb, Clive Bayley, Huck Bourke, John Briggs, David Christie, Tessa Hondros, Colin Jones, Vern Knuiksis, Geoff Leslie, Rolf Loebert,  Ian Manley, Serge McIntyre, John McKenzie, Bruce Michell, Anthony Nimmo, John Plunkett, Graeme Worland, David White,


October 2012

Graeme Ainscough sends his thanks for the birthday card for his 76th.He spent the day receiving cards from family and friends, shopping for books and dining at the Chelsea Heights Hotel. Graeme then watched and managed baseball teams all weekend with some wins and losses for his many Cheltenham teams. Several umpiring decisions hurt their senior team and as in most team sports despite the fiery exchanges made no difference to the decisions made. The summer season started on 30th September so the 59th consecutive year involved with baseball starts for Graeme. The club has recruited an Australian pitcher playing for Oakland Athletics who has just finished the 158 game US Major League series at the end of September so expectations are high. As Graeme has Foxtel he can watch the US games on a fairly regular basis.

Peter Bearsley emails thanks to the kind folks who organise the birthday greetings - right on the button again, for his 70th - Peter used to think that was "old" but clearly it's not.

Geoff Burton just returned from Queensland in time to receive his Birthday Card for the 70th from Kathy Trace. Geoff had an excellent trip up north, and then a great week of birthday celebrations. He can remember when 70 was old, it’s not now. Everyone involved is to becongratulated in so far as the Retired Officers’ Club is concerned, it gives all members the chance to keep up with what old work mates are up to.

Rick Dickson emails thanks for the birthday card; it is something one can bank on each year. Rick still lives in Bacchus Marsh, which he enjoys immensely and looks forward to the contents of the monthly newsletter. It is interesting to note just how much traveling EX ANZ/ESANDA people do each year in retirement. Rick supports this way of spending the post bank years and also promotes the idea of a Bucket List of things one must do before it is too late. He went through the 1st Bucket List and has now started on the second.

Alex Fowler emails that once again Birthday Greetings from ANZROC (by courtesy of Kathy) were awaiting his return from holidays.

Barbara Gardiner emails her thanks for the welcome ANZROC birthday greetings that arrived on the day! Apart from her continued involvement with U3A Nunawading her only travel experience this year is a quick trip to Spain for a wedding. Quite unexpected but Barbara is  looking forward to renewing acquaintance with all those interesting galleries in Madrid and especially the Prado before flying down to Malaga for the wedding in Nerja. She loves keeping track of all those familiar names in the ANZROC Newsletter – Barbara sends her best wishes to all who remember her.

Bruce Gillottie emails that he just received the news letter sitting in Cappadocia Turkey and got a buzz out of modern technology and the ability to read the latest news on holidays. Best wishes to all.

Richard Ham emailing from Moama says he does enjoy catching up with news of old friends albeit disturbing to read of those departing. Richard was particularly saddened to read about Max Davis – they were good friends in ANZ London at Cornhill in the seventies when they won the Private Banks tennis comp. at the big sports grounds at Catford. He wonders if it is still there. ANZ won that competition 2 years in a row and they had a photo of the team on the wall in the clubhouse. John Turnbull of Nominees fame was another member of that team. Richard asks when the ANZROC team is coming to Bendigo again.

Trevor Hart emails thanks for the birthday card for his 80th which was welcomed and especially the special note from Kathy Trace which he appreciated. Trevor and wife Louise had just returned from Venice after celebrating both their birthdays with friends.

June Hoskin writes thanks once again for remembering her recent birthday which she enjoyed celebrating with a relative’s 21st birthday party. The sending of the cards was greatly appreciated and she wishes ANZROC continued success.

Wayne and Bernadette Hulbert have to apologise for the next two months as more work intervenes and they are also taking a 4WD tour with a group of friends in Mungo National Park.

Larry James emailed a big thank you to Kathy for sending out his birthday card which as usual arrived on time. Larry had a great night on the Restaurant Tram to celebrate joining the seniors sector and has already used the seniors Myki as part of seniors’ week. “Terrific”.

The year has been busy with many voluntary days at Puffing Billy in the Dandenong’s and of course Golden Days Radio which keeps him very busy. Golden Days Radio now podcasts some of their programs. Larry has just returned from 4 weeks in England and Wales. Glorious sunshine, lots of people and many steams trains in Wales to enjoy. The wines and ales were good too. Best wishes to everyone and he hopes to catch up with colleagues at the Christmas luncheon.

Bruce Kells emails his thanks for the timely card received to mark his entry into the Honorary membership category. The birthday was celebrated quietly with Bruce and wife Audrey’s extended family on the day and was very enjoyable. A later lunch with some close friends was also great fun. These birthdays arrive quicker each year as has been expressed by a number of members of the Club but life continues without fuss for both Bruce and Audrey and their health has been good so no excuses. They both keep busy with outside interests but it does not take much to keep them busy these days. Bruce says he still has a long way to go to catch up to Charlie Rennie but will give it a go. What a marvellous man.

Fay McPherson (Life Member) emails her thanks for her birthday card. She says Kathy Trace is doing a sterling job as did her predecessors. This year she had a quiet afternoon tea at the RSL Club but she was spoilt by all the cards and emails and phone calls she received.

Maggie Murray writing from Mortlake says thanks to Kathy for the birthday wishes which of course arrived on time.

Peter O’Dwyer emailing form Yarrawonga sends his heartfelt thanks for the best wishes on his 80th. He had a “Get Together” at Club Mulwala for 64 members of his immediate family with two grand children playing a few tunes on the piano and cousins, nieces and nephews in attendance. There were only three short speeches and a good time was had by all.

Ken Stapleton emails his thanks for the birthday wishes and said he spent a quiet 68th celebratory dinner with family including 7 grandchildren that was very enjoyable.

Ken has completed 10 years of retirement and is still enjoying the good life including lots of travel and golf.  He missed last years Christmas function due to need for back surgery, but is now returning to golf after some months of rehabilitation. Ken is looking forward to catching up with former workmates in December and is off to Norfolk Island in October for a bit of R&R.

Pete Treleaven emails his thanks for his birthday card which arrived right on time as usual. Pete and wife Else are off to Bali again on 9th of October and will be there for the 10th anniversary of the tragic Bali bombings. In 2002 they flew into Bali one day after the terrible event and have since had a very close affinity with the delightful Balinese people.

Colin Walton emails his thanks for the Birthday Wishes for his 81st which he celebrated with wife Val.

Tony Watt writes his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 83rd although at his stage it is preferable to forget them. Tony and his wife have been for a break in Bali, a very pleasant sojourn.

Tony Wingrave writing from Mooroopna sends his thanks for the birthday wishes from Kathy Trace for his 80th. It was much appreciated and on the day he enjoyed a big street party with all family in attendance. It was a great day had by all. The year did not start well for Tony as he had a heart attack while on holidays but since then life has been good. Tony has had a great retirement with his wife taking trips to see the family, touring a lot of Australia and enjoyed many trips on the large cruise liners. Today their trips are mostly confined to the Upper Murray; Snowy Mountains and Tumut where the country looks terrific. 
Murray Wood sends his thanks for the kind birthday wishes conveyed in the birthday card. Murray enjoyed celebrating his 90th with family and friends spread over 4 days. Murray’s doctor says he is still healthy and plenty of batteries for the pacemaker so the future looks good. He will look forward to reading many more of the monthly newsletters and attending the Christmas functions.


AND Kevin Barry, Mal Campbell, Alan Chapple, Graeme Chappell, Frank Edwards, Gordon Field, Terry Glover, Phil Goodier, Bob Irvine, Graham Joseph, Kuni Karpavicius, Ed Knight, Vito Laruccia, Mike Lawrence, Susan McCarthy,  John McKenzie, Ray Murphy, Peter Russell,  Alan Rutzou, Mary Ryan, Lyn Stevens, Rod Wassell, Glenda White.

September 2012

David Barr emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card. David and wife Helga are just back from 8 weeks in Northern Australia camping with friends and they managed to cross a lot of things off their Bucket Lists. They drove the Tanami and Oodnadatta Tracks and the Gibb River Road and despite being very rough in parts, they managed to traverse these relatively unscathed. Watched the sunset at Cable Beach and enjoyed some whale spotting at Middle Lagoon which is about 2 hours north of Broome. David and Helga visited most of the gorges in the Kimberley and they took flights to the Buccaneer Archipelago and Horizontal Falls, Mitchell Falls and the Bungle Bungles. Amazing scenery and combined with some beautiful weather, ranging from mid 20’s to mid 30’s, it certainly made for a memorable trip. They will most likely be heading north again next year to escape Melbourne’s winter.

Treasurer John Brown and wife Jan  were on the Gold Coast (Runaway Bay) staying with Bruce and Glennis Robertson for a few days and then moving on to Bribie Island to visit a couple of cousins who live up that way. They will then be heading back into northern NSW for the last couple of weeks before a last minute dash back home towards the end of September. Fish are biting, but unfortunately most are too small to keep.

Barbara Bruce emails that the ANZ birthday greetings arrived on her birthday and many thanks to Kathy Trace for the card. Four friends took Barbara out for an enjoyable lunch on her birthday. She spent 6 weeks in Britain in May/June, the highlights being in London for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and attending a wedding in Wales.

Ken Chisholm writes thanks for the good wishes that arrived on his birthday which was much appreciated. Ken had an excellent party provided by his wife, children and grandkids for his 70th.

Muriel Drummond sends her thanks for the birthday greetings from Kathy Trace and says it is so nice to be remembered after almost 30 years in retirement.

Frank Edwards emails many thanks for the birthday greetings as another year races by. Frank is happy to report that he is showing just a few signs of wear and tear, but nothing too obvious.

Frank and wife Mavis did the usual thing and spent their birthdays on the move, this time “doing” the cruise up the Mekong from Saigon to Siem Reap in Cambodia, spotting quite a few ANZ Royal branches and ATMs along the way. A fellow passenger told them he went to school in Hobart with an old Esanda colleague Jeff Barnes, so if anyone is still in touch with Jeff, please let him know that David (Courtland) Blakney sends his kind regards.

Gordon Field and wife Edith have recently returned from a bus trip through Poland and river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. He was impressed with Poland and the number of cruise vessels on the rivers. They visited the Floriade, held every ten years which was a treat as they had visited it 30 years ago in the Netherlands It is quite an event. The APT tour Gordon and Edith were on was well organised and the sites through Austria and Germany magnificent. Entertainment every evening was of a very high standard. The free food and drink on the boat was a bit of a problem in that some overdid it, much to the annoyance of others. Before departing Gordon hurt his knee which was a downer for the trip. Still they took a number of good photo’s which are being sorting through now. At present they are in the wars with his bad knee, replacement not an option with other health issues and Edith who slipped over in the garden and broke her arm. She must have it in a sling as plaster or operation was not an option for her. With Gordon as chief cook and bottle washer, and carer they are like a couple of lame ducks. It would be a humorists delight to see them getting in each other’s way in the kitchen. With the best will in the world sorting out home help is labyrinthine. Some Agencies will do one thing and not another. Still Gordon says they are bedding things down for the 2/3 months it will take the arm to heal.

John Glasson sends his thanks for the card conveying happy 90th birthday wishes together with good health and happiness in the year to come to which he will look forward to with pleasure.

Phil Goodier emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for her birthday message which arrived right on time. Retired life for Phil is flat out fishing, diving and that frustrating game of bowls plus plenty of travelling. Bowls is enjoyed with retired officers Ray Pietsch, Ian Davies and David Moffatt who are also in the Beaumaris Bowls Club. The annual fishing trip to WA with ' Capt Bligh’, Peter Bramwell and crew Bob Parsons was again successful this year as it was at Shark Bay where many good fish were caught. A great place when the weather is cooler in Melbourne. Phil and wife Gail also enjoyed a few weeks of R & R in Koh Samui Thailand and trips to Mallacoota and the Snowy River (fishing) somehow fitted in to keep the freezer well stocked. Frequent trips to Yorke Peninsula in Sth Aus are part of life as Phil’s sister is involved in farming near Maitland and Kangaroo Island. The Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron takes up time however it was good to see retired officers Tony Palmer and Max Pleydell and wives dining at the club recently As the Crows are doing well and the finals looming ones' nerves will surely be tested !!

John Hawkins emailed that he is unable to attend the meeting at Ballarat as he and wife Helen will be touring East Coast Canada/USA until 03 Oct.

Louis Hebrard emails that once again he thanks the club for the timely birthday card and good wishes. Fortunately Louis is keeping very well and enjoying the expanding family, golf, working one day a week and many other interests.

Ian Ince writes to thank Kathy for the birthday greetings for his 79th which was greatly appreciated. It has been a quiet year but at least he had two birthday parties as the family could not all be together on the day.

Peter Jones emailing his many thanks for the birthday card which arrived on the day says that to celebrate his 80th he went out to dinner with the family.

Cathie MacKiggan writes her many thanks for remembering her birthday as always arriving on the day. She spent a week in Noosa Heads and enjoyed a spot of warm weather with every day 25/26 degrees but then back to Melbourne to warm clothes and the electric blanket.

Susan McCarthy emails her thanks for the annual birthday card. She arrived home from a week in the snow on her birthday to find the card awaiting her. Susan enjoys retirement, and from the letters published in the ANZROC monthly newsletter, so do most people. There’s such a lot of the world to be explored (and so little time to do the exploring). A highlight of her past year was a terrific trip to Portugal with Australians Studying Abroad. Susan learnt plenty about the Portuguese navigational prowess, and about the English development of the market for Port.

John McConnell sends his thanks for the birthday greetings which again arrived with immaculate timing. He says he finds the quantity and quality of the news distributed to members of great interest.

Keith Moorhouse emailed his thanks for the ANZROC Birthday Wishes for his 66th year. Keith and wife Irene have just returned from a holiday in Cairns where they enjoyed great weather, scenic beauty, wonderful food and a lot of diving. Needless to say they are both in good health and their life is very busy with travelling, hobbies, 10 grandchildren and a great grandson. Keith sends regards to all his past work colleagues

Brian Murdoch sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes he received for his 81st.Brian says it is pleasing to catch up with what is news with other retirees. Unfortunately 2012 has not been great health wise for Brian but after stints in hospital, rehabilitation and respite he has now returned home. Visits by Neville and Cheryl Pearson, Bruce Tickell, John Flyger, Neil Sharman and Alan Chapple have helped his recovery.

Reg Nicolson sent a note to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday card which arrived on the day. Reg says that although managing the birthday cards must be a time consuming and never ending task it is greatly appreciated by the “oldies” and the other cards get fewer and fewer as we age.

Bernard O'Reilly emails thanks for his birthday card. Bernard and wife Claire  have continued with their  4 X 4 travels with a trip to view the Alice Springs /Finke desert race in June however as they  have now visited most places on the  agenda and are looking for some more comfort as opposed to outback bush camping, the vehicle with all camping equipment is now for sale. Bernard and Claire have not been in Melbourne during the winter for some time and must admit the colder weather is not to their liking so will have to plan to be in sunnier/warmer parts next year but in the meantime they will be going to the country music festival in Mildura in early October for a week (hopefully after the mighty Hawks have won another premiership). The newsletter is always a joy to learn what is happening to past colleagues and with some luck Bernard hopes to be able to attend the meeting at The Waltzing Matilda in Springvale.

Alan Pearce would like to thank the members for their birthday wishes on the occasion of his 77th birthday and also sincerely thank Kathy Trace for her great efforts in getting the birthday greetings to members on time. It is very much appreciated.

Mark Stankovich writes thanks for the birthday wishes. He had a great and happy day celebrating his birthday at a dinner party with his whole family. As usual the year passed too quickly and there seems to be less and less time to accomplish all one wants to do.

Doug Watson emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the special greetings on his birthday card.

It only seems just a short time ago that Doug and wife Maureen arrived from ANZ London in 1971 and could not understand why everything was closed....but it was a special race day in November! Recently it was very much into the future  when Alister Maitland and Doug lunched at the Treasury on the corner of Queen Street. Yes the old ANZ 394 Collins Street where many moons ago he was set to work as the new Pom in town on set off points ,Mac Brunckhorst stopped it but today a front line product in the form of creditor set off accounts has been introduced...change goes around and back!!. But the tellers counter still remains as a symbol of the banks past .Today Doug and Maureen now have a great family of 20 and celebrated his special day at the RACV resort at Inverloch which was a nice place to be for a few days, even in the winter. At this time they also reflect on the many friends and support they have had from the ANZ family. And it was good to catch up with Rodney and Kerry Dark and Rosemary and Don McGinn earlier this month. Retirement is not for Doug and after a stint on Swinburne University board and working on  the Bendigo Community Bank Concept they are running a small consulting business from Little Collins Street not far from ANZ Queen Street. This keeps Doug more than occupied but still allows time to visit Europe and the Med and London each year to catch up with friends, London ANZers  and his mother who is now some 97 years of age and still living in the family home near Dulwich in London. Still quite a while to go..... If he follows the gene path!


AND Kevin Barry, John Bloom, Bill Bowring, Geoff Christensen, Brian Day, Saul Eslake, Pierre Farhat, Ian Fulton, Peter Giasoumi, David Gibb, Trevor Hart,  Peter Harvey, Andy Herd, Graeme Horsburgh, Bob Irvine, Erwin Jones, Graham Joseph, Peter Kane, Rob Kirk, Alan Lauder, George Lawson, Phil Manning, Bruce and Nancye Mathrick,  Peter Mitchell, John Pearson, Ron Phillips,  Graeme Plant, Alan Podger, Tom Portelli, Peter Powell, Bevyn Ranford, Barry Reid, Allan Richardson, John Saffery, Kevin Sharp, Graham Spruzen, Rupe Thomas, Russell van Rooyen, Adrian Walsh, John White, ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


August 2012

Ian Bell emailing from Bendigo says thank you again for the Birthday Wishes on his 70th. It is now 15 years since Ian retired and the time has flown quite quickly. Ian and wife Carmel had a cruise to New Zealand earlier this year and would recommend the experience to all. They hope to again hop on a ship in 2013 all being well. Next time they are looking at a cruise around Australia or the Islands.

Gordon Christensen emails many thanks once again to the club for card received on his birthday. Gordon and his wife recently returned from a week in Las Vegas followed by a cruise from New York to Alaska via the Panama Canal.Passing through the canal took 10 hours from arrival at 7.00am. The ship is towed through the two locks at each end of the canal by 8 locomotives with a clearance of only 60cms on each side of the ship. Gordon was told that it costs a large cruise ship around $450,000 U.S. dollars to use the canal for one crossing.

Rae Collins writes as always it’s great to hear from Kathy Trace on the date of his birthday. At 92 he is not too bad as he does plenty of walking on his new pusher of 5/6 miles each day. Rae still visits the East Malvern RSL regularly and often meets up with members Murray Wood and Neil Sharman. The other member of his group Wal McGillivray is in Queensland for the winter. Rae is still attending the senior members’ lunches at Kooyong Tennis Club where he feels he must have played a few thousand sets over the years. Rae has been retired since 1976 and has made good use of the time in the early years travelling extensively overseas. Now he likes to read of the exploits of the members of his old ANZ crew.

Neil Dawtrey e-mails his thanks to the club for unfailingly remembering his birthday and especially Kathy Trace. Coming to the meetings again several times this year has been very enjoyable after being on the long term injured list after falling off a ladder in October 2011,spending nearly six weeks in hospital and a rehab facility and  unable to get about very well for many months after that. Normal life has now resumed and travel can again be possible and the other things we all enjoy doing.

Ray Gill reports that he is unable to attend the August meeting as he is off to Cairns again for the second time in three months.

Geoff Harkinreceived the ANZROC birthday card for his birthday and the thought was appreciated.After taking a package in Sept 08, Geoff went back in July 10 as a temp for 23 months, working on the Landmark Integration project, where the Bank purchased the Landmark deposit and loan book from the Australian Wheat Board,He was the last temp off the project after 23 months when it was wrapped up on 30th May this year.It was a fantastic experience working with an amazing group of young people.

John Harris emails his thanks to Kathy and the Club for the good wishes for his birthday. John and wife Colleen are both well as is the family and they have just returned from their regular visit to their son, daughter in law and three grandchildren in London. A side trip to Provence entailed two weeks and just over 2,000 Km in a rented car exploring towns and villages with a couple of days in Dubai on the way home.  Support in London for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations was enthusiastic and John and Colleen enjoyed a great vantage point to watch the Procession down the Thames which proved remarkable with the 1,000 boats of all sizes and descriptions required to maintain 4 mph for 7 miles - quite an undertaking for some of the oarsmen. Their daughter, son in law and 2 further grandchildren in Melbourne provided a great welcome home

Terry Heenan emails thanks Kathy for the birthday card which again arrived on time. Terry had a wonderful 74th birthday with all the family present, including daughter Joanne who shares Terry’s birthday date, and on this occasion was half his age. Terry and wife Mary have 5 grandchildren now all under six years of age, which keeps them busy. They still live in Leopold and Terry keeps active by playing bowls and golf regularly.

John Hudgson emails that once again on the day his much appreciated card arrived. Thanks to Kathy and the committee for continuing this fabulous tradition.Another year in retirement and enjoying it immensely .John and wife Ann spent a wonderful week at Boambee Bay (just near Coff’s Harbour) early in the year and enjoyed the meandering drive home through NSW. They also spent a week travelling with the RACV “fly the Flag tour” in their  1971 Rambler Rebel this year travelling out through Hamilton to Mount Gambier and back through the Western District via Ballarat – They have not ventured far since but seem to fill in the time very easily. Their daughter has just left on a 12 month overseas trip commencing through Asia and then onto British Isles and Europe so John and Ann have been involved in the preparation for her trip. Maybe they will have some news on their own travels next year. They both love getting the ANZROC newsletter which helps them keep up with ANZ colleagues and they are looking forward to joining members at the Ballarat luncheon

Doug Imrie emails that it is great to be able to keep up to date with what’s going on via the newsletters while they are travelling through Queensland. He and wife Trish intended to be home by September but had an incident with the caravan. They exited Wyangla Dam National Park via covered exit with “2 metre clearance”. Doug’s van is less than 2 metres high, but the air conditioner is higher. Suffice to say, they now have a six week stop in Cairns awaiting repairs to damaged roof.

Bill Jackson emails his appreciation to Kathy for the timely arrival of the ANZROC birthday card for his 70th. Celebration was to be a simple dinner with close family. Bill was ambushed and conned as it turned out to be a well concealed and planned surprise party luncheon at the local RSL with family, past and present neighbours plus long time friends which included Brian and Noelle Christensen and Neville (Birdie) and Cheryl Pearson. It was a real surprise and wonderful to have all those there share this special milestone with him. Also thanks to those that rang and wished Bill a Happy Birthday.

Alwynne Kilpatrick writing on his 88th says thanks to those responsible for the birthday wishes over the years. We know that all members appreciate the receipt of their cards. Alwynne retired in 1984 at the ripe old age of 60 and now at 88 is not doing too badly. It is always nice to read of the doings of members in the newsletter.

Serge McIntyre writes to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes for his 75th birthday which was celebrated with his family.

Godfrey Mills emails thanks for the card. A few things to report e.g. Lapidary activities still going well and Faceting Course was a great success. Godfrey and wife Nancy are about to head overseas with their two youngest daughters [both ex ANZ Staffers]. They will all be staying for a while at a mutual friend's place just south of Florence in Italy. Then it’s off to Paris, after which Nancy, Godfrey and middle daughter [Jenny] head off to Nancy's birthplace just outside Edinburgh. That completed they head back to London for a few days and then back home via Singapore. Meantime, young Jane leaves them and returns to Italy and then heads to Turkey with her three kids while husband [Darren] goes off to compete in the Berlin Marathon. He should do well and is looking for a top 125/150 finish. About 45,000 are likely to start. He can run circa 2hrs 39 mins plus for the 42.4 kms which makes him probably the top Marathon runner in Victoria in the 40 to 45 age group.

Kevin O'Neil writes thanks for the birthday wishes on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Trevor Richards emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the Birthday Card on the occasion of his 67th birthday.Trevor is gearing up for his annual trip to Port Douglas via Townsvilleto attend a wedding. Two weeks of winter sunshine and warmth.

Joe Romano emails his thanks for the birthday card which arrived as usual on the same day as the birthday. Joe will be going to Qsld for a few days just to get away from the cold weather. He needs to keep the trip short as he wants to assist his brother and sister to look after their elderly parents.

Bernie Sowersby writing on his 82nd sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for the good wishes he received in his birthday card that arrived on the day.

Lyn Stevens who has been responsible for the great luncheons we have enjoyed in March at the Maroondah Club for the past three years sends her thanks for the birthday wishes albeit belatedly she says as she hasn’t the time to keep up with her chores.

Neil Sharman sends his sincere thanks for the birthday wishes he received for his 76th birthday. Neil says it’s always a particular pleasure to receive a birthday card from our Retired Officers Club.

Keith Taylor writing on his 84th says thanks for the best wishes for my birthday and he enjoys the newsletters reading of the club’s and members’ activities.

Jim Trimble writing on his 84th says many thanks for the annual birthday greetings and to Kathy for the wonderful job in sending out greetings to arrive on the day. Its 24 years since Jim retired and he often thinks of the last years of his career spent at the Safe Deposit at 351 Collins Street which has since closed and transferred back to 388 Collins Street.

John Turnbull says thanks for the birthday card and he has only 10 years to go before becoming an Honorary Member.

AND, Jim Christie, Lawton Graham, Martin Hayden, Geoff Horton, Ron Pidcock, Tom Portelli, Dick Sanders,  Roy Sloggett, Glenda White,  ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


July 2012


Les Ager emailed to thank Kathy for the birthday card which, as always, arrived on the day.

He celebrated his 81st birthday with all the family including two great grandchildren.

Les is happy to say he is still enjoying good health and keeping busy.

Jeffrey Cox emailing from Clifton Beach sends his many thanks to the team for the birthday card. It’s always a nice surprise to receive it. Jeffrey and wife Alison are pleased to report that they are in fine form and enjoying life in the tropical north swimming 1.5km before breakfast each day all year round and try to walk most afternoons in order to maintain body heat and a reasonable pulse.  Since leaving ANZ in 2001, Jeffrey worked for some years with a number of Queensland’s cattle barons and has been doing odd consultancy jobs for them ever since. He is still involved with a number of families in the Rockhampton area and gets down there quite often.

In May Jeffrey and Alison spent a few weeks in Spain. They flew into Madrid where they spent a few days before taking the fast train to Seville. Then onto Cordoba and Granada by train before going into a hotel in the Alpujarra region for a week of walking as they are particularly interested in the Moorish history associated with these cities and the region. Over the last 10 years Jeffrey has had a lot to do with water licences and irrigation so was intrigued with the way the Romans and Moors managed to build aquifers in the rugged hills of the Alpujarra. They walked along some of them – still working to this day.

In going through some old papers Jeffrey  came across a photograph and press release dated 9 October 1968 relating to the opening of….‘a new financial centre in the heart of Melbourne’s Collins Street’. It took 3 years to complete and, with the land, cost $10 million! He’ll send it through to the committee as he has no need for it.

John Drummond emails his thanks to President Neville, the Committee and members of ANZ ROC for the card sent for his 72nd birthday and thanks too to Kathy for organizing the card.

The monthly newsletters are always welcome, interesting and a means of keeping reasonably up to date with fellow members. John and wife Bev are both enjoying good health and keeping their strength up for a planned holiday in Darwin in August. Good health to everyone.

Nev Greenway emails apologies for his late reply as just after his birthday Nev spent a few days in hospital but fortunately he was able to attend a very enjoyable return to Cohuna for the 2nd reunion of the first class at the Cohuna Consolidated Elementary School in early May. The first Reunion was in 2010 on the 60th anniversary of the school opening in April 1950. Thanks once again for the Club's Birthday Greetings which were received promptly on his birthday. Nev and wife Bev’s  year has been highlighted by hosting and then participating in two campervan/motor home exchanges for 10 weeks in Europe followed by 4 weeks in the UK. Their motor home tour in Europe commenced 12 months ago and was a circumnavigation through the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern France, Paris, Normandy and the Loire Valley to Mulhouse in the Alsace, Freiberg, Memmingen, Munich, Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, and then back to Eilde near Groningen. They have many great memories including the sundown service of remembrance of the First World War at the Menin Gate in Ypres and being able to deliver Nev’s grandfather’s photo and service record to the Museum at Fromelles. After an interesting journey back to Carlyle in the UK by seven different trains and an overnight ferry, they were picked up at the station and taken to the Dumfries and Galloway region in Scotland where they collected the exchange motor home for the UK leg of their trip.  Nev and Bev then spent the next four weeks exploring and catching up with friends in the UK before meeting ANZROC member Keith Witney and wife Jill in Edinburgh for the Royal Tattoo. Unfortunately, the weather was very wet and Scottish and they all were well soaked at the Tattoo and after another hour waiting for taxis following the performance. The travellers did all vote that it was well worth it and they enjoyed touring the Edinburgh attractions despite the weather.

John Hawkins emails that he and wife Helen could not make the July meeting as they will be on a Boat Cruise on the Mekong River from Cambodia to Vietnam

Don Hoffmann emails his thanks for the Birthday Card - it is always nice to be remembered. Since moving to Beaconsfield four years ago Don has lost contact with a lot of the old ES&A boys, but did receive a welcome phone call from his old mate Merv Potter in the west. Don and wife Jan haven't had any exciting trips recently - mostly visiting family in the country. He is still active in the great game of Lawn Bowls, but less so during the Melbourne winter.

Frank Marzin emails thanks for the birthday wishes. He spent a week in Broadbeach for his 65th birthday. Frank is still working fulltime, planning to retire in the next couple of years and hoping to catch up with past colleagues in the near future.

Geoff Murrell sends his thanks for the birthday card on the occasion of his 73rd birthday. Geoff is happy to report that all are well in the Murrell household. They had a relatively quiet time in 2011 and 2012 (so far) with wife Mary undergoing two knee replacement operations within 10 months. The surgery was very successful so they are looking forward to some overseas travel in 2013. Best regards to all.

Life Member Ken McNutt writes to acknowledge the birthday greetings for his 85th. The past year has been fairly quiet with only two interstate trips, one of which was regrettably to attend a funeral.  With the above in mind, to have experienced the recent earth tremor could possibly be classified as a significant event.

Ray Murphy emailed his many thanks to Kathy for the Birthday Greetings. This year as was the norm was a happy event spent with family and friends. Birthdays are important but this year will be special with expectant arrival of Ray and wife Glenyce’s first great grandchild later this month. Notice of Harry Glovers' membership of ANZROC  brought back many happy memories of their time spent together at Stawell in 1981/83 .Harry was Ray’s Assistant Manager during that very special year of  the running of the 100th Stawell Gift in 1981.

Coralie O’Donahoo writing from Noosa Heads says thanks for the birthday greetings from Kathy Trace that arrived on her birthday, the day before she returned home from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka which is a most fascinating country. She climbed many stairs, visited lots of temples, went on safaris by jeep, travelled from ocean to mountainous tea plantations and in between a car with a chauffer. It was very civilized. Coralie also had lunch at the famous Cricket Club Café in Colombo which is decorated with cricket memorabilia, much of it from Australia, including framed articles from “The Argus”. She also spent time in the old city at Galle and the Fort as well as the famous cricket ground with its magnificent view.

Miles Tiller sends his thanks for the timely birthday card he received for his 74th birthday. Miles spent an enjoyable day with his family that included four grandsons who are a joy to be with. After his eye operation last year driving of his car is limited to the local area during daylight which restricts his ability to drive interstate or to Victorian scenic spots. Otherwise Miles and his wife enjoy reasonably good health and he enjoys reading the newsletters albeit with a magnifying glass.

Glen Twidale was saddened to read of the death of Ian Ewing. Glen knew him well and had worked with him in Hobart many many years ago.

Roger Watkins writes his thanks for the birthday card that as on most occasions arrived on time. Roger and his wife intend to travel to Canberra later in the year to attend the annual HMAS Shoalhaven reunion. In 2013 the Royal Australian Navy will be celebrating 100 years since its founding and Roger hopes to be at the reunion again this time in Sydney to join in the celebrations. Twenty six nations have been invited to send their Navy ships to Sydney for this event and to date the response has been encouraging.

Bill Willocks emails that the birthday card is most appreciated. He is currently half way through a 6 month trip around Australia in their caravan with wife Sue and they are doing it hard in Broome at present. For those wanting to boost their superfund, a visit to Newman, WA, could help. Bill visited his cousin there who recently got a job driving buses transporting workers to the mines for $120k PA plus. He is 67 years old, not the oldest on staff, and says they value the more mature workers. The hours may also suit ex-bankers with the workday having a mandatory 4 hour lunch. The bad news is the 5.00 AM start and 7.00PM finish with zero alcohol.

Brian Wills writes on his 81st that he is keeping quite reasonable health. He says that reading the newsletters reminds him that the numbers of members he knew and worked with are getting smaller but ageing well and he sees a lot of new names popping up each month.


AND Wendy Black, Helen Bouch, Terry Brennan, John Drummond, Rosemary Callanan, John Conn, Len Donahue, Jim Ebsworthy, John Fairbairn, Cathy Flynn, Norris Gale, Andy Herd, David Hillas, Peter Jones, Harry Loucas,  Bruce Mathrick, Andrew  McGregor, David Phelps, John Ries, Dick Sanders, Ken Swan, John Tulen, Kevin Watson, Glenda White, Peter Williams


June 2012


Bruce Avent emails that he was delighted to receive the Club’s best wishes on the occasion of his 75th Birthday. Things are going well for Bruce and his wife; they hope to get up to Japan later in the year to see their son who is the NAB’s Managing Partner in Japan.  Banking runs in the family as Bruce’s wife’s father, Les Barker (dec’d) was also a Manager with ANZ. His name would ring a bell with a number of ANZROC members.

Darryl Bartlett emails his thanks to Kathy for the timely birthday greetings. (A year into the 70’s already!). The year saw Darryl and wife Ronda continue their sweep of Asia in November returning  to Cambodia, travelling from Siem Reap down Tonle Sap Lake and the Mekong River on an 8 day cruise on a new boat the “Jahan”. There were only 36 passengers with interesting shore excursions and special dinners featuring Cambodian and Vietnamese menus. They moved on to Saigon for several days then to Hanoi with the highlight being 2 nights spent on Ha Long Bay on the “Violet” which only carried 12 passengers but 20 crew, so they were well pampered. A 4 day stopover in Singapore just prior to Christmas, enabled them to see the spectacular decorations along Orchard Rd. Darryl and Ronda then flew into Brisbane to have Christmas with their daughter and family on the Gold Coast. Now that winter is closing in on Melbourne they will be returning to the Gold Coast over June and July to temper the Arthritis.

David Bennie emails thanks for the birthday card and it’s much appreciated. David shares his birthday with his niece and this year she celebrated her 21st so needless to say David’s took the back seat on this occasion. David and wife Mary Anne had a great night shared with family and friends. It’s been a busy and joyous year with the arrival of their 5th grandchild and 2nd granddaughter in January. During the year Mary Anne had her second book published (From Stuffed to Sorted) which is doing very well much to her delight. In July they are travelling overseas to Europe for 8 weeks.

Wendy Black emailed thanks for the birthday wishes from Kathy Trace for her and husband Eric Black in April and May that were greatly appreciated. She says the Club and its 'helpers' are to be congratulated. They are hoping to catch up with friends and colleagues soon.

Anne Blashki writing from Shepparton says thanks for the birthday greetings and mentioned that she finds the newsletters so interesting as it’s quite amazing to read of the level of activities and amount of travelling that our members including her friends and colleagues are enjoying.

Brian Day emailed his sincere thanks for the birthday wishes on the occasion of his 75th. Wow where did all those years go. Brian had an enjoyable evening celebrating with family and friends. He will catch up with colleagues at one of the forthcoming ANZROC functions.

Lindsay Dell emails his thanks for the birthday card which arrived while he was in Canberra celebrating their youngest grandson's first birthday which just happens to be the day after his own.

Nola Forsyth sends her thanks for the birthday card which was a wonderful surprise. She apologises for being unable to attend meetings as she is committed full time to manage her shop in Camberwell as she says at the moment things are very quiet.

Barrie Gibson emails thank you for the card for his birthday. He is still hard at work on a couple of projects but keeps in touch with a number of the ANZ guys from the Collins Street days for lunch. Barrie adds that these are in the best traditions of the Wong Shong Ki Restaurant {Russell Street} but  he was sad  when told  that his friend and colleague Trevor Williams had passed on {Trevor was part of that group going back to 1997}.

Graeme King was an apology for the June meeting as he and his wife were heading off on a tour of the Kimberly’s with Outback Spirit followed by a trip on the Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide.

Ken Lee reports that after 57 years in Essendon it is time for him to move and he will be settling into a Keilor Retirement Village in late July.

Past President Kevin Mitchell and wife Bernice are back from their wonderful Danube 15 day river cruise, boarding at Amsterdam after spending 3 days in Paris sight seeing. Being the first cruise for the summer season with an all Australian 120 passenger list, they had a great time meeting people from every state.  Evergreen was the tour company and they were fantastic leaving nothing to chance both on the ship and on land for the excursions. The food was excellent and the scenery delightful as they  cruised on the “Amadeus Brilliant” through 66 locks, terminating at Budapest, then travelling to Prague by coach for a 3 night stay. Having a new audience who had never heard any of Kevin’s  corny jokes, he was invited to do a stand up Comedy Routine opening proceedings the night the ship staff were to entertain the passengers.  Kevin was passed of as the ships newest recruit and provided with a kitchen hands hat to wear. By the response it seemed to go over well, as for the remainder of trip he had fellow passengers relating their favourite jokes to add to his extensive collection. Europe was great but they were glad to be home. Kevin is now leaving on another holiday, this time with his 2 sons. They fly to Brisbane then boarding a P&O Ship to spend 7 days cruising the Whitsundays returning mid June. Life is tough.

Mike Nickell emailed to acknowledge and thank Kathy and the Committee for his birthday greeting. Another year passed, thankfully with good health and numerous great experiences for Mike and wife Lyn that included a 4 week safari in Africa, 10 days in Cook Is and they recently returned from 5 weeks in US. 8 days were spent hiking the Canyons of Utah & Arizona also Monument Valley then 14 days cruising from San Diego to Florida via Panama. (The kids’ inheritance is diminishing rapidly!)  Time at home was spent helping prepare and plant out a 1600 hazelnut tree grove for their son at Gembrook. A bit of agricultural labouring helps keep the fitness levels up. November 2011 also saw the culmination of a 10 year family research project in collaboration with a 2nd cousin with the publication and launch of a 470 page book about the family's history spanning 400 years. Keeping in touch with fellow retirees every 2nd month at Mulgrave Country club is a priority for the diary and a day he looks forward to.

Peter Nyga emailed to thank ANZROC for the  birthday card, which arrived with the usual impeccable timing – thanks to the efficiency of ANZROC and Australia Post (unlike Egypt’s postal system: some of his  friends are still waiting for postcards Peter  mailed from there two years ago!). To celebrate the family had a great lunch at his place, with all children and grandchildren present – Peter’s youngest daughter even came over from Perth, where she now lives. Time sure is flying: for his next birthday, the Beatles’ hit When I’m 64 will become a reality – unfortunately, he can remember when they released it. Peter is still doing a lot of sailing and has not put the boat into winter storage yet. In late May Peter took out a disabled fellow (legally blind, as well as horrific facial injuries from an industrial accident). In perfect sailing weather it was very rewarding to watch this fellow thoroughly enjoy himself. It was a most joyful occasion.

Moira Oxley emails her thanks for the most recent Newsletter; it has always been a bright spot in our member Peter Oxley’s day when news of old friends and acquaintances could be carefully read and re-read many times over.Unfortunately after Moira had acute hand surgery late last year Peter is now resident in a nursing home in Mount Gambier as the increasing ravages of getting older have taken their toll and it’s certainly not the best way to celebrate 58 years of marriage.

Alan Podger reports that the “BIG 80” Birthday card arrived on the day duly signed by Kathy – and was greatly appreciated. Alan, wife Judith and the family celebrated at the RACV Club on the Saturday night before (with the Essendon/Richmond scores being relayed frequently throughout the night). Alan says he enjoyed playing bowls last summer with a modicum of success and a pennant promotion to Division 3 with MCC Bowls section. Alan and Judith travelled to Noosa for a break last winter together with some family members who drove down from Gladstone for a spot of “catching up”. It is truly a great life – when you don’t weaken.

Charles Rennie emails he was delighted to receive the Birthday greetings and thank all for the great efforts taken to brighten one’s day. Kathy’s takeover of the cards and delivery on THE day has followed John Vanselow’s skills. Charles feels his birthday acknowledgment is very belated but his days are absolutely full with the essential requirements of Doctors, Physios, Dentists and Home Help etc. taking priority.  Of course it takes a great deal longer to do everything and since Charles and his wife were off-loaded on an escalator about 3 years ago their mobility has slowed and the aids have increased.  However, there others much less fortunate for whom Charles has much sympathy.It is a pity that attendance at the regular ANZROC meetings, at least occasionally, has not been practical but he has not given up hope – one could say “better late than never” but the odds of attendance are diminishing.Charles sends hisbest regards to all ANZROC members.

Barry Rogersemails his thanks to Kathy and the team for his birthday card and Barry appreciated the contact and the effort that is taken to maintain that contact. He is still working and unable to attend meetings, but looks forward to receiving the newsletter and attending the Christmas luncheon with the opportunity to catch up with former colleagues. Both Barry and wife Jill are well and looking forward to a European holiday in July.

Bob Schofield reports that he’s off on his travels again with wife Eva, firstly a bike ride in the USA that sets off on 27th May from Nashville Tennessee for a three week, one thousand mile (1600 km) bike ride to Washington DC. He and a small group of American cycling buddies will traverse the hills of Kentucky before heading northeast from Cincinnati along the Upper Ohio River, almost as far as Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania. From there they head towards the American capital by way of the venerable Great Allegheny Passage and C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) Canal trails. He will again be recording his experiences in online journal form, which may be accessed at: Bob has organised all aspects of this trip himself and much background and planning material was uploaded to this site prior to departure from Australia, as a guide to intending riders This may be of interest to anyone seeking an insight into the preparatory aspects of such a ride. He would welcome messages of interest and support from ANZROC (Vic) members and friends by means of the online “Guestbook” accessed by a link at the top of each page of the journal. Then Bob and Eva fly to UK for some touring before visiting families and friends there and in Finland. Some very relaxed R&R in Bangkok is planned for a few days on the way home. Bob is scheduled to return to Australia one day before his birthday and this year will be one of the very few occasions when he can experience first- hand the Club’s famed ability to have a greetings card delivered precisely on the correct date in late July.

Terry Stapleton emails that another good year in Sydney has gone by quickly for him and wife Maureen who are both lucky to enjoy good health and be able to lead generally active lives. Terry is still enjoying tennis once a week with some other older blokes.... and the Wine and Food Society of NSW has his support (feet under the table) for most weekly luncheons. Also during the year Terry joined a Book Discussion Group. He does value the monthly magazine on the web and the news it brings of friends he worked with and their current happenings. Terry sends best wishes to all his fellow members in Victoria.

Sandra Street emails that she was really sorry to hear that Kevin Flynn had died. "Flynny" was a much liked and respected head of International Department at Royal Bank Branch during the glory days in the late 60s/70s. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Norma Thomas writing from Pialba in Queensland says how much she appreciated the good wishes received on the occasion of her birthday.

AND Dick Barry, Diane Carew, Dave Cuddon, Ray Gill, Jack Helisma, Peter Lees, Bernadette Lynch, Susan McCarthy, Graham Morgan, Ray Murphy, David Phelps, Tom Phillips,  Peter Westaway, John White, John Williams, Judy Williams, Peter Williams,


May 2012


Will Bailey was delighted to receive the absolutely "on time" birthday card upon his birthday thanks to Kathy.  It was another "interesting" year which adds to life's experiences. Will and wife Dorothy had a terrific family birthday at the Geelong Club which was a joint celebration with their daughter, Merryn. She worked in travel in London and in 55 Collins Street, Health & Safety part of HR for a short time. Will’s highlight in the year was a new left hip in October - terrific outcome and he should have done it earlier! During the year they have spent many delightful weeks at their place in Noosa and visited Perth following their grandson's wedding in Esperance. In Perth Will and Dorothy were able to lunch with Kevin and Sue Watson and Lloyd and Jan Guthrie. It was great to catch up and relive past times together. It is sad to read of the passing of so many old friends during the past twelve months - we must be all getting older!

Alma Barkell writes to thank Kathy Trace for the kind wishes received on her birthday card and it was appreciated. It was a quiet but happy day. Alma is fortunate to be well again after a couple of falls which hurt her back and will now be able to come to our meetings in the city.

Robert [Bob] Bell emailing from Mollymook sends thanks for the good wishes for his recent birthday. Bob enjoys the monthly newsletter as it keeps him informed of what other retirees are doing. Bob and wife Carolyn continue to enjoy good health and living on the lovely South Coast of N.S.W. He manages a game of golf and 2 or 3 games of bowls each week. Bob is currently in his 8th year as Chairman of the Bowling Club, which can be quite time consuming. Bob and Carolyn are leaving in mid May for a 20 day cruise of the Mediterranean which they are very much looking forward to. They will also be spending a few days in Rome and London.

Wendy Bradley emailed her thanks for the birthday card and said she had a lovely relaxing day.

Luigi Bucello writing from Dalmore sends thanks for the birthday card which as usual arrived on time. Luigi has been busy negotiating with his insurance company following the theft of his car at Cranbourne. The car was not recovered but police believed it was taken for parts and would have been stripped by the time the theft was reported only an hour later. The insurance company is disputing payment of personal items as the loss was more than 100klms from his home. From September to December Luigi will be busy preparing for the next asparagus season and then coordinating the harvesting and processing of the asparagus for domestic and export markets.

Kim Charlton emailing from Cora Lynn sends his thanks for the ANZROC birthday greetings. It was waiting when Kim and wife Joy  got home from a couple of months travelling on the Eyre Peninsula catching heaps of blue swimmer crabs, fish, squid, even a big cuttlefish, although it seems Joy was the most successful angler.  It is a wonderful part of the country. They started at Ceduna and worked around to Port Germein, spending time at Venus Bay, Mt Camel Beach, Elliston, Locks Well, Port Lincoln, Lincoln National Park and Port Neill. Big salmon, at Mt Camel Beach in particular, proved no match for Joy. Their love of fishing and salt water is well served by the beautiful beaches and long jetties for which the Eyre Peninsula is renowned. The wake up call came when they arrived back in beautiful Gippsland to 17 degrees.

Graeme Croxford writing his thanks for the birthday greetings says he and his wife are returning to their little hobby farm in Harrietville as they have been missing the country life.Graeme says shifting his collection of sports cars has been the main hassle but thanks to a few mates they have almost accomplished the move.

Don Davy writes to record his thanks for the birthday card for his 68th.The good wishes were most appreciated. The day started with phone calls from family and close friends followed by lunch with colleagues from Electric Vehicles at a restaurant at Hallam as the guest of his employer. That evening he enjoyed dinner with his elder daughter and family at their home in Endeavour Hills and on the weekend joined his brother for a joint birthday celebration at home in Don’s newly renovated unit at Ferntree Gully.

Glynn Evans writing on his 84th thanked Kathy for the kind birthday  wishes and says he looks  back to 1949 when he was 21 years of age and employed as  Chauffer for the Union Bank of Australasia  351 Collins Street and the almost 40 years of happy days that followed.

Roy Harper reports that he will be travelling for a few weeks to Perth, Broome and Darwin returning to Melbourne in late May.

Graham Heenan emailing from Belmont says once again many thanks for the annual birthday wishes. As  Graham and wife Pam enjoyed good health for the past year  they confidently arranged a 10 week European trip. The major segments were a 15 day tour from Vienna down the Dalmatian Coast and Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik and then a cruise from Copenhagen around the Baltic Sea (11 nights and 5 kilos!!), including  2 days in St. Petersburg which they  really appreciated. Graham and Pam then met their daughter and her Belgian husband who were living near Bruges, and during four weeks with them visited their son in-laws’ parents in Germany and together with another daughter and family who came across from Australia, went on a Canal boat cruise in the Alsace area in France for 5 nights – a wonderful time for the family. A four day stopover in Hong Kong on the way home made 19 countries in 10 weeks. They booked a lot of the trip on the internet which included train travel and accommodation from Vienna to Prague for 5 days and Copenhagen to Paris for 4 days – however all went well and they had a wonderful 10 weeks.

Laurie Holland sending his thanks for remembering another milestone, his 92nd, says don’t they come around quickly? Laurie and his wife are thankful that to date they are managing quite well in spite of the failings that come with ageing. They are well supported by their children and are thankful for that. Laurie takes interest in the newsletter and the news of former workmates.

Graeme Horsburgh emails that he received the Birthday card on the day and it is always welcomed. Daughter Adele, is still in China, (their second stint of three years), with her 4 sons until school year finishes at the end of June. They will then return to Mt Eliza, to join husband Jeff, who returned to Australia to take up his work appointment for Siemens in February. Last year, their 3rd son Thomas, had the distinction of being the first Australian to win a Table Tennis Gold Medal against 13 other schools in an annual Interschool Competition in the Beijing area. Adele has competed  in the Great Wall run , which includes 3500 steps, and the other boys have also competed in various school sporting events in Shanghai, Hong Kong , Taiwan, and other large Provinces closer to Beijing. They have lived a very active life in China with much improvement to the way of life for the Chinese and for the Expats since their first stay in 1999. In those days, Graeme’s wife Jenny, sent parcels, at a considerable cost, containing items not available in China such as vegemite, custard powder, snack foods and muesli bars. Graeme and Jenny have 5 other grandchildren and looking forward to having all the family together again for the usual celebrations. Once again they have booked in at Peregian Beach for their July/August holidays. It was good to catch up with Senior Vice President John McPhee in Coolum during holidays.

Ray Murphy emailed that it was with regret that he learned of the passing of Bill Manning .They had a very close relationship in the Scottie years particularly 1961 to 1967 when Bill was Agency Officer Broadway attached to Portman St Oakleigh Branch and he later became Bill Clerk when Ray was Accountant. Ray later caught up again with him in Bill’s first branch management appointment to Cressy. Bill was a good friend and an excellent worker and will be sadly missed.

President Neville Pearson emails thanks to  Kathy and members of the committee for the  good wishes on his  Birthday .The last year was planned to be a nice relaxing time at home, spending more time with Neville and wife Cheryl’s  5 grandchildren as well as ANZROC duties and some overdue maintenance around the home. Flicking through their diary to see where the year went brought back some lovely memories. The highlight was a 3 week cruise on the Norwegian Jade around the Mediterranean (East and West) in April 2011 and then a week in magnificent Barcelona. Due to troubles in Egypt, the Egyptian leg was substituted by the cruise company for a cruise to Istanbul and that was a fascinating city. Neville and Cheryl actually sailed from Istanbul on Anzac Day with the ship sailing extremely close to land as they cruised past Anzac Cove and surrounding Beaches of Gallipoli. The New Zealand and Australians on board were given the run of the highest and best viewing Bar on the ship. They had excellent views of the cliff top memorials, beaches and sand dunes of Anzac Cove and surrounding beaches. A short service was given by one of the Aussies and the day was a precious and moving experience .Five weeks caravanning in Tasmania (what absolutely beautiful beaches and forests), several shorter golf and social holiday breaks to Howlong (3 visits, golf and fishing), Mansfield (ANZROC weekend), Rich River golf and another trip to Echuca with relatives from Ireland (took them for lunch on the Echuca paddle steamer ‘Emmy Lou’ as well as the usual sightseeing spots around Vic). Trips to Merimbula (Week of Golf tournament), terrific Jazz Festival Halls Gap (took caravan), Music Festival Mildura (took van) and several trips to Gippsland/Sandy Point/Yarram. Competition squash and Tennis and social Golf and bike riding with Cheryl, all of which Neville enjoys, kept him reasonably fit. He hopes this year will be more restful .Neville sincerely thanks all members for their communications and support they have given ANZROC and him during the year. Greatly appreciated.

Dianne Reardon emailed her many thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which was receivedon the day. Dianne had a lovely day celebrating with a lunch and a family dinner.

Gregory Scollo emails that it is a great pleasure to be remembered by working colleagues on his birthday, it gives that sense of belonging and be still a part of a team. Gregory received the card on the same day that he arrived in Townsville where he and his wife Maria spend the winter months every year, Although it is still a bit to warm in North Queensland, it is very pleasant and relaxing, enjoying the evening walk on the Strand along the beautiful beach, and to sit al fresco at a coffee bar in front the Ocean sipping an espresso coffee and enjoying an Italian gelato.

Life is very enjoyable at present, and although age is advancing Maria and Gregory are trying to get the best out of it, as long it lasts.

Syd Swaby emailed that he spent his 70th birthday celebrating with family members and some noisy grandchildren. Syd’s birthday card went astray in the post but he was philosophical about it and reported that on recent experiences with Australia Post he was not surprised it is lost. Last week  he received a Christmas card returned “no street". It had been sent to friends in Box Hill Victoria. Examination of return sticker and another number written on envelope indicated it had been to Box Hill Wiltshire England and back.

June Thompson thanked members for the good wishes on her birthday and she enjoyed celebrating the event with friends on the occasion.

Roger Thompson emailed a note of thanks for the birthday card he received that was appreciated. Since joining ANZROC Roger has enjoyed reading the newsletters and catching up with ANZ news and also noting some of the familiar names mentioned. He hopes to get to one of the club functions in the not too distant future and catch up with some old work colleagues. On the schedule this year for Roger and wife Leanne is some overseas travel (Bali in July and Canada in September), more golf lessons and plenty of caravanning.

Past President John Vanselow emails his thanks for his Birthday Card prepared by Kathy which arrived on time for his 80th Birthday. John and wife Lois celebrated their  joint 80th Birthdays at Rossdale Golf Club where he has  been a member for 51 years and Lois 40 years, both playing and committee members. They enjoyed a delicious lunch, music, and a wonderful afternoon with family, extended family and friends with whom they have maintained a continuous relationship for up to 70 years from scouting days, banking, golf and in retirement. Family came from Qld, NSW, ACT and country Victoria. Daughters Debbie and Julie prepared a PowerPoint presentation containing lifelong memories of family, holidays overseas and within Australia, parties, and many photos of their association with the Bank, ANZ Staff, Basketball and Retired Officers' Clubs. This also includes Lois's association with ANZ Ladies Club. Times they cherish and will forever remember. John and Lois thank everyone for all the good times they enjoyed over 43 years service and 21 years as a member of ANZ ROC.

Keith Westaway emailing from Glenmaggie says many thanks for the birthday greetings. The past year has been reasonable on the health front with little to complain about other than the usual aches .Keith and wife Alison recently enjoyed a 14 day cruise to New Zealand on the Dawn Princess and the sea air seemed to do wonders for them.

Harold Woolcock writing from Indented Head on his 90th to thank Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes says he does not know where the last 90 years have gone. The day was celebrated at lunch at the Portarlington Golf Club with 36 family members, 2 great grandchildren and 11 locals. The guests came from interstate and country Victoria to wish Harold a happy 90th.Harold and wife Sylvia had trips to Tasmania and Dandenong Ranges for granddaughters’ weddings during the year. Both weddings were a huge success. Harold’s golfing days are over but he still gets to Probus meetings where he is a Foundation member. Harold and Sylvia like to read the newsletters and look back on their many trips overseas and across Australia and there are still names they recognise in the newsletter.

Brian Wrigley emails that he was very sorry to hear of the passing of Bill Manning.Brian was Acct/Teller at Bayswater with John Caudry then Alf Sadler. When the branches merged he went over the road to work under Bill's leadership.Bill is still remembered by a number of Brian’s Colac Legatee acquaintances’ who live in the Cressy district.


AND Rosemary Callanan, Diane Carew, Alan Chapple, John Gibb, Rod Hill, Gordon Kennedy, Des Kidd, Barry Kilmartin, Dan Kirtley, Ian Manley, Serge McIntyre, Kirk McNamara, Jim Nicolson, Tony Palmer, Max Pleydell, Tony Pompilio, Dennis Rice, Ronald W Smith, Geoff Stillman, Terence Talbot, John C. Taylor, John Winders,



APRIL 2012


Phil Alleaume emails from Drouin his thanks for the very kind wishes for his birthday which he always looks forward to. Phil and wife Ginette are both well and still enjoying the relaxed country air albeit that there is a lot of development occurring in their area. They recently babysat their two grandsons 3 ½ and 2 years old for 9 days while their parents were holidaying in Bali. While Phil and Ginette  enjoyed having them around it also reminded Phil of the “Energiser” batteries commercial on TV. Once awake, they just keep going and going. However, a good glass of red once they were  asleep recharged their own batteries.

Lindsay Baglin phoned in to send his thanks for the best wishes for his 83rd birthday.

Will Bailey emailed to say he worked with the late Bill Manning in the '50s and '60s in the Scottie. Bill was a jolly good bloke. Will had a great lunch with the SA ANZROC Club on the 2nd of April.

John Baird writes from Highton on his 87th to thank members for the birthday wishes that arrived on the day. He says he has no machine to type his letters so he is still committed to writing by hand.

John Blampied sends his thanks for the birthday wishes which are greatly appreciated. John and wife Pamela celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary this year and they now have 6 grandchildren to keep them busy. They have been fortunate to enjoy good health that has enabled them to travel overseas on a regular basis particularly to Europe. John is a member of the Box Hill Golf Club and often sees ANZROC members Ian Anderson, Brian Christensen, Bruce Maisey and Roger Pickering on the course. John reports that Bill Hickford (Black Harry to his football friends) is slowly improving in health after the serious injury sustained in a vicious home invasion some months ago and recorded in earlier newsletters.

Arty Booth emailing from Elliott Heads in Queensland sends   his thanks to the committee for the birthday wishes. No change to report from sunny Queensland, "Good One Day, Flooded the Next" Like most, Arty looks forward to the monthly newsletter, and reading about the antics of those that he has met and worked with in the Bank. It is pleasing to read the Honorary Birthday List and he is constantly surprised at the longevity of our members.

Jenny Cooke emailing Kathy Trace says many thanks for your recent birthday wishes which, as usual, arrived on the day. Whilst Jenny   has not made it to a Retired Officers’ function as yet due to work commitments, she will definitely try to attend this year. In April Jenny will visit the US (California) to visit the host family from her days as an American Field Service exchange student as well as school friends. The past few years have been spent on the golf course or working as the historian at her old school, keeping the ex-student data base and organising annual reunions which has been very interesting. Writing an instruction manual and job description for the school reminded Jenny of her years in ANZ Staff Dept (later Personnel) - practical training which has been used in many jobs over the years. Later in the year, she is off to Europe, taking a cruise and visiting a friend at Lake Garda, Italy.Once again, many thanks for the card and best wishes to everyone for keeping the Retired Officers informed via the newsletter.

John Conn writes thanks for the birthday card which arrived while John and wife Linda were holidaying in Tasmania. They spent a few weeks travelling in the south and then up the west coast to Devonport to catch the ferry back to Melbourne. The year has started off with a heavy emphasis on family social events ranging from the 30th birthday party for their son, a family wedding in Queensland and in March Linda’s fathers 85th birthday. Her family is spread from Brisbane to Melbourne but this birthday was held in Melbourne. John and Linda are off to Broome in July and with his volunteer work, Linda involved in special teaching part time added to family and holidays means they are quite busy.

Thanks to Donald Davy for sending the committee a Easter Card "Thank you to all members of ANZROC (Vic) committee for the continuing wonderful work you do on the best interests of all retired ANZ Banking Group Limited staff”

Bob Delahoy writes to thank the club for the birthday card celebrating his 83rd birthday which was on the 10th March. It is always very much appreciated. Bob recently read an interesting article in the Victorian Probian (a Probus publication) on Bob Nichol celebrating his 100th birthday. It mentioned that Bob joined The Bank of Australasia in February 1929. That was the month before Bob Delahoy was born! He joined The Bank of Australasia on 1st August 1949 which was approx 20 ½ years after Bob Nichol. Bob and his wife have not made any trips this year but are investigating the possibility of travelling either north or west later this year. It is good to read in the newsletters about what the other members are doing in their retirement.

Steven Eu emailing from his iPad and able to get the newsletter from anywhere in the world  says he is currently in Hong Kong for over 5 weeks for a much needed annual pilgrimage of shopping therapy for the latest  electronic gadgets and  to pay respects to his wife’s grandma who passed away 2 years ago at 101, and also to catch up with relatives

John Fairbairn emails that as usual with impeccable timing the card arrived on the actual day. Another year has passed; fortunately John has recovered his health and is   now enjoying Golf once more with former work colleagues, Peter O'Dwyer and Maurie Harwood. Yarrawonga made national news recently with it’s flooding after about 11 inches of rain in 2 or 3 days. Whilst the residents were cut off for a day or two  most escaped without their homes being flooded but most Streets were awash with many closed. Unfortunately John was unable to make any luncheon or dinner Meetings last year but perhaps this year will be different. It is good to see that many former workmates are still enjoying good health.

Lawrie Foord writes his sincere thanks for the birthday card and as usual he had a quiet day although his middle daughter took him to lunch which was most enjoyable. Lawrie has been busy with a number of DIY projects around the house but his youngest daughter and son in law remind him it’s about time for him to return  to their home 30 kilometres out of Brisbane for a visit. Lawrie has also been invited to the Jervis Bay Naval Base where his granddaughter and family are now based. Her husband has just completed his second term of duty on the frigate “Toowoomba” in the Middle East and that included “pirate duty” .He was decorated for his service in the Middle East and is now waiting for his next posting. Lawrie has an open invitation to take a conducted tour of the naval base at Jervis Bay and his eldest daughter is reminding him to do something about it.

Eddie Forth emailed greetings from Noosa and says the weather has been so unpredictable that they can receive rain up to one foot of water one day, sunshine the next. Eddie and wife Jan have certainly had a wet summer and the Tewantin-Noosa Golf Club course has been a very heavy track for most of the summer. Nevertheless they are hoping for a drier winter. In late April Eddie and Jan head off for Livingston in Zambia to see the Victoria Falls and then fly to Johannesburg to drive through the Kruger National Park for 8 days. They are travelling with family. Eddie sends his thanks for the birthday wishes.

Rino Frigo writes thanks for the newsletters and reports that he and his wife have joined the cruising brigade along with other ANZROC members embarking on  a cruise on the “Dawn Princess” to New Zealand. In the adjoining cabin was Ian Bell and wife Carmel and they teamed up for a few trips into New Zealand cities. Rino enjoyed the cruise so much he has signed up for another. Ian Bell said he also met Frank Edwards on the cruise and Frank also recommended the ships services and the fun to be had on the “Dawn Princess”.

Val Goldsworthy writes to inform us about an article in the media dated 17th March 2012 about Jack Duggan from Tarnagulla who she met in Stationery Dept in the early 1950’s. Val says Jack was a lovely man and it was by chance a colleague told me that he and his wife had a severely disabled daughter. You’d never know; Jack was kind, thoughtful and endlessly helpful. Jack was a bit dangerous – a ‘roller’ of cigarettes, he frequently set fire to WPB’s. The text of the article: Tipping towin at 106. One of Victoria’s oldest men turns 105 today. He was born in Tarnagulla, in central Victoria, a year after local miners found the famous Poseidon nugget which weighed 26.6kg. John lives in South Melbourne and says his ambition this year is to win the football competition at the home where he lives, then to repeat the feat next year. “

Eddie Hassett sends his thanks for the birthday wishes and celebrated with a nice seafood dinner with family but finished off with a few ports which he had not done for years. Good Friday was a bit fuzzy. Eddie is still playing golf at Woodlands and is in the middle of the pennant season. He is off to Thailand in July to visit Hoa Hin where the King is resident but Eddie is not expecting to see him.

Dorothy Hayes emails please pass on her many thanks to Kathy Trace for the Birthday card, which she received on the day. Dorothy had a lovely day and is still working three days a week possibly till next year.

Richard Kimber writes to thank the club and particularly Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings which arrived so punctually. So another year has passed by and still Rick cannot complain given the problems of others.

Vern Knuiksis reports that 2011 was a year of various events having celebrated his 60th birthday, 30th wedding anniversary and coming through successful surgery for prostate cancer. Thank goodness he doesn’t require any further treatment or medication. Vern retired from the banking and finance industry in Dec 2010 and decided to take up a complete career change and build on his part time home handyman business which has become so busy that he is now at it full time. Vern is involved in all aspects of home maintenance ranging from fitting a door lock to larger projects such as complete renovations and other carpentry work and gardening. He  has also recently been involved in adding an extension to their home to provide more room for the family (2 daughters aged 21 & 25 refuse to leave home) They are both full time university students and likely to be for another 3 years at least! He recently travelled to Adelaide to watch the first round of V8 Supercar racing with a group of colleagues that has been a tradition since 1999. An enjoyable 5 days had by all! It was sad to hear of the passing of Frank Budd and Bill Boucher with whom Vern worked in E S& A on his very first day in the Bank back in March 1970!

Christine Lane emails her thanks for her birthday card and greetings.  The day itself was quite busy but nice. Christine commenced the celebration with 9 rounds of golf then later catching up with family and loved ones over lunch. As she no longer adds up the years passing by, it is nonetheless good to look back on life with nice memories!

Bob Maughan emails that he and wife Joan will be relocating to Perth to be near their daughter and also closer to their son and his family who live in Singapore. They still hope to visit Victoria on a regular basis. Bob is sorry he missed the funeral of Ron Marshall. Bob worked for him in the old 351 Collins Stock Exchange branch. A great Manager and one of the nicest people Bob has ever known. Like many others Bob very much looks forward to receiving all the news and the one birthday card he receives each year. The problem with having a birthday so close to Christmas!

Hugh Miles sent a note of thanks for the birthday wishes received on the day for his 82nd which he greatly appreciated.

Ray Murphy emailing regarding the late Ron Marshall says Ron was Accountant at 9 Lydiard St Ballarat in the 1950's whilst Ray was at the Scottie Ballarat East .He was a fine man. Ray and wife Glenyce used to baby sit the girls for him.

Peter Nyga sends his apology for the 12th April meeting as he’ll be away sailing Gippsland Lakes for two weeks over that period.

Ted Palmer emails many thanks to Kathy Trace for the kind Birthday Wishes. It only seems like a couple months since he received the last one.

Peter Saville emails that unfortunately he will not be able to attend the April meeting as Peter and his wife will be travelling through Scotland and Ireland for the entire month of April. The guest speaker sounds particularly interesting.

Murray Skelton emails his thanks for the birthday greeting card received on due date, and he is in good health after surgery late last year. Murray looks forward to receiving the monthly newsletter to follow the news of old workmates.

Harry Trefz sends his thanks for the kind birthday wishes for his good health and happiness for 2012 which as usual arrived on the day.

Mike Watts served under the late Bill Manning in his very early days at ES&A. He was a very nice chap and will be missed at the annual Scottie reunions.

Julie Wilkins emails her thanks to Kathy Trace for her kind birthday wishes which arrived on the day as usual. Julie had a lovely day, better still good weather to enjoy the outdoor adventures.

AND Alistair Abernathy, Chris Baker, Dave Barr, Herman Bettonvil, Eric and Wendy Black, Gordon Blair, Terry Boocock, Wendy Bradley, Len Chitty, Gordon Christensen,  Geoff Christmas, Travis Clark, Bill Collins, Kerry and Rodney Dark, Kevin Dempster,  Tom Doumani, Brian Doyle, Frank Edwards, Serge Florent, John Flyger, Colin Geldart, Jeremy Grant, Nev Greenway, Richard Ham, Richard Harding, Adrian Henning, Pin Pin Ho, Larry James, Graeme King, Brian Knowles, David Laing, Ken Lee, Bill Luscombe, John Maguire, Zelda Martin, Susan McCarthy, John McFarlane, Mike McKernan, Fay and Gerry McPherson, Don Mercer, Emilio Moreno, Ian Nayda, Cheryl Lobo,  Gordon Paulett, David Phelps, Graeme Plant, Max Pleydell, Alan Podger, Tony Pompilio, Peter Richardson, Dietmar Reichert, Bill Robinson, Bob Schofield, Don Schubert, Mark Stankovich, Ken Stapleton, Ed Tanner, John Turnbull, Mick Wallis, Mike Watts, Glenda White, Andy Wilkie ,Peter Williams, Keith Winckles.


March 2012

Will Bailey emails that he was WA attending his grandson's wedding so sadly he was not able to attend the funeral for Ron Marshall. Will and Ron shared an office in the ES&A administration all those years ago.

John Duguid emails thanks to Kathy for her kind birthday wishes which arrived on the day as usual. All’s well with John and looking forward to the next 69 years. John could have made a lot of money 35 years ago if he had taken bets with some people that he would make it to this age.

George Finniss writes thanks for the warm wishes on his birthday. George reports that he is well but has been caring for family recuperating after surgery that is keeping him busy.

Suzie Green emailing about the photos posted on our website of the 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WAGGA ANZ SPORTING CARNIVAL says she attended the Wagga Weekend for 11 years in a row and was at the 40th.She is sure she won the 5km run at the 40th Anniversary meeting as she won it for 10 years running.The last year Suzie won was the least year the Wagga weekend was held. She had some fantastic times playing sport against NSW and partying with them afterwards.When she attended she also played women’s indoor cricket, and Victoria only ever lost twice in those years.Those were the days...

Martin Hayden emailing says that he has now been retired for 11 time flies. Martin and wife Karen are enjoying the time they have together, particularly with their cars! They’ve been through a few lately...they bought a new HSV 6 litre GTO in 2005, sold it last year. Bought one of only 315 RS Focus's bought into Australia, sold that last year too! Their current "ride" is very special. Martin and Karen have just taken delivery of a VERY special Mercedes Benz AMG C63...6.2 Litre V8, nearly 500h.p! 7 speed auto, 19" wheels and is a special order car built for them in Germany. They’ve just returned from a 1200K drive in the Mallee....absolutely traffic lights! Members might also like to know that Karen (also ex-Esanda) did a month's Missionary work in Tanzania (South Africa) last year.

Gerry Kennedy writes to thank Kathy for the birthday wishes for his 88th and says thankfully he has passed the number 87 much feared by cricketers. Gerry says that although he has slowed down quite a bit over the last few years he is still playing bowls but not as well as he would like. While there are a few things wrong health wise the Department of Veteran Affairs looks after him fairly well.

Bob Kirkland send thanks for the birthday wishes on his 89th and says how he looks forward to receiving the newsletter although after 30 years retirement he finds he knows fewer members each issue. Bob still keeps in touch with friends he made in Fiji in the 70’s while Manager Lautoka and is leaving for Fiji in early March for a holiday to catch up with friends and colleagues.

Jack Moyle writing on his 87th sends thanks for the birthday wishes but says he and wife Audrey while both in good health do not venture far from home these days.

Laurie Redfearn writes thanks to Kathy Trace for the best wishes for her birthday. Kathy and Laurie worked together at Footscray Branch probably around the time Rae Collins was Accountant. The card and wishes brought back memories of the many staff Laurie worked with in her 10 years at the Branch.

Norm Ross sends his thanks for the best wishes received for his 91st.Norm says banking and industry news these days does not make good reading with staff retrenchments common place. Long retired officers were fortunate to have worked in a much more stable environment. Norm, his wife and son had their annual summer holiday in Hobart visiting their younger daughter and family which was most enjoyable.

Dick Sanders emailed that he received the birthday best wishes from old friend Kathy Trace spot on the day as usual. Dick doesn’t know how this is achieved so regularly when mail can take so many different times. He sent a letter to his cousin in UK at beginning of last November – A4 size – which took three weeks. So he took the hint and sent off the Christmas gift to him – guess what - 5 days! You never know. Four couples went to Port Fairy for a few days to celebrate the 75thbirthdays of three of them. These were Dick’s old friends who met in a boarding house in Kew in 1959. One became Dick’s best man; another was his groomsman, together with their wives. John deF Brown who was in the same boarding house for a while would perhaps remember them. Suffice to say the friendships have lasted for these many years as have the spouses of all of them. So, there were eight for the birthday bash. They are a mixed group, one Kiwi married an Aussie girl, another an Irishman married a Swiss girl, the third a Swiss married a Dutch girl and Dick who is a Pom married an Aussie. You would wonder how they all got along!! There was to have been a fifth from South Australia but he was unable to attend. This was Peter Bowering from Adelaide former ANZ (for whom Dick was best man in 1963) and his wife.

Apart from that, the year produced another grandson, so each of their sons has themselves two sons. Thanks again for the good wishes and for the newsletters which are always interesting and keep him up to date with old friends.

Sandra Street emails that she has great memories of the days she was working with the late Ron Marshall in Loan Administration. He was such a warm man of great integrity and common sense. As she recalls they were a happy crew under Ron's command and he will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Kevin Toohey emails his thanks for the Birthday Card.  Even though some members don’t contribute too much to the newsletter they still look forward to receiving it and hearing what members have been up to. Just reading all the names brings back a lot of (mostly) good memories.

Beverley Tuxen and Gayle Cheney daughters of our recently deceased member Ron Marshall wrote to thank the many work colleagues who attended the funeral service. It was nice to know that he was remembered and people wanted to celebrate his life and farewell him.

Athol Watkins writing from Clifton Springs on his 75th sends thanks for his birthday card. Athol says it has been a fairly uneventful year with a mid-year break travelling up to Cairns for 7 weeks holiday to enjoy some excellent weather. The country in the mid west was looking great after several wet years. This year he has booked a trip to UK, then to Rome and cruise around the Mediterranean in May. Athol is still playing and enjoying plenty of bowls.

Brian Weeks sends his thanks for the birthday card received in the usual timely fashion. Brian has always believed that the sending of cards adds a great deal to the level of contact between the Committee and members. Life continues at a modest pace at the Weeks’ household and sadly they cannot travel much at present but live in hope that mobility will improve.

Maurice Wells writing on his 75th says thanks for the birthday card together with the newsletter which are greatly appreciated. Maurice and wife Bev continue to be heavily involved with their family’s activities. It is interesting to see the variety of activities that  grandchildren of the 21st century  are involved with which keeps both parents and grandparents busy in their support.


AND Les Ager, John Burke, Fred Campbell, Dave Cuddon, Gordon Field, Neil Franklin, Graham Heenan, Tess Hondros, Bruce Iddles, Julian Lineham, Maria Malicse, Tony Middleton, Ray Murphy, Jenny Pickering, Robin Pleydell, David Robinson, Mavis Ryan, Bill Schouten, Kevin Sharp, Warren Taylor, Kevin Watson, Norm Wheatley, Bill Willocks, Brian Wrigley


February 2012

Murray Abraham sends his appreciation for the good wishes for his 86th birthday. He acknowledges 2012 is a leap year but while the past three years were not “leap years” they certainly very quickly took large strides.

Noel Beanland long time committeeman and Life Member emails thanks for the Birthday Card and says last year was another good year with a very enjoyable trip to Malaysia with wife Jeanette. They flew to Penang and then cruised to Thailand calling in to the resorts at Phuket and Krabi. Then back to Penang and on to finish the journey in Kuala Lumpur. They also caravanned to Mildura and Broken Hill during the year and spent the usual 6 weeks holiday at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

Jock Buntain writes thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday greetings on his 82nd but as his old mother used to say “old age does not come alone; it brings all the aches and pains with it”. Jock says he is in fairly good health but has had to give the golf away and regrets that he was unable to be with his friends at the Christmas lunch in December.

Joe Busuttil emails his sincere thanks for the birthday greetings. Joe is enjoying his sixth year
in retirement and the ‘sea change' to Inverloch last year has been great.

Brian Christensen writes his thanks for the birthday wishes and was pleased with the Christmas luncheon in December where he met many colleagues.

Geoff Christmas emailing from Leopold says it was great to again receive his birthday wishes. Last year Geoff and wife Heather were on their bikes again in April. They rode around Corsica then from Toulon to the north of France. The WW1 history around Verdun was amazing with many memorials and cemeteries throughout the area. Then on to Luxemburg but sadly Heather’s mother passed away at age 93 and they had to return home missing out on the beautiful scenery along the Mosel River. They now have three grandchildren and really enjoy them. Geoff and Heather enjoy reading the newsletter which brings with them many memories.

Don Davy writes that he was saddened to read of Ted Larkin’s passing. Don said that while he was working on the rationalisation of ANZ bank branches some years ago he dealt with Ted who was Chief Manager Premises in AHQ on many occasions and found him especially helpful and co-operative.

Max Fisher writes thanks for the kind reminder via Kathy Trace that he is a year older. The members at Max’s table at the Christmas luncheon particularly enjoyed the poem written by President Neville for the toast to the Queen. They also were pleased to hear CEO Mike Smith’s update on “matters ANZ” and once again appreciated the opportunity to be with their friends.

Nola Forsyth writes to say that since joining ANZROC she enjoys catching up on the news of members with whom she worked. Nola is presently unable get to luncheon meetings as she is still working 7 days a week in her bric-a-brac, collectibles and curios shop "Glimpses of Yesteryear" at 102 Canterbury Road, Canterbury. She hopes that some of her old friends and ANZROC members in the area will find time to call in for a chat.

John Hallinan through wife Meryl emailed thanks for his birthday card which arrived on the due date as usual. 2011 was a year of ups and downs, having a few small trips around Victoria and then travelling to Jakarta in June (the city centre closes once a month for sports) for the wedding of their second grandson. It was a very colourful affair with 10 Australian guests and 680 Indonesians! John and Meryl followed with a week in Bali that was most enjoyable. A week after coming home they flew to Perth to mind daughter Margaret’s house whilst they went to France and Spain. Unfortunately they  were there a little over a week when tragedy struck with their granddaughter Laura, aged 19, being killed in a car accident on July 14th (she was the daughter of their son John who passed away unexpectedly less than three years earlier) This was followed by the passing of their  son-in-law on August 14th. On 27th November John suffered a major stroke and is currently in the Peter James Centre, Burwood East for rehabilitation. His brain and speech are quite good and he is learning to walk (slowly), He has unfortunately lost the use of his left arm but in the scheme of things is very lucky. They can but hope 2012 will be better.

John Hawkins emails his thanks for the Birthday card which arrived on the day just as John and wife Helen were getting ready for their first trip for the year of a cruise around NZ.

Bob Heinemann emails thanks to ANZROC for his birthday card .During his birthday Bob and his wife spent a few weeks on holiday in Euroa.

Brian Henderson emails from Hervey Bay once again to thank Kathy Trace for getting the annual birthday card to him on time.Brian’s wife Chris arranged a small luncheon party for the 75th birthday at home with some friends with “a few" bottles of wine which finished off a great day quite late into the evening.At the end of 2010 Brian retired as convener of the Hervey Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group after 9 years and at the end of 2011 completed his three years as treasurer and member of the Queensland PCFA council and now for the first time in over fifty years he is not involved as an office bearer in some community or sporting organisation.It is therefore time now for a bit more travel and relaxation in the laid back atmosphere of Hervey Bay.Brian and Chris did manage several trips during 2011 with a motoring holiday down to Tasmania early in the year followed by a 46 day cruise around the Indian Ocean mid year on board the "Sun Princess" and Christmas again on the "Sun Princess" on a 14 day cruise around New Zealand.Some plans are in place for more cruising and overseas travel during 2012.Golf membership has become a bit expensive considering the time spent travelling so he is playing more bowls on an intermittent basis.Brian will endeavour to get down to Melbourne and attend a meeting some time during 2012 to catch up.

David Jones emails his thanks for the annual birthday card; it’s marking the start of a new decade of life which he feels is a little daunting to contemplate

Paul Kitchin writes that he appreciated receiving the birthday wishes on his 89th. He says no news of interest this year.

Bob Lyon emailing from Denarau Fiji says thanks for the birthday card for his 65th birthday. There is no doubt that Kathy Trace is maintaining the high standards set by John Vanselow over many years. Despite three cyclones hovering around, it arrived on time. Good, considering it took 2 weeks for a registered letter to reach Bob from Suva recently. Despite a few health issues, Bob and his wife have had a good year with lots of travel. On one trip to the UK, they had lunch with Roger Taylor, with whom Bob worked at Grafton Street and hadn’t seen for 40 years, although it seemed more like 40 weeks. Other trips were to Hong Kong, US, Hawaii and several trips to Australia for board meetings. It was good to catch up with a few old colleagues at his only ANZROC lunch last June.

Noel Matthews emails to express his gratitude at receiving the Club's greeting on his 75th birthday. It found Noel in continuing good health and spirits - long may they continue - and still strongly involved in his  main interests of family (the youngest of 6 grandchildren is now 15 and exactly 60 years his junior) and teaching/writing/performing music. Much more fun than present-day banking!

Kevin May emails his thanks for the birthday greeting. A good year all things considered. Kevin and his wife clocked up their 50th Wedding Anniversary on April Fools day, not too shabby against those odds! They later celebrated with a 4 week road trip to revisit some favourite haunts, including Santa Monica/Los Angeles/San Diego/Palm Springs/Las Vegas and Waikiki. The pressure’s already on to book the next trip to Waikiki for a longer stay. Time flies, now 10 years on the Gold Coast but Kevin still calls himself a Victorian and eagerly looks forward to the newsletter to observe the welfare and activities of former workmates.

Wal McGillivray writes thanks to Kathy and members for the birthday wishes for his 89th which he appreciated. He says it’s been an up and down year when he had a stroke which frightened wife Lorna but after treatment at Box Hill Hospital he has come out of it with little side effects. A holiday on the Gold Coast helped with the recovery. At the Christmas luncheon Wal caught up with President Neville who was of great support when Wal was Bowls Co-ordinator marketing ANZ’s services to the bowling community in Victoria.

Bruce Michell emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which is always welcome and gives cause for reflection on the many working years spent in the A.N.Z. family. Bruce is 76 now and in good health still managing to play golf 3 days a  week at the magnificent 13th Beach Golf Club at Barwon Heads.

Margaret Redman daughter of our centenarian Bob Nichol writes to let us know how much Bob appreciated his 100th birthday celebrations .President Neville, Harry Carrodus and I attended the celebration and Neville produced one of his poems which went down well with all present. On behalf of ANZROC members we also presented a card signed by the committee and a copy of ANZ’s 175th Anniversary book which was greatly appreciated. Bob had a wonderful few weeks of memorable celebrations and has coped very well.

Elaine Schutt emails her thanks for remembering her birthday and the card was much appreciated. In June/July she flew to Las Vegas and visited her daughter and family, then on to UK to visit her sister who had been battling cancer since November 2009. Unfortunately, this has been a difficult Christmas with her sister passing away on December 23 – Elaine had to fly back to the UK at the end of November and was lucky to have three weeks with her. In 2011 Elaine had moved to Maloneys in NSW, a very peaceful place perfect for retirement. She has become involved with the Animal Welfare League as a cat carer - currently, she has 7 kittens and 5 cats in care. It certainly fills in her days. Some days she does miss her workmates at ANZ, as she really did enjoy and get great work satisfaction from her years with the bank.

Bill Thorne sends his thanks for the greetings on the occasion of his 83rd birthday. It was celebrated with lunch with friends at the East Leagues Club in Brisbane. Bill has resided in Queensland for ten years and retired from the bank 27 years ago. He is not very mobile these days – has to use a walker to get around. Bill was on the audit staff for 17 years and travelled throughout Victoria City and suburban branches and met a lot of staff during that period. He regrets not having kept a record of the kilometers travelled during his banking career; it would have taken him a few times around the world.

Roly Webster emails from Bendigo his thanks for the birthday card on his 79th .Not much happening in Bendigo for him -his gold production for the past year has been very poor. Roly still has gold fever but his energy levels and body are weakening!

Glenda White emailed her thanks for the birthday wishes, the card arriving in time for her birthday. Most people forget her birthday as it is so close to Christmas or the cards turn up days later, so it was a real surprise and a pleasure to get the card. Glenda had a great day and got spoilt too.

Gwenda Williams, widow of our recently deceased member Gordon writes to thank members for the condolences we sent to her family. Gordon had enjoyed nearly all of his retirement of 29 years but when he had to give up his golf, garden and trips interstate to see the children and families his life changed and regrettably he was hospitalised for a few months until his passing. Gordon looked forward to receiving the monthly newsletter even though he no longer knew many of the names.

Theo Yardley emails his thanks for the greetings received for his 84th birthday. The whole family (16) were in Sydney for Christmas and Theo and wife Pat had a great time working up to the day of his birthday. The family members have scattered for their respective holidays so Theo and Pat will have a quiet few weeks ahead.

Lloyd Zegenhagen emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card and good wishes. Although now 87 Lloyd is still going along without any real problems. Last year was a relatively quiet one with travel contained within Australia. This year however will be different. Within the next 2 months Lloyd and wife Margot will travel to USA to visit their daughter, then to France to join up with a friend, an Historian from The Australian War Memorial, to tour the Western Front, coinciding with the Dawn Service at Villers-Bretonneux on Anzac Day. This will be marvellous as his friend has also provided Lloyd with the details of the areas that his father served in during the 1st World War, many of which they will visit. Next stop UK for a visit to their second daughter, and then on to Spain for 12 days. Probably exhausted by the time they return to Australia.


AND Clive Bayley, Roger Brown, Ian Cann, Bill and Judy Davies, Eric Dickson, Ralph Drummond, Bob English, Helen Felsted, Barbara Firth, Alan Forrest, David Gibb, Bruce Gillottie,  Clive Hewett, Peter Jones, Peter Kariotis, David Laing, Trevor Mudgway, Ray Murphy, Peter Nyga, Greg Payne,  Alex Pigdon, Geoff Pritchard, John Quirk, Bevyn Ranford, John Read, Peter Richardson, Bruce Scott, Des Shady, Ivan St Clair, Sandra Street, Neville Taylor, Michael Watts, Keith Winckles, Max Zattelman,

December 2011


Vic Ansell emails thanks for the birthday greetings received via Kathy Trace.  Vic had a quiet birthday this year but enjoyed the day just the same. It is hard to believe another year is almost over and that he has now been out the Bank twelve and a half years.  As in other years, Vic has very much enjoyed the meetings held this year and looks forward to the Christmas luncheon and the events of the coming year.

Geoff Archer emails his thanks for the birthday card from ANZROC.It has been a challenging year for Geoff and wife Jenny mainly regarding Jenny’s health. An operation completed in March last year to reattach the muscle to her right hip failed, necessitating her use of an elbow crutch whilst walking. After discussions with another surgeon, they decided to “roll the dice” and repeat the surgery. The great news is that, as a result of more-robust surgical techniques and an extraordinarily-restrictive recovery regime, including seven weeks of “home detention”, the surgeon is highly confident the operation was successful and Jenny is now progressing well. In between operations they enjoyed a fantastic APT tour to western Canada, including the Rockies, combined with a cruise to the Alaskan Panhandle. The tour organisation was exemplary and the scenery was extraordinary.

Harry Carrodus emailed his thanks to John Vanselow for his recent birthday greetings, which, of course, arrived on due date. Harry enjoys reading the names of past work colleagues which crop up in the news letter from time to time bringing back many happy memories. He looks forward to seeing friends and colleagues at the Christmas lunch.

Valda Clarke writes her thanks to John Vanselow for her special birthday wishes. She had so many celebrations with friends including their ANZ Travel group of eight which has been meeting together for more than 40 years. Valda enjoys reading the newsletter though the folk she knows are getting less and less.

Neil Dawtrey phoned to thank the Club for his birthday card. Neil said he has had a fall of a ladder when working outside the house which has required screws in the spine and slow recovery of some broken ribs and a term in hospital. He is now undergoing rehabilitation and could not make the Christmas luncheon which he regrets as he has attended most since his retirement. Otherwise he is reasonably happy.

Ian Ewing sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for the Birthday Wishes. Ian  had some good luck earlier in the year when the cancer was in remission long enough for him and wife Margaret to go overseas for two months in June and July; although it has come back to haunt him again. However the trip was marvellous, firstly with a 21 day cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam on APT’s ship Amacello. Some thirty five other Australians were on the ship together with a mixture of Americans, Canadians and English. At the end of the cruise they  had a six day break seeing the sights of Amsterdam and then joined a 10 day Trafalgar Tour of The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, followed by a 13 day Trafalgar Tour of Scotland, and capped off by visiting some friends in Cornwall for three days. Every day was a new and interesting experience with different scenery and different things to see and do. Ian would recommend the Cruise and Tours to any who are contemplating a trip to Europe.

Brian Farrell sending his thanks for his birthday card on his 83rd says even at his advanced age it is still pleasing to know that someone other than immediate family still remembers and marks the passing of another milestone.

Theo Hall throughwife Margaretsends thanks for his card on his 80th and it was a pleasure to receive the good wishes from ANZROC members. Theo had two days of celebrations at home in Mornington  firstly on the day when wife Margaret entertained 33 relatives at home despite the 54mm of rain that fell that day but it was great for the family to be together. Then on to Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant at Mornington with the immediate family and on the following day they entertained 33 local friends. Theo enjoyed it all.

John Hobbs writing on his 95th says the arrival of the birthday card was much appreciated. He had a great celebration with family and friends. He reports that good health continues to favour him and he still leads an active life.

Brian Kinna writes thanks for the birthday card on his 83rd but the year has not been his best having to move house during the year. Brian’s health has stopped him from going to golf.

John Mangan writing from Kangaroo Flat on his 81st sends thanks for the birthday greetings and says he is still able to go to golf but getting more erratic every week.

Phil Manning reporting on his 81st says the newsletters contain every now and then a name that strikes a chord and sends him back in time. There was a time when Phil worked for the Bank of West Africa in Nigeria spending six tours of 18 months each followed by 3 months paid leave and the pleasure of travel anywhere. Banking was learnt by their team from the bottom up and in an effort to keep on top of things Phil completed diplomas in Banking, Chartered Secretaries and Management. He also met his wife who was working in the Bank’s Head Office.  However the working environment changed radically with the discovery of oil in the eastern region of Nigeria coupled with the numerical supremacy of the Islamic faith and the Biafran war ensued. Phil quickly returned to UK with a wife and two children and eventually joined Finance Corporation that became part of ANZ.

Zelda Martin emailing from Bakery Hill send thanks for the birthday wishes which were much appreciated. She enjoys reading about the members travels in the newsletter.

Life Member Gerry McPherson emails that the birthday card from the Committee and Members of the ANZ Retired Officers’ Club (Vic) was received on the due date and was much appreciated. Kathy Trace is already keeping up the good work previously carried out by John Vanselow. Gerry spent most of the day at a Bi-Annual Luncheon held at Caulfield RSL for airmen trained during the Second World War under the Empire Air Training Scheme. There were

63 in attendance (all over 85) and included retired officer Eric Black, who was a Catalina Flying Boat pilot, whose operations included dropping mines from a low level in harbours occupied by the Japanese. Gerry’s wife Fay and Wendy Black also attended the luncheon. Shortly after returning home he received a phone call from his son in Norway. He had emailed photos of Gerry’s ninth great grand child – Isabel McPherson – born in Norway on 7th November.

She is the first great grand child bearing the surname of McPherson.

Ray Murphy commenting on the November newsletter  was pleased to note that Lyn Stevens is still active in helping ANZROC functions ,she was a great help to Ray  in the early 70's when he  was Show Agency Manager. She provided the transport from Nth Melbourne (Marco Polo) in her Morris Minor.

Geoff Perdriau writing his thanks for the birthday card says he and the family celebrated his 75th at a lunch at RACV Club. It will be 10 years since Geoff retired from ANZ.

Dave Phelps emailed a short note to thank Kathy Trace and the committee for his 76th Birthday card, on time as usual. Dave’s health continues to be closely monitored by specialists and is under control at present.

Alan Ryan writing from Warragul says thanks for the birthday wishes and the newsletter which keeps him in touch with colleagues. He noted the passing of Gordon Williams who had been manager of the Drouin Branch of ANZ. Alan and his wife have been travelling over the past 12 months to USA and New Zealand.Their daughter lives in USA and in 2012 they are booked to return to see her as well as touring through Vietnam and Fiji. They will travel while their health is okay. Alan says they have lived in Warragul since 1973 and he still runs a few cows and steers for interest sake.

John Shanahan emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for his birthday wishes which were received on due date. John has officially reached retirement age having been out of the bank for ten years. He is enjoying life and good health and is kept busy with bowls and family and six adorable grandchildren.

John Vanselow Life Member, Past President and long time dispatcher of Birthday Cards for the Committee writes on his retirement from the committee his thanks for the gift he received at the AGM for the contribution that John and wife Lois gave to the Club over many years. Lois has supported John throughout his career and his involvement with ANZ Staff Club, ANZ Basketball Club and ANZROC and she is a Past President and Life Member of the ANZ Ladies Club. John and Lois had many wonderful times and happy memories of friends made in the Bank and the clubs which will last them for the rest of their lives.

Ron Wilkinson writes that he has been particularly busy work wise in the Independent Supermarket health foods area. Ron enjoys reading the monthly newsletters and when time permits he looks forward to coming to a meeting .The last meeting he came to was about 8 years ago and he can’t believe where the time has gone.


AND Bernie Atkinson, Ron Boulton, Huck Bourke, Ian Davies, Don Davy, Phil Goodier, Tess Hondros,  Rolf Loebert, Bruce and Nancye Mathrick, Alex Mazur, Serge McIntyre, Maria Natoli, Dick Sanders, Graeme Smith, Sandra Street, Russell van Rooyan, Neville Warnest, Mick Warr,  John Winbanks, John Winders

November 2011

Russ Appleton emails that he enjoyed receiving the October newsletter after recent hospitalisation and it was good to read the names of those members with whom he spent so many years.In July this year he went to the local doctor to check on a strained muscle and after a short discussion he ended up at Footscray Hospital with a cardiologist, then the Alfred Hospital where he had a triple bypass operation in August.The urgency was due to multiple blockages in his arteries, something that amazed his doctor, cardiologist and surgeon. Russ did not have any pain or obvious symptoms, he just happened to mention to the Doctor that he had a minor ache in his jaw whilst walking to the surgery. Its three months now since the operation (he was lucky to get a top "Professor" due to the apparent emergency) and is feeling pretty good although still a bit sore. It just goes to show even though he still weighs the same as he has for many years and was physically fit from the gardening business, genetics still play an important part in his well being.

David Begg writing from Belmont (Vic) sends sincere thanks for the annual birthday wishes. David could not get to the Geelong luncheon this year but hopes to be able to meet colleagues the next time the ANZROC  meeting is held in Geelong.

Geoff Christensen emails his thanks for the Birthday card at the ripe old age of 61 years.

It has been an interesting year both with the unwelcome volatility in share markets offset by breathtaking holidays in Tahiti earlier in the year and then later during May/June touring Italy and surrounds. Tahiti certainly met expectations, having been high on Geoff’s list for a long time dating back to the days of Adam Troy in the TV series “Adventures in Paradise”. He would love to go back again some day and do more exploring, in particular Bora Bora. Italy was similarly sensational, in particular Venice and Rome. During the time there Geoff and his partner enjoyed two cruises (one out of Venice and the 2nd out of Genoa) with stops in Greece, Spain and France. Whilst it was great, one word of warning to anyone contemplating such cruises is to try and get on board an English speaking cruise and not an Italian Cruise Line cruise line such as MSC where Aussies are at a bare minimum. Land content included a 10 night stay in a Villa in Tuscany, which he would recommend to anyone. It’s just beautiful countryside with spectacular places to visit (let alone the vineyards). Their next trip is late December to Bali and Lombok, amongst other things, to celebrate a close friends 60th Birthday .Geoff’s partner’s son has recently relocated to Germany so it will be on the cards that they will be visiting Berlin at some stage in 2012 – the plan is to start in northern Italy then catch the train through Switzerland on to Berlin. The year has also bought another grandchild (1stGrandson) and another due this month taking the number of grandchildren to four. Geoff says that he has  plenty on the go and there’s never a dull moment.

Kerry Dodds writing from Warrenheip says thanks again for the wishes on his birthday. The card was waiting for him on his return from his annual trout hunt at Dartmouth. Kerry’s wife Margaret was Margaret Ensor who worked at 388 Collins Street circa 1967.They now have 3 grandchildren and enjoy all the fun and very little work that baby sitting entails.

Reg Evans writes from Golden Square his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 91st. Reg lost his wife Thelma after 66 years together in October 2010 .They went to school together but it was in 1944 when Reg was on leave from the war that they married. Reg’s mobility is restricted now and he has trips to hospital and to Peter Mac in the city for treatment but feels well in himself.

Ian Ewart writing his thanks for the birthday greeting on his 80th says he celebrated the big day with dinner at a local restaurant with family and friends. Ian and wife Pat continued the celebrations with a wonderful organised holiday touring from Darwin to Perth and they experienced a magical and spectacular journey in this great country of ours. Ian enjoys reading about the comings and goings of members and fond memories are rekindled when good friends of past times are mentioned.

Kevin Flynn emails his thanks for the recent birthday wishes. Health-wise, it has been a bit of a struggle this year, guess the years are catching up. The monthly news letter is a most welcome publication, especially to those, like Kevin who retired some years' ago.

Bob Grant emails thanks for the Birthday Greetings and it was great to receive John Vanselow’s message in the knowledge that he is again well following his problems during the year.  This year has had its ups and downs for Bob and wife Nell but they  are still enjoying their  time in Nelson Bay and the pleasures that it brings living in this lovely seaside resort with the family close by. Bob has fully recovered from the foot problems experienced last year but can no longer play any active sports so golf and tennis are out for the future. He has been experiencing some chest pains recently but after an angiogram and an ultrasound has been cleared of any heart problems. Bob and Nell visited Albury recently to attend his 5th Year High School Class reunion as it has been 55 years since that final day in 1957. They went on to Melbourne to stay with his brother Jack for a week and enjoyed the time immensely. Apart from babysitting duties, Bob is involved as a warden with the local Anglican Church and the Port Stephens Woodworkers Club where he is the Treasurer and Newsletter editor. This keeps him busy and mentally occupied for the time being.

Doug Grant reports that he has just returned from the annual trip to Cairns for the winter.

Doug looks forward to receiving the news letters as a means of keeping up to date with information  on some of our former work mates. Doug and I worked together in Esanda for some years.

Jack Grant emails his thanks for the recent Birthday Card, which once again was received on the day. It is now over 2 years since Jack and his wife Robyn moved from Albury to Melbourne and they are enjoying living in Berwick and being close to family. Over the past 12 months Jack has had a lot of foot problems, which necessitated a period in hospital to treat a severe ulcer infection. This was followed by an operation to lengthen the Achilles tendon in his right leg and relieve the pressure on the foot. This appears to have been successful and he has had no further problems. Other than that, life is very busy looking after visitors and caring for grandchildren on a regular basis. He is looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues at the Christmas Luncheon.

Charles Griss emails that he appreciated the Birthday Greetings received on the occasion of his 70th!!! Birthday. Time does fly, especially when you are having fun. All being well, Charles and wife Angela are going to Tanzania in January to "do" three game parks. Figured that they were unlikely to have another opportunity to do something as adventurous as that! He has retired from active skiing, so must do something else to keep the adrenalin pumping.

Frank Hatfield writes his thanks for the warm birthday wishes for his 80th birthday which was celebrated at an afternoon tea at is daughter’s home for 50 family and friends.Frank and his wife Joan had also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary a few days before with a family luncheon at a restaurant.

Adrian Henning emails that John’s card was the only one he received for the birthday wishes.

He managed to fall off a ladder during the day which was most embarrassing. No serious harm, only his pride. All is well otherwise.

Mike Henry emails the annual thank you for his Birthday card. It is always much appreciated. Briefly Mike’s busy  retired life covers  a wide range of  activities - volunteer driving, golf playing, adventure walking, Trivia Master quizzing, overseas touring and the most delightful of all is grandchildren minding. Apart from these activities nothing much happens in the idyllic setting of Safety Beach Country Club on the Mornington Peninsula but he would enjoy a Rostered Day Off occasionally.
Wayne Hulbert sends a belated thank you for his Birthday card which Wayne received when he and wife Bernadette returned home from their Cape York trek. Wayne celebrated the Birthday with Bernadette and a group of friends at Chili Beach, Cape York in far North Queensland on their way to the very tip of Australia.

Larry James emails that it is always great to receive the newsletter and see what's been happening. Again, thanks for the birthday card which arrived on time. Life is always busy in his two voluntary roles, either at Puffing Billy in the Dandenong's working as a Station Master or selling souvenirs each month or as  President of Golden Days Radio- the latter keeps Larry extremely busy. In fact they have a new member on the Committee of Management non other than ANZROC committeeman Gary Mason who is giving his management expertise which has greatly enhanced their business skills. Larry is off to Tassie to ride the Wilderness Railway from Strahan to Queenstown with a mate from the UK. They are both interested in railways so this should be good. No doubt they will try some local wines whilst there as well. Oh well, someone has to do it.

Ian McRobinson emails his thanks for again remembering his birthday. It is always a pleasant moment when the ANZROC card arrives and Ian’s thoughts turn more strongly to the ‘good old days’ remembering good friends (past and present), shared special occasions and experiences.

His special day was spent painting the pergola and dinner with family. It was altogether a satisfying day.

Jack Moyle writing his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 86th says that he and wife Audrey are both in good health but they can no longer undertake long holiday’s interstate or offshore but restrict themselves to short trips to local resorts.

Committeewoman Joan Nathan says thank you for her birthday card, which she enjoyed receiving on the day. Joan has had a great year managing to fit in two trips to Noosa with another planned at the end of the month and a trip to Singapore, it’s amazing what you can fit in when you don’t have to plan around work commitments.

John Osborne sends his thanks to Kathy Trace for remembering his birthday. The highlight of John’s year was a Go Wild Co hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley with wife Pauline which is highly recommended especially for the photographers in the club. John and Pauline spend a lot of time visiting Loch Sport and he is also involved with the local Probus Club.

Peter Oxley emails from Mount Gambier that once again his Birthday Greetings for his 82nd arrived spot on time. Having made it to this age Peter counts his blessings, and although there is not any travelling these days and very few exciting tales to relate, Peter and his wife Moira are keeping well and are very grateful for that. Their biggest excitement in the near future is the wedding of their grand-daughter in Melbourne early in January. That will be the first of their bunch, but you know how these things seem to escalate. Peter still enjoys the doings of old friends and acquaintances from his days in the Bank.

Ian Peterkin emails thanks for his birthday card that managed to hit the day on the button. Ian has reached the stage of viewing these occasions with mixed feelings but it was a nice surprise on the day.Ian and wifeNan hope to be able to catch up with colleagues at the Traralgon Golf Day - they are keeping fingers crossed for fair weather - his golf is always pretty variable so there should be no surprises there.

Ray Quirk emails that the first mail out of their letterbox on his birthday was the Card from ANZ Retired Officers Club members. It is always appreciated, more so as one enters his 90th year. Ray continues to be thankful for the continuing good fortune that he and wife Meryl enjoy. Ray is not as mobile as he would like, still very aware that he fell and broke his left hip in February. The experts tell him that it can take up to 18 months before the muscles are free of pain. A couple of decades ago a broken hip was almost fatal but fortunately today  surgeons can safely replace the hip with a new one. As the years pass Ray is very conscious of the declining number of old work mates, army mates and friends in the associations which have been so important in the past but he is happy to dwell on the good things of the past and the present.

Doug Ramsay writes how he looks forward to the newsletter and enjoys reading how some of his fellow colleagues are faring and keeping abreast of their travels. Doug says that since retirement in 1996 he and wife Mary have completed many trips both overseas and in Australia which included 3 months travelling around Europe, UK and Egypt, many trips across all States of Australia the highlight of which was the Outback Discovery Darwin to Broome trip camping in the Bungle Bungles , touring the two New Zealand islands and  a tour of Canada, Alaska and Hawaii and most recently a Scenic tour Paris to Prague which included a cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. On the latest trip Doug and Mary met Keith and Helen Zwar from South Australia. Keith was Manager ANZ Personnel SA when Doug was in Personnel AHQ. It’s a small world. Doug was deeply saddened when he read of Neil Twite’s passing. Doug was part of the team led by Neil in 1971 following the merger of ANZ/ES&A standardising the Principal Banking Offices, State Administration Departments and finally AHQ which took around two years and Neil was pivotal in his role as mentor.

Jan Rizzo daughter of our recently deceased Honorary member Orm McLellan writes that the family appreciated so much that his ANZ friends were able to attend Orm’s service. The strong links he had with ANZ and ANZROC had meant a lot to him.

Bevan Roulston writes thanks for the birthday card which arrived on cue. Bevan retired from his second full time job in January after 12 years but in August secured a local position as a “casual farmer” attending to farm animals and maintaining the farm land and fences. As a boy prior to joining the bank in 1960 he spent time  working on farms and can now apply the knowledge gained in those formative years.

John Sudholz emails that he and wife Noelene returned to Melbourne after a very enjoyable Captain's Choice Tour from Cape Town to Cairo followed by some catch up with friends in Singapore. Amongst the waiting mail was the ANZROC birthday card with greetings from John Vanselow. John and Noelene were able to celebrate the occasion with fellow travellers on the Rovos Rail train from Cape Town to Pretoria, a "stately journey" of 1600 kms with two nights on board.

Eamon Veaney our committeeman and webmaster sent a quick note of thanks for his birthday greetings card which of course arrived on the day. Eamon celebrated with family and friends at a new Richmond restaurant called Noir with excellent food and service. He has also just returned from the 29th annual golf trip to Rich River with 20 other ANZ Colleagues. They were lucky to have great weather all weekend. Bob Bell took out the main prize, the David Hastie trophy with 37 points. Paul Clohesy, Andrew Kelly and Tony Donohue won the Ambrose trophy. Eamon was pleased to get the longest drive and runner-up prizes in the "C grade/ riff raff" category.

Bill Walker emailing thanks for the birthday card says it’s hard to know where the 12 months went but he and wife Maureen are both well and enjoying life.

Eric Williams writing from Warrnambool on his 91st sends thanks for the best wishes expressed on his card. Eric says he is still flying the ANZ flag in the Western Districts 40 years after moving from Melbourne and 31 years of retirement. Eric’s wife Rita has enjoyed good heath over the years but is presently hospitalised in Melbourne and Eric has been regularly visiting the city.


AND Graeme Ainscough, Lindsay Baglin, Annette and Graeme Baldwin, Herman Bettonvil, Bill Bowring, Joe Busuttil, Harry Carrodus, Serene Cheong, Jim Christie, Diane Costigan, Don Davy, Kevin Dynon, Neville Elvish, John Flyger, John Hallinan,  Graham Heenan, Malcolm James, Graeme King, George Menassa, Emilio Moreno, Maggie Murray,Jim Nicolson, Reg Nicolson, Anthony Nimmo, Leigh O’Neill, Julie O’Regan, Rino Orifici, Glyn Parry-Jones, Don Ranyard, Ian Roberts, John Saffery, Bruce Scott,Des Shady, Peter A Smith, Mark Stankovich, Cliff Turner, Glen Twidale, Mike Watts, Richard Weekes, Mike Whitmore, Tony Wingrave, Max Zattelman ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


October 2011

Graeme Ainscough sends his thanks for the welcome birthday wishes for his 75th and said he celebrated with a quet family dinner and with wife June enjoyed “Love Never Dies” at the Regent Theatre.

Clive Bayley said he and wife Margaret will be in the outback between Woomera and Coober Pedy visiting family when we next meet at 100 Queen Street. Clive says life’s tough isn’t it.

Anne Blashki told us at the meeting  that Bill Hickford who had been seriously injured in a home invasion in Shepparton in December as reported in our March Newsletter is home and working again. Bill was a stalwart of the ANZ Football team with President Neville and other ANZROC members.

Bill Boucher writes a few lines to thank John Vanselow for his good wishes on the occasion of Bill’s 84th. A very pleasant day was spent with all the family.

Dave Brookman sending his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 88th says the personal note from John Vanselow was much appreciated.

Geoff Burton emails his thanks for his recent Birthday Card, which arrived on time for the big 69 celebration. Geoff has heard from a sizeable number of past colleagues over the past 12 months, which has been terrific. He had knee replacement surgery 4 months ago, and following a satisfactory report from his Surgeon, headed for Qld. for 6 weeks to recover in better weather. Geoff has a son (Gary) and daughter in law (Tania) who are both in the Bank’s employ. Over the years Geoff and his son Gary both worked at branches in Shepparton, Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Albury, Wodonga, Lavington  and both worked with Esanda. Any father/son quinellas beat that?

George Cooper Life Member and long term committee manknowing our President’s love of poetry decided to express his thanks for the birthday card in prose

On Thursday I received a card

Inside were some lines from the “Bard”

He pointed out what must be true

I’d reached the age of Eighty Two


T’is true that I am not a “Bard”

But I was pleased to get the card

I must extend my thanks to state

The card arrived right on due date


So now I put my pen away

There’s not much more for me to say

But thanks to John must now be due

For sending out the cards on cue

Don Davy writes that he was sorry to read of the passing of our member Keith Emmett and only recently had been at a reunion of ANZ 351 and 394 Collins Street staff with Keith. Don had served in ANZ Bank Clearing Department and at 480 St Kilda Branch in each case where Keith had been manager. He also mentioned he noted that another former ANZ ’er Norm McPhee  passed away recently .In Don’s role in Methods he dealt with Norm as Manager ANZ Berwick several times and he felt that many ANZROC members would remember Norm.

Gordon Field and wife Edith have just returned from a trip to the Greek Island and Black Sea to find John's birthday greeting card. The Captains Choice tour operators’ cruise they went on was excellent. They arranged cabins on a ship called the Silver Seas. The weather was fine and the local tour guides great. The three week cruise went very quickly. Gordon was pleasantly surprised with Greece and the Islands having heard so many adverse reports previously but they found quite the reverse. They were not hindered by protests but then perhaps were just lucky in that respect. Gordon did get the impression that many Greeks think the current crises is an "Athens" problem not that of the Islands although the Islands are feeling the unemployment pressure.

Ken Fitzgerald sends his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 83rd. Ken says this year has been fairly quiet on the holiday and travel front and he has rather envied those whose travels he reads about in the newsletters. The past year has been momentous in the increase in the family by three great grand children making a total of four which makes him feel a little older but life goes on. Ken is looking forward to the Veterans Cricket Festival to be held in Adelaide in 2012.

Alex Fowler sends a belated "Thank you" to ANZROC for Birthday wishes in August. Alex and wife Helen have just returned home from 5 months caravanning around Australia and it was pleasant to open the greetings on return. Alex spent his Birthday in Alice Springs, with dinner at Lasseter’s Casino with a few friends who were also travelling.

Max Guest writes that he appreciates getting the newsletter although he does not attend the regular meetings but the informative comments are all interesting about the exploits of the travellers and just re-reading the names jolts memories of old relationships.

Trevor Hart emails that his birthday card duly arrived and he sends his thanks for the birthday wishes. Trevor and ANZROC member Val Goldsworthy are on the committee of the Camberwell Historical Society and would welcome any new members from ANZROC.

June Hoskin writes thanks for remembering her birthday which is very much appreciated. June celebrated her birthday with a family luncheon in the Dandenong’s.

Doug Imrie emails many thanks for the Birthday card, He enjoyed a quite dinner with wife Trish at the Hervey Bay Boat Club. They arrived home in time to see Collingwood defeated, but are heading off again for a short trip up the Ovens Valley with a Long Luncheon at Boynton's Winery, just out of Bright. On their way home from Cairns, Doug met up with another 30 + year ex work mate Jean-Claude (John) Sammut. He helped set up "Factoring" in Esanda.

Bruce Kells emails that his birthday was celebrated with family. Bruce and his wife Audrey have had an eventful year which involved selling the family home of 46 years and moving into a smaller unit in a Retirement Village. The hardest part was the downsizing and disposing of all the surplus possessions treasured for all of those 46 years. Bruce’s wife’s health was a problem on a steep block and they decided that now was the time while they could still do the packing up.

Bruce looks forward to catching up with many at the Christmas meeting.

Vito Laruccia emails his thanks for the Birthday greetings. Life is still busy for Vito with work still taking a big slice of his time, and spending quality time with family and friends. Had a good birthday celebration, spending a few hours at a winery called Box Stallion (Merricks North) with his wife and immediate family members on the Father's Day weekend celebrating both events. Vito enjoys reading about the ROC members with some of the names in the newsletter bringing back many past work day memories.

Ron Marshall writing his thanks for his 88th says he enjoys reading the newsletters about members’ overseas travels. When he retired 30 years ago he and his wife travelled mainly to UK and Europe and occasionally to USA but now he has to get the world atlas out at times to locate the places to which some of the members are travelling.

Fay McPherson emails thanks for the Birthday Greetings, which as usual arrived right on the day. Fay had a very enjoyable day, receiving a phone call from the family in Norway plus a lovely bouquet of flowers from them as well. Cards and phone calls from many other friends and family members made it a memorable occasion.

Dick Milnthorpe emailing from UK says thanks for the birthday card. Dick can remember someone saying that as you get older you get to know more and more about less and less and end up knowing everything about nothing!  Dick and wife Pat will be doing their usual pilgrimage to Oz arriving 30th December and will be in Mornington until 28th March (when the immigration people start looking for them!)  Dick and Pat always look forward to these visits, meeting up with old friends, and even have just enough time to grow some tomatoes.

Maggie Murray writing from Mortlake says thanks for the birthday card and it’s great to read all the news about her friends and colleagues.

Ray Murphy emails that it was a most enjoyable day at the Geelong meeting and it was great to rub shoulders with some old comrades of past days. Ray gave his copy of "The ANZ Travelling Man" to President Neville and maybe it will make its way to the Banks' Archives in due course.

Peter Nyga advises that he and partner, June, are back in Melbourne after travelling by 4wd for nearly 3 months throughout the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia. Everything went well throughout the trip and they loved the northern winter weather, but not coming back to the cold down south. For the statistical minded:

  • Vehicle ok, but has another 17,200 kms on the dial, a cracked windscreen and more paint chips with  driver and crew just fine,
  • Away 81 days  and average distance covered per day – 212 kms
  • Number of photos – 2,200 (since culled to 1,300)
  • Apart from 7 nights staying with friends, slept every night in the vehicle on a purpose built bed with 2 weeks storage underneath,
  • Number of arguments – nil.
  • Are they still together? – yes

Bernard O'Reilly and wife Claire have just returned home after 4 months way and travelling close on 23000 Klm’s visiting both the Cobourg and Gove peninsula’s in Northern territory and also far north Queensland.The variety of landscapes and activities were a joy to visit and of course when the temperatures were higher than Melbourne's then these were the places to be. Having an evening meal at the Sailing Boat Club in Darwin with John (former Relationship Winnellie) and Kath Bayliss at sunset made for a perfect evening and they also had an evening meal with Bev Ellis in Alice Springs.

They were fortunate to experience only 3 wet days in over 4 months and it is a reality check to be back home however Bernard  intends to keep travelling  with further trips planned to Mildura in early October and then to Robe in SA in early November.  4 wheel driving has become their passion and they have been lucky to cover the majority of inland and coastal Australia. The receipt of the regular monthly news letter has been great keeping him in touch with all recent/future happenings. Of course when at home checking the mail there was the regular birthday greetings and Bernard thanks again John for his ongoing commitment to this task.

Alan Pearce reports that he has just arrived home after a great trip to Canada and is trying to catch up with all of those things needing attention. Alan appreciated the good wishes of members on his recent birthday, the card having arrived while Alan and his wife were away.

Dietmar Reichert emails that after his recent overseas trip, visiting the old country and birthplace Heilbronn in Germany as well as catching up with his 81 year old sister for her birthday in Queensland, he received John's birthday card and best wishes-again on the day!Greatly appreciated and received in good health.Maybe still doing some work from the home office in the direction of hypnotherapy helps… certainly feels that way.

Peter Russell and wife Sonia have just returned home from their annual two month pilgrimage to the Gold Coast. It was a delight to receive the birthday card from John Vanselow, as usual, exactly to time. Peter continues to receive and read with great interest, the news on his former workmates and their activities via the "newsletter"

Jack Stewart writing from Whiteheads Creek says thanks for the birthday wishes but it makes him realise that he has been retired for 21 years. Apart from the odd hiccup with arthritis Jack keeps reasonably fit working around the farm. He is another happy Geelong supporter.

Peter Treleaven emails his thanks for his birthday card which as usual arrived on the day on 30th Sept. The date always reminds Peter that in the good old days he had to work back very late for the Banks annual balance. He used to raid the bosses cupboard about midnight when the books were balanced. Peter’s health is now very good and he certainly does not feel 73. Peter and wife Else are off for another cruise on the Diamond Princess in November. That should get him and his colleagues into form for the Christmas festivities.

Roger Watkins writes to advise that he and wife Margaret will be house sitting his sister in laws home in Naremburn NSW while she hosts a tour in Canada. The house is mentioned in records as being once owned by Billy Hughes, a former Prime Minister of Australia in 1915-16.Roger attended the  funeral service of our member Rod Anstee and noted that he first met Rod in 1960at the ES&A Bank’s Victorian Head Office at 86 Queen Street. Roger is having treatment for deterioration of his left eye but after a few nagging health problems Roger and Margaret’s health is now reasonably stable.

Muriel Williams writes her thanks for the personal greetings from John and Lois Vanselow for her birthday which was most welcome. Muriel and husband Bill celebrate birthdays on the same day and this year they celebrated at the RACV resort at Healesville which they enjoyed. Muriel reflected on the great years she enjoyed with John Vanselow and Col Edwards in the old General Manager’s Office and she never ceases to be amazed at the changes that have taken place. Computers were just being introduced when she retired so it is certainly a different world now.


AND Will Bailey, Helen Bouch, Fergus Darmody, Peter Giasoumi, David Gibb, Teddy Hanrahan, Peter Harvey, Chris James, Erwin Jones, Graham Joseph, Peter Kariotis, Kevin Kelly, Bob Lamb, Mike Lawrence, Peter Lees, Geoff Leslie, Jacqui Luckman , Bill Luscombe, Rod Mann, Kevin May, Serge McIntyre, Mike McKernan, Bruce Michell, Bob Milgate, Keith Moorhouse, Peter O’Dwyer, John Parkes, Jill Paterson, Peter Powell, Bevyn Ranford, Ian Roberts, Les Roberts, David Robinson, Alan Rutzou, Mary Ryan, John Saffery, Bessie Stevens, James Uren, Bill Walker, Colin Walton, Doug Watson, Roly Webster, Keith Witney,


September 2011


Peter Bearsley emailing his thanks for the birthday wishes says his latest venture is a fund raising exercise for Rotary Club of Melbourne to fund a project in East Timor saving the lives of mothers at risk in childbirth. He plans to run in the Berlin Marathon of 42.195 klm’s later this month at the age of 69 with dodgy knees and is looking for sponsors. He says this will be his 50th and possibly last marathon. We wish him every success.

Terry Boocock received the newsletter while in St Petersburg and emails that  he is on a 5 week trip with the major attraction being the big air show in Moscow. It’s always good to get the newsletter. Terry says you can even pay your annual subs electronically from Russia.

Barbara Bruce sends thanks for the ANZ birthday card which, as usual, arrived on the exact day. She had an enjoyable lunch with 5 friends in the home of one of them. In May/June Barbara spent an enjoyable six weeks on holiday in England and Wales with a 3 night stop-over in Singapore on the way home.

Ken Chisholm writing from Bendigo sends thanks for the birthday wishes which are much appreciated.

Len Chitty emails that since leaving ANZ (Mgr Myrtleford) in 2001 after some 33 years of service, within 12 months of that date, he was re-employed by ANZ in Bendigo and is still enjoying his role and the camaraderie banking provides. Len and his wife (also ex-ANZ) enjoy living in Bendigo and their children have all grown up with youngest daughter (16 Y/O) still at school. Len and his wife always take great pleasure in reading the news letter as it keeps them informed of the exploits of former colleagues.

Ian Crothers emailed his thanks the birthday greetings. This year was the big 70! Hard to believe he has been retired 13 years.Ian looks forward to receiving the Newsletter each month and catch up on the doings of his ‘old colleagues'!!

Chris Fieggen emails his sincere thanks for the kind wishes on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Chris had the pleasure of celebrating his birthday at his eldest son's residence in France. As Chris is now living alone, his son felt that it might be a good idea for him to host the celebration at his place in France. Chris’s eldest daughter and her husband, who at present live in Belgrade, his son’s two children and a niece from Holland, together with her husband and their two children were also present, and so it was that the 80th was quite a family affair. Naturally Chris did not just travel to and back from France, but also managed to spend some time in Holland and Serbia, and on the way home travelled via the USA, where he stayed for some time with his son Bruce and his family in Wayne (N.J.).  So altogether Chris had a very pleasant overseas sojourn, which was a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with many overseas relatives whom he sees too infrequently. All too soon the holiday was over again, and now he is kept busier than ever keeping in touch with everybody. But the pleasant memories will linger for a long time

Barbara Gardiner emails her thanks for those good wishes which arrived so exactly on her birthday! As we all say, the years are getting shorter!! She is still enjoying travelling and has been to the South of France in May and is leaving shortly for Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Granada. The next stop is London and returning via Singapore where Barbara will stay with friends from ANZ. It's a hard life!! It's great to read of other ANZers busy lives - how did we ever get time to go to work?

John Glasson writes thanks for the best wishes for his 89th birthday. John is concerned that it is becoming more difficult to count the number of years but at least he can still walk with reasonable ability.

Denis Gleeson emailing a short note of thanks for the welcome birthday greetings he received upon his return from Mooloolaba where he and his wife spend two months each year. Denis had a surprise this year when he was informed that he needed a quadruple by-pass. (No symptoms).  Had the operation in February and spent some time with Bernie Sowersby at The Epworth Hospital.  Got through it very well and has been back to golf at Churchill Park and bowls at Mulgrave Country Club.

Louis Hebrard emails his thanks for the birthday card he received. It's a great reminder of the many enjoyable years of ANZ comradeship. Life is good with good health all round in the family. Louis is still enjoying work as financial counsellor 2 days a week at Casey North Community Information & Support Service and hopes to do so for a few more years. Louis and wife Ann have recently come back from touring French Polynesia. They spent a few days in Tahiti and Mora. The highlight was 2 weeks on a working cargo ship, the Aranui 3 that does deliveries and pickups in the Marquesas Islands. Visiting some of the small communities on the islands gave them a new understanding of the word "remote". They are wonderful people, with a very captivating history.

Doug Imrie reports that he and wife Trish recently pulled into a small coastal village called 1770 south of Mackay and settled into the caravan park. Once set up, he was greeted by his neighbour "Hello Doug Imrie". Doug had no idea who he was, or how he knew him! It turned out to be John Sands (Retired District Manager) with whom Doug had worked with in Esanda, 60 Market St some 30 years ago. Suffice to say, they have enjoyed a few happy hours reminiscing.

Ian Ince sent his thanks for the birthday greetings which he celebrated with a night out at a Chinese restaurant. The year has gone very quickly but he still managed two trips to Rosebud and Yarrawonga and one to Bright and Raymond Island. All this local travelling has put an end to the annual visits to the Gold Coast.

Stan Lancaster sending his thanks for the birthday wishes says he had hoped to report on a trip booked for Japan but was thwarted by the earthquake and tsunami. Fortunately they had travel insurance.

Graeme King emailed that he hopes to make a lunch meeting later this year. Graeme and his wife have just taken possession of their new house which has been an 18 month project from start to finish. Next few months will be pretty hectic with family commitments in Qld during September, WA during October and a Probus trip around the Snowy’s in late November.

Sue McCarthy emails that she was pleased to see that John Vanselow is back on signing duty and working the usual miracles with the post office delivery dates. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the way Sue spent her birthday, had dinner with her 92-year-old father; he cooks, she takes a bottle of wine. Sue hopes she has inherited his genes. Meanwhile, there is a lot of the world to see. Sue had a good travel year (UK and France in April) and about to depart to the Outer Hebrides (where she is expecting brisk chill) and then to Portugal to learn something of its history (great colonising empires can decline) and food, which seems to feature largely in most travellers’ descriptions of the country.

Tad Misiewicz emails thanks for the birthday wishes. Keep those newsletters coming as he looks forward to reading them? Tad is enjoying good health and working part time to keep fit and to exercise the grey cells .Besides work, he has moved home twice, both in the St Kilda area, since Dec 2009, looking for the perfect nest to retire in and to recommence his great love of sailing once again. In the process Tad has renovated

( hands on) a Heritage home in Princes St , sold it, and bought another heritage listed place in Alma Rd which he is presently renovating. It is enjoyable work.

Peter O’Dwyer emailing from Yarrawonga says thanks for the birthday greetings for his 79th.

On the day he came second in the local 9 Hole golf competition of forty plus players with 21 Stableford points. ANZROC member John Fairbairn and Maurie Harwood (another ANZer) told Peter his handicap of 18 will suffer. Sounds like "some pain for a little gain".

Peter Pritchard and wife Maree received their newsletter while in Positano enjoying the Italian summer. They had  been away for two weeks and visited Rome and Naples then on  Venice, and Florence before travelling  to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, London and then finally a few days in Singapore before returning  home at the end of September. It’s good to read the newsletter and keep up to date with ANZROC members.

Trevor Richards emails thanks to John Vanselow and President Neville Pearsonfor the Birthday Card on the occasion of his 66th birthday. Trevor and wifeChristineflew off to Cairns early on the birthday for some R & R, spending time at Palm Cove, Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands. On arrival home the card was amongst the three weeks supply of mail waiting for them.

Barry Reid emails that he and wife Shirley and dog Josh have been away for a month in their caravan to Mildura, Swan Hill & Shepparton enjoying somewhat warmer weather. They packed everything with the exception of lap top and more suitable clothing for the warmer weather. Barry is presently endeavouring to reply to some 100 odd e/mails received during his absence.  He is looking forward once again to catching up at the Christmas luncheon.

Jake Remyn emailed his thanks for the birthday greetings which arrived, as everyone else attests, on the day. This is the first time for a number of years that Jake and his wife have been home at this time as they usually head for North Qld. for 3-4 months each winter to escape the cold.

This year they  stayed home to help their  daughter with pick ups etc with her children as her youngest son (10yo) is one of the 5 boys sharing the role of Gustav (son of the Phantom) in Andrew Lloyd Webbers' "Love Never Dies" at the Regent Theatre. Jake has naturally seen the show multiple times having helped with running their grandson in and pick ups after the show when he's on. That's kept them busy enough not to notice the cold too much!!!

Ian Roberts emailed to thank all concerned at ROC for the birthday card on this special 70th birthday, which was waiting at home on the family’s return from a very enjoyable trip through Cambodia and Vietnam. Their journey was to sail the Mekong River through Cambodia with the girls enjoying some retail therapy in Saigon, Hoi an and Hanoi and their travels concluded with an overnight stay on a junk on Haolong Bay. It was a great Asian experience.

It was nice to escape the Melbourne winter for a few weeks and Ian does enjoy reading about the travelling experiences of fellow ROC members.

Bruce Robertson emailed from Runaway Bay  his thanks for the best wishes for his birthday  .It was a dual celebration as Jan and John Brown were visiting and Bruce and wife Glennis had another visitor Julie Shill (Tyers) a great friend of Glennis who many of the retired officers will remember from West Footscray branch. As can be expected on such a grand occasion much red wine and champagne was consumed. The year has flown with several visits to Wollongong to see the grand children who were subsequently transferred by their employer to Chile at the start of the New Year. Bruce and Glennis were also able to spend some time as guests of the Pearson’s at Sandy Point and the Brown’s at Peterborough which was great fun as  it’s always good to catch up. Then they visited the grandchildren in Antofagasta which is in the north of Chile and to be precise the Tropic of Capricorn runs through the town. The whole town (over 300,000) relies on the copper mines which are located inland. Bruce was able to have a look at the largest copper mine in the world, it’s an open cut and he was unable to see the bottom it was so large. The best view he has seen was taken by a satellite photo. To put it in perspective the miners were on strike a few weeks ago and the mine was losing $30 million dollars a day in income!! Bruce and Glennis travelled inland and further north to the Atacama Desert where the “Moon Buggies” were tested before the buggies were shipped to the Moon for research projects. The scenery is fantastic, being in the middle of the desert with the nearby mountains covered in snow! They also were able to visit Argentina and enjoy the vibrant city of Buenos Aires that is well worth a visit. They spent a couple of days at the Iguassu Falls, which Bruce felt is a must see on any tourist’s agenda.  On the way home from Buenos Aires Qantas were most kind and flew the passengers over Antarctica, another excellent experience.


ANDTrevor Cookson, John Fearnley, Mike Frowen, Stan Halbish,  John Harris, Jack Helisma, David Jones, Peter Jones, Ian Lee, Karl Mattingly, John McKenzie, Nick Newell, Reg Nicolson, Geoff Pritchard, Peter Suridge, Doug Watson, John Wilson



Ian Bell emails his thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card and reports he is still enjoying life in Bendigo. He had a health set back during the year which resulted in a series of visits to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Bendigo. They were very caring and that meant he did not have to travel to Melbourne for the treatment. He is feeling good again and getting back to normal.

Bruce Campbell sends his thanks for the card he has received on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Bruce still likes reading about the activities of his former colleagues in the Bank as it brings back many happy memories.

Rae Collins writing on his 91st says its 35 years since he retired but he keeps well and is fit for his age. He still meets his mates Wal McGillivray, Neil Sharman and Norm and Betty Wood regularly at his local RSL Club. Rae enjoyed his birthday celebrations with family and friends at the Kooyong Tennis Club where he has been a member for 63 years and while no longer a player still uses the venue socially.

Eric Dickson writes that he appreciates the birthday greetings from Kathy Trace which came with a personal note for his 80th.Eric enjoys keeping up to date with the news of colleagues and he reports that he and wife Jan continue to enjoy good health. They have recently returned after 7 weeks overseas flying to Vienna then on to a bus tour of Eastern Europe that included Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and other cities which they really enjoyed. They rested for a week in Barcelona and then set off on a cruise from there to Paris where Eric celebrated his 80th. Following breaks in Paris and Dubai they returned home to the cold weather. He can’t wait for the next trip.

Frank Edwards emails that it's marvellous how the birthdays keep on coming around - and long may it continue. Frank and wife Mavis spent their birthdays in Malaysia - a few days each in Penang, Malacca and Singapore, sampling the local culture, transport, grub and beverages. They are back in Melbourne and slowly getting back to normal enjoying the cooler air and lamb chops for dinner.

Dawn Ellis widow of the late Jack Ellis writes that she appreciates reading the monthly newsletter .Since Jack’s passing Dawn has remained in Wodonga and keeps active with occasional game of golf. She sees Geoff Burton from time to time who always has ANZ news.

Keith Emmett emailing thanks for the birthday card which arrived in good time for his 87th birthday, celebrated with friends with dinner at Box Hill R.S.L .Keith and partner Kay have just returned from a trip to the McDonald ranges which they both enjoyed. The gorge was attempted at Katherine, but the walk between had to be abandoned becauseof trouble with their legs.Three days at the Travelodge at Katherine sitting around the pool was a peaceful finish to the holiday to top it all off, before returning by air through Brisbane.

Margaret Fastier widow of Ken Fastier thanked members for the Retired Officers ' Club notice in the paper .Ken had been very ill for a long time.

Phil Goodier emails his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 67th. This year he was involved with the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron where fishing trips to Orbost and Timboon inlet were organised .The fishing has been very good with King George Whiting fishing mainly in Westernport Bay where he  enjoys fishing in  some of the more isolated parts .Then there is the annual snapper season off Beaumaris which was excellent last summer .A number of ANZROC members  including Ian Davies and Ray Pietsch helped ' the oldies ' by putting on a fish night at the Beaumaris Bowling club and fed approx 140 people . The annual fishing trip to Baird Bay near Streaky Bay in South Australia was a great success with large green sea gar and whiting the main catch. The fishermen didn’t see another boat for the week they were in the Bay! Phil and his wife and four friends made during his term in the ANZ in Darwin in 1969 to 1971, travelled on the MV Trinity Bay, the cargo and limited passenger boat leaving from Cairns with their four wheel drives on the deck and they were able to spend time at Horn Island and Thursday Island finally disembarking at Seise for an extensive tour of Cape Yorke with one of the party who was the Head Ranger for Cape Yorke for many years. During the year they also had several trips to Yorke Peninsula in South Australia that were always enjoyable eating the Cornish pasties and ' polony' from Moonta and then visiting  the Peninsula from his sister's farm near Maitland.  To finish the year’s travels they spent a few weeks in the Philippines where their son David is stationed. Mixing with their son’s friends was not on the normal tourist route. An amazing place which to Phil didn’t show any signs of the GFC??!!

John Hudgson received the most welcome birthday card and he celebrated the day with an enjoyable meal at home with the family. John and wife Ann were in the midst of final planning and inventory checking etc for an APT tour they were joining from Darwin to Broome. They will catch up with his cousin in Darwin so they are really looking forward to the trip. John and Ann are hoping to meet up with ANZROC colleagues on the train and at lunch in Geelong.

Bill Jackson emails thanks to ANZROC for the birthday wishes .Bill thoroughly enjoyed his

Birthday – starting with the ANZROC card followed by his whole family calling at home that

morning with  a cake to celebrate after which he spent the afternoon with their  very good friends

Brian and Noelle Christensen watching and cheering on the Albert Park (ANZ Bank) Football

club boys as  they battled it out on the field. A couple of nice reds with Brian and Noelle after the

game to finish the day off - perfect. Bill hopes to make a meeting soon to catch up with


Ken Lee has been holidaying in Queensland but was able to attend the August meeting in

Melbourne to catch up with members. Life has changed significantly as a result of a change of

job role for Bowls Victoria. With the changed boundaries coming into being, effective 01 July,

Ken was elected to the position of chairman of the Northern Gateway Bowls Region. It’s

different to being secretary of RVBA Group 10.for the past 11 years. At least he can now attend

some lunches.

John McConnell sends thanks for the birthday wishes and says he always enjoys reading the

Newsletter and keeping up with the exploits of former colleagues.

Godfrey Mills reports that our birthday card as ever arrived precisely on due date. For some

obscure reason this prompted Godfrey  to think back to the dreaded old ANZ "List of Irregular

Accounts"  that rarely reached its destination on time. Godfrey’s days in competitive motor

sport have virtually ceased but he still goes on occasional organised club runs in the much-loved

MGB. His consuming passion for some time has been Lapidary. Godfrey joined the Nunawading

club 2 years ago and has completed courses in Cabochon Cutting, Basic Jewellery Making,

Silversmithing and Enamelling. Faceting is the next target. Generally he spends two days a

week at the club but at home the garage has been re-jigged to accommodate grinders, a diamond

cutting wheel and a  variety of polishing wheels and discs. Godfrey and his wife were able to

bring home a fair quantity of “rough stones” after a recent visit to China and Hong Kong.

He looked, with some envy, at a lot of Jade but the price of the good stuff was absolutely

prohibitive. Latest move is to branch out from basic cabochon cutting to creating larger items

that will  be displayed at the local library and elsewhere later this year.

Brian Murdoch sends his appreciation for the birthday greetings delivered by John Vanselow on

the occasion of his 80th.Family, Bank friends, Probus members and golfing mates (75 in all)

celebrated at Yarra Yarra Golf Club. Thanks were  also extended to President Neville Pearson for

his poem “Ode to Brian Murdoch” taken to the celebrations  by John Vanselow.

Coralie O’Donahoo writing from Noosa Heads says thanks for the birthday wishes. She spent the evening with friends at a Mooloolaba restaurant. Coralie also enjoyed a holiday in Hawaii a few months ago.

Barry Reid emails his thanks for the birthday card sent by Kathy Trace who is deputising for John Vanselow. Barry says he is pleased that John’s recovery back to good health has been faster than expected …. You can’t keep a good man down for too long.

Neil Sharman sends thanks for the birthday card on his 75th birthday and says the best wishes he receives each year are always a pleasure to receive.

Kevin Smyth emails sincere thanks to Kathy and the club for the wishes expressed on joining the honorary ranks. The day was celebrated at home with all the family including the boy friends of the granddaughters and the catering was organised by the eldest daughter.

Bernie Sowersby emailing on his 81st says that unfortunately illness has curtailed his activities, however being still able to get about he hopes to attend a meeting in the not too distant future.

Mark Stankovich sent his thanks for the birthday wishes for his recent birthday as usual arriving on time and Mark had a great day celebrating with his whole family.

Keith Taylor writing on his 83rd says he enjoys reading the Newsletter and catching up on the activities and health of his former workmates.

John Vanselow reports that the specialist at Frankston Hospital is very pleased with his progress and has instructed Rehab to remove all precautions. His crutch is now only for crowd control. He may be able to attend ANZROC meetings again in September/October.

Kath Walsh emails thanks for her birthday greeting. She does enjoy receiving the Newsletter and keeping up with what is happening.

Norm Wood emails to express appreciation for the ever-reliable card which once again arrived on the button on his 85th birthday.

AND Will Bailey, Clive Bayley, Kelvin Dickinson, Frank Donovan,  Ray Gill, Lawton Graham,  Steve Kotaidis, Cathie Mackiggan, Ian Marchant, Phil McBean, Orm McLellan, Serge Nayna, Peter Nielipowiec, Kevin O’Neill,  Sudipto Pal, Bill Schouten, Peter Westaway,

JULY 2011

Les Ager emails his sincere thanks for the birthday card received from the President and members of the Club and his thanks to John for his special good wishes on Les reaching Honorary Membership. Les enjoyed several celebrations with family and friends to mark the occasion and he is happy to report he is in excellent health.

Wendy and Eric Black send thanks for the personal birthday wishes. They celebrated Eric’s 93rd with a dinner at home. Wendy says that they are both looking forward to setting off on a train trip to Darwin in July and will holiday there for a week.  They will return home for a couple of days before driving to the Gold Coast in late July for their annual holiday in the sun over the Melbourne winter.

Heather Dalziel advises she is moving to Terang to live near her family in the country. Heather worked in and then ran the Staff Cafeteria on the 28th floor at Royal Bank Branch for many years before she retired.

Rodney Dark writing from Brisbane says thanks for the birthday wishes for his special birthday which was spent with wife Kerry and Jeff and Alison Cox at Palm Cove for an idyllic 7 days celebration. During dinner on the evening of his birthday he received calls from Kevin Watson in Perth, John Foley and Jeff Clarkin.

John Drummond sends his thanks to President Neville (of past football days) the Committee and members of ANZ ROC for the card sent for his birthday which arrived on the day. Thanks too to his former fellow worker Kathy Trace from their days in the 60’s at Bourke & King for her kind message on the card. John is enjoying good health and keeping his strength up for a 36 day London to Budapest holiday starting later this month.

Mike George was upset at the news of Denis Falkiner’s passing. Dennis was a good golfing mate and a good friend although he moved down to Rye a while ago so they did not see a lot of each other over recent months. However, they did have a game of golf and a post game drink recently.

Apart from that all is well with Mike and with the help of the medical profession he is managing his health and enjoying a bit of work, golf and tennis to keep him occupied.

Bernadette Hulbert reports that she and husband Wayne are in the midst of packing for their trip to Cape York due to leave on 17th July. She sends thanks for the Birthday wishes and it was much appreciated. They are looking forward to their latest 4wd trip which will see them away for about 2 months.

Bill Lanigan emails thanks for the ever reliable birthday wishes. Bill and his wife spent an interesting week in Jordan earlier this year and were to continue on to Egypt but that never happened.

Frank Marzin celebrated his birthday at Beletti Restaurant in Dandenong with family .Great food and excellent service.  Frank is still working full time and looking at 1 -3 years to retirement.

He enjoys reading ANZROC news and the member’s stories of their past experiences and tales of their travels around the globe.

Serge McIntyre reports that he will be spending his birthday in Mauritius, Rodriguez and Reunion Islands for a month of rest and recreation.

Ken McNutt took the opportunity to thank the Club for birthday greetings for his 84th and in particular, for John Vanselow maintaining his exemplary contribution despite his recent accident. Ken hopes his recovery is continuing as expected. The past year has been relatively uneventful but Ken and wife Heather hope to be more adventurous in 2012 with a significant birthday and anniversary on the calendar.

Ray Murphy emails thanks for the Birthday Greetings and his birthday was again a happy occasion spent with wife Glenyce and the family in Anglesea. Birthdays for Ray are a time for reflection and the ANZ R.O.C. card and news of the Retired Officers of his era remind him of good and rewarding times spent in the employment of the Bank. Particularly the friendships made in Melbourne before leaving in 1965 to take up Branch management appointments .Frank Budd (June Newsletter) made mention of the "Scottie King & Lonsdale Sts Branch" now a strip club. Ray had a similar experience to Frank last year on his 80th boasting to his family of being Accountant there in 1957.That Building once housed a number of large accounts including the Sigma Group which to the excitement of the then State Manager Arnold Von Bertouch one day deposited 1 million Pounds. The manager Frank Mulligan was of small stature and wore a bowler hat. Ray can still recall the names of the Staff.

Geoff Murrell emails many thanks for the birthday greetings from the ROC. No. 72 celebrated quietly at home this year with all the family and very enjoyable.

Jeff Pitt emails that he is heading off to Italy to visit his first grandchild in Torino but will be back in Australia in time to listen to Peter Marriott’s presentation.

Tom Portelli sends thanks for the good wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday.

It was good to catch up with so many members at the East Ringwood (Maroondah Club) lunch.

Joe Romano emails thanks for the birthday card that arrived right on time. He will be going to Queensland shortly for recreation leave mainly to get away from the cold weather in Melbourne.

Joe is sure the cold weather will be waiting when he returns, but at least it's a break and hopefully will re-invigorate the old body.

Bruce Sanderson emails his thanks for the birthday card and the wishes contained therein for his "Special" day. Bruce had a most enjoyable celebration. Amongst the happenings he saw Love Never Dies at the Regent Theatre and was enthralled with the production. Its high standard can be taken from Andrew Lloyd Weber's statement that the Melbourne show eclipses the London production. The family took him to Guy Grossi’s Florentino restaurant on the following Saturday evening. To add to the excitement friends from Coffs Harbour who, "just happened to be in Melbourne" joined their table.

Miles Tiller writing on his 73rd says he had an enjoyable day and dined with his family including four grandsons. Miles has been having trouble with his sight over the past four months with a detached retina in his right eye. There is some progress however and a further operation in late June will hopefully allow him to regain sight sufficient to be able to drive again, Miles said he had received several phone calls from colleagues after our Newsletter article and he is very grateful for the calls.

Jim Trimble writes thanks for the reminder that he’s a year older. Its 28 years since he retired from ANZ. Jim says he is on the mend after heart surgery in March.

Chris Van Deur emails thanks for the birthday wishes. He is going through some major family issues with his mother and father both suffering illnesses and living in Sebastopol so trips from Cape Paterson to Sebastopol and back are a long drive in one day.  The Desalination plant surrounds at Wonthaggi are all but flooded out after recent heavy rains. Locals are saying that this is the weather of old doing its 15-20 year cycle and others are asking why we need a desalination plant. There is lots of money in the area though being put to good use and pacifying the locals!! Even the local radio station-3mFM at Inverloch where Chris volunteers has been offered some much needed funding. That's 88.1/ 89.1/ and 89.5 on the FM dial if anyone is visiting the Bass Valley. And streaming at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - what a plug!!

John Vanselow reports that he is now home and progressing very well. John no longer has any pain in his hip and is able to carry out the exercises programmed by the Rehab Hospital and he will be able to visit the centre twice weekly for a more intensive program. John enjoyed the large card signed by those attending the meeting at 833 Collins Street and the nurses and visitors to the hospital were impressed that a club like ours maintains regular contact and communication with members. John will be back on “card duty” from August.
Roger Watkins writing on his 80th to thank the Club for the best wishes says he finds it hard to believe that as of now he and his wife Margaret have 4 adult children, 14 grandchildren and 3 great grand children. Roger is hoping to keep up the family tradition of longevity as his 91 year old brother is still playing table tennis and has other sporting interests. An aunt and an uncle both lived more than 100 years. Margaret has undergone major heart surgery recently and Roger as her carer will find it difficult to attend our Club functions in the future.

Kevin Watson emailing from Perth on his 82nd says thanks for the birthday greetings sent by John and Lois Vanselow. John does a super job and Kevin was pleased that he included news of an old mate from London days. Kevin and his mate played cricket together in the Bank’s team in the London City competition. That of course is now ancient news and, as young people would say “it happened last century”. 
AND Helen Bouch, Terry Brennan,  Gordon Christensen, David Craig, Brian Day, Furio Frank, John Gunn, Vern Knuiksis, Jim Martin ,Serge Nayna, Peter Norman, Louis Perrone, Mike Reilly, Brian Schafer, Roy Sloggett, Lyn Stevens, Chris Vise, Brian Wills

JUNE 2011


Alma Barkell writes thanks for her birthday wishes which were appreciated and she celebrated her birthday at “The Old English Hotel” in Heidelberg and it was most enjoyable. Alma enjoys reading the ANZROC news and the tales of the journeys of our members.

Anna Blashki writing from Shepparton says thanks for the personal wishes on her birthday from John Vanselow. She had a lovely day dining out with her family and being thoroughly spoilt.

Darryl Bartlett emails thanks for the good wishes for his 70th birthday which was celebrated at a nice restaurant in Port Douglas. Leaving Port Douglas  Darryl and wife Ronda travelled from Cairns to Brisbane “Queenslander Class” on the Sunlander enjoying fine dining and entertainment on the overnight trip. There is still a huge amount of repair work to be done around the Cardwell area following cyclone Yasi. A further 2 weeks was then spent with their daughter and family on the Gold Coast. Given Melbourne’s current weather Darryl and Ronda are heading back there from June 15th (with Golf Clubs) to house sit while their daughter and family travel overseas.

Maurie Benson emails that as usual his Birthday wishes (It’s best not to think numbers but enjoy “another birthday”.) arrived spot on time while he and his wife were away on Central Coast NSW visiting grandchildren. It was another good trip apart from the B Double that tried to take them out as they were overtaking it. Interesting few moments!! Life continues to be good in the Benson household and they are fortunate to be able to lead an active lifestyle, although a few more hours in the day would help at times. Maurie’s Vietnam Veteran involvements continue to take up a fair amount of time and mixed with the odd travel trip from time to time there is little time to wonder “What will we do today?”.

Frank Budd emails that he has finally turned 65 but still working one day a week which he enjoys. How things have changed, when Frank first joined the ES&A Bank in 1964 he spent the first few years on the relieving staff working all over the place.Later when travelling with the children Frank  would say to them he used to work here and their reply was "big deal". Well recently they  were driving down Lonsdale St with his  20 year old daughter and approaching King Street he said if you look on the left there is a bank that looks like a church where he used to work Instead of "big deal" she said laughingly" did you Dad?"". It was no longer a Bank but a strip club called the Men’s Gallery.

Alan Chapple emails thanks to John Vanselow for the mighty job that he does getting the birthday cards out on time.  As usual his arrived on cue and was much appreciated.  Alan is still working full-time at Department of Human Services and he and wife Pat continue enjoying life and family.

Nola Forsyth our newest member reporting on the annual reunion of 351 and 394 Collins Street staff said the function went well although many from 351 could not make it.  She was however  overrun with staff from 394 who enjoyed the afternoon so much they want the reunion repeated again next year. The venue of the Lions Club at Box Hill was very suitable and hopefully will be available next year.

Val Goldsworthy writes that she was so pleased to have been remembered by the R.O.C. by way of a birthday card. Aussie Post is clearly engaged to ensure the card’s arrival on ‘the Day”. A fine collaboration.


Doug Imrie emails that he will be away for a few months firstly due to surgery in June  and then he and wife  Trish will be heading north with their  caravan via the western back blocks of NSW and  Queensland with final destination Cairns where their  youngest daughter, son in law and grandchild Jake live. Doug and Trish will be returning in early September .

Deric Kennedy emailing thanks for his birthday card for his 59th, reports that he has just resigned from his job as Shift supervisor at Peninsula Private e Hospital and with partner Leisa, is moving to Gold Coast. Deric has taken up a new job helping a former customer in his business there, and looking forward to a new life in Queensland.

Vern Knuiksis recalls that late in 2010 he retired from the banking and finance industry after having spent 40 year in the business. Despite this so called "retirement," he continued to work doing home handyman work, building and carpentry on the occasional basis to keep cash flow going to pay for general living and home expenses. Today banking and finance has changed from the 1970's and 80's when one could form long term friendships with colleagues. Vern  enjoys attending various motor racing events including some interstate venues and when he does  have spare time he works restoring a couple of older cars . Vern hopes to head off overseas (USA) with a friend later in the year to check out some car shows and attend some motor racing events.

Gordon Lyon writing from Wurtulla Qsld appreciated receiving the card and John’s message on his 90th .He has been suffering from Guillin Barre Syndrome for the past 12 months following an infection from a flu injection and is only now showing some improvement. Gordon spent 5 months in hospitals and he is still quite unstable so relies on friends and relatives and Dept of Veterans Affairs for transport requirements. Wife Doreen has done a great job caring for him.

Brian Murdoch reports that he will be away in June playing golf on the Gold Coast with John Flyger and Neil Sharman.

Peter Nyga had a very enjoyable day at home celebrating his birthday with all of his family – all children and grandchildren attended.

Barry Rogersemails thanks for his birthday card received on the day.Barry and wifeJill are both well, and are now the proud grandparents of their first grandchild born in January.They are still getting in as much travel as possible and last year visited Egypt (just before the troubles), Jordan and Dubai.This year they will be  visiting Hong Kong and Malaysia and for next year lining up a cruise covering Scandinavia and St. Petersburg. Barry is still working 3 days a week and while life is full they are enjoying it very much.

Terry Stapleton emails his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 81st birthday. Another good year has gone by quickly for Terry and wife Maureen who are both able to enjoy good health and lead reasonably active lives. In that regard he is still enjoying tennis with some other older blokes every Sunday as well as maintaining a vegetable garden. Terry retired from the Board of the Wine Society at the end of 2010 but is still an active committee member of the Wine and Food Society of New South Wales established in 1939 and which meets every Tuesday for lunch. He does value the monthly magazine from the ROC and reading of the friends he worked with in Victoria.

Bill Swan emailing from Dalmeny NSW says thanks for the newsletters which he and wife Anne (ex ANZ staff) read with great interest. They will be setting off in late May in their Prado and caravan from Dalmeny, firstly to Brisbane to visit their eldest son, his partner and their two grandsons. Then they leave for Hervey Bay for a week before heading to Cairns, expecting to arrive there in mid June. Bill and Anne intend to stay in Cairns for around seven weeks and play plenty of golf, fish and do some sightseeing. Bill and Anne will also be celebrating birthdays on 5th and 6th August somewhere in Qld before returning home towards the middle of August.

Harold Woolcock corresponding from Indented Heads says thanks for the birthday wishes for his 89th. Harold and wife Sylvia have had some medical problems over the past 12 months so any thoughts of travel have not been possible. When Harold thinks back to his golfing days it seems so long ago and now he mostly keeps the garden and lawns in order bur he does get to Probus for their meetings.

AND Harry Carrodus, Dal W. Crocker, Frank Edwards, David Kay, Ian Lamont, Doreen Langmead, Bob Lyon, Bruce Maisey, Jim Martin, Bob Maughan, Peter Nankervis, Doug Ramsay, Geoff Stillman,  John Taylor, Doug Watson, John White

MAY 2011

R.G. [Bob] Bell emailing from Mollymook says thanks for the good wishes on his recent birthday. Bob and wife Carolyn are both in good health and continue to enjoy golf and bowls. The team Bob was in last year made the State playoffs. It was quite an experience. He is in his 7th year as Chairman of the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club; it’s been quite a challenge coming from a non club state. The Gillard/Wilkie deal if it proceeds is going to make life in the club industry very difficult.In 2/11 they became grandparents again as their daughter had a lovely little boy.

Kerry Crawford advise that he and wife Margaret are about to start a trip around Australia over the next 5 months.

Don Davy writes his appreciation for the birthday card for his 67th. Don had to work on the day where he is now the new Administration Officer at Electric Vehicles but was able to celebrate his birthday with a dinner at a family gathering with his elder daughter and family at Endeavour Hills.

Norm Deady writing from Mornington says thanks for the good wishes for his 90th. Norm celebrated over a couple of days and while it was not a big party they were all dear friends and a good time was had by all.

Norris Gale and wife have arranged to join their Probus club on a trip to Magnetic Island in May and a tour of the USA in June. Norris has had to withdraw from the visit to 833 Collins and the Spring Valley golf day. It’s a shame as he was looking forward to both of these events

Nev Greenway emailing thanks for his birthday wishes reports that celebrations will be special as he and wife Bev are flying to Sydney before departing for UK and Europe on the day.They will be enjoying their part of two camper/motor home exchanges, one in Europe from a Dutch couple for 10 weeks and the other from a couple in Scotland for 4 weeks as well as 2 weeks or so catching up with friends before returning in August.They will have roaming email and phone facilities and hopefully be able to follow the revival of the Bombers from afar as well as the news in the monthly newsletter.

John Harris emailed his thanks for the good wishes for his birthday on Anzac Day. John and wife Colleen continue to enjoy good health although he has a knee that protests about too much tennis and golf. They thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and New Year with son Scott and his family in London and were lucky enough to arrive the evening prior to the snowstorm that closed airports and disrupted train and road traffic. London blanketed in snow is truly spectacular and they enjoyed a snowball fight with the grandchildren in Hyde Park with birdlife walking across the surface of ponds covered in a thin layer of ice. A dog trying to emulate their feat was not so fortunate and fell through the ice prompting a major but successful rescue effort. Among other events, they attended a Carols Performance at The Royal Albert Hall on Christmas Eve,        instruction in Clay Pigeon Shooting at the grounds of Holland and Holland, by train for a day in Paris, visits to various museums, Chelsea playing Aston Villa at Chelsea's home ground, a tour of Wimbledon and golf wearing 5 layers of clothing. Back home John and Colleen have just returned from 10 days at Surfers with daughter Michelle and her family. The eldest grandson decreed John’s birthday present should be a 20 minute helicopter flight with the caveat that he should accompany John and it proved spectacular and a fund of information. John’s involvement with Rotary continues.

Eddie Hassett writes his thanks for the card on his 69th. The only downside that day was the sad news of Bruce Ellis passing away. They had played a lot of golf together and had the occasional beer over some 35 years. Eddie says he has given up golf but taken up bowls and is hopeful of attending a luncheon in the near future.

Graham Heenan writing from Belmont says thanks for the reminder of the ageing process. Graham and wife Pam have had a good year in the health department and are about to leave on a European trip touring the Dalmatian Coast for 14 days and then on to a 15 day cruise of the Baltic Sea.

Bruce Henderson reporting from Hervey Bay says this year he is trying to co-ordinate his family trip to Melbourne to catch up with colleagues at the Christmas luncheon. Bruce says that after selling their caravan last year he and wife Christine are about to set off from Fremantle on a 46 day cruise around the Indian Ocean calling at ports that include Singapore, Mumbai, Maldives, South African cities ,Mauritius and finally returning to Fremantle.

Geoff Horton emails that he has been unable to attend a meeting for a while due to his part time job, and his long time involvement with the Victorian Pistol Association, where he is now the State Team Manager. Geoff is currently in South Australia at the National Pistol Championships, with some 30 team members and is looking forward to a successful competition. He hopes to join members at a meeting in the near future.

Laurie Holland writes his appreciation on receiving birthday greetings for his 81st which reminded him of the passing of another year. Laurie and his wife still manage a quiet life and are both in reasonable health. He says he had cataract surgery last year which resulted in a magic improvement to his vision and it’s a pity similar treatment can not be provided to ears. Laurie noted that in reading the monthly newsletters that he has been retired more years than some of our new members spent working in ANZ.

Gordon Kennedy emailing thanks for the Birthday Wishes on his 85th says that he and wife Pat can still drive and quite often have their few days away, although they now stay within the bounds of Victoria. For a couple of "Oldies" they are keeping reasonably well with the help of good Doctors and Medication. Gordon enjoys receiving ANZROC each month with the news of some of his “old" mates in the Bank.

Des Kidd emailed thanks for yet another birthday card received on the day. Des is beginning to think the birthdays are coming around too fast. Still not enough hours in the day for him with Probus commitments, together with Life Activities Whitehorse, and organising Pie and Soup days for the needy, and he is still coordinator for Eastern Emergency Relief Network.

Barry Kilmartin passes on his thanks to John Vanselow and the Committee for the Birthday Card. Barry is still keeping busy with Blackburn RSL - this will be his 21st year as Secretary. Last May, Barry and wife Judith travelled to Vienna and did a tour of Eastern Europe, had a couple of days in London and then down to Kent and stayed with friends for a week.

Trevor Lewis sends his thanks for the birthday wishes on his 71st and he says it’s always good to receive good wishes each year.

Ailsa Mackie writing thanks for the birthday greetings which are lovely to receive says she hobbles a bit but is still enjoying life.

Mike Nickell emailing his thanks for birthday card received says it’s very much appreciated. Mike and wife Lyn have just returned from a pretty gruelling 28day expedition through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia. Quite interesting, very much "outback Australia" but different animals made it worthwhile. They would just focus on the Game Reserves if there's a next time. Too much road travel (5700klm) the way they did it, but can say they have seen most of the highlights of the arid parts. It's good to be home safe and well.

Peter Nyga and his partner, June, will be undertaking a 3 month 4wd trip to the Northern Territory over the winter of 2011, across the Kimberley to Broome, then throughout Western Australia to Perth and home to Melbourne. Plan B (should they decide to shorten their journey), is to leave Broome , return to Alice Springs via the Tanami Track, then home to Melbourne, just in time for Spring and the start of the sailing season.

Ray O’Meara e-mails his thanks for his annual birthday card, which as usual, arrived on the day. Ray always reads the newsletter and remembers some of the names that get mentioned in dispatches and is surprised at some to the ages quoted...but then he turned a meagre 57 in April. So when someone is celebrating their 75thBirthday Ray has to remember it was some 20 or 30 years ago that he met them.  It’s all relative.

Greg Scollo emails that he spent his 75th birthday very quietly in the company of his wife and friends at the Townsville Jupiter Casino, enjoying a good meal and some good wine. They are enjoying a healthy life and a wonderful time in tropical north where they spend all the winter (about seven months of the year). Luckily their home and units did not suffer any damages whatsoever from the Cyclone YASI or any flooding, in truth Townsville did not suffer much damage except for some minor flooding in the low lands close to the beach. The weather is always beautiful during the winter time, with temperature not much over 28 degrees Celsius. The Scollos’ spend their time playing Lawn Bowls, swimming, and visiting the local clubs. Greg has  also taken up the position of honorary secretary of  the Townsville Italy-Australian Sporting Association that will keep him occupied and the clubs activities  include fishing , bocce  and social activities , apart of having poker machines  a liquor bar with some very nice premises and lots of members ,.

Peter Smith emails his thanks for the birthday card which arrived, as always, on the day.

Peter and his wife Vi have just returned from 2 and half weeks in Japan – their third visit to this wonderful country.  After Kyoto and Kanazawa, they went west to Hakata instead of Tokyo as originally planned - transport in Tokyo was experiencing power outages post March 11.

Their admiration of the civility and friendliness of the Japanese was even further enhanced during the stay, particular given the tragedy that occurred in Northern Honshu just prior to arrival in the country.

Norma Thomas writing from Pialba Qsld says the birthday wishes she received from members were greatly appreciated.

June Thompson writes thanks for the birthday greetings from the Retired Officers Club and to John Vanselow for his customary good timing. The day was happily spent in the company of friends in the country

Keith Westaway emails thanks for the birthday greetings.The past year has been good to both Keith and wife Alison, although Alison did cop a dose of Whooping Cough. That is enough to make one sit up and take notice at their age. Short trips to Merimbula & Point Lonsdale have been most enjoyable and they look forward to a good year ahead.  

AND Bryden Davis, Trevor Dodds,Alex Fowler, John Hobbs, Tessa Hondros, Sue McCaughey, Max McKoy, Peter Norman, Frank O’Brien, Tony Pompilio, Doug Ramsay, Les Roberts,  John Shanahan, Ron W Smith, Geoff Stillman, Sandra StreetANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA

APRIL 2011

Will Bailey emails that John Vanselow‘s birthday greetings from the Club were much appreciated as was the message from Lois and John to Will and wife Dorothy. Life in semi-retirement is supposed to give one more time for relaxing and pursue a "selfish" lifestyle! Somehow Will seems to have got it wrong! He’s not complaining as they seem to have a pretty good life with no major health worries and the family all in good health. They are about to leave for a 6 day car rally in South West Victoria. It's a Bristol Car Club annual rally; Will is President so it will be "full on" for a few days. In September 30 Bristols are heading to WA for a 7000
kilometre run. Train to Perth then a drive north and return via Margaret River Albany Norseman and the Nullabor. All the cars date back to the early '50s. They have a full complement of spares and four leaf clovers for luck. Between the rallies Will and Dorothy will spend time at their home at Noosa Waters. The year ahead looks good.
Arty Booth emailed his appreciation on the timely receipt of a card for his birthday. Living in Bundaberg, he does not get many opportunities to attend meetings, but when visiting Melbourne, Arty will try to include a visit and catch up with colleagues.
Wendy Bradley emailed to say thank you for the great lunch day at Ringwood East it was most enjoyable and not far from home. Thanks to Lyn Stevens and husband for their efforts in making the day so pleasurable.
Jock Buntain writes thanks for the birthday greetings and says he spent his birthday in Sydney. Sydney is okay for a holiday but Jock would not want to live there as although the weather was good the humidity is bad especially for a Scotsman.
Jenny Cooke emailing thanks for the birthday greetings says she was scheduled to depart on a cherry blossom tour in Japan with a few days in Hong Kong a week later but everything was cancelled and no decision yet on a new destination - all happening while hosting a school friend from London. Golf, gardening projects and continuing as historian at her old school are keeping Jenny very busy at present. Jenny is enjoying the monthly newsletter very much and hopes to see members at the Spring Valley golf day in May.
Diane Costigan emails that she will be in South Australia with her 12yo granddaughter in April to visit family while in Adelaide. Diane’s granddaughter has never been on a plane or visited SA so should be a good trip.
Past President and long serving Committeeman Col Edwards emails that he and wife Ethel will be touring the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas, S.A., for a large portion of April.
John Fairbairn emailing from Yarrawonga says many thanks for the kind thoughts in his birthday greetings. Unfortunately over recent months John’s health has been very indifferent following brain surgery, which he is pleased to say has been successful the second time round. John has now received a clearance to resume normal activities and can again play golf, still badly.

Lawrie Foordsending thanks for his birthday card says that as usual it was a quiet day part of which was spent with one of his daughters. It was an eventful 12 months the most memorable being in Queensland staying with his youngest daughter during the floods and cyclonic storms. They were 30 klm’s north of Brisbane and he saw shipping containers, cars and parts of houses being tossed around like rag dolls and experienced torrential rain falling for days on end with thunder and lightning the likes of which he has not seen. Back home Lawrie was caught in the February storm that damaged one of the rooms in his house but that was promptly repaired by the Insurance Company. Lawrie says life is pretty good as he is still blessed with good health.
Eddie Forth emailing thanks for the birthday wishes says he and wife Jan had returned from a caravan trip around Australia in January after travelling 27,596 kms. There were many highlights of the trip with a visit to Tom Price iron ore mine in operation and a visit one evening to Gin Gin Observatory (about 100kms north of Perth) with a one on one discussion with one of the in-house astronomers. They visited Prince Leonard at Hutt River Province (near Kalbarri) which was created in 1969 after a dispute with the Federal Government so they seceded and declared their independence. Eddie and Jan played the longest golf course in the world, the Nullabor Links of 18 holes over about 1360kms between Kalgoorlie, W.A. and Ceduna, S.A. They had a lot of fun and met a number of golf enthusiasts along the way. They hurried home from northern NSW when the rivers were rising and in fact the Princes Highway at Grafton was closed behind them but despite a two hour hold up with water over the road at Caboolture, Qsld ( ok when the tide dropped) they had no serious weather issues. A trip around Tasmania has been saved for the future.

John Hawkins emails that he was sorry not to make the March meeting as he had to be in
Christchurch for a family funeral, and yes he and wife Helen were there when the earthquake hit. They were lucky to have survived it although the house they were living in escaped with little damage. He bought Tatts tickets but no luck
Doug Imrie emails that he and wife Trish had a wonderful St Patrick's Day and would like to thank all those who helped at the Maroondah Club. Doug and Trish will be camping on the mighty Murray River in the bush for several weeks over April.
Christine Lane emails her thanks for the birthday card and wishes. Although another year older Christine is not too old yet to travel. She has just returned home from two wonderful weeks spent on the other side of the world in Sweden. Her birthday celebrations were spent in Stockholm with long time friends, two of whom share her birthday date.
Harry Loucas reports that he will be overseas in April/May (Abu Dhabi, Cyprus and Crete) and he will be back to attend the function on 9/6/2011 at 833 Collins Street.
Tony Middleton writes to thank John Vanselow for the birthday card on his 80th. John reminded Tony of the memories of fun times of earlier years they shared which dated back to 1950. Tony enjoyed a wonderful celebration with his extended family now all resident in Victoria including 3 great grand children with another on the way. The family is spread from Metung to Rheola west of Bendigo. Tony is keeping well and is still Treasurer of RSL Bentleigh Angling Club and spends a great deal of his time fishing in Gippsland with his son.
Dianne Newton emails her thanks for the birthday wishes, which she enjoys receiving.
Dianne and her husband Ron recently had to go to Qld - Kingaroy, Chinchilla & Toowoomba to revalue some properties. You could certainly tell where the flood levels had been. Speaking to the locals really brought it home and it was hard to comprehend the amount of water that passed through the countryside and townships. It will be sometime before a lot of the businesses will be up and running.
Past President Leigh O’Neill writing from Dromana says that although at 81 he is getting old he is still able to play bowls and at golf has won 9 new golf balls this year bringing his stock up to 69 balls. He doesn’t hit the ball far enough these days so he does not lose any. His aspirations for the coming 12 months are for Richmond to win at least 6 games, still able to afford his daily medicinal drink and trying to stay awake while watching TV.
President Neville Pearson emails his thanks for the Birthday wishes and card which was presented at the Maroondah Club St Patrick’s day ROC luncheon. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday with over 100 ROC members and partners in attendance. Neville is enjoying being president of our club and although it has its challenges at times, the support of the committee and members is very much appreciated. Neville and wife Cheryl had a great time travelling within the east side of Australia last May/June travelling to Mildura, Mungo, Broken Hill, White Cliffs, Longreach while working their way up to Magnetic Island. They stayed on the island for a few days with a mate who owns a holiday house overlooking the ocean on the Island (since had doors and windows replaced following the Cyclone this year, but nothing too serious). Travelled back via Carnarvon Gorge which was thoroughly enjoyable although a lot of long walks tested them at times and finally they spent a few days relaxing on the Gold Coast with Bruce and Glennis Robertson who pass on their best wishes to all members.
Paul Perri emails his thanks once again for the birthday wishes. Paul really enjoys reading the Newsletter and always looks forward to seeing the names of colleagues that he remembers, especially the old ANZ Nominees people that he last worked with. Paul is still working full time and is waiting for his super to catch up to the pre 2007 crash so that he can look at working less hours or even early retirement in the near future.
Louis Perrone writes on his 75th that since his note last year when he was incapacitated by a severe stroke and assessed as having little chance of any major improvement he has now been assessed as a Low Care resident at the Nursing Home in Clayton and is able to venture out . In April Louis is travelling to the Gold Coast to visit his daughter and her family. His next objective is to join colleagues at the traditional Christmas Lunch at the end of the year.
David Rome passes on to the ANZROC committee his appreciation of the efforts in once again acknowledging his birthday. Unfortunately they seem to come around too quickly.
Trevor Smethurst emails thanks for the birthday wishes on his 66th birthday. After many years at his previous address Trevor has shifted into a new address at Wangaratta with his daughter and son-in-law together with 2 grandchildren. Trevor’s health has not been good over the past few years and a change after spending many years on his own can only be beneficial. He has not played any bowls since Christmas but is looking forward to playing again next season. Trevor hopes to see many former workmates at the June meeting and spending a great day at the Christmas lunch.
Terry Talbot emailing from Evandale Tas. says thanks for the birthday card. Terry awoke 38,000ft over the Pacific on the day of his birthday on the way home from Los Angeles after a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to L. A. via the Panama Canal.
Peter Westaway emailing that he was in Palm Cove Far North Queensland enjoying a magnificent 71st birthday treat under a cloudless blue sky, despite the Bureau forecasts. He appreciated the birthday wishes and extends thanks to all concerned.
Glenda White emails that she and husband Patrick will be somewhere between Melbourne and Bangkok at the time of the ANZROC meeting in May but will be back in time for the visit to 833 Collins Street. The St Pats day lunch was fantastic, a great group of people and partners, most enjoyable, and Patrick also enjoyed it very much. The entertainment was good fun and the Maroondah Sports Club did a great job of the food and service.
Julie Wilkins emails thanks for the birthday wishes, which was celebrated on the Melbourne Tramcar Restaurant then a walk along Yarra River, and the weather was so good. Julie enjoys reading the Monthly Newsletter and agrees the website that Eamon got up and running is splendid.
And Geoff Archer, David Brown, Neil Dawtrey, Joan Dusting, Frank Edwards, David Gibb, John Gibb, Jeremy Grant, Dorothy Hayes, Graham Holt, Ron Horne, Graeme Horsburgh, Bill Lanigan, Vito Laruccia, Ian McCormick, John McKenzie, Tad Misiewicz, Frank O’Brien, Ken Parry, Robin Pleydell, Tony Pompilio, Geoff Pritchard, Doug Ramsay, Brian Sanders, Dick Sanders, Bruce Scott, Geoff Stillman, Syd Swaby, Wayne Taylor, Harry Trefz, Doug Watson.

MARCH 2011

John Baird writing from Geelong on his 86th sends thanks for the birthday wishes and says he hopes to scratch up some news by next March but he enjoys reading the newsletter.

John Bloom and wife Pat report that their trip to Lyon for a family wedding and to Lubeck to catch up with their sons in-laws passed quickly and was most enjoyable. As well, they thought they would fly via Beijing and perhaps take a walk along the Great Wall. So with Visas organised off they went but the return to Europe of volcanic ash threw their travel plans into chaos and as they had landed in Beijing, due to the disruptions, the subsequent re- entry to Beijing was rejected and they were not allowed to stay. They feel they may have flown over the Wall and will now enjoy the views on Chinese documentaries. The family has grown with three new grandchildren born during the year making six granddaughters and one grandson all under six which keeps them very busy and another granddaughter is due in April.

Bob Delahoy writes from Inverloch on his 82nd that he greatly appreciated receiving the birthday card with a personal note from John Vanselow. Bob and wife Judy travelled on an organised tour along the west coast from Darwin to Perth with the highlight being a flight over and hiking through the Bungle Bungle Ranges. The gorges and rivers and many towns they visited made the trip a memorable experience. During September their fourth granddaughter arrived and is giving Bob and Judy a lot of enjoyment. Bob has also been busy travelling around South Gippsland playing bowls so in all they have had a busy and fruitful year.

Phil Dunstan emailing says it is always good to receive the Newsletter and he very much enjoys reading of the activities of the many former work colleagues. Phil is continuing to enjoy his retirement activities doing woodworking (Treasurer of the local Club), part time chauffeuring which keeps him in touch with people from around the world, and visits to Brisbane and Bendigo to keep in touch with children and grandchildren. Phil’s passion for classic sporting cars continues and active involvement in the Mercedes Benz Club of Vic. provides a good platform to satisfy this need.

Peter Harney emailing from Ballarat says he enjoys reading the monthly newsletter. He is currently home recovering from a bout of surgery but with wife Kay they continue to operate their carpet cleaning business which has been going for almost 18 years since leaving ANZ. Peter and Kay are off to Scotland in June for son Christopher's wedding and are looking forward to the break, including a tour of Ireland and a trip on the Glacial Express.

Graham Joseph reports that wife Lyn has recently arrived home after a long spell in hospital but she still has a fair way to go to get back to really good health.

Bob Kirkland writing on his 88th says he is now finding it hard to locate anyone mentioned in the Newsletter that he was associated with during his career. Bob lost his wife Mae who passed away in November after 61 years together and Bob feels that she would be remembered by many members as she had plenty of entertaining to do when he was a manager in Fiji. He had to smile when he saw in the last Newsletter that his old school mate Paul Kitchin was still following him in alphabetical order on the birthday list as he did at school in 1937.The late Ern Thomas sat in front of Bob at school with Paul sitting behind him. On leaving school Ern and Bob joined the Bank of Australasia and Paul the E.S. &A. They caught up again at merger and here they are again still together after 73 years.

Bob Lyon and wife Helen arrived home after two weeks in Hawaii followed by a business trip to Canberra and a week or so in Melbourne catching up on some medical issues to find his ANZROC birthday card signed by John Vanselow waiting. He bumped into Eamon Veaney in a pub while in Melbourne. Back in Fiji Bob is ready for a bit of work and hopefully a few rounds of golf. He has been appointed Chairman of the Fiji Development Bank, a fair challenge and has had Garry Tunstall, recently retired from ANZ, over to help out with a study of the bank. He was asked by the Reserve bank of Fiji to step down from the advisory board role with ANZ Fiji. Bob’s main interest is his role as Chairman with the Foundation for Development Cooperation (FDC) following former ANZ director Brian Scott .With offices in Brisbane, Singapore and Suva, it keeps him busy. Among many things that FDC does to help improve the lives of poor people throughout the region, is running  an organization called Banking with the Poor (BWTP) for the past  20 years and it serves about 50 million people mostly in South Asia. Perhaps if he can coordinate a visit to Melbourne at the same time as a Retired Officers function it might be a subject that members are interested in.

Bill Manning writing from Mount Martha on his 80th says he celebrated the big day with family at Manningham Golf Club and for the record he has been retired for 24 years.

Hugh Miles writes thanks for the birthday card on his 81st and John Vanselow’s personal note was greatly appreciated. Hugh says while his travelling days are now over he enjoys reading about the exploits of members who are travelling overseas. At times he feels he is the only one left in Australia.

Ron Pitt writes on his 88th that 2010 was a good year for him. Ron visited the UK for the ninth time since retiring and the highlights were visiting London, Derbyshire and Cambridge and his old Bomber Squadron 514 at Waterbeach.

David Robinson emails from Battery Point Tasmania that he received his 17th card since retirement.

Norm Ross writing on his 90th says this year he was treated to two celebrations. Firstly travelling with his wife and son to Hobart a few days before the big day to party with his younger daughter and family and then the travellers returned to Melbourne to celebrate with his elder daughter and family. Norm says he and his wife keep reasonably good health although the years certainly slow one up and it seems ages since they both worked at 394 Collins Street (1946/47).

Mavis Ryan writing from Belmont sends her thanks for the birthday card and particularly the kind message from John Vanselow.

Joan Sadler said the family appreciated the large number of ANZROC members that attended the late Alf Sadler’s funeral service.

Dick Sanders emails his thanks to the club for the birthday card. He was in Bright for three days but the greetings were at home awaiting his return. Bright was lovely, not many people this time of year. The Ovens River was flowing swiftly and notices about NO SWIMMING as there must be all sorts of debris in the river, evidenced by a largish tree trunk jammed under the weir.

Bruce Scott writes his appreciation for the kind wishes for his 85th which he celebrated in style with wife Mary. Bruce says a few creaks and groans but otherwise going along fairly well.

Athol Watkins writing from Clifton Springs says thanks for the birthday wishes. Athol and his wife were lucky enough to get away for the annual holiday break in winter, heading north through Bourke, Longreach, Normanton and called on friends at Karumba on the Gulf. They then travelled across to Cairns where they spent 3 weeks R&R. Then home to watch the AFL Grand Final which went the right way. It’s great to read in the newsletters about so many of his old workmates still enjoying life.

Brian Wrigley emailing thanks for the birthday card sayshe andwife Jan are keeping well with eight grandchildren keeping them on their toes.When Brian’s not in his role as "Pa" he’s busy with Legacy at the national level and walking “would be detector dogs” for the Dept of Customs and Border Protection.


And Tom Bloodworth, Len Donohue, Len Chitty, Jeff Clarkin,  Max Colwell, Ian Crothers, John Duguid,Joan Dusting,George Finniss, Stan Goulding, Doug Grant,Andy Herd, Bruce Iddles, Bill Jackson, Rodney Manser, Bob Maughan, Sudipto Pal,  Jill Paterson, Anthea Santos, Sandra Street, Warren Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Paul Tovey, John Turnbull, Maurice Wells.


Murray Abraham writes his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 85th. Murray says that it appears something is certainly burning up our years.

Russ Appleton emailing thanks for the birthday wishes, on time as always, says whilst he has  yet to attend a meeting since he  left the Bank he does  look forward to reading the names of so many people he  had the good fortune to meet. Russ and wife Bev have slowed down a fair bit. The last time he wrote they had commenced a lawn and garden business that went way beyond expectations, so they have scaled back to just 8 jobs that they get a lot of satisfaction from, considering they had built to 130 plus regulars. Bev suggested the lawn and garden business which was the best thing they could have done after leaving ANZ and it has been very good to them.

Leigh Astall sends his thanks for the birthday greetings for his 81st and the family helped him celebrate.

Len Carr emailing thanks for the birthday card says 2010 passed quickly which was highlighted by another trip to England with wife Norma, during which they celebrated the 50th birthday of their eldest daughter Jenny.

Geoff Christmas emails that the years tick by this being his 65th .Geoff is in good health and still riding a bicycle which he enjoys.

Bill Collins emails that he is keeping well now that he has been given the all clear after successful treatment since contracting colon cancer – Bill and wife Dearne keep themselves occupied with the family of seven grandchildren two of whom turn 18 this year. As an ex Queenslander Bill is thinking of all his family friends and colleagues who may have moved to the Sunshine State and are enduring the hardships from the natural disasters up there.

Trevor Cookson emails special thanks for the 80th Birthday wishes and the Birthday was spent with wife Shirley, family members and long-time friends at their daughter’s/son-in-law's home at Elwood where  a great time was had by all. Trevor says they must be slowing down but they achieved a week in the Grampians in October.   He is still playing golf once or twice a week.

Bob English emailed a note to confirm that, despite the extra load on the postal services during the Christmas period, his ANZROC birthday card arrived, as promised, on time on the 20th Dec.

Max Fisher writes his thanks for the best wishes for his 80th and reports his health is good again after heart surgery in December 2009. The birthday was celebrated with the family at a waterside venue and has been ongoing.

Bob Flinn emails that the receipt of his birthday card was much appreciated. To celebrate, the evening was spent with family and grand children at the local hotel for dinner. George Lawson's Toast to the ANZ at the Christmas luncheon reminded Bob of the first end of year trip he went on with the ANZ football club to Loch hotel in Gippsland. Weather report was rain, rain and more rain. In fact the team was rained in for the weekend. It was obvious the opening page of S/R mentioned by George had either not been read, not understood or disregarded. He said that Peter Treleaven Bill Gardiner and him were to be driven by Alan McKay to Loch. However the weekend before, Alan’s car was stolen by one William John O’Meally the day he escaped from Pentridge Prison. As a consequence they went in Bill’s car. Just a little bit of history.

Norma Fox sends from Foster her thanks for the best wishes from ANZROC for her birthday which she spent with family and friends.

Ray Gill emails that he received his Birthday card on the day when he and his wife sailed to Devonport to see the Mooralla International Tennis Tournament in Hobart. The rain put quite a dampener on the weeks Tennis but eventually all matches were finished. Alicia Molik didn’t do too well, Jarmila Groth winning the final. Since the Bank Christmas function Ray has taken on the position of Hon Secretary of the Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation, which currently donates around $75,000 a year to Medical Research. Ray will be missing a number of meetings this year over Feb and June (will be in Canada and Alaska).

Annie Glenn emailed thanks for her 1st Retired Officers’ birthday card but when it arrived Annie and husband Robert were away visiting friends in northern NSW. Annie looks forward to receiving many more.

Tony Grayling writes his birthday was celebrated at the new Croydon Golf Club with all the immediate family and to top it off they won a substantial jackpot at the Kilsyth Club. He says its 13 years since Waverley Lending was re-structured and “Dads Army” took the Retirement Package. Tony and wife Marion have had some great trips visiting their daughter Meg in London twice with tours of Europe and Ireland on the side. Of all their holidays they felt the trip Darwin to Broome was the highlight.  Apart from some great times they have both suffered health issues with cancer and the after effects in the recovery process. The bi-monthly lunch at the Mulgrave Club is still well supported and enjoyed by at least 20 retirees.

John Hawkins emailed that he and wife Helen were away when the Birthday Card arrived as they were doing a land tour of South America Machu Pichu, Iguassu Falls, Rio de Janiero and then Buenos Aires then sailed for Antarctica Absolutely fantastic.

Bob Heinemann emailed thanks for the birthday greetings for his 71st. He says that having a daughter who has lived in Paris for 25 years has occasioned regular travel, usually via Canada to see her. More recently travel abroad has taken a back seat, and Bob and wife Heather enjoy getting up to their weekender at Euroa. Bob would like to do another Cunard (Queen Elizabeth/Mary 2) trip in due course, and see NZ in detail, but they’ll enjoy the anticipation for now. Bob plays bowls and tennis regularly, and Heather enjoys her choir work. They both work part-time for enjoyment, and to keep the grey matter ticking over. He enjoyed listening to speeches to the monthly ANZROC meeting recently by Saul Eslake and the ANZ's former Chairman Charles Goode.

Brian Henderson emails that he  still enjoying the life up in Hervey Bay and thankfully they have managed to avoid the floods and cyclones in recent weeks although the Bruce Highway was cut at Gympie and also at Maryborough so supplies at the supermarkets and petrol were almost non existent for a few days. Currently Brian is playing more bowls than golf and has given up the role of Convener of the local Prostate Cancer Support Group at the end of last year but continues as Treasurer for the Queensland Chapter Council of PCFA. They had only one big trip in the caravan last year and that was down south but as the caravan and 4WD have been sold their travels in future will be by other means. Brian hopes to get down for the Christmas luncheon.

Rod Hill emailing says his 85th birthday was the day of the ANZROC Christmas lunch.

He was met at the top of the stairs by John Vanselow who wished Rod a happy birthday and gave him the birthday card.   John then joined the "workers" at the check-in desk in singing "happy Birthday" It was really something and very much appreciated The whole luncheon outing was also great - Rod could not have had a better way to celebrate.

David Jones emailing thanks for the customary birthday card says it’s always appreciated albeit it marks yet another year has passed in what seems a whisker of time.

Kevin May emailing from Pacific Fair in Queensland says no major news from him regarding 2010, just to wish all members’ good health and  a stronger performance from the ASX in 2011(that will add happiness).

Bob McAsey reports that he has moved to Queensland to be closer to family and says his old football knees have finally caught up with him which has not helped his mobility.

Wal McGillivray writing on his 87th sends thanks for the best wishes and says he enjoys reading the letters in the newsletter and at times he envies those who are still travelling to so many exotic places. These days Wal and his wife confine themselves to the Gold Coast and Merimbula but fortunately both are still mobile and able to enjoy life together. He enjoyed the Christmas luncheon as its good to catch up with some of the older brigade and for 2011 he will be reasonably busy working around the East Malvern RSL Club and the occasional social game of bowls.

John Quirk emails that his and wife Roselyn’s second granddaughter was born the day before his birthday which was   pretty hard to top as a birthday gift for Grandpa.

Joan Sadler widow of our late member Alf Sadler wrote to thank the members who attended the funeral service and says it was nice to see so many people come. She was also appreciative of the notices in the local newspapers which informed so many of Alf’s passing. Joan said the Alf had really enjoyed the monthly meetings and lunches with club members.

Trevor Stevens emailed to thank the Club for its wishes on the occasion of his 60th which was spent with family and friends in Adelaide. Trevor says that since retirement in 2007 he has been kept busy with his beef cattle farm at Murrindindi (which he has had since 1996).  He spends about half of his time there and half in Croydon. There is always something to do........this year two sheds were wrecked by a storm in September and he is in the process of rebuilding another one. Trevor has also continued his involvement in Retrieving Trial competitions and this takes him interstate regularly to compete and for judging appointments. He and his wife have also managed to fit in a couple of overseas trips to UK and Europe.

Sandra Street emails that her old school friend and former E.S. &A. staff member Denise Flute (nee Juliff) was visiting from London the week of her birthday so it was an extra treat to have her in Melbourne for the celebrations.  Sandra had lots of greetings from former ANZers, including Pam Thomson who is now working for Senator Nick Xenophon.

Neville Taylor writes his thanks for the good wishes for his 90th which has marked a milestone in life for Neville. Abraham Lincoln once said “it’s not the years in your life that count...its the life in your years” For Neville how true is the last line as his activities  are  being enjoyed more these days but  the golf course is getting longer and longer.

Wayne Taylor reports that although his eye problems remain in decline overall health is quite good, must be the walking the dog trick. Last year saw a short trip to Kangaroo Island which was both interesting and relaxing.

Glen Twidale says it’s turned out to be a special year. Not only has he joined that select OBE group but Glen finds he is now classed as a "Super Veteran" at the bowling club. You can't get much better than that!! Glen and his family celebrated the occasion (which was on New Year's Eve) in great style. His youngest daughter Lynn hosted the birthday party and he had all his children and grandchildren (except Charlie who is working in London) with him on the night. Glen decided to honour the landmark by demolishing (with some eager assistance) his last two bottles of Grange!! One 1965 the other 1973.

Roly Webster emailing from Bendigo says thanks once more for Birthday wishes but not much news up there-Gold Nuggets pretty scarce but hopefully with plenty of water to pan there “are better days coming!”

Gordon Williams writing from Drouin on his 87th sends thanks for the best wishes on his birthday. He says nothing much has happened during the past 12 months due to a bit of deterioration in the health of Gordon and wife Gwenda mainly due to increasing age. They don’t venture far these days with the family all interstate. The district around Drouin is still getting back to normal after the disastrous fires in February 2009 with more clearing up to do. Gordon said the main threat to Drouin was the fire that jumped the freeway at Longwarry that stopped just short of the golf club. Residents could watch the fire progress with tree bursting into fire balls and for the past 12 months the birdlife had virtually disappeared and only now returning to normal.

Keith Winckles emails he as been retired 13 years now and finding it difficult to do some of the things he used to do so it has been a fairly quiet year

Theo Yardley emailing from St Ives says it was a quieter Christmas in Sydney this year as their Melbourne family are delaying their visit until Theo and his wife’s 60th wedding anniversary in January. An interesting few weeks lies ahead of them.

Lloyd Zegenhagen emails that at 86 his birthdays are coming around too rapidly. It is hard to know where the last year has gone. Firstly Lloyd and wife Margot recently spent 3 months overseas visiting their daughters in USA and England, and made the most of their time seeing additional localities in both these countries, visiting friends in Germany, and then spending time touring France. Immediately upon coming home they moved from Templestowe to Lilydale where they settled into a lovely pleasant and scenic area. Magnificent views from every window.

And from Bruce Avent, Clive Bayley, Bob Bell, Roger Brown, Ron Chapman, Kim Charlton, Jeff Cox, Graeme Croxford, Bill and Judy Davies, Don Davy, Norm Deady, Bob Delahoy, Lawrie Foord. Neil Franklin, David Gibb, Bob Grant, Max Guest, John Hallinan, Deric Kennedy, Barry Kilmartin, Serge McIntyre, Orm McLellan, Gary Minton, Phi Nguyen, Bob Nichol, Glynn Parry-Jones, Geoff Perdriau, Louis Perrone, Tom Phillips, Alex Pigdon, Bevyn Ranford, Bruce Sanderson, Gary Stanaway, Wayne Taylor, John Tulen, Neil Warne, Michael Watts, Norm Wheatley, John White, Glenda White, Bill Willocks, Norm Wood ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA


Vic Ansell sent a brief note to say thanks for the birthday greetings via John Vanselow. Much appreciated. Vic and his wife had been holidaying in Mildura and Mansfield so he was away when the greetings arrived. They had a good few weeks away but Vic did run into a few locust swarms when travelling, but not enough to be a real problem. The locust activity has increased since they returned home. He has enjoyed the meetings this year as with other years and very much appreciates the work the committee members continue to put in.

Annette Baldwin sends thanks for her birthday card. She and husband Graeme have just returned from time in Cairns where they ran a business some time ago but they found the business climate in North Queensland has changed for small business since their time in the city.

Kerry Bateson tells me he looks forward to hearing what is happening in the newsletters with all the 'old' ones he used to work with. He still meets with some of the current employees for lunch and spent a very informative lunchtime with Dot Hayes catching up on things and reminiscing about the good old days. Kerry is still working full time but when he finally retires will attend the ANZROC lunches and functions.

Jeff Beard a new member this month writes that he was a player for the ANZ Football team for many years although President Neville Pearson says he did not play very well. Jeff was also President of ANZ Angling Club. He has close friends that are members of ANZROC including Peter and Stella Smith and Graham and Carol Bancroft.

Gordon Blair sent a short note to thank ROC for, once again, remembering his birthday (the 65th as it happened).He had a quiet day and enjoyed a very nice evening meal with his son, Cameron, and daughter, Lindsey, at a restaurant in East Burwood. Once again, many thanks for the Club's timely and much appreciated good wishes.

Geoff Christensen emailed to thank the Club for the Birthday Card, which as usual arrived on the day. He has reached the ripe old age of 60 years. Retired now going on 3 years albeit seems a lot longer and very much enjoying the easy life. Travelled to the US earlier this year and fulfilled one of life’s ambitions of visiting Memphis and of course Graceland. It was a very moving experience but alas no sign of the King. Geoff and his wife also took in New Orleans, Nashville and along the way many other Deep South places of interest. They had a hire car for just over 3 weeks out of New Orleans and concluding in Nashville. The food and music were just sensational and is highly recommended. Next year Geoff and his wife are off to Tahiti in March closely followed by Italy in May (doing two 7 night cruises out of Venice and then Genoa then driving for the next fortnight staying initially in a Villa in Tuscany and touring the wineries etc then Rome). Geoff will miss a number of Hawks games but then can’t do everything.

Ian Ewing emailing his thanks for the birthday wishes says that at present his life is so hectic and the pressure does not seem to ease up. This year Ian and wife Margaret celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary and for some years Margaret has said that she would like to be in New York for that event. Accordingly they set out to on an Insight tour which commenced in Toronto Canada and finished in Boston USA. Time was spent on a bus exploring Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal. They then boarded the MS Maasdam to return to Quebec, then up the St Lawrence River, around Nova Scotia, where they called at Charlottetown, Sydney and Halifax and then on to Bar Harbor and finishing in Boston. Ian and Margaret celebrated the anniversary on the last night before coming into Boston. Not quite New York but pretty close. After staying in Boston for a few days they boarded the Amtrak service to New York and then on to Washington when it was time to say farewell to the USA and they set off for home arriving in early October. Highlights of the trip included the Niagara Falls out of Toronto, the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, the magnificent buildings of the old city of Quebec, and again the magnificent buildings of Montreal, Anne of Green Gables memorabilia at Charlottetown, the harbour at Sydney, the Citadel at Halifax, the harbour at Bar Harbor and the wonderful history surrounding Boston and its buildings. New York of course has the colourful Times Square and the Statue of Liberty and Washington has its Museums and the Capitol Building.

Brian Farrell writing thanks for the birthday wishes says as usual his old friend John Vanselow was right on the button. All available family members gathered at Brian and wife Maralyn’s home to help him celebrate with a barbecue luncheon and they spent an enjoyable afternoon together. Brian and Maralyn recently attended the funeral service for their long time friend Betty McLeod who was the wife of Rod McLeod, ex South Melbourne Area Manager. Betty will be sadly missed by family and friends.

John Flyger emailed his thanks for the birthday recognition. The card arrived on the day in question, thanks of course to John Vanselow who once again shows his mastery with our postal system! He is now looking forward to the Christmas Luncheon meeting on the 9th and catching up with former workmates.

Theo Hall writing from Mornington says thanks for the good wishes for his birthday. Theo had a family celebration which is the last one for his seventies. Only days before Theo and his wife celebrated their son’s marriage held by Lake Wendouree in Ballarat which has water in it after many years of drought. It was a happy occasion.

Keith Higgs emailing his thanks to the Committee for the birthday greetings with special mention to John Vanselow reports that the card arrived on the day. The major highlight of Keith and his wife’s year happened on their wedding anniversary. Sarah, one of their granddaughters gave birth to their first great grandchild, a perfect little girl named Charlotte, now seven months old and crawling. That's one birthday that Keith should find easy to remember but it makes you realise how fast the years are flying by.

John Hobbs writing on his 94th sends thanks for his birthday card which is the 34th card he has received. John is fortunate to continue to enjoy good health and remain active in all his interest even if the energy application is not what it was. This year has been relatively quiet with just 10 days away with family in the south west of WA where they produce some pretty good wines.

Brian Kinna writing thanks for the birthday wishes says health problems have restricted the movements of both Brian and his wife but he still enjoys reading of the exploits of many of his former fellow workers who did such a good job in getting ANZ to such a sound position that it now enjoys.

John Mangan writing from Kangaroo Flat on his 80th appreciated the good wishes from members. He has had a few health problems recently but was able to have a couple of small parties. John hopes to see his friends and colleagues at the Christmas luncheon on 9th December.

Life Member Fay McPherson sending thanks for her birthday card, which as usual arrived right on time said she had a most enjoyable day at daughter Patricia’s home for a Sunday Roast lunch and then in the evening had a phone call (which lasted about an hour) from son Bruce and his family in Norway, which capped off a very happy birthday indeed.

Geoff Perdriau sends thanks for his birthday card. He also received best wishes from his cousin Joan Watson, widow of our Past President Alan Watson. Joan was delighted to receive a visit recently from newly elected Vice President David Knuckey at her retirement village home in Mount Martha.

Alan Ryan writing from Warragul says thanks for the birthday wishes and how he appreciates the newsletter as it keeps him up to date with the undertakings of old friends. He is presently laid up with a broken ankle but when fit still gets involved in local affairs and runs his cattle which are a great interest. Alan has lived in Warragul for 37 years and retired for 15 years. Where has the time gone? Alan and his wife travel overseas each year and it was to California this year to visit their daughter who is living there.

Glenda White emails that she and her husband Peter have just got back from China where they saw the Wall and the Warriors, a great trip and so interesting, the history is amazing as is the climb on the wall with no two steps the same height. A highlight also was taking the Maglev from Shanghai City to the airport and back (just for the fun of it) got up to a breezy 301kph and not a seatbelt in sight, people were just walking around the train truly amazing. Glenda will be going to the suburban luncheon in March.

And from Marguerite Barnsley, Mike Cooper, Paul Cross, Don Davy, Ken Fitzgerald, Neil Franklin, Deric Kennedy, Ed Laity, Rolf Loebert, Beverley MacDonald, Bruce Mathrick, Karl Mattingly, Jim Nicolson, Coralie O’Donahoo, Graeme Randall, John Ries, Norma Thomas, Julie Wilkins,


Graeme Ainscough reports that he and wife June have taken off to the Gold Coast for a well earned holiday although he had a fall shortly before the trip which meant a stay in hospital and some problems with his back that need to be addressed on return from Gold Coast. He’s also keen to return to see his Cheltenham baseball teams continue to progress through the long summer season but all teams are well placed at this early stage of the season to play in the finals early next year.

Geoff Archer emailing thanks for the birthday card from ANZROC signed by John Vanselow says that since his "retirement" in May, he has been busy acting as housekeeper for wife Jenny and their three adult children and progressively tackling home and garden maintenance issues.  Jenny had major hip surgery in March with a more protracted recovery than envisaged.  They are looking forward to an APT tour of the Canadian Rockies and Alaskan cruise in 2011.

Graeme Baldwin emailing that he enjoyed receiving his birthday remembrance commented that Saul Eslake our speaker at the October meeting was excellent, and he is sure that all present enjoyed listening while the questions asked were also very pertinent.

Peter Bearsley emailing thanks  for the birthday greetings - as usual, perfectly timed says  he has recently returned from a week in East Timor, looking at a number of projects his  Rotary Club (RC of Melbourne) has going on up there and initiating a new three-year project to reduce maternal and infant mortality.   It's estimated that mothers in East Timor have a 1:35 lifetime chance of dying in/around childbirth or from pregnancy-related causes (1:13,300 in Australia) and infants have about a 1:10 chance of not making it to age five. Peter is confident that the new project will make a real difference - all he has to do is raise about USD240, 000, preferably sooner rather than later! And, regrettably, he’ll have to be an apology for the Golf Day at Traralgon as he’ll be trekking across the Wangapeka and Heaphy Tracks at the top of the South Island of NZ, hoping there won't be any bad earthquakes around there at that time.

David Begg writing from Belmont says thanks for the birthday wishes and that this birthday while a little less exciting than his 80th last year was still enjoyed to the fullest. David really appreciates the annual birthday cards and the regular supply of newsletters.

Brian Christensen reports that he and wife Noelle will be looking at Lake Eyre in flood. on the date of our AGM .

Lawrence Cox emailing his thanks for the newsletter and for the birthday card says they are much appreciated. Unfortunately Lawrence has not been able to make any meeting this year and will not be able to make this year's Christmas party as he will be with the family visiting relatives in the UK. Life has been quite busy since last year's Christmas Party as he is still undertaking full time Risk Management consulting to the Department of Transport and is currently overseeing the Risk Management process across about 40 transport projects totalling close to $5b. The Department is currently trying to fill a new full time Public Service Risk Manager Role to spend more time with the individual projects. Lawrence has also been very fortunate to have been invited by the Federal Government to be an inaugural member of their Resilience Expert Advisory Panel.

Don Davy writes that he appreciates the birthday greetings and receipt of the newsletters which keeps him up to date with the news of his colleagues. He is currently Marketing Project Manager for Electric Vehicles at Knoxfield which provides mobility scooters for the infirm and he is now dealing with 50 retirement villages, Aged Care facilities and hospitals. Don says he is always available to help members with advice on mobility. Don recently met Max Butler and his wife at a function and they told him they had taken up golf and Max intended to play at the ANZROC tournament in Traralgon.

Ray Dedlefs emailing his thanks for the greetings and good wishes for his 80th birthday on 31st October says they were much appreciated. The family celebrated the occasion with a dinner party at their home in Diamond Creek. The highlight of the night was the assistance he received from his 2 1/2 year old great grand daughter in blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. As to being 80 years old Ray can say he is very glad to have made it although along the way in recent years there have been some medical hurdles which he has scrambled over. As ANZROC member Murray Abraham mentioned about himself earlier in the year Ray doesn’t mind getting old so long as he keeps getting older. He enjoys the news of members' activities in the monthly news letter. Since retiring from the Bank Ray has played a lot of golf mainly at Heidelberg Golf Club but recently playing golf has tapered off with the wet and cold weather and other overriding claims on his time.

Kerry Dodds writes from Warrenheip that his birthday card was waiting for him on return from the annual trout hunt at Dartmouth Dam and Mitta Mitta River but not many trout were hunted out. It was a busy year with his son and family relocating from Sydney back to Ballarat to commence “Dodds Plumbing”. Kerry’s job is to look after his two grandchildren. The plumbing and the settling in of the grandchildren are so far both going well. He hopes to make the Christmas luncheon this year.

Warwick Etty writes from Healesville to thank the Club for the birthday wishes on his 70th accepting that he is now an old man. His health is good but back and left leg cause some bother. Warwick and his wife spent some time recently in the Channel Country to witness the flooded rivers and rejuvenated surrounding country around Quilpie, Eulo and Toompine with the experience of crossing rivers at .4 metres over the roads. Unfortunately their holiday soured after an altercation with a b-double on the way home. No one was injured just a rather sad looking caravan waiting for repairs.

Patricia Goss daughter of our late member Phil Carne wrote to thank members for their thoughts and condolences on the death of her father .She said the family was comforted that John and Lois Vanselow shared in the celebration of Phil’s life especially as ANZ Bank and ANZROC had been such a big part of it. It was wonderful to reflect on the happy memories which have helped to ease the sadness at this time.

Bob Grant emailing from Nelson Bay says he knows he’s running late but has been away since the birthday and didn’t get a chance to acknowledge Birthday Greetings before this.  The year has been a mixed one for Bob as he has had some foot problems necessitating an operation in March. It was officially called a “bumpectomy” .Fortunately, health wise, all is now well. Bob is scheduled to have a similar operation on his other foot in November but as yet haven’t been given an exact date. Apart for that, all is well in Nelson Bay and Bob and wife Nell are enjoying very much the move from Albury 2 years go. He is involved with the local woodworking Club and Nell is into craft activities and babysitting so they are kept occupied.

Jack Grant now well settled in Berwick writes thanks for the birthday wishes and he and wife Robyn are enjoying the closer relationship with their two children and three grandchildren. Late September they went north to Nelson Bay to spend time with twin-brother Bob and his wife Nell and they had a most enjoyable time. Jack has started to get into bowls again and they have joined a local Probus Club so are getting involved in the community. He enjoys reading about colleagues in the newsletter and is looking forward to catching up with friends at the Christmas luncheon.

Mike Henry emailing  his  thanks once again for the punctual Birthday card says that apart from golf, tennis , travelling, grandchild minding and volunteer driving nothing much is happening - the only real disappointment these days in living the retired life is that you don’t get a rostered day  off. Mike would like to also thank David Knuckey for his excellent organisation of the Rosebud Luncheon for ROC members - a terrific day.

Ian Ince thanking John and Kathy for his birthday wishes says it has been a busy year with a stay in hospital followed by leisure time in Yarrawonga and Rosebud. He was due to head off to Queensland in August but rushed into hospital and a stent placed in an artery. Ian is fit and well at home now and looking forward to trips to Yarrawonga, Rosebud and Bright over the coming months.

Larry James emails his thanks for the birthday wishes which arrived on time again. He says its amazing how this can de done with Australia Post. Life is busy as usual either with Golden Days Radio or Puffing Billy both of which are a delight to be involved with. Larry recently had a friend over from the UK and they did a lot of day trips and some overnights as well. They paid a visit to Walhalla during October which is a delightful place to stay. It has a population of around 10 people with no TV or mobile phones. So if you want to get away from the busy life Walhalla is the place to stay. Great accommodation (Star Hotel) and great food. There's also a narrow gauge railway there as well hence the connection. Bumped into David Knuckey at a "Thomas" Day at Puffing Billy recently and caught up with old times, which was good. He will try and get to a meeting or two next year.

Doreen Langmead widow of our late member Harold Langmead writes to thank members for their thoughts and condolences when Harold passed away. She says that after Harold served 6 years in the Indian Army they came to Australia in 1949 to begin 32 years with the then Union Bank serving many years at 351 Collins Street. His era was with Frank Donovan and Keith Crellier eventually taking up management roles in the suburbs and city until retirement as Manager William Street Branch. Harold always enjoyed the newsletter and was interested in the news.

Phil Manning emails that he regularly reads every Newsletter, and is pleased to note the odd name that he is familiar with pop up from time to time! Phil is  now in his eightieth year and although there’s  a few creaks and groans mainly from a knee replacement he  still tries  to keep himself occupied - but it makes it difficult to get to meetings !.Phil’s qualifications-which included accountant and tax agent etc- were interesting and profitable in the past but he is now winding up a small but interesting business and everything collected over many years. Phil and his wife visited their younger son and grandchildren in North Queensland a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the temperatures in the lower thirties and the upper twenties. This son manages the airport at Horn Island (between Australia and Papua New Guinea) but he seems a bit remote. They are having the grandchildren visit after Christmas - something to look forward to!

Jim Martin apologising for missing the AGM tells me he will be cruising on the Dawn Princess circumnavigating the Australian coastline.

Emilio Moreno emailed his thanks for the very kind wishes for his birthday. Emilio spent a wonderful day with the family and it was great having the five grandchildren help him celebrate.

Look forward to seeing colleagues at the Christmas lunch

Bob Nichol turning 99 on 15th November was pleased to announce a little baby great grandson was born recently. His name is Robert (BOB) Redman, so the name Bob will not be lost

Rino Orifici one of our newest members emails that he has  booked for the Christmas  meeting, but is  unable to attend the November meeting as he and his wife  are flying to Hawaii for a cruise.

John Osborne writing his thanks for the birthday wishes says he was born on Melbourne Cup day in 1937 and has always enjoyed the Cup. This year he again had a great birthday with the family and also won on the Cup. Since retiring John has enjoyed the comradeship of Probus and he and his wife are heading off shortly on their first Probus trip to Echuca and expect to experience the rich history of the area. They go their holiday home in Loch Sport as often as practicable where they catch up with their daughter and son in law from Traralgon.  It’s a lovely quiet area and they return relaxed and refreshed. John is still studying music and guitar and having the time and patience in retirement makes it easier.

Peter Oxley emailing from Mount Gambier sends thanks for the good wishes on the occasion of his 81st Birthday.  It does not seem possible that it is 25 years since he retired.   After living in a Retirement Estate for the past seven years, Peter and wife Moira have settled well into the different lifestyle, where they have the availability of a secure and caring environment, and the fellowship of many folk of their own age group.  They haven’t been able to manage any overseas travel for the past couple of years, but they do hope to see a bit more of Australia in the near future, something a little closer to home and a little less stressful.

Jim Potter writing from Sebastopol on his 80th says thanks for the good wishes and it is hard to imagine it is some 25 years since he retired from ANZ. They have recently moved to Sebastopol to be near family and while the temperature is a little different from Ferntree Gully, it has not taken long to settle into their new surroundings.

Ray Quirk sending thanks to the Club for the Birthday Card received right on his 88th says as usual a special thanks to John Vanselow for his efforts and personal note.  Ray and wife Meryl are still in good health, doing some travel within Australia and associating regularly with old ANZ friends at lunches.

Dietmar Reichert emails that he has just returned from several weeks overseas attending his   primary school class reunion in Southern Germany. He was a pupil at the school in the late 1950’s.It seems not all that long ago. In addition Dietmar and his wife visited family and friends and did a fair bit of "walking in the black forest" which was very nice - and the weather was very warm. To travel is still generally enjoyable - but flying is nowadays very trying!!

Don Taylor writes that since February when  he settled into his new residence in Toorak he has been  keeping busy  setting up his office  to cope with the volume of paperwork that has accumulated over the past eight months. He is reasonably healthy and enjoys keeping up with news of colleagues through the newsletter.

John Taylor emailing from Tura Beach says thanks for the birthday wishes, as usual the card arrived exactly on the date. It has been a year of mixed fortunes, however hoping for the best now. In April John was diagnosed with cancer that resulted in an operation and six days at National Capital Hospital Canberra. This was followed up with weeks of extensive Radiation, and Chemo at the Canberra Public Hospital. This was a 550 Klm round trip home each weekend to Tura Beach. Upon completion of treatment John and his wife flew up to Port Douglas for a month staying their daughter’s apartment. While in Port Douglas they met up with Sylvia Lovett (nee Hercules) who John worked with at ANZ Fitzroy in the early 1960’s, Sylvia is still working, as a receptionist for a construction company in Cairns.  They also had visits from their daughter her husband and their three grand children who live in Brisbane. Also visiting were Gertie Braini and her husband Boris; John worked with Gertie when he was manager Data Processing Vic., and Gertie was a leading Shift Supervisor. They had a pleasant week reminiscing about the old times back in the early 80’s at the banks computer headquarters at South Yarra. Back home again in Tura Beach John had to go back to the Specialist in Canberra, for a 3month check up and was given a positive report with 3 monthly check ups ahead for the time being. John stresses the importance of having yearly blood tests.

Bill Walker emails thanks for the kind birthday wishes. As for the day itself, it was spent in the company of all his family which made it something special. Not a lot to report over the past year which is probably a good thing. He must say however that like most responders he does enjoy reading about their various exploits

Eric Williams writing from Warrnambool on his 90th says that John Vanselow hit the jackpot again in dispatching his card to arrive spot on the day. Eric’s wife has recovered from a serious operation and they are both looking forward to 2011. Eric will again be attending the Christmas luncheon.

And from  Sam Bartuccelli, Joan Biddlecombe, Geoff Christensen, Susie Green, Charles Griss, Dave Harkin, Adrian Henning, Bob Irvine, Peter Kariotis, Bill Kidd, Peter Lees, Gerry and Fay McPherson,  Jim Nicolson, Barry Reid, Bevan Roulston, Guy Sanders, Frank Stanson, Kelvin Tyler, Ray Watson,


Bill Boucher thanking Kathy Trace for the birthday wishes said the day was spent with the family and it feels good to be remembered. While not as mobile as he used to be Bill continues to participate in local affairs and he keeps actively involved with his hobby of constructing model aircraft and his attention to his extensive philatelic collection.

Geoff Burton emailing his thanks for his birthday greetings says it is terrific to hear of the activities of the many retired officers with whom he worked or came across in his banking days. The last two and a half years have unfortunately had many low points, particularly with the passing of wife Loraine, who was known to many, in July after a long battle with cancer. Geoff has been quite overwhelmed by the number of former work-mates who have contacted him. He is now looking forward to getting his life back on track and continuing on with his travel plans to see more of Australia.

Gordon Field emailed a short note to thank the team for his birthday card. Gordon and wife Edith are grappling with their several ailments, much the same way as many of his former colleagues are no doubt doing. This year has been a particularly bad year for Edith but now they see light at the end of the tunnel. The specialist said it would take a year to get over her infection and it looks like he is right. The many appointments just seem to clash with meeting days but Gordon has November 12th booked in and it is looking OK.

Ken Fitzgerald writing on his 82nd to thank Kathy Trace for her kind remarks says he was overseas on his birthday travelling in Ireland after spending some time in Harrogate, Yorkshire for a Veterans Cricket Festival in which 58 teams and over 1000 veterans participated. It was a great time renewing friendships from previous festivals and the highlight was a picnic day at Lord Eagleby’s Castle where they were entertained with medieval displays of jousting. After the festival Ken was joined by son Ross and daughter in law Pamela touring Scotland where they enjoyed the Edinburgh Tattoo, Lake Windermere and visiting other areas in the highlands before heading off over the Irish Sea on the largest ferry in Europe to Dublin where they visited the Irish National Stud Farm, the Ring of Kerry and Waterford Crystal. Ken then set off to try and trace ancestors in Londonderry in Northern Ireland. He travelled over 1500 klm’s on his search a lot of which was on extremely narrow roads but nevertheless the speed limit was still 100klm per hour. Ken would challenge a rally driver to consistently drive at that speed on those roads. His trip home was too long without a stopover from Dublin/London/Singapore/Melbourne which was more than 24 hours on an aeroplane and he had jet lag and a stiff neck for three weeks but is back to normal now.

Glenn Fullerton emailed a short note to say thanks for his birthday card which arrived on the day, as usual. Glenn and his wife have just returned from seven weeks in the UK. They took a 22 day tour through England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the highlights being the Edinburgh Tattoo, visiting the Orkney Islands, the Isle of Skye and everything Irish. They enjoyed eight days in London doing the usual tourist things, but also had a one day tour of Paris being picked up from their London hotel at 6 am, onto the Eurostar train, bus tour of Paris with lunch in the Eifel Tower, a boat trip on the Seine, a quick visit to the Louvre and back to the Eurostar arriving back at their hotel in London at about 10 pm. Tiring but most enjoyable. Glenn then arranged an 11 day tour of the castles and gardens of England, again returning to Edinburgh, but on this occasion the Pope and the Queen were there, so they missed out on seeing Holyrood Palace, but instead enjoyed a great tour of the 'Britannia’.

Phil Goodier reports that it has been a hectic year with trips with wife Gail, fishing trips, frustrating bowling days and enjoying life by the sea at Beaumaris. The event of the year was the very recent trip to the Kimberley’s with two old Willys Whippet motor cars. One was a 1927 and the other a 1929. Both have corrugated iron roofs and no sides but do have doors. Ray Pietsch invited Phil to go on this trip with a crew from the Clare South Australia district .The trip was to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Whilst they have only just returned, the funds raised should approach $25,000! They were away for over a month mainly camping in the bush in their swags but had two support vehicles and trailers with tucker and grog. The trip was up the main south road to Alice Springs, to Dumarra then left along the Buchanan Highway ( track ) to Timber Creek to Kununurra then on to the Gibb River Road ( horrific ). Visiting many scenic spots including Mitchell Falls, Horizontal Falls (they also had a Cessna 182 with them from Kununurra to Halls Creek). They received quite a surprise at Drysdale River where the trailer springs were replaced when John and Lois Vanselow bumped into their group ...from the Gibb river road to Drysdale River took 5 hours for the 50 kms! On to Derby then down to Broome where a well earned R & R was enjoyed then on to Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek then to the unforgettable Tanami Desert track.... incredibly hard but the wildflowers were beautiful. After the long trip down to Alice Springs they featured in the large truck parade which was absolutely great fun .Back to Clare completing over 7000 KM for the journey…...a lot of stories and good fun was had as well as earning a lot of money for a good cause. So now it’s preparing for the annual snapper run!

Trevor Hart says he has read the ROC newsletters with much interest since he joined a few months ago.  Trevor sees the names of members whom he knows well, and others not so well, telling of their escapades in retirement. But, what really intrigued Trevor is the system in place for sending birthday greetings to members on their birthdays. It must be an enormous task to keep up with everyone. And, of course he was delighted to see how well the system works. Thanks to Kathy and members very much for the best wishes for his birthday. Trevor and wife Louise celebrated with lunch at the restaurant, and the purchase of innumerable plants at the nursery, both associated with the beautiful garden of “Cloudehill’ at Olinda where they had a very pleasant and extended wander. (Rain threatened but held off.)

Jack Helisma emails that on the 13th September he celebrated his 75th birthday - WOW! On that day the ROC birthday card arrived, sent by Kathy in John's absence. The monthly newsletters are always read with interest and greatly appreciated. Whilst his walking is somewhat restricted nowadays particularly as a result of back fusion, knee replacements etc., Jack and wife Robin  leased a car in Paris in May for 50 days driving 8,000 kms through France, Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. From Helsinki they  car ferried down the Baltic Sea to Rostock, Germany and thence to Friesland, Belgium, Paris and home. A deciding factor to make the trip this year was attending the Oberammergau Passion Play, held every 10 years. Overall they had a wonderful time. How time flies and they are thankful for all their blessings, family and friends.

Dick Hellard says he always had difficulties in getting his returns in by the required date and unfortunately that problem has stuck with him in retirement but belated thanks for the birthday card. He is keeping well and has the best garden in the street having retired from golf. To keep fit however Dick has a special walk of about 3 klm’s each morning and to date he has not lost one ball.

Doug Imrie reports that he and wife Trish have just arrived home after 4 months on the road caravanning up through the centre and across to Broome, down WA coast and home. They met up with John and Jan Brown whilst in Broome and enjoyed a dinner and drink. Many thanks for the birthday card and he hopes to get to another meeting soon.

Bruce Kellsemailing thanks to Kathy Trace for the usual on time birthday greetings on behalf of Retired Officers says this year was celebrated quietly with family at their house so the red wine could be enjoyed without fear of driving.

Cathie MacKiggan sending thanks for her birthday card says she spent her birthday this year on the Isle of Barra in the Western Hebrides, Scotland. Cathie and her brother have just returned after one month of touring “Bonnie Scotland”.

Sue McCarthy emailing thanks for the birthday greeting which arrived right on time says the year has passed with yet more travelling. She feels as if there is so much to see and not nearly enough time to see it. Sue has been away twice this year, once to Spain and Cyprus, and once to Scotland.  The Scottish trip included a couple of days in Glasgow, because she’s such a fan of TV’s Taggart series.  It’s a very interesting place – like Melbourne, it was a great Victorian city at the end of the nineteenth century.  Many of its Victorian buildings survived and are now being recycled.

Fay McPherson , Life Member and long time committee woman sent  a quick note of  thanks for the Birthday card, which as always, arrived right on the dot. Fay had a most enjoyable luncheon on her birthday with family and friends. Fay said how much she and husband Gerald enjoyed the ANZROC luncheon at the ANZ Centre. It is a very impressive building in a superb setting and the lunch was delicious. She feels that members were very spoilt!

Ian McRobinson sends thanks to all concerned for their kind wishes on his recent birthday. It was a perfect day; wonderful weather and all of Ian’s family shared in their birthday luncheon.

Special thanks to John Vanselow and his diary system.

Brian Murdoch sends thanks for his birthday card signed off by Kathy Trace. Brian says that celebrations had to be put on hold for a few weeks due to medical problems but he eventually caught up with everyone. Brian could only manage a trip to Perth this year but next winter will be spent in warmer places.

Jill Paterson emailing thanks for her birthday card says she was in Hobart with a friend who she acts as "unofficial/unpaid" carer for. Lots of snow on Mt Wellington but it toughens you up for Melbourne weather. Jill says she worked hard for the Libs for the Federal Election and is now gearing up for the State version.

Alan Pearce emails many thanks for the members’ good wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday and he appreciates the efforts of Kathy Trace in completing these good wishes to members.  It is good to see the Club prospering so well and with new activities being planned for the future, this prosperity should continue in the years to come. Alan  always look forward to the monthly meetings and comes along as often as he can and  to meet up with colleagues of the past and the Club meetings provide a good opportunity to do so.

Ron Smith writing on his 82nd says its 23 years since retirement and he still keeps a keen interest in the fortunes of the ANZ which has been a major part of his life. There was a time when he always seemed to be the youngest in a group but things have changed and he now seems to be the oldest. Fortunately health is good and he looks forward to renewing friendships at the Christmas luncheon.
Peter Treleaven emailing his thanks to Kathy Trace for his birthday card which as usual arrived on the day said he had a great lunch with a group of fellow retired officers at Di Palmas restaurant East Kew where some great reds were consumed. 2010 has been a great year so far following a shocker in 2009. Peter’s health is now 100% and playing golf 3days a week at Latrobe. Peter and wife Else are off to their second home in Bali for a few weeks. They should be able to thaw out after the recent global cooling in Melbourne.


And from, Diane Costigan, Steve Duke, John Fairbairn, Chris Griffiths, Martin Hayden, Bob Hesketh, Maurie McGrath, Maggie Murray, Bob Nichol,Jim Potter, Doug Ramsay, John Sudholz, Colin Walton, Mike Whitmore


Graeme Ainscough sending his thanks for the birthday greetings says like most members the year was a mixture of highs and lows. The birthday celebrations had to be deferred due to family illnesses with one daughter having to spend a week in hospital recovering from a serious infection. However he was able to see his beloved North Melbourne footballers winning at MCG and watch his Cheltenham baseball team get into the Grand Final for the 4th consecutive year. Graeme and wife June are off to the Voyager Resort on the Gold Coast for a few weeks  to catch up with their old neighbours from Glen Waverley and also Jim O’Sullivan who would be known to keen racegoers as a long time trainer who has now settled in the Gold Coast.  Their move to Patterson Lakes has been a great success after the trauma of settling/moving out and moving into the new home in one day. They will be busy in 2011 with their daughter’s wedding planned for September.

David Barr told me he has just returned from caravanning in far Northern Queensland after 9 weeks away from the Victorian winter.

Clive Bayley writes that he has just returned from 3 months in UK and is still wading through the mail but he and wife Margaret had a great holiday.

Huck Bourke recently returned from a trip to Scotland and Ireland to find John Vanselow’s Birthday card amongst six weeks of mail. Huck’s a bit late in his reply but he was a lot later last year when John gave him a personal note for the 60th but Huck didn’t get around to replying due to the pressures of retirement! He hopes to catch up at the next ANZROC golf day. On the subject of golf, Huck and wife Sandy’s recent rivately arranged tour of several of the past British Open courses which were quite a challenge, particularly as his game had gone backwards after taking lessons shortly before departure. First lesson in golf – don’t get a lesson!


Sandy played to her normal high standard which gets a bit demoralising – his golf got a lot better in Ireland and the courses were more spectacular – they will be back there in the future.

Barbara Bruce emailed her thanks to Kathy Trace for the birthday card which arrived right on time. Barbara celebrated with 9 other ANZ Bank friends at the RACV Club which was most enjoyable. It is great to keep in touch with friends and to celebrate each other's birthdays.

John Fearnley emailed a short message to thank Kathy for the birthday card sent on behalf of the Club.  John looks forward to the monthly newsletter and often reflects upon the names of the "birthday boys and girls" mentioned therein and of his association with many of them during his career in the bank.

Barbara Gardiner emailed thanks to Kathy for sending out those birthday greetings on time!  She has had another busy year with U3A Nunawading activities as well as a trip to London and another to Singapore during the year. Barbara is looking forward to lunch at Docklands as it should be a great day especially for the camera enthusiasts.

John Glasson writing his thanks for the birthday wishes for his 88th says his health is fine which is a good thing and says it is his 29th year of retirement.

Denis Gleeson emails that the birthday wishes were waiting for him when he returned from the winter holidays in Queensland.

Charles Griss says yet again he is an apology for the September meeting and any activities between 3rd September and 3rd October. This time it is not “business” but the fact that Charles and wife Angela are heading to the UK-Scotland, Lake District and Cornwall, half of the time with friends and the other half driving around themselves. Looking forward (but not to the bill!) to a night out at Rick Stein’s Restaurant in Padstow in Cornwall. He hopes to make a few lunches next year if not earlier.

John Hawkins emails that he and wife Helen returned from New Zealand just before the earthquake struck in Christchurch. He is an apology for Thursday’s meeting as its Helen’s birthday.

Louis Hebrard emails once again he received birthday wishes from the Club, signed by Kathy.  The card was a welcomed addition to a happy day with the family.  Louis is keeping very well fortunately and life is great.
June Hoskin writes thanks for remembering her birthday which she enjoyed with a family luncheon. The receipt of her card was very much appreciated.

Ian James emailed his thanks to the committee for the birthday card for his 70th and especially to John Vanselow for his personal good wishes. Ian and wife Anne recently caravanned up the Centre and east to the Queensland coast. Looks like they may have passed John and Lois on the way! They made a "diversion" from Alice Springs by flying to Darwin and took a cruise by small ship to Broome. It was a wonderful way to explore the coast and see the rugged, colourful remote Kimberley’s, aboriginal art and wildlife. A real adventure. Ian and Anne are now spending a few weeks on the Sunshine Coast then back to Albury at the end of September.

Frank Jones writing on his 87th says he is handicapped mainly in the legs and with heart problems but he is still on the planet. Frank is in good hands however as he tells me that his 6 children are all involved in medicine which includes 6 children and grandchildren in nursing, three grandchildren undergoing nursing training, one studying medicine, and others in clinical work and a grandson is an ambulance officer while two other grandsons are structural engineers… not bad for a bank clerk. Frank enjoys reading the monthly newsletters.

Bruce and Nancy Mathrick let me know that they are heading off to China on 8th September for a few weeks of relaxation and exploration.

John McConnell emails many thanks for the kind birthday greetings. They are always greatly appreciated. John also wanted to pass on his best wishes to all on the excellent role played by the Committee.

Dick Milnthorpe emailing his thanks for the birthday greetings says it’s always nice to hear the news from 'down under' and he appreciates the newsletters.  Dick says he  thinks it was about two years ago when he wrote about the trip he and wife Pat had to the Canadian Rockies and Alaska, the following year they took a Cruise Liner (Oriana) through the Panama Canal and on to Auckland via San Francisco and Hawaii, which was very interesting - particularly the passage through the Panama Canal. They can now say they have been across the States by land, sea and air! This last year they left Melbourne on the Aurora and returned to UK via Fremantle (Dick tells his Aussie friends that the trip to Fremantle by sea from Melbourne is more scenic than the overland route!) and thence home via Phuket, Singapore, Mauritius, Durban and Cape Town. They had a great close up view of Krakatau on the way, and of course enjoyed a ride up Table Mountain. Dick and Pat will be back in Mornington again this year, staying until the end of March (gives their tomato plants a chance!), but will give the ship a miss this time and travel both ways by air. Hopefully, England will make a decent show of it in the Ashes series.

Peter O'Dwyer emails his thanks for the Birthday Greetings. Peter and wife Joan thankfully continue to enjoy life in Yarrawonga, after 18 years of retirement, which in his case was preceded by 43 years, 6 months and 17 days of service with ANZ and Bank of Australasia.

Lesley Orchard one of my colleagues  during the Esanda days was wishing me a good  trip to UK and said she doesn’t  get back to UK  too often these days , mainly just to visit friends as she is  now hooked on cruises with 4 already booked for the next 12 months. So relaxing.

Les Roberts writing from Portland on his 73rd says he still looks back with great pleasure being with John Vanselow at the “Coffs” Christmas barbecues. Les says that Portland now seems to be the “Blue fin Tuna” capital of Victoria. He is still inviting any travellers to have a meal with him on a stopover.

Bruce Robertson emails his thanks for the Birthday Greetings from Kathy Trace that was awaiting Bruce and wife Glennis on their return from Fiji where they spent time with their family to celebrate the event. Must say that it was most enjoyable, the people are so friendly and helpful especially with the young children. The year has flown by with numerous trips from their home in Runaway Bay Qsld. to Wollongong to look after the grand children and several trips to Melbourne the last being to help Glennis's Mum celebrate her 90th birthday. They are on call for a further trip to Wollongong to again baby sit the grand children whilst their son David and his wife Maree fly to Chile to check on housing and schools prior to taking up a role in Antofagasta. Looks like holidays will be in Chile for the next few years!

Jack Stewart writing from Whiteheads Creek thanking Kathy Trace for the best wishes on his 75th says the drought has broken there and the yearly rainfall at the end of July was 459 mm some 223mm more than at the same time in 2009. Jack says he has been out of ANZ for 20 years.

John Vanselow’s final report on his and wife Lois’s trip for 2010 begins at their departure from Mt Isa on 4th August for Barkly Homestead, then on to Daly Waters, Katherine and Kununurra where they spent 5 days. At Kununurra they took a Sling Air flight at 9am over the Ord River Irrigation area, Lower Ord River, Wyndham, Cambridge Gulf and Adolphus Island before reaching the Coast. Then some low level flying over Berkeley River Gorge, King George Falls to Kulumburu and on across Port Warrender and Crystal Head followed by sweeping orbits of the Mitchell Falls before touching down at Mitchell Falls for refuelling. Then they took off for lunch at Drysdale Station with the return flight via El Questro, Emma Gorge, and views of the setting sun on the western Walls of Cockburn Gorge. A fantastic day arriving back at 5pm. They left the Caravan at Zebra Rock Gallery and departed on the planned Camping trip into the Bungle Bungles and El Questro Station. 5 nights were spent in Bungle Bungles with walks into Cathedral Gorge, Domes Walk, Piccaninny Gorge and Echidna Chasm. Interesting camping spot with toilet available and they were able to use their new sola shower. The trip in and out was very rough taking 2 hours for the 53Klm. On to El Questro for 5 nights with a tour into Explosion and Chamberlain Gorges finishing with champagne and nibbles at Branco’s lookout. Roughest road they have ever been on and glad it was in an El Questro vehicle. Other locations visited were Zebedee Springs, Jackeroos Waterhole, Moonshine and El Questro Gorges. Weather very hot between 35/40 degrees. Back to Kununurra to collect Caravan and vote. Even worse they had to stand in a queue for 2 hours in 40 degree heat to cast their votes. Heat continued from Kununurra to Katherine until they reached Tennant Creek and as Alice Springs was booked out for a Truck Convention they passed through to Stuart Wells Roadhouse. They should arrive in Melbourne around 4th September in time for John to join members at Docklands for lunch. They are both well in the cooler Victoria and the Landcruiser was running beautifully on the return trip.

Glenda White reports that she is off to Hong Kong again in October and November.


Terry Boocock, Geoff Burton, Bob Challis, Geoff Christensen, Geoff Christmas, Justin Clezy, Rob Goldsworthy,  John Gunn, Stan Halbish, Trevor Hart, Peter Harvey, Eddie Hassett, Andy Herd, David Hughes, Kevin Kelly, Vito Laruccia, Don Maguire, Max McKoy, Tony Nimmo, Glynn Parry-Jones, David Phelps, Tom Phillips, Alan Potter, Barry Reid, Wayne Taylor, Warren Thomas, Mike Watts, Maurice Wells, Merv Williams






Ian Anderson writing thanks for the birthday greetings says life continues to pass by quickly with 4 grandchildren keeping him and wife Margaret on their toes. It’s only a couple of weeks to go before they head off to Queensland for their annual holiday in Burleigh Heads. Next year they are planning to visit Ian’s brother and sister in law who live on Vancouver Island, in Canada. Playing golf twice a week is a passion Ian continues to enjoy.

Christine Baker can’t make the August meeting as she will be celebrating her birthday with family in hopefully sunny Queensland.

John Brown and wife Jan updating their travels in WA report that they spent 5 days in Kununurra and had a really good look around by boat, plane and 4WD. It's a wonderful part of the country and the weather was between a low of 20 and high of 32 degrees every day. Once you acclimatise it’s great holiday weather. The water in the pool is about 22 degrees, so swimming is on the agenda when they have time. They flew into the Bungle Bungles and then a walk around a couple of the gorges before flying back Kununurra. However on the way out from the walk, with only 300 metres to go, Jan slipped on an uneven rock and they thought she had badly sprained her ankle. Jan could not put any weight on the foot, so they had it x-rayed at Kununurra hospital which showed a break in the fibula, just above the ankle. Apart from Jan’s accident it was a great trip with plenty of interesting sightseeing from the plane flying over the Argyle Dam and Diamond Mines and a close up look at the beehive formations and gorges from the ground. At Kununurra her leg was put in a cast and then on towards Broome with a couple of stops planned on the way and finally catching up with friends and relations who were holidaying in Broome including Doug and Trish Imre and John and Denise Crough . At the Broome hospital the cast was replaced with a temporary back half cast as they said the swelling was still there. A week further on the final cast is in place, this one blue fibreglass with a heel so Jan can put a bit of weight on the leg.  They will still have almost a month of the trip left once the cast comes off (at a hospital wherever they are that time), so are just taking it easy and enjoying the weather and laid-back life style before starting to head South down the WA coast on 17 August. No phone contact on the 3 phone network is available from Kununurra, but the wireless internet via the Telstra 3G network is OK and they can communicate via email and Skype.

Rae Collins says it’s hard to believe he has now reached 90 years but he feels a lot younger than his age. Rae has been retired for 34 years after working in ANZ for 35 years and serving 5 years in the Australian Army .This means that all the present AFL players were born after he had retired. While he is living in a supported residential facility Rae keeps fit walking in the gym. He still keeps in touch with several of the retired ANZ crew and is always interested in the news in the monthly newsletters.

Neil Dawtrey emailing his thanks to John Vanselow for the sterling job he does getting the birthday cards out to all the members for their birthdays says the card duly arrived on time as usual. Until the August meeting he was unable to attend luncheons for 2010 as he has been working part time for ANZ but he is now able to focus on retirement until the call comes from them again - which it undoubtedly will. Apart from a couple of one week trips to Victorian resorts this year other travel plans had been put on hold due to work but this will now change. Neil and his wife do their best to stay fit and active through regular attendance at the local gymnasium which is building  a level of fitness to cope with longer overseas trips - and also their three young grandchildren!

John Duke Past President and Life Member emailed to say he and wife Dorothy will be on the road from July 22 until August 5. They are doing a road trip to Head of Bight S.A to "see the Whales". They expect to visit Port Lincoln and towns on the Eyre Peninsula on the way back.

Frank Edwards and wife Mavis went to Hong Kong - again - for their birthdays. They drank a Carlsberg Special Brew or two remembering the team at ANZROC. The card was waiting for Frank when they returned from the jaunt to Hong Kong and was appreciated, as always.  With John Vanselow trekking up in the Top End it was good to see that Kathy Trace had stepped into his shoes. The Hong Kong trip went well, with only one small glitch when he had to have a tooth removed early in the piece. The dentistry was very efficient, pretty pricey, but worth every cent. They only missed one day touring the island, but no real drama.

Chris Fieggen writing his thanks for the birthday card for his 79th says this year was not a happy one for him as his wife Dinie who had been ill for some time passed away a couple of weeks before the birthday. Chris is hoping that in the future he may have time once again to attend ANZROC meetings and renew some old acquaintances.

Rino Frigo writes that he has just returned from a cruise around Asia visiting Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. It was extremely hot and humid and he was glad to get back onboard ship after a day on land. Visiting the Brunei stilt village of 30,000 people was a highlight. Rino says thanks for the birthday card which for the 13th year arrived a day early as his birthday is on ANZAC Day.

Terry Heenan sending thanks for his birthday card says it is now some 17 years since he retired and he is still enjoying life. Terry plays bowls and golf each week and whilst his performance is not improving, the outings are still enjoyable.

Mike Henry advised that he read the latest newsletter in Stockholm Sweden where it was a balmy 27degrees.Just finished a tour of Norway (Fjord land was absolutely breathtaking), which was preceded by a tour of Germany. Off to Finland soon before heading back to Aussie to face the winter.

Don Hoffmann celebrating his 76th says the time passes quickly and after 48 years living in Glen Waverley he and his wife have been settled in Beaconsfield for the past two years. They celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in September. Recently they’ve had a visit from Merv and Maree Potter (WA) and they are both well. Don and Merv spent a lot of time recounting the ES&A days from 1952 on.

John Hudgson reports that having arrived home from their 7 week overseas vacation it was great to find the birthday card from ANZROC – family advised it arrived right on time thanks to JV.

John and wife Ann travelled to Canada and completed the Inside Passage Cruise from Anchorage Alaska to Vancouver where they met up with his sister and brother in-law from whence they drove through British Columbia, visiting places such as Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary and Fairmont. They attended the “Stampede” at Calgary and had a round of golf in Fairmont.  John and Ann then flew over to Montreal staying 3 days and visiting Quebec before taking the train to Niagara Falls then on to Washington DC , back to New York and a few days R&R in Seoul on the way home. They had a great trip but experienced the hottest days on record in Montreal, New York and Seoul with the humidity being very tiring.  Although it is hard to believe, they enjoyed arriving back in Melbourne at 6.00am to 8 degrees. Thanks again for the card and John and Ann are looking forward to catching up with friends and workmates soon.

Wayne and Bernadette Hulbert are tendering apologies for the August and September meetings, as they will be away on an outback adventure (not a holiday) with a group of friends in the Simpson Desert. They are currently getting the 4WD and brand new Tvan camper into readiness. Wayne is not sure whether to be excited or worried as parts of the Simpson Desert are very wet, so they may have to change the route to avoid the floods. It will certainly be a challenge. Wayne’s birthday card arrived right on time again. Very impressed! Wayne and Bernadette were able to catch up with their children and 4 grandchildren on the day so that was very special

Bill Jackson emailed a quick thankyou for the Birthday Card – John Vanselow is a marvel never misses a beat. Bill is unable to come to daytime luncheons so he looks forward to the news sheet each month and loves to read how everybody is going and about their travels. His days at present find him heavily involved in minding their 22 month old Grandson and boy is he a handful - on the go all the time. Bill enjoys the weekends when he and wife Bev can go and watch their beloved Albert Park (ANZ) play football and catch up with Brian and Noelle Christensen and some of the other past players.

Bill Lanigan emailing thanks for the ever prompt birthday greetings says he is planning a couple of family interstate trips this year and hopefully overseas next year.

John McDermott and wife Bronwyn advised me they are in Coolum where they spend 5/6 weeks each year at this time and certainly weather up there is quite a lot warmer and more pleasant that Bendigo at present. John however feels that when away from home comforts and family you still miss them whatever the temperature.

Bob Nichol still emailing at 98 says he is not appreciating our cold winter, as their Retirement Village only has hot water heaters in the passage ways and rooms. Electric heaters are banned because of the danger of fire. With over 60 elderly people in the Village the staff can't take any risks so it’s a case of rug up or freeze. He’ll be 99 in November and has no illnesses, and his health is quite good. Bob’s ears prick up when he hears mention of the ANZ in the news for like all other banks, there must be quite a few headaches.

Peter Nyga advises that he is home and recovering well after undergoing open heart surgery for a double bypass and MAZE procedure (the latter addresses a heart palpitation problem that has plagued Peter since he was 26). Within 10 days of surgery, Peter could walk 2 kms and climb 2 floors of stairs. There are times, though, when his chest feels as though it’s been driven over by a semi trailer. And sneezing is best avoided – it’s akin to an axe going into the chest.

Trevor Richards replying to the Birthday Greetings on the occasion of his 65th birthday says it is now 10 years since he left the ANZ service. How time flies. It seems that this winter is a lot colder than the last couple that Melbourne has experienced and to get away from the cold, Trevor and wife Christine are taking a short Queensland holiday in Port Douglas later this month.

Bring it on.

I visited Bruce Seamons Life Member and Past President at his Retirement Village in Mount Waverley to give him his birthday card for the 87th and he said he and wife Fay are happily ensconced in the Village and enjoying the lifestyle with plenty of conveniences and excellent care.

Don Schubert writes that he is kept up to date with the current activities of former ANZ personnel many of whom were his workmates when he receives the monthly newsletter.

Bernie Sowersby writes that he celebrated his 80th with around 60 members of his family and friends. In September they are off to the Hunter Valley with Bernie’s Probus Club and then in the New Year they will be cruising around New Zealand on a 13 day cruise.

Mark Stankovich writes that he had a great birthday celebrating with his entire family and it was especially satisfying after watching Collingwood’s victory over Geelong the previous evening. Mark says it has been a rather quiet year that passed all too quickly.

Glen Twidale is also heading north on Friday 13th to escape the cold and for a special occasion this year as his youngest granddaughter Amelia is having her 21st.

John Vanselow reports that the progress of the trip in Queensland/NT/WA with wife Lois came to a halt 120 Klm west of Camooweal and 300Klm west of Mount Isa. It is the first time in 287000K that the Land Cruiser has experienced an engine problem. They have Total Care and after contacting RACV they arranged for RACQld to transport Cruiser and Caravan back to Mt Isa. The problem was a seized water pump which also caused some engine damage. They settled in the Caravan Park beside a small river awaiting repair and were on the move within two weeks. Weather sunny and warm 23/29 so they were able to relax in comfort. RACV provided a car during the stay which kept them mobile. Telstra mobile and wireless broadband has given excellent connection everywhere they have stopped. John was very pleased that he purchased a Laptop before departure which enables him to process emails, keep in touch with market, and internet banking as required.

Athol Watkins often send the newsletters to his friends interstate and one of the recipients, Phil Sloan, now based in Hobart said that he recognised about 40 names in the July newsletter and would welcome a phone call on 62293649 if members that were colleagues of Phil were visiting Hobart, or just wanted a chat.

Norm Wood celebrating his 84th says John Vanselow's magic touch continues to amaze, as his card arrived spot on the day, as always, with his personal wishes appended, which are also much appreciated. Norm and wife Merle are very much stay-at-homes these days, the most exciting thing to happen to them for the year being the arrival of their first great grandchild, which of course has the great-grandmother completely besotted.  However Norm grudgingly admits that she is by some strange coincidence quite the most beautiful baby ever, a judgment which you will appreciate is completely impartial and unbiased.


Graeme Ainscough, Annette and Graeme Baldwin, Ian Bell, Hermann Bettonvil, Gordon Blair, Anne Blashki, Ron Boulton, Barbara Bruce, Alan Chapple, Kim Charlton, Steve Cowell, Dave Cuddon, Terry Earle, Kevin Ferns, John Flyger, David Gibb, Phil Goodier, Roy Harper, John Harris, Peter Harvey, Louis Hebrard, Peter Jones, Graham Joseph, Peter Kariotis, Vern Knuiksis, George Lawson, Ken Lee, Peter Lees, Garry Lord, Bob Maughan, Mike McKernan, Paul McVeigh, Bruce Michell, Emilio Moreno, Trevor Mudgway, Reg Nicolson, Peter O’Dwyer, Kevin O’Neill, Bernie O’Reilly, Alain Pierre, Ray Pietsch, Jim Potter, Kevin Quigley, Mike Riley, Alan Rutzou, Alan Ryan, John Simson, Peter A Smith, Syd Swaby, John Turnbull, James Uren, Adrian Walsh, Julie Wilkins, Bruce Young.




Graeme Ainscough reported that he attended the funeral service of Jim Upfill who finally succumbed to cancer after a long fight. Graeme and Jim worked together in Esanda and Jim was a stalwart of the Cheltenham Baseball club. Graeme has also been undergoing treatment which has finally finished he says and he is getting some energy back.

Arthur Backholer writing his thanks for the good wishes on his 90th says it was a great occasion celebrated with family members. Arthur enjoys reading the newsletter and sends thanks to the committee who continue to keep the ship afloat coping with changing social times and regulations.

Alma Barkell writes thanks for the birthday card as it is always lovely to receive the ANZROC card which arrived on the day.

Bob Bell emailing from Mollymook says as usual John managed to have his birthday wishes arrive on due date and he thanks members for their kind thoughts. Bob looks forward to the monthly newsletter as it keeps him updated with the many people he met during 40 plus years with ANZ. Bob was sorry to read in last month’s letter of the passing of Alan Kelly as he worked for Alan in the old ANZ V&T Lending and as his Assistant Manager at 353ESM. Life at Mollymook continues to be kind to Bob and wife Carolyn. In June last he achieved one of his sporting ambitions, a HOLE IN ONE. A 165 metre par 3. Bowls continues to take up a fair am ount of time as Bob i s now in his 6th year as Chairman of the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club. The club has around 6,000 members.

Will Bailey emailed his thanks for the birthday card and in particular to John and Lois Vanselow for their thoughtful message on the card. The Club provides great pleasure to the many members, particularly those getting on in years that are less mobile than they once were. Will and wife Dorothy’s lives still seem to be very full what with Community and Church interests in Geelong, the Bristol Car Club and spending as much time as possible at their place in Noosa Waters. Will is in the final stages of a complete ground up restoration of a 1972 Bristol 411 which when finished will complete his stable of 3 restored Bristols, a 400, 403 and 411. The 3 other oldies still get a run from time to time too. As Dorothy often says its time his priorities changed so they can travel a bit more but Will feels they did enough when travelling for the Bank! However during the year they did catch up with a number of colleagues and chewed the fat. It is amazing how the old times seemed so much better. No health problems except for old age ailments. Best wishes to all,

Terry Boocock emailed a note of thanks for his birthday card which as usual, arrived promptly. Terry said that 31 December 2009 was the date of his retirement from the paid workforce.

This date was a time for reflection back to February 1961 when Terry started work at ANZ, 154 Moorabool Street Geelong. His first accountant was Bob Kirkland who he noted is now an honorary member of ANZROC. Terry recognises three highlights in his working life. Time spent in the computer environment at South Yarra in the 1960’s, working at Moonee Ponds Area office with Peter Treleaven and finally his work at the Banking Ombudsman’s Office over 11 years with Colin Neave. Life in retirement is very busy as he continues his involvement with the Royal Victorian Aero Club and flying, Trips and Tours organiser with the local Probus Club and as a volunteer bus driver for a local aged care facility. Terry gets to the gym at the RACV club occasionally where he has run into a number of retired ANZ officers.

Wendy Bradley emailing thanks for her birthday card which arrived on the day as it didn’t get mixed up with Easter this year says she would have liked to have joined members and partners at the Maroondah Club, but she was babysitting on that day.  Wendy seems to do a lot of that at the moment as the other Grandmother has been ill.

Luigi Bucello writing from Dalmore thanking John for the best wishes for his 60th birthday said the card arrived on time but the celebrations were delayed for a week as some family and friends were committed elsewhere. At the celebrations 90 adults and 8 children gathered at the Bucello farm in the asparagus packing shed starting at 6.30 pm with some staying on until 3am .The caterers Montalfa Catering from Dandenong were highly recommended while family members provided the cake. Plenty of refreshments and a nephew manning the DJ equipment meant the dancing went late into the night. Luigi is looking forward to the next party.. his 70th. Meanwhile he is focussing on selling the farm and organising some travelling.

Kim Charlton emailing from Cora Lynn his thanks for the birthday card reports that he and wife Joy have just returned from a month in South Australia, mainly in the beautiful regional city of Port Lincoln enjoying some great fishing while catching up and spending quality time with family. The weather was great except for one night when they were flooded (partially their fault) in the motel unit. The sensational fishing on the trip included salmon, squid and Tommies at Port Lincoln, snapper, whiting and snook at Arno Bay, and blue swimmer crabs at Port Germein. Making sure to pack the smoker and cryvaccer meant they can continue to enjoy the catch over the next couple of months.

Mike Cooper writing from Alfredton says he and his wife enjoy the monthly newsletter which brings them up to date with the comings and goings of their former work colleagues.

Fergus Darmody writing from Traralgon says last year was not a good one for him as he was in and out of hospital 8 times but is now recovering and is feeling good. Fergus and his wife spent a couple of months in South Australia with family and while travelling around the State he was able to visit several old Bank branches where he had worked all those years ago. He actually caught up with some old colleagues dating back to their Union Bank days. They are off to Tasmania for a few weeks to visit family before he has to go back into hospital for a check-up.

Norm Deady writing from Mornington on his 89th says his card arrived on the day despite the Easter holiday break. Norm retired from the Bank in April 1980 and says the 30 years has gone very quickly. He and wife Lesley enjoy reading the newsletters and keeping up to date with colleagues and friends with whom he has worked.

Steve Duke sending a quick email of thanks for his first Retired Officers birthday card says true to form, John has arranged the card to arrive on Friday for his birthday Saturday. Being one of the younger members, Steve would hope for many more.....

Jim Dusting apologizing for missing the May and June meetings says he and wife Carole (ex-ANZ late 60's/early 70's) are in Austin Texas awaiting the birth of their daughter Debra's (also ex-ANZ early 00's) second baby. This is due any day now and everyone is waiting "patiently".
All going well Jim will be back for the July meeting.
John Fairbairn emailing from Yarrawonga says as usual, with impeccable timing, the birthday card arrived on the precise day. John enjoys a very busy retired life in the country where both Peter O'Dwyer and John are involved in Golf and Probus. He hopes that opportunity will occur to attend an evening dinner Meeting sometime this year but time will tell.

Nev Greenway emailing thanks for the Club’s Birthday greetings which arrived right on time as usual says the year's main highlight was the premature birth of their grand daughter last July. She is now almost 10 months old and very cute indeed. During April Nev and wife Bev attended the 60th anniversary of the Year 7 class at the newly established Cohuna Consolidated Higher Elementary School. 35 out of the original 64 pupils attended. There were 63 at the dinner including partners and one teacher. Terry Walsh from Adelaide (IT support SA for some years) was a participant and it was great to catch up with others from that class who had joined the Bank in Cohuna There were many shared memories and hopefully, they will repeat the experience in two years time.

Peter Harney writing from Delacombe says that he and wife Kay enjoy reading the newsletters as there are many names that come up from those years ago with ANZ. It’s now 17 years since Peter left the Bank and has been cleaning carpets and upholstery ever since.

Laurie Holland writes thanks for the good wishes on his 90th. The day was spent with wife Margaret and a couple of neighbours with the main event on the following day when the whole family was present except for one of his grand daughters. Laurie finds that the ageing process is moving rather faster than he would like. The caravan has been sold, the golf clubs are gathering dust and the fishing gear is hanging in the shed. However he still has his garden, family and neighbours to keep him busy.

Graham Heenan writing from Belmont says he and wife Pam now have 5 grandchildren and there has been a noticeable variation in pace. Either the grandchildren are getting faster or he is getting slower. Their travelling for the past 12 months has been restricted to a trip to Queensland last winter and a couple of weeks in Bright. Graham has a few directional problems with his golf handicap heading north, wealth handling south and waistline east and west but otherwise all is good.

Doug Imrie thought he best send a quick note to say he has not "done a runner" since his attendance at his inaugural luncheon, but his youngest daughter was married in March and he and wife Trish are about to do "The Grey Nomad" caravan tour up to Darwin and down the West coast. They expect to be home late September in time to watch the Bulldogs play in the grand final. Doug hopes to see members at the October meeting.

Gordon Kennedy emailing from Healesville says thanks for his birthday wishes which as usual arrived on the exact day. It is now 28 Years since he retired from the Bank. Time sure does fly. Fortunately Gordon and wife Pat keep reasonably good health apart from the usual health problems for people getting older. They are still able to drive the car and get about quite a lot; they go away for about 5 days at a time and try to keep within the bounds of Victoria with the next trip planned to Lakes Entrance .All they need is an occasional change of scenery as they are very happy in their Retirement Village.

Ailsa Mackie writes thanks for the birthday wishes and says she can’t believe she is still enjoying life so much although she is not as nimble as she was but that is only a minor problem. She does enjoy the newsletters as the names evoke so many memories.

David Masters emailing a short note to say thankyou for the birthday greetings received from ANZROC says that having left the bank in 1982 after 22 years service it has meant a great deal to David to read of the many members with whom he had worked over the years and their endeavours over that period. David and his wife are now living in semi retirement in Echuca where their son and daughter in law own the local trophy business. They are kept busy with grand children and outside interests plus keeping up with their business in Melbourne. Hopefully David will be able to meet up at a social gathering which will coincide with a trip to Melbourne shortly.

Lesley Orchard emailing from Miners Rest says that she is certainly enjoying retirement - and like most others doesn't know how she ever found time to go to work!!!  What with activities connected with U3A and recently being appointed Treasurer of the local Probus Club, Lesley doesn’t have many days free, hence she hasn’t been able to make it into the city for any of the ANZROC meetings - hopefully, one day!

Glyn Parry-Jones emailing his thanks for the birthday card for his 60th says as always the card arrived on the day; the Seniors Card though came a little later. Birthday celebrations included a couple of very enjoyable lunches with ex-colleagues. To balance out the trauma of a 'big birthday', Glynn and wife Janet are looking forward to the wedding of their second daughter at the end of May. This will be followed closely (volcanoes permitting) by a trip to England, Wales, Ireland and France - including a barge/cycling trip through the villages and vineyards of Burgundy with a Seniors card and a strong Aussie dollar!

Tom Phillips reminiscing says it was sad to note Ben Gribbin’s passing in a recent newsletter. Many years ago Tom saw an obituary notice in the papers for Ben Gribbin so he sent a condolence card to the family only to have Ben phone him and say “Thommo, thanks for the card but its my cousin who died”.

Peter Pritchard emails that it was great to receive his birthday card and on time. Peter’s day was most enjoyable with cards and presents from the family and a wonderful relaxed day. In the evening Peter and his wife went out with friends to a restaurant and finished up quite late. A good time was had by all.

Mike Riley emailing from Wodonga his thanks for the birthday card says he had been trying to forget the occasion!! Mike was working in Albury in the late '80s when the Bank transferred eight NSW branches along the Murray into Victorian Administration. Mike’s earliest Managers' conferences were an education. The conversations were usually about people they had worked with .places they had worked and AFL football which were all foreign to an NRL supporter from NSW. However, things seemed to get easier, and when he did a 12-month stint as Managerial relief in North-East Victoria, Mike was always welcomed by staff and made to feel at home. Ultimately he was appointed to Jerilderie for 2 years, then a similar period of time at Wendouree (Ballarat), from where he resigned in 1995. At the time he finished up, he was helped very much through a difficult time by then District Manager Peter Williams and Personnel Manager Neil Harnwell, whose understanding was greatly appreciated. Mike hopes to be able to get to a couple of functions before the end of the year - he might be able to talk about half-forward-back-pocket-tanking, etc. by then.

Greg Scollo emailing his thanks for the card for his 74th. Birthday says it was a much appreciated thought .Greg and wife Mary are very lucky to be in very good health and enjoying life immensely. Presently they are in Townsville, Qld, in their second home, preparing for the winter months with all their local friends, and travelling in the far north till the end of November when they return to Melbourne to spend Christmas and Easter with their children and extended family,. Greg is also looking forward to the ANZ ROC Christmas' luncheon to meet many of his retired friends and colleagues.

John Simson emailed a quick note of thanks’ for the birthday card and good wishes. After 47 years with the bank, 37 years full time & second time around 11 years on contract, John has finally decided to retire and will be moving with his wife to Moama in August to be closer to their son and his family, plus hopefully catch up with some golf, travel & fishing.

Sandra Street read the recent newsletter article from Joy Frighetto and subsequently met up with Joy and Narelle Cook for lunch just after Easter.  They had a great yak and the “gals” are looking good - it must be at least 20/25 years since they had seen each other.  Both have grown up families now and indeed Joy is a grandmother.  They were trying to remember how long ago the great Royal Reunion 60s/70s was held (they can’t recall) so if anybody is inclined to organize another one bring it on and the three of them will be there.

Tony Stutterd writes that the good wishes for his 83rd birthday are always welcome and it’s a nice feeling to be around to receive them. Life continues at much the same pace down Mornington way-- slow but sure. Tony is busy most Fridays however when 10 of his old friends from their Hampton days get together at one of the local restaurants to enjoy reminiscing. Tony’s winter pilgrimage to Queensland is only a few weeks away and he is looking forward to the northern sunshine.

June Thompson writing thanks for her birthday card says she spent the day happily in the company of friends.

Joan Watson widow of our Past President Alan Watson said that Alan did enjoy his time as an ANZROC member and he appreciated the visits from David Knuckey and John Vanselow while he was in the Nursing Home.

Yvonne Watts (King) writing from Helensvale Qsld says she enjoys reading in the newsletter about many of her old ANZ colleagues over an enjoyable 32 years of her life. She has almost spent another 10 years in Queensland with Bendigo Bank.

Peter Westaway emailing from Glenmaggie says many thanks are extended to the committee and especially John Vanselow for his 70th birthday card. Birthday was celebrated with old acquaintances and new in Bali a favourite destination again revisited. The year 2010 is heading in a more positive direction than the traumatic sadness of 2009.

Harold Woolcock still typing on his 88th from Portarlington says thanks to John Vanselow who brought back memories for Harold of their golf days at Wagga when they slept in overcoats with very heavy frosts in the morning. Harold and wife Sylvia recently flew to Tasmania for their granddaughter’s engagement .They flew back to Melbourne for another granddaughter’s delayed wedding reception as she was married in Las Vegas early in the year and it was too far to travel. They were breakfasting in one of the new motels when the “evacuate” warning was heard and they had to walk down four flights of stairs with firemen and trucks blocking the streets. The fire alarms were set off when someone put a doughnut in the microwave for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Harold celebrated his birthday with a lunch with Sylvia and daughter Jillian at the Waterfront Restaurant in Geelong. They are both taking things quietly so no more long trips.


Christine Baker, Graham Bancroft, Dick Barry, David Beardsley, Fred Beattie, Tom Bloodworth, Ron Breckenridge, Barbara Bruce, Barry Burt, Geoff Burton, Max Butler, Geoff Christensen, Kevin Coleman, Dave Coppens, Darryl Cramer, Ken Crawford, Ian Davies, Brian Day, Sandra Edwards, Warwick Etty, Dennis Falkiner, Chris Fieggen, Des Field, Steve Flowers, Ian Fulton, John Goodwin, Chris Griffiths, Teddy Hanrahan, Noel Harman, Eddie Hassett, Dorothy Hayes, Louis Hebrard, Bob Hesketh, Rod Hill, David Hillas, Pin Pin Ho, Don Huffer (WA),Howard Hutchins, Graeme Irving, Bill Jackson, Erwin Jones, Peter Kariotis, Peter Keating, Barry Kilmartin, Barry King, Mike Lawrence, Ken Lee, Bill Luscombe, Ian Marchant, Denis McGee, Mike McKernan, Don Mercer, Sally Ming, Keith Moorhouse, Bob Mullen, Brian Murdoch, Ken Neilson, Ian Newstead, Jim Nicolson, Ron O’Connell, Coralie O’Donahoo, Louis Perrone, Jeff Pitt, Alan Podger, Tony Pompilio, Alan Potter, John Quirk, Ray Quirk, Don Ranyard, John Read, Dietmar Reichert, John Renwick, George Robertson, Barry Rogers, David Rome, Peter Russell, Brian Sanders, Ron W Smith ,Bernie Sowersby, Mark Stankovich, Trevor Stevens , John Stone, Ed Tanner, Warren Taylor, Cliff Turner, Arthur Vale, Chris Vise, Don Whitford, Andy Wilkie, Ron Wilkinson, David Woods, Graeme Worland,



JULY 2010

Bruce Avent emailing thanks for the kind thoughts and good wishes on the occasion of his recent birthday sends his warm regards to all members and as we get older, good health to all.

Darryl Bartlett emails his thanks for the birthday greetings which were awaiting him on return from Darryl and wife Ronda’s overseas trip. The special day was partly spent flying business class from Kuala Lumpur to home, therefore French Champagne & Margaret River reds were on offer. Darryl and Ronda travelled to Phuket for some rest and recreation first then on to Bangkok, Siem Reap Cambodia, Penang and finally Kuala Lumpur. Highlights of the trip were seeing the River Kwai and canals around Bangkok (also helicopters’ and gunfire!) and the Angkor Wat Temples and floating village at Siem Reap in Cambodia. The country is struggling to get on its feet following Pol Pot regime and now the GFC. They also enjoyed a personal guided trip around Penang Island which included a traditional "Haka" Chinese meal cooked in a private home. It was nice to return to cooler climes after the constant 35/42c heat in SE Asia.

Brian Day emailing his thanks for the good wishes on the occasion of his 73rd birthday says Wow!  Where do the years go? It is now 20 years since Brian retired from ANZ. Still working as Mortgage Manager for a First Mortgage Fund but, will no doubt consider cutting back on hours within the next year or so. Brian and wife Julie celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends last November – only seems like yesterday when they first met at the Royal Melbourne Show when Brian worked at the ANZ Agency there in 1957. Julie was also Ticket Secretary (Staff Club) for the ANZ Ball (St Kilda Town Hall) in that year. Julie worked in G/M/O Overseas Department but, when they married she was required to leave the Bank. They are still enjoying travelling to Skilled Stadium in Geelong to watch all the Cats home games. Son Peter plus two grandsons have seats next to them in the Reg. Hickey stand which provides the Days’ with many enjoyable hours especially in view of the continuing winning home ground “streak” the Cats are having. Unfortunately, Son Peter suffered a bad cycling accident on Nepean Highway, Carrum recently which resulted in Peter spending 2 days in Frankston Hospital and a week in Epworth, Box Hill. Broke vertebrae in his neck and several ribs but his injuries could have been much worse. He is now back at work for a half-day each week and should be back full time soon. Hopefully that will be the end of his cycling efforts.

Val Goldsworthy writes thanks for the nicely worded birthday card and the best wishes. Although Val feels she’s ageing gracefully there are times when she feels that times have overtaken her.

Reg Henley writing from Rosebud on his 86th says thanks for the good wishes and he finds the newsletters very interesting reading of the happenings of members with whom he worked and still know quite well.

Trevor Lewis writing thanks for the good wishes of members on his 70th birthday says he looks forward to keeping in contact with old ANZ friends through the monthly newsletters and the Christmas luncheon.

Bernadette Hulbert emailed her thanks for her Birthday wishes. Bernadette and husband Wayne are heading off to the Simpson Desert in August and are looking forward to this very much.  Just need the rain to stop up there and the roads to be reopened.  After doing the Canning Stock Route last year, they are both really looking forward to this challenge. Planning for this trip and looking after the grandchildren (4 in all) makes for a very busy and enjoyable retirement.

Gordon Lyon writing from Wurtulla Qsld said thanks to John Vanselow for the personal message on the card for his 89th birthday. Gordon says he is not the best as he suffers from a lung disease developed many years ago following an operation and his breathing has been gradually deteriorating over time and now he is for the most part restricted to his Retirement Village.

Gavin Nailer sends a belated 'Thank You' for his birthday card. It was the seventh time that Gavin had celebrated a birthday with a 'zero'. Gavin was in Surfers for the event where it turned on its wonderful weather - rained solidly for two days during his four day visit. The last year has seen Gavin busier than ever and the arrival of his fifth grandchild has resulted in increased baby sitting duties - not that he complains. In July he will be heading to Canada with an Alaskan cruise thrown in. It’s his first time to that part of the world and he is really looking forward to it. Hope there’s no volcanos in the vicinity.

Bob Nichol still emailing at 98 says while his mobility is restricted due to an accident to his left leg he can still get out with family members or participate in the excursions run from time to time by the hostel staff. Bob appreciates the newsletters as he is reminded of the few surviving members with whom he worked or were his friends.

Peter Nyga says he had completely forgotten about the birthday cards from ANZROC, so he was delighted when he received a card signed by John Vanselow. The card arrived right on time.

The day was celebrated with a small family gathering at Peter’s place, unfortunately with one member missing – his mother who was not well enough to attend.

Alan Podger responding to the Birthday Greetings says he and wife Judy were on the Gold Coast on the actual day. Alan spent time playing bowls at Tweed Heads and also Coolangatta (with very mediocre results) and, more importantly, they caught up with their daughter and three grandchildren who had ventured down from Gladstone for a few days.

Jake Remyn writes that while he has been unable to attend a meeting for some time now he does enjoy the newsletters to see what is happening to the lives of people he used to work with and knows so well.

Allan Richardson writing from Kyabram sends thanks to John Vanselow for the birthday wishes on his 70th. The newsletter keeps Allan and wife Maureen up to date with friends and colleagues. They enjoyed the meeting held in Bendigo last year and look forward to a repeat function at some time in the near future. They both enjoy caravanning and have just completed a trip to Mount Gambier, Robe, Adelaide and the Yorke Peninsula returning home through Mildura. They will continue to keep travelling as long as their health allows. Allan still manages a few games of golf and plenty of fishing and he is so busy he has to take an RDO to mow the lawn.

Barry Rogers emailing his thanks for the good wishes for his birthday says the card arrived on the day and was much appreciated. Barry and wife Jill celebrated with an evening gathering of family and friends at home. It was great! Barry is still working three days a week bookkeeping for his solicitor and it fits in very well with their lifestyle and he intends to keep it up as long as he can. Barry and Jill are both well, apart from the usual run of aches and pains that seem to go with the increasing years, but they manage to get overseas each year – last year it was a European river cruise - this year a trip down the Nile and a visit to Petra, photos of which have intrigued Barry since the age of about nine. They are really looking forward to it.

Terry Stapleton was very pleased to receive the birthday card and best wishes for his 80th birthday. Terry never thought he’d be an “Honorary” but now won’t have to worry about whether or not he has sent the annual cheque for membership. Terry has had another good year during which he completed and self published his autobiography, titled “A Bundanoon Boy, How Lucky Can You Be”. Of course the book, which was written for his family, has a lot about a career, which he very much enjoyed, with the ANZ. Terry sends best wishes to all the members in Victoria.

Norma Thomas writing from Pialba Qsld says she greatly appreciated the good wishes she received from members on the occasion of her birthday.

Syd Swaby emailed that he and wife Margaret had arrived back on 2nd May from UK and Ireland and fortunately were not affected by Iceland Ash.

Maurice Wells writes that on his birthday wife Bev was about to undergo a hip operation which meant that Maurice was chief cook and bottle washer that kept him busy for a couple of months plus the added involvement of occasionally caring for their two grandchildren all of which was a pleasure. Otherwise all is well in the Wells household.

John White reports that the birthday card with good wishes was waiting for him on his return from a holiday in Adelaide.


Ed Collins, Trevor Cookson, Bruce Ellis, Glynn Evans, John Evans, David Hartwich, Tess Hondros, Ian Lamont, Bruce Maisey, Ian McCormick, Sudipto Pal, Peter Powell, Kevin Quigley, Denis Rice, Dick Sanders, Wendy Simmons, John Taylor, Bob Waldron, Harry Watts, Julie Wilkins, ANZROC QSLD, NSW, SA, TAS, WA

Anne Blashki writing from Shepparton her thanks for the birthday greetings says that reading the newsletter each month reminds her we have some very busy members in the Retired Officers’ Club.

John Brown our hardworking Treasurer sends greetings from cloudy and cold - 9 degrees at midday – Longreach in Queensland. John and wife Jan travelling in a convoy of two caravans with John and Lois Vanselow arrived at their sites at the Caravan Park Office and were immediately ankle deep in red, sticky mud. There had been quite a bit of rain overnight and water was lying around everywhere. Roads (bitumen) are OK, but the sides are very soft and lots of the main dirt roads have been closed. They will be in Longreach for a few days and then will be moving on to Mt Isa, before crossing into the Territory and eventually on to Kunanurra in mid July where they then leave the Vanselow’s, who will be camping out and visiting the various tourist attractions North of the Gibb River Road. John and Jan will continue on to Broome, stopping off at the various attractions on the way. Hopefully this spell of unseasonal cold weather will pass over quickly. Both vehicles are travelling well, apart from a leaking valve stem on one of the caravan tyres that had to be repaired, but luckily the tyre wasn't damaged. About 97% of the traffic on the roads is caravans, camping trailers and motor homes going both North and South. The caravan parks are full every night and the intrepid travellers found that they have had to book ahead. Hopefully once they pass Mt Isa things will be much quieter on the roads. It is school holiday time in Vic, NSW and QLD at the moment, but it is mainly the grey nomads who make up the holiday traffic.

Kerry and Rodney Dark emailed from Chapel Hill Qsld to thank John Vanselow for the birthday wishes from ANZROC for Rodney’s birthday on 3 June.They have just returned from an extensive visit around the country towns of western Queensland where ANZ maintained branches in the heyday of its country branch network.  Their trip embraced a visit to the tourist attractions located at Longreach where they were delighted to have a chance meeting with Neville and Cheryl Pearson who were also visiting the area at the same time.   It has been many years since their paths have crossed so there was much catching up to do.

Ron Downes reports that he read with interest June's newsletter from a place called Herepian in the south of France. After many years of dreaming of spending a lengthy time living in Europe in particular France, Ron and wife Carolyn flew into Paris on the 2nd May 2010 for the start of a six month holiday. So far they have spent some time in the south of France, Tuscany, Umbria and the Italian Lakes and touched into Switzerland. Ron and Carolyn are now based in a small village in the south of France not far from Montpellier which is in the Languedoc region, one of France's largest wine producing areas. Needless to say, they are sampling some of the local reds and whites at the end of the day together with some of the other excellent local produce. In October they plan to travel to central France followed by a trip into the Champagne area and a week in Paris before flying home. The weather has been a little on the damp side so far but it is picking up now.

John Drummond sending thanks for the birthday card on his 70th says thanks too to John Vanselow for the work he does sending them out. John is staying home this year but hopes to get overseas next year.

John Hudgson is another heading off overseas for seven weeks to escape the winter in Victoria.

Rod Mann emailing his thanks for the birthday card says he is enjoying retirement very much and passes on his best wishes to members.

Frank Marzin emails his thanks for the birthday card. At 63 he is still going strong and working full time. Reading through the newsletter he noticed names like Con La Fauci, Robin Chase, Col Edwards and Bruce Seamons to name a few, which bring back many memories of his past years in the Bank, Frank is hopeful he will be joining members at the monthly functions in the near future.

Ken McNutt sending thanks for the good wishes received for his 83rd birthday says that the personal comments from John Vanselow and his good timing were most appreciated. The past year has been more leisurely than others in the past probably due to advancing years but Ken and wife Heather are both fit and well.

Tad Misiewicz emails that he has moved back to his favourite location, St Kilda and into a100+ year’s old place, so he finds himself very busy, as he is trying to restore the home to its original Victorian/Federation look. It is hard work but enjoyable. Tad is still in the work force, part time, to keep the grey cells going and to pay for the renovations. Tad enjoys the newsletters to keep up with the news, even though he is not able to participate in any of the activities, but on retirement he may join in.

Ray Murphy emailing from Anglesea his thanks for the Birthday Greetings on the occasion of his 80th says it was also pleasing to be elevated to Honorary Membership. To celebrate the birthday Ray and wife Glenyce spent four very enjoyable and happy days in Melbourne with their Adelaide and Melbourne based family. Saturday Night at the Etihad Stadium was good even though Essendon lost. Ray will always be a little hoarse after watching Essendon until the players learn to kick the ball. It was nice to note Ray Whitehead and Geoff Meggs in the Honorary Members for June; it brought back many good memories of Ray’s "Scottie Days" spent in Melbourne (1957-1964).

Bill Robinson emailed to tell me he and wife Jill are off to USA for a month to escape the winter in Melbourne.

Joseph Romano emailing his thanks for the birthday card says it was in his mail box on Sunday afternoon. It is always very nice to receive birthday cards, even though one is reminded of their age. Luckily Joseph feels he is reasonably fit and healthy

Frank Stanson emailing says he is up in Queensland for the Wintersun Classic Car and Rockabilly festival. It’s an over 50's thing.

Keith Taylor writing his thanks for the birthday card for his 82nd says he looks forward to reading the news and activities of his former workmates in the Newsletter.

Jim Trimble sending his thanks for the best wishes on his 82nd says it doesn’t feel like 22 years since he retired. He and wife Mona are keeping well health wise.

John Turnbull emails that the birthday greeting card arrived on cue. One of his major achievements in the 2009/10 year was to retire "again” from the ANZ Group. It was his 3 rd retirement...

John Vanselow Past President and Birthday Card Controller says he and wife Lois travelling with the Browns’ had reached Barcaldine having travelled through Hay, Cobar, Bourke and Charleville. So far all is going well except the weather which was cold and overcast with a lot of rain over recent times. Their happy hours together extend from 5PM to 8PM to combat the effects of the cold weather. While all caravan parks are currently fully occupied it does not worry them because they can go off road into the bush if necessary. Wireless internet has been available at all points mentioned along the way.

Kevin Watson says another year has sped by and he received the usual birthday card courtesy of his old mate John Vanselow. JV does a great job in sending birthday greetings to the members. Kevin would have written earlier but went to Sydney to visit his son, daughter and families for his 81st. Kevin also caught up with some banking mates as he had two periods of service in that city. He has been leading a fairly quiet life and has not travelled since June of last year when he visited Viet Nam.

Charlie Wierzbowski emailing says it is terrific to see so many names in the newsletter that he worked with. Charlie can’t make the next meeting, as he had an ankle operation recently and mobility is an issue.

And Les Ager, Helen Bouch, Kelvin Dickinson, Suzie Green, Geoff Harkin, Neville Harvey, Neil Harnwell, Trevor Hart, Bert Heaney, Bob Heinemann, Christine Lane, Cheryl Lobo, John Mackenzie, Maria Malicse, Graeme Mancer, Phil McBean, Jill Paterson, Tom Portelli, Geoff Pritchard, Neil Sharman, Roy Sloggett, Neville Warnest, Julie Wilkins, Ron Wilkinson.